10yr old Amish girl Sarah Hershberger & family flee U.S. to escape chemo. Exclusive Interview with her grandfather.

by Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

I have an exclusive interview with Isaac Keim, grandfather of Sarah Hershberger, the 10 year old Amish girl who has fled the U.S. to escape being taken away from her parents and forced to do chemotherapy against her wishes by Akron Childrens Hospital in Ohio.
This story will make your blood boil.

Donate to help the Hershberger family here!

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We did it!
The Hospital has dropped their case and is no longer trying to take custody of Sarah!


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  • Dianna

    This family lives about 15 min. from me. The Keims and Hershbergers are a wonderful family. They are very hardworking and dedicated. They are fighting for the rights of the home –OUR HOMES too. If this can happen to them, you KNOW it can happen to you. The government has taken away so much of our freedom and this is one more avenue they are trying to control. In this interview Isaac even said that Sarah is refusing treatments because of what it is doing to her own health. It is the sole decision of Sarah Hershberger and this Amish family to decide what is best for the health of Sarah. Her parents didn’t decide alone, they sought council from their parents–great godly advice. Not one that will benefit from money, but one that benefits from the love of this 10 year old Amish girl, Sarah Hershberger. We stand behind Sarah Hershberger and her family 100%

  • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs

    If Sarah Hershberger no longer has cancer, why isn’t the family able to return home? The hospitals surly wouldn’t demand forcing chemo onto a child who doesn’t have cancer would they? I know they’d stoop low- but that low? It would also be nice if the grandfather, or family would/could share w/ others what natural treatments they have done for their daughter if she truly is cancer free- it would help many others.

  • peachescm

    How do you explain babies and children getting cancer, it makes no sense to me. If both siblings are exposed to the same background, environment, etc, and only one gets it.

  • Yvette Burtley

    Hi Chris,

    I can kinda relate to this story. In 2008, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and have been on SSI and have been receiving county mental health services ever since.

    Last Friday, I started noticing I had symptoms of colon cancer. I’m in the process of undergoing a colonoscopy in the next couple of weeks to uncover the source of the bleeding. But even after incorporating the changes to my diet after the last five days, I’m still experiencing symptoms. Perhaps it’s too soon to tell?

    Should it be discovered that I have a “cancer” diagnosis, I’m scared that my PCP will say I MUST undergo surgery and chemotherapy. As they have a strong relationship with my mental health facility, I’m terrified they will talk to them and force me into accepting treatment against my will by citing it’s my mental illness “symptoms” flaring up even though I know what I’m doing.

    Do you believe I should go forward with the colonoscopy or should I just follow a “clean-eating” diet for the next 90-days until I notice no further symptoms? While I’m scared of having a cancer diagnosis, I’m just as terrified of a bad outcome with my mental health providers….

    Any insight, feedback, or information would be greatly appreciated!

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