3 Reasons Why I Refused Chemo for Colon Cancer

Here’s a video clip from a class I taught recently.

In it I talk about the three main reasons why I refused chemo in January 2004.

Back then I knew very little about chemo, now I know a ton. And boy am I glad I didn’t do it.

Most cancer patients are told very little about chemotherapy and have no idea the damage it will do to their bodies and that it often makes cancer worse. This video is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want more ammunition, check out the posts in my chemotherapy category.


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  1. jill pena

    Hi Chris! Weird question-I was considering buying a water filter. It looks like one is sitting behind you in this video. So, of course, I said to the Lord, are you sending me a confirmation that I should get one. So, I am asking if that is what is behind you and what brand is it and do you recommend it. Your time will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you for your work and you kindness to this world. Jill Pena

  2. Lindsey

    Hiya Chris
    I am so inspired to juice from your website I am currently in remission from Non -Hodgkins Lymphoma follicular..I am trying to stay as alkaline as poss. My question is ..when juicng how do you keep weight on as I am very slim already , and two I cannot get fresh coconut in the Uk very easily and it is expensive , I am worried about canned organic cocnut milk because of the BPAs …I hear you said you can use it … do you use BPA free coocnut milk in cans??? So lovng your blog it has really made me feel I am not alone in my battle… Thank you for sharing all your wisdom.

  3. Ben Musclow

    Praise God that you are sharing your insights and wisdom… indeed, God made our bodies with the inate ability to heal itself from within, given life-building nutrients rather than toxins and poisons… keep sharing and helping whoever you can!

  4. Rebecca

    Hello Chris,
    Your story along with many others similar to yours are so inspring to me. I have stage 4 colon cancer. All the tumors were removed. I had 6 rounds of chemo and proved no use to me. The sad thing is that another new growth of tumor popped up and could be secondary. Now I have no confidence to chemo at all. I really would like to give up chemo and turn to the natural healing.

    Is your diet called Gerson Therapy? It’s a very strict program. If you adopted it, did you do it by the book? If you didn’t, could you let me know how you started and what you daily routine with juicing and coffee enema, etc?


  5. Yvette

    As always YOU are such an inspiration to everyone!!! We love you and are proud of you for what you have done and then continue to help others! God bless you Chris in all that you do and thank you so much…more than you could ever know! <3

  6. Lisa

    Thank you Chris . My husband was diagnosed with same thing at age 36. He has surgery next week. Just got our first champion juicer. Let the healing begin! Thank you for the inspiration. We have 3 little boys who want their daddy around for years and years….and years. Me too.
    Any special tips?? I am now hooked to your site and blog….lots log love and gratitude…lisA

  7. Monica Bowen

    Hi Chris,
    I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in april and also refused to take chemo after my mastectomy, went to Dr Contreras Clinic in Tijuana Mex and follow their treatment as well as a 70% raw diet, 20% slow cooked and tree buts but since I am only supposed to consume 3 grams of sugar per meal, I noticed you use a lot of carrots and they told me at the clinic that carrots and beet are 100% sugar once they are juice. So I am a little confused now, I will appreciate you help. Thank you!
    Monica Bowen.

    1. Chris Wark

      If you want to be extra cautious then avoid them. :)

  8. Ian

    Hi Chris
    You thoughts on chemotherapy really resonate with me – not really a drug that you want to become familiar with if you can help it – but I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer 6-7 weeks ago, and as my throat was rapidly becoming blocked by the tumour I really had no option (I had refused the surgery as this a is major operation with a poor standard of life afterwards, it’s is my ‘get out of jail card’ if all else fails) I am hoping to just have enough chemo to get my throat functioning again so that I can get some solid food down again – I have already totally changed my diet and lifestyle and am doing all that you (and others) have mentioned (Vegan and almost raw diet, other therapies, Bob Peck SOTA machines and anything else I see on your brilliant site) Just hoping that once the throat is better I can give up on the chemo and help my body to help rebuild itself
    Thanks for your brilliant site. I, like so many others, get such inspiration and ideas from all the stories/comments etc…

  9. Ed

    Hey I know a guy that healed his esophagel cancer by juicing and the raw foods diet. It was posted on the life regenerators website. No chemo surgery etc. his cancer disappeared!!! If you want the link let me know and I can find it and you can contact this guy .

    1. Chris Wark

      That’s great I’d love I talk to him

  10. ruby batstone

    I am dealing with 2 types of cancer, i have a cancer of the blood, and i had colon cancer and had surgery in nov 2012 i’m ok with that they got it all. i did 6 mts of chemo for the first cancer 2 years ago.but i have been seeing a natural doctor, and he is a registered MD and i thank god for him, he has helped me through so much, and i did not have to take chemo,i learned to beable to eat a bit more healthy, and all i take is natural vitiams . sometimes my iron gets very low but i will bounce back again. drink lots of carrot &pineapple juice. i use about 10 lbs of carrot & 4 pineapples a week every week. we can beat cancer if we just eat right.

  11. Cindy Kapla

    I got stage 3c Ovarian clear cell cancer 9 mos after loosing my adult daughter tragically. I had to have major surgery and then was skeptical of the chemo when my CA125 blood test went right down which is a tumor marker for my type. Kept reading about chemo/affects short/long and after 3rd treatmennt asked my oncologist’s PA why should I do the last 3 double treatments.Only answer was its the gold standard. I had 2 surviving children grieving their sister and was self guilted into finishing chemo. I’m 3 yrs and 9 mos out from surgery. 75% get it back in two years. I tried to eat very healthy all my life but after surgery really tried to step it up. You inspire me! If mine returns I’m not taking chemo. Thank you for your courage and all efforts to stop this type of medicine. God bless.
    I put my site on that I blogged on my cancer.

  12. cole

    What if you have Lupus , how does proper nutrition helps?

  13. Pam Cherry

    I am a colon cancer survivor with no chemo. I had it at 28. Im now 51. My mother had stomach cancer. Given 13 months to live. Thats been 15 years ago. She had NO CHEMO OR RADIATION. SHES doing fine. Cant tell she was ever sick. I was told i woukd NEVER HAVE CHILDREN FROM MY CANCER UNLESS I BELIEVED IN MIRACLES !! Shes 16 yrs old now and very healthy and gifted !!!

  14. Mylene Kennedy

    Pam Cherry
    Did you only change your diet.. Or you got an operation??

  15. D

    I have stage 2 invasive breast cancer. they say i should have a mascetomy chemo and radio therapy. I dont want any of it. Im already vegetarian so i will opt for vegan raw diet and supplements. Could you send me links to juicing receipes the best ones for this and diet also if possible and any other advise would be so good thank you

  16. Dana


    Do you have a juicer or a blender like the Vitamix? I’m stuck trying to decide between the two machines.


    1. embarck

      This is an old post, but he has a Champion Juicer and a Vitamix. See under ‘Products I Love’

  17. todd tucker

    Thank you for these posts.

    I am 57 and was diagnosed six weeks ago with stage four liver, colon and rectal cancer.

    Have been doing combination of Gerson diet, vitamin B, LED light therapy; high dose tumeric, sodium bicarbonate/magnesium and walking barefoot.

    As odd as it sounds, I feel better than I have since I was 18. I am hiking 3 to 5 miles a day.

    Is my feeling of health and well being a positive sign? I am under tremendous famimy pressure to start chemo

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Todd, I am not surprised that you feel better, you have taken control of your health!
      Feeling healthy and strong is always positive. :)
      This is your life, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do or don’t feel good about.

      If you haven’t yet, watch my video “What every cancer patient needs to know”


  18. Ian Coster

    Is not chemo not just mustard gas ? Was that not how it was discovered when mustard gas was used to kill solders in ww1and ww2.

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes. The first chemo used was a mustard gas derivative. Today it’s called Mustargen.

  19. Leah

    Hi Chris I love your website and the knowledge you are spreading, it has only hi lighted how against chemo I am. It’s my mother who is going through chemo for breast cancer, I didn’t want her to have chemo but I feel you can’t force a person not to do something. She has her last one in a few weeks but I do worry about her future health. What would you suggest now she is almost post chemo?

    1. Chris Wark

      Send her to my site, hopefully she will see how nutrition can help her heal. :)

  20. Glen

    Great video, well done. I applaud you for demonstrating we have the POWER ourselves. This is a sickness industry and it’s worth trillions – why would ‘they’ want us to get healthy? Get back in the driving seat where you have control of your own body, life and health.

  21. Isabel María Rodríguez

    Hello everyone!


    Do you know success stories of people who firstly “recovered” after chemo and do want to go chemo-free in case of reccurrence. That is my case (just a high marker), I feel healthy, my spirits are high but can I still be successful if I do everything possible? I am afraid that the damage done to my body by chemo may be non-reversible.
    I must say I didn’t know I liked veggies so much!!!!
    Breast cancer survivor from Seville, Spain.

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes absolutely. The time for massive action to prevent a recurrence is now. Don’t delay!

  22. mariah roat

    hey chris,

    My name is mariah roat, I’m 22 years old and i was just diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. when first finding out i had cancer i was shocked and afraid, but know that i have found your web site i feel a lot more at ease. basically i was really hoping you could talk to me about how you explained to your friend and family that chemo isn’t always the best idea. at this moment i have massive amounts of pressure on me to do chemo and its not something i want to do.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Mariah. This is your life. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Period.
      Show your family my video. “What Every Cancer Patient Needs to Know”
      Then they’ll understand how you feel.

    2. bruce shand

      Do the chemo. Don’t follow this quack.

      1. Jessica Roelink

        Dear Bruce, I’m sorry you are afraid and that you or someone you know is sick. This doesn’t justify being an ignoramus about disease treatments. Also, name calling, really? Chris is alive and well and helping thousands of people, hopefully more and more each day. So if he’s a quack for offering good advice from his proven positive experience then I’m a quack too!

        1. bruce shand

          Yes. Quack for pushing non-scientific, anecdotal advice. I wonder why this guy even did surgery if he’s so confident of his solution and against “conventional” medicine?
          At least you know you’re a quack.

        2. bruce shand

          Oh yeah, what “thousands” are you speaking of?

        3. bruce shand

          This is your standard reply to someone who considers this stuff quackery? That you can only imagine they must be afraid as the only possible explanation.
          Yet you scold me for name calling? Incredible.

  23. Amy

    Hi Chris,
    About one month ago my brother was diagnosed with advanced stage colon cancer. It was massive. Surgeon removed 40 percent of colon. It had spread to liver and lungs. Those are early stage and doc feels w/ chemo and radiation the will disappear. He has lesions on spine, hip, and jaw. He just completed his first course of chemo and rad. I worry about this treatment he is doing. It seems that within just a matter of weeks his health declined. He has always been thin, but lost a lot of weight. He uses a walker to get around. Instead of looking like he is 46 he looks more like 96! I believe food can heal. I personally have been gradually changing my diet to a more vegetarian based diet. I love juicing I have at least 2 a day. My brother has been having one juice a day, but he is eating fast food when he finishes chemo! I don’t agree with decisions he is making. My hands are tied. I just don’t want him to give up.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Amy so sorry to hear about your brother.
      Clearly this is a wake up call for you.
      It is very hard to help someone when they don’t “get it”, but keep encouraging him.
      At the end of the day he is responsible for his own choices.
      Make sure you really start taking care of you.

      1. Amy

        Thank you for your words of encouragement. I just finished watching the video you posted about Kay’s healing from pancreatic cancer. I know there is hope. My brother is a man of faith, but I think he is just terrified of what will happen to his wife and kids. People think the only way out is through chemo and radiation. But I will not give up on him! Thank you Chris and God bless.

  24. mary

    Hello Criss. Please if we would like to get in touch with one of your follower that has posted here…how do we go about them receiving our message? thank you.\\

    Pam Cherry and glen Is who I need to reach. thank you


  25. Flor

    Hi Chiris, what is the name of the Australian study you mention on your video “3 reasons why I refused Cancer?” I would like to read it. I can’t find it on your webpage. Thank you!

  26. Debi Joy

    HI Chris: Thank the Lord I do not have a Cancer diagnosis. What I do have is a deep desire to avoid Cancer after watching my Mom die of it and watching many people in my world be diagnosed with it. (2 this week alone!) I too would NOT do chemo if diagnosed as a first line defense. In fact it would be a last resort only. I’ve seen what it did to my Mom. I only wish I would have had this information 8 years ago when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I already eat really healthy but have decided to up it to the next level starting NOW. I’m going to start eating your cancer fighting salad for lunch every day. It looks amazing. I’m also going to buy a juicer. I already make smoothies every day but I can see from reading through your blog that is not enough to ensure my fight against ever getting that diagnosis no one wants to hear. I am a Christian and I see you are as well. God Bless you Brother for this blog and what I can only imagine it is doing for the world and people who read it. You are a true gift. Thank you so much.

  27. bruce shand

    If you’re going to follow this guy don’t do surgery either because apparently he has the solution. He did surgery even though he doesn’t believe in “conventional” medicine. So if he “beat cancer” he did it with massive help from “conventional” medicine. I wonder if he regrets that too?

  28. MV

    “we are a product of intelligent design” – Um, no, that’s not a fact, it’s a belief, and one with A LOT more evidence against than for it…

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