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A day in the life at Northern Baja Healing Center

A couple months ago I went down to Mexico to visit Dr. Patrick Vickers at Northern Baja Healing Center. And I brought home a new video for you.

We discuss what each day is like for patients who come to the healing center, as well as one of the newer advanced protocols PNC-27. And there’s even a little slideshow of some photos I took.

It is an incredible place, and this is one of my favorite videos we’ve done.


Watch more videos with Dr. Vickers here.

Find out more about the Northern Baja Healing Center here

Northern Baja Healing Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute does not certify any clinic that uses additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

Dr. Vickers did not pay me to make this video, or for any other video interview I have done with him. I made them because I believe in the work that he is doing, I’ve seen the results, and I want the world to know about it. I have never asked him for any compensation whatsoever, but like many other generous people, he has made several donations over the years to support my site and my mission. I am grateful for that and for his friendship.

My hardcore anti-cancer nutritional protocol was not the Gerson Therapy.

If a three week stay at a clinic like this is not an option for you, don’t be discouraged!
It was not an option for me in 2004, and I’m still here. :)

If you really want to dig in to the Gerson Therapy check out:

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy
 by Max Gerson M.D.

Gerson Therapy Handbook: Companion workbook to A Cancer Therapy
 by Max Gerson M.D.

Movies about the Gerson Therapy:


The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure for Cancer
Dying to Have Known: The Evidence Behind Natural Healing
The Gerson Miracle

You can also get all three movies on Blu-ray plus Charlotte Gerson’s book
“Healing The Gerson Way” in a combo pack

Healing the Gerson Way + Gerson Movie Collection on Blu-ray


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  • Tara

    This guy is NOT a Gerson Therapy doctor. He has spoken poorly of Charlotte Gerson and tells patients that go to his clinic that if they don’t have curing results that they weren’t following the therapy. I know a couple that went and followed the therapy HE provided exactly as given and the patient DIED. His response was that she was “probably smuggling in potato chips.” He has said foul things about Charlotte and includes things in his regimen that are NOT approved on the Original Gerson Therapy. He should name his clinic,’The Vicker’s Clinic” and leave Gerson out of it because he gives Gerson a bad name!

    • Cynnergy

      Yea, he’s said a couple of things in past videos that make me wonder about his character and philosophy about treating cancer. I saw him at one point disparage the Gerson Institute, and thought to myself – “gosh, that seems unprofessional”. Another viewer called him out on it in the comments, and he defended it as “telling the truth – people want their ears tickled”. He spoke candidly about “kicking people out of the center” who had a “bad attitude”. At the end of the day, he’s treating cancer patients, most of whom are at the end of their lives, he might want to have some compassion. I think we know who it is that has the bad attitude!

      • Chris Wark

        You have to understand the dynamics of a small clinic like this. Patients with bad attitudes (uncooperative, negative complainers) cannot be helped and are toxic to everyone else around them. If they aren’t willing to change their attitude, I would send them home as well. I have referred some people to Dr. Vickers who he candidly told that he could not help them based on their condition. So they didn’t go. A few insisted on coming anyway knowing that their odds of recovery were slim. It’s hard to turn away desperate people, and if you can’t help them get well, then you get attacked.

        • Carmen Rosales

          Chris, during my stay at the clinic, I was a very cooperative and kind patient. Yes, his staff members are exceptional, especially Trish, Monica, Laura and nurse Lizette. Unfortunately, leadership and administrative accountability is clearly lacking. I had the opportunity to review detailed email correspondence Dr. Vickers wrote to patients, companions and friends of patients. Perhaps, it would be helpful to give Dr. Patrick lessons in social discourse and humility. His email to the above were incredulously abhorrent, arrogant, insensitive and dismissive.

          I have followed your blog for the last year and what drew me to your blog is that you truly acknowledge by the GRACE of God, you were healed. I will continue to follow your blog. However, I found this interview with Dr. Vickers, misleading for any of your readers, including me.

          • Chris Wark

            Carmen I’m sorry you are not happy. And as I said in the above comment, some patients cannot be saved if they are already too far gone when they decide to adopt the Gerson Therapy. But I know many very happy former patients of Dr. Vickers and some wonderful healing success stories. And that’s why I continue to support him and what he is doing.

          • Carmen Rosales


            I thank God for my health and am not sure how you extract from my comments that I am not happy. I asked for divine guidance to give me clarity and wisdom on how I would respond to what I observed at the clinic and that is what I have done. It was your previous interview with Dr. Vickers that led me to his clinic. Your website and interviews with survivors are certainly an inspiration for many of us.

            I will continue to support your work and will pray that Dr. Vickers has a life defining teachable moment to clearly understand how his behavior effects others.

            All the best,


      • James

        I can vouge for the above. I have recently been a guest here. I came here because of Dr Vickers knowledge on the videos.

        The medications were always running out, with no one keeping tabs and ordering s we had days and a week without certain over the counter supplements. When one patient complained to dr vickers they were told to ‘put a cork in it’ then further threatened with ‘ask my staff what happens to complainers’.

        This was a massive shock to the patients and really put a bad light on the rest of the stay. There are many other bad things about the place I won’t mention. The clinic has a chance to be great, but with no leadership in place the clinic is somewhat Mickymouse and clearly in its infancy as a cancer hospital.

        That being said, being able to try some of the advanced protocols is the only reason to come here.

    • Chris Wark

      Tara, not everyone can be saved with Gerson Therapy, many come as a last ditch effort after being brutalized by chemotherapy, and they have a harder time healing. It’s sad reality and many people have died after being treated at the Gerson Institute.
      No one is more committed to the Gerson therapy than Dr. Vickers, he drives across the border every two days to buy organic produce. The “Gerson approved” hospital in Mexico doesn’t even use organic produce! Charlotte is a wonderful person, but she is not really involved in the clinic anymore. And his criticism of their rigid adherence to a therapy based in 1959 science and refusal to incorporate new discoveries is warranted.

  • Paula Smith Roberts

    Thanks for doing this video. I appreciate every one of them. Do hope there is more to come on the new treatment available.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you Paula!

  • Goldiegirl

    What percentage of Gerson patients get depressed with the two year regimen?

    • Chris Wark

      I have no idea what percentage… Some people embrace it and stay positive throughout. Others do it begrudgingly. The latter are the ones that typically don’t do as well.

      • Honnorjustice

        I wonder if they get depressed because of the healing reactions? They can be difficult at times.

        • Chris Wark

          Yes that definitely can happen

  • Lisa

    I have a friend who went to him and between her and the group she was with…I’ve heard some shockingly bad stories about how he speaks poorly to the patients and overall had an extremely negative experience. Heard the support staff good…but After care is non existent…doctor doesn’t respond. THIS MAN sounds more toxic than healing.

  • maria

    I don’t get a good vibe from Dr. Patrick.

  • Carmen Rosales

    I was a patient at the clinic May of this year. In the month of May 2 patients died and Dr. Vickers was present 2 days during my 2 week stay. Three of the patients attending during my stay, along with me returned to their respective homes only to discover progression of their metastasis. Please contact me at or call my cell, 415 706 9612. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing emails Dr. Vickers wrote to many of us and our companions to help you make an informed decision of whether or not this is a right choice for you.

  • Rebecca

    Many years ago I read a book called Cancer Winner by Jacquie Davison. She was weeks away from dying from melanoma throughout her body. She went on the Gerson therapy at home – not at a clinic – and healed her cancer. She followed the therapy the full two years. Her daughter took a year off high school to help her because nobody can do that therapy alone. After getting rid of the cancer throughout her body, Jacquie’s hair turned back to its original dark color and she felt her body was renewed in many ways. This was my introduction to the Gerson therapy. So, years later when I was diagnosed with an aggressive triple negative breast cancer it was my choice.

    I went to a small clinic in Redlands, CA where the doctor had been trained and certified by the original Gerson clinic people. Even with someone else preparing all the juices and meals it was almost a full time project to do everything. I never was able to do the five daily enemas. You are supposed to take in a quart of the coffee mixture and hold it 15 minutes. I was doing great on those rare occasions when I could hold eight ounces for two or three minutes.

    Charlotte Gerson tells you the patient should rest as much as possible, but the only way to do that is if you have full time help seven days a week, at least 12 hours a day. In one of her books, she responds to people who say they can’t afford to go to the clinic that they should sell their house. Right! Selling a house and moving are two of the most stressful things you can do and a sick cancer patient cannot be expected to do that!

    Back at home, I launched into the program. My husband helped a lot, but still, I was working on this project all day every day, with no time to rest. I had to shop for veggies several times a week, prepare Gerson-type meals, make juice 13 times daily, make coffee for the enemas (not just dripped, it has to be simmered 18 minutes), attempt to do the enemas, though my body constantly rejected them, clean the bathroom after each enema disaster, clean the juicer, etc. etc. etc. If I were wealthy I would have loved to go to a clinic for months and months and let someone else do much of the work, but that wasn’t an option.

    I worked the plan as strictly as I was able to, and after two months the tumor had doubled in size! Yikes! Obviously, the treatment which had worked for many did not work for me.

    What I have done that has worked so far (four years and counting) is another long story, but I learned that just detoxing and changing eating habits (mine had not been all that bad) is sometimes not enough. I really respect anybody who can do the Gerson therapy for two years, or even for two months. But cancer patients need to read and learn constantly in order to see what else might work, because no single therapy works for everybody. That is certainly true in the world of oncology and it is also true in the world of alternatives.

    Just last week I talked with a surgeon I had seen at the beginning of my diagnosis, in 2010, and she acknowledged that my living four years was not what they had expected. Other women I’ve known who had the same kind of cancer lived about 18 months, using the typical AMA-approved Big 3 – chemo, surgery and radiation.

    So, folks, whatever therapy you choose, be ready to turn to something else if it isn’t working for you!

    • Chris Wark

      That’s wonderful Rebecca, thank you for sharing this!!!
      Readers of my blog know that I followed many Gerson principles, but did not do the strict Gerson Therapy, and yes there are many ways to heal, if one method does not work, you have to change your approach. :)

  • suzanne

    Thank you Chris for always showing us the other side of healing cancer with your amazing videos. i stayed at the Northern Baja Gerson clinic in April and I can tell you first hand that Dr Vickers’ is one of the most committed, passionate and dedicated doctors I have worked with in my 7 year cancer journey. He gave me hope when I needed it and he also gave me perspective on how to manage living with a life altering disease. He’s an interesting man who has seen hundreds if not thousands of people suffer through cancer, he cuts through the BS and tells it like it is – but never for one minute misinterpret that as uncaring or arrogant – this man has a heart of gold and genuinely cares for people.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you for sharing your experience Suzanne! Totally agree.

  • Jennifer

    Chris, let me start this post by thanking you for the information you share. It was you and your website that was first recommended to me and my husband this past April after my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to his liver. Reading on your website is what led us to the Gerson website and ultimately to their clinic in Tijuana. It felt like we had found a ray of light and hope in a world that came crushing down around us.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to share our experience with Dr. Vickers. I emailed Dr. Vickers on multiple occasions. I called the phone number provided to reach the clinic also on multiple occasions. EACH and EVERY time I received a prompt, helpful and reassuring response from Dr. Vickers, taking his time to offer me information and advice on their clinic, how to proceed with making arrangements to reach our goal of getting to the clinic as well as advice and direction on what we were doing at home to optimize every minute of every day in our attempt to heal my husband. In May, my husband underwent a procedure that we thought would help solve some of the secondary issues he was dealing with as a result of his cancer and in a desperate attempt to cure him, we went to Mexico to begin the Gerson treatment. By this time it had been a month since his diagnosis. Little did we know he had an infection growing due to the aggressive progression of the cancer in his liver which was blocking multiple accessory bile ducts that was out of anyone’s ability to control. He began vomiting the night before we were to get on a plane to go and we chose to go anyway. When we arrived, every encounter with the staff there was nothing short of professional and caring. My husband continued to battle with frequent, daily episodes of vomiting and nausea and was unable to keep any of the nutrition down. He was extremely uncomfortable and after only a week at the clinic, we decided to return home. Dr. Vickers was not at the clinic during the week we were there. However, he called the clinic and spoke to me personally, again offering advice and comfort to me and my husband. We returned home, ended up going to the emergency room at our hospital and discovered he was septic from the infection. Unfortunately, my husband passed away on June 14th. He was 45 years old. We have 4 children together ranging in ages from 17 down to 7.

    I would encourage any of my friends and family who may also have the unfortunate diagnosis of cancer to turn to your and the Gerson Treatment websites for information as I believe in its power to heal. I also believe in the professional capability and caring attitude of Dr. Vickers and his amazingly loving staff at the clinic. I am very confident in speaking for my husband when I say that in no way whatsoever, did we experience anything unprofessional, rude or negative in our dealings with Dr. Vickers or the clinic. Our situation was one of the unfortunate ones where it was out of anyone’s power to do much of anything due to the very aggressive nature of his cancer.

    I, too, would encourage everyone to explore ALL options to see what they feel is the best fit for them. But I certainly do not want people to be “turned off” from Gerson or the help of Dr. Vickers as I can attest from my personal experience there, they are there for the right reasons and equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a promising alternative to traditional treatments for this horrific disease!

    • Chris Wark

      HI Jennifer I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Damon Janis

    My wife and I and our 16 year old daughter went to the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic in May 2014. We felt blessed to be there and are very grateful that Dr. Vickers makes it available.

    It’s a beautiful facility and a healing place. We enjoyed lunches on the patio overlooking the ocean. Relaxing talks on the chair swing and seeing seals and whales and dolphins in the waves.

    The staff are wonderful and caring. They were always right on time with the juices and therapies. They always smiled and invited us to keep asking questions and learning how to do the therapy.

    The food is always fresh. Dr Vickers goes to Whole Foods every two days and gets fresh organic produce.

    Dr. Vickers was very accommodating allowing our daughter to join us.

    Since we’ve been home I’ve emailed Dr Vickers with questions and he’s always answered promptly and in very helpful ways. He continues to be extremely supportive.

    Dr. Vickers is very frank and passionate. That has been helpful. For the first few days at the clinic my wife was having a difficult time with the enemas and I was pretty stressed out. He said, “you need to calm down.” He was right and I needed him to be direct and honest. I stopped stressing out and relaxed and everything got better.

    We chose the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic because they do the Gerson Therapy 100% and also have additional therapies that complement and strengthen and improve the outcomes.

    My wife’s stage IV colon cancer is the most difficult thing we’ve ever faced. We are grateful to Dr. Vickers and his staff for the excellent help we’ve received.

    Thanks Chris for your work, that’s how we found out about Dr. Vickers clinic.

    • Chris Wark

      You are so welcome Damon!

  • Larry Winfield

    Great interview/information with: Dr. Vickers.
    great work…

  • Gilda

    Thank you so much for your work Chris, i have been in Rosarito many times, next time I go I will visit the clinic, I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer last year, am currently in remission.

    • Chris Wark

      Yes, you should!

  • george

    I just want to say I am the George that they are talking about in the video. I am very fortunate and blessed to still be here. I have to thank the Gerson Therapy. I also have to thanks Dr Vickers from Northern Baja Gerson Center . He has been by my side the whole way. This has not been easy. The healing reactions are real and they are not fun. Not everyone is going to be pleased as I can see from some of the posts. I am sorry for that because I had a great experience when i was there. The Gerson therapy is very effective but it is also not easy. It is a full tie commitment. I also want to note that as far as i know it is the only clinic that offers PNC27. Thats I believe was what hit the fast forward button on killing my cancer. Back in November when the scans showed that it had spread from one lung in August to now both lungs in November. It was spreading fast. I started PNC27 the day before thanksgiving. Thank god. Two months later in late January I went in for scans and they could not find anything. I am very fortunate and thankful for a lot of things. 10 months ago I was stage four terminal cancer and now they can not find anything. If you would like to follow my journey you can go to Wellness Warrior George here on Facebook. I hope what I went through and I am still going through can help others to understand what happens on a day to day bases. I must say negative energy, stress, blaming others is also cancer. One must learn to let things go. Move forward. Live in the present and not the past. It is mind , body, spirit. I hope everyone can have a positive turn around like I did. I created a team to help me through this and it truly takes a good support system to get through what i went through. Last week when I had my scans completed at Tampa General the doctors were shocked. They called the doctors from Moffitt where I was treated last and they we very curious on how I was able to reverse my cancer. I left Moffitt Cancer Center in August of 2013 because they no longer could help me. They only had more chemo to offer me. After 26 treatments of chemo and 25 treatments of radiation , two major surgeries, one of the surgeries at Sloane Kettering in New York (6 hour surgery that did zero) I finally realized what the real Quack treatment was. So thats when i woke up and God came into my life and lead me to the Gerson therapy. I am alive today because of the Gerson Therapy and PNC27. I hope My information is helpful and I hope others can find the same success that i have. God Bless.

    • Carmen Rosales

      For those of you interested in PNC27, you can contact Patrick Bishop directly at 205 578 1644, email: He will send you all the information you need to know and you can purchase it directly from him. Patrick Bishop is the supplier of PNC27 for the Gerson Treatment Center

    • Chris Wark

      I am so excited for you George!!!

  • Leslie Dietz

    My husband and I spent three weeks at the Northern Baja Gerson Clinic in April 2014. It was a wonderful experience. The clinic is very functional without the hospital, doctors office atmosphere. It is a peaceful, restful, beautiful environment. We enjoyed ocean views, whale and dolphin watching and warm yet mild temperatures. The staff is exceptional!! We were treated with compassion and kindness by everyone we came in contact with. The therapies were always administered with unusual respect and attention to comfort. The Gerson Therapy is undeniably rigorous and we were well prepared by the staff to continue at home. Any time we have encountered questions we have found answers immediate and helpful. I would and have recommended Dr. Vicker’s clinic to anyone looking for alternative cancer treatment.

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Leslie. Thank you for sharing feedback on your experience there. :)

  • Andreja

    It is impossible to see the video. I will try some other day, but am affraid they already took it of the “circulation”….

    • Chris Wark

      HI Andreja, sounds like a glitch on your end… Works fine for me. Are you implying censorship by your country?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Chris,
    Great interview/video. Thank you!!
    I have an important question, if a patient needs to come to the clinic and refuses to do the Yoga sessions b/c of religious beliefs can that patient do other forms f “exercise” at the clinic???

    • Chris Wark

      Of course! Yoga is not required. :)

      • Elizabeth Donaghy

        That’s wonderful!! Thank you for taking the time to answer Chris.
        Peace & Raw Health,

  • Julia Young

    In October 2013 my husband and I travelled from Sydney, Australia to the Northern Baja Gerson Center. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. During our stay we found Dr Patrick very passionate and committed and his staff were all very caring and loving.
    Unfortunately after more than 7 months on the therapy it became obvious that the therapy wasn’t working for me and I have now found an alternative team closer to home who are helping with my healing.
    Even though I was faithful to the protocol, I was always aware that there was the possibility that it may not work, and have no regrets about the therapy – we learned so much that will stand us in good stead for the rest of our lives.
    I do not wish to criticise, but the one thing I found lacking was good quality follow up, but perhaps the tyranny of distance and being unable to converse with a New Mexican doctor contributed to this.
    Thank you Chris for sharing everything that you do – you have truly found your purpose.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you for sharing this Julia. I will make sure to pass it on to Dr Vickers. Healing is a process, and what works really well for some, may not work as well for others. I’m really glad you found a team that can support you locally. Keep me posted on your progress! :)

  • Louise

    I have just seen posts of both Gerson Institute people and Dr. Vickers/ Chris each saying things to discredit the other. This is so sad. It is bad enough that anyone with cancer has to make the tough decisions about refusing ‘traditional treatment’ and going with a natural treatment… deciding between two ‘camps’ so to speak. But now to have two people/organizations/Dr.s that are both trying to help people without ‘traditional’ treatment calling each other names and discrediting each other so publically it is tragic. I understand that even in the ‘natural camp’ there are endless ways, opinions, protocols that people offer as a natural way to heal cancer and each person has to decide for themselves what they feel is best for them. What I am not understanding, and genuinely wanting insight, is if Dr. Vickers feels that there are other alternative treatments (ie.PNC-27,or IV vit C etc.) Which I have personally done (IV Vit C, chelation, hydrogen peroxide)….why is he calling it Gerson Therapy? Max Gerson and his daughter and grandson are very clear as to what Gerson Therapy is and is not. What Dr. Vickers is doing is very clearly (according to Dr. Gersons decendents) not Gerson Therapy because of the additional types of treatments. I understand if Dr.Vickers agrees with and wants to use many of the same regimes and protocols as the Gerson Therapy but also wants to add or ‘update’ his (Dr. Vickers) way of treating people. What I don’t understand is that if I understand correctly, the decendents of Dr. Max Gerson and the ‘Institute’ do not want Dr. Vickers to call his clinic or the combination (additions) of treatments the ‘Gerson Therapy’ as it just is not due to ‘additions’ why does he? It would be so much less confusing for people seeking ‘natural’ treatments and there would be no need for any name calling or animosity. Just two different groups of people trying to help others. I know you technically can’t speak for Dr. Vickers but just wondering if you know of any reason why just using a different name couldn’t be an option? I get that it wouldn’t change the two ‘camps’ opinions of each other’s clinics or treatment protocols but I think it would greatly help people considering their natural treatment options. And isn’t this the goal of all? To make it better, easier, clearer, less stressful, at least as trustworthy to choose a ‘natural’ approach as much as possible? And if not for those reasons, although I think those are more than enough, then why not stop using the Gerson name totally, call it something else, purely out of respect for first, the deseased Dr. Max Gerson, and then out of respect for his daughter and grandson. To me it just seems like it is simple and straightforward.. just my opinion. I truly hope that both sides will grow in grace, peace and compassion.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment Louise. I am not in any way trying to discredit the Gerson Institute, I just would not go to their certified clinic in Tijuana because they don’t incorporate additional therapies that I believe may be helpful.

  • April

    Dr. Vickers, my body has negative effects to coffee and chocolate, said to be the caffeine and causes my breasts to be painful/sensitive 24/7/365. Would the coffee enema be a problem also? Is there caffeine in it? Would my body be absorbing the caffeine? What about insomnia problems? I’m unfortunately taking medication currently for this because i’m desperate to sleep after extensinve sleep deprivation. I’d like to resolve this insomnia problem naturally…. maybe you can point me in a good direction for that? My brain doesn’t go into restorative sleep enough at night (per sleep study)….

  • doreen

    Here’s my 2 cents for what
    it’s worth on my experience at Charlotte Gerson’s clinic in TJ. More than a few years ago I did go to her
    clinic in TJ. Before going, the Gerson
    Institute here in San Diego does do a “disclaimer” saying they don’t run the
    clinic in TJ, which was weird because they actually did, with Charlotte
    visiting each week to make sure they were following her protocol. There were probably many reasons for them
    doing that, one being if we did have any complaints they were not
    responsible. That being said, here were
    my “uncommon” complaints definitely worth mentioning to warn people:

    While at the clinic, I had
    cockroaches in my room (their building is attached to a car wash), yikes!! They were in my room for a almost a week and
    they finally had to use “chemicals” to kill them. Not good, since I’m trying to heal L.. So I had to share a room with another patient or go
    to an outside apt. I chose to share a
    room. Since it is TJ, the lights would
    keep going off and on for long periods of time making it unable for me to do
    the necessary enemas, and having to eat by candle light (which is nice but not
    because of no electricity!). The staff
    didn’t even explain this would be happening and just accepted it as a way of
    life, not good for healing. And to top
    it off, there were gun fires during the evening close to the clinic, which was
    very disturbing. Again, no explanation
    from staff that this is also a common occurrence. I asked for a refund and wanted to leave,
    but they only gave me a refund for 2 nights, so I chose to stay my 2 weeks
    since I already paid 11,000! Bummer! The other patients I met at the clinic were
    awesome and we all made the best of it. I shared my experience with the Gerson
    Institute here in San Diego, but to no avail.
    After leaving the clinic, the institute didn’t offer any help or follow
    up care, which is necessary. This is
    something they said they would do, but in truth didn’t. Anyway, my husband and I were left to my own
    devices to find our own answers. Chris
    and Dr. Vickers were not on the internet yet.

    Charlotte is an amazing women
    but doesn’t look beyond her beliefs, and I believe her intention to help heal
    people is genuine. I had to let go of
    that awful experience so I could move on and continue to heal. The gerson
    therapy was a catalyst for me to do research and become proactive in my own
    health. Most of the people who were at
    the clinic with me did die (many reasons why), which was very discouraging for
    me. Charlotte did give the impression
    that this therapy would heal all cancers, when in fact it doesn’t and actually
    most of us were ignorant of integrated therapies, diet, etc. Many times, diet alone is not enough and you
    do have to introduce more integrated therapies which Dr. Vickers does do.

    Realistically, it’s almost
    impossible to do the gerson therapy with their expectations. I did a modified version. The gerson therapy was very exhausting,
    stressful, and expensive; things that aren’t conducive to healing. I wouldn’t recommend the gerson therapy, but
    would incorporate some of the juicing and enemas with a different protocol. It sounds
    good when you read about it and see the clinic doing everything for you, but
    once you’re home and have no help, it’s just too much work. There
    are many other protocols that are just as effective and more realistic to
    do. One example is Dr. Charles Major’s
    protocol. He recommends that you get a
    viral panel, to see if you have any lingering viruses that need to be dealt
    with first, a food sensitivity test to see what foods to eliminate, a few colonics
    to get your liver working properly before starting the enemas, exercise (which is
    such an important part of healing), probiotics, large amounts of pancreatic
    enzymes, and other things. Gerson doesn’t
    include any of the above, which for me was vital. There’s
    many different ways to heal and there is no “one way fits all”. Something most people are aware of who are
    still healing, with me still being one of those people. Chris’ website is the best ever and I
    continue to learn from him all the time.
    Thank you!

  • Red

    From what I understand of the Gerson therapy it works but very intense. Am I correct that you pretty much have to take two years off from work in order to do the program?

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