I cannot answer health questions via email.

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If you have a story about healing cancer with nutrition and natural therapies,
I want to help you share it with the world. This site is a great place to do that.

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Questions For Me
Please read my FAQ page and watch the Q&A videos first. There’s a very good chance that you will find your answer there.

If you have a specific question related to one of my posts, please submit it as a comment on that post or on my facebook page. That way it’s visible to everyone. You may get multiple answers, and the thread might be helpful to future readers.

I’ve answered many questions publicly on my YouTube Channel.

Occasionally I get messages like this: “…the doctors removed my breasts, ovaries, uterus, most of my intestines and half my liver. I’m currently doing chemo and taking several prescription medications to stay alive. Please help me!”

I’m sorry, I can’t.

If you have serious health problems directly caused by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or prescription drugs I can’t give you any specific advice. Being poisoned, irradiated, having body parts removed, and taking prescription drugs will drastically change your internal anatomy. Those procedures complicate healing to a level beyond my experience and knowledge.

And please don’t ask me to contact someone I don’t know who has cancer.

If you want to share info about nutrition and natural therapies with a cancer patient, send them to my site. If the information here resonates with them, and they feel like this is the path they want to go down, then they should contact me. It is critical for the patient to take control of their health and become a seeker of information. You can’t heal someone by proxy. Make sense?

I am not a professional blogger. I have a real job. Currently this site does not generate enough income to support my family. This is because I choose not to plaster ads all over it, or aggressively sell products to my visitors and subscribers, or sell their information. Needless to say, time spent on this site takes away from my work and family life, but obviously it is very important to me, which is why I still do it.

Chris Beat Cancer is now averaging about 200k hits per month, which means my story and message are reaching a lot of people. It’s pretty mind-blowing really.
But it has gotten to be too much for one dude to handle, which is why…

I cannot answer health questions via email anymore.

Please don’t send them, because it makes me look like a jerk for not responding.

The best way to get your questions answered is to book a coaching call with me.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi there!

My name is Chris Wark.
I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003, at 26 years old.
I had surgery, but refused chemo.
Instead I used nutrition and natural therapies to heal myself.
By the grace of God, I'm alive and kicking, and cancer-free!

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