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Dr. Vickers on advanced cancer protocols used with Gerson therapy.

Here’s a new interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers about the advanced cancer treatment protocols they use at Northern Baja Gerson Center. Enjoy!

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More info about Dr. Vickers and the Northern Baja Gerson Center at and on their facebook page.

Northern Baja Gerson Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute will not endorse/certify any Gerson practitioner who incorporates additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

Dr. Vickers did not pay me to make this video, or for any other video interview I have done with him. I made them because I believe in the work that he is doing, I’ve seen the results, and I want the world to know about it. I have never asked him for any compensation whatsoever, but like many other generous people, he has made several donations to support my site and my mission. And for that I am grateful.


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  1. Bridget says:

    Hi Chris – Thanks for your fantastic information on healing cancer. Inspiring! I am obsessed (in a good way) with nutritional therapies for everything. Question on B17 — If the IV administration of this therapy causes apoptosis of cancer cells, why doesn’t it cause apoptosis of the good cells? Analogizing this to the (justified) critique of chemotherapy where the poison kills EVERYTHING, not just the cancer, it makes me wonder. Thanks for any insight!

  2. chris says:

    Dr. Vickers did not address ozone therapy. I am currently receiving ozone therapy via rectal insufflation. I would like to hear what he has to say about how ozone works in the body. I do a lot of my own research on what I am doing for my cancer but it would be great to hear what he has to say. I would love to go to his clinic but can’t afford it so hearing him talk on here is really helpful. Thanks for all you do Chris, you are an encouragement to all of us!!! PS.I live in Colorado where ND’s are allowed to practice but unfortunately as of last January the state took away these doctors being allowed to use IV therapies of any kind. How sad to take away something so effective, but then that is why they did take it away from them…very frustrating!!

    • oxygen is O2…Ozone is O3…extra oxygen molecule to oxygenate tissue…the third oxygen molecule is also very volatile to cancer cells….and good cells as well but if your diet is high in antioxidants(like on Gerson) it can handle that volatile molecule

  3. Gerd Ragnhild Jentoftsen says:

    What about the Hannah Budwig’s diet?

    • budwigs diet very rarely, if ever, cures cancer permanently. Gerson knew Budwig and incorporated her therapy into his…we use pot cheese and flax because of her work…but her work alone will do little to reverse advanced cancer. It is able to keep it at bay from time to time but you come off the therapy it comes back quickly

  4. Yes I am aware of our cookware releasing heavy metals into our foods.I use glass ware and ceramic ware and stainless steal only for low heat cooking. Stainless steal releases the heavy metal nickel. Holistic Chef Barry

  5. Debbie says:

    Very interesting on the cell phone use and where you put it on your body and the tumors that are developing on people. This is just the beginning, unfortunately! Please warn all your loved ones and even your enemies!

  6. jeff nicklas says:

    chris, am i wasting time & money eating apricot kernels everyday?

  7. David says:

    I am SO happy that you introduced us to Dr. Vickers. I consider his work to be the most important in the field of medicine right now. I am THRILLED that he is willing to discuss these issues and spread awareness. Thank you both for all that you do.

  8. Hi Dr please tell me how to contact you and how much the treatment cost ?

    Thank you

  9. deborah says:

    Thank you for the interesting explanations…things we read about come clearer into picture. I also went back to watch your other videos with Dr. Vickers. I am very grateful for the vast amount of information you have compiled for us. It has helped me to get ‘cancer’ smarter in a short period of time – and as life is too short already, especially with a cancer diagnosis – can’t express enough thanks for the fabulous education you help provide! Hoping you’ll be able to keep it up for a long time to come :)

  10. Roy says:

    I have a question if you know of or know about, Hydrogen peroxide with vitamin C I.V. for treatment? I understand this is amazing stuff but I cant find anyone that does it in the usa.

  11. MJ says:

    I’m having trouble finding RF blocking bags for my cel phone. I would like RF blocking bags for my cel phone, and my wallet too.

  12. mary bubier says:

    please help me with any info on b17 for dogs my shih tzu has lymhpoma and i have heard so many opinions on this subject if anyone has any info please please email me on b17 or any other treatment my dog is 19 pounds .thank you very much .mary bubier.

  13. Andrea Peden says:


    Have you heard of Dr. Burzynski in Texas? He treats cancer using alternative methods. The State of Texas medical board is trying to run him out of the State but he has hung on for years and cured many people of their cancer.

    • Chris Wark says:

      Oh yes. I posted a link to the documentary about him a couple years ago. :)

    • andrea….i met with Dr. Burzynski in his office 9 months ago…I asked him directly what his cure rates are…he said in two types of brain cancer they have around a 20% success rate….the rest of the cancers less than 5%…..sad to say those are not very good cure rates at all, dismal actually, with the exception of the two brain cancers…decent results but not stellar. I still have great respect for him…he was a wonderfully humble man and very compassionate

  14. Chris says:

    Hi everyone i am new here, i see this website very very useful for anybody fighting with cancer. Does anybody know about dr.Ashkar and his Natural Infection Absorption method of healing cancer and other desises ? It is actually question to Chris.


  15. Jill says:

    Hi, I listened to the Q & A and would like to know why/how the kale and spinach are bad to juice. Is it called acedelic acid? I read dark leafy greens have more nutrition, but not for juicing? I have juiced a lot of kale… :0 Thank you so much for all your helpful information!! Jill

  16. Sharon says:

    I have lung cancer…surgery to remove middle lobe right lung…another spot last November…had stereo tactic radiotherapy…now have a almond sized lymph node in the middle of my chest. They are now wanting to do 6 weeks radiation with I.V. chemo at the same time. Any suggestions…regimes…please email me.

  17. Terri says:

    I strongly beleive in Gerson Therapy-, except for juicing so many apples, and carrots.
    Doesn’t all that sugar (natural) feed the cancer?
    Just wondering!
    If you could answer this for me that would solve a huge question on my mind.
    Thank you!

    • Chris Wark says:

      Hi Terri, please watch our other video “Gerson Q&A” in which Dr. Vickers addresses this common question.

      • Terri says:

        HI Chris-
        I want to thank you so much for answering my e-mail so quickly- and referring me to the right source for an answer. I realize that just answering e-mails must take up alot of time on your part- much appreciated!


  18. Julia says:

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you and Dr. Vickers so-o-o-o much for these timely videos. I suspected for a short while that I had breast cancer and was formally diagnosed on September 17. I have been researching health modalities over the internet for quite sometime due to the fact that my Mum had dementia (and recently passed away), so became aware of most of the cancer therapies out there. Obviously surgery, chemo or radiation was always going to be totally out of the question for me.
    This series of videos was absolutely fantastic and has certainly reinforced my determination to heal myself naturally. My husband and I are off to Dr. Patrick’s clinic in a couple of weeks. Have already started on the Gerson Therapy ahead of time. Would love to keep you all posted on my progress, and maybe even set up a blog.
    Cannot thank you Chris, and Dr. Vickers, enough for all of the wonderful information you have both so freely shared.

  19. Sydney says:

    How do we get an application?

  20. Suzanna Fredenburg says:

    There is too much oxalic acid in kale. Why is this a problem? What is the harm for someone doing the full Gerson Therapy at home?

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