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Curing disease with a 9-volt battery?
The Bob Beck Protocol

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this may be the most important post I’ll ever write…

In 1991 two researchers (William Lyman and Steven Kaali) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered a way to disable every virus, bacteria, and pathogen on the planet; including the AIDS virus.  As far as I know, their findings only appeared in three small articles. Here are the excerpts:

Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory… William D. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to  50-100 micro amperes of electricity – comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker – reduced the infectivity of the AIDs virus by 50-95%.  Their experiments, described March 14 in Washington, D.C., at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together –  two key signs of virus infection.

The finding could lead to tests of implantable electrical devices or dialysis-like blood treatments in HIV-infected patients, Lyman says.  In addition, he suggests that blood banks might use electricity to zap HIV, and vaccine developers might use electrically incapacitated viruses as the basis for an AIDS vaccine…the new study also hints at a lifesaving side effect: protection against HIV.

(Science News, Biomedicine, March 30, 1991 pg. 207)

What we have done is expose the AIDS virus in laboratory circumstances to electrical current and then incubated the virus with white blood cells susceptible to the virus.  We found the the virus became much more ineffective” -Steven G. Kaali, M.D.

(The Houston Post, pg. A-10, Wednesday March 20, 1991)

The following year Kaali affirms again in another article that their discovery was valid.

Most viruses in a blood sample lose their infectious capability after being zapped by a very low level current.  Repeated exposure appears to leave blood virtually free of HIV, as well as hepatitis – without harming blood cells.

(Longevity, December 1992, pg 14)

It’s worth noting that these researchers were working toward developing devices and/or a vaccine that could be PATENTED.  And it’s also interesting that in that same Longevity article, which was a year and a half after his initial announcement, Kaali also backpedals, stating that “it will take years of testing before a virus-electrocuting device is ready for use.”

It’s been over twenty years.

So what happened after this astounding achievement; arguably the most remarkable discovery in medicine in the last 100 years?


This discovery, essentially the cure for AIDS and every other virus, had the potential transform modern medicine.  It would render many vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and profit generating treatments obsolete.  So it’s no surprise it was never implemented.  The naive have a hard time believing that any effective medical treatment would be ignored.  But you have to follow the money.

Pharmaceutical and medical device companies are not interested in discoveries and treatment methods that cannot be patented. 

According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce the average cancer patient generates $375,000 in profit for the medical industry: surgery, chemo, radiology, hospital stays, office visits, etc.

“A patient cured is a customer lost. ” -Bob Beck

So we can speculate that this discovery was either ignored or quickly suppressed by the medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex.  Perhaps the inventors sold the patent and the patent was shelved… That’s exactly what happened to an invention of my father’s.

He invented a novel lawn mower device that was purchased by TORO who promised to market it.  Instead they shelved it.  Competition eliminated. But I digress…

Here’s what we do know:  Since 2001 the U.S. government has spent billions of tax dollars funding research on cures for AIDS, and the medical/pharmaceutical industry has made billions treating (not curing) AIDS patients.

That was almost the end of the story…

Enter one retired 66-year-old physicist; the inventor of Xenon strobe flash technology:

Dr. Robert C. Beck  D.Sc.—————————–>
(aka Bob Beck)                    

Beck happened upon the Science News article (quoted above) in 1991. Intrigued, he wrote to the college requesting a copy of the research paper which was included in the Conference of Combination Therapies publication. He was told that it did not exist and discovered that it had been removed from the copy of the journal they sent him.

Beck was not deterred.  He hired a private investigator to track down some of the attendees of the conference with the hopes of finding a copy of the original research paper.
He found it.

After examining the research, which involved blood electrification via surgical implants and dialysis-type blood treatments, Beck designed a small device powered by three 9-volt batteries that could electrify the blood IN VIVO (from the outside of the body).  He funded his own research to verify the accuracy of the claims of Kaali and Lyman, and to test the effectiveness of his device.

Beck conducted hundreds of PCR blood tests on AIDS patients at hospitals all over the U.S.  All showing AIDS cured by his method. One example was a patient who had 418,478 particles of HIV in his blood on Sept 5th 1995.  On November 3rd 1995 his PCR was less than 100.  He was cured and symptom free.

Beck found that the real world results of blood electrification were much better than that reported by the laboratory researchers. After several years of testing and seeing miraculous results, Beck had no qualms about stating that this method, “can cure all known infectious diseases; including HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Epstein Barr, Herpes, E Bola, Botulism, Anthrax, and all man-made biological warfare viruses.” It is completely safe, does not harm healthy cells or tissues, and has no side effects.

When viewed under a dark-field microscope, the blood of a normal, healthy human being usually has a lot of parasitic worms, viruses, fungi, germs and pathogens swimming around.  After three weeks of blood electrification the blood is clean and the blood cells are plump and healthy. Beck liked to call it “Immortal Blood“.

What’s even more amazing is that Beck was never interested in profiting from his discovery or even selling his device.  Instead he published a lengthy and now legendary report entitled Take Back Your Power, which included comprehensive details on his protocol, and complete instructions on how to build his blood electrification device with less than $50 in parts from Radio Shack!  He conducted many free seminars and only charged $5 for his report, to cover the cost of printing.

Here’s how Beck’s blood electrification device works:

Proper application of 50-100 micro-amperes (a tiny amount) of current apparently alters the outer protein layer of any parasite so that they can no longer attach to human cells and reproduce.  Eventually they die and the body flushes them out through the kidneys, liver, lymph, etc. This minuscule amount of current does not harm the blood or normal cells in any way.

The best location to electrify your blood is at your wrists by placing two electrodes over your Radial and Ulner Arteries.

A 150 lb person has 8 pints of blood that circulate through the body every 8-9 seconds.  As the blood passes by the electrodes at the wrist site, it is electrified with micro-current.

According to Beck, “when the proper micro-current is correctly applied into the blood, it neutralizes ALL viruses, pathogens, microbes, parasites, fungi, mycotoxins, coexisting foreign lifeforms, alien invaders and their byproducts.”

Electrotherapy actually mimics the the body’s own immune system, which also uses electricity.

Jacques Schrenzel and Karl Heinz Kraus at University Hospital in Geneva discovered that white blood cells (leucocytes) kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocuting them.  This means of defense is triggered as soon as the receptors of the white cell detect the presence of a microbe. This signal activates an enzymatic system located in the membrane of the leucocyte composed of a ‘sleeping enzyme’ (NADPH oxydase) and co-enzyme (NADPH). The reaction begins by the enzyme ‘waking up’, receiving enzymes from it’s co-enzyme, and transporting them through the membrane. Ejected out of the white cell, this electronic flux is focused towards the bacterium via oxygen molecules; and the bacterium dies.

Extracted from: Leucocytes kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocution – Science & Vie Magazine, Issue #972, September 1998, pg. 44

Pretty cool right? The Beck protocol is basically an amped up version of the body’s own defense system.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, get this:

Feb 23, 1993 Steven Kaali and Peter Schwolsky are granted a U.S. patent on Blood Electrification which they describe as “a method and system for treatment of blood and/or other bodily fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric forces.” Patent # 5,188,738

In the patent, their invention is described in detail:

The present invention has been devised to attenuate any bacteria, virus (including the AIDS HIV virus) parasites and/or fungus contained in blood contributed by a donor to the point that any such contaminant is rendered ineffective for infecting a normally healthy human cell, but does not make the blood biologically unfit for use in humans…

The treatment can be accomplished in a treatment system external of the body, or by implant devices for purging contaminants using a novel electrically conductive vessel for direct electric treatment of blood or other body fluids, such as amniotic fluids, with alternating current electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to attenuate such contaminants to the extent that bacteria, virus, fungus, and/or parasites contained in the blood or other body fluids are rendered ineffective to infect and/or affect normally healthy human cells.” (emphasis added)

That’s straight from one U.S. patent. They have 14 patents total. Amazing right?

Beck’s blood electrification protocol has also been reported to have a dramatic effect on cancer patients.  According to Beck, “by eliminating parasites, it supercharges the immune system to deal with the cancer.”
Note: This was not a part of my anti-cancer protocol because I didn’t discover it until last year.  Would I do it if I had cancer now?  Yes.

Although Beck never sold products and gave his research away for free, he realized that not everyone would be able to build their own devices. He eventually endorsed a company that began manufacturing products to his specifications.

The Story of SOTA Instruments. (State Of The Art)

Russ Torlage, the founder of SOTA, attended one of Beck’s lectures, built his blood electrification device, and cured his wife’s crippling chronic fatigue. He then improved the design of Beck’s unit to run on a single 9-volt battery instead of three.  Beck was very pleased with the improved design and gave Russ his blessing to manufacture the units for sale commercially. Thus SOTA Instruments was born. Bob and Russ became very close friends; reasearching, traveling, and conducting demonstrations and interviews together. SOTA Instruments is the only company Bob Beck ever endorsed.

Sadly Bob Beck died in 2002, at age 77, as a result of a head injury from a fall. Russ Torlage was the MC at Bob Beck’s memorial. Man I really wish I could have met Bob Beck!

From 2000-2004, SOTA was scrutinized, persecuted, and nearly shut down by The FTC and Health Canada for selling “medical devices”. They prevailed but can no longer make any health claims or give advice on treatment protocols. They can’t even use Bob Beck’s name on their website and simply refer to him in their bio as “The Physicist”.  And their devices come with very limited instructions.  Fortunately all the information you need is available elsewhere. (More on that later)

The Devices

The Bob Beck Protocol consists of four things: blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, drinking colloidal silver, and drinking ozonated water. I own all of them.

SOTA’s blood electrification device is called the Silver Pulser ($225).  This is actually a two-in-one device that electrifies the blood and produces ionic/colloidal silver, which is another key component is Beck’s protocol.

Blood electrification with the SOTA Silver Pulser does not hurt.  You can adjust the intensity to a comfortable setting which feels like a pulsing tingle.  If you turn it up it will cause the muscles in your hand to contract with the pulse.  It’s weird, but no big deal.   This device is really incredible.  I have killed several cold viruses in less than 24 hours with it. I’m actually using right now as I put the finishing touches on this post!


Ionic/Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is the most powerful natural disease-killing bactericide known to man, with zero side effects. Before 1938 it was the antibiotic choice for the world. That is until pharmaceutical companies introduced their patented, targeted, (and less effective) antibiotics. Pure silver is a micro-nutrient and nature’s antibiotic; it will sterilize any bacteria.  In fact, silver is still used in medicine today especially in wound dressing for burn victims, because of it’s anti-bacterial and healing properties. Beck found that drinking Ionic/Colloidal Silver protected against secondary and opportunistic infections when detoxing from blood electrification.  I personally drink 2-4 ounces every day made with my Silver Pulser.

Note: Ionic/Colloidal Silver made from 99.9999% pure silver with SOTA’s Silver Pulser in distilled water will not turn your skin blue with Argyria like Paul Karason.  —————————->

Karason drank massive amounts of colloidal silver chloride everyday for years thinking it was pure colloidal silver.  That’s why his skin is blue.

The Silver Pulser is a 2-in-1 device, it can be used for blood electrification and making colloidal silver (but not at the same time).

Get the Silver Pulser here


Beck designed two other devices to support the blood electrification protocol:

The SOTA Magnetic Pulser ($325)

This is a device that creates a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field). This is a moving magnetic field which causes 50-100 micro amperes to be generated deep within tissues to neutralize the parasites, viruses, and pathogens that are latent in tissues and not circulating in the blood. The magnetic pulser is designed for specifically targeting lymph nodes, organs, and tumor sites and should be used in conjunction with the Silver Pulser blood electrification device.

Get The Magnetic Pulser here


SOTA Water Ozonator / Water Purifier ($325)

Ozone (O3) is the greatest detoxifying agent known to man as it oxidizes and kills bacteria and parasites. Our planet uses ozone to detoxify, and so does our body.  Hospitals use airborne ozone to sterilize operating rooms and some cities in Germany actually use ozone to clean their water instead of chlorine, a much better system. Neutralizing billions of pathogens in the body with blood electrification can produce a severe detoxification reaction. Drinking ozonated water  significantly increases your blood oxygen level (this can be verified with a Pulse Oximeter) and as a result produces rapid, safe, totally natural cell oxygenation.  In addition, Ozone carries a negative electrical charge that specifically counteracts free radical damage and recharges depleted cells.  The ozone oxidizes the toxins and waste products in your body, turning them into H2O and CO2 which are easily eliminated by the body.  Beck’s water ozonator is extremely simple to use. You just bubble the ozone through a glass of water for a few minutes then drink it immediately.

Beck stated that the supplementation of ozonated water to patients he studied reduced their disease recovery time on average from 21 days down to 5 days. He recommended drinking three glasses per day even when well.  That’s my unit in the picture.  I drink ozonated water first thing in the morning.

Get the SOTA Water Ozonator here


My Disclaimer

This is not medical advice. The purpose of this post was to simply introduce you to this amazing discovery, but there is a lot more you need to know.  There are very specific instructions to effectively use this protocol, for example you CANNOT take any pharmaceutical drugs or herbs, like garlic, if you are doing daily blood electrification, as it can magnify their absorption by 20-30 times. This can be extremely dangerous. It is absolutely essential that you read Bob Beck’s Handbook.

Download Bob Beck’s 59-page Protocol Handbook for free!

His comprehensive 59 page handbook includes copies of the articles quoted above; the patents; complete instructions on his protocols; instructions on how to build Beck’s blood electrification device and water ozonator; testimonials and more. It will blow your mind even further.

This is an exclusive subscriber-only bonus. If you’d like a free copy of the Bob Beck Protocol Handbook simply input your email to subscribe to my blog and you will immediately be redirected to it. If you are already a subscriber, just use the same email you subscribed with.

Note: There are forces at work (google SOPA and PIPA) trying to censor the internet and make this kind of information illegal. Type Control+S to save the manual on your computer, and Control+P to print it out. I’m not being paranoid. Bob Beck’s wikipedia page was deleted!

Special thanks to Webster Kehr at  That was the first place I found with practical details on the Bob Beck protocol.

Also check out There you will find protocol instructions, interviews with Beck, and testimonials from patients who cured themselves with his protocol.

If you are thinking about buying SOTA devices, they are a little cheaper on amazon than they are on

Here’s a link to Sota devices on

If you plan on buying the silver pulser, magnetic pulser, and water ozonator at the same time, go directly to They sell them in a discounted package for $850, which will save you $100.


*Before you ask me questions in the comments section, please download and read the Bob Beck Handbook.  Also due to legal reasons, I cannot give specific protocol or treatment advice.

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  • Carol Lowe

    Chris, Thank you for further research on this. I had gotten to do some research on this when April was sick. What I kept coming to was a very expensive instrument and I knew that wasn’t going to be possible. Also, I didn’t find the info about the other diseases it would cure. This is something I am definitely going to look into. I’m sure you will hear from me again. Keep up the research and sharing. You are a blessing to many by allowing the Lord to use you. Carol

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Thank you Carol!

  • Inge

    I’ve just seen something similar, at least the idea, on TED med. Also used elctro current. Royal Rife was doing these experiments a long, long time ago. But, as with so many ‘strange’ newfagled ideas, it was alughed at. NOT anymore. We’ll keep searching and trying.

  • Susan

    Thanks Chris for the information, however, I am unable to print this. Any ideas what is happening? Susan

    • chrisbeatcancer

      You’re welcome!

      Press Control+S to save to your computer
      Press Control+P to print

      That works for me

  • J.R. Turner

    This Yahoo group is studying similar homemade devices:

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Awesome JR thanks for sharing!

  • Jenn

    Mind sufficiently blown. WOW.

  • Melissa Jaynes

    AWESOME! Can I come over today and use yours? LOL! I kid, but I got something crazy going on with me and I am willing to try anything.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      You can definitely come try it, just let me know when you’re free.

  • Tim Petty

    This is Earth shattering research. Gonna try and see if pharmacies here in Taiwan carry such devices.

  • PaulYork

    It’s also important to realize that all the research on cancer and AIDs and other human diseases is a complete waste of time and money insofar as they rely on animal testing, because it is not predictive for humans. See books and articles by Dr. Ray Greek on this point. The predictive value (PPV) for animal testing is 0.31, or less than a coin toss (0.5) (based on a study by Dr. Ralph Heywood, former director of Huntington Life Sciences, published 1990)

  • Jessica

    Love this Article Chris! Thank you!!

  • terri

    How many times a day do you use this thing? Interesting that I went to your site today -I’m recovering from reconstructive surgery and am using a PEMF machine that delivers some sort of electromagnetic field to help heal.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Terri I use it for 2 hours at a time, but have heard of people using it for much longer sessions than that.

  • Orlando

    I have been living with HIV Since I was 17, I got the virus from a blood transfusion. I am 47 years old. I had TB twice, a blood disorder called ITP, and cancer 3 times and the last cancer was last year. I also have the HP VIRUS, so I have a higher chance of getting cancer again. I have been a vegan for a year and follow a healthy diet. I heard about this back in the 90′s but was very naive about it. I am doing very well, but I take Meds for the HIV and I just want to cure myself of this. I am tired of worrying about it getting me, I lost all my closets friends to aids and cancer. I can’t afford the machine right now, so I wonder if it’s easier to make it myself? Have you tried to? Thank you.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Orlando, I haven’t tried to make one, I bought the Sota Silver Pulser.
      Download the Beck Handbook and look at the instructions, it really doesn’t look
      very difficult.
      I understand why you want to get off the meds.
      Prescription drugs are all liver toxic, which increases your cancer risk.

    • Jon

      I have no experience with it but in my own couriouse research I have seen a few different apparatus’ and also at different costs – perhaps some worth your buck!? Google Beck Zapper, and it should guide you to alternative apparatus’. I wish you good health.

  • Mindy

    Hey Chris, I first want to thank you for having this site, you have given me much needed hope. I was diagnosed at 33 with Breast Cancer had all the standard chemo mast etc. 5 years later it has come back to my bones. Being that this tumor is also estrogen fed I don’t understand how it keeps growing since I have had my overies removed.
    I am a mother of 2 small kids and would like to be here for them so I refuse to give up!!!!
    I am now on weekly Taxol Herceptin and Zometa. Do you think this device can help m even on the chemo? Or do you think I should just juice?
    Any suggestions you offer I would greatly appreciate. And I will in no way hold you responsible for any outcome that’s not in my favor. I’m just in need of some advice.
    Thank you and God Bless, Mindy

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Mindy, sorry to hear you’re dealing with that.
      I would look for estrogen sources in your diet, like soy.
      Also sugar feeds cancer so it would be wise to eliminate all sugar.
      Unfortunately blood electrification cannot be done while taking any prescription drugs.
      It can be very harmful.

      • Sue

        Your ovaries are NOT the only place in your body that estrogen is produced.

        Some estrogens are also produced in smaller amounts by other tissues such as the liver, adrenal glands, and the breasts. These secondary sources of estrogens are especially important in postmenopausal women. Fat cells also produce estrogen,[8] (Wikipedia)

    • middurg

      I know its been a while but after much studying of the cancer issue, I’d research the following:
      The importance of the Oxalic acid in your food.
      Finding ways to make your body more alkaline.
      Eating raw food.
      Look also at hemp oil and Laetrile.

      I hope you are now well and dont need to do any of the above except the foods containing Oxalaic acid (for future prevention)

  • Radha

    Actually…isoflavones in soy like genistien are not so good. Soy also suppresses thyroid. I was surprised at Chris’ suggestion given the generally unsurpassed awsome nature of this blog.
    Other phyto-Estrogens. ..From other plants seem to be tumor suppressive in that they are weak and bond to estrogen receptors thereby blocking the stronger toxic estrogens from doing so…but the good ones are not generally from soy. I ate too much soy and had many tumors removed…finally looked up the research.
    Could be a GMO thing…I mean the soy gene pool
    is probably pretty corrupted by now.
    Anyhow…I love your blog. You are helping me and many others.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      I think you misunderstood my comment.
      I am not advocating soy, merely noting that it is a dietary source of estrogen.

    • k9luv


      I too ate a lot of soy while I went veggie for 8 years. Funny, I developed breast cancer. I ate well, exercised, etc… I was 48 yrs. old.
      I stay away from soy now that I’m more educated about it.


    HI .
    I AM 46 YEARS OLD .

    • chrisbeatcancer

      If I had hepatitis I would follow the full Bob Beck protocol.


        THANKS A LOT .

  • jackie

    hi chris,
    i just discovered your website a couple days ago and it’s so inspiring! thanks so much for doing this blog. i’ve shared it with a friend who’s a breast cancer survivor and i’m sure she will be just as inspired. anyway, have you heard of don croft’s terminator zapper? i bought one a few years ago and used it for a while, and then i just sort of forgot about it until i read your post. i’m not sure how it compares to the sota devices, but david wolfe uses and promotes it. keep up the good work!!! :-)

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jackie thanks!
      The terminator zapper is based on Hulda Clark’s original zapper, which is a device designed to kill parasites with specific harmonic frequencies. I own Zapper that was built by Sota and have used it a lot. (They no longer manufacture a zapper) It seems similar, but is very different. It does not electrify and purify the blood like Beck’s device.

      • jackie

        thanks chris! so is your sota zapper the silver pulser mentioned above? do you have all of the above products? i’m interested in the magnetic pulser, because i heard a podcast from dr. norm shealy (i think??? can’t remember exactly because i listen to and read SO much stuff!) and he said he uses PEMF and he was raving about it. the machine that he uses costs like $15,000 though. do you feel benefits from the magnetic pulser?

        • chrisbeatcancer

          No the silver pulser and the zapper are completely different devices.
          I have the zapper, silver pulser and the water ozonator.
          I don’t have the magnetic pulser, it’s on my wish list.

          • ChrisBailey

            The magnetic pulses is well worth the plunge. Last year I used it on a staph infection which developed on my cheek. It went completely away on it’s own! No meds, antibiotics. I was a little skeptical about it before that experience.

  • Danny

    Hi Chris,

    My dad have colon cancer stage 4, terminal state where its cancer have been spread all over the body including liver, lung, kidney and all his digestive system. Do u recommend this bob beck protocol or device to help his condition ? Thanks in advance.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Danny, sorry to hear that. That sounds like the result of chemotherapy…
      After the immune system is destroyed by chemotherapy it is much more difficult
      to recover.
      The Bob Beck protocol is powerful, but first you should read
      “The Treatment of Stage IV Cancers” e-book on
      This will help you choose a protocol.
      Webster Kehr (cancer tutor) is also available for telephone consultation.

  • Dawn

    Hi Chris,

    I know the official recommendation is not to, but wondering, do YOU personally still take herbs, supplements, poly mva, etc. as you are using this device? Did you just work your way up really slowly? Any thoughts on the matter? i am super interested in Bob Beck technology. Thanks so much! Your blog is really inspirational to me! Dawn

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Dawn. I dont take any supplements if I am planning on using the blood electrofication device that day. I did not work my way up, just dove right in, but I wasn’t sick either.

  • VB

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve learned so much from this site! Thank You! I am interested in purchasing the SOTA Silver Pulser but you have commented that those on prescription drugs should avoid as it could be harmful. I have a prescription for LDN and Arimidex. Where can I get more info on the effects of using the Pulser on these drugs- what happens? etc. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      You’re welcome.
      Download and read the Beck Handbook from the link in this post.

      • VB

        Hi Chris,
        Read through the handbook. Think I understand. Can you tell me- do you eat raw or cooked garlic when on the Magnetic Pulser Proocal?

        Thank You!

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Beck’s recommendation is No Garlic on his protocol.

      • ChrisBailey

        Hi, I am on the Beck Protocol currently and I am also taking LDN for Crohn’s disease. I’m going to take my chances and bet that both of these treatments will work together in enhancing the immune system which is the ultimate goal of both.

  • J.R. Turner
    • chrisbeatcancer

      Yes! His presentation at The Grenada Forum is on youtube as well. Thanks for sharing the link!

  • EdL

    I’m wondering if my TENS device would suffice for this?

    • Charlotte

      I too am wondering if the TENS device would suffice for this. Mine only uses two 1.5V alkaline batteries, so maybe not enough power? You used to be able to get a prescription for the device for low back pain; now you can’t, unless you have another physical ailment, like myositis, as well (This makes no sense. It either works for pain or it doesn’t; why would the low back be different from another body part?). I’m wondering if there are forces working to get even it off the market. Drug companies want us all to be their slaves.

      • Charlotte

        Correction: I should say: at least, Medicare won’t pay for a TENS unit for low back pain alone. I don’t really know whether you can get a prescription or not. Sorry.

  • Lisa

    Just curious if you have tested the Silver Pulser with your Tri-field meter. I was wondering if EMFs are a potential issue since it has to attach to the body for long periods of time.

  • megan

    Hi Chris,

    I have the papilloma virus and I have to visit my doc every 6 months to ensure that I don’t show signs of cervical cancer. It’s very scary to have that looming over me all the time. Do you recommend the electrification process? I am also most likely going to make that contraption to make my own colloidal silver, but how much a day can I take? Do I have to stay off of herbs and supplements if I am only drinking colloidal silver? Is it a good idea to drink colloidal silver every day as part of your diet or only if you are sick? Sorry for all of the questions.


    • megan

      By the way this website is amazing! I can’t get enough of the information on here. I started looking for my friend who has metastatic breast cancer and now I am hooked. Thank you!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Megan, I can’t recommend a treatment for you but if I had HPV I would use blood electrification.
      The Bob Beck manual has all the answers you need about how much colloidal silver to drink.
      Herbs and supplements do not interfere with silver, but they cannot be used with blood electrification.
      I drink 2-4 ounces of colloidal silver daily, sometimes more.

    • Suzy

      Megan, I just started reading this blog and saw your post. My understanding with colloidal silver is that it is most effective when you apply it directly to the infected area. Therefore you want to get it to your cervix. You could use it in a douche or try applying it directly to the cervix, perhaps in gel form? I would recommend you pose your questions to, he is an expert in the use of colloidal silver. Hope this helps.

  • http://chrisbeatcancer virginia

    Hi Chris..My friends brother was treated for colon cancer with chemo about 6 months ago and just found out that it has spread to liver(Stage 4)..They are planning on starting aggressive chemo in 6 days..Should he go a different route this time?

    • chrisbeatcancer

      I would. The chemo is most likely the cause of his liver cancer. If he pursues conventional treatment his likelihood of living 6 months is slim. He may only live 3 months…I hope I’m wrong.

      • http://none david

        You might be right, Chris.
        Sometimes people use alternative therapies to safeguard their liver so that it can withstand chemo

    • Adam

      Get Sota pulser right away. My wife was diagnosed with cancer and was given 4-6 months unless she will undergo chemo. She did pulser for 6 weeks. Went for blood test and come out ok. doctors did not believe it, did another 2 tests and results were good. This was 2 years ago. Silver pulser will be your best investment ever.
      Good luck

      • Anna

        Hi could you please tell me what maintenance protocol your wife is using now?hope she is doing sister has ovarian and her tumor shrunk but has not vanished .i am just wondering what type of maintenance is needed.i am told that if you leave the silver and magnetic pulser all together it is possible that the tumor comes back with a vengeance ! I don’t like this! Your comments please

  • Danna

    Hi Chris,

    I have been going through Uterine Leiomyosarcoma now for almost 6 years. I have had chemo 3 times in which I had to stop in the middle of the last 2 treatments due to how toxic it was. I really wanted to just be a raw vegan but I listened to the doctors and my family whom were all fearful that I would die without the treatments. I am still recovering from my last treatment and need to have CT scans every 3 months and a PET scan this week as well. My question is, would it be dangerous to use the zapper or pulser in between the scans? My body is getting to the point of not being able to handle all the scans anymore either. Any suggestions? I do have Dr. Blaylock’s book and have returned to a juicing diet and trying to detoxify once again. Last year I juiced for 90 days and never felt better but the cancer I have is aggressive and fast moving and returned. I have had a total hysterectomy and 6 feet of intestines removed. I am showing signs that it is back again with small tumors in my pelvic area and on the left side of my intestines. The good news is that my newer surgeon had the last tumor tested and found out it was estrogen positive and is a surface type tumor. This was good to know because I have had 3 surgeries and very large tumors and they had not spread to other organs. This type of cancer is so rare and usually kills within 5 years. Most doctors don’t know anything about it. My doctor (a specialist at Cedars Saini, California) knows how I feel about chemo and won’t push it. What I would like is a very aggressive way to get ahead of the tumors, keep them at bay and try not to have so many CT scans. I have been on so many supplements that I am worried they all don’t mix well together or that I’m taking too much. I would love your opinion. I do read and research everything I can which is how I found you. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and for helping others. God Bless!

    • http://none david

      I did tons of research on alternative cancer cures.I am a clinician. But, the direction of my health status is my personal decision!
      I cannot legally give medical advise but, I’m free to share my experience.
      I learned about Reishi, the mushroom of immortality. My docs and were frank with me and told me that chemotherapy would kill me! Now, do they tell that other lay people who are not educated professionals? I am not sure.
      I learned that reishi mushroom was approved as part of cancer treatment in Japan and Asia. I bought reishi tea and started drinking it. I had a follow up exam, three months after. The cancer did not get any worse. I hope Reishi tea helps reverse the situation.

      I want to buy this Dr. Beck stuff, but kinda pricey for me right now after all the medical bills. But, I have only one life, one health. I don’t mind trying anything else if I have no other choice. After all scientific discoveries are made at random. I wish you well. Much love to you.

  • Semester 1

    Blood electrification would have to be sustained for at least 24 hours a day surely to kill all the bugs???

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Not according to Beck’s research

  • http://t Semester 1

    Where are the testimonials of people that have been cured of disease? The patented technology that was discussed used an internal device where the electrification would be 24 hours per day . Unfortunately I’m a non believer in these machines as they are often so expensive and don’t work. Prove me wrong someone !!!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      You are going to have to do your own research from here.
      Download the manual and click thought the links to find more information and testimonials.

    • ntrelis

      I use a similar device to cure anything. I use it when I have pain. It helped me after my surgery as well. I call it my home doctor.

      • Gina

        Can you tell us what that is? Just curious… I have had chronic pain for over 20 years.

  • RIch

    Hey Chris,

    It’s encouraging to hear about your victory! I’m happy for you.

    Question about the blood electrification – I used the device for about 8 hours over two days, and had my white blood cell count checked and it was below the normal range, which Dr. Beck notes is normal in the book, but is there a possibility of the zapper killing too many white blood cells? Is that dangerous?

  • Jon

    Intriguing, very intriguing.

    I have zero experience with it but seem to be more effective if done via the ankles: – the used zapper equipment is also less expensive.

  • Scott

    Hey Chris,
    Love your site. Lot’s of great info. I’ve downloaded and read the Beck Protocol, and am interested in trying the blood electrification therapy. I am a healthy 47 year old male that likes to be proactive when it comes to health. Is there a recommended schedule for a healthy individual without signs of disease?? Sort of a maintenance schedule.
    Thanks, Scott

    • chrisbeatcancer

      There probably is, but I don’t know it off the top of my head. I try to do it 2 hours per day for 3-5 days in a row every couple months for maintenance. Which reminds me, I’m about due for another round!

  • Will

    After watching Dr. Beck’s video, I was curious as to what foods to avoid (other than garlic). Do you have that info handy? And if so, where might I find it? Thanks

  • amy

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone who has used the magnetic pulser and silver pulser has experienced the following….when I use the magnetic pulser, my body has a temperature rise…i feel warm throughout my body…is this my immune system attacking a virus? when i use my silver pulser does it help dispel the heat? i find a lot less hot after using the silver pulser and doing the blood electrification.

    i find i did get constipation easily while on the protocol…will just drinking more water remedy this? thx.

  • Michael

    This page is awesome. So informative and well put together with all the links I love it. It’s just what I was looking for and thought didnt exist. Oh and you’re right, Bob Beck isn’t on Wikipedia. Hmm…. I only have one quick question for you. What have you used his protocol for with success besides the common cold?

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Nothing else personally. I haven’t had any other health challenges.
      But there are lots of cancer and aids testimonials online.

  • Michael

    Do you know if this ozonator is as good as Sota’s? I don’t have the $850 to buy the package but want to get all 3 and start right away.

  • Michael

    Oops I forgot the brand info. Is this as good as Soto’s?

    Aqua-6 Ozone Generator Ozonator Water Air Oil Purifier 600 mg/h
    by A2Z Ozone
    On Amazon?

  • Emily

    I have been using the Sota Silver Pulser for both making collodial silver and blood electrification for about one month.

    My objective is to eliminate parasites obtained from produce while living in Mexico.

    It has been very effective so far. Until I almost had a heart attack last night after applying it to my left arm for an hour. My pulse was racing, my heart was pounding, and I could not sleep from heart convulsions. I was prepared to call 911, but prayer got me through.

    Perhaps I should have taken Beck’s advice and stopped the garlic. I just cannot imagine a meal without garlic and onions. Will have to make do with a ginger and cayenne substitute.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      I’m a big fan of garlic too. But Beck was adamant about not eating garlic onions leeks (allium family) also no medication or supplements while on his protocol.

  • Dory

    Hi Chris,
    I had breast cancer 17 years ago and I was just diagnosed with it again…
    I was wondering if the Silver Pulser was similar to Hulda Clark’s zapper or to GB-4000 MOPA (Cancer Tutor)? The GB-4000 intrigued me, but was so expensive.
    Thank you so much! I am very appreciate for your website and the sharing of your knowledge…

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Dory
      No the Silver pulser is not the same as the Zapper.
      The Zapper is a frequency generator to kill parasites
      The Silver Pulser is for blood electrification and making colloidal silver.
      The MOPA is also different. It is a Rife frequency machine.

      My opinion is that the silver pulser is the best device.
      If you can afford it, the magnetic pulser would be a good addition as well

  • Victoria Oldham

    Hello Chris,
    My husband was diagnosed with nontuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM pulmonary disease) last year. This is not a well known disease but is deadly and the strain he has is not able to be cured with antibiotics. The disease progress is identical to TB (coughing up blood, weight loss, lung function loss, etc). After spending $200,000 that included spending his mornings and nights on a cocktail of 4 antibiotics for 4 months (to no avail), he discontinued with all his doctors and began a regimen of natural foods and supplements containing certain bioactive compounds (posted on the website). He was able to stabilize, but could not seem to gain the weight back to his original weight (although was no longer losing the weight, the condition being cachexia — in which weight loss occurs even at rest). A week ago, he started the Beck protocol (all of it), and has started to gain weight again after many months! My question: do you still use the Beck protocol yourself? I noticed on a recent talk that you didn’t mention it. Is it because it is such a suppressed regimen or are you changing your mind about it? I am testing it out too, and although I have no identifiable illness, and I was shocked at the flu-like symptoms I experienced the first day. I am fine now, but there must have been something in my system that was reacting to the treatment. I will be posting the results of my husband’s health progress on our website after I give it a little more time. I want to be very sure about what I’m reporting, knowing that my reports will probably be attacked right away. Thank you for any insight into your experience.
    – Victoria Oldham

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Victoria that is terrific news!
      Just to clarify I did not use the Beck protocol to heal my cancer
      because I did not know about it in 2004.
      I don’t use the Beck protocol now because I’m not sick!
      But I do keep the equipment on hand and use it whenever I get the urge.

      The flu like symptoms are most likely a detoxification overload
      from blood electrification. Very common.
      Keep me posted!

      • Victoria Oldham

        It’s good know you still believe it’s the right direction too. We’re now past a week into using the full protocol and I feel great (although as mentioned I didn’t have any noticeable illness to begin with). I’m merely testing the regimen alongside my husband so we have a test pool of at least 2 people that I can report on in NTM News. I’m thinking of myself as the control in our experiment, but I must say, to me, it’s absolutely stunning that I had that reaction (flu-like symptoms) in the first 24 hours. From the second day onward (and it’s been over a week) there has been no more reaction at all… only feeling great, with excellent energy. So, what was it exactly that happened in the first 24 hours? I feel positive it eliminated “something” circulating in my blood (bacteria, virus, fungus, or parasite). I’m just sorry I have no “before and after” test reference which could confirm/prove the results. My husband, who does have the confirmed mycobacterial infection, had the same flu-like reaction in the first 24 hours. Now, 10 days into the Beck program, his cough is finally, after over a year, beginning to clear. I am totally amazed at this. We’ll keep you posted.

        • Victoria Oldham

          One more thing I’d like to add… I notice many people on this post have been using the Beck protocol incorrectly. I believe it’s extremely important to follow the directions, restrict certain substances while on the protocol, and avoid use of the devices excessively.

        • chrisbeatcancer

          In the first 24 hours there was probably a significant die-off of pathogens in your blood that triggered a detoxification (herxheimer) reaction in your body. Definitely keep me posted!

  • amy

    i hear that doing 8 hrs a day at least for 3 months straight will make immortal blood..the minimum 2 hours is only to keep low pathogens…..but i’m wondering while doing electrification, can we be having our meals on electrification or should we temporarily stop and wait 2 hours before resuming?

  • cj

    I have tried to read through everything and am trying to figure out the order to do things for general health. Does this sounds right:
    1. 5 pm drink oz water
    2. 5:30 pm half drink more water
    3. 6:00 pm magnetic pulse for two hours
    4. 8:00 pm silver pulser for two hours
    5. 10:00 pm drink coll silver
    If this is right, how do you use the silver pulser to make coll silver, just drop wires in water and for how long? How much water and drink how much?

    I wish Sota gave a good translation to how to use their product as the Beck protocol, but I suppose there is some restriction on that. To be clear, I’m just doing this for general health but trying to follow the protocol to maximize the benefits. I just can’t see to find a good dot to dot to be sure I’m getting it correctly. Thanks for any help

    • Chris Wark

      The silver pulser takes an hour to make colloidal silver.
      You can make a batch in the morning. It should have come with instructions on how to do that, mine did…
      check out

  • Liz_Lymon

    Thanks for documenting your journey, Chris! I’m so grateful for the power of the internet and the information that is shared here. I am successfully treating chronic lyme disease which I have struggled with for over 20 years with a combination of the Beck Protocol, Rife Technology, and Ozone therapy (mostly sauna). There are so many simple, non-toxic, non-pharmaceutical, effective, and inexpensive therapies. I’m excited to be able to pass along my experiences to others also looking for solutions.
    bellarifatta @ gmail

  • Antionette Sawyer

    hi Chris, is the bob protocol the same as dr Houlda Clarkes Zapper?

    • Chris Wark

      No, very different. The Zapper is a frequency generator, it does not electrify the blood.

  • Antionette Sawyer

    Thanks for clarifying that,I am suffering with information overload at present.I am on raw diet and taking loads of supplements and exercising but its only been a couple of weeks and my mind is spinning with how much I need to do.I have advanced breast cancer,I am completely committed.My dad died of cancer in 2003 ,he did try natural stuff,diet change,essiac ect but I can see looking back we were only scratching the surface of what we needed to do.My mum has just had a her left breast removed and had ovarian cancer last year ,treated by surgery and chemo ,she believes that’s why her cancer is back and has refused more but doesn’t want to go down the natural path.Anyway I am very grateful for your blog.

  • barb

    To Antionette – I am sure you have already begun the Iodine protocol? Drs. Brownstein, Flecher et al? Forgive if I’ve not spelled names correctly. Iodine replacement is a MUST in all humans – there are other supps like selenium, VIT C!, magnesium – Vit b complex, niacin, celtic sea salt pushes when detoxing with Iodine *Lugol’s or Iodoral. Vit D3 supplements (Vit K2 too) in if areas where sunlight on skin is minimal. NO sugar in any form: alcohol, rice/bread, processed, syrups, etc. Search out the helpful fruits: berries, etc. Grass fed meats, wild caught fish. Kefir. Fermented foods. Sorry. I get carried away. Good Luck and Good Health to you!
    Chris? Thank you again. God Bless You!!!

  • Antionette Sawyer

    Thankyou Barb ,have got Iodine but not taking it at present and hadn’t heard of drs brownstein and fletcher I will research it.I am doing all the diet stuff but am confused about having clean meat as I dont know my metabolic type? waiting for the book I ordered “the doctor who cures cancer” and hoping that will shed some light.There is so much to learn and I am so grateful for your tips. This sight has been an answer to my prayers,I have 2 beautiful girls 10 and 15 and Im intent on staying around to watch them grow!!!

  • Yvonne

    Hi Chris,
    you are doing a great job and I am really grateful I found your site. I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and I am not eligible for surgery, though not terminal. Doc said I am asymptomatic. However, I have recieved chemo for 6moth. Right now I looking for alternative therapies. I want to try this out.

    My question is, it ok to try beck’s protocol? My last chemo was in Nov and I am not any medication now, how long do I wait after my last meal with garlic before I start? 1 day, 1 week?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions on here.

  • Carole

    Hi Chris,

    I have all the SOTA instruments but have been frustrated with the lack of information out there for their use. I’ve read most of the reports and listened to the recordings but I just feel that I’m still experimenting like anyone else.

    A couple of year ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac’s and have been trying to increase cellular reguvenation and nutritional assimilation with the Light Works. I’ve been using the lights on my feet. It feels good but not sure if this is effective. Do you know where I can find more information about using the light works?

    Despite my frustration, your article has inspired me to start the protocol again.



  • Gene

    I had seen the small paragraph describing the study at Albert Einstein School of Medicine by Kaali, know about Bob Beck and SOTA but have never connected them. Thank you for bringing the information together.

  • Mary

    I have experienced that repeated use of the Sota magnetic pulser eliminated a tooth abscess on two occasions several years apart. I also use the silver pulser prophylactically about four weeks a year.

  • Jody

    Amazing! BUT, I must say this theory is actually not new at all! I heard about this kind of thing when I was a kid because my mother was really into using natural remedies recommended by Edgar Cayce, and he recommends two “electric” type devices, a radial and a wet cell! He suggested these when he was alive back in the 1930′s!

  • Rajesh Tripathi

    Hi Chris,

    Please give link to download 59-page Protocol Handbook.


    • Chris Wark

      Hi Rajesh thanks for the heads up, the was a glitch in the post.
      Input your email in the subscribe box and you will be redirected to the manual.

  • Laura

    Hey Chris!

    Does Bob Beck discuss whether this is okay to use on children? I’m also very curious about your research on collodial silver. I have been warned often against using silver if you have a heavy metal burden and/or have difficulties detoxing metals (due to a genetic mutation or major oxidative stress conditions like autism).

  • Susan

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you for sharing all of this great information!

    Would taking CellFood by Lumina Health Products be okay to use instead of the Ozonator?

    Blessings, Susan

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Susan I don’t see them as interchangeable

  • Wes

    Hi All,
    I discovered Dr. Beck five years ago. I worked most of my life in the field of electronics and had always wondered if there might be a relationship between electricity and diseases. I decided to see if there was any article on the Internet discussing this, when I came across the Kaali and Lyman report.

    Around that time, I had an elbow strain and decided to try using a 9V battery as my electrification source, since I did not have the time to build a proper pulser. A few hours after applying the voltage to my wrist, a boil developed at the site of the strain and I started to have a fairly strong fever. The fever did not seem to want to go away and it wasn’t until I drank a couple glasses of warm water (just starting to boil) a week later, that I broke out into a heavy sweat and the fever went away.

    I realized that something magical had happened and so I decided to build my own pulser. Since then, I have used the pulser to remove so many diseases from my body, it would be impractical to describe them here. However, I will mention that my first lung abscess was cured in 1999 when a doctor prescribed 750ML of an antibiotic for three months. My next lung abscess in the other lung was cured by me and the pulser in 1.5 hours, about 3 years ago. I say 1.5 hours, but this was the time of the major pains. I had to keep pulsing for an hour or so for another 2-3 days to remove the rest of minor pains.

    I have now built my own magnetic pulser that employs two 1000uf capacitors at around 400V DC. This has knocked out any form of arthritis I have had in my fingers or other joints. Also, I’ve used it to remove varicose veins, sore throats and virtually any pain that occurs in my body. My family uses both pieces of equipment as well. Last night, an ear infection pain was removed in five minutes, and the associated fever was gone in 1/2 an hour.

    Than you Dr. Beck and thank God for Dr. Beck.

  • Wes

    I can’t understand why my email address is showing. Can you please remove it asap please?

    • Nick

      Hi Wes,

      If you don’t mind can you please post me the schematic of your magnetic pulser you have build?



      • Henk

        Nick,making a magnetic pulser is discribed in the PDF about the protocol.You receive a download link after subscribing to this weblog.Making the pulser is quite easy (and cheap):find,or buy a second hand photoflashlight (I used a Vivitar 2800;made several pulsers with this model),and buy a copper coil with 1,3-1,5 mm thick copper wire,and a magnetic flux of 2,2 mH (mine is a Visaton,art.-No. 5032).Connect (by soldering) a thick double wire ( 2 x 2,5 mm)to the ends of the coil;1 meter will be more than enough.Open the flashlight,disconnect one of the wires that are connected to the flashtube (carefull;too much force will break the tube!!),then connect one of the wires from the coil to the wire that you disconnected from the flashtube,and connect the other wire from the coil to the contact of the flashtube,where you disconnected the wire.In this way the coil is in series with the flashtube.After controlating that all connections are fine,colse the flash unit and isolate the connection where you soldered the thick wire to the coil very well with isolating tape (high voltage !!)Shrinking tube is even better than tape!When you start the flash and wait till it’s ready (the “ready”light burning),put the coil on,or near the place you want to pulse and push the little button on the flash unit (normally used for a testflash).Now you’ll see the unit give a flash and at the same time the coil will give a magnetic pulse.You can demonstrate this by placing an iron washer-ring on the middle of the coil and do a pulse;the washer will make a jump.I hope this explains what to do to make a magnetic pulser(english is not my native language).Will cost about $30 -$40.Buy recharchable batteries to lower the operating costs.Read the PDF about the protocol,and watch the Beck Protocol movies on YouTube!!Happy pulsing,and greetings from The Netherlands!

    • Michael

      Hi Wes and viewers
      I notice that you built your own pulser.
      I am trying to repair/correct a couple of pulsers that were purchased from a company that is no longer trading called Unleash Health. They used the Bob Beck improved schematic and notes to build theirs, so say, that can be found at the http://www.Sharing website.
      I wondered if you used that design as I am finding that there are several departures in the units that I have and I cannot get my head round what they have done. Therefore, are you willing to give me a bit of advice on a couple of points? If so just post another reply and I will give my email to you.
      I need to get them fixed though, as I am desperate to clean my blood as much as I dare. You see I had a virus one day 6 years ago, – swollen throat, cold, the basic flu symptoms. The next day I woke up paralyzed, with worse throat, eye balls swollen and bleeding, sharp pains flashing throughout my body and too much work to do to give in, but I had to and was forced into hospital for two weeks.There I was given 1 litre pulses at a time of steroids and was put on a chemo drug and other NSAIDS and plenty of pain killers. I eventually got growths in both lungs, bone growths, which were caused by the chemo drug, the steroids caused my liver and kidneys to turn to mush and cause my air sacks in my lungs to close (emphysema) and a thrombosis in my right leg. This is not a definitive list by any means, I just don’t want to overpower you all.
      Well I got rid of the thrombosis using Nattokinase. Capsules that are made from fermented soya. The Japanese folks that eat natto (food)never get heart or circulation disease I found out, as the only alternative for me then was warfarin or heparin that just thin the blood and don’t break down clots. You just wait until a bit of the clot breaks off and goes to your brain and you get stroke or goes to your heart lungs and its farewell. I am still having to use the Nattokinase to counteract the steroids, but I am growing weary of the numerous problems the drugs have caused.
      I used the Beck Protocol at one point a couple of years ago and ended up back in hospital. I was not the protocol that was at fault, the equipment was suspect, but the most important reason, was the MERCURY AMALGAM FILLINGS. The Zapper was causing a massive increase in vaporization of the mercury and it had crossed the blood brain barrier to do even more damage than it had done in the first place. My autoimmune system went crazy as it does with plenty of people apparently causing MS, RA, ALS and so on, but the zapper just added to the problems for me. Therefore, everyone get rid of their mercury amalgam (silver fillings) if you can afford the cost to do it safely and keep away from conventional medicine as Bob Beck said.Do it before using the Protocol for sure though. Also, look up Dr Thomas Levy on Google. His work using vitamin C is quite amazing and follows on from the work of Linus Pauling.
      If you are willing Wes, just post a reply.
      Kind regards to all

  • Tammy

    Chris, I have done some research on this protocol and I am going to use it for my son who has cancer and AIDS. I am also very familiar with the Gerson Therapy, having gone on a modified therapy myself. He will be juicing and eating organic. My question is this. Is it okay to do coffee enemas with this Beck Protocol? I know there are restrictions to the diet such as caffeine, alcohol, etc. I thinks coffee enemas are very important, but don’t know if it will have a reaction this this Beck Protocol. Thanks.

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Tammy I really don’t know if they would be ok or not. Beck did not use them on his patients…
      Please keep me posted on his progress.

      • Miles Warton

        A coffee enema used in the Gerson therapy is a form of liver detoxification.
        I believe Beck said that conjunctive use is beneficial but not mandatory. (

  • Ange

    Where did you get yours from the only one I can find is just a black box it doesnt look like the one you have in your picture.

  • Nick

    Hi Chris,
    How can I contact Wes? He has build a magnetic pulser as he mention at ( comment in your site that I would like to build it also.
    Can you please help?



  • Dave

    This magnetic machine is actually a bio electofier! I own one and it was invented in the 30′s in Germany now people make them like beck and say they are the inventers, sorry my machine is 20 years old way before beck but still the intention is good to help people! I have helped 100′s of people with it and truely positive results!! Thanks for sharing your updated info. Blessings

  • Daniel

    Edgar Cayce recommended electrotherapy devices years ago and told how to build them. Here is a link to the ones he “developed” in his sleep states.

  • Gayle

    What about soy lecithin? does soy lecithin give off estrogen.

  • Gayle

    I mean non-GMO lecithin granules. I am using it to make Lypo-sphyric C. and am using a lot. In time could it have an estrogen imbalance?

  • Henk

    Nick,making a magnetic pulser is discribed in the PDF about the protocol.You receive a download link after subscribing to this weblog.Making the pulser is quite easy (and cheap):find,or buy a second hand photoflashlight (I used a Vivitar 2800;made several pulsers with this model),and buy a copper coil with 1,3-1,5 mm thick copper wire,and a magnetic flux of 2,2 mH (mine is a Visaton,art.-No. 5032).Connect (by soldering) a thick double wire ( 2 x 2,5 mm)to the ends of the coil;1 meter will be more than enough.Open the flashlight,disconnect one of the wires that are connected to the flashtube (carefull;too much force will break the tube!!),then connect one of the wires from the coil to the wire that you disconnected from the flashtube,and connect the other wire from the coil to the contact of the flashtube,where you disconnected the wire.In this way the coil is in series with the flashtube.After controlating that all connections are fine,colse the flash unit and isolate the connection where you soldered the thick wire to the coil very well with isolating tape (high voltage !!)Shrinking tube is even better than tape!When you start the flash and wait till it’s ready (the “ready”light burning),put the coil on,or near the place you want to pulse and push the little button on the flash unit (normally used for a testflash).Now you’ll see the unit give a flash and at the same time the coil will give a magnetic pulse.You can demonstrate this by placing an iron washer-ring on the middle of the coil and do a pulse;the washer will make a jump.I hope this explains what to do to make a magnetic pulser(english is not my native language).Will cost about $30 -$40.Buy recharchable batteries to lower the operating costs.Read the PDF about the protocol,and watch the Beck Protocol movies on YouTube!!Happy pulsing,and greetings from The Netherlands!

  • Jadzia

    Hi Chris

    Thank you for your effort in bringing these valuable research, information and experience to people in need.

    I’ve just ordered the silver pulser and the magnetic pulser from Sota. I’ve already bought an ozonator that can make medical ozone, so I’ll started my mother on the full protocol in a few days. I hope I’ll be able to make an entry in your Survivor Stories page.

    When I first started using medical ozone on my mother who was diagnosed of having lung cancer at the end of June this year, I haven’t really looked into electromedicine until I found your page.

    I put my mother on a list of supplements with ozonated water. We’re also doing juicing. As Dr. Beck mentioned that beta-carotene and vitamin A should not be taken when on the Bob protocol, I’m wondering whether the use of carrots in juicing will be a problem. Have you tried that when doing your sessions with the silver pulser?

  • Wes

    Here is a link for those who want a circuit diagram for building the magnetic pulser and more: If you can’t build it yourself, I suggest that you find a good electronic tech to help. Good luck. Wes

    • Nick

      Thank you very much Wes.

    • Henk

      Hi Wes,

      I’ve found this MP-schematic made by Chris Gulpa a few years ago and showed it to a friend of mine,a professional electrician.He warned me against this shematics because there is a direct contact between AC-power and the coil,as you can see in the schematics.That’s why the Sota Pulser operates on an external 12-volt adapter;it’s all about safety !!

      The cheapest,and safest way to make a good Pulser is the way described by Bob Beck in his papers;you can download them by subscribing on this weblog,or find it here,with lots of information on Bob Beck:

      Another good webpage about Bob Beck is:

      These two ladies own boxes full of information and personal notitions of Bob Beck after he passed away(got these from Russ,owner of Sota Instruments,and a personal friend of Bob Beck).

      Second-hamd flasunits are dirt cheap,and allow you to build a Pulser for $30-$40,depending on the price you pay for the coil,and for the flash unit.Recharchable batteries will add to the cost but with save you lots of money during usage.

      I had very much succes curing a health problem I got after an idiotic antibiotics cure.My guts were a mess during the 3 years following that cure (loose stools),and problems were gone after 2 weeks (!) of pulsing and using the Blood Purifier.My intolerance for carbs and sugar,also following that antibiotics “cure”,were gona as well!

      I built two extra sets for lending to people in need of an alternative among my friends and family,and built Pulser and Purifier for a friend who wanted to own them himself.And 2 years ago I finaly had enough money to buy those excellent Sota devices (the Pulser and the Purifier/Silver Pulser.I have a Mediverse Ozone Generator but want to buy a Sota Ozone Generator as soon as I can afford one because of the much better quality).

      As I explained in my last posting;building a Pulser is easy.One warning:before handling the electronics in the flash unit,discharge the capacitor or you might get a painfull (but not dangerous)shock.


  • Sundaram

    Dear Chris,
    I am surprised you haven’t investigated more into the Rife Digital machines, which also have very specific frequency sets for each and every cancer type. Dr. Rife, back in the 30′s, proved that electro-therapy destroyed all sorts of pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. He was so successful at it, bringing back 16 terminally ill cancer patients to live healthy lives — that the group that was later to become the AMA destroyed his lab, colleagues, and took him out of the history books! For those interested in treating cancer with the Rife, look under the Treatment button on the website rifedigitalmachines

    I sure hope this helps someone.
    There are also Bob Beck frequencies for use on the Rife machine too. The frequency book lists over 3500 disease conditions which can be treated. Just for your info….something you may want to explore and spread the news to the people who need it.
    Best regards!

  • Kay Hahn

    Hi Chris, It is always so awesome the way God brings things to you repeatedly at a certain time. A local Holistic Doctor was just telling me about this and then your article comes out. :) I am definitely looking into it. Healing naturally from a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Also, I will be attending Healing Strong this week in Atlanta! Can’t wait. I have spoken to Suzi on the phone. You talk about making colloidal silver….what about the product from the company Sovereign Silver? I have been using that. God bless you for all that you do to get the word out about natural healing. I talk to a lot of people as well and it is a hard row to hoe. I look forward to seeing this weekend!

  • Tiffany

    Thanks so much for this post! I have seen instruments similar to this and wondered if they worked. Keep up the great work and awesome info, Chris :)

  • carrie

    Psst, hey Chris…..what iron supplement did you take for your cancer protocol? That ferrous stuff is nasty!!

    Thank you so much for your time and efforts on this site! It is amazing, as are you and all these awesome people!!! God bless!!


    • Chris Wark

      Hi Carrie I did not take any iron supplements

  • Wes

    Hi Henk,

    Thank you for the advise. I have to tell you that of Dr. Beck’s four protocols, I only use two. The two I use are the blood electrifier and the magnetic pulser. The blood electrifier can operate on a voltage of around 15-35 volts and generally, the output voltage is adjustable over this range. The blood electrifier is the one that requires connection of two electrodes to your skin. The magnetic pulser on the other hand, cannot operate on such a low voltage, for practical reasons. The reason is that its function is to produce a very high current magnetic pulse over a very short period of time and this is achieved by charging capacitors to a much higher than 15-35 volts range and then discharging the capacitors in a very short time. A practical voltage that these capacitors need to accept, is around 250-400 volts. If the circuit is designed to operate on 15-35 volts, then the current produced in the pulse would be too low to produce enough current for killing bacteria or viruses. This last statement is not totally true however, because you can produce enough current in a circuit employing the 15-35 volts, the impracticality is that one would need to use capacitors that are “humongous” in capacitance values. I am talking about thousands to tens of thousand microfarads. Moreover, at such a low voltage, the coil would have to be an impractically low value in millihenries in order to allow enough current to flow for each pulse. In other words, a huge amout of electric charge has to be first accumulated in capacitors, then discharged in a very short time. The formula relating charge, capacitance and voltage is given by q=cv, where q is charge, v is the voltage and c is capacitance. The energy stored is given by E=1/2 cxv squared and this shows that the energy is proportional to the square of the voltage applied x the capacitance. Therefore the higher voltage is very beneficial.

    Bottom line is, a magnetic pulser has to have a high voltage to operate. It can be made quite safe as well. As long as the connections to the coil are properly insulated, there should be bery little hazard, because each time there is a pulse the output voltage is almost totally shorted out, leaving virtually zero voltage across the coil.

    Hope this is helpful.

    • Henk

      Hi Wes,

      you might be interested in this page,where Russell Torlage (from Sota Instruments,and a good friend of late Bob Beck) explains how to design a good Magnetic Pulser: )

      Russell,too,indicates that a photoflash is not the best base for a good device,because of the high power that’s pulled from the batteries.I’ve used,and are still using high power recharcheable’s (Eneloop 2000mAh).Formely used Strenght 2950mAh but these got really hot,and after recharching it in my Powerex charcher I noticed that these chinese recharcheables are closer to 1,5 Ah.With an “original” Beck Magnetic Pulser good rechargeables are a MUST! But for somewone with only basic knowledge of electrotechnics it’s much safer to build a Pulser from a photoflash than the one from Culpa,with that direct connection to the high AC-voltage.

      Oh,my coils are 2,2 mH (Bob Beck advises 2,5 mH,if I remember well),and when I put a washer ring on the coil and push the button,it jumps 30-40 cm’s in the air.And,as I mentioned,it cured my 3 year old problems.I also still use my homebuilt equipment (Magn.Pulser in my bedroom,the one from Sota has itsplace in the livingroom),and built a voltage-tripler in my homebuilt Blood Purifier/Silver Pulser,so,now it’s quite a bit lighter in weight,needing only one 9volt battery instead of three.


  • Kim

    Hi Chris,

    My son is 7 years old and suffers with PANS Syndrome. AKA Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome. Is this protocol safe to use on children, and would it be effective for my sons particular illness?

    Thanks, Kim


    • Kim

      I should add that my son has a mild case, and his only noticeable symptom are vocal and motor tics which we have partially under control with a Naturopathic Practitioner who specializes in the illness and are using homeopathic remedies/raw supplements. So my question is essentially; will this stop the tics?

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Kim I am not a doctor but I do believe it is safe for children but cannot be used if they are taking and prescription meds.

    • Henk

      Many illnesses with nerves and braincells involved are caused by deficiencies of minerals and vitamines (e.g. magnesium-deficiency is a main cause of depression).Those deficiencies are mostly caused by wrong food choises (too much carbs,too litte (green) vegetables,and too much sugar).Healthy food and some (bio!)supplements might help,Zechstein magnesium products are great! But not easy finding those in USA,I guess.Epsom salt is good,too.Beware of synthetic supplements;they might even worsen the symptoms.Of the Beck devices,only the Braintuner/Biotuner (Sota) might help,the devices from the Beck Protocol probably won’t. Greetings to you,and I hope your son will be better soon.

  • Stephen

    Did Bob Peck/SOTA buy the patent? Where are the case studies for the folks cured? I have no issue believe these protocols work but I would also like access to the science or published case histories.

    • Henk

      Hi Stephen,

      Bob Beck,the inventor,by my knowledge never patented the devices for his protocol (although he patented the photo-flashlight he later on used for making a simple but effective Magnetic Pulser:( ).Later on he allowed Sota to produce these devices because he was very satisfied with the improvements and the quality of those devices.Bob Beck did small case-studies which he financed himself,and showed the papers from these studies in the lectures he gave.He gave his invention to the world (= us!) to “experiment” and take back our power over our health and never asked money for it.I first built my own devices and cured my 3 year old problem (extreme sugar-intolerance,and loose stools,both “after-effects” from a cure with 2 antibiotics)with succes,and later on bought the excellent Sota devices (Silver Pulser and Magnetic Pulser)Also have an Ozon Generator from Mediverse,but I don’t like the quality and intend to buy such a device from Sota too,as soon as I got enough cash to do so.

    • Henk

      By the way:Bob Beck initialy invented the Blood Purifier?Silver Pulser for healing HIV/Aids and,after some case studies and tests to prove it’s safety he published the facts on the internet,including the electric diagrams and information needed to built the device,and how to use it.Later on he invented the Magn.Pulser for use on organs and lymph-nodes because that are places where viruses and other pathogens can hide,and where the effect of the Silver Pulser lower.People started building the devices andusing it for a range of illnesses,and soon after Bob Beck started receiving letters from people that saw their cancers,and several other illnesses be cured.So,curing cancer was not his initiate goal.Later on he put Colloidal Silverwater and ozonated water to the protocol to make it even more effective.Look fot Beck Protocol on the internet;lots of information to find.And here is a website with a collection of testimonials:

  • mike

    should i do a para cleanse if i plan on using the beck zapper or is it unneccesary?

  • nora

    Thanks for the great info. I am currently in cancer treatment. Sadly, I went the conventional route mainly because it had spread to lymph nodes and I had the VISIBLE mass on my breast for 6 years- I was told it was fibrous tissue and to “keep an eye on it” As a single mom to a small child it’s easy to get scared into taking “the proven path”.

    Prior to the diagnosis though, I had been seeing a naturopath that uses zappers consistently. About 5 years ago we had the similar AIDS convo when she introduced it to me. She explained the same thing, BIG PHARMA doesn’t want it out. She followed Dr HULDA CLARKE’s protocol. Ridding yourself of parasites via herbs, whilst zapping. I purchased the zapper from Do you think it’s doing the same as Bob’s? Apparently the inventor of it cured his cancer with zapper the second time it came back. THANKS FOR YOUR BLOG

  • Sonny

    Hi Chris,I had bladder cancer 12 months ago I had the surgery and the six weekly doses of BCG and have a Cystoscopy every six months so far clear but my surgion insists it will come back,after reading todays post I feel I should be following the whole protocol but you say it is not advisable with prescription drugs I take Warfrin every day and because of a failing heart muscle I also take meds for that,I would appreciate your thoughts on that.Kindest regards,Sonny.

    • Victor

      Hi Sonny. I’m no doctor or expert, but I saw your question as I was reading this page. In all that I have read, and in my own use of the Beck protocol, it is ok to use the devices BEFORE you take any drugs. For example, do it first thing in the morning before you take any drugs, food, etc. I drink ozonated water for breakfast, and then do the blood electrification or magnetic pulsing.

      If you normally take your drugs at night, than you should be able to use the devices any time in the day before taking the drugs.

      The assumption is that any drugs you took the previous day will already be absorbed by your body during the 8 to 12 hours that you slept. Of course, I do not know anything about your specific drugs, so please do some additional research.

  • John

    Weird. I’ve been thinking of this concept for a long time. Isolate the blood and then blast it with electricity to kill the invaders but not so much that the blood is materially affected. I always shrugged it off thinking no, it’s way to obvious, it couldn’t possibly work. I may have been right and wrong in that order. I must admit I am a tad dubious about cancer though. Cancer is not a disease. It’s a condition. Essentially your own bodies cells mutating. I definitely see it potentially working for viruses etc. Off topic for a second. Lots of big pharmaceutical research out there telling us Saw Palmetto doesn’t work for BPH. I have BPH. It works! Almost instant relief. Trust me, there is no placebo effect with BPH. You know if it’s working or not. The point. Watch out for Big Pharm research telling you something doesn’t work. Do your own research. Generally everything we read and see in the media these days is a crock. We have become a very sick greed driven consume everything society. Anything for a buck. Literally.

  • Victor

    Great site Chris.
    Could you please make this post easier to find?

    I could not find the link from your home page.

    I have been using the Beck protocol, or parts of it, to great effect for a number of things with various people. Truly amazing. The toughest part is convincing people to try it.

    btw, I also noticed that Bob Beck’s Wikipedia page was removed. Sad and alarming. Information suppression is a serious threat.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Brandi

    Hello, my sister just yesterday decided to stop chemo and radiation from throat cancer, stage 4. She is solely relying on me to start her on a natural protocol. I have had her on LDN and juicing since she got a feeding tube a week ago. We had planned on doing as close to the Gerson Therapy as possible plus the LDN and some suppliments and a green clay poultice for the damage of radiation to the neck. My question is: I know the basics to the natural side of all this, but I would really like her to see a natural doctor, but just as regular md’s have their different approaches, Natural doc’s do also. Where do I start to find a natural doc that we can rely on the pick the right protocol?

  • Selma

    Would love to hear success stories of patients with serious chronic illness. I’m not seeing any comments to that effect. i.e chronic neuro lyme, MS, cancer, neurodegen disease etc etc etc.

  • Michele White

    The link does not register as “live” on my browser? I am excited!! I found your site on a facebook post at Berkey and have been reading it ever since!! Amazing!

    • Chris Wark

      Not sure which link you are referring to…

  • Lola

    My name is Lola from South Africa, my story goes like this i traveled out to USA to look for jobs from there i contaminated HIV which was in my body for the past seven years, because of that i loose my jobs and my husband run away from me. i looked for a solution out but no one can help me, i went to some different churches herbalist but no solution came out,until i met a friend who directed me to a doctor called dr.zack balo so i message him an all he told me the steps to follow then i respected him and follow the procedures so now as am telling you now i am being healed from HIV sickness the dr is specialized in HIV sickness here is now your opportunity for you to also be healed like me email him at or call him +2348078927387.

  • james berry

    Chris just a small term correction “In vivo” is inside the body and in vitro is outside the body (like in vitro fertilization- fertilization occuring outside the body)

  • cynthia

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    and how I was flew from it quickly after having on trust on my spell
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  • travis parker

    HI i was wondering what the difference in a muscle stimulator and the pulser is thanks.

  • Micheal Davis

    i am Michael Davis from Los Angeles, CA. i want to share my testimony
    with you In 1985, at the age of 25, having heard so much about the ‘AIDS
    epidemic,’ I decided to take the test. I tested positive. I went for a
    second opinion and again the result was positive. Since I had heard and
    read that the virus could be dormant for a long time, I opted to eat
    well, exercise, take high quality vitamins and limit ‘risky sex.’
    However, my gut feeling was that something wasn’t adding up with AIDS,
    and I almost immediately chose not to accept the virus as a detriment to
    my health.

    “Throughout the years I’ve lived my life almost as if AIDS didn’t
    exist but still gathered information from various sources. then i saw
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    negative all thanks and appreciation goes to Dr Oseghale for helping me
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