Chemo kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals

Patients should be warned about the dangers of chemotherapy after new research published in The Lancet Oncology showed that chemo kills up to 50% of cancer patients in some hospitals.

For the first time researchers looked at the numbers of cancer patients who died within 30 days of starting chemotherapy, which indicates that the medication is the cause of death, rather than the cancer.

Almost 1,400 patients with either breast or lung cancer died in England in 2014 within a month of being given chemotherapy, roughly 8.4% of lung cancer patients, and 2.4% of breast cancer patients.

In some hospitals the figure was far higher. In Milton Keynes Hospital the death rate for lung cancer treatment was 50.9%, although it was based on a smaller number of patients.

Deaths of lung cancer patients from chemotherapy were also far higher than the national average in Blackpool, Coventry, Derby, South Tyneside and Surrey and Sussex, according to the research.

At Lancashire Teaching Hospitals the 30 day mortality rate was 28% for palliative chemotherapy for lung cancer.

Palliative treatments are given to “extend life” or “improve quality of life”–two highly debatable claims considering that the few weeks or months of extra life that a patient might get usually just involves extra suffering. What’s worse is that many patients getting palliative care think they are getting curative treatments

Four years ago, I reported on an American study, which found that at least two-thirds of patients with terminal cancer believed they were getting potentially curative chemotherapy, even though the treatment was only palliative, because their doctors didn’t explain the difference.

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The British study looked at more than 23,000 women with breast cancer and nearly 10,000 men with non-small cell lung cancer who underwent chemotherapy in 2014. Of those treated 1,383 died within 30 days.

The researchers also found that there were significant differences in survival for older people and those in poorer health. They advised doctors to be more careful in selecting patients for treatment where it could do more harm than good.

According to the authors of the study by Public Health England and Cancer Research UK, “patients dying within 30 days after beginning treatment [with chemotherapy] are unlikely to have gained the survival or palliative benefits of the treatment, and in view of the side-effects sometimes caused … are more likely to have suffered harm”.

“I think it’s important to make patients aware that there are potentially life threatening downsides to chemotherapy. And doctors should be more careful about who they treat with chemotherapy.”
-Professor David Dodwell, Institute of Oncology, St James Hospital, Leeds, UK.

Here’s a surprising statement from one of the study’s authors, Dr. Jem Rashbass:

“The easiest way not to kill your patients with chemotherapy is not to give it to anyone,
and that is clearly wrong.”

Ahhhh! That quote started off so well, but then after the comma it took a horrible turn.

Friends, that statement pretty much sums up the fully indoctrinated (ahem, brainwashed) cancer industry mentality. They truly believe it is wrong not to give cancer patients chemotherapy, even when their research shows that chemo kills.

Don’t forget to download my free guide: 20 Questions For Your Oncologist.

I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Lin

    Hi. Such good info. I am taking Letrozole to prevent reoccurrence of ER+ breast cancer. I said no to chemo, radiation. This drug is horrible and I want to stop taking it. Any thoughts about this?

    1. Gail T.

      Yes I too received Letrozole for Stage 4 Breast Cancer however, I was one of the few that started getting bald spots. I stopped the drug for 13 months and then my cancer came back due to 3 leaked dental fillings. The second time I took the Letrozole, the bald spots appeared after 6 months and I stopped the drug a second time. It is my belief that cancer can not live in an alkaline body and I also do yoga breathing exercises to keep my cancer in remission. I suggest you research the benefits of baking soda (Dr, Sirus) and Sudarshan Kriya Yoga by the Art of Living Foundation. Wishing you the best on your healing journey.

    2. Daisy

      Don’t take it please. I refused all of these deadly drugs for breast cancer, and I take Ginger, Tumeric which are known to kill cancer cells. I am really well and still remain free of cancer after three years.

    3. Daisy

      They did a trial in Saudi Arabia and they fed mice or rats with Ginger, and the Ginger killed all the cancer cells the cells committed suicide.

  2. valentina sorzana

    My husband’s grandfathee had exactly that. They found him lung cancer stage 2 during a check up, he was 86, and perfectly fine. They gave him chemo and in 3 or 4 weeks he passed away, from the chemo clearly because it intoxicated him and he got very sick, so they stopped it, but it had already done too much harm. It took all his energy so he just decided to go. It was reslly sad, because if he wouldn’f have done anything he would have probably lived two or 3 more great years of life. So I belive these stats because I saw it first hand in this case the doctors were total butchers to even suggest chemo to an 86 year old man with a stage 2 cancer. Such poor logic.

  3. Christina Giunta

    Thank you Chris! My mom had cancer three times and each time the “”conventional” cancer treatments disfigured her horribly and caused subsequent cancers and lifelong physical pain and problems that affected her self-esteem and confidence. She eventually died at age 62, not from the cancer but from the extensive damage years of chemo and radiation had ravaged on her body. She suffered horribly and her quality of life was destroyed for many, many years. I watched this and thought “Something is really wrong here. How can this be right?” Thank you so much for sharing this study!

    1. Diane Pyle

      this is so sad and agrees with what my oncologist told me – after the 3rd chemo drug the patient always dies! terrible. But you did say ‘after many many years’, so hopefully for her, if nothing else, it bought her extra time as compensation for all the pain. Not that I agree with chemo – I definately don’t.

  4. MeTimesThree

    Having stage 3 colon cancer last year I didn’t have my wake-up call until after port insertion and that first round of chemo. I couldn’t eat, drink or sleep–I was so sick. I knew right then that I wouldn’t survive this. I feel like I dodged a huge bullet walking away from the other 7 rounds. I am healthier because of it. I have worked hard to make the necessary changes in my life. MEIs and colonoscopy in March show I am NED.

    1. Daisy

      I am glad you realized that this would have killed you, good luck.

      1. billjenkins

        This person will die anyway. It is the choice one makes…. Try the chemo and reach the other side, or let the cancer take you eventually without the side effects of chemo.

        The cancer will kill this person if they had it to begin with. It just doesn’t vanish on its own.

        1. Daisy

          Bull what are you talking about moron.

        2. crissy

          did you know that everyone has cancer in their bodies? It’s just mutated cells. The immune system takes care of it, but when the body is overwhelmed and the immune system can no longer do it’s job, then cancer takes over. That is a simplified version. Just do some research.

          1. Dana

            It depends on the cancer. With some cancers the immune system actually facilitates the cancer’s spread. You can’t make any broad-brush statements about cancers because they’re all different.

        3. helicopter

          There are many cases of spontaneous regression/recession of cancer, though its kinda depends on the type of cancer (i think kidney cancer has the highest documented case of spontaneous regression).

          This would imply that the activities of the immune system can actually affect cancer progression.

          There are cases where the cancer vanish after the patient suffered from an infection, meaning the infection triggers an event that lead to the immune system suppressing the cancer cells.

          Scientist and medical professionals actually realized this and thus introduce a new line of treatment called immunotherapy.

    2. Sylvia DaSilva

      What an excellent story!!! I am so happy for you, MeTimesThree. Please keep us informed with your progress.

  5. James Beazley

    Being at stage 3 of colon cancer and having been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in February 2015 I had 17 3day sessions and had a 4 month break before the tumers flared up again.the first 5 sessions were really bad I was sick a lot.but after that I was only bad for 2 to3 days out of 14 days if there was an alternative treatment that didn’t have as many side affects I would go for it hopefully when I next have a spell from chemo I will be trying cannabis oil and cutting out my sugar intake.

    1. signalfire1

      Don’t just ‘cut’ your sugar intake, eliminate carbohydrates totally and go into moderate to deep ketosis, preferably on a diet of seafood and white meats as well as eggs, cheese and very low carb vegetables. Supplement with B17 (available as a pill in high doses), selenium, turmeric, high vitamin C and D3 supplements. The combinations are synergetic. Cancer cells can only metabolize blood glucose from carbs (mostly); they cannot metabolize ketones; we’ve known this for over 100 years. The normal state of the human body is going in and out of mild to moderate ketosis all the time (that what fat stores are for!) but the availability of food has made this rare. This ties in with the reason that obese people and diabetics have higher cancer rates.

      1. Lisa Jameswood

        the only thing I would avoid is the sea food now a days.

      2. James Peters

        Too much protein can be converted to glucose via gluconeogenesis and certain amino acids like glutamine (PubMed 20832746) can fuel cancer cell growth as well. Both of these are abundant in certain foods. A calorie restricted veggie or vegan ketogenic diet would be the best should a person choose to go down this route.

      3. crissy

        cancer also doesn’t use sugar from fruits. But I’d research that to verify. Learned from Quest for the Cures by Ty Bolinger, from a scientist.

  6. Janice Egly

    So what do you do? Insurance will not pay for other treatments.

    1. Lisa Jameswood

      honestly, it would be much better to eat extremely well, no sugar, carbs, red meats, or meats, no preservatives, lots of veggie juicing or follow the bugwig or gerson therapy or cannabis oils or the essaic tea than do any of the conventional therapies.

      1. Sharon50MP

        Lisa, I will and am trying all that you just listed. I have to say the oncologist sounds just like a car salesmen. Insurance company be damned!

      2. Mrs Beardsley

        I was a vegan for 4 years and got very ill due to low B-12. Raw food vegan may be a great short term diet. I eat LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) with moderate protein. I have recently quit drinking alcohol. I have been diagnosed with “at least Stage II” Ovarian Cancer just this Monday. The doctors are recommending a contrast CT Scan. If there are tumours they are going to recommend surgery which I will decline and if there are no lumps they will recommended chemo which I will decline. I take Amazon Tonic III from Alpha Omega Labs in Ecuador and will be looking at other protocols to help heal.

  7. John Tod

    This seems to confirm an Australian study that compared 5 year survival rates for cancer patients who took chemo and those that didn’t. The patients who took chemo had a less than 3% survival rate over those that didn’t. Can’t the Cancer Industry get it through their heads that chemo does not work the majority of the time!!

    1. Bhavya

      They know, it’s just big Biz! :-(

      1. John Tod

        The Cancer Industry exists for one purpose and that is to make money. Think about it. *IF* a cure was found by the Cancer Industry (that’s not happening) their cash cow would be gone. There would be no need for “research” labs and all the other smoke and mirrors used by the Cancer Industry.

        1. wakeup98110

          I’m confused, though. Cancer care in the UK (where the study was based) is free. I think part of the problem in the UK is the long waits for testing and diagnosis. The Lancet article is an interesting read and it’s always good to be informed.

    2. Chris Wark

      Hey Jon, good to see you in the comments my man!

      1. John Tod

        It’s good to be here. That article sure generated a lot of comments. It up to us to inform people that conventional cancer treatment does not work most if the time and if it does it leaves the body weakened with no immune system almost guaranteeing cancers return with a vengeance. I have been doing my part by educating one person at a time. Once I explain that conventional treatment is a cash grab with collateral damage and that alternative protocols work WITH the body to eradicate cancer they become advocates too. You and Ty Bollinger are the stars. We appreciate your hard work and public appearances to educate people. Sooner or later people will see the Cancer Industry for what it is. Just a mega machine to make money from people’s misery.

        1. Daisy

          I keep telling people about how deadly Chemo and Radiation is, and they don’t believe what I say. I refused to have Radiation three years ago and I am so glad. I am feeling really well and follow the alterative route.

  8. Bhavya

    Thank you for posting this, Chris! So glad, that there are now studies done confirming what we have known for a long time! XO

  9. Alice

    My husband suffer. He started out the a nodule on his lung . What happen is too long to even talk about it. He sign up for research . Started out surgery , Chemo , the spread to his liver , the radiation to remove small cancer cells from his liver it was stop because it was unsuccessful . Why? Could not get to the cancer cells. More chemo , fluid in the liver . His liver was drained . Went to the hospital hoping they will drain the fluid again . Nothing else they and do he died. Not the mention the blood taken from his wrist , a port and so on . His veins thinned out . There were no more veins to take blood from . He suffered. Died at home with the family . Hospice gave drugs to us to give him. Then he died.

    1. Tara972

      So terrible. Im so sorry for your loss.

  10. Marie

    These unnecessary treatments, especially perpetrated upon innocent children are so tragic and wrong. Chris, you are a hero to teach that there are so many safe, natural cancer treatments available to everyone. Keep up the awesome work. There is a special place in heaven for you.

    1. Chris Wark

      Awww Thank you Marie. That is so sweet. :)

  11. Sandy Watkins

    Wow, thank you so much for the information! Tomorrow our church is having conference about cancer and alternative options. We defiantly will be using this article. Thanks again for that you do! I took the square one course and I am following your protocol. God is good:)

    1. Chris Wark

      Awesome Sandy!!! God IS good!!!

  12. Pat lefler

    My daughter is dying now and chemo and radiation have d one it. She tried alternatives for a year. The cancer got ahead and she ended up having surgery. Part of her tongue removed in May this year and six weeks later radiation and some chemo. The cancer is back on her face and neck and moving very aggrivisely. Cancer is. Also in lungs. Doctors have given up. Don’t know anything else to do. She has a trach and feeding tube. Waiting now hoping some miracle will happen. It is sad to see what the medical system keeps doing with the same sad treatments with very little good results.

    1. crissy

      There are so many natural treatments available. Have you watched any of the Quest for the Cure documentaries? They are pretty long though. What alternatives did she try? What nutrition is she getting since she’s on a feeding tube? I hope no sugar. I would start with that, learning the ingredients of her “food”. May God send healing to your daughter quickly and wisdom to you to help her through it

  13. Diane Pyle

    Dear Chris, how can I change my user name? I don’t want my consultants to read what I say about them even though it is good!

    1. Diane Pyle

      sorry to bother you, I managed to change it! please delete these posts!

  14. Frances Morris

    Probably everyone knows this who reads this website, but mammograms are dangerous because they use radiation and have many fake positives, which can lead to needless lumpectomies and mastectomies. Advanced thermography safely assess your risk of cancer throughout your body and shows how you can lessen those risks through diet and positive life changes.

    1. Daisy

      I have stopped having mammograms because I am sure this is what caused my breast cancer. I now have a yearly Thermogram which does not give off radiation.

      1. Frances Morris

        Good for you!!! I had a needless lumpectomy and will never get anything but thermograms either!

        1. Daisy

          I had a lumpectomy and two lymph nodes removed which I know now that I really did not need the lymph nodes removed, because when they took the biopsy during the Lumpectomy the outer edge did not have cancer cells so it had not spread. I really followed my instinct and I believe I was helped by someone from above? I had stage 2 Ductal cancer. I had a Thermogram this year in March, and scar tissue was noted, I then went and had a biopsy and it was scar tissue, and no cancer cells seen. Its almost there years now, and I am really well.

          1. Frances Morris

            So happy for you!!

  15. Lisa Jameswood

    my best friend died within 6months of 3 rounds chemo treatment for breast cancer. It mastisized to her liver and I am sure the chemo did kill her. Did you know that the oncologist only make profits off a patient if they have them do at least 3 treatments? They insisted for her to do at least 3 rounds of chemo and 3 rounds of radiation. I was against it from the beginning but she and her family trusted the doctors. She was 54years young.

  16. DaPittieW/Wings

    This is a great article and it proves why I was saying no to chemotherapy when I first got diagnosed. On the 15th of this month I was told I had colon cancer. On the 23rd I had the surgery to remove the tumor along with my right ascending colon. Although they removed 13 lymph nodes and all cancer free, my surgeon said they still might recommend me for chemo. Yeah right…just trying to squeeze some cash out of me. My question to you Chris is HOW LONG after your surgery did you wait before you started juicing. I cannot handle this soft diet of breads and pastas…but I was told to take it easy and follow the soft diet. Mind you I was discharged on Monday the 26th, but I need whole nutrients. If anyone else has some information on their recovery that would help me. Thank you!

    1. thegiver

      Start juicing right away and throw away the breads and the pastas. There is no nutrients in them anyway.

      1. Championphotos

        I’ve started on cold pressed juices and stopped the bread and pasta. I wasn’t sure if my vitamix would be able to get the juice fine enough. But I’m gonna borrow grandmas juicer until then! Thank you!

        1. crissy

          I have heard the vitamix is one of the best. call the company and find out. The thing with a blender is your getting ALL of it. the juicers keep out a lot of the fiber and parts of the fruit, so I guess you could eat that also. But I agree, get off the wheat and juice! It would be WAY better than what they told you to do. Doctors do NOT know everything. Look at the food they feed patients in the hospitals. My son had a small bowel obstruction, major surgery and when they brought him food it had corn and other crap. Sadly, they have no clue when it comes to nutrition. good luck to you!

      2. billjenkins

        Juicing worked wonders for Steve Jobs!

  17. Championphotos

    My comment disappeared so lets try again. On the 15th of this month I was told I have colon cancer. On the 23rd I had the surgery to remove the tumor, lymph nodes and my right ascending colon. I was honestly more afraid of the surgery than the cancer. I know the body is designed to heal itself, but since I had this blockage I decided against waiting. My surgeon never knew that I was not going to have chemo regardless of the results. This past Monday I was told all the lymph nodes were cancer free, but “they” might still recommend chemo. Not gonna happen! My question for you Chris and anyone else who has had the similar procedure, how long did you wait before you started juicing? I can’t handle the soft/low fiber diet because I want some WHOLE FOODS! Haha. My surgeon told me to hold out, but of course he didn’t give me a date. Thank you thank you thank you!

    1. Chris Wark

      I started juicing about a week after surgery

  18. Kari Wilson

    Greetings Chris!!!
    I am so thankful you took the time to share this awesome information. I am forwarding it to ALL my friends and family. They all thought I was crazy when I decided not to do chemo. I was diagnosed with breast cancer which returned in my right lung. For the breast cancer, I followed the conventional treatment of chemotherapy thinking it was my cure. I went as far as opting for a mastectomy thinking for sure it would never return but boy was I wrong. Now with the lung cancer I REFUSED!!!! to both chemo and radiation, and my husband and I researched the Internet, read books, and found supportive blogs like yours to help us heal my body. To keep a long story short, they thought I would die in months – well that was 4 years ago AND just a few days ago I checked myself out of HOSPICE after being there 10 days AFTER not dying in the 2 hours the ER told my husband. I know this story sounds bizarre. I would love to share in details if it’s something you think you’re readers would be interested in hearing. I know I survived and will continue to thrive to truly overcome this keeping my study path to all natural healing.

    1. Mel

      I was recently diagnosed with stage 1b lung cancer. Please tell
      Me what you did to survive this. I’m very scared.

      1. Daisy

        Do not have Chemo or Radiation.
        You can take various vitamins and herbs. I take Ginger, Tumeric. Vitamin C I buy Alkamax and take a teaspoon of this before I go to bed, keeps your body Alkaline.
        I also have a weekly body massage with essential oils.

        1. billjenkins

          Good way to die from cancer. My god, people are stupid.

          1. Daisy

            are you calling me stupid love?

      2. Kari Wilson

        Hi Mel send me an email to kw********@ya***.com that way I can share without making this comment thread too long. This is a “junk” email account for me therefore my response will come from a different email.

        Anyone else reading please feel free to do the same. I do not mind sharing with all.

    2. Daisy

      You are not crazy, thank God someone was watching over you. Like myself I refused radiation and all the deadly drugs it seemed as if I was being guided by someone?

  19. Melissa

    It’s so freaking crazy… Chemo really? They are nuts. I tell everyone I’m in conversation with my pov on chemo and conventional treatment. So they think I’m a little nuts ..! Who cares at least they are hearing it …

    1. Daniela

      I think every pacient should decide for his own and try to get the best out of traditional and alternative treatments.
      Should do a lot of research and know when to use them toghether to maximize the effect and when to stop one of them

  20. Tara972

    Thank you for the information. I just moved (part of the plan of attack) and had to see a new oncologist. She is not as intergrative as my last. But my scan revealed my endometrial tumor in my hip has doubled size in 8 months. She blames the holistic medicine and I blame trying to treat myself in the dark with no help. Plus the last 8 months were stressful and chaotic. She told me I have a 20% shot with chemo and thats not acceptable.

    So yesterday is my first day back to the basics: juice fast and enemas. Not to be gross but these enemas have been interesting. This time I plan on beating it till it’s dead. Wish me willpower.

    PS Do you or anyone have any info on Megace?
    PSS When I asked her if it was unusual to have a tumor for 4 years and she said no and its probably making me worse. But my other two doctors basically told me yes and to follow my gut. Anyones input?

  21. Tara972

    Actually now that I think about it, it has been more like a year of pure chaos. My mom in love died in October, within a month of starting her chemo. In fact she died because of a newly formed tumor that bursted and she had no immune system left to fight with. This tumor that grew while she was ON chemo!

  22. Daisy

    I have known that for years, and would never have this deadly poison. I follow the alterative route and am still cancer free after three years.

  23. Patrick Wise

    125,000 people die every year from properly prescribed medications. Genocide under the guise of medical “treatment”, and folks thought Obama “care” was about health…

    1. Sylvia DaSilva

      Funny that you mention that, Patrick. There was more in the “ACA” than people were aware of, and yet, when Nancy Pelosi screeched that, “you have to vote it in before you can know what’s in it….” well, that was all telling!!

  24. Vickie Lewis

    Hi Chris–I refused chemo and am taking the alternative route. Your site is continued inspiration and I so appreciate all the work you do! I am launching a project around creating awareness for natural cures and I’d love to share it with you. Is there a way I can contact you? If you drop me an email, that would be terrific. it is vickiellewis at me dot com. I look forward to hearing from you. Please, please keep the message going!

  25. Gabrielle Starkey

    As a cancer patient who has had chemo 4 times – alongside complimentary treatments – I feel that the chemo did me some good each time, and I would probably not still be here without it. I find your stance of “all chemo is bad, chemo kills not cures” very problematic and while I think you’re otherwise very inspirational in the cancer community, this one thing puts me off – and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m not trying to “attack” you, but I’m sure you’ll delete this argument anyway – that’s also highly problematic, if you won’t allow argument. Yes, I think oncologists put too much faith in chemo and give it blindly to everyone, when they should show some more discretion – and I hope this study will shine light on that issue. But to lead with a headline that says “Chemo kills up to 50%…” is misleading and unworthy of you – pretty tabloid-worthy, actually. The 50% figure came from one group within one hospital – overall, the rate was 1,303 out of more than 30,000 – less than 5%. I feel you’ve grabbed onto the one figure that would seem to prove your point, but undermined it instead. I know you’re and intelligent, passionate guy with a desire to help people, but I think this “anti-all chemo” crusade is skewing your real message – that people can take control of their own lives and deal with cancer in healthier ways, and there are other options. Having done it yourself, you are a beacon to others who would like to and who need that extra bit of support and strength, such as myself. But if you keep bashing a treatment you didn’t use, which is helpful to some people, I feel you’ll just alienate people like me, who I suspect you want to help.

    1. Farrah Marie

      Couldn’t agree with you more. I read Chris’s posts because they are informative, challenging and offer another venue of tx via healthy living practices and nutrition. I believe there are different paths to healing just like there are varied cancer pathologies even within the same type of cancer. As a researcher, one must also acknowledge other mitigating factors that could’ve accelerated the progression of this group sample’s cancer. This is not generalizable to other rarer types of cancer such as the one I was diagnosed with on 4/1/14- rhabdomyosarcoma, stage IV, which is rare in adults and accounts for less than 1% of all cancers. I had an attempted but failed hysterectomy and was given a prognosis of 3-6 months without chemo tx. I went on chemo to save my life, which is a choice every individual has the right to when faced with their own mortality; and especially when you have little ones to live for and look after. I did one of the most difficult chemo regimens-MAID- for 7 months inpatient, and have now been in partial remission or stable for a year as of 9/11/16. I used complementary therapies such as those I get from Chris Wark and other sources during and after stopping chemo. My metasteses were all cleared with chemo and primary tumor shrunk by over 60%, and continued to long after tx ended. Tumor is now considered indolent and maybe dead. And the woman who was within death’s grasp is now within NED’s reach. Sometimes it’s not EITHER OR as the right choice but BOTH AND! Too many unknown variables also for each of these 1,300 cases. This is using a very wide paintbrush stroke. I wish chemo on no one and I do agree doctors should be more careful and pragmatic with the patients they recommend it to. However, I would endure that 7+ months of mediocre torture (a lot of which was mitigated with amazing medication mgmt for side effect minimization) all over again just for the year I’ve gained with my family and those to come. I have hope again where I had none and while I recognize it’s many dangers, chemo did my body good. And like a salamander, I’ve since regenerated only stronger and healthier than before I had cancer! Going back to the surgeon now to see if he can remove this last indolent tumor and if so, it’s NED for me!!! I don’t think there’s one right answer to curing cancer but multiple pathways to rewiring the body to kill or starve those cancer cells to death and to create an internal body environment conducive to healing by maintaining alkalinity, etc. But for rarer, poorly funded and thus poorly researched cancers in which less is known, for some of us, chemo is our only hope and a resort of final destination rather than first choice. And for my fellow warriors fighting soft tissue sarcomas, some of the newer chemos have been a blessing and prolonged and improved the quality of many of our lives along with juicing, eating right, meditation, and so many other healing activities!

      1. crissy

        I do agree that chemo may have saved your life, but have you wondered if you could have done that yourself? I fully believe we have a lesser risk when doing it naturally, IF the person fully commits themselves. I do agree that he shouldn’t have used the 50% comment and your idea that it can be AND instead of either is also helpful.

        Side note: I want to tell you that my neighbor of 70, who had cancer for the 2nd time was suppose to die in 6 months was on chemo. He wanted to take Monavie (a nutritional beverage I use) to help him and it’s made with 18 different super fruits. Guess what they told him? NO you can’t take that because it will KILL THE CHEMO.

        ya, the juice would kill the chemo. Um, does that not say anything!??? Well, he took it anyways, and said the side affects of chemo were half as bad. He lived another 7 years.

        Anyways, so glad you are doing better… keep focused on being proactive and all the things you’ve learned through this stressful experience!

    2. Harriet

      I totally agree with Chris that ALL chemo is bad even if you ‘think’ it’s doing you good, because you’re not looking at future negative consequences of it! I mean chemo is itself a carcinogen, so you don’t know what other cancer it’ll cause u with time! Or make yours come back with a vengeance! If I can get completely cured with natural alternative therapies and remedies WITHOUT any side effects (which chemo has plenty of) then why use chemo AT ALL??

  26. Susan Thrasher

    Chris, I’ve just read the Lancet paper and no where do I see your 50% number, or anything even remotely close. Where did you find that?

    1. JJ

      Because it doesnt say this. The 50 percent was related to palliative care at one hospital and it was a small number of patients, thus skewing the percentage. All this study is saying is some are getting chemo who are too weak and doctors should be mindful.

  27. Mike

    I agree with an author 100% and the scary part is “can you really trust doctors,(pathologists cancer diagnosed.did you ever think about how much money these pharmaceutical companies spent to government for lobbying to sell their chimo product.(please excuse my grammar)….it’s a dark side of medical field nowadays and oncologist makes most,way more money than other doctors.these oncologist when they were in medical school before become a doctor they weren’t taught how chimo work towards cancer patients.this is what they learn from an instructor “when there’s a cancer patient then give chimo”…you ask any oncologist how chimo works and they will tell you it kills cancer cells and good cells and it is only therapy there is .you know if these oncologists or their family member get cancer 9 out of 10 will not get chimo therapy because they sure know the outcome but to the others why not the money is there,lots of money.i am not being negative but rather speaking reality.i already saw chimo killed three friends within 30 days to a year and all of these doctors who gave chimo to my three friends said well I tried my best but chimo didn’t work…just blame on chimo should I laugh about it. My wife had breast cancer surgery one and half years ago did not get chimo treatment but dieting with organic and no estrogen food because she’s been diagnosed with estrogen positive.she is doing good thank the Lord God to lead us to a much better treatment to live.the European countries stopped chimo therapy 15years ago and Japan slowly acknowledge chimo kills than save the two countries treat chimo most is United States and South Korea.please think about this it’s a scary world.

  28. Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    So ” it’s clearly wrong” to not kill patients? Some of these ” ologists” and experts have clearly never known any real, critical analysis of what they do for a living, let alone any competition.

    1. Sylvia DaSilva

      The problem is that they are not taught anything about nutrition while in med school, so they do not know the benefits of it. Since Big Pharma virtually runs the “health” industry in the USA (imho), this is right in line with how “things are done”. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the benefits of clean, organic food, and honestly, don’t want to know because then, they’ll have to change some things in their life. This is not an easy course to go, and most of us have become lazy when it comes to food. Again, most food labels require almost a degree in chemistry to actually understand what’s in them! I don’t believe that we will EVER hear the words “there is a CURE for cancer” in this country, since anything that comes from plant matter is not able to be patented. That would cut into profit margins too much.

  29. Melissa Miller

    I am so sad for a church acquaintance who goes today to have a port put in :(
    This is her second (at least) round of cancer growth. She is one of so many who suffer and get caught up by the hype in the moment. Wish I knew better how to share with or approach people heading in the direction of traditional treatment. Doctors have victims convinced this is the way they MUST go, and they are led off to slaughter not knowing enough truth. I have had the opportunity to share a Chris video with a friend, hoping that has some impact on her.

    Keep up your work Chris, and all readers let’s help others find the truth they deserve to know! We all need to make healthy choices everyday for optimal health.

  30. fanofchris

    hi chris
    would be cool if u did an interview with the great
    bernie siegel ! :)
    take care

  31. justafan

    hi chris
    i dont know if u know about dr lorraine day (youtube)
    it would be great if you did an interview with her ! :)
    God bless you Chris,

  32. Rakesh Shah

    Hello…i was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma in the bladder. I have completed 3 of 4 rounds of chemo. I have my next round next week. Then Doc says i need to either choose radiation or bladder removal ( both choices suck ). I have also been juicing, taking supplements such as turmeric, b12, vitamin c, selenium and also doing the cannibus oil ( amazing help with nausea). I am 47 years old and will not do the neo bladder, but am considering radiation, but wanted to get some thoughts from the community.

    Also, docs say that i will have my next ctscan after round 4 to see if the cancer has metastasized.

    Please advise….


  33. Debbie

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with mets to the liver in Sept 2014. I have been using supplements, juicing, etc. Unfortunately, I have also had about 20 months of chemo, which I am planning to get off of soon. I would like to order pomegranate extract or juice since I have read so many studies from major cancer centers that show it is similar to the effects of chemo for colon and prostrate cancer, Does anyone a brand or type of extract or juice? Thank you and God Bless.

  34. Abigial Caleb

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    old,i saw a comment posted on Youtube by wandy brimm from Vegas, on
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    and now just to see that the exact week which doctor odafen told me i
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    virus disappeared from my blood vessels and normal, then DR,odafen
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    to the world, so I we like you to contact him
    ( do**********************@gm***.com ) if you have any health issue i
    believe doctor odafen can help, because he is a great herbal doctor that can help you.

  35. Machelle Hill

    Hello Everyone, First, you should know I am in the UK so my responses will not be timely due to the vast time differences with many of you. Here I go,
    I am assisting my father in law who has stomach cancer. He was diagnosed about a year ago, maybe a little more. . Upon the news of his illness my husband came back to the UK to assist his father, (as well as his mother) Please understand my dad in law is 81 years old and if a person wears a white coat they are like a God. No questions were asked he just went with the recommendations, first Chemo then surgery and then Chemo again. After surgery the Oncologist said they removed the tumour from his stomach and were confidant they “got it all” still they recommended more Chemo, I voiced my opinions about the treatment and asked him questions about the specialist I asked why he didn’t ask questions, and why he was going through more Chemo. He scoffed at me with a sarcastic remark. I didn’t push the issue, I should have. Almost a year later he discovered through a routine test the cancer was back. It was then the Oncologist delivered the blow that neither Chemo or Radio therapy was a cure it just bought more time. Again I voiced my opinion, and it fell on deaf ears. He agreed to Radiotherapy. Granted the visible side effects were better than the Chemo. He is at best the most finicky eater I have ever known and if its not recommended by the Specialist or his office staff it is non-existent What would be he best way to introduce a new diet without him fighting me all the way? I realize that you can lead a horse to water but making him drink is another issue. Tomorrow is yet another appointment at the Specialist office, Im preparing for the worst. Im guessing that more Chemo is going to be recommended, Ill fill you in.

  36. Sylvia DaSilva

    I just wish that I had gotten all this information several months ago. I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer AFTER having had surgery for another reason. Being an herbalist, I always wondered what I would do with that diagnosis, and sad to say, because I didn’t know where to turn for holistic therapy, I underwent 21 treatments of radiation “therapy”. My oncologist also wanted to administer a “half dose” of chemo every week in addition to the radiation. Thank God, I had the foresight to refuse that. Every day, while driving to my radiation treatments my brain was telling me to ‘turn around and go home’, but I succumbed to the fear of the diagnosis of cancer. I was feeling progressively worse, and worse, and my bladder was starting to give me trouble. When the radiologist told me that in the next few days I would be “fitted for an implant” and that INTERNAL radiation would begin, that’s where I drew the line. I told them that I was opting out of this “treatment” and was going to treat it nutritionally and holistically. I’ve been eating nothing but organic, mostly raw foods for 2 weeks now, and I feel 1000% better!! I feel like ‘my old self’ again! My bladder doesn’t hurt, I’ve lost 10 pounds, and I feel half my age (64)!! I will still see the oncologist and radiologist at the hospital I was going to, but only for progress reports to see if, in fact, there are any cancer cells in my lymph nodes at all. I consider Chris’ story to be an answer to my prayers for direction, since 2 days after I prayed, I got an email from another food blog, and his link was attached!!

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