Curing cancer with rebounding?

Ok so Live 5 News in Charleston, SC  did a story on me this week entitled:
“Blogger claims he beat cancer by jumping on a trampoline”

Of course anyone who has spent time on this site, knows that I have never made that claim.
But the title is an attention getter, so I understand why they did it.

For the record, I’m fairly positive you can’t beat cancer with just rebounding.

Healing cancer requires a total life change.

You have to address all the health-destroying factors in your life:

– A processed food diet loaded with sugar, salt, meat, dairy and artificial ingredients
– Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, legal/illegal drug use, lack of sleep
– Lack of exercise, and extreme exercise like marathons, triathlons, and even crossfit
– Chronic stress
– Negative emotions like guilt and unforgiveness
– Spiritual sickness
– Environmental toxic exposure

30-60 minutes of daily exercise is critical component to health and healing, and rebounding was an important part of my exercise program while I was healing cancer.

So despite the misrepresentation in the title, I think the news story turned out great.
And hopefully you’ll get a few laughs from the pictures they used.

So did you catch what the assistant oncology professor said?

“We have no evidence that we can forgo the standard (treatments) and just follow a strict healthy organic diet and exercise.”


Hey doc, we have mountains of evidence. It’s called nutritional science and functional medicine.

And it’s being ignored in favor of patented and highly-profitable pharmaceutical drugs.

Although there are no phase 3 clinical trials on treating cancer with nutrition, there are thousands of of peer-reviewed studies on the anti-cancer compounds in fruits and vegetables, and hundreds of epidemiological studies on populations all around the world with very low cancer rates and long lifespans. The majority of these people groups eat whole food plant-based diets with very little animal products, get lots of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and have very low stress.

Beyond that, we have loads of testimonials from people, real people, who have successfully healed cancer naturally. This is patient-centered evidence. Check out all my posts and interviews with Natural Survivors.

FYI: The rebounder I’ve used since 2004 is the ReboundAIR. I love it.

Read my full post about rebounding here.

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  1. Truth

    Not surprised since rebounding is a great way to help clean your lymphatic system.

  2. Paleogrrrl

    I completely disagree with your comment about having to remove meat. Free-range, grass-fed organic meat free of chemicals is completely different than the meat you buy in grocery stores that is laced with steroids and antibiotics and fed grains. Meat is part of our genetic diet as humans and studies that have tried to “prove” that meat is a cause of cancer did not distinguish between freerange, grassfed vs. grain-fed cows. I suggest you do some more research about the benefits of meat.
    Pay attention to the traditional Inuit diet, in which they ate mainly animal meat, organs, and fat (easily 90% of their diet) and years ago they had little to no disease when they lived on the land.

    1. Chris Wark

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve been reading nutrition research for 10 years. I’ve read the Paleo Solution, Wheat Belly, Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Vonderplanitz, and many many more from that camp. Too many to list…

      The Inuits as observed by Steffansson in the 20’s may have been healthier due to the absence of processed food, but they did not have long lifespans and still don’t.

      If you spend some time reading all the epidemiological research, not just the paleo side, you will find a mountain of evidence to the contrary.

      Massive amounts of clean organic grass-fed meat is very unhealthy long term.

      I know lots of people who’ve healed cancer naturally, none of them ate a paleo diet.

      1. Tia G

        Hi Chris, I do LOVE your work and devotion and deeply thank you for that! In reply to what you’ve just said could you, please clarify something. I bought “The Makers Diet” as I read it was your favourite book and in there the author clearly recommends Weston Price Foundation Principles. I was surprised at your recommendation to be honest as I’ve been getting the impression that diet-wise – raw foods and veganism are the way to go when fighting cancer. Please, clarify your position.

      2. RvRev

        Chris, who said massive amounts of clean grass fed beef?
        Did I miss something in the loop?
        Thanks Leo Pike

    2. Tammy Gagne

      Both my parents died from cancer. They lived their entire lives in a rural area of the Oregon Coast on a small farm. They raised their own “Free Range” grass fed beef. They milked their own cow on that “Free Range” grass fed farm. So obviously grass feed meat and grass feed dairy still doesn’t prevent cancer. I have seen many people in my community living on Free Range beef and dairy farms die of cancer. Your theory holds no water in my community.

  3. Naomi

    Rebounding was part of my healing from Cancer along with nutrition of whole foods plant based diet and changed lifestyle… No Chemo or Radio!!!

  4. Jeanne Newberry

    Great interview although it did make you look like you gave credit to rebounding…ugh, the media. No one that has thoroughly read your blog would agree with that assessment. Hopefully it will draw people to your site to get the real picture. I just love it when doctors go into their ‘there is no real evidence to prove’ mode. The fact is that most docs don’t even try to look into natural healing. I suspect there are some and in fact our internist will do the research when we give him some info to look into. He is supportive and that’s why we go to him. We all have a choice in our healing process. All that to say….good job. Love the frozen pics of you in the air. Ha!


    Has anyone cured themselves of pancreatic cancer?

    1. Would you consider creating a CHART Medical Log for your son? It’s online, community-based medical research into natural cancer therapies, and might also help you track your son’s progress and therapy regime better.

    2. TJ

      Hi, I know a herbalist who healed himself of pancreatic cancer. I wish I knew about him before my brother passed over pancreatic cancer.

  6. Patti

    You totally got me here… it didn’t occur to me that it would be YOU!! I thought it was a fabulous piece, not withstanding the ‘expert’ who by saying ‘we have no proof…’ basically said you do not exist … but guess what… there you were full of health and humor… love it.

    1. Chris Wark

      Gotcha! ;)

  7. Paula

    Well….all I can say Chris….is I had grade 3 breast cancer(stage 2)….declined Chemo (did surgery and radiation) and completely changed my life style due to your blog…I am now a clean eater….chose to dig deep and forgive everybody…AND got real with God….lost 50lbs……use a re-bounder every second day and as I did ONCOLOGY blood work(after I decided to forgive …long before treatment) has shown my immune system tripled! My T cells tripled, my blood count went up, my red blood cells and hemoglobin went to normal…..according to my oncologists…one year later, my blood is now clean like “those who are cancer free” and my bone scan and mammogram showed up clean! It is not just one thing…you have to be willing to completely change your grumpy cynical toxic lifestyle THAT IS KILLING YOU! Why would you even want that toxic lifestyle if you don’t have cancer?!? I never want to go back where I was a year ago! I was a grumpy toxic worrier….I feel so free now!

    1. Pam Krugman

      Paula-what a greatly personal and informative post. Thank you! I am a 64 y.o. retired R.N., who left the profession I dearly loved (at one time) because of what it was becoming. Or maybe I was getting more educated!~Ha! Anyway, I lost my dear mother 30 yrs ago when she was only 67 y.o. from breast cancer that metastasized to her bones. I quit doing mammograms then due to the research that the media keeps out of our sight. We must dig for it but it is there. I haven’t had cancer but I subscribe to ChristBeatCancer and love his attitude and those that post. I feel we are getting the most recent info on his sight.My diet is pretty good now but could be improved. I find all the postings worthy of consideration and research. Thank you again for your post.

    2. Chris Wark


    3. Tia G

      Paula, how did you get rid of the worries? This is what troubles me most. My constant worrying and lack of control over my thoughts.

      1. Amy

        Health, Healing, Forgiveness and Peace are found in Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:6, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
        And Matthew 6:14, “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”

  8. Beth Lindley

    You got me too! It never crossed my mind that it would be you in the
    story because you would never make a claim like that! For those who
    don’t know that, I’m glad you set the record straight here. They made
    you look a little crazy, but overall it was great and definitely
    amusing! That assistant oncology professor needs some serious eduction.
    Just remember what Steve Jobs said – “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” – and keep on changing lives.

  9. Olga

    Hi I have been reading your blog for a while now, I find it very interesting and inspiring. I have colon cancer and have been through all sorts of medical treatment in the last 4 years but am now trying to manage it naturally.
    I tried to follow the diet you promote – juices, salads, no animal protein but I felt really miserable on it. No energy, felt cold all the time and really craved cooked/hot food. I found that I can more or less give up the grains but without eggs, fish and seafood the meals did not feel satisfying.
    Have you come across this with any other of your readers? Any advice you can give?

    1. Chris Wark

      You don’t have to be all raw. Eat more cooked food! Rice, quinoa, beans, potatoes, steamed veggies, it’s all good!

    2. Hi Olga, would you consider creating a CHART Medical Log? It’s online, community-based medical research into natural cancer therapies, including diet. Bad experiences on a particular therapy/diet are as important for us to Log as good ones, so we would be very grateful if you logged your experience.

    3. rjcarr25

      Hi Olga. I have stage 4 colon cancer and I too have problems with raw foods. Aside from a spring mix side salad every vegetable I eat is steamed or cooked for a couple of hours in a wok. It helps in the digestion and doesn’t make my stomach gassy. I also eat fish and have added back all natural chicken because I too felt tired eating a vegetarian diet. Since I recently had surgery and am on a chemo regimen I need to be strong. Even without the chemo your body is still fighting the disease and you need to be strong. I was diagnosed two years ago and understand your frustration with the results you’ve had from conventional care but I hope you’re still seeing an oncologist. There are new medications and procedures and one may be right for you. Ralph

  10. Lady Kombu

    What a load of bullshit (excuse my language) that there is no evidence that healthy diet and exercise can heal cancer!! I can’t believe it – a young, intelligent looking doctor.. Well, she got a nice cheque for that shot, surely! :( Anyway, I wanted to say something about Paleo diet. a friend of mine got into it about 2 years ago. every single day she was eating meat (wild game mostly) and posting her pics and recipes on Facebook. I thought it was a bit too much meat every single day. I have been a vegetarian for over 14 years and although I know it’s not the healthiest option (people need to eat meat or at least bone broth once in a while) I don’t want to eat animals. anyway, back to this friend of mine. I wasn’t expecting her to become a vegetarian, but I felt that the amount of meat she was eating was insane. And you know what – she is juicing cabbage now to heal her stomach ulcers!! I don’t need any more proof to see that eating meat on a daily basis and in such quantities is bad. Too acidic.. I agree with Paleo diet that we need fat for our bodily functions and the brain, too. I have never liked low fat diet and it never made me feel good. Being a vegetarian I tend to struggle putting on weight – so butter, eggs or greek youghurt every now and then suit me just fine. But eating meat every single day is insane! I have been reading about many different diets – macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, raw, Paleo, Atkinson.. and I have a feeling that all the different groups tend to overdo it to extremes. I can’t imagine living on raw, cooling and refreshing foods in winter when it is damp and cold. I cannot imagine eating lots of meat (Paleo) or grain (macrobiotics) on a long-term basis, and especially in summer. and so on. The more I think about this the more I feel that we need a bit of everything – but more cooked in cold and damp weather, more raw in dry, warm weather. And variety. not the same thing every single day. And if meat, eggs or yoghurt, then with veggies. Never combine animal protein with grains and your body will thank you. :) Thank you, Chris, for posting such inspirational links, videos and articles. I am getting my juicer in 2 weeks time and when I save up again I will get a trampoline. it looks like fun! :)

  11. Isa

    Great video, I really enjoyed it, thanks very much!!

  12. Carol Day

    I love rebounding!

  13. Genki

    The Japanese have an expression – “The nail that sticks up is the one that gets hammered down”. You must be used to negative attention by now and thank GOD you are the nail that sticks up! I have incorporated rebounding into my cancer treatment strategies and it really helps. And you know what else helped? Knowing which rebounder to buy based upon your endorsement. There are a lot of great rebounders out there but ultimately, it came down to the advice of somebody I felt I could trust. Thanks for that.

  14. Sach Sach

    Can a person do this with stage 2 breast cancer? ‘so called cancer’?

  15. BraveNewWhirled

    One of my clients, on kidney dialysis mind you, told me that his doctor said he can drink all the diet Dr. Pepper he wants. Another client told me her dr. wants to take out her gall bladder ‘cuz she keeps getting stones. Well, the stones are a fat-processing problem and trust me: She’ll have even more problems processing fat without her gall bladder.

    But I guarantee you she’ll NEVER have another gallstone. I wonder what that doctor recommends for a headache? Sore throat?

  16. Daryl

    I like many others, I have lost my entire family to Cancer. One by one I helped carry them to the graveyard. I have one brother left and he is my only living blood relative and he has had Cancer 3 times and is now in Stage 3 Kidney failure. In September 2013 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and given 5 years to live. Of course 5 yrs is the national average and there are others who have lived far longer and have beat this dreaded disease. I am one who is going to beat it. Right now, I am on Chemo but I am going to change my lifestyle and I am going to beat MM.

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