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Essiac Tea Cures Wife’s Leukemia and a Cat’s Bone Cancer!


Enter John Tod.

My first cancer experience was with wife number two. She was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia in 1997. She was terrified having watched her mother and aunt both die of cancer. She was told that chemotherapy was “the only hope” she had.

I had this feeling that there MUST be something “out there” that could work. I started to surf the web for days researching and cross referencing stuff and finally found a Native Canadian herbal cure that seemed the best. It was called ESSIAC. The documentation was great the testimonials were good. I decided to try it. My ex was all for it rather than risk chemotherapy.

I bought the herbal tea and brewed it according to directions and gave her 4 ounces three times a day.  We gradually increased the dosage to that level over several days as directed.

To be brutally honest, I did not think it would work. How could a herbal tea cure cancer after all the research the cancer industry had done?

We continued the treatment for six weeks. We had no clue if it was working or not except there was a discharge of unexplained mucus with her stool. After six weeks she was called into the hospital for testing to see how much further testing to see how far the cancer had spread.

There were no cancerous cells in the blood. A bone marrow biopsy was done, nothing there either. The Oncologist suggested a Splenoctomy because leukemia will sometimes go into the spleen and “hide” during periods of remission. We reluctantly agreed as he was the expert…..right? Well a Splenoctomy was performed and a biopsy of it was done. No cancer cells eventhough her white blood cell count remained high. He referred us to another cancer clinic for further analysis all the while being told that Essaic would not have cured her. The other cancer clinic did not find the cause for her “miraculous” recovery.

She passed away in 2009 (12 years later) from emphysema and COPD from a life of heavy smoking, still cancer free.

My new wife and I had a cat named “Fluffy” that was diagnosed with a terminal cancerous bone tumour. I related the story of my ex to her and she said “Why not try it on the cat?” The vet had said the leg must be amputated and chemo given and there would be no guarantees. I treated it with essiac from the capsules mixed in fruit juice and administered to the cat with a syringe.  It was the only way to get the stuff into the cat.  :)

To make a long story short, the cat was cured and the final X-ray analysis showed no cancer activity and the bone area where the cancer was “remodeling”. The cat is still alive today with all four legs. LOL!

Here is the X-ray interpretation letter from the vet.

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  1. Stav says:

    Thank you for the wonderful story of healing.

    Which of the various essiac teas is the recommended one,?
    I read that not all of them are potent.


  2. emily says:

    It is always great to hear that there are people who survive from this disease. The essiac tea is an herbal remedy that you could also try.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story.

    I have just purchased some Essiac capsules for my cat. I have a beautiful 12 year old chocolate Burmese called Cadbury.

    Sadly he has 2 large nodules just under his chin and the last time I took him to the vet (about 12 months ago) he said “that’s not good”. There was only one small nodule at the time.

    I am very upset about the prospect of losing him soon and because of your story I am going to try Essiac.

    Would you be kind enough to tell me just how much of it you gave to your cat?

    Many thanks

  4. jasmin says:

    hello chris,

    my cat has a mouth’s cancer and he’s taking 2 capsules per day of essiac, and he’s well, though sometimes bleeds a little when he eats ou sneezes. do you think essiac results?

  5. jasmin says:

    rebecca, my cat Mel is 14 years old and i cried a lot for the possible fact of loosing him, i know how you feel.
    I hope your cat gets better, sinceriously,


  6. NCG says:

    Hi John

    A lovely story, so pleased there was no suffering by going down the chemo route – it’s powerful stuff.

    Stav, yes there are different kinds of Essiac available – but I us the term ‘different’ loosely. You need to make sure that your formula contains the routes of the sheep sorrel, this is missed out of a lot of formulas as it obviously kills the plant to take the routes as well which increases regrowth time and production costs.

  7. Essiac Facts says:

    Great Story, thanks for sharing John.

  8. katrina says:

    which brand of essiac tea???

  9. Angela Santopietro says:

    My cat has a tumor under his Jaw I try to give him the flor herb through a seringe
    and I think it hurts him. How else should I give it to him?

  10. Joey says:

    Can you please tell me how much of the capsule herb to give with my 12lb Cat. She was just diagnosed with Bone cancer. Please help me. I love her with all my heart. Thank you….

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