Gerson Therapy Q&A with Dr. Patrick Vickers

Today I’m unveiling the follow up Q&A video with Dr. Patrick Vickers of Nothern Baja Healing Center.

It took a little longer for us to get back together to do this than we planned, but we made it happen!

If you haven’t yet, definitely watch our first interview in which he explains the history of Dr. Max Gerson and the Gerson therapy for healing cancer with nutrition. It’s awesome.

Dr. Vickers answers questions about the importance of sugar and cooked food in the Gerson therapy for cancer, brilliantly explains cancer cell biology, and much more.

Do not skip this one!

More info about Dr. Vickers and the Northern Baja Healing Center here.


Northern Baja Healing Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute will not certify any practitioner who incorporates additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

Dr. Vickers did not pay me to make this video, or for any other video interview I have done with him. I have never asked him for any compensation whatsoever, but like many other generous people, he has made several donations to support my site and my mission. And for that I am grateful.

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  • Andriana lam

    I’m so excited to find both u Chris and you dr. Vickers- I do not have cancer but I have Lyme disease and have been very ill-I have been doing all sorts of research to see if certain alternative cancer treatments could possibly heal my Lyme disease- dr. Vickers I know ur clinic treats cancer patients but have u ever used ur protocol on lyme patients or have any thoughts like this?

    I have had the gerson books for years but have always had that very question re the sugar because I’m prone to candida and am very sensitive to sugar and have always felt like my body was very empowered by grassfed red meat etc- but I have an open mind since obviously I’m sick- ur explanation of the sugar on the gerson protocol was SO fantastic to hear and really helped me.

    My one thing that makes me so nervous to try a diet without meat is that I’m a crossfitter and do heavy weightlifting and intense interval training- do have any input on this? I’m so nervous that I will lose my strength or not be able To recover and rebuild my muscle from my workouts.

    Thank u so much for helping things be more clear.

    Once someone is cancer free are they still supposed to avoid fats and oils or are things like olive oil form salad dressing etc. okay/good for a healthy person?
    Thank u!

    • Andriana lam

      Of gosh I’m sorry I just read on your gersontreatment site about different other conditions that can be cured with gerson. Sorry about that- I hate when people ask me questions they can easily find the Answers to on my site and I just did it myself!

      I will try to see if u have more info about experiences treating lyme patients in your site-thx!!

  • Bibingski

    Hi Chris and Dr. Vickers. I have a few questions. Can raw, organic coconut oil be used for the enema instead of vaseline? Can one eat quinoa on the therapy. Also, is it okay to eat steamed vegetables and potatoes? I am still struggling with anemia even after being on the therapy for over 3 months now. I do 0.5cc liver injections everyday and a B12/liver once a week. Believe it or not I went to the Gerson clinic in Tijuana and had a bad experience (lazy nurses, unprofessional doctors, undertrained staff). As you can see, I have a lot of unanswered questions. I wish I went to Dr. Vickers’ clinic instead but I found out about his clinic after I got back. I noticed that my uterine fibroid got so big (almost double the size) on this therapy. Lastly, for anyone considering going to the clinic, please do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Vickers ONLY. You will regret going to the one in Tijuana. They do not know how to communicate. In fact, we were never given the shots there. It was never even discussed nor addressed. Only after one of the patients asked about it that the clinic said that “they ran out”

  • Rob Zielke

    Chris and Dr. Vickers
    I think as the first UNcertified lay Gerson Therapis that you both are doing a wonderful job of popularizing and spreading the unique lesson of Gerson Therapy!
    I began my studies in metabolism with Dr W D Kelley’s organization in 1972 and was added to the 2nd Official board of Governors by the originator of the Gerson Institute NORMAN FRITZ in 1974. I was learning to utilize all the tests available for our tasks when I discovered the reason I could gain no “training effect” from our family bicycle rides in 1977 when I finally was diagnosed with “markedly positive” cancer markers in a Beard Anthrone test at a Mexican treatment center in that year and was instructed out of my spread cancer state by Charlotte Gerson and Norman Fritz during the following 6 years.
    Sadly the Institute had begun to do illegal things relative to its non-profit charter in those years and when I attempted to change these practices Through and with the help Norman Fritz the Executive Vice President I was improperly removed from the board by a non-quorum vote of Charlotte and Howard Straus.
    My efforts to study metabolism only grew and served to aquaint me with other integrative therapy methods which can add and expand Gerson Therapy. Many are alive today through my efforts in these fields in the past 39 years, But if you seek to locate me Through Gerson Institute channels or Gerson Hospital channels you will find NOTHING!——– Yet I have facts about Gerson Methods that No other Practitioner knows, yet I have been “ERASED”——even when one of my “recovered Students” brought me to Dr. Vickers attention I went uncontacted and remained invisible!
    I predict that you will do the same and it will be a loss to all except me.

    Regards from the only Free Gerson Therapist on the planet
    Rob Zielke: Gerson Methods Teacher and
    developer of Kriegs AB therap
    contacts available 10am to 10pm E 7days
    no charge call 941-426-1818

  • Jennifer

    Dr. Vickers, I understand that for a body harboring cancer, a raw vegan type diet with lots of juicing and detox assistance is necessary. I’ve also read about Weston A. Prices research in regards to traditional cultures and diet….lack of sugar (separated from its natural source), moderate amounts of animal proteins, lot of fermented vegetables and beverages and how these cultures were free of all of our modern ailments. Their teeth and facial structure was phenomenal, and they had little to no mental dz or psychoses. The women (and men) were actually put on diets rich in probiotics/ferments, saturated fats, animal organ meats, broth, and eggs during preconception and pregnancy. My question is do you feel that a Gerson type diet is the ideal diet for a healthy person as a lifestyle diet? It seems that you are not in support of animal product consumption at all, even from pastured animals that are proven to be drastically different nutritionally than conventionally raised ones? I’m asking this out of curiosity and am not intending to offend or question your knowledge of nutrition. I often find myself drawn to simple explanations for what is best, which to me seems to be eating foods in season, local, in their natural forms. I believe food grows seasonally/regionally because our bodies can best utilize it at that time, in that environment (eg. living in the tropics will require different things from your body than living in different regions of the US or the Arctic, etc- so naturally the food that is found there is the best to support your body as it navigates a specific climate/region…) After all, you can’t find a Norwalk growing on the trees. (unfortunately)

    Chris, I’m interested in your post-cancer diet. Do you have a post talking about this?

  • Lisa

    If you cannot get granny smith apples, is there another apple that can be substituted?

  • Lisa

    Such great information from Chris and Dr. Vickers. Almost overwhelming to read about all the do’s and dont’s! I was diagnosed with cll 3 years ago at the ago of 42. I’ve been on a watch and wait and within the past few months my white count is very high and red slowly down and the only symptoms are occasional night sweats and enlarged lymph nodes. My oncologist wants to start treatment- I want to try the natural route. I’ve been juicing , drinking green smoothies, taking a list of supplements recommened to me by a naturopath doctor. I’m determined to return for my blood work in a few weeks to good news!! Dr Vickers, Have you had success with treating cll patients? Any thoughts on LDN and alpha lipoic acid?

  • Tina

    Hi Chris, LOVE your website. Very inspirational!

    Dr Vickers-
    I have Stage 2 BC; HER2+ ER-/PR-. I’ve had a 4.4cm tumor removed w/ clean margins and refused rads/chemo. I’ve been on the gerson therapy at home for nearly 3 months, I noticed you posted in the comments here that you haven’t been as successful with breast cancer as you had in the past, without urea and coleys, that is very frustrating news to me as I have FULL faith in this therapy. Are there any other supplements or things I can be doing at home to help stop a recurrence or mestastis???

  • Jeff Maupin in Barrow, Alaska

    I appreciate Dr. Vickers teaching style and information shared. Thank-you Chris for creating the website and God bless you.

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