This guy photographed every stage of his wife’s cancer treatment

From Angelo Merendino’s blog:

The first time I saw Jennifer I knew. I knew she was the one. I knew, just like my dad when he sang to his sisters in the winter of 1951 after meeting my mom for the first time, “I found her.”

A month later Jen got a job in Manhattan and left Cleveland. I would go to the city – to see my brother, but really wanting to see Jen. At every visit my heart would scream at my brain, “tell her!!” but I couldn’t work up the courage to tell Jen that I couldn’t live without her. My heart finally prevailed and, like a schoolboy, I told Jen “I have a crush on you.” To the relief of my pounding heart, Jen’s beautiful eyes lit up and she said “Me too!”

Six months later I packed up my belongings and flew to New York with an engagement ring burning a hole in my pocket. That night, at our favorite Italian restaurant, I got down on my knee and asked Jen to marry me. Less than a year later we were married in Central Park, surrounded by our family and friends. Later that night, we danced our first dance as husband and wife, serenaded by my dad and his accordion – ♫ “I’m in the mood for love…”♫

Five months later Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember the exact moment… Jen’s voice, and the numb feeling that enveloped me. That feeling has never left. I’ll also never forget how we looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands. “We are together, we’ll be ok.”

With each challenge we grew closer. Words became less important. One night Jen had just been admitted to the hospital, her pain was out of control. She grabbed my arm, her eyes watering, “You have to look in my eyes, that’s the only way I can handle this pain.” We loved each other with every bit of our souls.

Jen taught me to love, to listen, to give and to believe in others and myself. I’ve never been as happy as I was during this time.

Throughout our battle we were fortunate to have a strong support group but we still struggled to get people to understand our day-to-day life and the difficulties we faced. Jen was in chronic pain from the side effects of nearly 4 years of treatment and medications. At 39, Jen began to use a walker and was exhausted from being constantly aware of every bump and bruise. Hospital stays of 10-plus days were not uncommon. Frequent doctor visits led to battles with insurance companies. Fear, anxiety and worries were constant.

Sadly, most people do not want to hear these realities and at certain points we felt our support fading away. Other cancer survivors share this loss. People assume that treatment makes you better, that things become OK, that life goes back to “normal.” However, there is no normal in cancer-land. Cancer survivors have to define a new sense of normal, often daily. And how can others understand what we had to live with everyday?

My photographs show this daily life. They humanize the face of cancer, on the face of my wife. They show the challenge, difficulty, fear, sadness and loneliness that we faced, that Jennifer faced, as she battled this disease. Most important of all, they show our Love. These photographs do not define us, but they are us.

Cancer is in the news daily, and maybe, through these photographs, the next time a cancer patient is asked how he or she is doing, along with listening, the answer will be met with more knowledge, empathy, deeper understanding, sincere caring and heartfelt concern.

“Love every morsel of the people in your life.” – Jennifer Merendino

These photos speak volumes. Brace yourself.




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All photos by Angelo Merendino.

Angelo  has started an organization to help women with their financial struggles during their trials with breast cancer.

More about that at Angelo’s blog:

My thoughts:

First, Angelo has my highest respect and deepest sympathy. His decision to stay with his new wife “in sickness and in health” is nothing short of heroic. This man, like so many spouses of patients, is the epitome of love in action. I can’t imagine what he went through watching the love of his life slowly fade away… My heart breaks for him.

Second, I’ve gained some notoriety for speaking out against about “cancer awareness and research” charities like Susan G Komen, but any cancer charity that gives money directly to patients is one I support, assuming they are being good stewards of the funds they raise. Putting money directly into the hands of cancer patients and their families does real, measurable good. I am so glad to see that Angelo has a heart for this.

Third, Angelo’s photo essay has been reposted on many sites, but none have addressed the elephant in the room…

Cancer did not destroy this beautiful woman.

Conventional cancer treatment did.

Now let me be clear. I’m not implying that cancer does not kill people. It does. But the treatment is often worse than the disease, and does more harm than good.

Jennifer’s story mirrors many who are diagnosed with cancer. Patients are typically rushed into treatment with no idea how destructive and ineffective it is. And how much suffering is involved. They are not told that the body can heal, only that they have to “battle and fight cancer”, a warfare narrative created to help people accept that they must endure brutal, conventional cut-poison-burn treatments. And like warfare, it often ends tragically.

Patients are also not told that chemotherapy only contributes 2.1% toward 5-year survival on average. In Jennifer’s case, the absolute survival benefit at 5 years for chemotherapy in women under 50 with breast cancer was shown to be 6.8% for node-positive and 3% for node-negative women.

They are not told that chemotherapy can backfire and boost cancer growth.

They are not told whether their treatment is meant to be curative or just pallative, and often have unrealistic expectations that they can beat the odds and be cured, when the doctors know they can’t. Patients are unknowingly hoping for a “medical miracle”.

Terminal patients are told that chemotherapy will “extend their life”, which is why they agree to do it,
but they don’t know that the side effects of chemotherapy are often downplayed and that researchers spin their results.

They don’t know that oncologists are some of the highest-paid doctors because more than half of their income comes from selling and administering chemotherapy drugs. They actually profit off the drugs that they insist you take.

They don’t know that the cancer industry has made very little progress in lowering the death rate or increasing the survival rate for most cancers. The cancer death rate has only improved 5% on average since 1950. And 5-year survival has only improved 5% on average since 1970. The exceptions are fairly uncommon cancers: some leukemias, some lymphomas, and testicular cancer.

I hear and read tragic stories just like Jennifer’s every day. My inbox is full of them.

As a result of conventional cancer treatments, someone very close to me is now an invalid with dementia requiring 24-hour care. She is confined to a wheelchair, unable to feed, clothe, or bathe herself, and doesn’t communicate most of the time.

I’ve thought about posting a collection of cautionary tales for some time, but I wasn’t sure how.
I think this post is an appropriate forum for that and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

If you would like to share your experience watching a loved one suffer and die as a result of cancer treatment please feel free to do so. I don’t like dwelling on negative things, but we can learn from the experiences of others, whether good or bad, and people need to know the truth about conventional cancer treatments, and that they have other options. That’s why this site exists, to empower you with life-saving information that can help you heal cancer and/or avoid cancer in the first place. If you have lost a loved one to cancer, that story is valuable and important. It could make all the difference for someone who is at a fork in the road. Please take this opportunity to share it with those who might find themselves here.

Watch my video What every cancer patient needs to know

Read other posts by women who have healed breast cancer naturally here.


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  • simplynature

    I happened onto your website one day and have loved reading your posts since that time. I watched my father slowly die of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia a few years back. The doctors kept saying they had other things up their sleeves that might help. Finally my sister met with the doctors and said, “Enough is enough.” The year of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant destroyed his precious body. I have always been health conscious, but didn’t know enough back then to offer another suggested treatment. I have fibrocystic lumps in both breasts and am told they just need to be watched. I, instead, choose to be proactive and eat a healthy diet, no meat except salmon (been doing this for 10 years), juice veggies and fruit and run 5 days a week. My situation led me to doing research which brought me to your website. I know I will choose a nontraditional route if I am ever diagnosed with breast cancer. So please know that not only are your words getting out there, but they are getting out there for those of us who know that we need to start looking now for natural healing treatments in case we are faced with something in the future.
    Peace and love,

    • Jaimie

      So much of what you have said rings true with me as well. I am actively working on changing my diet to avoid any future diagnoses. At the same time, educating myself on alternate/natural options. Chris is doing a wonderful job getting the info out there and giving people hope.
      Thank you for sharing

      • simplynature

        Thank you Jaimie. We need to do what we can.

      • Jan Woods

        Some women have had good results painting their breasts with iodine–like Dr. Crow’s Lugol’s solution. Good luck. You are smart to not just “watch ang wait.”

    • cpmt

      I am glad you decided to eat healthy. Please try to use turmeric/curcuma and ginger with your foods, there are other spices, herbs and vitamins/minerals that will help you with your breast. try to remove milk products (one week or two) and do the same with gluten /flour -wheat etc..- to see if that can help you. I read someone that one lady stop eating gluten & flour and she improved.

      • Barry David Butler

        TRY is not good enough. I read a lot of comments on different sites where people say they are trying to eat right. HUH? What does that mean. I hate to bring the bad news but there is no halfway measures. You’re either in or your out.

        • simplynature

          We are all trying to do better. It takes websites like this to enlighten us and to provide a way for us to share our experiences. We are all “in it” and we are all searching for another way. Sharing thoughts and experiences helps so many.

        • Doug

          Barry, you are 100% correct. There is no “trying”. My mother in law “tried” chemo and radiation while eating “less” meat and “more” vegetables, and switched to brown sugar rather than white… and she nearly died. Fortunately they said the tumor was gone after the course of “traditional” treatment was over.

          The damage is done. She’s aged 20 years in 3 months. She now is eating (for the most part) healthier, but she still doesn’t heed my warnings about GMOs, wheat, beef and poultry…

          I just don’t get these people that say they’re “trying to do better”. What IS THAT??? The cold hard truth is ALL over the web. Read anything from Robert Young. JH Tilden. Otto Von Warburg. Michael Murray. The alkaline diet takes care of just about all illness, including the autoimmune disorder commonly referred to as cancer… and it’s 100% reversible.

          The problem is that everyone wants a quick fix. They just want to eat some ginger or turmeric along side of their normal garbage diet, and have their cancer go away. IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT! Change your whole way of life, and expect results. That simple.

          • Donna

            I recently read through a sad blog on Facebook written mostly by a woman who was fighting cancer, and then by someone else at the end. During her fight, she discovered the raw food lifestyle and wa pleasantly surprised to learn how enjoyable and varied it could be. But at the same time she was learning to eat raw, she was continuting to get chemo treatments. Needless to say, she went downhill and died. When I read this, I had just been learning how the body fights the most recent threat first; and I realized that the healing power she gave her body by eating raw foods was wasted on fighting the chemo drugs instead of the cancer.

      • simplynature

        I consume turmeric and ginger. I am letting go of milk products as well. I make my own almond mild. Thank you for your response.

        • Trish

          You should also boot the salmon from your diet. Our waters are polluted, and salmon is contaminated with mercury, and other poisons. Furthermore, Fukushima continues to leak heavily into the ocean and fish are showing radio-active contamination.

      • Jan Woods

        Some women have had good results painting their breasts with iodine–like Dr. Crow’s Lugol’s solution. Good luck. You are smart to not just “watch and wait.”

    • Laura

      I loved these photos, they beautifully portrayed the journey of a very difficult journey. I’ve had my own recent cancer diagnosis (in remission now) and also experienced losing my 17 yr old son to osteosarcoma in 2004.

      I must say I disagree with your comment:
      “Cancer did not destroy this beautiful woman.
      Conventional cancer treatment did.”

      How can you truly know? There are many who die in spite of natural therapies. There are also many who live cancer-free because of conventional treatments.

      I think it’s presumptuous to say her outcome would’ve been different had she received alternative treatment. The fact is, you don’t know. There is One who knows the number of our days. He is with us in the midst of suffering.

      • Lydia

        I had the same thought. I love this site and there is a lot of valuable information here. What happened to this woman is very sad. On what basis do you say the treatment is what killed her? This isnt evident from the pictures alone. She seems to have had chemo, but otherwise, what did she do? And what of that harmed or killed her? Chris, you weaken your case when you make statements like this without evidence, (and I dont want your case weakened).

    • Kathy Austin

      Chris, I too have had such lumps. When I painted them with iodine,they dramatically reduced within a week. I don’t do this all the time, so as not to overdose on iodine, but I was amazed at the fast turnabout.

  • Sam

    “”Cancer did not destroy this beautiful women.

    Conventional cancer treatment did.””

    Thanks for putting it in a way so simple that anyone can understand.

    All that is required is a desire for the truth from within. Too many people look for the truth to come from others. And they end up like the poor woman in the pictures.

    • cpmt

      I too agree 100%, suffer so much for nothing. if they found the cancer in stage 3 or 4 and needed chemo, it will had been better to just try & find alternative treatments. This is my thought, each of us are different. I feel so sorry for her and her family and there are sooooo many women like her with this epidemic of breast/ovarian cancers and someone is responsible. It seems to me that the people who know what is causing it, are not doing anything about it, and the gov. & FDA just doing what they did with the cigarets and smoking continued denying it for years. ALL FOR $$$ MONEY AND POWER.

  • Gloria Lane

    This was so poignant, and I agree, it’s the treatment. Cancer treatment is shameful, when are they going to change it.

  • Dear Chris,
    Thank you for sharing these poignant photos of Jen and Angelo and the challenges they faced together with conventional cancer treatment. Thank you, too, for your comments which shift the focus from one of sadness and helplessness to one of hope and empowerment. You, your website and the stories you share of the many people who have chosen alternatives to conventional treatment are inspiring and encouraging. I have shared your website and videos with many others and will continue to do so. God bless . . . Jeanette

  • joy

    I used to work in oncology. I saw first hand what chemo and radiation does to people. They would go in healthy looking. They were lucky if they got to go back home.

    • Aarielle

      Joy, this is so powerful. I would love to post your quote everywhere in my Facebook groups. Would you mind, without your name of course, or with your first name if you wouldn’t mind?

      This is all so confusing. How can all these people who work in the hospitals do what they do? Do they not know about alternative treatments that WORK? How could they miss it?

      How could all these oncologists be so WRONG? What kind of brain-washing, ignorance, even coldness can they have? It’s all so confusing… all these people couldn’t possibly have evil motives… or is their living so closely tied to fooling themselves on purpose?

      Chris, what’s going on here? There seems to be a madness involved. I’m not getting it…

      The pictures are TRAGIC.

      Sharing your site with Charles Trippy… but he may be more mad than happy with the sharing… he just started brain chemo and does a daily Youtube video. He’s like, 22 yrs. old or so. He’s BELOVED on Youtube, many hundreds of thousands of subscribers, he’s a big Youtube deal. Huge! SO worried for him… it hurts to think about it!

      Wish you could help, don’t know how to have him get in touch with you and Megan, girl in your interview. He needs all your information, mho! What if he could just TRY Charlotte Gerson’s Institute?

      PS: Love Charlotte Gerson and her therapy, but not so sure about all the other unproven therapies of your chiropractor interviewee; chiropractors often seem to allude to being MD physicians and it’s just not the same mho. Also, his clinic didn’t have formal MD research experience like Max Gerson MD’s did.

      Your opinions appreciated, but would love to have absolute proof of results, and all the mushrooms and wierd things don’t follow what YOU did nor what Dr. Gerson had proven experience with.) Sorry for going on so long, but these pictures were IMPACTFUL and got me so much THINKING.

      • Aarielle,

        You would faint if you saw what people in the medical profession eat. Total junk. Nurses and Docs do the best they can but big Pharma keeps them in the dark about nutrition and how it affects the body. They sell drugs, not healthcare. There are docs who woke up and tell their patients to stay away from sugar, processed foods and dairy. Read “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” written by Dr. Blaylock. He says in his book people have hard time giving up their SAD diet.

        I am cancer survivor and I know I am here today because I changed diet drastically, like Chris. I did chemo/radiation but healed much faster than docs expected because of diet change.

        • Trish

          Medical school is all about brain-washing. All the research is fund by the drug companies who profit from the use of their medicines. The students fail lecture after lecture with minimal or no sleep and read book after book. They’re brain-washed and have only been taught one way to treat patients, and that is with harmful toxic chemicals.

    • diann

      I was an oncology nurse in the 1980s. I agree with Joy. I can’t believe they are still using the same drugs.

    • Daisy

      Thank you I will be refusing radiation.

  • Karen Markum

    I am sorry for your loss. I lost my previous husband in 1999. He wasn’t even diagnosed by his family doctor until months after he kept complaining about his throat. Finally she sent him to an Ear Nose Throat specialist but we couldn’t get her office to make the appt. We had to make our own and wait. The specialist found a hug tumor in his voice box that involved some of his lymph nodes. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. Followed by radiation treatments. Two yrs. later he kept complaining of back pain. We went three weekends in a row to the ER while we awaited an apt with his oncologist. They never did a full body CAT) scan so when we finally made it to the oncologist apt. his liver was full of tumors. He died three weeks later. While he was in the hospital I asked them what they give him for pain and they said he had to ask for it. I said he can’t he hurts too badly. His son was 11. He tried to kill himself. He has had emotional issues ever since. I was able to mourn my husband’s crossing 2 yrs. ago. They did not help him much at all and it wasn’t for lack of insurance. We had one of the best.

    • rebecca

      such a moving journey through pictures, and peoples experiences of such a dreadful disease, my partner to was diagnosed late [1 year to be exact] constantly going to the doctors with weight loss at first then chronic cough which got worse , then voice loss, luckily i kept a diary with all his appointments on, there was at least one to two appointments a month in which doctors answers was “eat more fish and yoghurt ” stop smoking it will go away” ” i think your problem is you do not eat enough” “you are suffering with GERD”. nevertheless to say exactly one year after they eventually took him seriously and an emergency appointment was made for ENT. it was there they found a tumour covering 3/4 across his airway, two days later he was back in hospital for a 8 hour operation in which biopsies was taken and a tracheotomy was put in for his breathing, i will never forget the day the results came back from the biopsies i had arrived at the hospital for 7:30 am, taking note of the doctors going around each bed and how news was told to them .i noticed that people who was okay only had the doctor speak to them but people who wasn’t there was a doctor and a Macmillan nurse who spoke to them. when the doctor arrived at the bed of my partner,my first thoughts was great no Macmillan nurse maybe the tumour was not cancer,but seconds later the Macmillan nurse came over and stood at the bottom of my partners heart just sank, the doctor confirmed the biopsies did come back with cancer cells in them, and at first i was told his was stage 4 , anyway to cut along story short , this later went to stage 3 and treatment was started a couple of months after, [after me telling the doctors i would sue them if anything happened to him for there delay in diagnosing him soon enough for earlier treatment] i didn’t like to do that with our doctors but i was so angry with them after hearing my partners condition and seeing him so upset, after first being told he would be palliative care all i thought is im going to loose my partner through your incompetence, i dont no if anyone else thought this but everything i asked was a struggle to get, like i asked them to put a feeding tube in as his weight was then 7.6 stone from 11.6 stone they said oh no his fine he does not need one , i was constantly arguing with them that he could not eat properly due to the tracheotomy, eventually they did put one in , when he was discharged back home to my care without even thinking about it i immediately handed my notice in at work , my main priority now was getting my partner well again, he had all his teeth taken out prior to treatment in case there was an infection , the feeding tube was replaced to a stomach feeding tube , i was shown how to care for the feeding tube and how to apply suction and nebulising, cleaning and dressings to the tracheotomy site, i also researched everything i could about the cells infected and what lack of nutrient could be the reason the cancer had spread as far as it did, i also researched fast acting repair to cells that would be damaged by the chemo and radio therapy [my main purpose then was his treatment i did not want them to stop it because of lack of good cells or infection]i found a certain amino acid that helps repair the damaged cells and a fast acting product to go straight to the source of the targeted treatment for instant repair of good cells, that was not easy to find the particular amino acids and i had to also research what product i could find that in, i used a lot of Holland and Barrett products throughout his treatment they was very pricey but well worth the extra expense, they got him through his treatments with no side effects , even the consultant was amazed how much the tumour had reduced in size in just the first days of treatment, well im pleased to say up till now my partner has remained in remission for now nearly 3 years, but damage from the radio therapy is now starting to surface ,so im on another mission to reduce that damage now and get them cells functioning properly, its been a long journey for my partner and me , my partner does get very exhausted and down at times but that’s why im there to pick him up and keep him moving,the best thing they ever did through my partners diagnoses was put that feeding peg in, and i will not let them take it out yet until i no he is eating better and is on the road to proper recovery , sorry for the rambling but my main point to this story is sometimes a bit of assisted treatment through radio and chemo therapy may be needed if a tumour is to big for your own defences to take on, how i think of it is send in the army to rid the bad guy, then keep the bad guy away with nutrition, for those still fighting this disease don’t give up and try and stay positive , a positive mind is a positive outcome , goodluck x

  • Syrina Moore

    My heart breaks for this husband and wife!! I came across Chris’ blog a year ago, and any person I come into contact with that has a loved one with cancer, I HAVE to share his website! My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 weeks ago and I feel so relieved that she’s choosing to naturally heal and not go with the cut, poison, and burn method!!!!

    • simplynature

      I hope things go well and am so glad that she has you to help her get through this. I will be praying for her!!

  • Hello Chris, you are the lucky one to have deserved and be alive with the Natural way. But not all of us, we have your luck. I am a cancer survivor of over 7years and over 70rounds of chemo, and still trying to survive, as my cancer doesn’t go away. I found a new Dr to administer multiple drugs for survival and still going strong. Unfortunately when the journey started for everyone, you don’t know what to do and where to go. Is an unknown journey for everyone, and till today the word death is the most scaring thing everyone can imagine. After that, if you are not in our shoes you can’t comment. Just everyone we need to survive from the Beast and nothing else. I would like to have the crystal ball and stop my poisoning chemo tomorrow, but the friends who did, are now dead and the others which continue maintenance and chemo, they are still alive. Tell me now your opinion????? I am waiting to be in remission again, and start my detox, as I am holistic organic and Keto diet for almost a year, trying now with Vit,C intravenous to get my life back in order, if the BEAST let me in peace.
    YOU ARE SO LUCKY, I am so jealous about your outcome, I wish to be in your shoes.

    • Barry David Butler

      Hey Dianne,
      Just my opinion but I don’t believe the chemo and diet go together. It doesn’t ring true to take something that destroys your immune system among others, and at the same time try and build it up. Try something NEW….Just do the All Raw foods, no breads, and Juicing and supplements.

      • leigh

        I would like to know if your friends who died Dianne first did chemo or radiation? That weakens if not destroys the immune system. Did they go off chemo and then start eating nothing but organic fruits, vegetables and herbs? I doubt it. Everyone that I have ever know that died of cancer went the conventional medicine way – the ones that I know of that lived turned their backs away from their doctors after the diagnosis and went the natural way of giving the immune system the raw materials it needs to fight the disease…..turning away from all chemical poisons in all forms and eating to support the body’s own immune system which is the strongest weapon against cancer.

  • Ben Musclow

    Wow… brought me to tears, seeing the ravages of a supposed treatment tear at the insides of a body, and then made plainly visible on the outside… God has made healing so simple, and yet we search for “respected” opinions in the medical establishment? As far as I am concerned, beyond critical trauma, it is either pray to God for miraculous healing or seek God’s wisdom on how to heal from within… praying for Angelo!

  • Cynthia Clingan

    Your post is very timely. I just read a Caring Bridge last night that greatly frustrated me. The beautiful recurring breast cancer grandmother’s post last week was very optimistic about some new chemo pill and other chemo treatments she had which the oncologist recommended. She was looking forward to getting her scan results back. and This week’s post – a week later – the adult daughter is posting that her mother has been sent home to hospice care. Her scans showed the cancer had spread. I don’t know this woman personally so I do not know more details. How can a patient decline that quickly? Even “fast growing cancer” isn’t that fast . . . unless your body is so beaten down by chemo the cancer just takes over. Thank you for posting this today. I really am tired of people blaming these horrid deaths on the cancer without acknowledging the poisonous treatments. For your readers, I am a three year breast cancer survivor who did conventional treatment who then had a recurrence. I refused conventional treatment. I am thankful to God for Chris! His site was the first one I found that really helped me have the confidence to take the natural approach to healing. He is also the fist person to look me in the eye during our Skype meeting to say, “You CAN heal yourself!” By the way, I am not just a survivor but a THRIVER!! No thanks to my oncologist or Susan G. Komen

    • simplynature

      Awesome Cynthia…I am so happy for you!!

      • Derrick

        Thank you for sharing!

  • Fawn Pettet

    Since the event where I first heard you speak earlier this month, the “cut, poison, burn” of cancer treatment has really been resonating with me. For the past few years, I have been on a path of questioning and moving away from western medicine, processed foods, and “conventional” produce.
    When I came across this photo series last week, “cut, poison, burn” immediately came to mind. Prevention continues to become more and more a central focus of mine. These photos are motivation to me.

  • Thank you for sharing this story and these poignant photos. Breast cancer runs in my family (as does melanoma) and I often wonder what course I will take should I get diagnosed with either. More and more I’m seeing that there are other options than what the “cancer industry” promotes as necessary treatments.

    • Trish

      Just my opinion, but cancer is not really inherited. What we do inherit from our family is the lifestyle that leads to cancer, and the toxic polluted world in which we now live.

    • Debby Pothier

      Karen, Please, please do not wait until you get cancer or any other disease. It is much easier to prevent cancer or any other disease or to live with it like Kris Carr. Kris Carr lives with 24 tumors, check her out online.
      Change your diet eat real food. I recommend mostly raw or all raw plant based diet. Organic or wash with water & apple cider vinegar or wheatgrass. Exercise, get some sun or vitamin D & vitamin B12 (if you decide to eat this way) Everyone has stress find ways to relive it.
      I found out 6 months ago I have breast cancer. And I wish I had gone all the way to the diet I have now. But I was working on it. I believe that is why my breast cancer is stage 0 & no tumor.
      So, please do not wait prevention is best.

  • Alexander William Thermos,DO

    Beautiful depiction of what true ‘love’ really entails – walking by her side and encouraging her, being ‘present’, and sharing her sorrows . . .

    What a tragic loss. Things don’t have to be this way – people need to learn that. EARLY DETECTION allows for EARLY INTERVENTION (I happen to subscribe to your ideas Chris).

    My Heart goes out to all who suffer – and Prayers for all who suffer with them as well.

    • Doug

      Sorry Doc, but the whole “early detection” ruse is wrong. Cancer only manifests when your body is in acidosis. Western diets and lifestyle are acid-forming, period. The solution is to live the alkaline lifestyle and avoid all diesease. Period.


    Oh Chris it’s so heartbreaking, I am here sobbing, same thing happened to my brother in law after battleling pancreatic cancer for 2 and half years :(

  • Lisa

    These pictures will probably haunt me forever. I’m so thankful for your site because I’m educating myself now just in case. I’m am pretty certain that I would never get chemo.

  • Brooke Ottum

    Thank you for sharing these photos because they are very moving. My heart aches for this couple. I am a caregiver for 6 people and I try to feed them healthy. It is very expensive to eat all organic, and junk food constantly comes into the house from all directions. I get rid of most of it as fast as I can – in the garbage can, where it belongs! Thank you Chris for all your work and sharing this information so people like me can get educated and change.

  • Jeri Arbuckle

    I’ve loved your site for a couple years now. I am presently working on getting rid of the (lobular) breast cancer tumor since August 2011 and have some “issues” I need help on. Yes, I watched the above deterioration of this lovely lady. At first, and I must admit, I didn’t want to see this…as I remember too well what I went through in the beginning. I do feel for every woman going through the delusion of chemo, surgery and radiation and the financial stress as well (when she’s so young…I was 66 when first diagnosed). My story is on my facebook page if anyone wants to hear about details. For now, do you have any suggestions Chris, or anyone else, how to combat and win over my constant SWEET Attacks I am experiencing. I don’t believe it’s been easy for anyone changing and not failing once in a while. Yes, I’ve eaten bad for 65 years and it definitely influenced my breast cancer and since I’ve changed my diet going with juicing, eating a healthy Large Salad, and other vegetables as well with some fish added later on (and admit to cheating as I regained my health with some chicken…and taking ‘tastes’ of my hubby’s weakness) too. I feel good. The tumor seems sometimes bigger, sometimes the same and I do not want to have surgery because of the side effects and what I’ve seen of other women having this done. The Budwig diet I tried, but it’s hard to take consistently (taste is not so good even with fruits added). I know I need to be more aggressive and constant and just started up again recently. Just want to check with you and others to see IF any of you had the same problems. The young girl who had brain cancer (tumor) was an awesome story but I am wondering how she denied herself (esp. from sugar!) except that she was so young and had a awesome mother encouraging her all the way. Just tell me IF you had the same temptations as I have and if you failed and returned a number of times like me? I walk for exercise, my husband grows our own garden, but having the ‘elderly’ thoughts of Not Liking to Fix meals any longer, but of course I do most days. (with Salads the main meal plus Mexican and oriental meals are my favorites…with lots of veggies)
    The above story gives an excellent picture of what could happen if we don’t questions the medical options. Thanks Chris for telling it like it is and making us aware of other options!

    • Sandy

      Jeri, I am on the Gerson Diet for a malignant beast lump. I find the dried fruit is very satisfying for that sweet tooth, especially pears. They taste like candy. good luck with your healing. Look up “The Gerson Miracle” on youtube. Sandy

    • Katie

      Hi Jeri, I was just reading through the comments and came across yours. I just wanted to say YES I am going through the same thing, and YES other people do as well because we are human :)
      I completely understand what you mean, I am struggling to work on my issues as well.. continuously working on my diet and thoughts even though I know exactly what I need to do, finding it very hard to stick with it. I have a thyroid tumor I am trying to self heal, always working on going raw and getting more exercise and thinking positively but finding it very difficult to stick with it. If you wanted someone to talk to, vent to, or if you wanted a support team to encourage eachother or share info we find, my email is
      Goodluck Jeri, keep working on it :)

    • Sabrina Albinsson

      Hi Jeri, I am a current Stage 4 Breast Cancer “patient” and working with the Bill Henderson Protocol for the past 2 months. The Bill Henderson Protocol uses the Budwig Smoothie and I have been eating this for breakfast for over two months. You just have to kinda get over the odd flavor. I have actually become used to it. I’ve experimented using different kinds of nut milks to stir it up a bit. I used Bananas, Strawberries and frozen wild blueberries. It helps.
      I understand about the cheating. I have 2 young children and a hubby who still like to eat cooked food & meat. I cheat a little bit too. I understand that this will slow down the healing process but it is still working. There has been no further spread and the current tumors are dormant. I had to dig myself out of the Chemo hole as well as I did not find Chris’ site until my treatment was almost finished.

      To curb the SWEET attacks, chew SPRY gum. Its made with Xylitol which is OK to have as a Cancer Patient according to the Henderson Protocol. I chew it often and it really does help. I have found this at Whole Foods, in the dental hygiene section.

      Keep working on it and keep your eye on the prize! We can do it!!

    • Doug

      Jeri, look into Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and Colonic Hydrotherapy as a means to physically detox your body. This is KEY to getting it right. Detox, and then start putting the good nutrients into your body. Learn about GMO foods and why you should avoid them. Avoid sugar like the plague. Your husband should too. Anyone who consumes sugar outside of its natural state (for example, in an apple) is literally pouring a metabolic waste product down their throat and is therefore making their body more acidic and is greatly improving the chance of developing cancer. Stop eating meat. Limit yourself to salmon once per week and beef or poultry once per month if at all, and above all make sure its labeled USDA organic grass/vegetarian fed. Same thing with dairy: avoid it. It’s acid forming. Check out for some great info. I’m affiliated in NO way, just feel there’s some great info there.

    • Trish

      No judgment here, because I’m guilty too, but maybe it would help if you started viewing your sweets as “cancer-food”. Eat the good food from your garden and know that you are feeding your body and starving the cancer. Then when the sweets come around, know that eating them is feeding your cancer, not your body. Your tumour is saying, “Yeah, yeah, give me some of that.” You should answer, and say, “Heck no, you’re trying to kill me.”

  • Linda

    Looking at the photos I saw my mother all over again.
    The treatment killed her not the cancer.
    I refuse to go down that path. Our journey in life ultimately leads to death. It’s the quality of life that we have control over. Eat well, love all and keep the faith.
    Keep it simple.

  • John Tod

    My first venture into alternative cures was in 1997 when I cured my then wife of leukemia using Essiac and in 2010 used it again to cure my cat that had a cancerous bone tumour. These two instances showed me that cancer CAN be cured, not with killer chemo and radiation but with natural cures. Both these stories are on your web site.

    I am now battling prostate cancer. I absolutely refused surgery and radiation (shudder). I am using a combination of a ketogenic diet and supplements. As a side benefit the ketogenic diet allowed me to lose a lot of excess weight. My weight peaked at 265. I now weight 170 and feel fantastic! Two years ago I was diagnosed and had the biopsy that confirmed prostate cancer. My PSA was over the 10 mark. That is when my urologist said I must choose between surgery or radiation. I refused both. He was rather shocked. :) Three months later I went for another PSA and the readings had dropped down into the 8 range and then into the 6 range. I admit not staying rigid to the ketogenic diet but with my “mostly” adherence to it and the supplements I have it in check. It is late Nov/2013 and my next text is in Feb. I am going “strictly” ketogenic and no cheating whatsoever this time. :) I fully expect the readings to be way down or close to zero.

    I get SO pissed off when I see all the needless suffering and deaths from conventional cancer treatments. These images brought a tear to my eye. SUCH a waste. Some friends of mine were totally against my decision to go alternative but when I related the previous two stories and my journey battling prostate cancer most (not all) have changed their minds. We must spread the word far and wide that cancer CAN and IS being cured alternatively.

    John Tod

    • Mel

      I totally agree. I know each person has to make their own decision re. what is “best” for them…..but I’ve seen so many friends/acquaintances make the decision to go the chemo/radiation route because of fear and feeling like there is no alternative. And the pictures speak for themselves on how grueling that is……thank you for sharing.


      • Doug

        They chose wrong because of a combo of fear & ingnorance with brainwashing. Preach the truth. Beat them over the head with truth until theu GET it! Death is not a viable choice :-)

    • Kelly


      I’m curious how you treated your cat. Did you make your own cat food? One of ours was diagnosed with bone cancer in her mouth and we refused to have her treated, just let it take it’s course. If there is something we can actively do to help her, I’d love to know.

  • Audrey

    My mother died many years ago at age 49 of lung cancer. It haunts me to this day that she didn’t want to do chemo, but I asked her to try it. She looked much like the woman in these photos. Beautiful one day, gravely I’ll shortly thereafter, and within three months she was gone. Condolences to this bereaved husband. I find myself a but frightened as I don’t believe oncology has improved since my mom was a patient. Thank you Chris for your website.

  • Corina

    My heart aches for the family members left behind after cancer treatments have destroyed their loved ones. I was witness to the horrible effects of chemo after a friend was diagnosed with colon cancer (stage 4). She was perfectly healthy, (showing no signs whatever) up to the time she had a routine colonoscopy…then it was downhill from there. After surgery (even before chemo started) she was in and out of the hospital for infections/blood clots/internal bleeding. Once she started chemo, her health was totally destroyed. Her liver quit working and she continued to get blood clots, legs swelling. What was the most horiffic thing was as I was sitting with her during her last week of life in the hospital her oncologist came in and asked me if I knew what the family plans were since she probably would not be going home (i.e. death was soon approaching). He mentioned to me that he had been holding off on the strongest chemo because he was worried about internal bleeding and was going to now give it to her so that it might possibly give her another week or so of life. IS THAT NOT TOTALLY INSANE!! They gave it to her and she started bleeding internally and did not last another week. Up until that point she was the most vibrant, full-of-life lady. She left behind a wonderful, devoted husband and three young children. Oh how I wish I knew what I know now…not that she/they would of chosen alternative/holistic treatments but just maybe they would of??? I will always wonder what if? Keep up the awesome work your doing Chris…you are making a HUGE difference. May the Lord continue to bless you in your work in trying to help others.

  • Tonia Englert

    The love that is shown in these pictures is true love! I watched my own mother in 2003 start the process of getting the diagnosis of colon cancer. We were told at the time we had 1-2 years. We did not solely rely on the doctors we took our journey into our own hands and started educating ourselves. We ate Gods food and added juice plus to our diet – she did not win her battle but gained a birthday into heaven on September 4. What I have truly learned is that through the dying we learn to really live. I now devote my life to helping keep families intact through education and nutrition. I know God gave me this journey to show me his plan to serve others. My journey is one of the biggest blessings I have ever recieved! Thank you for sharing these photos- I love black and white- you just see emotion! God bless!

  • Sandy

    Hi Chris, I’ve enjoyed your site. 5 months ago after a routine mammogram, they found a lump in my L breast that they said was malignant. They scheduled me for a radioactive seed implantation and a lumpectomy on a Tuesday. The Friday before I called to cancel. Instead, having heard of another alternative treatment, I decided to follow the Gerson Therapy. Presently, I am juicing 3x a day and doing 1 coffee enemy. I’ve completely changed my diet to organic fruits and veggies, no meat, dairy, white flour, sugar, rice, pasta or bread. No salt, too. I am full all the time, and have lost about 40 pounds without even trying. The “no salt” is difficult, but getting better. On Tuesday, Nov 5, my daughter and I will be heading to Tijuna, Mexico to attend the Gerson Clinic for 2 weeks. I look and feel great and have always believed that chemo is poison and would never put it in my body and kill all the good cells along with the bad. Instead, I am building up my body from the inside out. I know that those “little buggers” will leave my body soon. Sandy

    • deborah

      Hello Sandy :)happy to see your story and that it is so new. In March I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in my R breast. After getting on the medical roller coaster for two months – I got the courage (if one could call my sneaking out of the medical arena courage) to get off the ride and choose the Gerson Therapy. Am seeing great results bu would really love to find someone to talk through the hard difficulties of staying on the therapy. If you can – would love to stay in touch.

      • Sandy

        Deborah, I leave Tues. for Mexico but if you want to keep in touch, email me at Sandy

  • Michele

    Thank you for posting this. I’m eternally grateful for those who have the courage to share their stories, whatever the choice and outcome. It has been a great educator in helping me heal myself of cancer. That, and faith in myself. I was chastised for walking away from the traditional treatments, but planted my feet firm in my own belief there was a better, less intrusive, natural way to heal. You could never convince me otherwise! I have been free of it for 10 years, and no fear of return. It breaks my heart to see others go through such pain.

    My heart goes out to this family left with this image of their loved one. To myself, it’s a great testament of her strength. I love to see that knowledge is spreading, and the fear to heal oneself naturally, dispelled. Keep up the good work Chris, you are a blessing to so many!

  • Patsi

    I’m 2/3’s done with conventional medical treatment for breast cancer. I am anemic and tired. I do want to get off this treatment train and get back to alternatives. I have no idea if I made the right decisions with chemo, double mastectomy, radiation and still have reconstruction to do. I am not getting the help I need to run my household. All the doctors don’t know why I got breast cancer since I did so much not to get it in the first place. This cancer is a whole big business model for profit. I don’t want a cure cause I didn’t want it in the first place. I met very young people in the chemo ward so I know it’s not lifestyle cause they haven’t lived long enough to do anything based on habit. Something is wrong with our society to have this cancer trigger turned on for so many people. I too took pictures of my journey. I am looking for answers and praying about it. No word yet from God or doctors.

    • Janis

      Hi Patsi, I too am looking for a reason for my breast cancer. R-Breast in 1995, and L-Breast Sept. 2013. Tried everything natural but tumors kept growing until I had no choice but Surgery. Found a surgeon who agreed to remove my breast without Chemo or Rad., I believe it is deadly. I had stage 3. Two months after surgery I feel great. If I should ever get to go to Mexico again, I will go to the Gerson clinic.
      Have you looked up Hal Higgins on you tube. I believe my Stainless steel Partial plate leaches nickle to my breast. God Bless.

  • Teresa

    My brother died of cancer, my father died with cancer – both after having turned to natural methods instead of conventional.

    Yet I am 110% behind every method Chis promotes here on this website!

    People wonder how I can do that, after my brother and my Dad….here’s why:

    My brother was diagnosed with a rare form of muscle cancer 24 years ago. He was a 6’2″, 230 lb, Army Reservist that almost died after his first poison/burn treatment and the doctors gave no hope, not even a life expectancy. He and my parents then learned of treatments available in Mexico – which he received for 1 month, before coming back home. Unfortunately at that time alternative treatments for “minor” issues were unheard of, let alone treatment for cancer. He was persuaded by others not to return to Mexico, and a month later he passed away.

    Note in Dad’s case – I said he died “WITH” cancer. His was a different case than my brothers – he was a life long smoker, was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metasticised else where. Doctors said with poison/burn treatments he could expect 8-10 months, 4-6 with no treatment. As a family we discussed the 3rd option: natural treatments. Mom and I went with him as his support team and did some of the same methods as his agressive treatment protocol, and he was healthier than he had been in decades (probably his life). Yet 5 weeks after his diagnosis he passed away…

    We saw CLEARLY how the mind has SUCH healing — or destructive — power! He mentally shut down; he could not handle the diagnosis, even though the extended protocol was NOT difficult and we had great reason to believe he would recover. However he became depressed; was never a strong man, and we believe he willed himself to death. I tell people he is probably one of the MOST healthy people to die WITH cancer – because he did not die FROM it. I sometimes wonder what a scan would have shown about the growths, 3 weeks after he started it when he passed away – whether they would have been smaller….

    Everything we learned through Dad’s short journey was profound – and profoundly the truth – yet in a way, so simple. And much is found right here in this compilation that Chris has put together on this website. I have nothing but great respect and 100% support for what Chris is doing by spreading the word! And only hope and pray many may continue to heal, and be healed, by the God-given methods that are proven to work!

    • Teresa

      I had to come back to add… my brother was given greater than 75% chance of reversing the cancer if he had stuck with the natural protocol – remarkable for it being considered aggressive. These pics bring back many memories…. and he had only ONE treatment which reduced him to look like this young woman!

    • true friend

      Doctors are not God. They cannot predict whether a person will live 3 months, 6, 8 a years, etc. What they do though is plant this idea in a patient’s brain, and then the patient “live” up toe the expectations. Lots of evidence and research done on this. I’m so sorry for your loss. Wonder what your brother’s outcome would have been if he had not done the first round of intravenous poison and cancer-causing radiation. prayers to all

    • Teresa,

      A major lesson from your story is that your father looked and seemed healthy up until he died.

      Even if he did pass away from cancer, imagine dying looking normal and healthy versus how this poor woman became.

      I’d much prefer to die without destroying myself to rescue a few more months of “life” in suffering.

    • Taylor

      Hi Teresa,

      What alternative treatments did your dad try?

  • Eileen

    Hi Chris:

    Yes, I saw this before and it is so very tragic. My learning experience was in 1968 my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer. She did have surgery, however, refused all other conventional treatments, I remember her saying to me and I was only 10 years old and didn’t quite understand, she said that will only kill me if I do those treatments. We didn’t have alot of money, but she prayed which was her form of meditation and just ate healthy and she lived until she was 86 years old. My mom was way ahead of her time and her family and friends thought she was being foolish but I truly believed if she would have gone the conventional route she never would have made it Peace and Love and Thanks for Sharing all your Information

    • Eileen,

      Amazing story.

      I tend to support surgery + total detox and alkalinity, just like Chris. But I think even that first round of “poison / burn” as people call it is too much.

      My aunt died of cancer after hormone replacement therapy and a life of smoking, but that’s it — it does not run in my family at all. I should feel “lucky” but cancer still occupies a lot of my thoughts and I know that nobody is completely out of the woods.

  • Robert

    I found this information years after my wife died from bone cancer. I read that 3 1/2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil daily can prevent or get rid of breast cancer, bone cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and many other cancers with no side effects. A Google Internet search for “coconut oil and cancer” shows a large number of sites with this information. A search for “soursop and cancer” is interesting. A person can research to be informed.

    • true friend

      The problem is that people rely on doctors as if they are God. They do not want to do the research and eat the coconut oil or drink the green smoothies or eat raw salads. No, the majority of people want “medicine” to “cure” them. I am astounded that this young couple in the story would even allow themselves to be tortured with this barbaric outdated approach. Did they not have access to the internet? Literally, with all the abundance of evidence in this day and age that it is the chemo that kills, not the cancer, I am astounded. I can understand 20 years ago someone not knowing, but in this millenium? No way.

  • Janet

    That’s very sad. It must be so hard for the family and loved ones to watch. Thanks for sharing Chris.

  • Chris, first off: you are a true hero — you speak truth in the face of greed and profiteering that comes at the expense of human life. I carry the same torch as youn in this respect. While I’ve not had cancer myself, chemo took my grandfather and nearly took my mother in law. That’s why I’ve gone naturopathic activist.

    We are combating a lifetime of brainwashing when we try to deliver the natural health messsage to the average person. We are combatting a multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical marketing/propaganda machine with blogs!!!

    And my experience shows me this: people need beaten over the head with reality. People need to see photos like these. They also need to see photos of those diagnosed that chose to go the natural route. There’s nothing like a stark comparison, combined with a positive message to give people courage to move beyond the fear and conditioning.

    The doctors pushing chemo and radiation need to be held accountable. They must be exposed as the frauds and quacks that they are. Fight fire with fire.

  • Janet

    These oncologists should be sued, if not tried for manslaughter, wrongful death. If people are not held personally accountable, this evil will never end.

  • Amy Biggs

    Chris-I love ur blog and gettin ur email with such encouraging stories of ppl who have fought and beat this horrid disease. I also love the perspective of it being an illness caused by our bodies and that our bodies can heal themselves. I am a nurse and it is very, very difficult to retrain the brain to think this way.
    My question is battling Stage 4 Melanoma. What are some of ur suggestions for attacking this sneaky, wicked CA?

  • Annie

    Hi Chris,

    My warm hugs and kisses to Angelo for posting his wife’s journey as she hopelessly awaited the result of her supposedly “cure” and “miracle.” Her pictures reminded me of my sister’s struggle through pain due to ovarian cancer. I have witnessed her sufferings through tears of ignorance because of lack of awareness for alternative routes. Thank you Chris for constantly making an effort to reach out through your website. You are spreading awareness this way and at the same time, sharing alternative solutions verified by your own personal victory as a survivor and others who shared their success in combating this so called dreadful disease. I am battling cancer as well but have resolved to turn from medical intervention route to going raw 100% raw and quality food supplements. My own doctors could not believe how an “Occular Melanoma” could shrink without the intervention of surgery. I am also battling stomach and colon cancer but my bleeding stopped after a month of deciding to go raw. Now my pains are tolerable and infrequent. Though I am not afraid to die when my time comes, but as long as I am alive by God’s grace, I am to give the nutrition my body needs and hunger for in order to heal itself. I learned about health and nutrition the hard way and still is craving to learn more so I could in turn pass on this awareness to others. God bless Chris, keep on keeping on.

  • Susanelizabeth

    I wept when I saw these pictures. Not only because of the images and the sadness they portray, but I was thinking of my sweet friend, Jess Ainscough of the Wellness Warrior. She did Gerson and is now in remission from the cancer that she was told would take her life. Towards the end of her Gerson Protocol(2yr mark) her sweet mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and also chose to do Gerson. However, her recovery was fraught with huge challenges and after seeing that she was not progressing, she(her mum) decided to let it go, enjoy the time she had left with her family.She thought about other alternative methods, but chose to not do them and continued to live as healthy as she could. Jess is so heartbroken and has taken a break from traveling and blogging at her site(which I and thousands of other support). And now, she’s getting blasted, and even on one site is being blamed, saying she forced her sweet mum to do Gerson and had she gone the convention route, she would be fine. It’s so heartless and sad how duped people are, truly. The images above show clearly what I have seen and experienced in so many. Not all, but many.And sadly, not many see the victories that happen when people use alternative treatments instead.

    I’m so grateful for you Chris for getting the message out! Keep standing firm in this journey of sharing the truth. God bless you.

  • Robert

    My hat’s off to Angelo! In an age where so many in marriage treat it (and the spouse) like a disposable diaper, this man is indeed a breath of fresh air to say the least! And I know without doubt that Jennifer truly appreciated it right up until she drew her last. As for the pathetic “conventional” treatment, there have been more than enough comments to underscore how truly disgusting it truly is.

    Right now, I am struggling with prostate cancer. However, so far, at least according to the last scan, it does not seem to have spread. I am not going to submit to radiation, chemo or surgery. At present I am under the care of a naturopathy doctor in Tucson, AZ as well as holding to a diet that is 99% organic – NO JUNK FOOD – (i.e., broccoli, collard greens, avocado, blue berries, black berries, raspberries, brown rice pasta, organic chicken, raisins, pumpkin seeds, pistachio nuts, coconut milk ice cream sweetened with erythritol (no sugar of any kind folks). And the list goes on. And let me not forget: Supplements from the doctor himself!!!

    If I don’t beat this disease, it sure isn’t for lack of trying. But for right now I seem to be doing fine.

    • Hey Robert, I’m in Tucson, too. My email is I’m doing research on this kind of stuff, and it would be interesting to hear from someone going the complete naturopathic route with having had one round of chemo or radiation. Feel free to write me a line…

  • Sue

    I say keep posting such stories!!!
    Until the whole world knows there is help,
    there is hope. In MOST cases the patient WILL survive without conventional treatments!!! Keep up the awareness Chris! Thank you for posting!!!

  • Kathleen

    I am speechless. There is an austere beauty and a mournful science and hardening reality in Cancer. I faded as she. I also gained strength in the importance of life.

  • Maly Tran

    I’m so glad that I decided on alternative method. I thank God for people like you Chris who are sending messages that there are other alternative methods. How can we help these people? I have tried to help close friends but all you can do is give them the information. They must decide to make the commitment. I want so much to help. Thinking about opening a store with supplements, information, and resources to help people. Just so amaze the the medical community is not helping their patient with at least these alternative options. Praying that God will guide me to figure out how to spread the word.

    • Tacy Anna Taylor

      I agree with Maly and although I live in Maine, I am willing to help in any way possible.

  • Dalia Hettfield

    Thank You so much for sharing with Us, your Courage and Your Immense LOVE for your Beloved Wife. I admire you so much. It brought tears to my eyes because I have been there and I know what it feels. My Beloved Father died of Cancer as well, long time ago.
    My Heart and my Healing Prayers go out to You and Yours. Blessed Be!
    Much LOVE and Light, Peace

  • My soul is with you two…can see love. Feel it all! God bless you with only the wonderful memories…let me know if you to speak to me just to feel light and wanted….love and listening is free and I have it in me….thanks for sharing your story…

  • Stacy

    Chris–Thank you for your work and reassuring us that alternative treatment choices are important to share with the world. I read your blog all the time, and because of you we bought a Rebounder, and I frequently make your intense salads and juice just like you– Having had a close family member diagnosed with breast cancer, we chose the non-conventional way to treat the cancer, along with Tomoxifican which blocks estrogen and a voluntary removal of the ovaries. We follow your blog and see your posts daily on Facebook. We are so happy to be validated. I especially loved the video of you showing us your colonoscopy came back without a trace of cancer. I so wish Angelo and Jen could have learned about other ways to treat her breast cancer because it seems like the chemo truly took her body from earth, not the cancer. Thank you for the wisdom, love and care you offer. And my sympathy goes out to Angelo. I wish he could have had the chance to have love for a longer time

  • true friend

    I am the only one who is bothered that Angelo appears to be profiting off of his wife’s death? How could he have let her go through that? The husband is to be the spiritual leader of the household. He could have found sites like yours, Chris, that share the TRUTH. She did not die of cancer — she died from the poison and the radiation. How could they not have known that reality and submitted to it? This doesn’t make me sad — it makes me angry, a righteous anger.

    • Peggy

      I would be interested to know in what way Angelo could possibly profit from Jennifer’s death.

      Plus I am appalled that you have the insensitivity to say such a thing. People make choices based on the information they have at the time. I’m wondering how YOU can be so cruel.

    • K. Raine

      Wow. I was enjoying reading these comments until yours. Spiritual leader? You are placing your standards on a stranger. How does a man become the spiritual leader of his home if he doesn’t know God? You are judgemental and the reason that many are not drawn to faith in Christ. Love never fails. Not legalism.

  • Tacy Anna Taylor

    I thank both of you for your honesty, candor bravery, love,commitment, compassion, education … I could go on for quite some time. I have not experienced cancer, although as most of us , I know many who have. I smiled, I chuckled, felt pain, and cried. The empty bed got me…I thought she was going to make it. Thank you for bringing us into your most personal private space, and sharing one of this life’s tragedies.I’ve learned a lot through an art form. Your photographs captured so much. No words spoken, but so much said…Again, thank you, and many blessings.

  • Wendy H

    Chris, thank you for posting this. Breast cancer returned 3 years after my first diagnosis and I refused chemo. I did do radiation (which I did not do with the initial diagnosis – just surgery and chemo), but opted against the chemo. God told me not to do it. I know if I had done it, I wouldn’t be here today. Thanks again for posting this story. The more people we can inform of the ineffectiveness of these brutal “treatments” the better. I have shared it on my Facebook page to do my part.

  • Billie Coco

    Hi Chris,

    I have followed you for some time and want to thank you for being brave and stepping out of the box!

    I have gone through (in 96) breast cancer and did surgery, no chemo or radiation! I knew from what I had learned previously and innately I did not want conventional care.

    Cutting out much of the story, in 2009 I was rediagnosed with breast metastatic bone cancer. I chose again non conventional alternative treatment. I of course got lots of resistance from family and friends. I doove into the books again and did well my first year. Unfortunately I fractured my back, caused by cancer and had surgery with rods. I might add I had scoliosis and changing the tilt of my pelvis caused my hip to fractured. That healed!

    That’s when because of being scared and doubtful I turned to conventional treatment using radiation. Would I do it again- I don’t think so. It was so debilitating, damaging further my immune system. It has taken two years to help my body, mind and spirit to regain part of my health back. Because of carelessness in the medical field I now have lymphedema with cording, my back is always hurting and it has been difficult to exercise.

    However, I am alive and joyful in my heart that I made the decision to go the way I did (w the exception of radiation). Like you, bravery, courage, independence, research, education and a really compassionate doctor who loves God has been a gift I cherish! I have amazed family and friends and our bodies are made to heal- providing we learn to care for ourselves. My prognosis was 10months- it is now over 4 years.

    4-5 weeks ago I somehow hurt the ligaments in my right glut- so painfull I had to use a walker. Ligaments take a long time to heal and into week 4 my doc ordered and X-ray! I got a call from my Dr. Alex Thermos so excited and apologizing his excitement knowing how much pain I was having- non the less he proceeded to share what the radiologist had just told him!! The areas that had reflected where the cancer WAS is now sclerotic and he told Dr. Thermos it is VERY rare to see this. BUT AS MY DOC CONTIUED TELLING ME THAT MY BONES ARE SHOWING NEW GROWTH AND FILLING IN!!! Praise Jesus!!! Now does this mean I am totally repaired, not yet! BUT I work at it every day and I am so grateful to God, He has given me more time to be with my family and friends and joyfully help others. Hugs to you for all your helpful words and for sharing like you do!!! Sincerely, Billie

  • Chris,

    Your readers have said it all – just about. My heart goes out to everyone who has suffered from cancer and painful, debilitating, killing treatments. The photo essay tells such a poignant story. I so appreciate your sharing this valuable information on the net for everyone to find. You are a blessing to all.

    I would like to add an important point that nobody has touched on. Alternative cancer treatments are all based on giving your body the nutrients it needs while detoxifying from the chemicals we are bathed in every day, from our tap water to our food to the chemicals in every item we bring into our homes.

    This is all so important. BUT anybody with a cancer diagnosis needs to immediately be tested for the genetic defect, Methyltetrahydrofolatereductase. MTHFR for short. As many as 70% of the population has this defect to one degree or another. With one gene your ability to detoxify through the liver is reduced by about 50%. Those of us who inherited this from both parents (30% of the American population) have two genes, and our ability to detox is reduced to about 30% of normal. There are protocols to help overcome this, to help your body be able to detoxify more normally.

    As you can imagine, if you are going to rely on a detox regime for healing your cancer, you need to do everything possible to help your body be able to detox by taking the supplements required for this crucial body function, along with your diet, enemas, CC/FO, etc, and other supplements.

    What I’m saying is that the Gerson therapy, the Budwig therapy, the Bill Henderson protocol and others cannot do their work if your liver doesn’t have the correct support. You need to take methylated forms of B12 and folate and avoid the artificial vitamin, folic acid, like the plague. By the say, since folic acid is now in all white flour, that’s another reason to just say no to wheat. But there are other supplements that also support you in this situation.

    I, too, had read about cancer alternatives for years before being diagnosed in 2010 with an aggressive breast cancer (triple negative – not involved with hormones). I, too, thought I’d never ever have chemo or surgery or radiation. I went to a Gerson-certified clinic and learned how to do the Gerson therapy, but two months later, while still on the program, my tumor had doubled in size.

    At that point I went to Arizona to Dr Lodi and had low dose insulin potentiation chemotherapy along with a raw vegan diet and lots of other therapies designed to help me detox. Things went well, the tumor shrunk almost to match the other breast, but in seven weeks I spent $50,000. Not everyone can do that, and, when my cancer returned I couldn’t afford to do it again.

    It was only after returning from Arizona that another doctor tested me and found the MTHFR. But he didn’t have a clue what to do about it. I learned about Dr Rawlins, who has a couple of Youtube talks on the subject, and started his protocol. I’ve since learned more and there is lots of good information at

    I’ve read nutrition books avidly for over 50 years and always tried to eat as well as I knew to do. I eventually became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Even so, the cancer diagnosis broadsided me. It can happen to anybody, no matter how careful you are, if your body cannot detoxify properly in this world full of toxins.

    I saw a new oncologist a few months ago and when she first met me, she looked up from reading my chart notes and said “We don’t see many people with your diagnosis after three years.”

    “I know. I should be dead, right?”

    She waffled a bit, but admitted it’s true.

    Later, I told my husband, “She wanted to do more treatments that they know haven’t worked for others, because they don’t live three years. Instead of doing more of what killed the others she should be asking me what I’ve been doing not just to be alive, but to be thriving!”

    So, please, folks, don’t wait until you get a cancer diagnosis. A simple blood test will tell you if you have MTHFR, and a lot of you do. Be tested and get on the protocol so you can detox before you get a nasty diagnosis!

  • Joanna

    Heartbreaking…I shared this page on my facebook account to spread awareness.

  • DiaG

    I agree. This is tragic. I would like to see a similar photojournal done with a patient using unconventional treatment such as the Gerson therapy etc. No treatment is 100% successful but quality of life during treatment is so key I believe. Prayers for Angelo. Sweet man

  • karla Gruber

    Hi, I am an artist and I have friends and relatives who have done both fought hard and lost the battle and also overcome cancer. I recently had a breast biopsy. Praise Jesus, it was benign. But the experience changed me. For weeks my heart sunk just anticipating the worst. I want to use one of my own breast mammogram images as an inspiration to create graphic art to move move women to get regular mammograms. My suspicious spots were micro scopic calcifications, not detected by any manual breast exam. What are your thoughts about art to promote early detection? Are there any fundraising forums for alternative cancer treatments. I live in ky and digital images will be best. I am just in idea mode right now. I have been given permission by my dr. To come choose a mam.image or two for printing out. Not a typical comment …but I have done a few public murals and the possibilities for helping eventually , following a canvas original are out there.

  • Michele

    Very touching and sad story. However I don’t think we should discount all medical treatments. I think Medical and Alternative treatments need to meet somewhere in the middle.

    My sister was diagnosed with cervical cancer during a pregnancy. The docs said she would never carry full term. She switch to a Raw foods and juicing with less then 10% cooked food. She carried the baby full term and said after the food changeover it was the best pregnancy she ever had (it was her 7th pregnancy).

    She refused all conventional medical treatments unfortunately. She passed away 9 months after she had the baby from her cancer.

    It’s a shame that cancer patients think they can’t combine alternative and medical. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You have to be your own advocate and thoroughly research all the treatments.

  • Linda

    Hi, I am also a cancer survivor. I had Stage 3C breast cancer. I have gone through all the conventional treatment of slash, poison and burn. I am so far cancer free and I hope and pray to stay that way. I am 2.5 years out from diagnosis. I have a 14 year old daughter and I am starting college this spring. I remain hopeful and optimistic that I will beat this.

  • Sharon Massey

    I would love some help in putting my thoughts and experiences fighting my way back from a long, four year battle back from Stage 4, Breast Cancer. I went through all the traditional medicines and I had no quality of life due to tomifien, xgeva, and luprin not to mention all the narcotics I was one.
    Last October, the 22nd to be exact, I went, very sick, to my 30th High School Reunion to say goodbye to people I have known all my life. We grew up “Medford Lakes”, we started kindergarten together thru the 8th grade, and then onto high school with other school districts. Very unusual!

    Anyways, that night, one of my darkest hours, came my lifeline. We saw each other across the room, walked to the middle and hugged to say “Hello”. She pulled back and asked me if I was sick. My reply, very. She gave me her phone number and told me she could help me if I was opened minded. Lucky for me I was. I started a non-conventional treatment at her home the Monday after our class reunion from Saturday night. Everyday I drove an hour to her home, before we knew it I was responding. Some days I got home, I didn’t know how I got home. Some days I crawled up the steps into my bed.

    And before I knew it, I had a clean Petscan in January, three months after I began her treatment. Now I am clean!

    My very loving and supportive husband and I are trying to pay it forward to those who are opened minded enough to try something the medical community has deemed. “Unconventional”, wait for it,,,, multi-wave oscillators, a clean diet, and essential oils are why my cancer has been reversed!

    • bobbijo

      could you please share your treatment that has healed you of cancer? i am fighting breast cancer right now. i am doing many alternative treatments. and my tumor seems to be growing out of control, everyone is scared for me. worried im one of those that wont respond to natural treatments. you seem to have had a very very good result. i would love to have more information. you can email me if you can not post in public. thank you..

  • Linda

    My prayers goes out to Angelo and the family. I was told I had breast cancer 1 year ago this November. My doctor led me to believe if I did not hurriedly have surgery, and chemo before January, I would be dead. I chose not to have the surgery because of risks factors of my heart I found out. I seriously decided to do research of alternative ways to health, we had an old juicer we had bought years ago, with the book called the juice man. I decided after some research to go all organic with my juicing and eating. Our daughter bought us a champion juicer for Christmas, and we went off of all meat, flours, dairy, sugar. When you find out you have cancer you will do what it takes to get healthy again. At first our son was not supportive he thought I should do what the doctor said, he did not respond to the alternative doctor I was seeing either. But he later did, because of the thermo-gram test results that came back showing the amazing results after 11 months of good nutrition will do. I only like 1/3 and I will be healed. I also gave up mammograms. Because 50 pounds of weight is pressed down on your breast shooting radiation straight into your breast, and having mammograms every 2 years after the age of 40 for 25 years I believe contributed to my cancer. Why? Doctors have always told us they cannot give to many x-rays because there is a danger of to much radiation, for years and years doctors have said this. Ladies do not get mammograms, do the safe way and get thermo grams. Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Texas offers the Thermo-gram now, I believe hopefully all hospitals will eventually will offer it. I received my thermo-gram from my alternative doctor. Change is essential for healing I believe, and I am proof. I am no longer scared of cancer I know it can be healed through, organic foods, juicing, By the way juicing gets to the blood stream quickly. Getting the chemicals out of the home and off our bodies from head to toe, learning to get the stress out of our lives, plenty of sun- vitamin D, it is not the sun that causes cancer it is the chemical sun lotions we put on our bodies that contribute to active cancer. Good cleanest water, we chose the Berkey water system and shower heads. I also got off all coffee’s and on organic lemon grass tea and I drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning, half a organic lemon in a cup of warm water. I found the research paper and results on this was so amazing, that I had to add it to my regiment. I decided not to eat any sugar at all after early research into what sugar does. Sugar feeds cancer. Most of my research was from overseas alternative Doctors, and reading books on the subject of cancer. What convinced me to go alternative to healing was early on last year in December when I ask the Chemo Doctor would she have surgery, chemo and radiation if she was in my place, and she said no she would not. Later on I found out the percentage of doctors who would not have the conventional way of treating cancer was 70% or higher. I stepped out in Faith in God that what I read from the Bible on healing ourselves, and asking God to lead me and believing He would, brought for me so much peace and understanding and knowledge of healing. Chris Thank You again and again. Go Bless you all, And Diane all I can say Girl, is step out and Go for the healing, it works. Chemicals does not. Diane I will pray you will have the courage to do so. God’s speed.

    • bobbijo

      Linda, God bless and congrats on your success, i to have breast cancer, with a very large and very painful tumor, i have been wondering about someone who has successfully healed of breast cancer without surgery, could i ask you how long it took to be completely free of the tumor without surgery? and how much juicing did you do daily and which kind? also, did you eat fruit? thank you.

  • Linda

    Oh,I share my story with whom ever I com in contact with, that way I know I am sharing Good News and vital Knowledge.

  • Follow this woman’s journey and you will be moved guaranteed . Sad but true and the world needs to wake up. Holistic CHef Barry Unbelievable amount of comments from people to this.

  • I have two Sons who went through cancer treatment.Both have survived thank God and are well now and free of cancer..MY daughter in law, Wife to one of the sons was also diagnosed with breast cancer nearly two years ago and has also had chemo,herceptin, and is still taking temoxephin,but is free of cancer now. The journey hasn’t always been easy as you can imagine but during all of this time each one of them continued to go about there lives in between treatment and continue to work. I also had until recently the most beautiful niece aged just 42 who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 39. Following a Mastectomy she refused any further treatment certain in her own mind that she would kill this invasion of her body herself .IT WAS NOT TO BE. the last year of her life was spent trying one after another of these natural healing cures all to no avail, The cancer had travelled into her spine,neck,hips,liver,and all of this effected the central nervous system causing the worst pain imaginable in her whole body, it was nearly impossible to touch her without causing great pain. When I saw the pictures of your wife my heart broke for you and I know you would have done anything to save her but I just wanted to tell you of our experiences and assure you that the natural route did nothing to help my lovely Niece who was not only beautiful on the outside but also a very beautiful being who put her trust into something and it failed her. The last 7years for myself and family have been fraught with the worry and none of it has been easy believe me but the only thing I would wish to change if it was possible would be Amanda’s choice and then maybe we would have still had her here with us. GODBLESS you and I hope you find the peace you so need right now. My prayers will be with you and your beautiful wife that she will find eternal peace in heaven. LINDAXXX

  • Louisa

    First , I would like to thanks Chris from all my hearth for what he is doing.I know that he will contribute to save lives. I would have like so much to know all I know today when I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 grade III 8 years ago .

    It’s hard to see images like that when you pass it through this path. I know that I’m a lucky one who didn’t die but let me tell you that I almost did . I can say today that these ” treatments ” ARE NOT the way to do. I would NEVER EVER do it again !! It’s worst than you can imagine. They told me that there was only 1% of people experienced all the horrible side effects I had … I didn’t know anything about alternatives at this moment. I didn’t have the internet.

    Here’s just a few :
    First one , I vomited so much and many times that I must go to the hospital to be hydrated.I didn’t know at that moment but I became sterile … So I had to deal with all the effects of drastic menopause plus the others …

    Second : Happened twice… So much fever that I must return to hospital… They gave me powerful antibiotics because they were afraid that I had in infection and with the neutropenia , very dangerous …

    Third : Became so anemic that I needed a blood transfusion

    Fourth : No more white blood cells. Must inject myself a medication called neupogen
    to help that. Imagine having to do that when you’re afraid of injection. Not really the joy !

    Fifth : I didn’t agree for a porthecart so I had injections in my arms. After a few treatments , my veins was completely destroy and they couldn’t succeed to do the injections anymore after about 6 nurses pass on me and try and try… Horrible moment…

    Today , I think about that and wonder how I can have been so blind not to tell another word … I now know that, all I needed at that time was probably a lot of rest and good nutrition and not to be POISONED !

    I hope so much that people wake up and see the truth about all this industry of BIG profits.

    I was looking a few days ago for videos to send for someone I know have cancer and I find one that I didn’t want to look but finally I was push to look at it. Since last night, I know why but don’t want to talk about that.

    All I can say is that I sworn to try all my best to OPEN THE EYES so these atrocity stops but to achieve that, we must sometimes show the heavy reality. So , for the one who really want to see what is the bigger children serial killer ever till now , go to see that but I advise that it’s really hard to look. But sometimes , it’s what it need to make people understand the truth !

    Look for: Phoebe’s Cancer Story on You Tube but don’t forget that there’s another video saying that she’s now a little angel: In Loving Memory of Phoebe Lucille Fair ♥

    I think that after watching that , nobody will think that it’s the way to treat our little kids but nevertheless the law oblige the parents to follow that path …! Phoebe would like that it stops but she’s not alone . You can find a lot of histories like Phoebe. It’s so horrible to do that to these little kids …In what world are we living … ???

    God bless you all !

  • Brandon

    I wanna Angelo captured this perfectly. Sadly that the end result was not in either of their favor. To you Angelo I send you my deepest condolences. Would like to say that this thread describes my experience with my godmother and her breast cancer. Even though she lost her life to this dreadful disease, her spirit, wisdom, and excitement that she taught and shared with me will never be killed. Be strong and stay strong, together we are a force and overcome anything.

  • Filipe

    Angelo is living proof of a perfect being! A heart that has no boundaries. You are my hero!

  • bobbijo

    unfortunately, conventional cancer treatments will never change because it is an industry, they give us cancer so they can “treat” the cancer and make the money! it sickens me just to write it.. I have breast cancer, i refuse to do chemo or radiation, i was about to get surgery and my Doctor was forced to resign, this came 3 days after prayer that God would show me a clear sign if surgery was the right choice. I would say he says no… either way, faith comes first, then following through on using what he gave us. natural supplements, herbs and vitamins. eat the foods he originally said to eat and let the body heal. I pray to make it through without surgery at all, i have not seen many who have not done the surgery and natural therapies and would love to know if anyone healed breast cancer without surgery simply by nutrition. however, my faith is strong and i carry on. blessings to you all.

  • Danielle

    Their story melted my heart. It should not be this way!
    I’m on my own journey and I’m thankful for all the information that is shared on this page.

  • These eyeopening experiences are heartfelt. I personally took care of a sister inlaw going through breast cancer and passed away within 6 months. My farther passed away with lung cancer. Uncle died with pancreatic cancer. Another family member with breast. Sitting next to their beds make you wonder what can I do to help. Today we have a toxin free beauty salon Pure YL Organics that serves cancer patients, diabetics, highblood pressure patients, pregnant moms with fume free toxin free Hair Nails and skin services. My reason for mentioning our business is only to share what we see and hear when a patient after chemotherapy comes to Pure YL to relax. Our recovering clients loved no fumes during color jobs. No acetone gel nails or acrylics smells. We are Trying to give the best support in words and salon services, still makes us feel it’s not enough. Hurts when we hear “suzi is no longer with us passed away” and she was in our salon for hair service a week ago. We have seen how cancer treatments feel like through our clients health. They are tired, we are trying our healing energy work and a toxin free salon environment but still feel theirs more they need. Our best wishes to everybody.

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  • Jeremy Alexander

    “Cancer did not destroy this beautiful woman.
    Conventional cancer treatment did.”

    Thank you.

  • martina

    this is a sad but beautiful love story, is the reality of life, which in part may be wrong, but every little bit is just beautiful.

  • Pam Escalante

    Chris: Thank you for posting this sad but inspiring story. We lost our beautiful precious mom almost 33 years ago to breast cancer. And subsequently have lost many, many other family members to cancer or other serious illnesses. My mom also took the chemo/radiation route.She had one breast removed and then 2 years later the cancer returned and the 2nd breast was taken. She passed away a few months later from those ungodly treatments. As a result of losing my mom, a little over a year later I went on a persistent hunt on how one gets cancer. Even though I knew very little then I was determined to find natural solutions to healing and most importantly prevention. I drastically changed my eating habits. The only flesh I ate was fish. I stopped with all the “deadly whites” etc.etc. Over 5 years ago I became a raw vegan which I feel gives me even more assurance. Over the last couple of years friends and family come to me for advice. Even though I tell them they don’t necessarily have to become a raw vegan but instead make radical dietary changes etc. Some listen but most don’t. Practically everybody is on some type of prescription for something. Though I’ve learned a great deal. I consider myself the ever present student because there’s always something new to learn and improve on.I thank God for your tenacity and how you chose another route. It’s stories like yours that confirm to me that I’m on the right track. I too celebrate your 10 year anniversary. Your new friend “IN CHRIST”, PAM

  • carolyn matos

    i am in tears right at work, this is so terrible

  • Impressive photo series. It just shows that chemo is not the way to go with cancer.
    I have found a very good site about natural cancer treatments.
    A friend of mine is using the products, and is getting better! No chemo!
    I know the web site from him. Great information, and affordable products.
    Here it is, for everyone diagnosed…
    Maine site:

  • Paula

    The only thing that bothers me about having breast cancer is hearing…”well this happened to my friend…..and this happened to my cousin and so and so” Every cancer is different and every person is different. I like the comment above that said “if you don’t have it….then don’t talk”…it’s not that you cannot talk…just please…don’t aggressively try to convince a cancer patient with YOUR opinion…until you get the news yourself…then you will see how hard each decision is. The bottom line? It is the cancer patients decision. Sometimes those decisions are based on faith…sometimes they are based on fear. What is touching about the pictures is his love the whole way through. I find when you fight cancer…you get way more opinions than kindness and love.

  • Jennifer

    This was powerful! I am new to this site. My husband and I are in Minnesota sitting in a hotel as we are receiving care at the Mayo clinic for a spot on his pancreas that was believed to be cancer….but small and in the early stages. At least that is what we were told 1 1/2 weeks ago. Yesterday, after a procedure we were told there were also spots on his liver, needle biopsy was done and it is cancer of the pancreas which has spread to the liver. Surgery is not an option and it is terminal. A friend gave me a link to this website and I have been on the computer for about 24 hours straight reading and learning and filling my heart with hope that we just may have an option after all. I’m trying not to be scared but I am. We have consults with the doctors at mayo tomorrow and I’m dreading it. We think, after my non stop internet research this past day, we may go see Dr. Patrick in Mexico for the Gerson treatment. I want to thank you for your website and everything in it. Although I am still scared I’m also comforted….thank you!

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