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The High Dose Oral Vitamin C Protocol for Cancer (and Nearly Every Other Ailment)

I’m really excited about this post because it contains some fascinating facts about Vitamin C that most people do not know. Or maybe I’m wrong and everyone already knows this but me… We’ll see.

High dose vitamin C is a powerful anti-cancer protocol. Even if you don’t have cancer, you can use this method to determine how much toxic stress is going on inside your body and how high doses of vitamin C could dramatically improve your health.

Ok, so we all know that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is good for you right? The body doesn’t produce it, so it has to come from food.

You’ve probably also heard that a severe vitamin C deficiency leads to scurvy.

Early symptoms of scurvy are malaise and lethargy. That’s basically a “general feeling of being unwell” along with tiredness or exhaustion. (Does this sound like you?)

After a few months comes shortness of breath and bone pain. Further down the road is muscle pain, skin sores, gum disease, loose teeth, wounds not healing, dry mouth, dry eyes, and emotional problems. In the late stages scurvy causes jaundice, edema, fever, convulsions, and eventually death.

Sounds fun right?

Fortunately scurvy can be CURED with lemons, limes, oranges, and any other Vitamin C containing food.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

The cure for scurvy was first published in 1617 in The Surgeon’s Mate by English military surgeon John Woodall. And it was completely ignored by the medical community.
In 1753 (136 years later) naval surgeon James Lind published his discovery in
A Treatise of The Scurvy, which was also ignored. The medical establishment insisted that the testimonials of eating citrus fruit to reverse scurvy were merely “anecdotal” and not based on “scientific evidence”.  Sound familiar?

Fortunately James Lind persevered and nearly 50 years later citrus fruit was finally accepted and used for the prevention and treatment of scurvy on sailing vessels. So, in summary:

The cure for scurvy was ignored by the medical community for nearly 200 years after its discovery.

Nutrition and natural therapies are still ignored modern medicine. In fact I’d be willing to bet that if you went to see a doctor with some of the symptoms of scurvy that I listed above, you be subjected to a barrage of expensive tests, misdiagnosed, prescribed various pharmaceutical drugs, and subjected to treatments for some other disease. This happens all the time.

Earlier this year my good friend Tony was told that he “probably had cancer or AIDS” by his doctor… turns out it was viral pneumonia! Can you imagine?

But I digress… Let’s get back to vitamin C.

Here are some common whole food sources of vitamin C:

Oranges, Kiwi, Canteloupe, Papaya, Strawberries, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kale and Peppers.

“Super foods” with the highest concentration of vitamin C on planet earth are
Camu Camu Fruit, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), and Acerola Cherries. In that order.

Vitamin C supports nearly every system in your body: your adrenals, your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and more.

Perhaps the most important is that it is a neutralizer of free radicals.

There’s been tons of ground-breaking research on high-dose Vitamin C’s powerful healing and anti-cancer effects by the likes of Fred Klenner MD, Irwin Stone, Linus Pauling, and Ewan Cameron. I don’t have time to get into their stories but I wanted to a least give credit where it’s due. Google them in your spare time.

There’s a fascinating vitamin C phenomenon that most of us don’t know about.

The sicker and/or more toxic you are, the more free radicals you have in your body, and as a result, the more vitamin C your body will absorb and use.

Your body keeps a small reserve of vitamin C available for use when there is increased internal demand, but when you are sick this is quickly depleted.

You may have also heard (or experienced) that if you take too much vitamin C by mouth you get the runs, aka “chach” which is our family’s abbreviation (and code word) for
“Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha”.

A healthy person can take anywhere from 4-15 grams (4,000-15,000 mg) of vitamin C in a 24 hour period without getting the runs, but a sick person can tolerate as much as 10-20 times more. I’m talking even as much as 100-200 grams per day by mouth.

Have you ever taken vitamin C when you had a cold and it didn’t help? This is probably because you didn’t take near enough.

Here’s where it gets ridiculous…

If you ate something that contained “100% of the USRDA (U. S. Recommended Daily Allowance ) of vitamin C” that seems pretty good right?

It’s not.

The USRDA for vitamin C is only 75 mg. That’s MILLIGRAMS. A normal healthy person can absorb and use between 4,000-15,000 milligrams per day. So the USRDA is way off on this one.

75 mg is basically what someone decided is the absolute minimum amount to keep you from getting scurvy. This is not an amount that promotes health and optimal body function.

A single orange has about 150mg of vitamin C, two times more than the USRDA.

1 teaspoon of Camu Camu Powder has about 15 times the USRDA of vitamin C!

Even though you may not have scurvy, I think it’s safe to assume that many of us may not be getting enough vitamin C in our diets, the lack of which could be a contributor to
a) feeling lousy or b) serious disease.

High Dose Oral Vitamin C Therapy is taking the maximum dose your body can tolerate before you get the runs. This requires finding your threshold and then backing off a little bit for your daily dose. The clinical term is “titrating to bowel tolerance”.

As some of you know, one of the therapies I used to help my body heal from cancer was Vitamin C IV Therapy, which is a common practice in the natural, non-toxic alternative cancer treatment world. This involves sitting in chair in a practitioner’s office for two hours with an IV drip containing 50 grams or more of vitamin C.

And while this is a very effective method to get a massive dose of vitamin C without reaching bowel tolerance, it is time consuming and can get expensive. I was paying $120 a pop, back in 2004. And in order for it to be the most effective, you may need to do it daily or several times per week for many weeks.

My friend Bill, who’s healing his prostate cancer naturally, turned me on to a simple do-it-yourself Oral Vitamin C Protocol that he was put on by an underground cancer treatment expert whose name I cannot use publicly. Bill initially reached bowel tolerance taking 60 grams per day. After two months his tolerance was down to less than 30 grams per day. That’s a very good sign.

The Vitamin C Protocol & Tolerance Test 

I think this is something everyone should do. Clearly no one wants diarrhea on purpose, but in this case it can give you some immediate feedback about your internal condition. And it’s super cheap to do!

The simple way to find your tolerance is to take 2-3 grams of Vitamin C powder or crystals (ascorbic acid) every two hours mixed in 8 oz of water. That will give you about 12-18 grams the first day. Make sure you write it down to keep track of your how much you’ve taken.

Note: Vitamin C powder (pure ascorbic acid) is highly concentrated. 1 teaspoon is usually about 5 grams of vitamin C.

The goal is to find your 24 hour limit, not your single dose limit.

The half-life of vitamin C in the body is about 30 minutes. That means about an hour after you take vitamin C, your body has used up most of it. So an important key to this protocol is to keep your body saturated with vitamin C all day. Dosing every 1-2 hours is ideal, except while you’re sleeping.

If you reach bowel tolerance in the first 24 hours
Reduce the total dose by 20-25% and continue to take that amount every day  as a maintenance dose (this may be for several days or weeks) until you reach bowel tolerance again at that level. Then reduce by 20% again and continue with that dose until you hit bowel tolerance again, and so on.

It works in the way opposite way that you would expect because you don’t build up a tolerance. The healthier you become, the lower your tolerance for vitamin C will go.

If you reach bowel tolerance at 10-15 grams or less per day, you’re considered to be in very good shape health wise.

If you do not reach bowel tolerance in the first 24 hours
Continue to up the dose each day until you get there. If you are seriously sick you may need to dose every hour or 1/2 hour as indicated in the chart below.

As you get close to bowel tolerance you will get gassy and should have soft stool. That means you’re very close to your body’s limit and should reduce your dosage a bit.

Here’s a dosage chart from the late and legendary Dr. Robert Cathcart MD,
who treated 9000+ patients with Vitamin C!


CONDITION              Grams Per 24 Hours   Doses Per 24 Hours 
normal                       4 -  15              4 -  6 
mild cold                   30 -  60              6 - 10 
severe cold                 60 - 100+             8 - 15 
influenza                  100 - 150              8 - 20 
ECHO, coxsackievirus       100 - 150              8 - 20 
mononucleosis              150 - 200+            12 - 25 
viral pneumonia            100 - 200+            12 - 25 
hay fever, asthma           15 -  50              4 -  8 
environmental and                                        
 food allergy              0.5 -  50              4 -  8 
burn, injury, surgery       25 - 150+             6 - 20 
anxiety, exercise and                                    
 other mild stresses        15 -  25              4 -  6 
cancer                      15 - 100            4 - 15 
ankylosing spondylitis      15 - 100              4 - 15 
Reiter's syndrome           15 -  60              4 - 10 
acute anterior uveitis      30 - 100              4 - 15 
rheumatoid arthritis        15 - 100              4 - 15 
bacterial infections        30 - 200+            10 - 25 
infectious hepatitis        30 - 100              6 - 15 
candidiasis                 15 - 200+             6 - 25


Something else worth noting in the above chart
If you are under chronic stress or engage in athletic activities like running, weight training, etc. you are likely to have an increased need for Vitamin C and your tolerance will be higher. Even if you are healthy.

Dr. Cathcart also notes that low dose vitamin c had basically no effect, but high dose vitamin c, when taken at 80-90% of bowel tolerance, produced a significant and dramatic reduction of symptoms in his patients.

This next graph is his demonstration of the relationship between dosage amount and symptom reduction. I had to stare at the graph for a minute to get it. What it’s showing is that disease symptoms severely drop off when near bowel tolerance is reached, but are not affected until then.


My Experiments
When I first tried this protocol a couple months ago I didn’t reach bowel tolerance until I got to around 34 grams. I worked my way up to taking 12 grams three times per day. I have no idea why my tolerance was that high. I workout 3-5 days per week which would increase my tolerance but perhaps I also had something going on internally… who knows?

Earlier this morning I took 7.5 grams and it produced bowel tolerance for me a couple hours later which actually interrupted my work on this post. Clearly my tolerance is down and if Dr. Cathcart is right, my internal health has improved.

Another one: My kids came home with colds from school two weeks ago. Then my wife got it. One morning I started to feel cold symptoms as well so I took 10 grams of Vitamin c. I felt great all day.

Then close to bedtime I started to feel the symptoms again so I took another 10 grams. I did this every day for about a week. I would feel the symptoms in the morning, but I quickly crushed them with 10 grams of vitamin c.  Some days I would take a dose around lunch time as well if I remembered.

I was taking 20-30 grams per day for most of the week, I felt good, I was close to bowel tolerance, and the cold never developed. Since then, I’ve done this more times than I can count. Works every time.

What form to take?

Vitamin C comes in several different forms: pure ascorbic acid and buffered with minerals.

Buffered C contains mineral salts like calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, and sodium ascorbate. Buffered C is more alkaline but the excess minerals could be problematic if you are taking mega doses.

I compared three different types (buffered and pure ascorbic acid) to see if they had different effects but my tolerance was basically the same for all three. Having said that…

Solaray Vitamin C Powder is 100% pure ascorbic acid so it’s extremely tart and citric. Vitamin Shoppe Buffered C-Complex tastes chalky, not citric.

Thompson C Buffered Crystals is buffered with calcium ascorbate, it’s citric but not as strong as the pure crystals.

Dr. Cathcart recommends taking pure ascorbic acid for the high dose oral protocol. Dr. Thomas Levy recommends sodium ascorbate. I think it makes sense to rotate between different types.

*After writing this post it was brought to my attention that most of the ascorbic acid in vitamin C powder is made in China from GMO corn. If that is a concern for you, there are several brands of non-GMO vitamin C powders on amazon.

Recommended Reading:


Cancer and Vitamin C            Primal Panacea

by Ewan Cameron                  by Thomas Levy M.D
and Linus Pauling

Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins by Thomas Levy MD, JD

Dr. Cathcart’s Instructions on Dosage

Dr. Klenner’s Guide to Clinical IV Vitamin C

Read The Healing Factor by Dr. Irwin Stone For Free Here


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  • Nancy Russell


  • Harry SMITH


    I noticed you not recommending liposomal vitamin c for the cost concerns at mega dose levels. However if one could afford this is there a particular product which is best? I’ve come across these 2 and can’t tell which is superior:

    I would be immensely grateful if you could offer your advice on which is better?

    Thank you

    • I really have no idea which is better. Did you know you can make your own liposomal at home? google it. :)

    • Helena

      Dr Levy recommends the LivOn brand.

  • Bobbijo

    Chris, I hope you can help. Can I use this at home in conjunction with IV c? I get 50g At the dr 2x a week. She will not go higher but I would like to do more at home. However I seem to reach bowel tolerance in one dose! So maybe I don’t end it at home?

    • You should be able to do it on the inbetween days.

      • According to Steve Hickey PhD, professor at Manchester U., C has a 1/2 life of 30 minutes. So every 30 minutes your body has used up 1/2 of what it had left. As described in Dr Cathcart’s titration page, you want to divide the oral doses throughout the day as much as possible. You could consider dividing that bowel tolerance dose into several doses.

  • tom

    I understand Nutribiotic is a Non-GMO vitamin C powder. It may be a better value than Quali-C

  • Hi, you can buy vitamin c in various forms and volumes from, I get mine from them and they are always very helpful and advice me when needed

  • Daniels

    Hi Chris
    I have just found a different type of C called liposomal. It is more effective than even injected C. I intend to buy a jewelry cleaner so I can make it myself. I urge you to google it and write about it on your site.

  • The High Dose Oral Vitamin C Protocol for Cancer (and Nearly Every Other Ailment) » sac besace cuir homme longchamps

  • Reg

    In February 2011 I was diagnosed with Liver and right Adrenal gland Cancer, at first they said that it was inoperable but then decided that it would be OK.

    In lost half of my Liver and the whole Adrenal gland and was told I was fine and the op was successful, then by the following February I was feeling sick again and asked for a scan to check if all was OK.The Liver was back the size of an Orange and also in my left Adrenal gland plus 5 positions in the bone.

    I was put on Chemo and was told that there is known cure for liver cancer but would make my time left OK, I got very sick on Chemo and was taken off it but a few weeks prior I started on 45grams of IV Vitamin C and thus was around August 2012 and I was told that I would be lucky to last till Christmas.

    Around September/October my AFP dropped from thousands to 5 and then 3 and from then to the present day 14/01/2014 hasn’t changed. The tumors shrank and were diagnosed as small cysts and the bones areas had dissapeared so I can’t say enough about Vitamin C as a cure.

  • Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on your success fighting cancer and thanks for your help on getting the word out on high dose vitamin C.

    I was fortunate enough to meet dr Cathcart and interview him for a documentary I’ve been working on for years that will be called Primal Flaw.

    I also just opened an online store selling the UK made non GMO pure ascorbic powder nd I put it up for the lowest markup out there.

    We also have Dr Cathcarts titration page up on our research page on our website, Dr cathcart’s old site has since been reacquired by a German company.

    You could also look into Abram Hoffer’s cancer treatment protocol with Niacin. He was a good friend of Dr Cathcart’s and had incredible results with Niacin. He was also chief editor of the Orthomolecular journal of medicine.

    The Breuss cancer cure is a good book available on Amazon that is basically a juicing diet that many people claim to have had success with.

    I also highly recommend this site by Andrew Saul, the new chief editor of the OM journal.

    Take care and keep up the good fight!

  • Johanna

    :) Your journey is very inspiring to me and gives me hope that is hard to come by…

    After researching alternative treatments, I came across liposomal encapsulated vitamin c to make at home (where i live, IV wasn’t an option my doctor was willing to give me).

    The only problem I am having is the buffered vs. non buffered ascorbic acid. If a company claims it to be “naturally buffered” (sourced from dried fruit like cherries and orange peels, which means it comes with all the minerals the fruit had), I figure that the extra minerals might not be problematic, as they are within their natural state. So that is not my problem.

    I am just concerned as to how it would mix with the lecithin, if it would or not. I am reading online that people are having issues keeping the mixture made with buffered ascorbic acid from separating…I was wondering if you had any problems in that regard?

    Thank you! I’ll appreciate any advice you might have!

  • Helena María Rodriguez Garcia

    Hello Chris! I just found your website. I am very happy that you beat cancer. I have been trying to help increase people’s awareness regarding real alternatives to heal cancer and so every time I find someone like you I feel like dancing!
    I learned from Dr Hal Huggins that Ascorbic acid in high amounts with no food can damage your stomach and so he recommends that if one is to take high amounts of vitamin C on an empty stomach to take the Sodium ascorbate form. This last one is the one I use for my flush/detox. I do this because of the mercury I recently removed from my teeth.

  • lilly

    Hi Chris, any chance you know whether high dose intravenous Vitamin C interferes with taking high dose pancreatic enzymes? Thanks Lilly

  • Aaron

    Hi Chris,

    How is your friend Bill doing?

    I was concerned about people using homemade lipsomal supplements for prostate cancer, as the lectins contain high amounts of choline, which is bad for prostate cancer.

    However, studies have shown that when encapsulating curcumin etc with liposomes, you do not see a negataive effect from the lectins, possibly as it works in an almost trojan horse type manner. The prostate cancer cells ‘welcome; the choline and then our met with the anti-cancer partner.

    Sop this seems true for professional grade liposomal products, however I am yet to see any firm evidence that the homemade liposomals work? And if they do not, you may well be just feeding the choline to the prostate cancer.

    If your friend Bill, or your good self have any thoughts on this, they would be welcome.

  • Richard

    Sodium Ascorbate is the proper choice for most purposes, especially high dose usage. It’s neutral ph is safe and healthy. You can even rinse you mouth or brush your teeth with it, without damaging your teeth. (Ascorbic Acid will damage them over time.)

    When you take Ascorbic Acid your body eventually converts it to Sodium Ascorbate. Better to start with the right stuff.

    Most of the other animals produce their own Vitamin C. In the form of Sodium Ascorbate.

    You can pour Sodium Ascorbate onto an open wound without stinging or burning. Don’t try that with Ascorbic Acid.

    Ascorbic Acid is the wrong stuff for most purposes.

  • Bernie

    I tried the vitamin C crystals for the first time 1/4 teaspon equivalent to 1000mg and after awhile my nose started running and my sinuses were congested, never had that before. Was I detoxing?

  • Dr. Carolyn Jaffe

    Thank you for this lively discussion group. Read past posts with one contributor challenged by heartburn. I suggest 1/2 to 1 tsp. of vinegar; heartburn should disappear in 5 mins.. Vinegar is alkaline and helps restore pH back into balance. I am an acupuncturist and a naturopath who suggests lipsomal Vit C and liposmal glutathione to my patients – – I see noticeable improvement in most cases. Thanks again. Dr. Carolyn Jaffe – Founder JMT Technique.

  • mike

    Hey Chris they sent my Dad home to die this last week with cancer so I started him on the liposomal vitamin C but I can only get about 9 grams in him any more he reaches his bowl tolerance, so what can I do to get more into him? we are seeing good things come from this I just wish I could get more into him.

  • James Peters

    You can read Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C and The Cancer Breakthrough by Dr Steve Hickey PhD and Dr Hilary Roberts PhD and Cancer and Vitamin C: A Discussion of the Nature, Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Cancer with Special Reference to the Value of Vitamin C by Dr Ewan Cameron M.B., Ch.B, FRCS and Dr Linus Pauling PhD (twice Nobel prize winner)

  • sTEPhannie

    Does anyone know if this therepy is safe to do while breastfeeding?

  • pespinoza

    Hey Chris, love your blog. Thank you for all the info. Do you know if Vit-C may contribute to Ascites? Can you comment on this ? My wife has Ovarian cancer, Ascites is a common symptom but she had a sudden set back and grew within a week. That said only .5 ltrs. Just wondering if it may be VitC related, and what questions I need to ask our Dr.

  • Christin Hards

    Wow! I’ve been reading your site for 3 years, and only in this article did I see that you did Vit C therapy to treat your cancer. I thought it was all only food. Not that I blame you. I often wondered how you knew and had total faith in what you were doing all on your own.

    Anyway, my question really is – am I missing something? A place to higher quantities of vitamins? It seems you can easily spend $300/mo and are still not getting adequate intake of vitamins. And if you are a family of 5 . . . how on earth does a person afford it? Any suggestions?

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