How aloe vera boosts the immune system and heals the gut

Aloe Vera

For most of my life, I thought aloe vera was just something you put on your skin after a sunburn… How little I knew. In today’s post, you’ll learn how aloe boosts the immune system, heals the gut and so much more!

Yes, aloe vera is wonderful to put on your body, but it’s even better to put in your body, which is why I drank aloe vera gel nearly every day as part of my anti-cancer diet in 2004 and 2005. And I still drink it today.

Aloe vera is known as “the miracle plant”, and contains at least 75 potentially active constituents: vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids, and amino acids.

Here’s a quick rundown of what aloe can do for you:

Accelerate gut healing

-Reduce inflammation

Stimulate your immune system

-Moisturize and protect your skin from premature aging

-Protect against infection from fungi, bacteria like H. pylori, and viruses

-And it has even been shown to inhibit cancer growth

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 30 ulcerative colitis patients given 100 ml (3 oz) of aloe vera twice per day, 9 achieved remission, and 11 had clinical improvement in just four weeks.

Enter Acemannan.

Acemannan is the superhero compound in aloe with immune-stimulating, antiviral, and antineoplastic (anti-cancer) powers.

Acemannan induces your macrophages to secrete three anti-cancer compounds: interferon, tumor necrosis factor-α, and interleukins.

So yeah, aloe is one amazing little super plant.

I’ve consumed many different brands of aloe over the years, but in 2014 I found what I believe is the highest quality aloe vera on the market, Stockton Aloe, founded by Rodney Stockton in 1953.

Stockton Aloe is 100% pure, raw, hand-fileted, unfiltered, preservative-free aloe vera gel.

And it’s the only brand I’ve found that can be consumed in high doses without giving you the runs.

6-8 oz per day is recommended for healthy folks. 24oz per day is considered to be the maximum therapeutic daily dose.

I typically put 6-8 oz in my smoothies. My wife likes to drink it straight.

Stockton Aloe is the best of the best!

They freeze it directly after harvest to ensure no nutrient loss and ship it to you frozen.

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If you’d like to learn more, watch my interview with Dr. Michael Haley, owner of Haley Nutrition and Stockton Aloe. Enjoy!

Show Notes
-How Dr. Haley ended up owning an aloe vera company
-How aloe heals the skin and the gut [3:00]
-How your gut health affects your brain health [4:05]
-My personal experience with Stockton Aloe #1 [7:15]
-Aloe and immunity [8:20]
-Aloe super nutrient Acemannan [9:50]
-Why Stockton Aloe is superior to commercial brands [11:15]
-How much aloe to drink daily [14:30]
-Why frozen organic produce may, in some cases, be better than fresh [21:31]
-The crazy thing that preservatives do to food and your body [23:54]
-How most other companies process their aloe gel [26:45]
-Robert Scott Bell’s aloe and colloidal silver gut-healing protocol [30:37]

Stockton Aloe ships direct to you (U.S. only)
Get it at

Stockton Aloe Special Deal:
Buy 2 bottles of Aloe Vera gel and get a free Youth-Derm topical aloe cream

Selected links from the interview
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  1. Symin

    In the 80s in the middle of a life threatening illness, i received Forever Living brand aloe intravenously over a period of six weeks. At 99.9% pure, i credit it with saving my life.

    1. Slayven19

      Can you give me a link to what kind it was please? Also did you know exactly what type of illness you had? I’m going though some trouble myself and I’m trying to find relief for my illness. Whatever it is its making me lose weight because my stomach makes me want to through up and my stools are almost always diherrea.

  2. Rosanna

    How much aloe vera do you use? Would love to start and have my parents take aloe vera too:)

    Thank you for all that you do!


    1. Chris Wark

      I drink 8oz per day mixed into a fruit smoothie, but even just 2-4 oz per day is great

  3. June

    Would you recommend aloe for a Celiac patient that is suffering stomach pain from ingesting gluten?

    1. Chris Wark


  4. Lyn Holt Fatolitis

    Awesome video, thank you both so much! I am definitely going to incorporate your aloe into my diet and hope it helps!

    1. Chris Wark

      Great Lyn, keep me posted on your results!

  5. Sean Bossie

    Hey Chris, love your website. I’m a long time “lurker”, first time commenter here.

    I am a big believer and consumer of Aloe Vera and I thought I had done considerable research on the various brands out there. I’ve tried nearly all of them–except this one! I have always understood that the whole leaf Aloe Vera has 200+ active elements not available in the inner gel. The company that I finally settled on claims the “yellow sap” that is only present in the whole leaf has the highest concentration of the beneficial aspects of the plant…I have also heard that raw unstabilized aloe vera juice cannot be bottled and sold for consumption? They are organic as well but….they do use sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. I did contact the owner of this company about this. Your thoughts?

    I gave up my Waterwise unit and went with a Berkey because of your helpful info so I trust your research!

    1. Janice Huffman

      I love my Berkey.

    2. Stockton Aloe 1

      Anti-nutrients are “active elements”… but often they are there to protect the plant from being invaded. The peel of an orange contains a natural pesticide… and, though these elements can be used medicinally, usually we avoid consuming too much because it can make you sick. In the same way, the outer leaf of aloe is considered the irritant and the inner gel the tissue regenerator and immune supporter. The taste of the outer leaf seems to scream “don’t eat too much of me”. So, for the most part, we avoid most of the outer leaf.

  6. Janice Huffman

    If this is a repost, thank you because I did not see it before now. I am ordering this aloe because it will address my issues, and I think most everyone else’s. I have tried other aloes and never used again, I think this will be different.

    1. Chris Wark

      Keep posted on your results Janice!

      1. Janice Huffman

        So I did order 2 bottles. Keep in mind I have been doing a modified Gerson Therapy for 5 years & I was under the care of a Gerson Practitioner for a few months. I still deal with skin cancer at times but my digestive issues kept getting worse. An ultrasound showed healthy organs. I bloated every nite, took a lot of baking soda, could only eat one meal a day and juice was getting to be a challenge to digest. I had pain in my gut and anxiety. From the first day of drinking the aloe, no pain, no bloating, no anxiety. I still have to maintain one meal per day and nothing after 3 pm, but I am happy. Within 2 days I ordered the bucket. This is so much cheaper than all the supplements I took and tried, and they were hard on me. This is food in its natural state and not a man-made supplement. It’s only been 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing. Without the aloe, I was getting ready to just maintain on juice only. Please continue sharing, you never know who will be helped. Oh, and I love how it tastes, that was a bigger surprise.

        1. Chris Wark

          That’s terrific Janice!!!

  7. Dorothy

    So for those of us in Canada who can’t get the Stockton Aloe, is there a next-best option for us?

  8. hiran fernando

    Chris, being in the tropics I have several pots of AloeVera in the garden. I use freshly cut aloevera when required. Will AV help in Ovarian Cancer: on behalf of a friend.

    1. Chris Wark

      It won’t hurt and may help. Definitely worth trying

  9. Julie

    Hi Chris, Any ideas of a good ale product available in the UK please? Many thanks.

    1. Jas

      Same question here too… any comparable aloe available in UK?

  10. Meagan

    Hi Chris, is the Stockton Aloe organic? I can’t seem to verify that on their website. If not, what makes you choose this over an organic aloe product?

    1. Michael Haley

      Our plants are grown on certified organic property. Everything about our process is organic. However, we have not spent the time and money for the product certification. Our standards definitely exceed organic. I hope that helps, @disqus_gWS51ktU8f:disqus

      1. Meagan

        Yes, that’s very helpful. Thank you!

  11. fuji

    hi chris,
    as always, THANK YOU for your work in educating the masses – we are so appreciative!!
    can you please share your fave link re: how to make aloe juice from the fresh plants?
    thanks, chris — to your continued exceptional health!!

    1. Chris Wark

      If you have a fresh plant, just cut a large leaf off, split it open and scrape out the gel, then blend that into a smoothie.

      1. fuji

        thank you, chris!!
        all the best to you and your sweet family.

  12. Eksida

    Hello Chris. I’m writing you from Italy and I wo like the now how can I prepare this aloe vera at home?! Thanks, have a great day!!

  13. Chris Wark

    Hi Cheri. I think you should try aloe. You should know if it’s helping you within just a few weeks. And no I don’t think it will give you cancer. :)

    1. Cheri Hughes

      Thanks Chris… I think I’ll order it. My stomach issues may be due to my cancer progressing… I hope not. I’ve not been consistant in my diet this past year. I went and had a CT done today and hopefully my lymphoma (SLL/CLL) has not gone down below my abdomen, which would make it stage 4… this sucks.. I wish I’d had stayed consistant with the juicing and eating healthy, which i had done for almost a year before. I’m pretty sure they are gonna want do chemo now. My cancer is a “watch and wait” type.. no treatment until needed.. originally, my oncologist told me I could live to 90 without ever having to get treatment.. so I let that affect my diet… thought i didn’t have to be hard core.. well now i’m suffering. :( wish me luck.. thanks for all you do. I’ve always been inspired by you and the others who have been cured by nutrition :) XOXO

  14. doreen

    just got it delivery today!!! saying thank you isn’t enough to express my gratitude to all you do for us!! you’re awesome :)

  15. tclark02

    I have struggled with candida and leaky gut for two years and got some of this. For the first time in a long time my insides did not hurt. I will be ordering more!

    1. Chris Wark


    2. Angel M

      Candida – stop eating all sugars, all bread wheat products pasta etc. Start juicing greens only. Zucchini celery cucumbers spinach kale broccoli and then put into a bullet with the gel of the aloe it’s cleared my candida.

  16. Slayven19

    Did you buy it or make this? I’m wondering because I’m thinking about getting some. I don’t think I have cancer but I don’t know what I have and my body just has all types of symptoms from bumps to rashes and an upset stomach that I’ve had for 4 months at least.
    I hear that herbs are good for curing allmost anything so i’d at least like to try what you tried since its good for cancer. Even if I have to buy the items individually please help me chris :(.

  17. Fightcancer

    Hey Chris, I have a friend who’s 21 diagnosed with blood cancer a few weeks back. The doctors have given him a time of 9 months and a year if He’s lucky. Can we save him? Can we do anything at all?

    1. Angel M

      Blood cancer. Drink bicarbonate of soda 1/4 teaspoon & 1/2 a lemon juice fresh in a glass of water. 7 xs a day

  18. Zori Marinova

    Hi Chris, I am in Switzerland and wondering if they can ship to Europe or if you can recommend a good replacement? Thanks in advance! Zori

  19. Taherah Begam

    Hi may I know if I can use Aloe directly from the plant instead? If yes how? Thank you:)

  20. Angie Vasquez

    Hi Chris,
    I have was diagnosed wit stage 3 colon cancer last year. Did 12 rounds of chemo and all test came back negative. After 6 months MY cancer came back and I have an infected lymph node. Again I am doing 12 rounds of chemo and the Dr. says that it is just a matter of time before it spreads. All my organs are negative and healthy. Will the aloe help me in anyway or is it too late?

    1. Marvin Haak

      It’s never to late to start healing with Aloe, juicing or great foods, It may be what saves you. Start today. I have stage 4 colon cancer ( Melanoma of the colon ) still here after 4 years. Still have the cancer but still here.

  21. Sharron Mullins

    Would this help with breast cancer that is positive foe estrogen . Sounds like it will help with gut issues and immune system .So is tree certain food to stop over production of estrogen . I was told I needed to use laterozole to decrease the estrogen . Any help would be appreciated. Sharron

  22. Michelle Dorion

    Hi I would like to know if this product is compatible with breastfeeding. Also if there is a similar product available in Kanada .

    1. Michael Haley

      for aloe to be compatible with breast feeding, it should have a very low outer-leaf content. Stockton brand does, but is NOT available outside of the U.S. We are not aware of any similar brands anywhere.

      1. Michelle Dorion

        Thank you for your answer. Doing my research I red that longterm Aloe Vera gel consumption can cause cancer . Anyone know anything about that?

        1. Michael Haley

          The FDA and NIH teamed up and gave rats an absurd amount of outer leaf extract – the part of the plant that most aloe companies throw away. Some of the rats got cancer. They did this because health care practitioners were recommending outer-leaf supplements to to treat constipation. Aloin, an irritant found in the outer leaf, does cause loose bowels. But it also irritates. So if you continuously irritate the gut, the mucous producing cells of the gut eventually grow to produce more mucous. We would call these enlarged tissues “cancer”. They got the exact expected outcome and called “aloe” (rather than outerleaf aloe) possibly carcinogenic.

  23. Rachel

    I’d like to juice aloe…do you need to take exterior off first?

    1. Michael Haley

      I haven’t found a juicer that doesn’t get clogged by the mucopolysaccharides. They only way I have seen it work is to filet and grind or blend the filets.

      1. Rachel

        Ok got it; thanks so much Micheal!

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