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How to open a coconut in 3 seconds with no knife

Hey it’s my second how-to video in a row!

Monday was how to deseed a pomegranate. Today is how to open a young thai coconut.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret. We actually filmed them back to back. I just changed t-shirts.

In my next video I’m going to show you how to play Stairway to Heaven on the accordion.

I’m kidding.

Or am I…

Ok ok, so about today’s video. I know some of you think I’m exaggerating with the claim that I can show you how to open a coconut in 3 seconds with no knife, but let me assure you, I am not.

And you’re about to see me prove it.

I’ve been chomping at the bit to get this out for about a month, and the day has finally arrived!

Coconut loving friends, you are going to go nuts when you see how cool this is.

Non-coconut loving friends, prepare yourselves. For many of you will look back on this as a pivotal moment in your life, the spark that set your love for coconuts ablaze. The fire that burns in your belly, which can only be quenched by the sweet deliciousness that is (long pause for dramatic effect)
the coconut.

Ok now maybe I am exaggerating.

Actually no, that’s pretty much what coconuts do to you.

Also I have to admit I am a little nervous about how this will affect the coconut supply in Memphis…

Alright, now that you’e seen it and have to have one, go to

p.s.  Don’t forget, you can get 10% off with the coupon code “chris” at checkout.

p.p.s. This is an awesome gift idea for the coconut lovers in your life.

3.p.s  You’re welcome.


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  1. Rebecca Cody says:

    This is fabulous! I wrecked a cleaver trying to open green coconuts a few years ago. Then I got a new cleaver and learned to do it correctly using that, but it still felt pretty hazardous.

    My only problem now is that I can’t ever find green coconuts around Olympia, WA. We have a lot of people from Southeast Asia in the area, so you’d think Asian markets would carry them, but so far, no luck!

  2. Jacky says:

    Good deal, I have an asian store almost walking distance ( almost because the traffic is too horrendous to walk across the street) from home. I have bought one of those coconuts and had a mean time dealing with it. So glad to know this. Now to invest in the tool. Thank you Chris, I also watched your pomegranate video, and have used both the water and the dry. Helpful.

  3. mike says:

    cool processing, pretty fast

  4. celiayounger says:

    how or where can you get the coconut meat scupper ? I’ve been looking for it for years. thanks

  5. Saige Seyfert says:

    Chris, please advise me where to find an ND or a directory of ND’s. It’s so hard to find one. There is such a lack of reviews on these Dr.s that I’m finding it really difficult to find one that I feel that I can trust. As good as I hear Dr Gonzalez is, I find discomfort in the fact that I can’t find 1 review on him?! I’m so confused and very scared. Please give me some advice.
    Only good Things,

  6. Marci says:

    Forget the coco jack… I want your t-shirt. LOL :)

  7. Sheila Walker says:

    Hey Chris! I follow you all the’re awesome!! Thanks for sharing the info & video about the coco jack…..just ordered my kit and am so excited to get it! Now, I’ll have no problem in making sure to eat my fill of YTC’s. Thanks again…Sheila

  8. valentina sorzana says:

    Awesome vid!
    Now question… how come your coconut looks different? It has a sort of outer coating, like a wax? do you buy it like that or do you put that on? The coconuts i find in whole foods and my local organic market just have the brown skin in the outside… let me know so I can put this marvelous technique to practice!

  9. Maggy Rivera says:

    Just ordered mine, I can’t wait.

  10. Gina G. says:

    Thanks Chris. I just ordered the Coco-Jack. Thanks for always sharing your knowledge.

  11. debbie says:

    Thank you for this! I am so excited to order these goodies. I have wanted so bad to get these coconuts but didn’t want to chop my fingers off trying to open them. I am a breast cancer survivor and am natural all the way. You have really helped me with all of your great Information. God has given you a gift to help people. You sure have helped me. Thank you.

  12. hypnotik says:

    u call it coconut jelly not meat lol

  13. jessica torok says:

    Finally used it. I love it. Now I can open the coconuts by myself.

  14. Hello Chris, I come from a family that has history of cancer. Looking for information, I saw one of your interviews and after I heard and saw how you changed your diet I shared it with my husband. Now, My husban and I have decided to change our diet and start eating the “giant salad bowl” :-) But, i have some questions, is the giang salad bowl the only thing that you eat? do you eat meat or drink milk? if you do, what kind?

  15. Bill Davis says:

    Awesome. Love it.

  16. Joseph says:

    Hi Chris, thanks for the great site. What do you think about the reports that the young coconuts sold are all dipped in all kind of pesticides and poisons. Are you concerned?

  17. Pineapple Sam says:

    That is sooooooo lame!!!! LOL

  18. Kaye says:

    This was fabulous! It works just like your video. Everyone who uses coconuts needs one of these babies! <3

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