I Juiced to Beat Cancer and Turned Orange!

Yep. It’s true.

In 2004, I juiced to beat cancer and turned orange in the process.

In this post, I’m going to explain why juicing is so important for cancer patients and why it may turn your skin orange.

I’m also going to take you through my daily anti-cancer juicing routine.

The Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute recommend you eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies, per day.

But 9+ servings per day is essential if you want to transform your health.  (Most Americans average a measly 1 serving of fruits and veggies, per day.)

Our modern processed food diet has left our bodies starving for nutrients at the cellular level.

Juicing to Beat Cancer

Juicing is the best way to extract massive amounts of nutrients from vegetables.

You can get the nutrients you need, which in turn helps your body to fight cancer.

Juicing makes this possible, without having to sit down and eat several pounds of vegetables, per day.

How Digestion Works

Let’s review the digestive process, shall we?

When you chew food, you are essentially juicing food in your mouth.

You are breaking fruits, veggies, and even meat and sugars down into liquid form.

Your teeth are working to break open the cell walls in your food, so the nutrients inside can be absorbed by your body.

The particles that cannot be broken down by your teeth or your digestive system, pass through.

The better you chew your food before you swallow, the more that is in the juice passing into your digestive tract, and the more nutrients you are able to absorb.

A Major Component of My Anti-Cancer Diet

I drank at least eight 8 oz glasses of (freshly juiced) organic carrot and vegetable juice – every day.

My strategy was to eliminate all processed food from my diet.

Instead, I wanted to flood my body with vital raw nutrients.

I did this in order to give my immune system all the fuel and firepower it needed to repair, regenerate, and detoxify.

Juicing releases approximately 90% of the nutrients in food.

If you’re not juicing, you might get about 1/3 of the nutrients by crushing food with your teeth.

Juicing Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients

Another important factor is absorption.

If your body is overloaded with toxins, you could be absorbing as little as 1% of the nutrients in the food you eat as it passes through your body. Toxins in your system can prevent nutrients from being absorbed from whole foods as they move through your digestive tract.

However, juices are rapidly absorbed in the digestive process.

My Daily Juicing Routine

First thing every morning, I made enough juice (about 64 oz) to last me throughout the day.

I recommend putting your juice in air-tight pitchers (or mason jars with screw-top lids) to keep the juice fresh and potent throughout the day.

I drank about 8-12 oz at a time:

  • early morning
  • mid-morning
  • lunchtime
  • afternoon
  • dinnertime
  • before bed

Why Carrot Juice?

Raw carrot juice is rich in cancer-fighting nutrients.

These include:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • flavonoids
  • carotenoids
    including vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, and lignans (enterolactone)

Carrot juice is also a good natural source of:

  • sodium
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • phosphorus
  • sulphur
  • silicone
  • chlorine

“The carotenoids and vitamin A have shown a strong ability to inhibit cancer induction not only by viruses but also by chemicals and radiation as well. At least part of the effect is from these nutrients acting directly on the genes.” (Source)

What Others Think About Carrot/Beet Juice

There are some natural health advocates out there that do not recommend carrot or beet juice.

They think it contains too much sugar and “sugar feeds cancer.”

While it is true that cancer cells feed on glucose, every cell in your body feeds on glucose.

The sugars in plant food also deliver anti-cancer nutrients straight to the cancer cells.

In the case of juicing, I’m talking about nutrients that can turn off cancer genes, interfere with cancer cell reproduction, and cause apoptosis (cancer cell suicide).

So, I never worried about the sugar content in beets and carrots.

What Juicing Did to My Skin

I drank so much carrot juice I turned orange. Really orange.

The palms of my hands looked crazy.

This picture was taken in November 2004. Micah (my wife) was pregnant with our first daughter, Marin.

I had been drinking 64 oz of mostly carrot juice every day for nearly 11 months. This photo has not been retouched.  I really was that orange!

I was also super skinny at 6’2″ and 140-something lbs. It’s pretty tough to gain weight on an 80% raw diet!

juicing made my skin orange, but I beat cancer
I juiced to beat cancer and turned orange


One nurse actually told me I was drinking too much carrot juice.

(Silly nurse, you can’t overdose on carrots!)

Orange skin from consuming a high amount of carotenoids is called carotenemia.

Babies get it from eating too many carrots or sweet potatoes. And you can get it from drinking too much carrot juice.

But don’t worry, you aren’t hurting yourself. Your body stores excess beta-carotene in your skin and when you cut back on carrot juice, the yellow/orange skin tone goes away.

Note: Fruit juice is very high in concentrated sugar. This may be problematic if you are sick, so I chose not to drink it.

A good rule of thumb is to eat your fruits and juice your vegetables. Fruit is better in a smoothie because you are still eating it whole. The fiber slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

What Was My Recipe for Juicing?

There are a million different combinations of veggie juice, but here’s the one I drank the most.

Basic Anticancer Juice Formula:
-5 carrots
-5 celery stalks
-1/4 of a beet (root and top)
-1-inch piece of ginger root

Ginger is a very powerful cancer-fighting spice, don’t leave it out! Also, don’t get too hung up on the formula.

The type of juicer you have will determine how many carrots and celery stalks you’ll need to juice to make a glass. My favorite juicer is the Nama J2. ($55 off with coupon code CHRIS10)

And there are a million different juice combinations out there, so have fun experimenting.

(Watch the ginger…it’s strong.)

Straight carrot juice is delicious by itself, but the beet, celery, and ginger add a broad spectrum of powerful nutrients. I would say that this recipe is one of the top 5 juices for cancer patients that I can think of.

Does Juice from Organic Produce Matter?

Yes! Make sure you’re buying organic produce.

The last thing you need is chemical pesticides in your juice.

You may not like the taste of the juice you make, but it doesn’t matter. You’re not juicing vegetables for the taste.

Just down it.

I also like to mix in an organic greens powder to one or more of my juices, like Amazing Grass or pHresh Greens.

My Daily Juicing Routine

Here’s what I did: I got up every morning and made enough juice to last me throughout the day. This was around 64 oz total or eight 8 oz servings. I stored the juice in air-tight mason jars in the fridge.

You may not need to drink that much. If you’re familiar with the Law of Diminishing Returns, you know that there is a point at which you are consuming the maximum amount of nutrients that your body can absorb in one day. It’s hard to know where that point is exactly. So, my strategy was to overdose on nutrition, to ensure that my body was getting all the nutrients it needed to heal.

NOTE: I don’t juice leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale because they just aren’t very juicy. You have to juice like a pound, just to get a few drops! I prefer to blend leafy greens up in a smoothie, that way you don’t waste any.

What Juicer Do I Use?

If you’re serious about juicing every day, you’re gonna need a high-quality juicer.

I used a Champion Juicer (pictured below) for many years, but sadly, Champion Juicers has gone out of business. We spent a lot of time together during my healing journey, so the Champion will always have a special place in my heart.

Champion Juicer, juicing carrots
My Champion Juicer circa 2004.

My New Favorite Juicer: The Nama J2
The Nama J2 Juicer is a cold press juicer with a large feeding container like a blender. You fill it up with your produce, close the lid, turn it on, and walk away! It requires very little prep time. No more force-feeding one piece of produce at a time into a narrow chute. The Nama J2 is a juicing game-changer!

Learn more about the Nama J2 here

*Use Coupon Code CHRIS10 for $55 off.

Juicing is the first component of my Super Health Triad.

The other two are The Cancer-Fighting Salad and The Anti-Cancer Smoothie.


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  1. MissAngee

    What about V8 splash? It’s got Antioxident Plus in it. Please say yes!!!! LOL

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hah! Yeah, V8 Splash is a fail. Tastes good, but it’s pasteurized and full of sugar. I used to drink it and think it was healthy before I got cancer.

  2. Nelia

    Dear Chris:

    Thank you for your the valuable information on your website. I had surgery for lung cancer two years ago (I have never smoked). The cancer is back and I want to fight it without chemo, etc.

    I am juicing and eating the salad and have eliminated all meats, dairy and bad white stuff. I am exercising and praying.

    What kind of tests do you use to know that you remain cancer-free? I would like to avoid radiation as much as I can. The drs. love their CT scans!

    I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you and your family. Thank you for all your help.

    (Mother, wife and good friend).

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Nelia!
      I admire your courageous decision!
      I did monthly blood work for several years and have had several ct scans over the years, but considering that one ct scan is the equivalent of 400 x-rays,
      I’m not too keen on having anymore done.
      If you aren’t doing ct scans, definitely have monthly blood work done to monitor your markers.

      Thank you for your prayers, God has blessed us!
      We will pray for your healing.


      1. Morgan

        Hi Chris,
        I have been diagnosed with a precancerous lesion in my colon. It was first seen 2 years ago. The past year it has grown but I had been eating sugar, ice cream, sodas-no wonder it got bigger. Anyway, I have 5 doctors (all M.D.’s) who have told me to have it removed, that means removing 1/2 my colon. Everything in my body says don’t have the surgery, you can heal this thing yourself, but and a big BUT, I’m scared, I don’t know what I’m doing, so my mind says. This is just damn scary business.
        I have radically changed my eating habits since the last colonoscopy on Nov. 7.
        I am wondering, do you know of anyone who has cured colon cancer without surgery?
        I wonder if in time, the colon would go back to looking pink and healthy? Or would there be scar tissue? -that is, if the person survived.
        P.S. I’m 67.

        Thanks for a great website!!


        1. Chris Wark

          Hi Morgan, George Malkmus healed colon cancer without any medical intervention 30 years ago. Get his book “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”.

        2. Munga

          Morgan, get Netflix and watch the Gerson miracle. Dr. Gerson was the first to prove cancer can be cured naturally!

        3. Leandro

          For Colon Cancer, I heard a lot about Grape seed extract.
          Take a look at this itens. There are lots of material on web about It. God be with you all. Wishing you all the best. Leandro

  3. Jessica

    Hey Chris,

    You site is fantastic. I haven’t read through the whole thing….YET:) I too was juicing (by the way when I woulod say this, most people though I was taking steroids, lol) and even though it was had halted some spots of my cancer, it was not working fast enough to prevent the fluid in my abdomen. I had to relent to chemo and now developed an alergy to it. MY body is saying enough of that, and now I get to go back to juicing. I think you site will come in quite handy!!

    I wanted to tell you I had at one point joined a support community online and much to my dismay they were clearly anti-alternative. I had to say something at one point. The moderators were quite mean and even went so far as to say people who chose alternatives were just taking the easy way out. I was so offended I decided to drop it, but I felt they needed to know why. So…… I told them. I asked if they thought changing your lifestyle completely was easy, if cutting out all the foods you love was easy, and no sugar. And how about when you go out with friends or visit family and you? How was this easy. I basically schooled them and they appologized. I still quit the site. Yeah it is pretty easy when you are at home, and once you start it is all good, but I have to admit to you I mourned certain foods before i started, truly cried. I have to start again. I won’t cry this time because i know i can do it. I am motivated!

    Thank you for your site. I know it will be helpful,

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jessica thank you so much for sharing your experience. It’s amazing how much opposition and aggression there is toward natural and alternative therapies. I would argue that chemo is the easy way. Yes it’s horrible and miserable, but the mental, emotional, and social pressure that comes with a decision to refuse chemo is so hard that most people cannot do it. I applaud your courage and support you 100%. Do every single therapy you can find.


      1. Sanju

        Hey Bud,
        I a really astonished seeing your article. My dad is been suffering with pancreatic cancer for over 1 and a half years. His condition was already bad before but now he’s grown worse. he has become very very lean and it is so painful for a son to see my dad on the bed all the time. Can you suggest some effective as i’ve started giving him turmeric mixed with milk but since his condition is non curable, i really seek a big big help from your side. pls help

          1. Aaron

            Thank you for sharing the video link concerning cows’ milk, Leo. Very informative!

    2. Ellen

      Hi Jessica,
      I know what you mean about support groups being (at times) less than supportive when you want to use alternative approaches to treat your cancer. Letting that go is the best thing you could do in the long run.

      It takes real courage to go your own way when most people have faith in the medical system and do whatever the doctors tell them.

      Most of us have a hard time questioning and saying NO to authority. We place a higher value on pleasing people and avoiding conflict than we do on getting and staying healthy.

      I know this sounds harsh, but I see it so often when people nod to whatever the doctors suggest and then suffer through the treatments and their side effects. Then a year or two later they do it all over again.

      Enough already! It makes me at times angry, and at others sad to see this scene play out.

      The way I see it, not everyone needs to like me. Especially if the person in question is a doctor who I see for less than an hour over the course of a year.

      So what if they find me difficult? So what if they think my list of supplements and anti cancer foods is mildly amusing and nothing more?

      My health is mine. It doesn’t belong to any doctor, treatment or hospital.

      That being said, everyone needs someone on their side. It’s much easier to know people who support your choices when you’re faced with a life threatening illness.

      I’ve been very fortunate. My husband is totally with me in the choices I’ve made since I was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2009.

      Many people are finding their way back to health and to each other online. Yea, Chris! Thank you!

      I hope you are still sticking with your diet, Jessica. It’s been three years since you wrote this comment. A lot can happen in that time.

      I wish you all the best in 2014!


  4. angie

    Did you do the Gerson Therapy while you were fighting cancer? Im just curious since juicing is a huge part of it. Just wondering. I want to tell more people about your blog. You are an inspiration!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Angie I did a modified version of Gerson Therapy (juicing and raw foods) along with many other therapies which I discuss on this site.

  5. Joe Zinich

    I can only afford a vita mix or a champion. I wand to juice. It appears that vita mix can juice but should I go with champion?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Joe
      The vita-mix is much more versatile. It doesn’t extract juice like a juicer, but you can make
      fruit and veggie smoothies, soups, nut butters, tons of stuff with it.
      If I could only afford one it would be the vita-mix hands down.

      1. jane hand

        Joe you do not want the vitamix for juices as they need to have no pulp in them as when they do the vital elements such as phytochemicals, enzymes etc go to healing and repair and not mostly to digesting, If no food or pulp is taken with juices, they go to healing and are quickly absorbed,

        Drink within 15 or 20 minutes and make fresh each time. do not hold over in fridge..if you must fill glass jar with lid filling with juice to the tip top excluding all air. Chew the juice. A vitamix is said to oxidize the juice damaging it.

        I love my vitamix and use it every day for raw soups, cooked soups, smoothies and much more.

        why not go to a thrift store and look for a juicer often they are about 10 dollars and get the vitamix too. Some juicers are cheap at walmarts. It is not as superior as champion in extracting more juice but will suffice.

        if you only want the champion, I would go to the juicer myself over the vitamix as fresh juice is one of the best things you can do and strained vitamix juice is not the same though it is a wonderful time saver and appliance very sturdy.

  6. Becky

    Stumbled across your website. Congratulations on discovering REAL food! We’ve been juicing for over 20 years and getting close to 60 with no health problems…no pills of any kind…
    Just a note….you may have already found out that you didn’t turn orange from the carrots. When you started cleansing the liver dumps all the bile and your body starts the dumping process. Skin, being the largest organ, really takes a beating. The orange is from the toxins in your liver…..that’s a GOOD thing:-)
    Keep up the good work! A nutritionist we used to work with said ‘as long as you have 1 glass of raw vegetable or fruit juice a day you will never be sicker than you are today’,,,food for thought.

    1. Kendra

      I applaud all of you that juice. I am 30 yrs old w/ 3 children & was diagnosed with colon cancer in March which is why I’m trying to eat raw. I have to admit I have not done what I’m supposed to so it has spread. So for the past few days I’ve just been drinking water and eating sprouts and veggies and stopped smoking. I’m kind of in a funk because I’m not getting my nicotine, no sugar and not enjoying the foods I used to. But I know it’s to save my life.

  7. Meskous

    Hi Chris, I’m so glad you are cancer free, my question is.. can I do the juices to prevent cancer or is it for people who aldready have cancer? Thanks.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Yes absolutely.
      The purpose of juicing is to flood your body with the raw nutrients it needs to function properly
      as most of our foods today are nutrient deficient, and loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients.
      A clean diet and exercise are the best cancer prevention methods.

  8. Andy

    Hi Chris,
    Congrats on getting cancer free and it’s been really interesting reading your blog. I’m just wondering how many glasses of carrot juice did you drink per day that made you turn orange? I understand that you made enough to last you a whole day, but do you remember the specific amount of glasses you drank per day?

    I ask this because a lot of people say that I need a tan or look sick because I’m too pale. I don’t necessary want to turn orange but wouldn’t mind getting more colour without suffering sunburn or spraying myself with fake-tan chemicals. I’ve read in a recent study that carrots and other vegatables can give you a golden look over time if you consume enough of them.


    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Andy
      I drank approximately 64 oz per day, you can divide it up into eight 8oz servings
      or five 12-16 oz servings.

      Carrot juice may or may not improve your skin tone. It might just make you look jaundiced.
      10-15 minutes of laying out in the sun per day is the best method
      by far because it produces the best form of Vitamin D.
      Don’t use sunscreen and don’t shower right after, your body needs time to absorb the Vitamin D
      through your skin.


  9. Amber

    Did you make your juice all at once for the whole day? And if so, what were your portion sizes? I juice veggies but never know how much to make a one time. Thanks!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Amber
      Yes I juice a batch for the whole day and I drink 12-16 ounces at a time.
      Store the rest in air tight glass jars in the fridge.

      1. Amber

        Great! Can you tell me what a days recipe would look like? Thanks!

        1. chrisbeatcancer

          My basic formula for one serving is approximately 5 Carrots, 3-5 Celery Stalks, 1/4 of a Beet (root and top), and a small piece of Ginger Root. That should yield 8-12 oz depending on the juicer. Multiply that times how many servings you want to prepare and you’ve got it.

  10. Eyelene

    I just happened to come across your site and feel grateful.
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer several months ago. Right away the “doctors” wanted to put me on chemo, do three surgeries, radiation and different medications they admitted caused heart and bone disease. I flatly refused the entire protocol. I switched to a raw food diet and try to drink a lot of lemon water.
    And I do take some supplements like vitamin C, enzymes, hemp protein along with peroxide and baking soda. I’m basically treating myself from information I’ve read on the Internet. My problem is I am out of work and don’t have very much money. Can’t even afford to buy a lot of organic produce for juicing. What would you recommend is the most important thing I can do to try to shrink these big tumors I have and stop the cancer from spreading?
    I’m still full of life and vitality and certainly not ready to die.
    God bless you for this site!

    1. Samantha


      I am so sorry to hear about the breast cancer, but be strong, there is more out there! I have been reading a lot about juicing, as I just bought my own Omega juicer, and Apricots are amazing for shrinking tumors! You CANNOT juice these, but you can blend them! They help shrink tumors, because they have Vitamin B17! Go to this site: http://www.juicing-for-health.com It is very helpful! Just go browse around, otherwise you can hop into the “Juicing Basics” section and scroll down the page (forget exactly where) to where it says “Healing Foods” and read up on all the fruits and vegetables that can help you. I hope and pray everything will be okay.


  11. Steve

    Hi Chris

    Great site and I have found it very useful. Just wondered if you had any problems with energy levels from only having raw food and juicing? I realise weight loss will happen with this. Also are there any good sources of protein while on this kind of diet? I have seen in the UK Pulsin Natural Pea Protein, just wondering if taking this kind of think will help the cancer! or not make any difference.

    Thanks for all your research and putting it online.


    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Steve
      You will have low energy for a few days as your body detoxes, but once that phase is over you will feel great with tons of energy.
      Protein is important. Every cell in your body is made of amino acids and essential fatty acids. Pea Protein is good. I really like Sunwarrior Warrior Blend which is vegan protein from pea, cranberry, and hemp.

      I also take Ultimate EFAs, an essential fatty acid supplement from Yes Supplements.

    2. jane hand

      you can also take superfood like wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina. chllorella, and leafy greens all high in protein

  12. Y

    Hi Chris,
    I have not been diagnosed, but I don’t want to know either. My doctor is wanting to do a biopsy, because he says he thinks the lump on my thyroid is cancerous. I have told him I don’t want to do the biopsy. I have had an MRI, a CT scan, and an Ultrasound. I have a B12 and iron deficiency, and numerous symptoms that could very well add up to hypothyroidism. I have been scouring the internet in an attempt to educate myself in the body’s natural ability to heal itself. I believe my body has a designer, Who also gave us all of the plants, and natural elements that were put there for our health and healing. There is nothing “natural” about flooding your body in radiation. They say that the sun is bad for you, but radiation can save your life?? Thank you Chris for your blog, it has been a pleasure and a blessing reading it. I found a product called Essiac, you can find it if you Google it. I am going to start using it in the next day or so. Also, aluminium free baking soda, black strap molasses, and Lugol’s 2% solution. I plan to take up juicing again after 20 years, and hope it has a postiive outcome…it can’t do any harm I’m certain of that.

    1. Katie

      Hello! Just read your comment and it really resonated with me. I have had a biopsy for the nodule on my thyroid and the pathology was unable to conclude whether it was cancerous or benign. They had ruled out the 2 aggressive types due to lack of a hormone in my blood and also lack of characteristics under the microscope, but the only way to tell is to remove the half of my thyroid that it is embedded in. I am not a fan of chasing tumours around my body and removing vital organs/glands.. so I am too going to try and reverse it naturally. Maybe we could get in touch and share stories as this is an ongoing journey, and offer advice to each other? my email is ke*************@ho*****.com if you are into it :)

      1. Teresa

        I had a pre-cancerous polyp removed from my colon a few months ago, and then this month during a routine physical, my family doctor told me my thyroid was large. An ultrasound showed that I have 6 nodules on the left and right sides, and most are over 1cm, which is the minimum size they want to biopsy. I saw an endocrinologist today who wants to do a nuclear scan before biopsy. I am afraid to have a biopsy for fear of metastasis if any are cancerous. Also, I have read that in many cases, biopsies on thyroid nodules are often inconclusive.

        My husband and I started on the Metagenics detox a few weeks ago. We cut out all processed foods, dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine, cut way back on grains and meat, and increased our veggie and fruit consumption. We already juice greens, but now juice a lot more and include 3-5 lbs of carrots, and have added fresh turmeric and ginger root in the juice as well. How is your thyroid today? Did you have any luck shrinking your nodule on your own? Did you have surgery? Do you have any other sources of info for thyroid? Thank you

    2. jane hand

      I just read most of the essiac sold do not contain the sheep sorrel ROOT just the leaves which supposedly rene caisse said must be used neither the 4 herb or the 8 herb I got has this root in it so gonna have to find some and add it.

  13. kjigs

    hi Chris!

    it’s so timely that I was able to visit your page. my mom has secondary osteosarcoma. we are looking for some alternative therapy for her. one thing we are considering is chelation. what is your take on that? thank you so much!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      A radical change of diet and lifestyle, like what I did, is foundational to healing.
      Chelation could offer some additional benefit in getting heavy metals out of the body.
      I would make sure to find out if it is liver toxic and what the possible side effects are.

      1. kjigs

        thanks for the reply… i have another question… i am confused of what to believe now. our alternative doctor said that carrots is a no, no because it has sugar and it’s not good for cancer patients. should i continue preparing carrot juice for my mom? thank you so much.

        1. jane hand

          yes you should a site I saw the other day said that a man did nothign else but drink 5 cups of raw carrot juice a day and his cancer went away in 8 weeks and some others said the same happened to them.

          If worried about sugar as diabetic or something dilute 50-50 with water. also use carrot spinach (per Dr Norman walker the father of the modern day juice movement who was a raw foodist in the 20 who lived to be over a 100),he aklso recommended carrot juice for cancer.

          Also take in green juices and juices made from cruciferous veggies (cabbage, turnips, rutabagas, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, daikon bok choy etc) Mix ith apples or oranges or lemon or lime juice o rginger or other juices like tomatoes and red peppers to improve the taste.

  14. Paladin

    Hi Chris,

    My son found this site and recommended it.. I was just diagnosed with Stage IV Lung cancer this week, which was a shock as I have never smoked. I am lined up with multiple doctor visits over the next few days, but not enthusiastic about the conventional treatments I expect they will suggest.. Already had a PET and CT scan this week. I am almost 63.

    I have started drinking organic juices (Whole Foods) and additional supplements like B17, C, E, Grape Extract, etc.. For most of my life, I have started each day with a glass of high pulp orange juice. My question is does this have too much sugar, or is it ok as a “pulpy” juice?

    Thanks for your site.. lots of good info and recommendations..

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Paul
      Sorry to hear that, but do not be afraid.
      The doctors may only give you a short amount of time to live,
      but you don’t have to believe them.
      This is a wake up call for you, and an opportunity for you to take control of your health.
      It’s going to take a hard core, radical transformation of your diet and lifestyle.
      I’m talking about pulling out all the stops and overdosing on nutrition.

      Doctors do not control your fate unless you let them.

      I don’t drink any fruit juice as it has too much concentrated sugar
      and Sugar Feeds Cancer.
      Fruit should be consumed whole, the cellulose fiber regulates
      the absorption of the sugars.
      Any fruit blended up in a smoothie is fine too.

      Even organic store-bought juice is bad because it is pasteurized.
      This process destroys the enzymes and nutritional value.
      Also containers can leach plastic chemical residues into the juice.

  15. Dan Goddard

    Wow! I really love your story. As a Vegan and Raw Foodist advocate I was curious as to how long you drank that much carrot juice? If I read it right you drank 64 ounces of carrot juice a day? Did your liver jump ship? Wow that is a lot of beta carotene.

    I usually drink about 16-24 ounces of carrot juice a day (not including the kale, celery, jalapeno, garlic, ginger, etc. I add). That would be a total of all veges juiced at about 48 ounces per day. I do cabbage at times as well.

    All this to say I get lots of flack from others concerned about the amounts. The concern is that to much of a good thing is… well is to much :) Our livers can only handle so much at a time. Turning orange isn’t necessarily a problem. That can actually happen to folks drinking less then you did. BUT checking liver function wouldn’t be a bad idea if you do turn orange. I am not saying I would agree with many of those naysayers. Just curious.

    There are actually many physicians out there that would agree with much of your position as I do. Such as Dr Joel Fuhrman. The proof is in the pudding or in your case the juice.

    What has been your experience with this concern? Thanks.

    Pastor Dan Goddard

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Yes I drank about 64oz of veggie juice per day spread throughout the day for a couple years. About half of that was from carrots.
      It’s not a magic formula. It’s just what I did. And my liver was fine.

      For anyone who thinks it’s too much, don’t drink 64 oz.


  16. Monica

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your excellent story here. My mother is battling Metastatic Breast Cancer, it had travelled to her brain, lungs, liver, bones. Chemo has destroyed or mostly shrunk the tumors in the organs. The cancer has increased in the bones….reading your experience with juicing is an inspiration, and gives me hope. Will share this with her. Please give me any feedback you may have.

  17. kjigs

    thanks for the reply… i have another question… i am confused of what to believe now. our alternative doctor said that carrots is a no, no because it has sugar and it’s not good for cancer patients. should i continue preparing carrot juice for my mom? thank you so much.

    1. TJ

      Hi, from what I learned, carrots have cancer fighting property so it’s ok. It’s better consumed with beets. You may google cancer-fighting veggies and fruits. I’m not sure if drinking too much of carrot juices is a good idea though.

  18. Cher

    Chris – I can’t tell you how thorough your site is. I research all the time about ‘health’ issues, but I’ve learned some new things from you! My mom might have lymphoma (we’re waiting on a biopsy, but the initial diagnosis was ‘suspicious malignancy’) – anyway…I have wanted to start juicing for a while now…I’m planning to get a pretty good one that will do wheatgrass (as many won’t). I’m a little confused over juicing versus ‘blenderizing’ when it comes to the sugar and fiber, though. I’m quite familiar with the ‘cancer feeds off sugar’, but does that mean I can’t ‘juice’ any fruit to go along with the veggies? Why would putting the fruit in the blender be better than juicing? If you could explain a little more about the difference, that would be most helpful! Thank you very much!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Thanks Cher!
      Juicing creates concentrated juice. Concentrated fruit juice is very high in sugar, which is
      why I didn’t juice any fruits and rarely ever do even today.
      Blenderized fruits, like in a smoothie, still have the cellulose fiber which slows the sugar absorption into your bloodstream.
      Make sense?

      1. Cher

        Thanks for the reply. Essentially, juice the veggies, but put the fruit in the blender because it’s better for the body overall. Got it. I appreciate your time! :) (I’m already checking out the kernels and the oil blends, by the way. Tons of great information here!)

  19. Joyce

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing your very much inspiring stories of fighting cancer! I’m believing more and more on the nature healing process with raw food.

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May and had a surgery right after. I didn’t want to do chemo but there was a big pressure from the family and doctor (with a good intention of cos) so i went with chemo.

    I was taking it okay for the first time and didn’t seem to have much side effect. Well, i was wrong. After 2nd chemo, i started to have Urticaria all over my body and it became so bad that i couldn’t do anything else but scratching the whole day for a week… it was hell… couldn’t sleep, eat but crying and scratching…My skin color tired purple which totally made me freaked out. My husband and I were clueless at the beginning but we soon figured out it was the side effect from chemo. I will stop chemo (my 3rd treatment is coming on Aug 1), radio therapy and hormone therapy all together (which was strongly suggested by my doctor) and go with the Budwig diet which i have already started. It’s really hard for me to take muslie (makes me gag every time i eat them and can’t never finished the whole portion) but i will do it no matter what. For some reason, this diet gives me a strong faith.

    Well, sorry for the long story.. it’s only been about two weeks since my last chemo and i’m assuming my immune system is probably very low now due to chemo. If I want to do juicing, can i start now or should i wait for another two weeks or month before i start doing detox diet? Desperately need your kind advice. Thank so much.

    Joyce from Hong Kong

  20. Natasha

    Hi Chis im from the UK and have been studying this site over and over and think it’s amazing. I was looking on ideas how to start a vegan diet heathily as I have been having serious problems with my bowels for a very long time and as my age is very young like you were they have taken a while to listen! But after blood tests they are now listening! and im booked in for a colonsospopy, no one has said so but I think they seriously suspect its colon cancer and so do I, I want to get a head start on this over the next few weeks and start as a way of life. I have tried your carrot juice mix which was great, I just had a question, you mention tap water having chemicals etc, does this matter when washing the carrots? and also when washing the applience after..silly question but would love to know as soon as you can as I just want to get this right!
    Also is it okay/good to put udo’s choice ultimate oil blend in this juice?
    Thank you do much you are helping so many people.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Natasha I didn’t worry about using tap water for washing food etc. Just don’t drink it or cook with it.
      Adding Udo’s oil to your juice is totally fine.
      Juice fasting is a good idea if you have digestive issues.
      This gives your digestive tract a break and the opportunity to heal.

      1. Natasha

        Thank you Chris, You should be given a medal for the amount of time and information you have put into this website. I just have one more quetsion if that is okay please?, I have been having only juice and smoothies and supplements reccomended by you for a few days now, is this okay for me for detox and health? or do I need to add a little organic meat or a vegan protein supplement? just worried I am doing more damage than good by having no carbs, and no protein. Thank you very much for your help, It is all slightly confusing and I really appreciate it so much.
        Sorry I forgot to mention Iron too, am I getting enough of this too as my iron levels are very low already?

        1. chrisbeatcancer

          Yes it’s certainly ok in the short term. I did it for 90 days, but it depends on your body type.
          It takes the body time to adjust to a diet change like this and assimilate nutrients from a plant based diet.
          80 raw 20% cooked is a good formula to follow on a detox diet like this.
          Eating some cooked veggies along with organic brown rice, quiona, sweet potatoes for dinner will help maintain weight.
          A vegan protein supplement also won’t hurt, like Sunwarrior.

      2. Natasha

        Sorry I forgot to mention Iron too, am I getting enough of this too as my iron levels are very low already?

  21. Zorah

    Hi Chris,
    Your site is totally awesome. From reading your information, i am totally inspired. Juicing and eating fresh raw vegies seems like a method to not only beat cancer but prevent it. It also seems like the best way to prevent and cure other diseases as well (terminal or not) and so my deepest thanks to you for making me realize the power of natural, raw fruits and vegetables. May God Bless you and your family always.

  22. Alex Tessier

    Hi Chris,

    This is an incredibly inspirational blog you’ve set up. You’re a real credit to the cause. I hope you won’t mind me posting a link back to my own blog and my latest entry, which deals with fasting combined with apricot kernels

  23. Jamba

    Hi Chris,

    I luv your site and initiative. I am unfortunately undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. I have about a month left to complete treatment. I purchased the Vitamix today. The demo said I could blend spinach,kale,carrots and ginger.

    What advice do you have for me to build my immune system after chemo is over?


  24. Keith Levy


    The information detailed above is incredible and complete.

    An inspiration to all.

    Thank you for your help.


  25. Malissa

    Hi Chris,

    Your story is truly an inspiration and wake up call for me. I suffer from severe acid reflux and digestive problems but I’ve never been a fan of the antacids my doctor prescribed. I actually dumped them and he was pissed asking me how do I expect to get better if I don’t take the medication. But I believe this is the answer! God placed all these wonderful foods on the earth and don’t think think we can denounce them for modern medicine. Thank you for sharing your story…it will be tough giving up all the foods I love but I have to try. God bless.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Malissa
      Your instincts are right. Modern medicine cannot improve on nature’s ability to heal.
      It is tough at first, but worth it!
      Focus on fruits, veggies, nuts, and clean meats.
      Wheat and dairy can be major agitators. I would eliminate them from your diet first.
      And see how you feel. It may take a few days to notice a difference.
      Also water or juice fasting can be very beneficial because they give the digestive system
      a rest and the opportunity to heal.
      Please keep me posted!

  26. Stony

    I salute you..and all those who read your testimonial and start themselves. Of course its true!!!..I have seen the results on a 50yr old women with breast lumps surgically removed..then secondaries appeared..big problem!!! ENTER CARROT JUICE…Yes, she turned yellow/orange, and lost a little weight…but guess what??? Next test revealed no signs whatsoever. That was 2yrs ago. She is vegan, believes in Jesus,possesses a mild disposition and has returned to work. Specialist prescribed chemo..she said no..I will do a bogart on this. She is a gutsy little woman.

  27. Maly Tran

    I can only drink 32 ounces a day. Running to the bathroom all the time with this much, I don’t know how you could do it with 64 ounces.

    1. Chris Wark

      No problem, just drink as much as you can handle. :)

  28. Matt

    Chris, great site! My wife got me into juicing a week ago. I think it’s pretty cool. We aren’t taking in as much as you. I’ll have to research more and see if we have the right dose. Same formula tho with the ginger too. I used to smoke and I am 30 now. It’s weird how all of a sudden I am starting to really care about my body. That’s why we are changing our diet. Anyways, be well and thanks for the info!

  29. kelsey

    hi there, i love your site thank you! I have a couple questions. By any chance did you notice things get worse before they started to get better? Ive just started drinking carrot juice(64oz) and noticed that the sugar is making things grow quicker than id like. Is there a turning point? Also i read in an early msg that you mentioned you read gersons therapy and altered it a bit. Did you do any coffee enemas that they recommend or any of the supplements at all?
    Thanks for all the info!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Kelsey yes many times you can “get worse” before you get better when you trigger a healing reaction in the body.
      Yes there should be a turning point.
      You have to monitor your progress closely. If you do not see improvement then you may need to change your strategy.
      I did some coffee enemas but not daily. They are definitely beneficial.
      I took tons of supplements but not the Gerson stuff.

  30. Johnie

    Hey Chris! I love your blog and I am a greek fellow blogger talking about healthy nutrition and how to beat cancer, etc.. I also eat 1-2 carrots per day :P but you should be carefull.. too much b-carotene (vitamin A precursor) can be toxic..

  31. Bre

    How long did it take you to get rid of cancer by juicing? so you didnt use fruit to put in your mix? is that because the sugar in it feeds cancer? I have ovarian cancer and trying to start do healthy things. Thanks

    1. Chris Wark

      It took about a year before my blood work was back to normal ranges.
      I didn’t drink fruit juice because it is too high in concentrated sugar.
      Only fruit smoothies. See my Anti-Cancer Smoothie post

  32. Mark

    This is such a great article as juciing is such a great way to balance the natural PH of your body, flood it with essential nutrients and kick out all the stuff that gives us these diseases

    I also make up a juice like this each morning and put it into a chilled flask.
    I do blend it all with an avacado and cucumber to make it creamy and the cucumber is very healing.

    Keep up the good work Chris.

  33. Bridget Williams

    Wow I just found this blog, and your FB page. My husband Jeff is a chemo-refusing cancer survivor as well. Stage 3 testicular cancer, diagnosed at 26 years old. That was 4 years ago now. Anyway this post really stood out to me because I so vividly remember having an orange tinted hubby for a while lol :) My grandma kept telling me his liver was failing, and I kept tying to explain to her how much carrot juice he was drinking, and it was just that. Anyway I look forward to exploring your blog some more, and am especially interested to find out what you do for maintenance :)

    1. Hannah

      Hi Bridget,

      How long did you husband drink the juice (only carrots?)

      Can you shed some light? I just started my carrot juice yesterday.

      Did he take suppliments?

      Thanks in advance,

  34. Cate Roundy

    Chris, Just found this great website. I drank a lot of carrot juice, too, when I first discovered breast cancer. I was in a terrible emotional environment and it didn’t help me too much. This was three years ago. I have refused the standard treatment also, began the Budwig Diet prescribed by Bill Henderson and my HCG test results (started at 55, last test was 52.6)were moving toward 49, which is cancer-free, and then the cancer started to spread. Everything is worse and I am reading everything I can to find a better way. What do you know about the BX Antitoxin? Thanks, Cate

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Cate, don’t be discouraged. Keep searching. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else.
      That’s what doctors do! I don’t know anything about BX Antitoxin.

    2. TJ

      Hi Cate,

      Please add this to your healing regimen. Search Tong Ren therapy on youtube. It’s meridian related energy healing.


    3. Julia

      Hi Cate,

      I had a lumpectomy last September for stage 3 breast cancer, hormone positive so am taking tamoxifen but declined chemo and radiation, and am have just started juicing having taken Chris’s advice and invested in a Champion juicer.

      I also take Salvestrols platinium 2000x 3 per day but will be coming down to two per day next month, check these out on line, discovered by Professor Gerry Potter.
      Have faith, whatever position you are in now will not be improved by the gestapo therapy, like we are missing chemo in our body, so let’s overdose on that, I think not, an overdose on carrots makes one helluva lot more sense to me.

      I also take Essiac tea which was introduced many years ago by Rene Caisse who fought many battles with the authorities over her success in curing cancer and you can read her story on-line.

      For me it is a case of keep it simple and try to heal my body with nutrition rather than poison, and whatever the future holds for me I will never regret my decision.

      Hold my hand, we are travelling on the same road,

  35. Mario

    Hey Chris if You juice, 64 oz. of juice for the whole day and store them in mason jars, doesn’t that take away some of the nutrients? I was actually drinking 64 oz of juice in one sitting from a vita mix but I was wondering if that’s too much for one sitting?

    1. Chris Wark

      Some of the nutrients are diminished over time, but my opinion is that it’s not enough to worry about.
      You just have to get the juice in your body every day.
      Doing all my juicing in the morning was the most sustainable system for me.

      Anything made in a vitamix is not juice. It’s a smoothie.
      A 64 oz smoothie is a lot , and depending on your metabolism,
      that much food in one sitting may sap your energy and make you sleepy
      while your body tries to digest it all.
      If you feel good doing it, just keep doing it.

  36. Heather Lewis

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 grade 3 endometrial cancer that spread to my liver. I am 37 and have a five year old little one. I am interested in juicing, but I have not been able to find out how much a day is recommended and what type of juice to do. Can someone point me in the right direction?

  37. natasha

    I am juicing for my 9 year old son.
    Can you let me know how you seal your containers in order to make them air tight?
    Thank you.

    1. Chris Wark

      The easiest way is to use glass mason jars.

  38. IS

    Hello Chris,

    A quick question. Instead of juicing, can I have raw fruits & vegetables? At this point, I do not have the money to invest in an expensive juicer.

    Many thanks,

    1. jane

      I have found many juicer at the thrift store for about $10 and walmarts often has the centrifugal ones pretty cheap

  39. Crystal

    After losing 100 lbs the past year with diet change I recently started struggling again with the foods I eat. To get back on track I plan on doing a detox for the first time for 7-14 days or longer depending on how i’m doing. I’m on disability and live off of food stamps so affording organic fruits and veggies is rough and seems almost impossible. After looking around my local health food store I see carrots are on the lower end if bought in large amounts. That really seems like the only way possible I can do this. It is definitely better than what i’ve been eating. I have heard the benefits of carrot juice but have also heard some downsides like vitamin A overdose. If i’m using only carrots what are the risks? Can you really overdose on vitamin A from too much carrot juice? Do you have any info on this?

    1. Crystal

      Here is something I keep running into while researching this and am very curious about actual facts. This is from carrotjuice.com “The symptoms of a vitamin A overdose would include soreness around the liver or right side of the body, extreme fatigue, yellow or orange colored skin, blurry vision, nausea, severe mood swings, and mental disorientation. If for any reason you think that you or someone you know is suffering from a vitamin A overdose, then please do contact a doctor immediately. In it’s severest form a vitamin A overdose can lead to liver failure and death.”

      1. jane

        I keep seeing this fear coming up again and again

        Note–the vitamin a in carrots is different from that in vitamin pills and this should not be a concern..if people worried as much about drinking, smoking, eating fatty, fast, and junk food taking a plethora of drugs, over-stressing, hating people, etc as they do about doing something healthy and natural for the body we would not all be sick.

        This is not addressed just to crystal but too all who are afraid of doing this thing which could help cure cancerf for Pete;s sake..compare this to chemo, radiation and toxic drugs form the doctor and tell me drinking carrots is worst.

    2. Chris Wark

      I drank 8 servings per day for over a year. I think you’ll be fine. :)

  40. Natasha B

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your site. I just finished 5 rounds of chemotherapy for leukemia and am feeling great. I’m 28. I’m not going to focus on what possible damage I’ve caused by following orthodox treatment because I believe I can still repair it by following alternative remedies. My question for you is–did you do any colon cleanse before starting all the juicing…or is that not necessary? Since I do have a blood cancer I just don’t want toxins flooding my blood and making anything worse…so I’m wondering if I need to do cleanses before adding nutrients to my body. Thanks!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Natasha, No I did not do any cleanses before I started juicing and raw foods,
      That is a healing and cleansing diet and will help your body clear out all the junk.
      Daily coffee enemas are great for detoxing the liver and cleaning out the colon.

    2. jane

      Dr Richard Schulze who cured the incurables and many terminal cancer patients said his patients had to earn the right to a cleanse by doing the foundational program first of colon cleansing, cleansing the liver/gall bladder, kidney bladder, skin, and blood with some immune boosting.

      But is serious cases where one has no time to lose i would do them at same time.

      Although some people have been killed with chemo now that you are done know you can heal yourself..Anne Frahm was given a one in one million shot of living she had aggressive chemo for a year, radiation, surgery, hormones, and bone marrow transplant also over 200 blood transfusions for her stage 4 breast cancer and tumors on nearly every bone in her body it all failed but she began a comprehensive health building program which she details in her book “cancer battle plan” (also husbands book cancer battle plan sourcebook) and in 5 weeks all cancer and tumors were GONE..she did eventually die from cancer but was cancer free over 7 years and lived for 10 years and this was someone with pretty much zero chance of living so you can be healed.`

      You have to be smart on this..I was worried my mom on kidney dialysis would not be able to process the toxins due to almost no functioning kidneys

      I waited way too long trying to get her to do anything and be stronger before going full incurables and she died later and I always regretted holding back and not going full steam ahead,even though she refused to do it till the week before she died and before we could start the hospital killed her

      .we are –even those deathly ill– way stronger than we think/./dr Schulze pushed all his patients to the max and these were all terminal or incurable people most who were given no hope of living and 90% of them got better,.I woukld not hstitate over these worries. You have got to try to reverse the damage of chemo and the sooner the better.

      I would add a blood cleanser like herbpharm burdock root, and herbdoc’s detox formula (the one with red clover) or similar to your routine to help the blood not be too toxic even while cleansing, pray about it, listen and if a go, go ahead with your health rebuilding program, Natasha at your age, you have that going for you too.

      1. jane

        that said raw food and juicing is one of the most important part of the program and I believe it will work even without cleanses but just take a little longer.

  41. Morgan

    Just discovered you’re website through a youtube video about vegan protein powders…so impressed and excited!
    Question: I have a vitamix..but i don’t have a juicer. Will grinding up veggies (carrots…ginger..kale…spinach…celery..ect) give me the same benefit as juicing?
    I have also read a book ( Green Smoothie Revolution) that comments on the importance of rotating greens because of the small amounts of toxicity in them.(To keep away leaf eaters i think?) do you agree? It also says that mixing veggies certain veggies..and all veggies with fruit is a bad idea because it will cause stomach upset.
    Answer when you can. :) Thank you!!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Morgan, blenderizing smoothies is incredibly beneficial keep doing it!
      Juicing extracts and concentrates the nutrients more and you can get more nutrients into your body.
      I drank 64oz of juice per day. I could not consume the equivalent amount of whole veggies, blended or not.
      Some would argue that blending is better because you “get it all”…
      My opinion is that both are really great in different ways.
      Mixing veggies and fruit may cause indigestion for some people. It doesn’t really affect me.

    2. jane

      it is not the same as juicing but it is as Chris said really beneficial In fact, Victoria Boutenko whose book you referenced did a study on a small town who make no changes in their diet except adding a quart of green smoothies and at the end of 30 days, all the 100 people said they would continue and many reported weight loss, better digestion, sleep, energy etc.

      the reason juicing is good ids if taken with no pulp or food and consume within 20 minutes, the vital elements go directly to the bloodstream when the juice contains pulp or food is in the stomach at the same time most of the vital energy 9enzymes, phytochemicals, nutrients,,atoms etc go to digestion leaving little for healing and repair but when taken alone in juice form, the vital elements go to healing and repair and that is why it is so effective.

      Yes Victoria would know that, she is a phenomenal researcher and thinker–she drank two gallons of kale green smoothies a day and within a week the whole family was sick. It is very important to rotate the greens every few days,.

      even sticklers for not mixing fruit and bveggies say an apple can be used in veggies and so can lemons and limes. I mix fruits and veggies all the time and nothings seems to happen to me.

  42. Ingrid


    Congrats on beating cancer! I watched your video on Green Med TV regarding how you beat cancer. In it, you stated you did this by eating a raw food vegan diet. It is also mentioned you consumed a 100% raw vegan diet in the Cancer Survivors’ Stories that I downloaded. However, on your website, under FAQ’s, you state that in phase 2 of your diet, you began to incorporate meats. This wasn’t mentioned in your video and e-book. I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I read you were eating meat during your cancer treatment and I was a bit confused and I felt misled.

    My question for you is: did you or did you not follow a raw food vegan diet? Do you still eat meat or do you follow a vegan diet today?


    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Ingrid, I was on a raw vegan diet for the first 90 days of my anti-cancer program,
      then the naturopath I was working with added clean meats back to my diet.
      The raw vegan diet is a powerful healing and cleansing diet, and was an important part
      of my strategy, but was not sustainable for me long term.
      I am an ectomorph with a very high metabolism and blood type O.
      I could not eat enough raw food daily to maintain a healthy weight and I was protein wasting.
      If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 9 years, it’s that different body types need different diets to thrive.
      I’ve met people who healed cancer with raw vegan and people who did it with a ketogenic diet and even a raw meat diet.

      1. Cynnergy

        Chris – how can you find out what your protein requirements for your body are?

  43. Jacinta

    Hello Chris (& family), I want to thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. After praying and wanting the necessary information about juicing, I found your site. Father bless you abundantly. I have not been able to read all the posts, but from what I already know and reading your posts & other comments, it’s been a great help thus far.

  44. Ann

    Hi Chris, thanks for your valuable info. I had thyroid cancer last year and had my thyroid removed. I also had an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos). Would this juicing program help with autoimmune diseases? Can the juice be made using a Nutri Bullet Juicer? Also what do you think of iodine supplements for cancer? What about coffee and tea?
    Thanks so much!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Ann
      Juicing gives the body concentrated nutrients that it can use to heal.
      The Nutribullet only makes smoothies, but fresh fruit and veggie smoothies are great too.
      I don’t drink coffee, but highly endorse green tea. There is a post about teas on this site.
      Look under the cancer fighting foods category.

      Definitely read Dr. David Brownstein’s book about healing your thyroid

  45. Pat

    Hi Chris! I am curious; when you were going through your cancer, did you ever cheat on food? Like, did you have ice cream or chocolate, or pizza once or twice? Do you eat those things now (in moderation?)

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Pat I did not cheat for a very long time. Probably about a year. Now I will enjoy something like that occasionally.
      My opinion is that what you eat 80% of the time will have the greatest impact on your health.
      For the average person 80% needs to be hardcore super healthy.
      For a cancer patient it needs to be 100%.

  46. Toprak

    Hello Chris,

    I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer last September. I did 6 rounds of chemo therapy and radical mastectomy(left breast) I have tried to do alternative treatment and traditional treatment together but I believe now that I should not have done the chemo. I am cancer-free right now but they want me to do radiation as well because of the several lymph nodes involvement. I do not think I will do radiation. I am trying to be very strict with my diet now. Raw food, juicing(I did not know that I could actually juice 64 ounces at once and keep it in the refrigerate.It is going to be easier). walking and running 5 days a week. no sugar, no diary, no meat, no processed food etc. I really do not want to face with horrible cancer again so I am trying my best to stay cancer-free but honestly I am very concern about the grade I had which was the most aggressive type. I added Budwig mix in my diet for my breakfast. What do you think about this mixture (flex-seed oil and cottage cheese)???

    Thank you for your wonderful job. May the Lord bless you and your family so much.


  47. Lana

    Dear Chris

    I saw your interview recently and have been reading your site and am encouraged and heartened. My mom was diagnosed with Kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma, RCC) 2 years ago, had surgery to remove 1 kidney and had mets in the lung last year and now near the intestine. She has been recommended Chemo to start in 3-6 months after another scan (even though RCC doesnt respond very well to chemo). As if that wasn’t enough, I (43 years with a 2-year old) now found I have an angiomyolipoma on my right kidney via ultrasound, but more tests will be needed to confirm if its really an angiomyolipoma (benign) or RCC (which it can be confused with, even with CT). You can imagine my position.

    We’ve never been “unhealthy eaters” ie no junk foods, not much meat, no smoking, almost zero alcohol, very little processed food and she doesn’t like restaurant foods (ex: our normal breakfast is oatmeal, milk and fruit and maple syrup or agave – no processed cereals or fruit juices). She had no risk factors for RCC.

    However, she’s long had problems with v. poor appetite and weight loss. Its a struggle to make foods that she will actually enjoy and consume as she has to force herself to eat. While I am seriously considering (for her and even for myself), starting the radical change in diet you described in Phase 1, (Vegan) before the next scan, I am really trying to understand why to omit some foods mentioned below, which would make it VERY difficult for her to eat anything at all, with her already poor appetite (for example, eggs and milk are some of the few things she eats readily).

    PLEASE PLEASE take the time to answer my questions :

    – Why Vegan, instead of vegetarian (which would have allowed – Why not milk and dairy products) ? would they really cause a major impact ?

    During your vegan phase:
    – If you were able to consume the (natural) sugars in fruit smoothies, and in sweet veggies like carrots and beets (which you juiced), why not maple sugar (other natural sugars like honey, agave etc) (even in small quantities ? (reason: adding a small qty of these makes her morning breakfast eatable!)
    – What about eggs (even organic) ? Is it because they would disrupt the cleansing process ?
    – if you were not eating any protein even like cheese in your salad, how did you maintain your energy?
    – If vegan means no animal foods and only plant foods, why no grains (even things like wheat, oatmeal and quinoa ??) Again, how did you maintain your energy without carbohydates ?
    – Would just drinking the juice, smoothies, and 1 salad per day, but eating at least one meal (like dinner) containing some healthier meat (like duck) or some fish, make any difference ?

    Thank you for your inspiring site, all the effort you put into it, and God bless you.
    I am very much looking forward to your answers.

    1. Linda Justice

      I have the same questions, Lana. Did you ever get an answer?

  48. Lana

    I forgot to add a few more questions
    – Would organic milk (instead of regular milk laced with growth hormones etc) be OK ?
    – What about (vegan) foods like lentils, beans (not bean sprouts) and pulses ? Did you ever use these (cooked) as a source of protein?

    1. jane

      one needs to go raw if trying to cure cancer but some go just 80% or 85% raw..if you do that you can use beans but if all raw then only sprouted beans and legumes no milk but one can use plant milks like coconut, soy, rice, almond, oats, hemp.if raw one can blend raw almonds or other raw nuts with water and strain through a nut bag or cloth for raw nut milk

  49. Pat

    Hi Chris! LOVE your website!! Thank you for sharing your experience and what we need to do to beat cancer! I would like to share with you and your bloggers my 2 most favorite books that have changed my life, way of thinking, and my diet change for the rest of my life: Both books are by Raymond Francis, M.SC. The first if title, “Never Be Sick Again, Health Is a Choise Learn How to Choose It” and my absolute favoite that changed my life is, “Never Fear Cancer Again, How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” Mr. Francis gives very specific protocols on what you need to do to beat cancer. He gives specific nutrition and supplement info. for anyone to follow. Very detailed books!! He also invites people to contact him for personal advice as well. Are you familiar with these 2 books? They are a MUST read for both preventing cancer and those of you who have been diagnosed with ANY cancer. I purchased both books on AMAZON.com for under $15 each. Please pass this on….. Thank You Again!!!!

  50. Nate


    My name is Nate. I’m 32 years old, husband, father and friend. I was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, stage 4. My cancer is very advanced with metastasis to my bone marrow and spleen. I went through approximately 24 rounds of chemo via IPT. That is Insulin Potentiation Therapy. It’s a different type of chemo in which the drugs are delivered via insulin in the hopes that most are absorbed by the cancer cells and not the rest of the body. My wife and I did not feel the results were worth the money (all out of pocket), and so we have gone seeking other options.

    This whole time I have been juicing approximately 30-60oz a day. My juice consists of lettuce, carrots, celery, parsley, cilantro, and ginger. I also take cesium and other PH boosting mineral supplements. I’ve removed all processed foods and try very hard to eat raw vegan foods. I rarely eat meat and when I do it’s grass fed, organic, beef/chicken. I don’t do dairy of any kind.

    I’m going to start incorporating what’s on your site into my daily routine. I too believe that I can beat this by the grace of God. I haven’t given up hope even though the doctors think I’m nuts. I praise God that you are healed of your cancer and only hope that I can follow in your footsteps. My 18 month old daughter needs her daddy and my wife needs her husband. God bless.

    1. jane

      aw look into dr schulze incurable program..I linked to his free videos above in one of my posts He has cured the worst of cancers…

      I have just been diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer and am only doing a lumpectomy and not doing the full mastectomy, any lymph node removal for biopsy, no chemo, no hormones and no drugs..just get the lump out,

      I am though trying to do an aggressive alternative health building program’

      Doctors not only think I am nuts they are downright hostile and insulting and one got so mad he canceled my surgery days before One could barely conceal his angry toward me and told me not to go to support groups as I would “harm” the other women and lots of other stuff

      at least I found one to give me hat I want.

      when doctors say there is not a cure what they really mean is there is no cure I know of or I believe in or I was taught not that there is no cure as people have healed themselves of pretty much everything and many where worsts than you and others no matter how bad you are Schulze says he has cured worst. when they say you will be dead in x amount of time what they mean is if you are the average American with poor lifestyle..change the lifestyle to superior and you change the diagnosis.

      there is hope. The mind body connection is extremely powerful Believe are are healed banish all negativity.

      Drs would not give me a prognosis but all said when asked would be dead in 5 years if I did not do everything they said and hinted at somewhere between 6 months and 2 or 3 years but I am going to prove them wrong and go there god willing in 6 years and let them know they were wrong but sure they will attribute it to the lumpectomy and really that may just cure me but do not want it to come back even if it does cure me,.

      the more of us that cure ourselves naturally the more hope we give to others and hope in itself is healing and the more we get away from the medical model. i recently hears on radio they have no better survival now than they did in the 50s they just detect it warlike to make it appear they do as hes early cases will not even know Scythian for well over 5 years the measure they use for a reason,.

      1. jane

        error in last line above they just detect it earlier to make it appear they do as these early cases
        will not even know they have cancer for well over 5 years (the measure they use
        for a reason)

  51. Michelle

    Hi Chris! I am so excited to see someone that has my same beliefs and I am not alone in this! I am 40 years old and went in to get a partial hysto when I woke up and my Dr told me they had to do a complete hysto because my uterus was the size of a BASKETBALL and all my stomach organs were full of Cancer! All the Lymph Nodes came back negative so that was a great thing and the surgury took 20 lbs off me instantly! I have always been overweioght which has been a big reason why I got Endometrial Cancer. After this was all said and done I too was told I had to do chemo and radiation. I had about a month to recovery from surgury and then my port went in right as scheduled. I went from taking a few asprin for a headache to all of this piling on me and and my body reacted very horribly to chemo! My body immediately went into shock and that was my sign to get the heck out of there! I too was too worried about beliefs from family & friends on whats the “only” way to treat cancer. I am now starting on my juicing & living my new life! Cancer was a gift! I always had 1 foot in and educated myself on alternative therapies and now I’m ready to dive in all the way! Thanks so much again for your inspiration! BTW check out http://www.herbdoc.com and also Leonard Coldwell NMD PHD! They will definitely tell you the truth and give you more insight about what Drs do not want us to know! Peace to you and your lovely family!

    Michelle D. Tampa, FL

  52. linda

    hi im heping a friend with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and dont know where to start ..i know he need to juice but are there any that will kick start this for him…desperate to start as its so advanced.ive tried to look up recipies but alot of them contradict each other…please help as im going to get a juicer today…look forward to your reponse thank u in advance ,linda

  53. Melissa

    Hello Chris,

    I have only started reading the first few pages of your site and I must say, I am absolutely inspired. Your dedication and knowledge on the subject is amazing.

    I, myself am 24 years old and was diagnosed at the beginning of March with bone cancer. I have a tumor located on the pelvis that I was initially treating and was further diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I am currently on my seventh week of chemotherapy. I started juicing at the beginning but not nearly as much as I know I should’ve/still should be. I attempted to follow the Gerson’s diet as well, with their carrot juice recipe, I a slowly started pulling away from it,and can’t seem to acquire the taste, not to mention, I can’t seem to bring myself to ONLY drink juice. I had an emotional break, and found myself NEEDING to chew on SOMETHING of consistency! I needed FOOD! lol and from there, I slowly gave up.

    To be quite frank, I believe the problem, along with that, is that I just don’t know where to start. I want to do it right, but I keep finding myself replacing things with better tasting things, and so on, I don’t feel there is enough variety at this point. I don’t know whether I am getting the nutrients I really need anymore, if I think I am doing all the right things just because I’m “juicing”. Again, if I’m going to do it, I want to be doing it right. And, again, I just don’t know where to start. I know to be cutting out sugars, and obviously unhealthy things. But, I feel I may just be overwhelmed, or over thinking it.

    My boyfriend is a personal trainer, and really knows his stuff when it comes to food and proper nutrients. He is the one that introduced me to the idea of juicing and is a really strong believer in it’s power to heal, (not to say that I wasn’t!) but I suppose don’t have the drive that he does to tell myself “too bad if you don’t like it, it’s going to fix you, get it down!”

    After the six week mark, I had a follow up ultrasound and the size has decreased by 32% already. Along with my promise to him to start juicing again, lol, I thought, crap, this much progress already, imagine has I been doing things properly and follow through since the beginning, would my results have been even greater?

    It was sort of a moment of clarity for me. “I have cancer, and I am not doing everything I can, not to mention, in the healthiest of manners, to improve myself. This is serious, get on it!”

    They may take me off treatment for a while, but I have been thinking of stopping the chemotherapy treatment all together and doing things this way. I am so tired, and drained, and nauseous and feeling terrible consistently. I feel like, “what the hell have I been doing!” This is a so much healthier choice, in a magnitude of reason. I want to do it this way, for my own health, and so when I beat this thing I can really say, that I, I did it! I sense of personal accomplishment.

    Overall, besides cutting out sugars, and overall junk and crap food (which I won’t lie, is a serious part of my diet!) where would you suggest I start, as far as variety, best options. I know the carrot juice is a must, and I will get it down. But as far as meals, FOOD goes. What are your suggestions?

    I am going to further look into your page. Again, you are an inspiration. And your page is already so interesting, and I know for sure it is going to be a great help, and will reference it regularly! I am so thankful for you, and to have come across it!

    I believe I am just so overwhelmed! Just looking for a little more “beginners” insight! Where the heck do I start!

    Thank you so much!

  54. Gin

    Greetings! Recently found out that I am enemic but not due to low iron. In fact my iron levels are normal. My doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy and because I was perforated during a routine exam about 5 years ago, I am reluctant to get it done. However, because of the enemia I will have to get it done but I want it done in a hospital and not an outpatient setting. Having said this it seems that I may have colon issues/cancer because something is making me enemic. My father died from colon cancer so I am aware of what to expect but I am not near what I have seen with my dear father. I also currently have hematuria-micropscopic blood in my urine and have had that for years as well as high protein in the urine of which I am being treated for. What kind veggies juicing would be good to keep the colon clean and healthy and prepare me for the fasting for the exam? Thank you for using your personal experiences to help so many people. Sweet blessing!

  55. Gin

    Hello again Chris. I just read that you had colon cancer and was not aware of that when I sent my first message.I wanted to let you know that I intend to continue juicing even after my colonoscopy. Praise God that you are well now and cancer free! Thanks again for your help.

  56. Pat


    1. Melissa

      thank you very much Pat. I am absolutely going to look into purchasing the book you suggested! Everything helps at this point for me, I really had no idea where to start.

      I appreciate your help and suggestion!

      1. Jonathan Milner

        I strongly encourage you all to learn about B17. Get the book “World without Cancer” available for free here:


        or watch the video of it on Youtube. This stuff really does seem to have an affect. My mother is in a multi-year bayttle with skin cancer, and this stuff alone is clearly waging a war for her.

        I am personally doing the juicing, taking B17… all of it. It is great as a preventative measure too… just increase dosage when you are in the fight!

    2. Rufus

      Thanks , I’ve recently been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I have came upon till now. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you sure about the supply?

  57. Pat


  58. Kenyatta

    Hello Chris!

    Wonderful site! Your story is so inspiring!

    I was tired of being fat and taking hypertension medication.

    I decided to throw away my table salt and exercise. I started to just eat fruits and vegetables(potassium/magnesium…menus items that were directly related to lowering blood pressure).

    I do not have a juicer, however, so I just started going to juice bars. $6-8 for a cup of juice…expensive? Well, I thought to myself…that burger and fries meal cost about the same, and it’s killing me! So, it is actually “cheaper” in the long run.

    Wheat grass “shots” and a beet/carrot combo, among other choices.

    I started on April 15, 2013 and my blood pressure has gone from 144/86 to (drum roll, please)…111/70 in 16 days. And I have lost 10 pounds, as well. Still have a ways to go, but I am determined to make this a way of life.

    As you mentioned in a comment above medication is the “easy way” out. I tell people what I did, show them my results and they see my clothes are falling off me…but the still say “yes, but that is a hard lifestyle to keep up.” I say I just did it, it’s NOT hard! They still don’t get it. Unfortunately, most will not “get it” until they are on an operation table or hospital bed. I pray for them.

    Thanks, Chris! I will spread the story of your success!


  59. Gemini Wahhaj

    Your site is amazing. This may be a very silly question, but is the recipe (5 carrots) for each juice or for the whole 64 oz? I could only get my mom to drink 2 carrots’ worth of juice in the entire day, and I can build up to 5 but if it’s 5×8, wow! I just wanted to find out what I am aiming for.


  60. Spot


    My friend’s mom has breast cancer and is also diabetic. Would it be OK to start with carrot juice, raw onions and garlic? Will the carrot juice spike the blood sugar or feed the cancer?


    1. Chris Wark

      I don’t believe carrot juice will feed the cancer. :)

    2. jane

      for diabetics it is advised that they dilute the juices 50-50 with water. also raw garlic and lots of it is not only good for cancer but for diabetes every time I juice fast my blood sugar of 500 or 600 plus goes to normal or near normal within days. it also resets the body weight in a reverse yoyo type way lose weight gain about half back and then stay there (this was with long juice fasts of at least 30 days)

  61. Pat

    Hi Chris – I have been following your website for about 2 months now and have read your recommended books. I am absolutely SOLD on the “natural” cure. BUT, I just wanted to tell you that I am SHOCKED at how many people do not want anything to do with this and would rather believe their doctors and rely on Chemo and Radiation without a 2nd thought! I try to pass this on to friends and they tell me they do not believe this (without even investigating) Some of these friends are very intelligent people. This is a “no-brainer” for me! Do you see alot of this too?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Pat, yes unfortunately most people are not interested in nutrition and natural therapies until conventional medicine has failed them.

      1. Chris D.


        About the celery: I’ve read that celery has natural toxins in them and that consuming large amounts of raw celery over an extended period of time can have more negative effects than positive effects, on your body.

        Did you take this into consideration when you included the celery in the juicing recipe you used as part of your former daily regimen?

        RSVP! Thank you. (Proof-reading helps)

        1. Chris Wark

          I did not take that into consideration. :)

  62. Betty

    Chris What do you eat for breakfast? That is the hardest meal to get healthy.

    1. Chris Wark

      Juice, fruit, fruit smoothie, sometimes oatmeal

  63. Pat

    Hi Chris! I just watched the interview you did with Dr. Patrick Vickers. Great! Very information info. I went on the gerson treatment center website and discovered that a one week’s stay is $5,500 and 3 weeks are recommended! Question: You certainly cured your cancer on your own. Do you think it necessary for someone to spend this kind of money?

    1. Gillian

      Hi Pat. If you want to follow the Gerson Therapy there are qualified Gerson therapists who will work with you online through Skype. Consultations are around $150/hour. They will firstly do a full evaluation with history of illness, family constitution and evaluate your wide blood profile. A diet and regimen will then be recommended with associated supplements.

      I am a Breast Cancer thriver and go through a Gerson therapist in QLD Australia and here is her site.

  64. cecilia cruz

    I have breast cancer stage 3A I under go operation last June17 2013. but I dont want to under go chemo can you help what I can do in a proper way of juicing and what are the veg. and fruits that I’mgoing to eat, what is their any measure of what I’m drinking juice and can you help me simple recipe of raw food that I’m going to eat as take juice tnks a lot for any help you may do May the richly bless you.

  65. Brian Pollard

    Seems like I have recurrent Prostate Cancer after a Prostatectomy 3 years ago and under threat of 33 Radiotherapy treatments.

    At present I have 2 – 12oz Juices of Sunflower/Pea Sprouts, Celery and Cucumber but the inclusion of a lot of Carrot Juice in the form of adding to Celery and Cucumber is brilliant.

    Unfortunately I have had Candida for about 15 years. In that case is it advisable to have 5 pounds of Carrot in Juice, due to its sugar content?

    Or…maybe less, whilst I try and deal with the Candida??

  66. kmas

    Dear Chris,

    I have subscribed to your website & found it is very use full to the people who are suffering from cancer. you have mentioned in your ’10 VEGITABLES WHICH FIGHT AGAINST CANCER’ section, taht GARLIC Very strongly acts against cancer. Is it advisable to add GARLIC ALONG WITH CARROT WHILE JUICING? If so what is the quantity of Garlic may be added. Waiting for your reply. pl reply urgently

  67. Ed

    Ha! I accidentally changed your juice recipe and invented my own. I’m calling it Kaboom Juice. Do you remember that you warned about the ginger? Yeah, that warning went unheeded. I put in about 3x as much ginger as I was supposed to. Still, I have to be honest, I’m loving the zippier version. Here’s the link: http://www.carcinoid-cancer.com/?p=135

  68. Jan

    I read through all of the above posts and did not find answers to these questions, nor does the instruction booklet with my new juicer answer them. I am finding preparation for juicing each day to be extremely time-consuming, so I would like to know:
    * Must I peel the ginger, beets, apples, and carrots before juicing?
    * Can I cut up the ginger, beets, apples, and ends of carrots ahead of time for the week, to save time? Thank you!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Jan I never peel anything and yes you can cut them up ahead of time. :)

  69. Gillian

    Hi Chris, just want to say I am an avid follower of your site. Fantastic work you are doing helping everyone out there. It is amazing that you are now offering your one-on-one coaching. I recommend your site to so many people to spread the word of a healthy natural lifestyle, to those of course who will listen.

    You are awesome! and thanks

  70. Dale Church

    Love your website and insight!

    For your basic Carrot, Celery, Beet and Ginger Juice, that sounds good. I was wondering if you had aver added apple to it. Charlotte Gerson says that combining carrot and apple produces a synergy that enhances the nutrition made available from both.

    Keep up the good work, and happy healthy living to you and yours.


  71. Brian

    My comment was deleted?
    Seriously I have re-occurrence of Cancer after Prostatectomy and am within weeks of Radiotherapy, which I do not want.
    Can I ‘megajuice’ on Carrot Juice as I have Candida.
    I’m trying to reduce my PSA

  72. Annabel

    Hi Chris. I had breast cancer stage 2 end 2009. Did chemo, surgery, radiation. Then went on antibody herceptin for a year. I handled the treatments well, due I do believe to paying close attention to diet and state of mind. Got BC mets last year and did chemo again (seemed to handle it even easier second time round!!). Have been on herceptin and a new antibody Perjeta since then. Tumour markers have been coming down slowly but surely. But I have now also changed my diet, and do carrot juice, ginger, apple or grapefruit, and cucumber twice a day. I’ve also cut out sugar (except that in fruit and vegs like carrots and beets) and as much carbohydrates as possible. But what I’ve been worried about is the sugar content in the carrots/fruits. Do you think having one apple juiced with the carrots each time is okay? Also, as I’m not in the US I think in litres. I drink almost a litre a day. Should I be drinking more than that? PS – I haven’t turned orange yet, after about six months of juicing.

    1. Chris Wark

      I don’t think one apple per day is too much. Also I drank approximately two liters per day.

  73. Helen

    When i was 18 i was told that carrot supplements helped people tan more in the summer, so the whole of the winter i took these supplements, come the summer i had bright knees/palms in a deep orange colour!

    I had been tango’ed!

    This article made me smile! xx

  74. Linda

    Hi Chris, how long did you drink 64 OZ carrot juice daily? Do you continue to drink carrot juice after cancer free? How much?

  75. Angela Pounder

    My mum is 85 and just been diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 4b. It has gone to her chest lymph nodes but nowhere else so far. The dr recommends radiation to get rid of the tumor in her pelvic area but wont treat the lymph nodes which is confusing to me. She is very healthy and strong otherwise and does not seem her age.
    Do you think the carrot juice could help does it work on any cancers.
    If using beet juice do u need to peel also do u peel the apples and can this be the only juice to drink. Do u think my mum is too old to benefit from this juice for her cancer.

    I cant lose my mum she has so much more life to live.

    Please help.

  76. Historymiss

    You truly are an inspiration! I stumbled across your site while researching how to go about juice fasting. I need to change my evil food ways and lose quite a bit of weight. I also have psoriatic arthritis but I don’t want to take Enbrel. I am 62 years old, but an old dog can learn new tricks. I just can’t find out if I need to add protein powder or is their enough in the juice? I also read you ate high fat, low carb. Now I’m confused. Where can I go to learn what to do? Thank you.

  77. raul garcia

    Chris, I would like to chat with you and share my Story and how YOU were such an influenced on me and my Mother on how we beat cancer!!

    Thank you.

    a very grateful person,
    Raul G.

  78. Shelley

    Looks like the carrots are peeled? Shouldn’t the skins stay on for extra nutrition ?

  79. Glitter

    Hi sir! Would there be problem on drinking carrot juice if a patient is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and at the same time, diabetic?

  80. Elena

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve heard that carrot juice is better absorbed with some oil ( olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc) . Is that true? Should we add 1-2 tea of that to the juice?

  81. Sandy

    Chris, how can I keep my weight on a raw diet? I’m already underweight. Also because I had a double mastectomy, I was told not to eat avocados, they promote breast tumors. So what is else can I eat?

  82. lesliewelton

    I’m a little scared to juice carrots as they are high in sugar. I know you mentioned that the benefits of the sugar in carrots outweigh the problems. Am a 100% safe to drink that many carrot daily? Thank you for this site!

    1. jane

      I am a diabetic and juiced 5 cups of carrots a day for 6 weeks with no ill effects in fact am juice fasting and my diabetes went from 500 to 600 plus to 93 to 129

  83. Ray

    Hi Chris, Thanks for you website. It’s been very helpful in convincing my mom to start juicing. I had a couple of questions.

    My mom has stage 4 gastric cancer that has spread to various areas of her bones. She’s still doing chemo with juicing. We started a couple of weeks ago. I started her on 40oz/day based on two stories i heard on here. I know you did 64, but she’s a pretty tiny 66 yr old Korean woman, she weighs 86 lbs. But even 40 oz was too hard for her. so we compromised to 24oz. Will that help at all? I told her to try to work her way back up. Also she’s having diarrhea after drinking it pretty often. Is that normal?

    I know you get a ton of questions on here. So your answers would be extremely appreciated.

    Thank you!

  84. Mike Rawlings


    Thanks for your outstanding info! I have been attacking prostate cancer for a few months now with some success. I feel God has now led me to try 5 lbs of carrots a day. Question: Do you cut off the gross looking tops, or just throw them in, too?

    Appreciate you, Bro!

  85. Tracy

    Chris, Thanks for this amazing website you have created. I was diagnosed a few days ago with recurrent Ovarian Cancer that I had 4 years ago along with intense surgery and chemo. Not going that route again and am considering the Gerson Therapy. I have the BRCA1 mutation and that is why I am leery that this might not work since my body is programed not to kill cancer cells. Do you know of any resources that could help me decide or have you heard of anyone fighting this with nutrition?

    Thank you!!!

  86. Kenny

    Hey Chris I was wondering if it would be better to blend your vegie’s instead of juice them? that way you get the full benefits of the nutrition the vegie has to offer? let me know your thoughts

  87. Munga

    Dr. Max Gerson was curing cancer back in the 40’s and the Gerson method is still curing today. The Nutri bullet is the best for drinking any fruits or veggies. Juicers throw out the most important part! If you only eat organic whole foods with no meat or dairy you wont get cancer! (provided your water is pure) If the whole food reallity ever goes main stream the gov. will out law organic produce!

    1. http://www.carcinoid-cancer.co

      Nutribullet? No, it leaves in all of the fiber. Nutribullet is good for smoothies. You need a juicer that removes the fiber if you’re looking to juice. The idea is that you can ingest huge amounts of nutrients without the fiber. So, if you’re juicing to pack in large numbers of servings of veggies in your diet then you juice but, if you want to make a smoothie then you use something like a nutribullet or a blender that leaves the fiber in.

  88. Guest

    Why not just make a smoothie? isn’t it a waste of fiber?

    1. http://www.carcinoid-cancer.co

      You get rid of the fiber because it fills you up. For example, think of all of the fiber in say a few stalks of broccoli and then think about how many you would have to eat to get the same nutrients as a glass of broccoli juice. (mmmmm…yum!) It’s 2 different strategies.

  89. Pat

    Husband has Stage 3 Lung Cancer. He’s having trouble eating solids due to a very dry mouth. How he can keep up his protein level? We’ve tried to stay with fish and chicken meat sources until the dry mouth trouble started. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated. Also trying to do the carrot juice but this seems to cause him to cough.

  90. Alsan

    I was wanting to get the “Garden of Life Perfect Food Raw” that you link to above, but I see that towards the very bottom of the ingredient list it contains Probiotics. And according to documentation, Laetrile is not supposed to be taken with probiotics. Is their another Raw green super food that you recommend without probiotics?

    1. Chris Wark

      Phresh Greens

  91. Kelly

    What about vitamin A overdose? It’s fat soluble and found in carrots. I would like to start juicing and eating more raw. Thanks!

  92. stephanie

    Hi Chris, Thank you for the valuable information. I had a question…when you juiced…how many glasses of just pure carrot juice did you consume daily…or did you always mix it with other veggies?

  93. Dgriffen

    Hi Chris,

    My name is Darryl Griffen, and I was diagnosed with stage 1 Colon Cancer in May. I’m waiting for surgery to remove the tumor in my upper colon area in front of my stomach. I also had a blocked artery in the upper area of my heart, so I had a stent put in, that’s why I had to wait for surgery to remove the tumor. Your story is very inspirational and uplifting to know there is a way to beat this. I will begin juicing immediately, and change my diet, again “THANK-YOU” and I look forward to hearing from you.

  94. Herbert

    Hi Chris, do you have any info about the treatment about liver cancer?

  95. kris

    I just discovered I have metastasized cancer to the lungs, and have also just juicing carrot, but not 5lb daily.
    I wish to know when you drink 5 lb of carrot juice, do you take main meals, meat or other types of food, or is it just carrot juice? Thank you

  96. stacy

    The recipe u wrote above makes 64oz? Seems like it would make less, but wanted to double check

    Also what is ur daily and weekly grocery cost like? It’s hard to eat healthy on a limited budget, but so vital for healing. Any tips for helping keep costs down?

    Just found ur blog and love it. I’m trying to heal many autoimmune issues stemming from mold and lyme

  97. Melissa Rodriguez

    Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your site. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have heard of Ann Cameron who healed her cancer with carrots. I started juicing right before I accepted radiation treatments and had refused chemo… (was diagnosed with cervical cancer a year and a half ago). Anyway, I started juicing throughout my treatment (5lbs a day) and Ann Cameron encouraged me to continue juicing as we emailed back and forth during this time. I started getting a little yellow-orange and the doctors thought it was my liver lol (but it was the carrot juice). After 6 weeks they ran a CT scan and couldn’t find a trace of cancer! After that, they stopped bothering me about the chemo…I did mostly a vegetarian diet but I am now incorporating more greens to my diet and will continue juicing my carrots. When I stop juicing for a day, I feel totally different and my body knows that it needs the nutrients from the carrots. Thanks so much for your site! I blend the greens in my vitamix since I don’t really finish a salad and its easier to drink it for me :) I am still getting better from my kidneys, etc… but I know that regardless of what the doctors say… the carrot juice with ginger and celery was what really healed me. Now, I am planning to sell my own fresh juices here in South Texas since no one rarely eats healthy here.



  98. Sara

    Hey Chris! :) I was wondering can I add freshly juiced orange and pineapple to the carrot, celery, ginger, and beet juice?

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