Monique Norton healed her breast cancer in 1992!


Hi Chris, what a website!

When breast cancer happened to me, there was nothing like this on the web. In fact my story happened ALL ON MY OWN. But I have since shared it with hundreds of people.

1. Testimony: In 1992, I was told the hard 1 1/2″ lump in my breast was cancer. But God was telling me in my heart, “Monique, cancer does not kill. Fear does!” – and there began my journey into discovery of exactly what this lump represented, and how to fight it.
Today, 21 years later, I am a fit 72 year old!

I’d read many, many books on various health diets, Macrobiotics, John Mills, Eat Yourself Fit to name just three, and all offered a bit of info here and there, and I increased knowledge by researching wherever I could: Niels Yard, local public library, bookshops, internet (that wasn’t as advanced yet), writing to the writers of those books… I wrote to sufferers who’d overcome and come out the other end. My daughter helped me in the search in Switzerland, Austria, Australia etc. and having collated information that never contradicted but just completed my conclusions, here it is :

Cancer is not “you”. It just happens to live in you. matter of fact, it’s a squatter, a parasite. that is terribly important because as such, “you” never feed it. there is no connection between your healthy cells and these mutant cells, and like the tramps in London street, they eat from the garbage cans in your body.

Every day our wonderfully made body dispose of any damaged, diseased, broken down, old cells and flush them down the system. every human body has those, it is a harmless and actually a healthy, powerful procedure that the body undertakes to stay clean and strong. those “half cells” cannot multiply again but still have this programmed into their system, but in their last desperate effort they’ll try and attach themselves to another “half cell” to form a new one and if they succeed, they are ready to double, quadruple etc. and form a small colony of cells. that, too, happens all the time in our body and our body being so wonderfully made, is quite capable of killing off such small rebellion and flush them down the system!

Like a good factory, or machine, our bodies are able to regulate, balance, clean, soothe the daily assaults it gets from our modern life. pollution, wrong food habits, stress at work, (to the main stresses: moving house, new marriage, or divorce, new job, bereavement, broken heart, survival in difficult situations etc. you may as well add the stress coming from fear, unforgiveness, frantic ambition, vanity, greed, obsessions of kinds, negative and pessimistic attitude as well as the bombardment of knowledge (Internet, media, etc.) and noise. the nicest and best protected person in the world will have moments where the body just can’t fight any more and to start with we would get all sorts, flu, colds, etc.

Now that little population of cells that has started all their own is an illegal immigrant in the body, worse, those cells are scavengers, trying to survive and thrive in “foreign territory” (our body) as best they can!

Now the bad news : They do find food in us. Any manipulated foods which I call “dead foods”, is really garbage to us, and good to the cancer cells; raw, healthy, natural foods that have been manipulated to bits by cooking, re-cooking, drying, freezing, packaging etc. by the time they reach our pallets: biscuits, cakes, tin foods, drinks, actually even milk, bread, joghurt, ham, chocolate and cheese since all these have been tampered with by man in order to keep them fresh longer. Not wrong in themselves at all, but unfortunately – food for the scavenger population. speaking of ham, protein is what cancer cells would like best, so meat and dairy foods are out from the start!

But the good news: ANY JUICE FROM FRESH, RAW FOOD is like no food at all to them, they don’t recognise it as food, it’s like plastic or concrete to us which is no food for us, they won’t and they can’t touch it! if all you would be eating was JUICE made of raw foods (vegetables, fruit) – which is the best food and nourishment for you anyway! for some 40 days , any amount of cancer population would die of starvation. but most of the time it doesn’t even need that long, as the body takes over when the population has dwindled to a mere ordinary size.

And the best news, the juice of fresh beetroot and carrot juice have beta carotene in them that in themselves will form a membrane around oxygen in such a manner that this oxygen will reach the spot intact where the cancer is – and oxygen is a KILLER of cancer cells! (I am speaking in “children’s language” here, but sure you’ll get the meaning of it).

Having found all this, I immediately took to eating just raw vegetables and fruit and already a copule of weeks on, I was feeling like on top of the world and getting strong, and that is when through a lady in Switzerland I came across the book The Breuss Cancer Cure by Rudolf Breuss. I’ll give you an outline here of what he says but please buy the book. You will be able to live by it and sort your life out and stop this cancer nonsense. I myself, asked my doctor to give me three weeks before I’d get under the knife and he let me, and after the three weeks I went to see him and said “look, the cancer is gone! I don’t need to be operated any longer!” and he felt it and said oh no Monique, you’re just emotional, I understand it worries you so, the 1 1/2″ inches are still there, let’s quickly operate.

I wanted to trust him. I had no-one but my daughter and this book, and even the Bach Center in Bristol spoke of baby things like don’t wrap your food in plastic and use only vinegar for washing your hair and all that nonsense that really, if I wanted to go bananas and worry about health, it would just be the right way to go about worrying in every little bit of my daily routines. Yes in themselves they have a place and you do good to study all these theories, but guess what, they change all the time.

Also the hospital had shown me some aggressive response to what I was doing, and as a person, I am just not made to “fight for my rights”, that would have killed me quicker than the cancer so I said “Ok why not, I shall go for the operation.” As it happens it was a blessing because three people gave their lives to Jesus and one of them was a lady that was in such poor health she died the next day, but in peace. So it was all worth it.

When it was all over, Mr Powis, I think he was called (They don’t call surgeons doctor) sat at my bed and said 1 1/2″ was what we had seen on the X-ray when you first came to us, and 1 1/2″ is what we found and operated out last night. We also took five lymph nodes from under your arm, you should have no cancer anymore, but to make sure, we’ll send you to radiotherapy in six weeks time”. So I was content and believed him.

Six weeks later when I went to see this sweet man the radiotherapist, he looked at my documents, looked up and said “So you’re the lady that caused such a stir in the hospital!” and I said “Why?” and he said “They had recorded a hard 1 1/2″ lump in your breast but when they operated, they only found traces of it!”

So here is a little write-up of all you need to know about the Breuss Juice but if you find such uncomfortable, the fight doesn’t begin and end with this. There are loads more powerful “helpers” that will get you safely on your way .

1. Breuss Juice

When a book has sold over 900,000 copies, been translated into five languages, purports to describe a simple and effective healing prescription for most cancers and boasts of over 45,000 testimonials from cured sufferers…. well….one has to at least sit up and take notice!

Hilde Hemmes: “What convinced me most about the book, apart from the simple and effective cures, were the convincing testimonials written by those who were cured of disease” said Hilde. “Over 45,000 people attest to the fact that Breuss ‘s simple treatment had cured them, often after they had been ‘given up’ by the orthodox medical establishment. This evidence was hard to ignore! I just had to let my herbal friends in Australia share with this man’s extraordinary gift for healing.”

Rudolph Breuss

Rudolf Breuss was a healer from Austria, an educated man who had an incredible understanding of, and love for, his fellow human beings. Born in 1899, he turned his attention to finding an alternative and more gentle treatment for cancer and other diseases than that offered by conventional medicine. It was a simple German book written over 300 years previously that expounded the value and use of fruit and vegetable juices which was to capture his attention and direct his work for the rest of his life.

Breuss maintained that cancer, whenever it occurs in the body, feeds and grows from protein.

He therefore deduced that if one fasted for what has now been confirmed as an ideal period of 42 days, during which various herbal teas and juices are taken to detoxify, cleanse and eliminate, the cancer would starve, be absorbed and subsequently pass out of the body one way or another. Radical thinking that flew in the face of the accepted medical wisdom, but is now used all over the world and known as the Breuss Total Cancer Treatment.

Raw fruit and vegetable juices have always been used and recommended in natural medicine as part of the healing system for many ailments and chronic complaints. Raw juices contain antioxidants and living enzymes that science has identified as an imperative part of everyone’s diet if they wish to stay healthy and maintain a defense against all the toxins of today’s environment.

It is against this backdrop that Rudolf Breuss developed his Total Cancer Treatment, utilizing the therapeutic properties of vegetable juices and herbal teas that have been implicated in the cure of many types of cancer.

The Breuss Tea mix and a specific mixture of organically grown carrot, beetroot, celery, Chinese radish and potato worked wonders on his patients. His mixture provided, in liquid form, all of the minerals and vitamins required by the body during the 42 day fast, whilst the body’s own resources are used in dealing with the diseased tissue. Testimonial after testimonial confirmed that his treatment worked.

The same blend of the Breuss Vegetable Juice is used in all manners of diseases, taken for a lesser period of time or with food, depending on the severity of the condition. Breuss’s book outlines cures for a variety of ailments – serious and those not so serious.

Various cancers, leukaemia and prostate disorders – even hay fever and infertility – have a cure according to Breuss!

When he was in his eighties, Breuss was taken to court by the Austrian medical fraternity who considered his simple and inexpensive cure to be too simple and inexpensive! He was acquitted when his defense lawyer, a cancer sufferer cured by Breuss, presented an entourage of cured patients who all attested to the success of his Total Cancer Treatment. The Austrian President, Rudolf Kirchschlaeger, even intervened on his behalf!

It is easy to see why Hilde Hemmes was so inspired when she heard his story. “Rudolf Breuss was a shining example of what a natural healer should be and he has been an inspiration to me. I have tried his six day vegetable and herbal tea cleansing diet and recommend that everyone should give their bodies a rest every six months. I felt absolutely fantastic and re-energised” said Hilde, who often works 14 hours a day.

The Breuss juice vegetable juice consists of

55% raw red beet root (300 grams)
20% raw carrots, (100 grams)
20% raw celery root (100 grams)
3% raw potato (about a 1″ cube)
2% raw radishes (30 grams black radish)

Cancer can only live on the protein of solid food. Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juice and teas for 42 days the cancerous tumor dies off while the body continues to do well.

You can buy the bottled Bruess Juice in Health Stores but this therapy is more powerful when done with either homemade juices. Try and obtain organic vegetables, especially the red beet root.

Do not drink more than half a liter a day.

The potato is optional except for liver cancer where it plays an important part.

Put all these vegetables through a juicier and make sure to dispose of the dry sediments. Any solids may provide a breeding ground for cancer. Before starting the cure try one quarter liter of juice per day with your normal meal. Take this juice by the spoonful. Don’t swallow right away and salivate it well.

The instructions are to take one half cup of cold kidney tea first thing in the morning.

Then 30 to 60 minutes later take two cups warm herb tea made from St. John’s Wort, Peppermint and Lemon Balm. After another 30 to 60 minutes take a little vegetable juice and salivate well before swallowing.

Fifteen to 30 minutes later take another sip of vegetable juice. You should take some juice 10 to 15 times throughout the morning but only when you feel like it.

In between, drink warm or cold sage tea without sugar, as much as you like. At noon take one half cup of kidney tea and again before retiring at night. In the afternoon take a few sips of tea.

Any liquid should be sipped and well salivated. Kidney tea should be taken only during the first three weeks of the treatment. Along with this and throughout the time of therapy drink one cup of cold Cranesbill tea (geranium robertianum) per day.

Cranesbill contains a little radium. Sipping small quantities of tea and juice stimulates the flow of saliva and reduces the workload of the intestines.

For cancer of the bones and lungs, prepare a tea of Plantain (plantago major), Icelandic Moss, Lungwort, ground Ivy and Mullein. It does not matter if you can’t get them all.

Steep for 10 minutes and drink as much of this tea as you like, the more the better. In the case of tuberculosis you should also take one teaspoon of plantain seed along with a little water or tea.

During the complete treatment you should not take any food other than the vegetable juice mixture.

The Breuss Cancer Cure


2. It would help to take Chlorella or Spirulina!

Chlorella is a little amobea living in fresh water and man has managed to crack its cell in such a way that 68% of its goodness is available to us and because as a “living being” it has EVERYTHING in smallest format, what we ingest there resembles our own body’s haemoglobin, i.e. highly digestible and instantly available as goodness to the body. Chlorella is the nature’s richest whole source of chlorophyll, DNA and RNA. It contains more than 19 amino acids, including all the essential ones. About 60% of Chlorella is protein; about 20% consists of carbohydrates; 10% is fat, and it is rich in vitamin B12. It provides 50 times more chlorophyll than alfalfa, twice as much protein as soybeans and much more B12 than beef liver. Chlorella contains the unique Chlorella growth factor (CGF), which helps its cells reproduce rapidly – four new cells every 20-24 hours. Chlorella’s unique growth factor is thought to help repair damaged tissue and heal wounds in humans. However, Chlorella’s nutrients can be difficult to digest if its tough cell wall has not been broken down. Chlorella is one of the best foods for natural detoxification and helps strengthen the immune system.

I find I had to take 1 tablet the first day, two the next till I came to about 8 or 10 and then that is what I take every day. If you toolk 10 the first day, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a couple of nights because it would act like coffee on me, it is so powerful! On friend suffering from diabetes stopped insulin injections and actually can have sugar again, another friend has healed of his asthma within two months. completely. Highly recommended!

Note from Chris: Stay away from Japanese chlorella, too much radiation risk from Fukushima


Chlorella would be good after you’ve got rid of the cancer, because it is very protein based. (I didn’t have it during the 42 days but after)

3. It would help if you took Mineral drops
or :
I’ll let you read about it there.

When we were first introduced to these, I’d just suffered a bit of ME, and after two months of faithfully taking the drops in my drinking water which by the way gives the water a nice, fresh taste, I was so well I danced throughout the night at my niece’s wedding! Gary and I were the only “old ones” to make it through the night and walk back to the hotel the next day 8am!!! I think that speaks for itself. Alltogether it is something your body, all our bodies, is lacking because we have depleted the earth of its natural amounts of minerals through heavy over cultivating. Greed again.

4. Something I came across during my search, APRICOT KERNELS, 7 a day and wow!
So powerful that when a physicist in the US published its results on Cancer patients, all the shelves in Health Food Stores were devoid of them a couple of days later … not because people rushed to buy them, but because the GOVERNMENT had ordered to have them withdrawn. you see, the Cancer Industry over there is so big, it would have (then) caused a major economical problem, had there been a real, easy, relatively cheap remedy for cancer. they got their economical problem anyway, in the end, so there …

Note from Chris: See my post about apricot kernels

Last, but not least, is your attitude towards life.

You love life, ok so it’s a struggle, and sometimes you feel it’s not worth the battle, but all in all, you’re a fighter. And THERE IS NO WAY YOU WILL EVER, EVER DIE BEFORE YOU HAVE DECIDED YOU WANT TO GO!!!. I bet you didn’t know that. Not many people do. You are safe. you are sooooo, so, safe! God would have liked to tell that Himself, but very seldom do we listen. The devil (not the one with two little horns and a tail), but the negative spiritual forces, will want to seduce us into believing we’re here all on our own to battle through and that fate will catch us sooner or later.

Oh, I could tell you the most amazing stories. even in times where it seems circumstances would have been against you, you will find a way out by your commitment to life. the biggest list of evidence happened  9/11, yes, 9/11, when our email boxes were abounding with the stories of those people who “knew” they must’nt go to work in those towers, or who were compelled not to go, who suddenly had a headache, or very flippantly changed their mind and didn’t go to an appointment in those towers, etc., and as a result were saved. Just think, for the 55,000 people per tower who should be at work every day, only about 3,000 perished. and to scale it down to what really happened there : every single one died one single death. In the depths of those 107,000 people who were spared, they had decided it was not their time, in line with God’s decision that it was not their time. And the word of God says it is not the will of God that anyone should perish (before their time!).

And the truth is, God loves, God loves you and wants the best, the best for you and your children, and your children’s children, God so loved the whole world!!! That He gave… He didn’t demand, He didn’t insist. Love doesn’t, it never does, and God loves you!


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  1. Gretchen

    Just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony and giving God the glory and thanks.

    1. cpmt

      where can we get black radishes? and celery root?

      1. Monique Norton

        I used the little red radishes myself.

  2. Stephanie

    What a wonderful post–thank you for sharing!

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    This was an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing!

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    Thank you so much for your sharing your healing journey! Blessings

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    VERY NICE ARTICLE BUT where can i find black radishes and celery root?

    1. Anne

      Black radishes and celery root are sold in most high end grocery stores. Or you could try Whole Foods.

  7. clothespeg

    Lovely story, amazing cure path!
    I can get black radishes & celery root (celeriac) here, but what on earth is kidney tea???
    And how is it that 55% raw red beetroot is only 30 grams, but 20% each of the carrot & celery is 100 grams???? Doesn’t compute in my head!

    1. Penny

      The beet root should read 300 grams then it makes sense.

  8. Vanja

    Hi Monique.. You have inspired me to continue my journey and eradicate my own breast cancer!
    I’ve completed the 42 day water fast & am juicing at the moment. I have never felt better & I know I WILL live! No option & no fear! :-)

    Thank you Chris for another inspiring article! Keep them coming!


    1. Monique Norton

      Vanja, of course you will live! You’ve got it written all over you – it’s your time to LIVE!

      You are an inspiration too with your brightley spirit.

      Will pray for you – don’t forget God is the BIGGEST healer! He’s the one who put you together in the first place, so He knows exactly how … already He’s given you this indomitable spirit.



    2. Joanne


      I am very very VERY interested in your progress. I was just diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma (A form of breast cancer) and it’s ER+Pr+ and HER2-. Please could you let me know how this works for you? I’ve started a form of this fast myself but if there’s truly something to it I’d give anything to know!

      Thanks in advance – Joanne

  9. Dale

    what is the kidney tea made from?

  10. Kersti Stoen

    Joanne, you posted on Septebmer 20, a long time ago, hope you see this. In 1996 I was told i had Lobular Carcioma in situ, to have radical mastectomy, radiation, chemo, reconstruction. My husband had died 5 yrs before of brain cancer, I am Swedish living in America, and our children were still in their teens. My grandmother died of breast cancer age 67, it was not treated back then, my mother got it age 67, it was removed surgically, and no treatment needed. I went to a specialist in SF, who told me i could fight it. I did, i was a widow, i met my husband before seeing the surgeon, who checked me meticulously w. needle core biopsies, catscans, of course the mammograms, 2x yr the first 10 years, now once a year. The last time i saw him, at age 67, not a TRACE of the lobular carcinoma. I only ate anti-oxidant foods available here in the US, i did not have a juicer yet. I have one now. YEAY, GOD is good! Kersti

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