10yr old Amish girl Sarah Hershberger & family flee U.S. to escape chemo. Exclusive Interview with her grandfather.

Image from National Geographic

Sarah Hershberger has fled the U.S. to escape from being taken from her parents and forced to do chemo. Exclusive audio interview with her grandfather Isaac Keim.
This will make your blood boil.

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This guy photographed every stage of his wife’s cancer treatment


A beautiful look at the brutality of cancer treatment. Brace yourself.

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Dr. Gonzalez dismantles the ketogenic diet for cancer

Gonzalez Ketogenic diet

In early 2012 I discovered the ketogenic diet for cancer. I’ve understood for many years that different diets work for different people and I was intrigued by it as a possible dietary strategy to heal cancer, so naturally I shared information about it on this site, thinking it might be a viable option for some. At that time there were no other sites as large as mine talking about it.

In 2013, awareness of the keto diet exploded, mostly do to Dr. Mercola’s articles, interviews and endorsement of it. Since then, many others have jumped on the bandwagon.

Despite the zealous promoters of it, many of whom I have great respect for, my opinion of the ketogenic diet for cancer has changed.

It started with several long phone conversations and email exchanges I had with my friend
Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Gerson Center. He was adamant that the ketogenic diet did not work in healing cancer long term. This coincided with the recurrence of cancer in someone I knew that was promoting the ketogenic diet as effective.

It appeared to have some positive short term results for some people (shrinking tumors), but I was beginning to have some doubts about it working long term. Then came the coup de grace from Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, an article series on Natural Health 365, which I have reposted here.

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Ann Healed Pancreatic Cancer with Nutrition & Enzymes in 2001!

Ann Cooper

In 2000, Ann Cooper refused surgery, chemo & radiation and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal her pancreatic cancer. This video interview is AWESOME.

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Watch The Cause is the Cure on October 5th


So the folks at Maximized Living have asked me to help spread the word about a new film
called “The Cause is the Cure” premiering on Saturday October 5th. It tells the stories of five people who have successfully overcome cancer without chemo or radiation. My kind of people!

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This cartoon brilliantly explains the truth about cancer research

cancer research comic strip

This comic strip perfectly illustrates the fact that despite the industry propaganda claiming
“We’re one step closer to the cure”, many cancer researchers freely admit that there will never be a pharmaceutical cure for cancer. They aren’t even close.

But they’re getting paid to keep looking for one, so they keep looking.

Click the post to read the whole thing.

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Watch Pink Ribbons, Inc.

pink ribbons inc

I think we’ve all had enough breast cancer awareness. It’s time for some Susan G. Komen awareness.

Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a must-watch documentary about Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure and the pink-washing marketing campaign that has taken over the world. And you can watch the entire thing right here.

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Dr. Vickers on advanced cancer protocols used with Gerson therapy.

PV copy

Here’s a new interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers about the advanced cancer treatment protocols
they use at Northern Baja Gerson Center along with the Gerson therapy. Enjoy!

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Do you know where your food comes from?


Back in like ’97 or ’98 my friend Brad Stanfill showed me one of the most beautiful and powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen. It contained no words, and words really cannot describe it.

Earlier this year a 6 minute clip from that film started circulating around social media and I was reminded of its brilliance.

This clip will change you.

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What every cancer patient needs to know

chris wark chris beat cancer

In this 11 minute video I share some of the most important things I’ve learned in the last decade…
Things I wish someone had told me when I was first diagnosed in December 2003.

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Dr. Vickers explains coffee enemas for healing cancer

coffee enemas

Here’s a quick video all about coffee enemas.

Why in the world would you put coffee where the sun don’t shine?

Dr. Vickers does a great job explaining what coffee enemas do in the body
and why they are critical for advanced cancer patients on the Gerson therapy.

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Q&A: Should you have surgery for cancer?

surgery q&a clip

In this video Q&A I answer these questions:

-Is surgery is necessary to heal cancer?

-Can surgery cause more harm than good?

-Do needle biopsies cause cancer to spread?

-And whether or not I would have surgery knowing what I know now.

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Join me at the Healing Strong Conference & Retreat!


I am so excited about this event because it is different than anything I’ve been a part of.

Healing Strong will be a life-changing weekend that will educate and empower you to create a lifestyle that promotes healing in your body, mind and spirit.

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Garden of Life Giveaway Winner Announced!

GoL Winner

Today I announce the winner of the $200 Garden of Life Goodie Bag!

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Gerson Therapy Q&A with Dr. Patrick Vickers

Patrick Vickers

Here’s the follow up Q&A video with Dr. Patrick Vickers of Nothern Baja Gerson Center.

It took a little longer for us to get back together to do this than we planned, but we made it happen!

Dr. Vickers answers your questions about the role of sugar and cooked food in the Gerson protocol and brilliantly explains cell biology.
Do not skip this one! Enjoy!

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Garden of Life Goodie Bag Giveaway!


The wonderful folks at Garden of Life have graciously offered to give away a $200 goodie bag of some of my favorite supplements to one of my subscribers on June 30th 2013.

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Do Sunscreens Prevent Cancer or Cause Cancer?


I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I meant to write this post last summer,
but anyway I’m proud of myself for cranking it out early this year. Better late than never right?

Over the years we have been lead to believe that the sun is our enemy, and that the sun causes skin cancer. And since the sun causes skin cancer, we should stay out of the sun,
or wear sunscreen to prevent harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer.

But according to the latest research, the opposite may be true…

Today’s post covers all sorts of fun scientific stuff:
The sun, sunscreens, skin cancer, tanning beds, vitamin D, safe non-toxic sunscreens we use, and other ways you can protect yourself this summer.

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3 Reasons Why I Refused Chemo for Colon Cancer

3 Reasons

Here’s a video clip from a class I taught.

In it I talk about the three main reasons why I refused chemo for colon cancer back in January 2004.


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Gerson Cancer Therapy explained by Dr. Vickers

Dr. Patrick Vickers Gerson Therapy

Here’s a terrific new interview I did with Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Gerson Center.

He tells the amazing story of medical genius Dr. Max Gerson and explains the Gerson Therapy for cancer.

Loads of practical information in this one!

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Bella NutriPro Cold Press Juicer Giveaway!


Wanna win a $250 Bella Nutripro Juicer?

Well it just so happens that I’m giving away a Bella Nutripro Cold Press Juicer in May 2013!

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