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Pilar’s Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Healing Story

In 2010, Pilar Davila was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. In 2014, she found out the cancer had spread to her liver, pelvis and colon. That’s when she refused any more conventional treatments and chose nutrition and alternative therapies. As a result, Pilar has had a dramatic cancer reversal in less than two years.

I caught up with Pilar when I was in Austin a few months ago to get her amazing stage IV ovarian cancer healing story on tape. We also demonstrate Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF), which was a big part of her daily healing protocol. Enjoy!

Download the interview transcript here

-Pilar’s story
-Stage IV metastatic cancer in colon, liver, and pelvis  [2:20]
-Problems from removing mercury filings by a non-Biological dentist [3:30]
-Pilar’s goes to see Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, MD [6:17]
-Pilar’s healing protocol: Detox*Nourish*Energize [7:30]
-How to take control of your life [10:37]
-How stress affects your immune system [11:45]
-How to heal your heart [13:45]
-Pilar’s advice for what to do after a cancer diagnosis [14:49]
-Pillar demonstrates her PEMF device, on me! [15:37]

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Forgiveness Heals Your Heart
Mentioned in this interview
Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
Cancer Center for Healing (formerly Oasis of Hope California)

Therapies mentioned
IV Vitamin C
Coffee enemas

The PEMF device Pilar uses is the Delta Pulse Pro from Magnus Magnetica.

Large PEMF devices like that are what clinics use, and are expensive. Those are awesome and I would love to have one, but I don’t yet… (Santa?) But I’ve used a handheld PEMF device called the SOTA Magnetic Pulser for years. More about that here.

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  • SpaceFromGreece!

    very interesting. It would be useful to hqve full transcripts though!
    Keep it up!

    • Kitty

      All they ever supply are worthless useless testimonials yet the gullible take them as gospel truths.

      • Jim

        You know Kitty, if you don’t have any back up to what you’re saying or to your criticisms, then no one wants to see your negative, empty comments. Contribute something! (troll?)

        • Anna

          Kitty needs to use change her litter cause it smells like a troll!!! I second the full transcripts, sometimes I just don’t want to watch a video, I love to scan and pick out the useful information!!!

        • Jessica

          Yes, I think she is a troll. “(

    • Diane

      He has the full transcript posted …. word for word!

  • Solstice

    Just wondering, did she have any surgery or conventional treatment after the spread of her cancer? Did she really manage to cure such a terminal disease just by diet and detox? I’m just a bit suspicious because she said her cancer was terminal, how long did it take her to raise the money for her treatment? Great story nonetheless, I just need more detail because a friend of mine is currently dealing with stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver, basically incurable. We would love some advice on how we can incorporate some treatment that Ms. Davila did into our own treatment plan.

    • Kitty

      It’s total BS. They have something to sell. There is no diet or magic gizmos that can put cancer into remission. These Quacks make millions on the desperate and uninformed cancer sufferers.

      • Maria

        Well actually there is the ketogenic diet and it has amazing results

      • IgnoreTheMedia_THINK

        Actually, dear Kitty, many alternative treatments are FAR & AWAY cheaper than conventional. What then?

        • IgnoreTheMedia_THINK

          Ann Wigmore’s protocol was eating grass & weeds because she had no money! Cancer can be cured less expensively than eating the fake food that brought the illness on!

    • Diane

      Don’t forget the Gerson Therapy of Coffee Enemas!
      And Kitty, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • What brand of pEMF machine is this??

  • Dan

    Chris, you mentioned you have done the PEMF machine. Do you own one? And if so, what brand are you using. I looked them up and they are very expensive.

    • Kitty

      And they don’t work, just like Hulda Clark’s magic zapper that she claimed cured all cancers. She herself died of cancer she claimed she had the cure for.

      • Diane

        Book for you: “How We do Harm” written by the head of the American Cancer Soceity,oncologist Otis Brawley M. D. He exposes conventional cancer treatment for the quackery that it is.

      • Gigi

        Spreading negativity is not what this blog needs. If you have nothing nice to say how about you don’t say anything AT ALL?!? I can see if you have oppositional views about this alternative treatments and want to ask questions or advocate for what you believe in, but the way you deliver your message is nothing less than mocking. Not nice. People are here to offer and receive support.

    • Jessica

      Hi Dan – I own a PEMF machine – There are many companies who manufacture them. If you just type PEMF into google or you tube you will have a lot of information. There is information on the most beneficial wave forms, etc. – maybe reading up on the research and then checking out the different sites. I own one that is “just like” the one Pilar used but mine came from Magnawave. Dr. Pawluk is another manufacturer and he started out with human use in mind, where many of the other companies were producing for horses….! (The horse-racing industry is what kept the business alive for many years.)
      Oh – you can also go to the Magnawave site and pick their certified practitioner tab and it will show you who and where we are. I bet many companies will have the same set-up?
      Anyway, if you want more information on what I know, you can call me at 559 326 0848.
      Good luck!

  • Debbie Raaen

    Does anyone know more information about the handheld infrared device and how it is advisable to use it for cancer of the oesophagus?

    • Rosanna Ferrera

      I was using small table top infrared lamps propped up near the affected area, I think there are a variety of models if you look on Amazon and ebay etc…

      • Debbie Raaen

        Thanks :)

    • Kitty

      How you propose you can get the infrared rays to get there?

  • Claire

    What if you can’t afford to have your mercury fillings removed – what can one do then to help remove the mercury that might be leaking?

    • Deborah

      Take as much chlorella as you can afford. It is a good chelator.

      • Warrick Oates

        You could possibly get the offending tooth removed.

  • Rosanna Ferrera

    Hi Chris,
    The link to the PEMF device just gives info, where can you buy one exactly like hers?
    I’m feeling really jealous of all these testimonials, cuz it’s been a year and a half and I’m not getting dramatic results like hers! I think the PEMF is the key cuz I do the rest. Love yer stuff thanks :O)

    • Kitty

      You wont. You’ve been scammed by a Quack. Seek out a good oncologist and take their advice. Testimonials are written by the people selling you worthless cures, not real cancer patients.

      • Diane

        That is not true Kitty .. not true at all. God designed our bodies to heal, and when we give our bodies those things it needs, it’s able to heal. He can even heal our negative attitudes. And that’s the important part of all these testimonies.

      • Deborah

        This Kitty person is the one who is the quack, or been brainwashed by them. I have been researching these people for 45 years, I am a biochemist, spent many years in the field . A “good oncologist” is a rare animal, and they only use tiny doses of chemo, not the high doses that they make gazillion$ on. “Good” implies honesty, and they all know they are not helping anyone. The majority of those “cured” were misdiagnosed – on purpose. The numbers are cooked. Oncology is the second biggest scam – after banking. The rest are just collecting your money and destroying your immune system, which you desperately need. Don’t listen to sheep like Kitty. I pray she does not get cancer.

      • Rosanna Ferrera

        I just got my scans and there are no tumors left in my breasts – my earlier dismay was over feeling some lumps which are simple cysts vs. tumors. :O) So, I now have proof that I am healing from the integrative treatment methods! I haven’t started this PEMF yet, but I am aware that frequencies destroy pathogens and have witnessed such a thing happening in cells under a microscope exposed to a range between 100hz-300hz so it’s not hard for me to understand how this PEMF would operate much the same. I see no quackery in this, rather a willingness to expand one’s mind and possibilities.

    • Deborah

      Look up Dr Marcus Freudenman, he sells that model. I don’t know how much it is, but I know it is more than I have :-(

    • Jessica Greene

      Rosanna – go to Magna Wave website. There are PEMF practitioners all over, usually associated with horses. PEMF is huge in the horse racing and competition circles. Go to the website and there is a page of practitioners. I can’t speak for them, but I feel like they would do everything they could to help just about anyone.
      One issue is that we can’t use it on people who are currently on chemotherapy. The machine opens up your cell walls and allows toxins to be excreted and increases oxygenation to the area treated as well as increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation thereby helping to reduce pain.
      And much more.
      I encourage you to check the website – and there are many other companies who may be offering the same service.
      Best wishes and HAPPY travels to you.

      • Rosanna Ferrera

        HI Jessica,
        I am doing a low dose insulin potentiated targeted LDIPT chemo therapy, which is far far less than an average patient receives with the standard of care, because it uses insulin like trojan horse and goes right in tot he caner itself instead of flooding the whole system and wreaking havoc. I do a treatment once week. I just got a PEMF device delivered from my Dr’s office and now want to use it, but what you shared alarmed me! No one has mentioned anything to me about a conflict with chemo – do you know if even the low dose poses a problem?

        • Jessica Greene

          Hi Rosanna – I believe there are trials for research in using the machine along with chemo, but I certainly don’t know enough about it in detail to give you an answer. I would ask your provider, for sure – ask them about the chemotherapy along with the machine. I think Dr. Pawluk would be a much better person to ask – he may know about the trials and research.
          I would tell you, if you were my relative, to find out before you use the machine, These machines are very strong and your cells react to the energy in a positive way, but this is the reason it is cautioned with chemotherapy. Because your cells “open up” their walls with the change in charge introduced and could allow too much chemo into the cells.
          I don’t mean to frighten you, but again, I would sure ask about it from someone who knows before I used it.
          Best wishes! I would be VERY interested in the answer, BTW!

          • Rosanna Ferrera

            Thank you, I left him a message. :O)

    • Sheree Dykes Brushaber

      Click on the Human Devices under the PEMF section,
      on that site and keep scrolling down. After the info it shows several models – $22K

  • Barbara Padmore

    Hi Chris
    How Have you found the SOTA magnetic pulser? Would be really interested to know and I’m aware that this wouldn’t be a personal recommendation my yourself.

  • Bailey O’Brien

    Great interview, Chris!! Awesome story :)

  • Elsje Massyn

    I don’t believe this machine did the healing job.
    Its all in the diet as Dr. MacDougall said
    Dr. Ruth Heidrich is proof of that having healed stage 4 cancer JUST by changing to a full plant-based vegan diet.
    Please don’t waste your money on machines that cant help you.
    Rather stick to the juices, the smoothies and plants.
    God gave it freely with no cost – implement the vegan diet – forgive and be healed.

    • Maria Mitchelson

      Good morning! I’ve been googling and I can’t seem to find and juicing recipes for cancer. Can you recommend any. My name is Maria and I was diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer. Had a full hysterectomy 4 weeks ago and now they want me to do chemo. DONT WANT to go that route. Any helpful tips for juicing/ healing healthy eating would be appreciated.

      • IgnoreTheMedia_THINK

        Any fruit or veggie, citrus less, granny smith apple better. Organic always, carrots, beets, cabbage family. Juicer or blender and strain out the juice through a paint strainer bag or nut milk bag [paint strainers much cheaper and very similar!]

      • Linda Pagenkopf

        HI MARIA
        Get Chris’ Series. Before Chris came along my here are my go to referencesThe Juice Lady Book & The Juice Man Sorry I forget their names. The Juice Man studied with Dr, Norman Walker (if you can find that Juice book that is an excellent foundation) and the Juice Lady studied with the Juice Man if I recall properly. I stated juicing with Dr. Walkers juicing carrots for my mom who had cancer 35 years ago. Then I saw the Juice man years ago on Donahue or some other talk show. Then when I was cruising a book store I found the Juice Lady book. If you’re just starting out juicing to get used to the taste and get your family on board and excited about juicing is to use equal parts carrot, apple & 1/2 lemon. This recipe is from the Juice Lady and it is delicious. Any apple variety works but granny smith is the best nutritionally and has a nice snap to it. From there add your greens, beets and what ever else you want. I always cruise second hand stores to get my juicers as you can find them slightly used as most people give up too soon. But first go on line and look at juicers and what parts you need as some parts maybe missing in second hand stores.

        Chris’s Series is an EXCELLENT Investment and I would highly advise you buy it. It’s juicing and over all information is so spot on with everything I believe and what I have read in all the books & documentaries I have seen in the past 35 years. It is everything you need to know all in one place – physical/food/juicing, environmental & spiritual.

        I have just had my 2nd diagnoses of breast cancer but it’s my own fault – I fell off the wagon I quit juicing & eating well after 8 months. 5.5 years ago I had the initial surgery (I had a bleed afterwards and could have died from that) but I went 95% raw and juiced and made smoothies and exercised. So my best bit of advice is to NEVER go back to the eating style you had before the surgery.
        God Bless You & God Bless Chris
        To Your Good Heath
        Linda From Canada

        • Linda Pagenkopf

          Sorry Maria I just saw the date you posted I hope you found what you needed.

    • Deborah

      why would you give that opinion without giving a reason? You can’t judge something just on a hunch. Nobody should listen to someone stating a hunch. Yes the diet helps, but I have been on juices, smoothies and plants for 40 years and still got cancer. It is all I can currently afford, and it is not growing, but not going away either. I wish I could afford a PMF.

      • Warrick Oates

        Deborah, why don’t you try the Budwig Protocol?

  • Abigial Caleb

    Hello ,i am Abigial Caleb from North California i am 43 years
    old,i saw a comment posted on Youtube by wandy brimm from Vegas, on
    how she was free from skin cancer with cannabis CANNABIS OIL by
    doctor odafen , i was diagnosed of HPV infections for the pass two
    years , i contacted wandy and she told me that this very doctor cures
    HPV cancer , and he also cures HIV/AIDS too, then i contacted
    DR,odafen, so he told me what to do to get healing and free from HPV
    , so i make provisions for the HERBAL CREAM which i used for two weeks
    and now just to see that the exact week which doctor odafen told me i
    we be healed i was felling good and healthy , my skin regained, i went
    for check up in the hospital and my doctor told me that all the
    virus disappeared from my blood vessels and normal, then DR,odafen
    asked me to promise him that i we testify of his good herbal work
    to the world, so I we like you to contact him
    ( ) if you have any health issue i
    believe doctor odafen can help, because he is a great herbal doctor that can help you.j

  • Jeni Peters

    I see a recurring theme with IV Vitamin C as part of almost all natural protocols. Is there any research that this also helps with benign tumors?

    I have recurring benign tumors in my partoid gland. Slow growing, but invasive to the point that doctors want to remove them and treat with radiation to “prevent” them coming back. So I could get cancer from the thing that’s trying to help me not get cancer.

    I’m following the diet, but I’m worried that I’m missing the Vitamin C component. Can anyone speak to its effect on benign tumors?

  • Linda Pagenkopf

    Does anyone have any information on titanium implants and any possible toxicity? I have 4 titanium teeth implants

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