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Watch Pink Ribbons, Inc.

I think we’ve all had enough breast cancer awareness. It’s time for some Susan G. Komen awareness.

Pink Ribbons, Inc. is a must-watch documentary about Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure and the pink-washing marketing campaign that has taken over the world. And you can watch the entire thing right here.

BUT it is not available to watch on mobile phones or in some countries.

If you are not able to watch it here, it is also on Netflix.

There are a few commercial breaks, which I have no control over, but some of them have a “mute” or “skip” option in the top right-hand corner. There is one particularly ridiculous HIV commercial with puppets. Definitely skip that one.



If you haven’t yet, also watch my 4-minute viral video: Why I Don’t Race for the Cure

Pink Ribbon Blues: How Breast Cancer Culture Undermines Women’s Health


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  • maria

    This video is unavailable in my location (Canada).

  • Annmarie

    Yikes, just after seeing the first ad I’m not comfortable sharing this with my family and friends. I know it can be skipped, but I personally prefer not to forward it. Now I’ll watch the rest of the video!

    • michele

      everyone at the run looks like a pepto bismal bottle

  • Regina Salim

    Thank you for captioning your video, I hope you will caption all of them to be inclusive or our 258M deaf brothers and sister who need to know this info also. thank you and God bless~

  • B Funch

    I can’t see this video from France it says ‘sorry this video not available from your location’

  • Annmarie

    Do you know if there any other options for seeing this video that do not include the ads?

  • Gloria Lane

    I think the content of this is so important! But it’s too long, has too many ads, takes too long to get to the point. The Hiv ad repeats over and over. I probably wouldn’t be comfortable passing it on because of those aspects of the movie. Haven’t watched “Why I Don’t Race for the Cure” yet, I’m hoping that it’s brief and effective enough that I can post it on Facebook.

  • Dorothy

    I can’t access this video on this page. Do you have another option for me to access it please?

    • Carol

      I know it is on Netflix.

  • Penny

    So . . . 2 of the 5 ads were for deodorant . . . a proven factor in the cause of breast cancer. Come on . . . such a contradiction in the middle of a great documentary.

  • Elinor

    I watched this documentary recently and it confirmed a lot of things I had questioned about Komen and similar cancer “awareness” organizations. I admire the spirit and community these organizations build and the energy they motivate among women touched by cancer.

    But I don’t believe they do anything to benefit the prevention or treatment of cancer. The fact that their charitable donations go towards primarily marketing and admin costs, then what’s left over funds the research so that pharmaceutical companies can produce more drugs is horrifying. These organizations end up subsidizing the work for multi-billion dollar drug companies so they can sell us those drugs at outrageous prices.

    For the most part, cancer rates are not deceasing as a result of all this “research” and spending.

    Imagine how many lives could be saved if all the money raised by pink ribbon campaigns went towards nutrition education, funding school meals and providing permanent access to fresh food to millions of Americans living in food deserts. Then eventually we’d see a decrease in cancer rates.

    • Becky

      Hi Chris!! :-) Those ads that go with the video here are THE WORST!! Bummer!!

      Love LOVE the video BUT,,,,

      Also Elinor Read he book by Sydney Ross Singer on Push Up Bras and how they cause breast cancer. Also alcohol consumption.

  • “Sorry, this video is unavailable from your location”. :-(

  • Victoria

    I just watched this last night and while the root message of the documentary was good, it was not actually a “good” documentary. They spent way too much time interviewing and showing videos of the people and companies they disagreed with, and not enough with those trying to uncover the deceit of Avon and Susan G. Komen. Also, with what we know about alkalinity, keeping yourselves healthy, following a plant based diet and the healing power of foods, it made it very hard to stomach the repeated times that the documentary’s “experts” STILL said “we don’t have a cure”. Yes….we do. They barely touched on diet and leaned heavily on chemicals. They talked about the chemicals and carcinogens that go into our bodies via our skin…yet shunned that what we put IN our bodies might be the root cause. One of the experts even said that we couldn’t ask a woman to eat organic, get lean meats and change her diet…because it was all just too expensive and too much work to change that part of her life. And that is where I lost respect for this documentary. In the beginning of the documentary they revealed some unsavory business practices that profit from Pink Ribbons…but that was all covered in the first half hour. The last hour was a waste of time and lacked real meaningful substance.

    • Hey Victoria, you’re right it certainly could have been better, and they could have focused more on diet etc., but I still think it’s worthwhile for someone who has no idea about Komen to watch. to get the wheels turning… :)

  • Jack

    Amen, Elinor, and thanks Chris. So what do you suppose it’s going to take to shift the focus off of current (symptomatic) treatment, corporate greed, and government corruption and put it where it belongs (sustainable agriculture and nutrition education…especially among our children)? It’s not going to be easy. I’m in 100% and applaud what you’re doing Chris, but have a very hard time getting my own children and grand kids to buy in. It kills me to watch them eat the stuff they do, knowing full well how bad it is for them. I share the credible info I come across with them and try to lead by example, but they don’t seem to be convinced yet. I haven’t had to overcome a major illness like you (and many others), Chris, but changing to a whole food, plant-based diet a year ago has had a dramatic, positive impact on my health. I wish the same for everyone, including the people I love most. Keep it up, Chris.

  • Regina

    It would be GREAT to be able to watch this w/o commercial interruptions!!!

  • Carol

    They need to prevent not cure!

  • Nikki

    Early detection is fine, if you are aware of your body and push your doctors. I am a survivor and was able to detect mine early. I was very conservative to my treatment approach. Lumpectomy, no node detection, radiation and declined chemo because I was on the low end risk of recurrence. Plus, I do not feel great with the treatment, but understand why others do take it.

    I am doing well and over the last 20 months have noticed that there is no ‘cure’ because pharma companies do not exist without disease maintenance. It makes me sick but it is part of the ‘awareness’ that is not talked about.

    If we have the best scientists on this disease, why can’t their findings be published? All I can say is eat clean, drink lots of water, move at least 30 minutes a day 4-6 times a week. You can do it!

  • Laurel

    One of the biggest scams on mankind…especially disheartening is that they know there are hundreds of nutritional cures and they still allow children and innocent people to go through their horrendous, expensive, fake science drugging. Follow the money and follow the FDA’s attacks on natural doctors! Disgusting!!!

  • Evie

    I live in the US and it won’t let me watch past 45ish minutes because it puts a big notice on the screen that it’s not available outside the US. Guess I will have to go to my boyfriend’s to finish watching on Netflix LOL

  • Lin

    Chris, thanks for sharing this. The more people who know the truth the better. 13 year veteran of BC myself so well aware of the corruption and dishonesty and like you I don’t DO the PINK! Such a shame though that many good hearted people are out there raising funds for these so called charities.

    Coach Lin

  • This is an excellent and very informative video and the public needs to be made more aware of its contents. Many people sincerely and ignorantly give and participate in these organizations and events.

  • Thanks Chris for posting this… I am reading Pink Ribbon Blues… exposing Susan G. Komen and all the marketing behind that. Look forward to this documentary. More of the RIGHT prevention is what is needed…thank you for your blog!
    ~ dee dee cocheta Stage 3 Breast Cancer – 1 year THRIVER!

  • gail

    i agree with the message. i am currently being treated with radiation after my lumpectomy, but have – after lots of research and a second opinion – declined to take their pills for five years after reading up on their side effects. how could that possibly be good for you!? i am at a very low risk. they tell me their pill cut my risk in half, the second surgeon (female) said “yes, but they don’t tell you your risk is only 4% to begin with!” i have instead elected to live an even more healthy lifestyle, take my vitamins and herbs and enjoy my life every day. the doctors are appalled. They seem to have a mantra they repeat endlessly about these pills. No thank you

  • Linda

    I watch it, and I agree with Laurel. scam all the way. surgeries, chemo, radiation, big money making. Not to mention staying on the chemo pills for life big money there. Thank you chris for all you do or others you are the good guy wearing the white hat. Bless you.

  • chris holcomb

    It is very hard for me but I have quietly one by one explained to people why I really don’t support the Big Pinks any more. For years I walked, camped out, did relay’s, organized teams… and continued after my episode until now. Have a closet full of pink shirts…
    Having gone thru breast cancer has given me openings to speak and inform others,,, other women’s cancer groups…and my daughters sorority,,, so important for these young girls to hear how they should be living every day..to prevent BC.

  • michele

    Hey Chris,

    Would you mind posting links of places where we can find the komen stats on their money trail and such? the komen watch site doesnt seem to exist anymore. thanks!

  • Janelle

    Unfortunately I am unable to watch this video on here or on Netflix :-( Looks like it has been taken off already!!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks to the National Film Board of Canada for this important documentary. I attended the premier of this doc at the Toronto International Film Festival.



    Also, Breast Fest Film Festival may interest you: http://www.breastfestfilmfest.com/

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