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Why I don’t take whey protein

So a couple weeks ago I posted a video comparing the top three plant-based protein powders, and that video spawned a couple questions that I got repeatedly on youtube, facebook, etc. Those questions were:

-Why do you take a protein powder supplement?

-Should I take a protein powder supplement?

-What are your thoughts on whey protein?

Here are my answers:

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Healthy Gift Guide / Products I Love

2012 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Here it is! My third annual Healthy Holidays Gift Guide for 2012!

I’m really proud of myself because the last two years I didn’t publish this until about two weeks before Christmas. But this year I am on the ball!

So if you’re looking for some great gift ideas, here are some health products we love and most of which we use EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Some of them are new discoveries for 2012 and some are old favorites that have stood the test of time. Add them to your wish list or give them to someone you care about.

Note: These products may extend the life of the recipient, like your Mother-in-Law, so keep that in mind. ;)

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Detox Your Life

Is Farm-Raised Fish Healthy?

Perhaps you’ve heard the dietary health advice “Eat less red meat and more fish”.
In a perfect world this is good advice, but in the real world there is a very important factor that is often ignored.
You should take the same approach to the food you eat as you do to the advice you’re given…Consider the source.

Farm-raised fish is promoted like it’s a good thing. But when you take a closer look,
farm-raised fish makes about as much sense as ocean-caught beef.

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Epic Health

Is Corn Healthy?

Although most folks think of corn as a vegetable, it’s actually a high starch grain. And you may be surprised to know that it has very little health benefit compared to other produce, which is why we don’t really eat much of it anymore in our house.

King Corn is a independent documentary film about the corn industry in America.

Here’s are some notes from the film mixed in with my research and comments:

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Detox Your Life / What I Did

The Fast Lane to Health: How to Detox

If you’re eating the standard modern diet full of processed food and artificial ingredients; you’re putting toxins in your body faster than it can eliminate them. These unnatural chemical compounds are accumulating in all the tissues of your body, and have been for most of your life. Over time these toxins accumulate inside you until there is a tipping point at which your body is so overloaded that essential systems and functions begin to break down. This is why periodic deliberate detoxing is critical.

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