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The Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad

by Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)

To strengthen your body’s ability to fight cancer, you need to eat what I ate:
The biggest baddest healthiest salad on the planet!
It consists of raw organic vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts and homemade dressing.
This salad is super healthy, delicious and will fill you up without zapping your energy.

The Raw Vegan Diet was a huge part of my anti-cancer strategy and I ate this salad every day, sometimes twice a day, during the first few years of my Chemo-Free Cancer Battle.

I wanted to put as many vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes into my body as possible and there’s no better way than Juicing and eating fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables.

There’s really no secret formula to this salad, but there are some guidelines to follow:

Absolutely no cheese, meat, or store-bought salad dressing.

It’s also a good idea to avoid fruit which can cause some indention when eaten with vegetables.

It is important that you use organic produce, which is free of toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
And of course wash everything before you eat it. Then just chop it all up and throw it in a bowl!

Note: You’re might need some bigger bowls.  Mine doesn’t look very big in the photo, but it holds over 6 cups. That’s six servings of vegetables! 6-10 servings per day of fruits and vegetables is ideal for cancer prevention and healing.

The Giant Cancer Fighting Salad
-Start with the most nutrient dense dark leafy greens: Kale and Spinach. (Do not exceed 10 cups per day)
-Broccoli (The best source of sulforaphane which promotes liver detoxification, and Indole-3-carbinol, an anticarcinogenic compound )
-Broccoli Sprouts (Concentrated sulforaphane & I3C. Do not exceed four cups of sprouts per day)
-Purple cabbage (cheapest source of antioxidants per ounce in the world!)
-Slice of red onion, (yellow or green onions may actually be better)
-Red, Yellow, or Green Peppers
-Mushrooms Bella, Cremini, Shiitake, etc.
-1/2 an Avocado
-Raw Sunflower seeds (sprouted is better)
-Raw Almonds (sprouted is better)
-Sprouted Garbanzo Beans
-Sprouted Mung Beans
-Sprouted Red or Green Lentils

Then I top it off with either one of these naturally fermented foods:

-Bubbies Old Fashioned Sauerkraut
Bubbies is made with only three ingredients: cabbage, water and salt.  It is fermented and cured with all natural enzymes intact and there is no vinegar added. (Bubbies Kosher dill pickles are super tasty too.)Look for it in the refrigerated section of your local grocer or health food store.

-Kimchi (Pronounced “Kim Chee”)
Kimchi is a spicy Korean version of sauerkraut typically consisting of fermented cabbage, onions, garlic, and pepper. Kim Chi has high concentrations of Vitamin C and Carotene in addition to Vitamin A, B1, B2, Calcium, Iron and beneficial lactic acid bacteria.
Recognized as one of the Top Five “World’s Healthiest Foods” by Health magazine.  Also in the refrigerated section.

Fermented foods are great for digestion and repopulate your intestinal flora with beneficial bacteria essential for health.

Repeat: Absolutely no cheese, meat, fruit, or store-bought salad dressing.

I know it seems weird to exclude fruit.  Here’s why:

Fruits and vegetables need different digestive juices, and when eaten together can create excess acid and indigestion. That is why it’s a good idea to eat them separately, especially if you are sick.  This even includes non-sweet fruits like tomatoes and cucumbers.

My Homemade “Zesty Italian” Salad Dressing
This is hands down the healthiest salad dressing on the planet!
It’s super easy and delicious.  Here’s how you make it:
-Add 1 tbsp Bragg organic extra virgin olive oil to your salad
-Add 1 tbsp Barleans cold-pressed flax oil to your salad
-Lightly drizzle Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to taste (another super healthy fermented food!)

Then shake on as much of these Four Cancer Fighting Spices as you can stand:
-Organic Oregano
-Organic Garlic Powder
-Organic Turmeric or Curry Powder
-Organic Cayenne Pepper (this will spice it up quick, go easy the first time)

I can’t tell you many times I have eaten this salad!   Over a thousand I bet.
And what’s funny is I have several books filled with of raw vegan recipes, but the Giant Salad ended up being my staple meal.

Most days I ate it for lunch and dinner. I didn’t mind eating the same thing every day because it was simple and quick to prepare.  I didn’t have to put any time into planning my meals. I knew exactly what to buy at the grocery store every week, and it’s so delicious and full of flavor it never got old!

One final note: The salad really doesn’t have to be “giant”, I make big ones because that’s what it takes to fill me up. Not everyone needs to eat that much. A small version is fine too. Just focus on getting as many nutrient dense vegetables in there as you can and make it big enough to satisfy your appetite.

Watch a video of me making this salad and dressing here.

For aspiring chefs out there who want some challenging raw food recipes,
check out The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon.



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  • Molly

    Do you ever get sick, like with a cold or flu virus? If so, what do you do to battle it from turning into a secondary infection? If you do not, what do you attribute to that? I’m sure you would say your lifestyle, but I a just curious if anything sticks out to you that you could list? Also, is it a complete losing battle if you can not go ALL organic?

  • Nancy Lee

    Great article

  • Denise

    If it is marketed, doesn’t Bubbie’s sauerkraut have to be pasteurized? That would not be beneficial to health. It is so easy to make your own.

  • Debra

    You said not to include any fruits, yet you have avocados in your salad. Avocados, like tomatoes are fruits. Why the discrepancy?

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  • Kristy

    I was wondering if there is any danger in exceeding ten cups of leafy veggies a day? I ask because you said not to exceed that amount in the recipe. If there is any issue, does that apply to juicing more than ten cups of leafy veggies also?

  • Barbara McKenzie

    Lots of good information here. I have a question, what do you suggest if you don’t like vinegar or mushrooms?

    • Lemon juice can be substituted for vinegar. Mushrooms need to be eaten anyway. :)

  • Roberto Csiki (Vindicator)

    How did you ever become such an expert and inspiration Chris? Your on FIRE SON! Awesome…keep up the great work. We need to reach many more people who still follow the Modern Medical Quackery of fraud for profits system. Wish we could get on national tv or major news.
    Roberto Csiki, Montreal, Canada

  • *Star*

    Hi Chris, My Dad aged 75 has just been diagnosed with colon cancer and I am so happy to read your inspirational story and the mountain of useful information that you provide. After weighing over 110kg for the past 10 years, his weight suddenly dropped to under 90kg in a matter of 3 months and he was complaining of blood in his stool and having problems with his bowel movements. After the gastroscopy revealed he has colon cancer, he refuses to go for surgery or chemo-therapy even though it was recommended by his doctor. He is in good spirit and very active. Fortunately he does not have any pain, just the discomfort of the irregular bowel movements and blood in his stool. Would you agree with him not go for the surgery and recommend that he just try eating healthy as he feels that he is already old and wants to enjoy the rest of his life without being bedridden and he believes that his illness must takes its course and whatever will be, will be.

  • Tainia Lami

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  • CraftyCathy

    Hi, I was wondering if you know anything about chanterelle mushrooms? If so can they be used instead of the ones you named? Also what about Mustard greens? They are not real dark green. But I like them. And if we can’t get sprouts, will just the veggie do? Thank you for all your help.

  • Mary Metildi

    It isn’t right that you make such claims regarding your “raw salad diet”, especially without declaring what your background is (MD, certified nutritionist, whatever..etc). Did you know that eating raw mushrooms exposes you to tumor causing chemicals known as “hydrazines”? Read what Dr.Weil states about mushrooms as well as others online say.
    What I would say is “you got lucky” when you had your surgery but refused chemo, as they must have caught it all. Frequently, with many cancers, a surgical team will remove the tumors and then do a round of chemo to make sure all the cancerous tissue/cells were eradicated. For you to then go on to ask for “donations”…HUGE BIG RED FLAG!!!
    I had a family member who took the course of action you are advocating and she missed her window of opportunity for conventional medical treatment that could have prolonged her life…she changed her mind later, but too late…she is now deceased! She insisted on doing things her way…by what I call “romancing the herb”…and she paid with her life! What you are doing is WRONG! You, dear, are playing doctor…and that is not something you qualify to do!! Do you really believe that you cured yourself by eating salads? Unbelievable.!!!..this sounds like a scam to me!!!

    • Ollen D

      And nothing in your post matters. You clearly don’t even know who writes the curriculum for the medical profession. You should go ahead and watch “Cancer: The Forbidden Cures.” It’s been known for some time that cancer can be cured by natural remedies. Also, that the Vegan Raw diet can cure humans of multiple “incurable” diseases. Your “family member” probably did nothing of the sort. Stop “playing doctor” by being a mouthpiece for mainstream “medicine” (more like pharmaceutical industry) and using your “family member” as proof of your claim.

      • Another Fad

        YOU’RE A COMPLETE AND TOTAL FRAUD & FAKE!!! Sounds like you just needed to take a good CRAP!

  • Mark

    Hi Chris, love the info on the site! Quick question about the salad: what’s the reason you’re not supposed to exceed 10 cups of spinach/kale a day? As I imagine this would be quite easy to do, as I tend to juice it as well. On a slightly different note, I wondered if you had any advice on the anti-cancer benefits of propolis? Many thanks!

  • Deb

    Chris, forgive if you’ve answered this somewhere else, but I’m overwhelmed right now. Are you saying that one (with cancer) shouldn’t eat fruit, cheese, or meat?
    What about fish? I also saw a raspberry recipe. A little confused. Or are you just saying no fruit, cheese, or meat in the monster salad because they shouldn’t be mixed due to enzymatic activity? Please elaborate.

    • Chris Wark

      No cheese or meat period. No fruit in the salad because it may cause indigestion.

  • Fred Kahl

    Hi Chris, Your info is brilliant! I’ve been following the Rainbow diet and have just browsed Dr Richard Schulzes book ‘There are no incurable diseases’ I’m hoping to keep my inoperable prostate cancer at bay. I have a testosterone antagonist injection every six months to keep my psa down, but am hoping to keep it in check by dietary and other means such as walking daily, yoga etc, and great support from family and friends. I’m going to modify my diet in your direction. All the Best, Fred.

  • Shawn

    How much did all of this cost?

  • anoushka

    hi chris,
    thankyou for this info

  • Yvette

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve been eating 14 cups of the veggies in your ‘Giant Cancer Salad’ everyday for the last two weeks in addition to three HIGHLY potent alkaline waters. (I didn’t want to leave out ANY veggies and wanted to really boost my recovery with supplements.)

    But within the last three days, I’ve noticed symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, mild memory problems, and muscle pain. So I stopped and started eating acid foods like beef and white bread (sadly, containing corn syrup).

    How many cups of the ‘Giant Cancer Salad’ were you eating with each meal and/or every day in the first three months you had cancer? I want to start eating it again when these new symptoms subside, but in more reasonable quantities.



    • Natures Man

      OMG don’t eat the white bread or beef, you should know better. The negative side effects is your body ridding itself of toxins!

  • stacy

    Was ur diet high fat Raw or low fat Raw? Dr Robert Morse uses a low fat Raw vegan fruit based diet to heal cancer. What do u estimate ur macronutrient ratio to be?

  • Polly

    Chris, I have a a Carcinoid Tumor also known as endocrine. I can’t eat Cabbage, Kale, Spinach onioins as they give me terrible flatulance and pain. Broccoli and Cauliflower which are two of my favoite foods are also on the no list. Have you any sugesstions for anything else?

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