This cartoon brilliantly explains the truth about cancer research

This comic strip perfectly illustrates the fact that despite the industry propaganda claiming
“We’re one step closer to the cure”, many cancer researchers freely admit that there will never be a pharmaceutical cure for cancer.

But they’re getting paid to keep looking, so they keep looking.

Piled Higher and Deeper by Jorge Cham


If this cartoon leaves you feeling a little hopeless, don’t be!

Cancer research (for the most part) focuses on manipulating the micro-environment and behavior of cancer cells with drugs while ignoring the macro-environment of the whole body. That’s where they have it all wrong.

The real cure to cancer lies within your own body. It’s called healing.

You aren’t sick because you have cancer. You have cancer because you are sick.

Cancer is the symptom of a sick body, not the cause.  Your body created cancer and your body can heal it, assuming the underlying causes of cancer are addressed: exposure to environmental toxins, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle habits like prescription drug use, lack of exercise and sleep, and finally stress. So I have to disagree with that particular premise in the comic strip. Cancer IS caused by agents outside your body as well as functions in your body failing, like your immune system.

You have to heal the whole body.

The way you do that is by supporting your body’s ability to repair, regenerate and detoxify by radically changing your diet and lifestyle, and overdosing on nutrition. You have to completely change your life!

This is the same approach that I followed, and that every natural survivor I know followed as well.

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  1. Kelly

    “You aren’t sick because you have cancer. You have cancer because you are sick.” <—- Best statement, ever!!

    1. Teresa

      I second that, Kelly!

    2. chris elam

      very insightful, but please explain, how an enlightened master like ramana maharshi, who had a pure life and diet, got cancer?He was a pure being with thousands of followers, he was not sick, yet cancer got him..

      1. Paul

        Maybe he had some past traumas or big pride?

    3. Alex

      The comic is saying each individual cancer is unique and there’s no general cancer “cure-all”. It’s up to the informed individual to make the decision about the risks and potential rewards of each treatment. You could have the healthiest lifestyle imaginable and still be prone to cancer due to genetic vulnerabilities and heck, random chance. We’re all prone to cancer eventually, as we age, because our distant ancestors used to be single-celled organisms and when their descendants became multicellular, certain cellular controls were developed to keep them operating together as a collective, not individuals. These controls (various hormones and signalling molecules and their receptors) can become damaged and aren’t perfect in their function. When they break down in this way, individual cells can stop responding to the signals from the rest of the body and start acting like rogue agents, reproducing by themselves and competing with the organism as a whole. They can be hard for the rest of the body to deal with because the immune system can have difficulties distinguishing between them and normal behaving cells.

      Sure, if you’re indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle, you could potentially be adding risk factors to cancer development, but while changing your lifestyle can be beneficial, there is NO guaranteed panacea.

      P.S. If you want to see an animal that’s amazingly resistant to cancer development, look up the naked mole rat on wikipedia – they’re ugly as sin with no hair, buck teeth and live in burrows in a lifestyle that would make any human cringe.

      1. Alex

        And chemotherapy may only be worthwhile in the most extreme of cancer cases – I suggest reading “Antifragile” by Nassim Taleb. He claims that improved screening of breast cancers helps increase the lifespan of those found to have breast cancer, when it comes to whether you die of cancer, but shortens it overall from other causes.

  2. Sandy

    Chris I am wondering if you have read Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying To Be Me” and if it affected the way you think about cancer.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Sandy, I am familiar with her, but have not read her book.

  3. Linda

    Amazing how many people could have been healed if they had found out all this info Cris and actually put this to use for their healing, instead they died because of he conventional way and was still in the cancer success story. Sad

  4. Marsha Maag

    During my recovery from surgery…I found Chris. And from there…I found others. I decided. No chemo for me!!! I will not kill myself to kill the cancer. Before Chris…I didn’t know I had a choice! I choose to live. Thank you Chris.

    1. Chris Wark

      Yay Marsha! you are welcome. Keep us posted on your progress!

  5. Siching Destro

    Chris, I just want to thank you for your work. I know it effects a lot people in a very positive way, just as how it inspired and continue to inspire me. Thank you and God bless!

  6. Donna

    Great article and it’s so true! I also have been healed from breast cancer and it was all of the things in my environment and diet that were making me sick. 2 years cancer-free and all natural. Yay God! Thank you, Chris!

    1. Marilyn

      As always, thanks Chris for what you do to spread the word.
      Donna, I wonder if you would share what you have done to be healed from b.c. I was diagnosed last yr and there’s so much out there, and the more I learn, the more confused I get. The conventional treatment for me stopped after the surgery (‘mutilation’) once I new better. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lynn

    When you tell people there has been a cure for cancer for many many years ….most just blow you off….but if they would but research a little …just a little they would see and read stories like yours and the success of the Gerson Therapy and others.
    Did a research paper on cancer very eye opening as to the things that are hushed and filed away. Part of my research found a Dr’s documented words on breast mutilation…very interesting and heart breaking. It would seem as you see these documented stories and research that the medical field is not ignorant of the fact of nutrition and what it can do but continue with the conventional path!
    We must be careful of who we intrust our Health to!
    We need only to trust in The One who made this body and provided all we would ever need to keep it healthy.
    We need to get back to His provision!
    Thanks for the way you share and try to keep people informed.

  8. Buzz

    Dear Chris and readers, I will be brief, in 1994 when my mum got her diagnosis back she had cancer of the throat and some lymph nodes in the neck the size of the tumor was around that of a golf ball. They said to come back in six weeks to start radiotherapy.
    i asked a fundamental question to the surgeon, plastic surgeon and oncologist, “what should we do over the next six weeks that could help”. I brought several books on alternatives, which they scoffed and laughed at. When we arrived back 6 weeks later, my mum had put on 13 kgs in weight and the tumour had shrunk to pea size, when asked how she felt, she replied “never better”. They said that regardless of the shrinking tumor and weight gain radiotherapy had to be done otherwise its simple “you will die” she followed their protocol and within 3 treatments she could not chew or swallow properly and her weight gain perished and the tumor grew. Nature has the remedy……

  9. Jackie

    I find all this interesting. What do you say to someone who develops cancer due to a gene mutation? Is the body still sick because of the symptoms you have listed? What is someone was following a healthy lifestyle before and still develops cancer? I’m not asking to be antagonistic I’m just wondering where you stand on this?

    1. Chris Wark

      Great question Jackie. The field of Epigenetics has proven that diet and lifestyle choices affect gene expression, which is why not everyone with the breast cancer gene, for example, will develop breast cancer.

  10. Susan

    Hi, Chris, I am intrigued by Jackie’s question. I’m 72 and just found out I have my 4th cancer diagnosis, none related to the other. The last is leukemia (CLL). So interesting and I think I know why I’ve had so many. It’s directly related to very bad stressors in my life and all that goes along with stress.

    Now to get my immune system back in order. It’s going to take time but I’m doing what I can with gusto.

    Many thanks to everyone for your questions and responses.

  11. Mavis Webb

    I have been cured of cancer naturally the way our bodies were created to heal themselves. So sad what people choose to put their bodies through instead of believing God. Never a sick day with lung cancer or during treatment. Tumor gone in nine months! Glad to see your post. So many people just do not know the truth or believe it. There are cures for cancer, but not with tormenting drugs! It is a business to make money torturing people to death! It is true, but so horrifying no one wants to believe it.

    1. Ok

      Hi Mavis Webb,
      Happy that you have cured yourself from lung cancer, I really need your email if you can easily provide me? I got some questions.
      Chris is always admire us for his efforts anyways.

  12. Cheryl

    Hi, I just finished watching a show where they put angiogenisis in place to kill cancer. The theory is …if we stop the blood vessels from feeding the cancer nutrients and oxygen, then we starve the cancer and it dies. There is a way to do this through foods that contain inhibitors. That is what they do,,,they inhibit the blood vessels from supplying the cancer and they are found in certain foods and certain foods inhibit certain cancers. Very interesting. It was on Ted Talks on Netflix.

    1. Megan

      Hi Cheryl – I think you mean anti-angiogenesis? I did my Masters thesis on tumor vasculature and anti-angiogenic therapy is definitely an interesting avenue of attack. However, the opposite is true as well. Most cells in a tumor are already pretty deprived of a good blood supply. Tumor angiogenesis isn’t like normal angiogenesis (like in wound healing). The tumor’s methods of blood vessel creation aren’t as finely tune as normal angiogenesis. Where normal angiogenesis results in very regular, parallel network of well-made blood vessels, a tumor’s blood vessels are weak-walled and convoluted. They twist and bulge and are pinched off by the pressure of the densely growing tumor.

      Now, this creates a problem for conventional cancer treatments. Yup, a problem. Because without blood, chemotherapy can’t get into the tumor – or at least not much of it. So you have to increase the dose, which increases the toxicity to normal tissue. And radiation therapy depends on oxygen to be successful. The radiation can damage the DNA without oxygen radicals floating around, but the cancer cell still has the DNA repair mechanisms that the normal cell has. Oxygen radicals attach themselves to the damaged DNA and prevent it from being repaired.

      Also, when a cancer cell doesn’t get enough oxygen to flourish, but just enough to stay alive, it’s actually much harder to kill because of certain cellular survival pathways that get switched on when cells are hypoxic.

      So unless we can figure out a way to totally cut off ALL blood supply, we’re still going to get tumors bigger than 2mm. And because tumors can just diffuse what they need if they’re under 2mm, anti-angiogenic therapy won’t touch those.

      That’s what’s so frustrating about this stupid disease. There are so many exceptions to every rule. The only way we’re going to cure cancer, in my opinion, is if we figure out a way to use the patient’s immune system to clear it out. That’s how bone marrow transplants work. It’s not because you’ve killed off all the cancer cells with the radiation. The transplanted immune system ideally recognizes any remaining cancer cells as foreign invaders and attacks them. And that’s why we think cancer doesn’t really become an issue until your immune system starts to flag with age. And some cancer cells have managed to remove any markers on their cell surface that would identify them to the immune cells.

      It’s frustrating.

      1. Robin DeFoe

        Hi Megan,
        You may enjoy reading the research from a team at McGill. Over 30 years ago Dr. Bounous discovered a protein fraction that, when taken as directed, has proven to reduce tumours and prevent their formation. Treatment and prevention in a FOOD. Who knew. :)

  13. Liam

    Hi Chris, Could you briefly explain what “outside agents” you believe caused your cancer?

    Just curious about what in your pre-cancer lifestyle you feel was making you susceptible to cancer?


  14. Candace

    Thank you for this. I appreciate your site and work so much more than you will ever know. What is your philosophy on children’s cancer? Is it the same as your philosophy for adults? It’s a complex issue. Anyone you know out there curing children with cancer through nutrition and alternatives?

  15. Virginia Houck

    I think you are a brave, informative human being and I am grateful for your willingness to to educate people. I operate a Biophotonic Light Device and watch so many people raise their cell voltage and detox. They feel better and better over time. You are an inspiration to me with how you are educating people. Thank you so much!

  16. Charlotte

    I just want to say thank you to Chris for the inspiration, information, and this website. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write a post. I am waiting for the results of a breast biopsy. Thanks to Chris and all the cancer free posting I already know what I am going to do if it is positive and it certainly WON’T be surgery, chemo, or radiation!

  17. Vicki

    Hi Chris, Thanks so much for sharing all you knowledge. You are an inspiration to many. I was just wondering if you have heard of The gentleman who started it, cured his cancer with Cannabis oil and he shows people how to make it. What are your thoughts on this?

  18. Megan

    Hi Chris. Just stumbled across your website, so I haven’t read through it all yet, but I saw this post and I couldn’t not comment.

    This cartoon is exactly what my life was like in grad school, doing research at a comprehensive cancer center. People hear the word ‘cancer’ and don’t realize that literally every cancer is different. And not only is every cancer individual, but within each patient there are different populations of cancer cells and each population can respond differently to treatments. If one population responds to one drug and the other doesn’t, you’ll kill off all the cells in that first population only to have the second cell type survive and repopulate the tumor. So you get a partial response, then a relapse with a disease that is now 100% resistant to the drug that used to work.

    My mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Conventional medicine says that stage 4 breast cancer is always terminal. Having seen how research is done – how little the lab heads seem to want to collaborate because of the intense competition for grants, how they don’t want to hear about things that don’t support their hypotheses – and how difficult it is to not only get results but to translate lab results to patient treatments…I have to think we’re going about it wrong.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Megan thank you so much for sharing your experience and further validating this!

  19. Judith

    Bravo, Chris!

  20. may

    “You aren’t sick because you have cancer. You have cancer because you are sick”.

    My daughter was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at age 2. They believe this starts in the womb. Do you think the statement above applies to childhood cancers as well? I have been vegan for years, ate a vegan diet throughout my pregnancy. Still, this happened to her. Therefore, I have been living with the guilt that I somehow caused her cancer.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi May there’s no way to know for sure, could’ve been in the womb, could’ve been vaccines, could have environmental toxins, whatever the cause, don’t blame yourself just do whatever you can to support health in her little body.

  21. Y Lund

    I would like to see a story of someone cured of cacner who did NOT have surgery. Isn’t it simple enough to recover from cancer with surgery? Show me someone who did it unconventionally, then I will see something special about this website.

  22. Martin

    Surgery is the main thing that cures your type of cancer.

    Chemo solely decreases the chances of the cancer coming back..

    1. Atticus


      A logical corollary of your assertion is the following:
      since colon cancer is substantially treated by surgery, therefore all colon cancer patients whose tumors are timely removed with well executed surgery will be cured of surgery.

      Perplexingly, a quick Google search of colon cancer death rates reveals that this type of cancer is the 2nd leading cause of mortality in the US.

      Judging from your post, I wonder why this is the case, buddy.

  23. Bob Thistlewait

    Damn, I bet Mr Cham would both laugh and cry at the gross misunderstanding of his comic panel. :(

  24. John

    Thank you so much Chris for creating such an amazing blog. It is such great help and blessing understand Cancer. It is very timely help to understand situation with my wife who is diagnosed with stage 4 a Cancer. Will you have any suggestion for alternative medicine for pain killers? She has to take these whole day otherwise she can’t handle chronic pain that cancer is causing her everyday.

    Thank you so much for your input n all other info. Gos Bless you!

  25. Ria Swift

    HI Chris, Et Al,
    I am someone who has had cancer 3 times. 2nd and 3rd time I used a frequency, put in herbs via something that generates a frequency, and my 2nd tumor shrank in 1 month. The last time,ovarian cancer, a very powerful healer put her hands on me and healed it. In 10 mins it was gone, really…no really it was. I was also part of a remission project research book by Dr. Kelly Turner. She found people all over the world whose cancers had gone into remission for various reasons. Some did natural remedies, changed their diets, took Essiac tea, an herb from the jungle or nothing…they all got rid of cancer. The one thing they all had in common was that they refused to die. They, myself included, got very clear about the fact that I and they were not going to die. What we did was not the overriding factor…it was that we believed that what we were doing was going to work. If the first thing didn’t work I’d try something else. I just knew there had to be away out of this nonsense. In my case I knew that medicine didn’t know what the heck they were doing so I walked away from that after 2 years of shear torture and surrendered to the process of getting rid of it. I didn’t investigate anything any more. I was only open to everything that could kill the cancer in my body that presented itself to me. I didn’t change my diet much, except for a few things; quit smoking, stopped eating lots of cholesterol/fatty foods. I did do one thing that I thought was very important…I refused to do anything that I didn’t want to do or felt like was hurting me in anyway shape or form. I quit my job and learned another one that was more in line with me. I began listening to my body and what I found was a lot of pain and family dysfunction. I went into a sort of therapy to heal my wounds and have continued on that path for 27 years. I now practice Energy Medicines and Expressive Arts as Therapy because that is what speaks to me. I do eat better than most but I am not a raw foodist, I juice in frequently and try other diets I think would be good for me. Right now I am on the paleo diet and don’t eat any grains at all. I have more energy. My thinking is clearer. Through it all I became much more spiritually oriented. I also practice something called Immunics. Immunics removes illness from your subtle bodies of which there are 12. The aura is in one of them. You can remove cancer or diabetes, viruses, bacteria, arthritis, etc from these 12 bodies and your physical body will heal. I don’t know why other things work for other people. I don’t know that anyone does. Science, in it’s current state will never give you all the answers. It is too mundane. IMO it only deals with the mass of the body and nothing more energetic or non physical. The best thing i think anyone can do for themselves is to learn to meditate. Meditation will change your life, especially Transcendental Meditation. For me it corrected my eating habits making them healthier. It quieted my mind making my actions and reactions healthier and much happier. I believe the bottom line is you better do whatever you think will cure you; because that is probably what will cure you. Thank you Chris for your blog. You’ve put a lot of effort into it. I am sure many people appreciate it and you! Peace to all.

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