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Why I Didn’t Do Chemo

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Like I’ve said before, I am not a doctor or a scientist.  I am a self-educated chemo-free cancer survivor and I often have people contact me who want to know more. So I am going to explain in the simplest terms what I have come to understand and believe to be true about chemotherapy and why I did not do it.

Tell me if this story sounds familiar:

Someone you know finds out they have cancer in a specific part of their body. They have surgery, multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. During treatment the cancer shrinks and disappears. The doctors tell them they can’t find any cancer in their body. They are “NED” (No Evidence of Disease). Everyone is so relieved and celebrating

Some time goes by and they have more tests only to find out that the cancer has returned.  But this time it’s all over: it’s in their liver, their lungs, their brain, their blood, etc.

They go through more rounds of chemo and radiation but the doctors just can’t stop the cancer. Every time you see them they look worse and worse. Eventually after a difficult battle ranging from a few months to a few years they die.

So what happened?

This is what happened:

Chemotherapy is toxic poison.  It works by attacking rapidly dividing cells in your body which affects your hair, nails, skin, your digestive system, and your blood. This process makes you very sick and can cause permanent damage to various parts of your body including your brain, liver, hearing, and reproductive organs.

Chemotherapy attacks rapidly reproducing cells, which includes some types of cancer cells, but it also attacks your white blood cells, a major player in your immune system.

Note: Your immune system is what keeps you alive.

We all have pre-cancerous cells in our bodies that are eliminated by the natural processes of our immune system.

If you have cancer in your body, your immune system is fighting it, albeit not very well, but it is fighting it.

If the cancer is growing, that means your immune system could be overwhelmed or suppressed, and not functioning as well as it should. But having cancer doesn’t mean your immune system is doing nothing.

If you take chemotherapy and it doesn’t kill all the cancer cells; you will find yourself in a very vulnerable position with a decimated immune system. You will have little defenses left to prevent any remaining cancer cells from reproducing.

Here’s the scary part.  If you still have cancerous cells in your body, they will proceed to take over like wild fire.  I’ve seen it happen over and over with friends and family that went through chemo; and chances are, you have too.

Sometimes chemo will stop one kind of cancer, but then the patient will develop an entirely different form of cancer. Again, this happened because their immune system was destroyed and their internal defenses were down.

Their body became a place where cancerous cells could flourish.

Chemotherapy is carcinogenic, that means it causes cancer.  In fact it’s so toxic that nurses have to protect their skin from exposure when administering it to patients. These chemicals that will eat through your skin, but they have no problem putting it in your veins.

This may also sound familiar:

I ran into a friend of the family who had undergone chemotherapy recently.  Let’s just call this person “Pat”.  Please try not to picture Pat from SNL.  Of course now that’s exactly who you’re picturing.  Whatever, here’s the story. I saw Pat several months before the chemo started. I didn’t see Pat again until after nearly a year of chemo. When I did, I was shocked. Pat looked ten to fifteen years older.  Pat went from “middle aged” to “elderly” in less than a year.  It was heart breaking.  The transformation in Pat’s face alone was unbelievable. Pat’s face was sunken in; Pat’s skin was leathery and wrinkled; and Pat’s hair had grown back thin and lifeless. Pat is still alive and as I write this I don’t know the condition of Pat’s health.  But one thing I do know and witnessed firsthand: The ravaging aftereffects of chemotherapy are real.

(Addendum: Pat passed away a few months after I wrote this post.)

When the doctors told me I would have to have chemotherapy I accepted it, but I didn’t feel good about it.

It just didn’t sit well with me and I didn’t have peace about it.

Then I began to study the effects that chemotherapy would have on my body and immune system, which explained my instinctive resistance.  I remember thinking to myself, there’s got to be another way…

This was my thought process:

-My body is designed to heal itself.

-Something inside me is malfunctioning and affecting my immune system, allowing cancer to grow.

-Chemotherapy is poison that will hurt my body and destroy my immune system.

-I don’t want to hurt my body and destroy my immune system.  I want to build it up.

-Cancer is not the Cause of a sick body, it is the Effect of a sick body.

-I’ve got to find therapies that strengthen my body and my immune system, so it can heal itself.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I radically changed my dietand did every natural, alternative, and holistic therapy I could find.

If all else failed, chemo would be my last resort.

“An investigation by the Department of Radiation Oncology, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, Australia, into the contribution of chemotherapy to 5-year survival in 22 major adult malignancies, showed startling results: The overall contribution of curative and adjuvant cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.” [Royal North Shore Hospital Clin Oncol (R Coll Radiol) 2005 Jun;17(4):294.]

The research covered data from the Cancer Registry in Australia and the Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results in the USA for the year 1998. The current 5-year relative adult survival rate for cancer in Australia is over 60%, and no less than that in the USA. By comparison, a mere 2.3% contribution of chemotherapy to cancer survival does not justify the massive expense involved and the tremendous suffering patients experience because of severe, toxic side effects resulting from this treatment. With a meager success rate of 2.3%, selling chemotherapy as a medical treatment (instead of a scam), is one of the greatest fraudulent acts ever committed. The average chemotherapy earns the medical establishment a whopping $300,000 to $1,000,000 each year, and has so far earned those who promote this pseudo-medication (poison) over 1 trillion dollars. It’s no surprise that the medical establishment tries to keep this scam alive for as long as possible.”

-Andreas Moritz, Natural News

Disclaimers Abound

I have shared my story and convictions with many people diagnosed with cancer.  I’ve listened to them agree with me and say to me “You’re right.  I know deep down you’re right.”  And I’ve watched them choose to do chemotherapy anyway.

Some of them survived (miracle), most of them have not.  The hardest part for me is wondering whether or not I could have said something else that would have made the difference.  Those experiences added more fuel to my fire, which is why I’m doing this now.

Sometimes when we’re in difficult situations we just want someone to tell us what to do.  I sure did.  More than anything.

But in this case, I can’t.  And neither can anyone else.  Whether or not you take chemotherapy is a decision only you can make.

And it’s a damn hard one.

If you have cancer or are undergoing chemotherapy now, what you just read might be terrifying. You may be feeling more confused than ever.  I know.  I was exactly where you are, back in 2004. This is the time where you need to Pray.  Ask God to reveal himself to you.  Ask Him lead you in the direction you should go.  That’s exactly what I did.  The God of the Universe who created you and loves you, has a plan for your life.  He answered my prayers and He will answer yours.

I want to encourage you to do your own research outside of what the doctors are telling you, in order to make an informed decision.  Take responsibility for your own health.  This blog should not be the only thing you read.

This book was profoundly helpful in my decision-making process:

God’s Way To Ultimate Health by George Malkmus.  Buy it.

Additional Recommended Reading:

Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients

There Are No Incurable Diseases

Patient Heal Thyself


Your body is designed to heal itself.

Your immune system keeps you well.

Chemo kills your immune system.


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  • Marisa

    Chis, this is beautifully written. My mom went through the same thing you did when she was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, and after much prayer, she was led to raw foods and a holistic approach as well. It has completely changed our lives. I can relate to what you are saying about people having to make the choice for themselves, but when I see people who don’t get well, I often think too, could I have said it a little differently or pushed them in this direction more? That is why I started my blog too. I felt as if I needed to do something and share the information I knew, and am continuing to learn. Thank you for being so honest, and sharing your experience with the world. I know many people will benefit from it!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Marisa thanks for sharing your mom’s amazing testimony!

  • Joelle

    first off–I had no idea you had gone through this. I’m so sorry! but, good for you on being your own advocate.

    I have had 2 of my aunts, my grandfather, my father-in-law and a close family friend’s 12 yr old daughter die from cancer in as many years. all of them tried varying forms of chemo/radiation, unsuccessfully. :(

    I have not done the research you have done, but have come to have many of the same thoughts/beliefs. thank you for spreading the word!

    I have been feeding my family in a similar manner for years, and we thoroughly enjoy it. Some argue it is expensive and time consuming, but I think your health is worth it!! another great book on the subject is “fit for life”about food combining.

    all the best!
    Joelle–your old carpool buddy and first friend-girl :)

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Joelle! Thanks so much. Cancer is crazy and it’s everywhere! What’s scary is how many people are getting it
      at a young age like I did. I think a lot of people our age are much more health conscious than our parents were, which is
      great! Makes me seem less weird. Thanks for the reminder, Fit for Life is a great book!

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  • shanna

    Great article! These are many of the reasons I too chose not to do chemo. Unfortunately, doctors lead people to believe they don’t need to make any life changes, and they do the chemo, and cancer comes back. Change your life, change your health.

  • Kelli

    Your blog is inspiring and so is your straight-up sentiments about your journey. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to put yourself out there but sharing your story certainly gives hope. I can’t imagine how difficult the road was for you but can relate to the frustration of having an illness without a “silver-bullet” cure. It’s great to connect with others and know that there are other alternatives out there when the traditional ways come up empty. That and a good sense of humor with a “kick some butt” attitude goes a long way ;) Best wishes to you Chris and keep writing and rockin’.

  • Jason

    What do you know about this guy: Is he legit?

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Yes Burzynski is definitely legit! I found out about him early on. He was on my list of doctors to see if I couldn’t beat it on my own. Thanks for the link. I had not idea they made a movie about him. Learning new stuff everyday!
      Love you brother!


  • Michelle A.

    Hi Chris,
    Congrats on your success! I am curious as to what holistic therapies you did? Colonics, Reflexology, etc and how often? Keep up the great work!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hey Michelle
      Thank you!
      I did everything I could find and afford, which is why I started this blog, to document it all for anyone who wants to know.
      Yes to reflexology, enemas, acupuncture, structural integration, reiki, reconnection, tons of herbal supplements…it’s really too much to go into in a comment reply.
      But stay tuned I’ll eventually get it all on here!

      • Michelle A.

        Thanks for your reply Chris! What is “structural integration” and “reconnection”? Is that similar to “repatterning”? This blog is great and so informative! Thank you!

      • MissAngee

        Did you use the coffee enema? I read about that, sound good, but weird too. Can you blog about how to actually do this right?

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Hey Miss Angee I did and yes it is weird. I plan to post on it eventually. In the meantime, you can find some info and supplies at

          • sickos

            really you have to get corporate and salesmen on us eh… sick phuck

  • Tom

    Could you share sources (hopefully online resources, instead of books to buy) for some of your assertions? Some of your points seem contrary to my own understanding, and I’d like to reconcile that.

    The ones that stand out the most:
    1) the dependence upon the immune system to detect and destroy cells that have mutated into cancers
    2) the parts of the immune system that are most damaged by chemotherapy (thus inhibiting the action of #1)

    They make good premises for a syllogism, but they seem too oversimplified for me to buy. This is coming from someone recently through a bunch of different chemotherapy treatments, so our perspectives are already quite differing. So too have been our cancers.

    I don’t argue that a fundamental change in how one lives one’s life can affect huge positive health benefits, and perhaps even create a less inviting environment for cancer. No argument there. I think it’s the vehemence of your hatred of chemotherapy. For someone with an extensively spread blood cancer, surgery isn’t an option. In the emergent case of massively enlarged organs that cannot be removed or resectioned, a fundamental change in lifestyle may be too late.

    I’m glad to hear that the surgery and living well have kept you, well, living well!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Tom
      I understand where you’re coming from and expect to be challenged.
      This article is intentionally oversimplified. I’m sharing the basics in a blog post than can be digested in a couple minutes.
      I’m not the world’s foremost expert on health and wellness and have no desire to be.
      I’m just a dude who beat cancer without chemo.
      The point of everything I say is to encourage you to do your own research.
      You should definitely read the books I recommend and more. The more you read, the more supporting evidence you’ll find.

      I suggest you ask your doctor those same two questions. If your doctor is like most, he didn’t tell you much, but he will if you ask; to some extent. Which, incidentally, is a story I hear far too often from cancer patients about the lack of information supplied to them about success rates and the effects chemotherapy would have on their body, like “chemo brain” for example.
      For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, “chemo brain” is short to long-term brain damage that makes it very hard to think clearly, organize information, remember things, and function in normal life after chemo. A dear friend of mine likened it to Alzheimer’s.
      I don’t hate chemotherapy at all, but people need to know what it is and what it does.

      Just google “chemotherapy”, “immune system”, etc. You’ll find enough reading for days.
      Here’s one I just found


      • Tom

        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

        I had the good fortune of working with doctors who were willing to have long discussion with me about their understanding of how my specific cancer (lymphoma) operated, how the different types of treatments effected major cell groups in my body, and what I could expect long-term. Not everyone has this kind of experience.

        Reading the article that you linked to, and researching some of it’s warrants, brought me to a few responses:

        1 – The quote from “Alan Levin, MD” is used just about everywhere online where people want to slam conventional approaches to cancer treatment. I haven’t been able to find much in the way of the original source of the quote, and he seems to be credited as being both from Harvard and from UCSF.

        2 – The study from Australia showing a real small up-tick in survival benefit from chemotherapy was very selective in which cancers they included. Blood cancers and other cancers with really significant chemotherapy benefit rates were excluded. Still, dismal results for other cancers are dismal results! Here is an interesting response, written by someone that I assume is a pharmacy-related source.

        3 – Abel’s research, from 1990, is tied in as a stunning conclusion at the bottom. “If they tell you that chemotherapy is your best chance of surviving, you will know they are lying or are simply misinformed.” This research is from 1990. 1990! So much changed about the types and amounts of drugs. But the real kicker: the paper may not actually ever have existed!

        Many of these articles use the same quotes and studies, copied and pasted from each other, to talk about how chemotherapy continues to be discussed as viable because the drug companies want to keep making money. Your oncologist is lying to you to keep them making money! Oh, and buy my book about homeopathic medicine at Amazon!

        My realization: For my cancer, chemotherapy was very effective. I ended up having a complex case and I’m in good shape now. For other cancers, chemotherapy may be completely useless and a waste of quality of life. I think I might be taking your feelings about chemotherapy as something approaching a personal attack; that’s a silly thing for me to do, and I need to stop it.

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Hi Tom! Thanks again for writing. This is a very timely discussion as I have a new post up today with more information I think you’d appreciate. It’s called “Freakonomics and Cancer Treatment”. Very conclusive research that actually validates both of our points.



        • Marci

          Tom, Marci here; a 3 year ovarian cancer survivor that is trying to decide what to do next since the 4 temporarily successful rounds of treatment (2 chemo, 2 Avastin) were not successful enough. It seems my cancer is back again. I urge you, get you to take this opportunity to use any or all of the holistic approaches out there to build your system up. OK, chemo helped you, but please, please, please make your body as strong as you can so that it may never be needed again. I am personally looking into Gerson Therapy because they have cured many people of many different deadly diseases. God Bless You.

        • ShakiraHabib

          1.Lymphoma is one of the FEW cancers that chemo works for. You got lucky.
          2.The cancers that Australia’s study apparently left out only make up 2-4% of all cancers. Leaving them out wouldn’t affect the results that much. I also wouldn’t trust someone in the pharmaceutical industry’s “interesting” response. Wait…I think I remember seeing at least some of the cancers that chemo is effective for in the results table (the best was at a dismal 40%).
          3.I found a German translation of Abel’s paper on, and have heard a doctor say that conventional treatment for adult cancer hasn’t improved since the 1920s.
          4. At least you admit that you’re being silly by taking this as a personal attack, chemo survivors can be very annoying and ignorant about alternatives, especially when you can’t comment because you don’t have an Amazon account.

      • MissAngee

        For anyone reading this who doesn’t know, “chemo brain” is short to long-term brain damage that makes it very hard to think clearly, organize information, remember things, and function in normal life after chemo.

        My jaw just dropped after reading this! I thought this was just a myth! I have this! Before chemo, I was well organized, remembered alot and all that….

        NOW!? I can’t remember my next appointment, to make my childrens appts. school functions…. I’m so glad this isn’t a myth. I swear I thought I was going crazy!

        • Debbie

          I am in nursing school and my sister was recently (1 year ago) diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. She has declined surgery and every other conventional therapy in order to go the natural route. I have strongly encouraged her to have the tumor removed surgically and THEN do the diet change. But she is insisting that the diet plus the rebounder will literally “flush the tumor away”. Her husband tells me that the tumor has grown. Are there real people out there who have had large tumors go away with a vegan diet? I agree with the fact that chemo kills off our immune cells and I can understand why my sister doesn’t want to have chemo, but believing that her tumor will disappear by way of a diet seems extreme. I love how Tom and Chris are able to converse without insulting each other and with rational arguments. I would LOVE to see more of this kind of dialogue. Thanks so much!

          • Sandra

            I just did the same as your sister, I was diagnosed with stage 3 BC in oct 2012, i actually went thru 4 rounds of chemo but refused everything else including surgery, what i got from my onc, lets just say all the books peg them right, they want your money, only the people who have their eyes open will see this, your faith plays a big part in how well you get, am i cured of cancer dont know, I plan on not worrying about it,Just going to live my life the way god meant for us all to live, veg & fruits straight out of the garden, no chemical, or sprays.My sister & husband felt the same way as you, til i handed them enough information to show them i have a shot.. I’m no longer scared to die because god has shown me the way

          • MEOWCAT

            how are you, good luck, i hope your doing better!

    • MissAngee

      I can tell you this… I had to do my own research. I was never told to change my diet. Just to continue eating. I was never told to alkaline, eat right, sleep well take supplements… I never knew chemo would kill my still healthy immune systems. I never would have chosen chemo. I was sent home after given a death sentence of less than a year. I don’t have anything to loose by trying these alternative techniques and neither do you.

      I was supposed to start on Zometa, a drug that was supposed to strengthen my bones. The doctor, who is Indian, was talking so fast, I didn’t hear her clearly when she said that the drug would also MAKE MY CANCER WORSE! No way! And when I told her to cancel it, she tried to give me this guilt trip about brittle bones and stuff like that. I hung up on HER told MY ONCOLOGIST that if she was NOT taken off my team I was leaving that clinic, I don’t care WHO was paying for my treatments! this was crazy! Chris I commend you for sticking this out despite all the odds… To Tom, I will give you the same advice I was given, NOTHING beats a failure but a try. What else do you have to loose?

      • chrisbeatcancer

        Awesome comment Miss Angee. Very powerful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Jeanna

      I just want to interject that my chiro/naturapath/homeopath dr is doing amazing things for people with blood cancer etc. He works with a Dr from Greece that does a test on your own cancer cells to see what effectively treats your cancer and come up with a tailor made plan for each individual. It tests 50+ natural agents and 50+ chemo agents over a period of 6 days. THIS shows you what your magic bullet is. My test showed that 6 natural herbs were very effective against my ovarian cancer along with Vit C IV infusions (which are extremely effective). He uses diet, supplements, Rife machine, etc however much you can afford. He also does regular blood work to make sure your body is in balance. He works with an oncologist open to this test because a few of his patients only respond to a chemo. he will support you thru chemo or whatever is necessary to beat the cancer. (sometimes you have to hit if from all angles.) I am really impressed with this treament. It’s been 2 1/2 years and my petscan is clear.
      I called a lot of the alternative clinics in the US and none of them would treat me without a sample of my tumor in order to test it. I don’t understand ANY doctor administering chemo without this kind of test to make sure it’s effective against your cancer. Otherwise it will do so much more damage to the body. April 2009 Life Extension magazine has great articles on this test. There are also doctors from Germany doing this.
      My favorite books are Cancer Free by Bill Henderson, and Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger, and Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Hardin Pearce.

      I eat a lot of veggies with high quality meat and blenderized vegetables/fruit. Very low sugar and carbs. I’m gluten free so hardly any grains. The cottage cheese/flax oil diet by Johanna Budwig is also very good to add. The list could go on but most other protocols have been discussed in this forum.
      Great website Chris! Thanks, I’ve considered doing some kind of blog myself.

      • chrisbeatcancer

        That’s great Jeanna! Would you mind sharing your Dr’s name and where he is located? Thanks!

  • MissAngee

    Chris, I have a few questions for you. I may have missed it but what type of cancer do you have and at what stage? Funny you mentioned Lung cancer in your blog. that is exactly what I have, metastasized to the liver, spine, skull and ribs. Initially the doctors thought it was TB, then Breast Cancer until they finally settled on the left lung. Small Cell. Stage four.

    Second, have you heard of the Budwig Protocol and if you have, what do you think of it?

    • MissAngee

      Forgive me! I just read your About Chris section lol Oh also the kimchi and noodles I mentioned is prepared with white sugar, not a whole lot but I wanted to know if I can ask my mother to either eliminate the sugar or ask her to prepare it with stevia instead

  • KA

    Chris this is a great website/blog you have here. Congratulations on beating cancer! there are some great documentaries and books about changing diet and lifestyle to overcome and prevent illness but I like your upfront, frank and down to earth’ness. I too am not a doctor but do believe that whole foods, alternative therapies and looking after your mind and body is crital to wellbeing. I am working in Shanghai and if anyone here is in health & wellness let me know, its about time this industry gets started here. Unfortunately “Westernisation”, junk food and illness is taking its toll in China.
    All the best!

  • Steve Nish


    Your blog is what those of us who have cancer want to see, not promotion of products that “cure”, s string of faceless testimonials, and a link to an online store (e.g. Instead-A real live person who can give us insight. Thank You!!! This year I had stage III colon cancer, an operation at UCSF, and 6 mos. of chemo. After 3 mos off chemo, a week ago, I found out I now have stage IV and I start another 6 mos. chemo regimen again next week.

    I want to incorporate as much of your approach into my life during and after chemo. I fully understand the destructive impacts to the immune system of chemo. I will have access to a nutritionist and an integrative medicine doctor. However, I have a few questions:

    1. What are your thoughts about supplements? I notice you used alkalizing green powder.

    2. Nutritionists have told me that maintaining your weight was essential to ability to endure chemo and fight cancer. Were you able to maintain your weight pretty much while you were fighting off the cancer on your primarily vegan diet? (incidentally, I believe that eating too much meat contributed to my cancer)

    3. During your period fighting the cancer what did you eat for breakfast. Did you just have veggie juice?

    4. What did you do for exercise during that time? Do you meditate?

    5. What is the most recent ctscan you’ve had and the results?

    6. Did you use enemas during your “fight” like Gerson therapy promotes? Did you fast also during?

    Congratulations on your success. I really appreciate what you’ve done with your web site. You have very creatively shown us how to apply much of the knowledge that can be found in various books and web sites. It also gives some hope.


    Steve Nish

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Steve. Thank you. I’ve seen those other sites and I know exactly what you mean.
      1. I took a ton of supplements, this is a new blog for me and I haven’t had time yet to post on all the ones I took.
      Here are some I took the most from Garden of Life: Primal Defense, RM-10, and their Perfect Food greens powder. Read the book Patient Heal Thyself for recommended doses. I basically took any natural supplement claiming to boost the immune system that I could find.
      Check it out Dr. Richard Schulze. He’s great.
      2. I definitely lost some weight on the raw vegan diet, but I wasn’t concerned about my weight.
      3. For breakfast everyday I drank a green powder mixed with water then juiced. I also did a lot of juice fasting. There’s a post about that on here.
      4. For exercise I used a mini trampoline called a Rebounder three times a day, it moves your lymphatic system like no other exercise. I ran some, but only 1 or two miles at a time. I also worked out once a week, but not hard. I went to the sauna often to sweat out toxins.
      I prayed and meditated on healing scriptures constantly. I will email you some if you want.
      5. My most recent CT scan shows no cancer. I’ve had 4 or 5. I won’t be having anymore. Too much cancer-causing radiation in that procedure.
      6. Yes Definitely Gerson Therapy. Definitely Coffee Enemas.

      Bottom line is I did everything I could afford and find time to do.

      Strongly Recommended Reading:
      Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients
      God’s Way To Ultimate Health
      Patient Heal Thyself
      There Are No Incurable Diseases

      Steve, my wife Micah and I will pray for your healing.
      Please keep me posted on your progress.


    • Jessica

      Hi Steve,

      I wanted to send you a note about raw veggies and chemo. I agree with this site 100%, and perhaps you i already know this, but you must be careful while eating raw foods while on chemo. It really has more to do with your white count. If your white blood cell count is extremely low, you have to at least steam your veggies.

      I wasn’t going to respond at fisrt, but the day you wrote is the day (not the year) I ended up in the hospital because I spiked a fever, and they couldn’t figure out why, but I ended up spending 3 or 4 days on iv antibiotics. Only then did i learn the bacteria from people touching the veggies and fruits with thin skins can be fought off by someone with a normal immune system, but not someone who is neutropenic(comprimised immune system). So no raw veggies or fruit with thin skin from the grocery store and no mayo, although if you are following the things on here, I would think you aren’t eating mayo anyway. I don’t know why the doctor or nurses never told me this immediately.

      Hope your doing well,

      • chrisbeatcancer

        Thanks Jessica. Unfortunately chemo decimates your immune system to such an extent that you can be vulnerable to very simple bacteria in raw foods. Lightly steaming is the best way to cook veggies to preserve nutrients and kill bacteria.

    • Gordana

      Hi Steve, so sorry to hear that your stage III colon cancer has progressed to stage IV cancer even with doing chemo. I was about to start my chemo (I have stage III colon cancer with 6 out of 16 lymph nodes involved) when a friend showed me this article about WNT16B. Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that healthy cells damaged by chemotherapy secreted more of a protein called WNT16B, which boost cancer cell survival. Tumors often respond well initially, followed by rapid re-growth and then resistance to further chemo.

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  • Amy Myers

    Hi Chris, Congrats! I have followed a similar immune path and am also NED. I had stage 4 Adrenal cancer with mets to the liver and lungs in addition to the primary tumor. Many of the philosophies you talk about I also believe and have utilized. You have a great site with good info for people with cancer that has not spread to distant sites (other organs) etc.

    However, there are nuances I believe are very important to clarify.

    1. The approach you speak of (immune enhancing diet and rest) is almost never enough when cancer has spread to distant site (e.g. liver, lungs, etc) or if surgery has not been performed to eliminate the original tumor (I’m guessing you had surgery to eliminate the primary tumor? I think it’s very important that those that visit your site understand this.

    2. The natural immune approach declines in effectiveness as we age and diet can’t reverse this decline. the decline starts around 50. Clearly a great diet will make the most of what we have, but it’s still not going to be nearly as strong as a 25 year olds immune system given the same diet. However, the good news is that there are a number of therapies to enhance the natural immune system (e.g. cloning immune cells and sensitizing them the cancer then reintroducing them to the body — this is a system developed at the university of washington and has cured a 50 year old of stage 4 melanoma. It’s currently in trial at a number of cancer centers).

    Also there are other new therapies that are being developed to enhance the immune system that can work alongside diet. (this is the approach that worked for me — and imagine the shock of my Mayo oncologist when I didn’t die within six months but actually slowly reduced all tumors tilll I was NED (he said that he had probably misdiagnosed the original mets and that they weren’t cancerous till I reminded him that they had been biopsied).

    In any case, you have a great site, but if you could clarify and also add more therapy options for people with mets and or older people I think that would be very important.

    If you’d like more info please call 612 581 2619.

    Best, Amy

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Amy your story is great and thanks for your thoughtful insights!
      1. I’m not claiming that what I did cures all cancers, however there are documented cases of all cancers being cured by natural and alternatives therapies. Also yes I had surgery to remove a stage 3 tumor which talk about often and is in the “About Chris” section.
      2. You’re right about age effectiveness being an important consideration, but again there are cases of people over age 50 recovering through natural methods. Perhaps the most exciting thing are the discoveries of new immune boosting therapies. That’s what doctors need to be doing to cancer patients; supercharging their bodies natural defenses. Not destroying them with chemotherapy. I think this would be great post topic. I’ll be in touch.


  • Ron

    Hi Chris, I was led to this on you tube after praying about this. Too long of a story to post here but I think you’re prayers were the first and most important thing you did and secondly I think this confirms what you’re doing:

    God bless you in 2011


    • chrisbeatcancer

      Wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing the link Ron.
      I agree with you.
      Her testimony so closely parallels mine, that I got a little choked up watching it.

  • Maria

    Hello, my aunt (who is one of the great loves of my life) has just recently been diagnosed with stage 4 renal kidney cancer. I’m just starting my research and feel so overwhelmed and so scared. I want to save her. I talk to God everyday and ask for direction, and I belive that finding you is part of his answer. I am interested in nutritional info (my aunt is in her 60′s), meditation/prayer (I find myself just saying “please God save my aunt” and would like something more eloquent) and if you could just point me in the right direction to continue my research, I’m not finding to much on kidney cancer. Thank you for your courage to share your experience and God bless you and keep you strong. Sincerely Maria G., Pembroke Pines, FL

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Maria
      So sorry to hear about your Aunt.
      It is very hard to lead someone else down the path of natural healing if they don’t want to go.
      I would give her the book God’s Way to Ultimate Health, you can get it on
      That book opened my eyes to alternative therapy for cancer and may for her as well.
      Another great book is Cancer Free by Bill Henderson


  • Hailey

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for this blog. I’m a chiropractor and I always try to educate people about the fact that your body heals itself when properly nourished. I’m glad to have found your site. It’s nice to be able to share experiences of others with my patients. I will be sure to point people this way.

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Thank you Hailey!

      • Rita

        Hi Chris (and everyone),

        I am in London, England and have been diagnosed with stage 2a of Hodgkins Lymphoma. I’m 35 and otherwise seemingly well. I’ve had one cycle (2 treatments) of chemo and I don’t want any more. Friends are concerned about my decision and medical professionals are trying to persuade me to continue. Thanks for the work you’ve put into your site. I think it’s one of few places I will find practical help.


        • chrisbeatcancer

          You’re welcome Rita!


  • Ilene

    I would never ever do chemo again!!!!!!!!!!!!! It destroyed my beautiful hair! And destroyed my body!!!

  • Susan Marie

    I re-read this now (and probably will many times again) to bolster myself in my decision to stop after one session of chemo — I’m nervous about telling my doctors that I will be stopping. I’m grateful to them for surgically removing my tumor, but as for any remaining microbes of cancer that may return or grow, I’m going to take responsibility for dispelling and destroying them going forward. In a word chemo felt like suicide and I will not allow that in my body ever again.

    I began my juice fast (ala Dr. Richard Schulze) yesterday — happy Independence day all around! — and it feels so good to be actively cleaning up my own mess. I remind myself that ALL my past behaviors were not wrong, in fact, some were very right, it’s just that now I need to add new healthy behaviors and let go of anything that was detrimental to my well-being.

  • mike

    ii wanted to add cannabis is showing great results in beating cancer.Please watch Rick Simpsons”run from the cure” on youtube and check out all available about the science behind it..bless

    • paul Zenchuk

      I agree with this 100%. As soon as it is conveyed someone has cancer to the medical establishment they quickly give the person chemo or radiation to purposely destroy their ammune system! They have to convince the population that cancer is incureble and propagate the how deadly it is. Any doctor or researcher or rugular person that has found an alternative treatment with good results gets persecuted not congradulated! Especially if the method or cure is cheap and found everywhere look at apricot seeds or marijuana, There are testomonials of people that have successes with both the list goes on. Both Apricots and Marijuana were made illeagal (as treatments). 2 Doctors in toronto canada are using DCA, a compound cheap and inexpensive and it cures cancer those Doctors are now getting persecuted by health canada! Cancer is reversible but not if they can destroy your immune system first.

  • Nancy

    Way to go, Chris. Too bad that most of the country (and probably the world) is so brainwashed into believing they only have one choice, mainstream medicine, when they get cancer. I hope you live a long and healthful life, and thank you for your efforts to spread the word of sensibility. We need such information to continue to be available, more now than ever. Thanks again!

  • Lynne

    Hi Chris,
    I am so happy that I came across your blog. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in late October. I opted to have a double mastecomy. They only found a small amount in my left breast none in my right & both lymphnodes that were removed were negative for cancer but yet my doctor highly recommends me to have chemo once a week for 12 weeks. She claims because of my age it could come back.I denied treatment & I’ve been scared ever since. Not knowing if I’m making the right decision, you see I have 4 yound sons & want to do everything I can to be here for a long time. In my eyes hosptals are a business too & chemo treatments are a very expensive. After I told the doctor I didn’t want Chemo she told me that I would have a 30% chance it could come back but chemo would knock that percent down to 15%… I’ve been a risk taker since I was a teenager so I told her at 44 I will take that risk, then she offered me to go t a weaker chemo once every 3 weeks and my chances of it coming back would be 20%, again I refused now they prescibed me a pill called tamoxofin, and I’m not sure if I should take take either! It’s just so confusing but I must say after reading your page I feel relieved that I’m not alone in thinking that Chemo is Bad for me! Thanks Chris for making us all aware! ~Lynne

    • Mirra


      I would love to have the opportunity to email you. I’m 33 and was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer two weeks ago. I am strongly considering not doing chemo.

      • Claire

        Hi Mirra
        I have emailed you with some information that might help and Lynne I have information to help you too especially re things you can do to support yourself if not taking the Tamoxifen. I have chosen not to go down that route. Please drop me a line at and I can share what I know.

        • Dawn

          May I email you too? I am so grateful to come across this blog and find there are others facing breast cancer/chemo/tamoxifen and not wanting to go that route. Everything in me says not to, and I have read/researched so much, and now this blog is to be included. I really wanted to speak/communicate with others that have chosen NOT to go the conventional route but am really having a hard time finding them. So many choose to do so. I also worry that the statistics are inaccurate as once people are done with chemo, many go back to the lifestyle they had before which may not be so healthy, thus reoccurrence. I am vegan and live a pretty health lifestyle, however, there is always room for improvement such as the raw. Thank you all and I hope that we can connect, I would really love to chat with you! <3

          • chrisbeatcancer

            Absolutely! Use the contact page

  • Becky

    Kudos to you for healing yourself from cancer and not succumbing to Big Pharma’s agenda. I eat an organic diet but could improve on it greatly so I enjoy looking at what you eat and your recipes. Again, I am so happy for you and wish you great health for years to come!

  • Ken

    Told I had Esophageal cancer June 2011. At the time stated stage 4 and was in Esophagus, lymph nodes and liver.

    I did do 6 rounds of chemo ending Nov 2011. Since then a couple of scans showed good results and I have been feeling fine. Now latest scan shows no issues except with the liver. The lesion there has increased in size. I do not have any symptoms and all other test (blood) show no issues at all.

    I have been asked to start another round of chemo and am having a real problem with it. Spiritually I hear ‘have faith’ Body wise I feel great. Mind is a confused but in a pretty good place.

    I think my immune system is improved since being off the chemo and with proper attention it may be powerful enough to deal with the liver lesion. I just cannot see doing more damage than I have already done and I really do feel God, me and loved ones and handle it. Just a bit scared. Anyone have chemo once and then stop when asked to do it again?


    • LaNeesha

      Contact at 800-226-2370 they pointed me in the direction of Nueropaths,mercury free dentist,labs to work with for various test and even gave me some suggested detox and a wealth of other links for info on anything I could have thought! Ask to speak with an oncologist regarding your particular cancer and they will have information specific for you with resources when they call you back. God Bless you and stay prayerful.

  • Jenn

    Hi Chris and other commenters!

    Do any of you have a recommended cancer Naturopath that you would recommend? Or… ?? (In the Orange County, California area).

    Any insight would be helpful. Thank you!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Hi John, I’m sorry I don’t know anyone out there

      • Heather

        Hi Chris , My husband just was diagnosed with stage 3b NSCC about 2 weeks ago, inoperable, we are doing the whole organic package and supplements, anyway the onc said he had 2 weeks before the tumor might kill him, and we better start chemo asap. He refused chemo but has had 6 radiation treatments and the tumor is shrinking without chemo, not really thrilled with the prospects of radiation either, but are taking supplements to help radioprotect. Need to find a good onco/ hemotol in new england area to work with us so we can get blood tests etc… any ideas… ,

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Hi Heather, I don’t know anyone up there but any oncologist can do bloodwork for you, you just have to explain to them on the front end what you are doing and ask if they are comfortable working with you in that capacity.
          They may try to talk you into chemo at some point, be prepared for that.

        • lindsay

          Hi Heather – may I ask what supplements your husband was/is taking to guard himself from the effects of radiation?

      • lindsay

        Chris – are you familiar with Dr. Hoffer or Max Gerson (daughter is Charlotte Gerson)

        • chrisbeatcancer

          Hoffer no, Gerson definitely yes!

  • Melba

    Hi Chris. My niece has AML M7 leukemia. She was born with it and it was discovered at 8 weeks. That first time, she went into remission for 3 1/2 years without treatment. Just before her 4th birthday it returned and aggressively so the gave her 6 mths of chemo, a stem cell transplant which worked for a few months and then finally she had a bone marrow transplant with a 25% chance of survival. The bone marrow grafted but it didn’t work. Now she has gone home (very happy about that) and they are weaning her off her drugs-except pain relief as she is in palliative care. They
    think she has 3-4 weeks. She is 5. I discovered
    you after researching Essiac tea. Within an hour of receiving the news there was nothing more they could do, an unknowing friend posted a link to Essiac on fb. So I researched it. Bought some and did the brew. I am testing it on my healthy but whooping coughing kids. They love it. I didn’t want to suggest it if it was horrible as they have gone conventional all the way. Is it too late for this to help? She’s a strong little girl with a will to live despite the last 18 months in hospital. I thought I might offer it as an immune support rather than cancer cure as I think they would be more open to that. The coincidence of this showing up on fb is too hard for me to ignore.

  • Bob

    Great for you that you beat cancer without chemotherapy. That doesn’t mean anyone can. Just because you have been very lucky doesn’t mean you’ve made a break through discovery. Do you think doctors and oncologists are stupid? These guys study this subject matter day and night, you do not. Googling for evidence to support your theories does not count.

    What you are doing is I’m sure unintentional, but incredibly dangerous. Yeah, lets listen to Chris off the intehwebs, along with his blog which includes comments extolling the virtues of coffee enemas. That’s a better option than health care professionals who use real studies, and real evidence…….

    Please stop talking this rubbish, it’s discouraging people from getting real help. And Dr Burzynski? He is a crook. That man CHARGES patients for his clinical trials. They are, and will only ever be trials because he cannot prove that his urine based treatments work. Authorities rightfully will not approve these treatments because his theories are heavily flawed and cannot be proven in any sense. There are no “big pharma” conspiracies here, the simple fact is the guy is a charlatan and is making a lot of money out of very vulnerable people. Men like Dr Burzynski (and I use the term doctor out of purely reference here) present very convincing arguments for the lay person. Hell, If I found someone with little computer programming knowledge I could blind them with terminology and make them believe what i wanted. But as soon as his theories are put to the test by peers, and anyone who knows medical science, they fall apart because theyre baseless. We have an inbuilt distrust of a lot of authority, and that can be healthy. But seriously? Dr Burzynski is right and the whole medical profession is wrong?? It’s all a conspiracy against him, he’s not just a crazy old man…..if his theories are true, then they can be substantiated by peers, it’s that simple. You know what they call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

    You seem like a nice and well meaning guy, but for christs sake think about what your blog is doing. You are reinforcing distrust in the medical establishment, and presenting your own views as fact. You know why doctors present their methods as fact? Because they have been rigourously tested and can be proven.

    You’ve been lucky, you aren’t a genius, you haven discovered some miracle cure for cancer. Do not assume everyone else can be as lucky for you. Stop this crap right now!

    • chrisbeatcancer

      Normally I don’t respond to these, but Bob yours is so perfect I couldn’t resist.

      You sir are a sheep. You have been spoon fed lies your entire life by the medical industry via the media
      and that is why you believe I am wrong.

      I haven’t been lucky. “Luck” is a shallow, godless view on life.
      Nature exists in perfect order.
      The human body, just like nature, is Intelligently Designed to work in perfect order.
      You have 100 trillion cells in your body, each cell is more complex that anything man has made!
      You think that 100 trillion cells work together in perfect harmony on accident, by chance?

      Cancer is the body’s response to overwhelming toxicity.
      It is the body’s brilliant attempt to save your life!

      The earth was designed for us by God.
      Everything the body needs to heal can be found in nature, specifically whole plant and animal food from the earth.

      Are you familiar with Newton’s Third Law of Motion?
      Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

      That’s a SCIENTIFIC LAW OF NATURE just like gravity.
      Only by working with gravity can man fly. Any attempt to ignore or defy gravity will result in failure

      When you go against the Laws of Nature you will reap sickness in your body.
      When you abide by the Laws of Nature you give your body the ability to heal.

      What I am doing IS intentional.
      If you did even the smallest amount of research you would find that chemotherapy is for the most part ineffective for all but three cancers: childhood leukemia, testicular, and hodgkins lymphoma. And even for those it the survival rates are dismal. This information is on this site but also it abounds in hundreds of published industry studies. Go to pubmed and learn something from the REAL evidence that is out there.

      Do you realize that when an oncologist tells that your particular cancer has been shown to “RESPOND” to a particular drug, what that really means is it that the drug has shown to shrink tumors by 50% for 4 weeks. That’s it. No remission. No cure. Just 50% tumor shrinkage for 4 weeks. That’s what they industry calls “RESPONDING”. Look it up!

      Every Oncologist knows this, but most are trapped in a system that pays them HIGH six figures to keep doing exactly what they are doing, despite the dismal results.

      Burzynsky charges his patients because insurance companies won’t cover his treatments, despite his incredible success rate. There are many courageous MDs just like him who have left the brutal and barbaric “cut poison burn” cancer treatment and are getting phenomenal results.
      Dr. Thomas Lodi, Dr Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. James Forsythe… just to name a few.

      Nutrition and natural therapies will NEVER be used in conventional medicine. For one simple reason: They cannot be patented and are not profitable. Wake up Bob! There are over 1000 drug company lobbyists in Washington DC alone.
      It is absolutely a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy of greed and continued effort to maintain control over the mega billion dollar allopathic medical monopoly.

      With the exception of trauma cure, the entire allopathic medical industry is built on three lies: that you have no control over your health, that you are a victim of good or bad luck, and that you cannot heal yourself.

      “Think about what your blog is doing”
      I know exactly what it’s doing. It’s waking people up and giving them the power and information to heal themselves. Read the survivor stories and comments on this site. They are incredible!

      Again, luck has nothing to do with it.

      You ARE right about one thing though:
      I’m not a genius and I haven’t discovered a miracle cure because there is no cure!
      That’s the biggest lie of all.
      The body creates cancer and the body can heal itself of cancer.
      I’m just a regular guy, but I’m one of thousands of regular people who have rejected toxic pharmaceutical drugs, taken control of their health, and radically transformed their life.
      Anyone can do what I did!


      • James Fung

        Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

        Best written manifesto on Natural Medicine I ever read.

        May God bless you.

      • Janine

        It’s amazing what people will believe from traditional Doctor’s who earn a huge portion of their income from prescribing medication! Of course they are going to recommend chemotherapy! So many practitioners would not have jobs if it weren’t for the quick fix of pharmaceuticals! It’s this ONE WAY of thinking without researching other avenues that I can’t help but think people with this one track mind are idi*ts!

    • Laura

      Bob you are a freak! I am guessing you have not had cancer yourself! I had to have chemo prior to my mastectomy. 6 cycles, I only did 4, my onco was angry, I went over his head & got an order from my surgeon to have an MRI. It came back good, yes the tumors are small enough to be removed… was it the chemo?? No, according to my surgeon, yes it was a drug, but it was herceptin,not chemo! And yes, I have declined hormone blockers by controlling it with my diet. Dear Bob, wise up, those blockers they want to give me can cause other cancer & deadly blood clots! Just because you eat junk & not food, doesn’t mean you know anything about cancer, chemo, and docs protocols. We are ran by ‘big pharma’… my new onco, yes my 3rd, agrees with me, but can’t promote it… get it yet???

    • Ryan

      You know someone is living in the matrix when he counters with > someone charges for their services => while the cancer industy makes $100,000,000′s a year and don’t cure a thing.

      I mean who would question or “reinforce distrust in the medical establishment”?……. The population has never been sicker or more diseased => Keep takin those drugs Bob.

      • nivchek

        I say Bob is a troll. Don’t bother with him.

    • RiverView

      I’ll never forget what the father (who was an internist teaching at a major American medical school) of a childhood friend told me when I was in my teens: “If you ever get cancer, you should know that the mainstream medical establishment has absolutely no idea what they’re doing. You will be a guinea pig for toxic chemicals, which will not cure you, but will make you sicker. Chemotherapy is the 20th-century corollary to medieval blood-letting. If you ever get cancer, find an alternative therapy, preferably based on natural cures. It will be your only hope.”

  • Mona Folds

    I believe fear can blind you. I had two friends with cancer who died a couple of years ago. One of them had a video called, “Healing Cancer From Within” and had asked me and my other friend to watch it because she felt it was true (I have known the truth for over 15 years and that’s why she wanted me to watch it – maybe to get more confirmation or assurance?) I wish now I would’ve been more persuasive but I didn’t realize how fear can have such an influence on people. I see the importance now of God’s gift more than ever – the Comforter/Holy Spirit, “who will lead you into all truth” AND “…I counsel you to buy from me gold (wisdom) refined by fire so that you may be rich….and salve to anoint your eyes so that you may see.” Revelation 3:18

  • kathy

    March…found I had cancer in my r. breast. Onco insisted on chemo although I said “no”. I used prayer and visualization and positive meditation. My count was a high #5. after the surgery the pathologist reevaluated and I was a very low #3 and the cancer was sheathed. No chemo and I feel great. I am happy I found your blog before I went to surgery and I know I was able to heal myself with self actualization.

  • Karen

    I was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 uterine MMMT, a rare and aggressive cancer. I have been living a very healthy lifestyle all my life; 2 yrs ago I was exposed to alot of radiation when recovering from a riding accident and wonder if that’s what overcame my immune system; the cancer took over. I had a radical hysterectomy; refused lymph node removal and refused chemo/radiation. I am doing acupuncture, chinese herbs, EMB therapy with a wonderful healer, and eating healthy. My question is: can the effects of radiation exposure 2 yrs ago (CT scans and lots of chest xrays) be “undone” if no more radiation is allowed? I had to have another CT scan in August when I was diagnosed but it came back with no tumors in any of my organs. Thanks, Karen

  • Litha Georgiades

    Dear Chris, I feel so happy to have found your blog. When I read it I couldnt believe that your thought process on being diagnosed was exactly the same as mine.
    I was diagnosed in June 2012 with breast cancer. I was told that I wouldnt need chemo. I went ahead with mastectomy & reconstuuction only to be told that I would need chemo for ‘prevention & protection’
    I refused chemo, as you said my gut told me that It would be the wrong thing to do for so many reasons. I have totally changed my diet & life style. No animal products, no dairy no refined foods or alchohol! Its loosely based on the Rave Diet. I excercise & meditate regually & have just bought a rebounder!I feel the best I have ever felt! I do wonder though if there are any tests I can have to confirm if I am cancer free? I live in the uk. Litha :)

  • michael

    hey chris iv just came across your blog and im very interested in your success story battleling cancer. i am only recently been reseaching on the subject. my girlfriend has lumps on her body. shes been eating less, getting tired, very sharp pains in her ribs and very bad moood swings. i have done a little research on lumps and have read about someone in a similar position that went to the doctor and said that she had lung cancer. what would you recommend to prevent this possable cancer. she is aged 18.

  • Peter

    Hi chris

    Can you pleas tell me were this doctor is, this lady mentioned it : Jeanna
    JULY 10, 2012 AT 9:06 PM

    Or can you please tell me about any good doctors in south africa, hoe knows about lymphoma cancer hoe does this test that jeanne posted about !!


  • Richard L

    With guidance and grace of GOD Almighty, I am presently helping my wife battle stage 4 colon cancer. In 2010 she had surgery, a six month session of chemo and was pronounce cancer free. In 2011 it resurfaced in her lungs, about 5 nodules on one, and about 3 on the other. Although I am not a chemo fan and I have been doing a lot of research on natural alternative cancer treatment, because of the uncertainty of how fast the cancer would spread, we had to choose chemo again. The treatments reduced the number of nodules down to 2 small spots over a year’s time, now the cancer has found it’s way to her brain. Understanding why the chemo will no longer work at this point, they want to do radiation in 3 to 4 weeks for 10 days. I am against it, my wife isn’t sure. At present I have begun administering a treatment of natural alternatives that we once started in the beginning and others that I’ve learned about in my research, along with a healthy diet which has always been a part of our battle. I believe in the natural treatment of curing cancer and pray that we are able to reduce the size of the cancer before we return to the hospital, to demonstrate to the doctors that natural alternative treatments works to eliminate the treatment of radiation. I just wanted to share my story, ask for your prayers, as my wife and I will pray for all who are experiencing this unfortunate ordeal.

  • Bridget Williams

    Awesome post :) The logic I used to talk my hubby out of chemo, was this. Chemo is toxic poison (like you said), and would make any healthy person sick. How is it supposed to make sick people healthy?!? You can’t poison yourself back to health. It makes no sense.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you Bridget! I like the way you think. :)

  • Mandy

    This is a great blog, Chris. I’ve done a lot of research on alternative cancer treatments and I have come to the same conclusions about chemo and the body’s ability to heal itself. I’m in the process of applying to med school right now, and it’s my hope to become a physician with a focus on natural healing. It’s sad how doctors are taught so little about nutrition. I hope to be a voice of change in the medical field and point more people toward fighting cancer and other diseases naturally. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • holiness

      You cannot become an M.D. without selling your soul to the devil. You will be compelled to push pharmaceuticals which will destroy and kill your patients and horribly deform innumerable children in the womb. The Highest will condemn you for all the evil that you Will do. Pull back now.

    • Rae

      As “holiness” pointed out, it is true that you will struggle to complete your education while holding onto your personal morals as well. HOWEVER, do not let that controversy stop you. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD… Just expect the difficulties and be prepared for them when they arise. If everyone ran off scared and didn’t try to change anything, this world would continue to spiral downhill and god knows where we’d be right now.
      :) Good Luck!

  • CU10

    I recently witnessed the suffering of a Stage IV cancer victim at a hospital (the cancer spread to every organ in his body). His sister was crying every night. The victim was groaning in pain every few seconds, of what kind of pain I cannot even imagine. A few weeks passed and a stretcher arrived to move the victim elsewhere, presumably to wait for him to die. I’ll paraphrase your words: Everyone knows CT scans and Chemo can cause cancer, but they do it anyway. Ignorance will be with us ’til the end of civilization it seems.

  • Spring

    I agree with you Chris…

  • Janine

    This blog is amazing! I do not have cancer, but have become very interested in exercise and diet, as I know these are things that can be controlled and directly affect our health. Great advice for those trying to fight cancer, and for those who want to prevent it!

    Have you written a book? You should!

  • http://facebook Linda

    I just read your blog and want you to know that I too refused both chemo and radiation, I had early pancreatic cancer, I had surgery that removed 3/4 of my pancreas. Well that was four years ago and I do have digestive and glucose issues but other than that I am perfectly fine. Of course they wanted me to have those treatments, but both my parents went thru that and they both died any ways, colon and uterine cancer. Pancreatic cancer is considered a death sentence except for a mere 5 percent, they way I figure it is somebody has to be that 5 percent. I just knew that I didn’t want to go thru what my parents went thru which was pure hell, and I am here to talk about it.

  • nick ahmad


  • john

    I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 3 years ago. I had chemo and radiation. Now I have a ct scan that shows something on my right lung. I didn’t want chemo the first time and if it’s back I don’t want it again.! It’s hard to be brave enough to go against what the medical doctors want you to do. Please be in prayer for me, as I’m sure I will be forced to make a decision soon! I think my mom would be on board with natural approach to cancer, but I know my wife would want me to take chemo. She still thinks doctors are our friends!

  • Cynthia

    Hello I was diag with stage 3 breast cancer 3a. I did it all at md Anderson while 9 yards. I than found a man and he had gone to ann wig more in Puerto Rico so I went done for two weeks and felt great .. Lost 15 pounds.. I am know working with a holistic man of 60 years.. And will be young back down to Ann wig more next month .. With breast cancer it had a lot to do with your relationships husband etc.. I meet so many women that have had bc and not in a happy marriage .. Share the knowledge .. I do e believe I would have gotten sick if I was not in lonely marriage .. My immune went down and the shit got I. .. Dr at md Anderson said to be sugar feeds Cancer.. Get your nutrient on the outside and yes he said this is big business !! I wish the dr would open up a place that directed us to healthy lives nutrition and emotion. They could still make a good income ! Health and hope to all

  • Viktor
  • Rae

    I am also a cancer survivor. Completed chemo at 3 years old, in remission for 21 years and my parents call it a miracle as well. If I were old enough to have made the decision myself, I would have chosen to help my body heal itself as well, as I try to in my day-to-day life It is so inspiring to see someone who is as passionate as yourself and willing to take the time to put together a website and blogs to spread the truth to those who have this decision to make (and who may not even KNOW there are Natural options out there!) It is a real shame that the world is so controlled by pharmaceutical options, as opposed to natural remedies.

    Thank-you for making this website!!

    (The only thing I’d suggest is to make it clear that faith is faith, no matter what ‘religion’ or path of life you may follow, it’s simply believing in something that matters, and to pray to whatever entity/entities that call to you. I would not want someone who has a stereotype against the common Christian entity of ‘God’ to be hesitant to head your awesome advice for that reason)

  • Don Courtney

    Hello Chris,
    Just thought you should know that some sites have used your story in a very deceptive and dangerous way. One example

    The article seems to suggest that your cancer was cured by going vegan. This is patently not true as I understand it (correct me if I am wrong) you did have surgery correct? That may have done the trick or at the very least helped your recovery. I would assume you would not appreciate others using your story to advance their own flawed health advise.

  • Kathy Mahaney

    Chris, did your family get freaked out because you did not do what the doctors say to do?

    • Chris Wark

      Yes, that’s a typical reaction. :)

  • tarryn

    Hi I agree with you im face this now they advised chemo after I was diagnosed with breast and had a double mastectomy ,but chemo doesn’t sit well with my soul for all the same reason you mentioned ,and I have been praying about it and your blog has just help me become more sure that I wont be doing chemo and will go the homeopathic route and change my diet , thanks

  • Cheryl

    I was diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC breast cancer and precancerous signs in the opposite breast. Underwent BIL mast with reconstruction on Oct 3rd. Final report showed clear nodes with micromets to one node, oncotype score of 12 (which indicates no chemo needed) but because my tumor was 1.8 cm my ONC is advising chemo. Getting a 2nd opinion tomorrow Nov 8, but after reading this blog I will NOT be doing chemo. I might add there is NO family history of cancer and mine only came as a result of taking estrogen after my hysterectomy 3 years ago. I am 52. Any other breast cancer friends want to connect email me at

  • Rachel J

    What all did you do? I have cancer myself, stage 4 and chose to do natural. I haven’t felt sick at all, except when I do detoxes. I look 100% healthy when people find out I have cancer they find it extremely shocking and some people don’t believe me when I tell them. Please email me

  • hilaryhill

    Chris, I just wanted to say I find your blog fascinating! I am an RN and I work on medical/surgical floors. Ive had several patients on chemotherapy the past few months. One I remember telling me that she had chemo, but didnt get the awful effects like most do (nausea, weight loss, lack of appetite), etc. She said her doctor told her to go and eat whatever she wanted. She had an appetite and cravings for things like sugar, ice cream, donuts, etc. I wanted to be like, Ahhh nooo!!! But all her doctor cared about was calories. She had no idea that diet plays such a huge role in beating cancer.

    It is SO SO sad to me how this information is just lost on everyone. People are dying! My husband and I have already discussed that if either of us or our 3 children get cancer, we are doing it 100% through nutrition and holistic measures. I have your site on bookmark. haha!

    God bless!

  • Ollie

    Chemotherapy does not permanently damage the immune system. If the cancer is beaten, then the chemotherapy is stopped, and immune cells begin dividing again and return to normal functioning. So there is no reason to suppose that recurrences are due to a damaged immune system as it recovers afterwards. And yes, while someone is receiving treatment there is a weakened immune response to the cancer, but a lot of the time this is deemed okay because it is reasonable (it really is) to think that the immune system alone cannot deal with the disease, and so we introduce a chemical that will attack the cancer. Anyway, if what you are saying is true, why would it not have been picked up upon?! (Please don’t tell me it’s some kind of conspiracy).

  • Matt

    Congratulations on beating cancer. It’s always good to hear success stories. Anecdotal evidence is a very dangerous thing, however. Encouraging this strategy could very well lead to lives lost unnecessarily. Scientists work very hard to develop effective chemotherapies, and although they aren’t 100% perfect, there are numerous peer-reviewed studies that show their worth. Just because your strategy works for one person doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone. Pharma, as a whole, is there to make money, but many of the researchers that develop these drugs are doing it because they want to help humanity.

    A Yale Grad Student Researching Chemotherapy

  • Tina

    Thank God Almighty that lead me to Doctor Thomas who with his humanitarian heart help my son that had cancer of the brain with his Hemp Oil. I am so grateful that my 17 years old boy is back alive and healthy and can do all this thing he like without any hindrance in his life. Doctor Thomas you are the best and i will always give thanks to God for you to have long life so you can help many more people on earth with your medical service to humanity. with you i now believe that the Hemp Oil is real and True, for all those who have problem relating to cancer and other diseases should contact Dr. Thomas for his medical service at:, Tina, Miami, US

  • jane hand

    the there are no incurable diseases by Dr Schulze is available free on his website herbdocblog go there and scroll down through the books on the right of the screen also on the left go to search by disease. This man cured the incurables with his save your life program (biser)

  • Enid

    Ok, I don’t know why I am drawn to this stuff…I have no cancer, I am not sick, I don’t have family or friends that are sick…I am just finding myself searching for answers to my health questions. Maybe my inner self knows that I am sick? Maybe I am destined to help others heal themselves? Yep. No idea. Hope I am on the right path. Thank you so much for providing so much. I appreciate it. :)

  • Jeffery

    How is chemo legal. It doesn’t do anything but destroy your body. My aunt had chemo after they found a lump in her breast. She went through chemo and the cancer was gone. Not for long. Not even a year later she went for tests and doctors found the cancer was back and now spread to other areas. She went through chemo again and surprisingly cancer was gone. Again, not long after she started feeling sick again. This time when she went for testing the cancer had spread to every part of her body. Why are doctors pushing chemo on patients when they all know that it doesn’t work. My aunt was the nicest person I’ve ever known. She didn’t deserve to die. How we put men on the moon but cant cure cancer is beyond ridiculous. We deserve the truth and nothing but the truth. If chemo doesn’t work STOP GIVING IT TO PATIENTS! That goes for all these other drugs. Watch commercials on tv about a drug that helps with one thing but then you have to hear about 30 different side effects. Some which are death. Crazy! It’s obvious that scientists aren’t trying to find cures. They try to find band aids. Why? MONEY

  • Linda

    In November 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage II Lung Cancer and underwent surgery. I had the lower quadrant of my right lung removed. Enter now the BADGERING by my doctors to begin chemo. While heavily medicated and scared to death I gave in and agreed (against my inner voice) to chemo. I only did one round of chemo and that was more than I should have done. The chemo was “adjunctive” therapy- in “case” the cancer cells had spread else where. By day two ALL of my hair had fallen out and by the end of round one I had lost 40 pounds, my WBC was ZERO, I was so frail I could not even sit up by myself. Through all of this I never stopped praying for God to tell/show me what I should do concerning continuing my chemo. The thing is he had been telling me (my inner voice) since my diagnosis to not take chemo but I ignored him. What Chris has so elegantly stated to us is the truth, check out the research. It has now been 12.5 weeks since my last POISION treatment and I am still suffering side effects: nausea, fatigue, WBC 3.7 (slowly raising- thank the good Lord no longer 0), Monocyte .2 (also raising slowly). I have learned a valuable lesson- research any and all diagnosis, medications, tests, or procedures that doctors tell you are necessary. I hope and pray Chris’ message reaches others before they fatefully put their lives at risk.

  • Jake VanWagoner

    The whole thing here is that not all cancer will kill you. Even in the same part of the body, there are many, many different kinds of cancer. Not all of them will kill you. Some people survive cancer without any treatment at all.

  • Geffron

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