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Why I Don’t Race For The Cure

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Here’s a quick video I shot to explain why I don’t Race for the Cure, buy pink products, wear a Livestrong bracelet, grow a moustache for Movember, Stand up to Cancer, and generally oppose most cancer charities.

When this was first posted on youtube a few people were bothered by the fact that this was shot “while I was driving”.
If you pay close attention you will see that for the first 45 seconds I am stopped at a red light. For the next 45 seconds I am driving and talking with my eyes on the road, a much safer situation than texting or fiddling with the radio. And for the remaining four minutes I am parked in a parking lot.

Watch the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Read the book Pink Ribbon Blues

Just to be clear, I am not demonizing all cancer charities. So before you get all huffy and puffy defending your favorite charity, please take some time to thoroughly investigate what they actually do with the money you give them. Don’t be influenced by their slick marketing and fund raising propaganda. Cue the earnest celebrity actors, dramatic music, and pictures of bald sickly children poisoned by chemotherapy.

If money raised is going to pharmaceutical drug research, it’s more than likely wasted.
Why do I say that?
Because the cancer death rate has only improved about 5% since 1950.
That’s a whopping 0.083% improvement per year on average.

But what about 5-year survival? Aren’t cancer patients are living longer than ever before?
Not really, 5-year survival has only improved about 5% since 1970.
That’s a 0.166% improvement per year on average. Hey it’s twice as good as the improvement in the death rate, but still embarrassingly pathetic considering the fact that hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent since Nixon declared “War on Cancer”.

If you want to help cancer patients, put some money directly in their hands that they can use to pay for treatments, or to put food on the table, or gas in the car. I guarantee it will not be wasted.

Here are a few cancer charities that I like:

Believe Big

Breast Cancer Action

American Anti-Cancer Institute

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation


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  • Brenda Durden

    Thank you, Chris. Thank you for articulating what I have long felt. Peace to you and to your family.

    • Mod Plank


      Thank you for hitting the nail on the head here, and for saying it so concisely. I am sharing this with many, because it backs up what my husband and I have been saying for years. Thank you and bless you! Keep on doing good work :)

    • Bonnie Cooper

      What do you think when a member of yr family dies from colon and liver cancer, and they want you to get a colonoscopy?

      • Chris Wark

        I think it might be a good idea

      • Pamela Richards

        This guy is just offering his opinion on what really happens behind the scenes with the money you give to “certain” charities. No need to feel offended about it. I have had family member that passed away due to colon cancer. You need to be aware of where you money goes and how it is used.

    • Terry Daly

      I couldn’t agree with you more Chris! I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31, in 1990 surgery, & chemo, I’m still alive 23 yrs. later.
      I have never walked or supported any cancer charities. Not one thing has changed since 1990, so I have wondered, where does all this $$ go?? I already know the answer. There was absolutely no support for me back then and I may be a little bitter. They are no closer to a cure as you said, as they were 50 yrs. ago…it makes me sad!

      • Soonja Breau

        I am recovering, not dying from breast and back cancer and while I don’t know where the $$ goes, I totally disagree with respect Terry’s view on a cancer and a cure.
        50 years ago everyone died of cancer – not so now. I met a lady while I was having radiation – she was a volunteer – she had brain cancer over 20 years ago and she was doing and looked just fine. I have a lot of friends and know people that are well past the 5 year recovery mark and even longer. They treat cancer in a different way now and everyone’s individual treatment is different and geared toward them, so unlike 50 years ago. They are more aggressive in their treatments now and know more than they did 50 years ago. Some of the drugs and treatment they use now and are successful weren’t even available 50 years ago. There are support groups, peer mentors only a call away, the oncology unit and social workers in the hospital go over and over information and services available to help you get through so there is absolutely support at no cost. Again, don’t know where the $$ go but we have come a long way in 50 years.

        • Chris Wark

          Hi Soonja. glad you are recovering, but Terry is right. The cancer death rate has not changed in 50 years. The 5 year survival rate has not imporved since the 70s. Please google this and you will find verifiable information that it is correct.

          • Natalia

            All people I know who had cancer are dead now because all of them used conventional way but it could not help them. I guess cancer is a very individual problem. Everyone needs a different approach. As for me, I tried all things possible when I had it and I am not sure what really helped me but all I did worked well for me. I do not believe in chemotherapy or radiation and did not have any. I do not see doctors on any issues anymore except I go check myself and do blood work.

        • Debbie Beard

          Soonja. If the truth be known, the FDA will NEVER allow a cure for cancer! If so, they would be out of business and a government agency will never go out of business! How absurd!! NOT! For years there have been cures for cancer available, but not allowed in the U.S. Sad but true… :(

          • Joshua James

            First part is absolutely 100% true… however its not just the FDA. Its the pharmaceutical companies themselves making all the decisions. Why would a company that is making billions of dollars treating cancer (not curing) develop a treatment that would totally get rid of the disease. That would stop their income beyond the first cycle of treatments… the companies know that by not curing the cancer with their drugs, people will need the drugs that just treat the cancer over and over again in order to survive a little longer, which inevitably funnels more money into their slush funds than what curing cancer would bring. For these companies, It is not economically viable to come up with a cure for cancer.

          • Diane Shelley

            Earlier this year Cancer Centers of America offered me a “Cure” They told me that they would do everything possible to help me. I was so thrilled. Two days before I was suppose to arrive they called me and cancelled. I know it had to do with politics and the debt ceiling. I felt so betrayed that The ACC of A. was willing to gamble with my health for their polictal gain. Be aware there are places out there who don’t care what party you are with, they will help.

          • Paul

            This is hogwash. First of all, the FDA is not IN business. They’re part of the government, and cancer doesn’t MAKE the government money, it COSTS them money. Conspiracy theories can seem appealing especially when you can easily find half of the internet to back up your claims, but please take a minute to step away from the crazy, take a deep breath and embrace some reason.

    • Rosie

      I couldn’t agree more with you Chris!
      I don’t donate to cancer charities.
      My belief is that they DO have a cure for cancer but won’t release it because then they won’t make anymore money off people!
      I truly Believe this!!
      Lord knows they have made billions of dollars and are not much farther ahead after all these years!
      All the Best to you and your Family Chris!

      • Gavin Lowe

        You are half right…they don’t have the cure, but they do know THE CAUSE of most CANCER, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, and many others is SUGAR…
        They have kept it their dirty secret…because the Government, Pharma, Insurance, Hospitals and Charities all make huge amounts of money of peoples fear…
        If people would just cut sugar/corn syrup/fructose/glucose/sucrous out of their diet, many of these ailments will cease to be household terms.

      • Max Levi

        First and only sober comment.

    • kim

      is this my long lost friend Brenda Durden from Memphis?

      This is kennedi benjamin.

      would love to hear from you

    • Anita

      LOVE!!! I would NEVER support the cancer society, as there have been cures forever!!! Pharmaceutical companies and cancer societies can’t make any money from healthy people!!! Please check out

      • John Williams

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    • Mike

      I agree with this video %10000. The drug companies are letting people die when there is a cure out there and has been discovered. Tey cant make money from it is why they havent released the cure. Watch this video. And if after watching this video you actually believe there is no cure then something is wrong. I WILL NEVER PUT A DIME INTO CANCER CHARITIES SINCE IVE SEEN THIS VIDEO.And why havent the governments stepped in to do something. Heres the video link.

    • Sandra Bridges

      Thank you Chris for sharing your point. These charities and movements are ways to generate money for these industries. This is probably the case in a lot of other areas, for example halloween, think about the millions of dollars spent on this “holiday”.
      In the case of the “pink” movement it is driven to the kind nature of people who genuinely want to help. Thank you for sharing other organizations worth looking at. and congrats on beating cancer!!

  • Shawn Hert

    Thank you for making and posting this video! I agree with you 100%! Keep up the good work!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for shedding light on this subject. I couldn’t agree more!!

  • Lin

    Hi Chris, I am a 12 yr Breast Cancer survivour who did go through the big three and would NEVER do it again. I don’t even have mammograms these days.

    Like you I do NOT give to cancer charities and agree they are the biggest con out there.

    I am also a life coach and spend much time working with cancer patients, helping them to recover from the ordeal and stay healthy. I also blog about alternatives from my site and share news that is often controversial.

    I will absolutely recommend this video to my readers, thanks for sharing.

    Coach Lin

    • Soonja Breau

      My neice at 32 had breast cancer and opted for the natural way of eating, organic, yoga, spirtual guidance, yada, yada,yada. She died a year later because of no treatment and the cancer had spread to her liver, lungs and bones. People do not need to die from especially breast cancer anymore.

      • Rebecca Cody

        Soonja, I’m so sorry to hear about your niece. What a terrible loss at such an early age.

        I, too, have had chemo – twice – and a mastectomy. At first I tried the Gerson therapy, but the cancer doubled in two months, so I then had an alternative form of chemo. That seemed to help, but the cancer quickly grew back – just like my hair! Surprise!

        Here’s the thing. Many women are treated for tiny breast cancers that would resolve with natural care and dietary changes. There is research showing this. So, if they are lucky, they also live through the treatments and make the statistics look better than they actually are.

        But a vast majority of Americans (70%) have a genetic problem, MTHFR, that they are unaware of, which prevents them from detoxifying properly. We live in a toxic world, and if your ability to detoxify is only 30% or less of normal, natural therapies may not be enough to cure you. It is really counter-intuitive to me to put toxic chemicals into your body when you can’t detoxify well, but sometimes that can prolong life long enough for you to find a therapy that will work.

        I don’t think many doctors even think chemo will cure cancer. In some circumstances it can buy time, and there are ways of giving chemo that are not quite so destructive to the rest of the body, though they are hard to find and expensive, since the money usually comes out of your pocket. Sadly, many alternatives are unaffordable for most.

        The biggest problem, aside from cost, which is a huge stumbling block, is finding the right therapy for you. You can spend weeks online reading about cancer alternatives and only become more confused. There are natural cures, but, JUST LIKE THE TOXIC BIG THREE, not every therapy works for all people. To me, a huge problem is just that: what will work for which person? If natural therapies aren’t working, you may have to dip into the mainstream while you continue to search for a better way and make positive changes.

        I’m so happy you had a positive result, and I’m happy for all those cancer patients I’ve met who have lived a long time after chemo and radiation and surgery, but when I meet them I often wonder if their cancer was perhaps one that would have resolved naturally with dietary changes.

        • John Williams

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    • Lina

      hi Lin can I have a link to your blog?

      • Claudia

        Hi Lina, you can find it in her comment.


  • Jen

    Thank you! I have struggled with this issue for a while, glad to know I’m not alone.

    • Donna

      I too had colon cancer. I tried the Budwig diet along with not eating any animal products (except the cottage cheese that the recipe called for) and juicing a lot. Just before surgery I found out that the tumor had grown. It was removed and Chemo was recommended. I refused. I continued with a healthy diet (no animal products and regular juicing). Needless to say, I was shocked when a blood test revealed that the cancer had returned. It had metastasized to the liver and I was now at stage 5. I swore that I would never have chemo but, now terrified, I consented to the treatments. Along with the chemo I started taking Dr. Mercola`s Spirulina and Chlorella (because I believe that the products are from clean and non toxic sources) and, that they provided me with concentrated healthy greens and veggie protein. After 6 chemo treatments and the spiruline and chlorella the tumor had shrunk by 60 % The remaining tumor was removed and after 6 weeks I had another 4 rounds of chemo. I have passed the l year mark and continue with my healthy diet (spirulina and chlorella as well) and, I am constantly on the search for recipes to become more of a vegan than just watching my food intake. As barbaric as today`s medicine can be – I am alive because of it. I pray to God that the cancer never comes back and I continue to eat as well as I can with as much organic as possible. For those of us that `gave in` to the chemo – do not feel guilty or bad, just remember, Never say never, because, you `never` know. We all do the best that we can to help cure ourselves, from a common cold to cancer but, there are times when conventional medicine is part of that cure. I will continue to follow Chris and his video clips and stories because I do lean toward the alternative and for many the answer could lie within one of these video clips. Thanks Chris and good luck to all of us that have had cancer.

      • Michal

        “along with not eating any animal products”

        Are you nuts or something? No wonder you needed chemo. You should have made something quite reverse, eat only animal products.

        • Lisa L

          It’s not nice to post like that. It’s nasty to ask someone if they’re nuts. We need to teach each other Internet kindness.

        • IdahoLaura

          How to win friends and influence people!

          I do agree with you about meat eating as I went vegetarian for awhile and then vegan, encouraged by a doctor friend of mine. Being vegan for me was not good….I ended up in the hospital with many health issues.

          Shortly after coming out from that lifestyle, I had a colonoscopy and the docs found many polyps with some being removed. I continued eating meat and by then was raising my own. After 5 years the VA had me do another colonoscopy :-P Amazingly, most of the polyps disappeared and I had only a couple! I attribute it to eating meat that I raise naturally (beef…one every 2 years, goat, rabbit and chicken), plus drinking my milk unpasteurized.

          But everyone IS different and what works for them may not work for you and vice versa. So don’t be “nuts” about their lifestyle ;-)

      • ari

        Donna, why are you giving credit to the chemo for saving your life, remember you took chlorella and spirulina as well, concurrently, what’s to say they contributed to 85% of your survival?? uh?? think critically, please.

  • Jacky

    So glad you are exposing this Chris. A few years ago I was challenged to research the history of the pink ribbon. Don’t remember much about it, but the idea was stolen from the peach ribbon. I think it came from MIke Adams, Natural Cures. Check it out. The more awareness you can disseminate the better. People are wanting to do good, but are gullible because they don’t check it out. Like me, when I forward a legitimate looking FW and it turns out to be spurious. Keep up the good work.

  • Darlene Buckingham

    Pink Ribbons Inc. is an excellent documentary that discusses this topic. I have never had a mammogram and I never will. I no longer have a family doctor because she told me I was putting my life at risk by not going for a mammogram! If I learn that I have cancer I will never go for chemo or radiation. This horrible scam has to be exposed. Stay healthy.

    • Michele

      Absolutely, Chris. I love it when I see discernment in action:o) I love being able to communicate with others in America who see through the frauds being perpetuated upon the American people! So many don’t, and it is truly sad.

      Darlene, I wholeheartedly agree with you! I will not do any of those things either. My mother died at the hands of doctors doing experiments on her to “treat” her breast cancer. They may have meant well, but these doctors need to wake up to reality. I would say their own careers and money were the true motivations behind what they were doing, because they did it without really questioning if what they were doing was, in fact, healing. It’s time for conventional medical doctors to wake up, as well as be held accountable to their “treatment” methods. They are to FIRST, do no HARM.

      Question, question, question EVERYTHING is what I have learned in life:o)

    • Sasha L.

      Pink Ribbons Inc. is also available on Netflix!

    • Christina Bjorndal

      I 2nd the Pink RIbbons Inc. Documentary – if you haven’t seen it – I Hope you do. You will love it! It is based on a book called Pink RIbbons, Inc – Breast Cancer and the Politics of Philanthropy by Samantha King – I’d be happy to send you a copy if you haven’t read it :-) Namaste

    • Jacky

      I wonder why we don’t hear about thermography? It is non invasive and not harmful and can show if there is a problem. I would opt for that if I found a lump, and go on a juice fast immedieately. And Soonja, even people who are doing all the “right” things with diet and life style will sometimes get cancer. And then there are interventions that can help in other ways. But if we stay away from the foods that are destructive, chances are we will be well and healthy.

  • David

    I saw a PINK water delivery truck the other day. Could not believe it.

  • Nicole P

    I also agree with you Chris. I too am a former cancer patient. People need to educate themselves.

    • henri

      We have a pink gravel truck!

  • Roxana

    I agree with you Chris! I hope more people will watch this video and all of the info you are presenting on your blog.

  • KT

    Hi Chris! All I can say is I’m so with you! This year I had the same diagnosis as you and in 2010 I had a lumpectomy, Stage 1 breast cancer. For both I have had surgery but no chemo or radiation. When I found your website I couldn’t believe how much it mirrored my thoughts and beliefs. I go to a great Doc who shares our beliefs at Oasis of Hope in Orange County, Ca. You went through the same process of awareness as I did and many others. Thank you SO much for sharing and keeping up with this website. I am with you 100 percent and am doing great and looking forward to the same result that you have had. Continued good health to you and God Bless!

  • barb

    This is just ONE of many. How nice for the drug makers to have added income – helps make up the loss to the FDA? I have read/heard that the 40% of the operating budget for the FDA comes from drug makers. Makes you think! Research, really? It is TOO big of a money maker for a “cure” The cancer machine is well oiled by too many to stop, now. I was shocked to hear of one drug rep that revealed many times the chemo was merely 4 to 6% effective and in order to sell to the doctors – THEY LIED and changed the reports to make it look as if it were 40% effective. Just to make the sell. No matter what human (possibly their kids one day) was having their stem cells burned away – the most important aspect was THE SELL. Marketing. Marketing. Marketing. If it is on tv or in magazines – we will blindly believe.
    Continued health to you Chris! Thank you for the truth.

  • Donna Voetee

    Race for the cure? Or to pay the retirement salaries of Execs? Read this and you will never sweat for these greedy guys again! Here’s a letter to the Editor I wrote last year:

    AND…my son had aplastic anemia and had a bone marrow transplant. He is alive because of my “interference” with natural medicine.

  • Kayleen

    The only reason i’d go to a race for the cure is to walk along with everyone, holding up a sign with the pie chart of what the charity money is actually being used for.

  • Stormy

    WOW! Love this video! My father died from throat cancer and everytime I see pink I puke.

    I’m posting this link to this video on my site soon. Love your site and what your about.


    • Anita

      Please check out

  • Cherie

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! I can not thank you enough for standing up and making this video. I’ve been fighting Stage IV Inflammatory breast cancer since 2006 and I have never ever ever support “the pink ribbon” mainly because it doesn’t pertain to me, I’m not a “survivor”, I’m a “METavivor” because I am living with cancer. Komen and all of those other organizations do very little to support stage IV breast cancer. Please try to get the word out about all of us women & men who are living with cancer.

  • Shoeless

    It’s the nutrition that’s a lot of the reason for the recovery. People don’t realize how today’s food is so lacking in basic nutrients. We’re all literally starving even though many Americans are overweight. Ironic, yes. Nutrients will fuel the immune system!

  • Carla W.

    Thank you so much for posting this! This info is so important to communicate to the masses. I will re-post on FB. Thank you! You’re awesome!

  • Courtney

    I agree that a lot of this is a con but I do not think that you should throw all cancer organizations under the bus. My family has started a non-profit cancer organization for people and families effected by Sarcoma. We give back to the FAMILIES, so there are a lot of good cancer organizations out there you just have to do research! We have done a lot of good and helped a lot of people which wouldn’t of happened without the donations from others.

    • Chris Wark

      Feel free to share a link to it.

  • Josee

    Thanks you Chris! My eyes opened to a brand new level! I live in Canada and we have the health care system in place and it baffles me how people just get their medicards swiped so freely,unchecked, as if we do not pay for this system! No one would ever dare to question the ”ethics” of the run for the cure, pink ribbon cause among many of them. I’ve got to get the word out…this is ridiculous!

    • Jay

      I am from Canada too and I have been preaching this exact message for years! Cancer charities (most of them) are a scam! It is so “trendy” to blindly support the cancer industry that people are socially shunned if they aren’t choosing the pink-ribbon products or aren’t walking/donating to the relay for life. I said a polite “no thank you” and gave my reason why to 2 old ladies selling cancer daffodils at a grocery store one day (the same answer Chris gives in this video) and they both gasped and said “but, don’t you have any loved ones with cancer…don’t you care about them…what if you had cancer”…they just didn’t get it. They actually think their money is going toward a “cure”. I was just like a deer in the headlights.

  • Carol

    Hey Chris.
    You are soooo likable!!
    I just wanted to let you know there is a glitch with the Komen Watch link above.

    Be well!!

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you Carol! I originally posted this in 2012, not sure what happened to Komen Watch since then, but I took the link down. :)

  • Kathie

    Hi Chris Thank-you for this video. I’m confused because you say you do not approve of Susan Komen but her group is under the list of Cancer groups that you say you ENDORSE. Should that not be Do not Endorse.

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Katie I’m sorry but you are confused. I had Komen Watch, which was a website that monitored the activities of Komen, but that website is gone… not sure what happened to it. So I took that link down. I also have BCA Breast Cancer Action listed. That is not Komen either.

  • Crystal

    Loved this video!! Very True!!!

  • Char

    Absolutely love your honesty! Thanks :) See you this weekend at HealingStrong in Atlanta!!

  • jenny

    my major concern is that when you participate in these races, fundraisers, etc, the food that is served is horrible. all sugar … never any fresh veggies…it is counter productive and totally incorrect. proper nutrition is critical … much more important than giving money to a company that is developing drugs to sell back to patients.

  • Desleigh

    Have thought this for a long time and never aired my views as they would be taken the wrong way..eating an alkaline diet is the way to PREVENT cancer – you only have to look at the italians they have a low cancer rate…get rid of all the plastic foods sold in the supermarkets and get back to eating fresh and natural…that is the answer…

  • wayne

    you need to be aware of the nova scotia man who uses hemp oil with great success as a cancer cure he is now in the netherlands

    • Rebecca Cody

      Yes – Rick Simpson – who promotes cannabis oil. Thank God more states are becoming enlightened about the curative and pain relieving abilities of cannabis. I go downtown, about two miles, where I can buy cannabis oil capsules recommended by my doctor. I buy the ones that are highest in CBD, which kills cancer cells and isn’t psychoactive. However, we need more hybridizing of cannabis to lower the THC content – the psychoactive part – to just about nothing. If I won the lottery I’d put money into a program for that purpose, and for spreading the word about how cannabis can cure cancer and help many, many other diseases, while also stopping pain that medications cannot touch.

      There is a lot on the web about this, and it is definitely worth exploring. Many states on or near both coasts now allow medical marijuana – not so many in the middle. But it is spreading because it works.

      Change in this and many other arenas can only come from the people. It will never come from the top down.

  • tina

    Great video!! You are awesome. My favorite is “cocktails for the cure” that’s got to be the biggest paradox.

  • Kris

    Had no idea… thanks for telling me and others… wow… I used CharityWatch to check things out, but didn’t know this… How sad…

  • Fatima

    I share the same opinion.

    Four years ago i had breast cancer. I had 2 surgeries and chemo. I had no choice at the time.

  • Kimberly is an amazing group who support the patients and their families locally in Parker County. Thanks for spreading the message.

  • April

    You’ve conveyed my sentiments exactly, Chris. And what about the grocery stores who require their checkers to ask every single customer, “Do you want to donate to help find a cure for childhood cancer?” or the cancer or disibility of the month? I refuse to give them even one penny, just as I don’t give to the solicitors for various charities standing outside the exit. It always feels a bit awkward refusing, yet I also don’t feel I need to explain myself each time.

    After seeing a list of the ten worst charities recently, many of them for cancer, and only 1% to 8% of millions of dollars going to actually benefit patients or even research, I am super skeptical of ANY charities.

    I also beat Inflammatory Breast Cancer, simply using Homeopathy (I’m a professional Homeopath myself, and that was my treatment of choice.)
    It’s a painful, aggressive cancer, but I found relief from the pain, literally within 2 minutes of taking a remedy. Using an intensive dosing method, the majority of the cancer was gone within 2 weeks. Within 6 weeks, it was all gone. It came back three years later, when I was under a tremendous amount of personal stress and not taking care of myself. This time I needed different remedies, but I responded beautifully to them in much the same time frame. It’s been 5 or 6 years, now, that I’ve been in remission. I rarely think about it anymore and perhaps, strangely, I’ve never really related to or thought of myself as a “cancer survivor” — no more than I’d refer to myself as a “flu survivor” or a “whooping cough survivor”.
    I think our society has come to see it as this huge, insurmountable health challenge, when in fact, our bodies, with the right help, can easily regain good health.

    What I WOULD like to see, is a charity that would give the funds directly to cancer patients who could use it for alternative healthcare and consults, for organic foods, supplements, juicers, fitness or meditation classes, or just to cover living expenses while taking time off work to heal. If you know someone with cancer, helping them with something like this directly could be invaluable for their recovery. If you don’t have money to give, offer the gift of time and help them out in many little ways, whether it’s picking their kids up from school, making a dinner, doing Tai chi with them in the park, just being supportive and encouraging of their decision to choose a different path than you might have.

    • Brenda

      Love the idea for alternative healthcare!!

  • Permafrost

    my aunt died from breast cancer; another is battling it right now. a high school friend of mine recently died of colon cancer; another friend is in remission from abdominal cancer and yet another good friend of mine just got diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. *sigh* Yet I have never felt compelled to “run for the cure”, or donate to any of the major cancer charities, and I kind of felt guilty about it. Thank you so much for showing me that I am not a “conspiracy nut”, and that i’m not alone in my thinking. I always was a little suspicious of Big-Pharma and Big-Charity (if there is such a term) and figured that prevention, healthy living, natural therapies, and prayer are how I would fight cancer and encourage other to do so as well. God bless you!

  • April

    Have a look at the 50 worst charities. Many of them give less than 1% to the people they’re supposed to be helping! At least 10 of these are specifically for cancer, others are rather vague in purpose:

  • Dr. Tim

    Great video Chris, very well said. Thank you for putting this out there. We are very proud of you and your passion for the truth! Keep up the good work.

  • LolaRayne

    Brilliant! Agreed xxx

  • Paul Nottoli

    Thank you for the video Chris. As a Cancer Survivor for about 24 years it took me a long time to finally figure this out. I used to walk, run, raise thousands of dollars to ACS, Susan G. Komen, Leukemia Lymphoma etc.. I no longer support these organizations. Thank you for the links to the better organizations to support. Keep up your efforts.

  • Ron

    Great message! I think it’s also extremely important to add that pharmaceutical companies only want to treat cancer AFTER people get it. They have no interest in researching the actual causes and prevention of cancer which would be THE cure in everyone’s best interest. Obviously, this is because they wouldn’t make immense profit from doing so.

  • Melissa

    Hey Chris
    I watched you video and wanted to provide you with a little insight… I actually work for Susan G Komen at one of the national affiliates ( Not at the headquarters)… now I can’t speak to everything at Headquarters, but I can speak about Race for the cure. In our area we obviously host race to make money, but it doesn’t go where you think. 75% of our income stays in our community and goes towards outreach and education, screening and detection, and assistance for patients in treatment. We do this through a Community Grants Program and grant money out to organizations in the community that serve these women. We help with water bills, gas, food… you name it. My husband is a nutritionist and I can completely agree that a naturopathic treatment is probably the better option……. but what about people that haven’t been doing that for the last 30 years and find themselves diagnosed and then can’t pay their bills- that’s where Race for the Cure comes in…. I would encourage you to contact a Komen affiliate in your area and see where the money is going—you might be surprised!

    • Roger

      Thanks for sharing that information. Its good to know it is helping some people.

  • Joe
  • Ryan

    Maybe if people knew that there are MULTIPLE NATURAL CURES for cancer and many terrible diseases, and that the powers that be DO KNOW about them, have known about them the whole time, but are deliberately suppressing them and claiming the good ones to be Class 1 Illegal Drugs. Meanwhile medical, pharma, and corporations make shitloads of money from us, spend our tax money on BS cancer research. If that’s not Genocide or a Chemical Weapons Attack on our own people, then I don’t what is….

  • george

    So do you not think drug companies provide a service? Unfortunately, making good medicine is costly, I wish it wasent. What is your solution? (remember a lot of diseases are not amenable to simple diet and exercise changes.) If drug companies did not receive seed funding they would not be able to advance their clinical trials. They would all go out of business. Do you have a solution? or are you just out to wave your finger.

  • Alaia Leighland

    Thanks so much for saying this.. I was really put off by the managers who were pushing for donations and telling us that they were going to tap my personal credit card for 2500.00 if i didn’t raise that much… anyway..they offered NOTHING in the way of support for the runners but the pushy lady was staying in a first rate hotel.. on my dime… so agree with you.. and cso happy you are using food to cure…

  • Dana Settle

    Chris you are a warrior!! LOVED your post and I have shared you on my Fanpage! Always known this and SOOOO glad you are a courageous man to tell the TRUTH. “And the Truth will set you FREE!” You are a living testament! I say Life, brother!

  • chris

    Thank you for this. I am a survivor. A new survivor, but I didn’t walk for the cure, I don’t donate to organizations. I will attend family benefit dinners and support those families emotionally.

  • Mary

    Dear Chris,
    I hear you but I do know from personal experience that Komen for the cure Does pay for treatment if you are diagnosed while uninsured. My sister received surgery ,chemotherapy and radiation for free and a full year of follow up treatment. That was in 2005. If anyone is screened for and diagnosed they can get information on free treatment on the website.the physians were considered the best in the area. We raced and pinked out for a while, I am over it now my sister is still alive but we are both disappointed in the lack of a cure.

  • Juanita Shay

    Thank You Chris for sharing. I have stopped donating to Big Charities such as Cancer, MS and others. I believe we need to self educate ourselves and invest in our health, which is the best prevention and to donate to those organizations that help at the grass roots level.

    • Bill

      I couldn’t agree more with you Juanita, we need to take responsibility for our own health and do our own research and there is a wealth of info on the net and through word of mouth and sites like Chris Warks certainly helps those looking for alternatives to conventional medicine.
      I literally ask people if they know anyone with cancer because there are a plethora of proven natural cures out there and challenge them to start researching for themselves. I warn them against the mainstream treatment of cut, poison and burn before trialing the alternatives first.

  • Ross Langill

    While I understand the point of this, it is too general. I support a Windsor Ontario-based group titled In Honour of the Ones We Love. They pay one administrative position only and all the other monies they raise go to their main goal of purchasing equipment and improving facilities for cancer patients. Such a video as this is hurtful to a group like this. While the gentleman mainly speaks against one foundation, he insinuates that others that he does not mention have to be watched.

    • Chris Wark

      Ross you are right. I am insinuating that ALL cancer charities must be closely investigated before you support them.
      Despite their mission, which always sounds noble, fraud and misuse of funds is rampant in the charity world.

  • lisaww

    Well stated. It also applies to every other type of charity…children, animals, natural disasters. Do your research people,know how much of what you donate actually goes to the cause.

  • lee

    we ride, we walk, for life with trust
    dammed by their lies and greed and lust
    embalmed alive, preserved and sweet
    selling us their crap is no mean feat
    the innocent are easily swayed…
    sweets, food and drinks are all “homemade”
    we ride, we walk to find a cure
    knowing its their fault for sure
    take our votes our money too
    our lives they just have no value
    they poison us with things approved
    for use in all our drugs and food
    our air and water filled with shit
    and still we think”we’ll do our bit”
    killing us to make their dough
    getting rich is all they know
    seeking profits, total gain
    their drive for more is so insane
    we ride, we walk to find a cure
    it is their fault, you can be sure

  • trish

    As a breast cancer survivor I would like to mention the Wings Of Hope … the money doesn’t go for research it goes to the actual patients to help them with the financial burdens that come with cancer treatment.

    • Bill

      The reality is that proven alternatives don’ cost a lot and can reverse cancer very quickly. Yes they still need support but chemo lays them flat for as long as the treatment is being prescribed and even after. Changing our diet does not cause us the stress that conventional medicine does let alone losing all of your hair. But don’t take my word for it do your own research the info is easily found. Start simply by googling alternative cancer cures.

  • Phylana

    I am a breast cancer survivor and I am sooooo grateful for this video! I was involved with our local Komen, and while the people there were wonderful, you are absolutely spot on! All of these organizations, whether they realize it or not, are just feeding the drug industry. The cure is found within, as is the cause. Our minds have far greater power to heal our selves than most of us realize…I didn’t know that until after I’d had a double mastectomy. I now fully own that the cancer that had gotten out of control in my body was due to my own “cancerous” thoughts following a year of heartbreak. I wouldn’t trade any of it though…it is part of the lesson I came to learn. Thank you again for your video!!!

  • rob

    Go check out which promotes early detection because 90% of cancers can be cured in stage one. Thats who I support

  • Roger

    Talking about pink marketing products. I have seen a few pink delivery trucks; oil trucks, propane trucks. All pink. I have to agree Chris, just how much $$$ is really going to find a cure.
    I have been learning about proper nutrition and alternative health care for years now and out of all that I have learned it really comes down to one simple statement. “You are what you eat!”

    I have heard testimonies of people who had cancer with only a few months to live and they changed how they ate and beat the cancer. I have learned that if you have an acidic PH then your body is a breeding ground for disease, cancer loves sugar. If you have a neutral PH or slightly Alkaline PH disease cannot live in it and will die. Our body creates billions of new cells every day so if you have bad cells to begin with you will just create more bas cells, but if you have healthy cells then you will create more healthy cells.

    Once thing everyone should know is what their antioxidant score is. National Institute of health said “How long you will live is directly related to the level of antioxidants in your body.”

    You want your antioxidant score to be 83,000 or higher. My best score was 115,000. Blue or purple is the best. Red, Orange and Yellow, mean you are losing the battle and have more free radicals than antioxidants in your body. Green means you are even, blue and purple mean you have more antioxidants than free radicals and are winning the battle in your body.
    To get your level of antioxidant up you need to consume more fruits and vegetables, which cannot always be easy, but there is a better more convenient way!

    If you want to know how to get your score contact me to learn more.

    Have a healthy day!

    • Mgh

      Hi Roger, great info on antioxidant scores, how can I get mind? Thanks, Maria

    • IdahoLaura

      I would be interested in knowing how to get my score….however, you left no email address nor is your name clickable.
      My email is

  • Sunbringer

    You are a cutie! I’m glad you kicked cancer and are still on the planet to deliver your good message. God Bless you and keep you safe and healthy!

  • Tia kelly

    I’ve been quietly annoyed for years by all this walk for a cure nonsense. How about all the women doing these fundraisers stop drinking milk, eating non organic meat products, get regular walks in and start awareness campaigns around what food actually does for the “cure” or triggering cancer in the first place. Anyway thanks for educating us on top of that about where the funding actually goes. I didn’t realize it was that pathetic. Now off to find one of those pink garbage cans!

  • Julia

    I agree and I am a 25 year survivor! I think the site got hacked or taken down.

  • Dianna

    Great video Chris, This is what goes on with many charities. I have MS, and I do not support the MS Societies at all and tell anyone that will listen not to donate to them. BIG PHARMA does not want cures – they want expensive treatments. They all dangle the carrot at us stating that a cure is just around the corner…. sadly, probably not in my lifetime.

  • Michelle

    I think you have a point about good nutrition, and the mis-used money within charities. However, I would like to point out that medications/treatments/therapies to treat or care for any illness or problem do have to be researched by *somebody* and *somebody* has to pay for them. So, for a drug company to have a charity in order to help raise funds for the research and study and labs etc actually makes perfect sense to me. Otherwise any medication we buy would be more $$ than they already are. And maybe I cannot believe that every medication produced is poison, and that every motive of the pharmaceutical companies is to suck money from the clueless to line their own pockets.

    • Jacky

      In the Bible is the word sorcery and the greek root for that word is “pharmakeia” Now what does that tell us. All, all, all pharmaceuticals have dangerous side effects. Just be aware of that. when I look at a magazine and it has an ad for a drug, and the ad takes a whole page, and the warnings take two pages of tiny print–I am not going to go there. Thankfully I am a well person and I am happy I was taught years ago the value of good food, and herbs for healing. God does it right all the time. Watching the Cancer Summit and listening to the speakers was so enlightening. Even the integrative doctors will sometimes use a chemotherpeutic drug, in a minute amount along with the natural, but the drug is targeted and does not affect the whole body just the tumor. There is much info on the web if you look. Health to you.

  • branka

    I know whatever you give attention to grows. So with a continent giving attention to CANCER, guess what – cancer grows. I agree, the PINK ribbon is overused. I refuse to purchase anything with that on it. The ribbon serves as a subconscious reminder that 1 in 5 people will die from cancer. Do we really need that reminder. People who are not consciously aware of the message become victims of cancer. It’s always in our faces. But that is exactly what the pharmaceuticals want.

  • Dr Jack

    gret vid Chris However…there have been MULTIPLE CURES for MANY types of cancers for MANY years. Herbally based, non-pharmaceutical programs have cponquered many cancers for a long time…most have been driven out of the USA due to pressure from BIG PHARMA. Herbs cannot be patented…and so thats why these non-mainstream programs and products are NOT hitting the HEADLINES everyday! Even though 3rd payers & insurance companies continues to refuse to pay for many of them…they are THOUSANDS of $$ less than the traditional, western medical, allopathis approach. look around do some reading, some research. a little digging….make an informed decision before you or a loved one throws themselves on the alter of big pharma hoping that your sacrificail offering will be enough to make you “better”.

    Remember this final thought…there are only 2 things you can CURE…HAM and BACON! The healing has to come from within!

  • kat

    thanks i am so glad more and more people are using and educating themselves , on a natural approach , take care now of your health everyone, cancer is a scam , and so is the treatment i agree we are no more ahead than we were 50 years ago ,to too do not buy pink or support all the advertising , diet and exercise , awesome you did this , i too have breast cancer , so far i am still here and plan on moving along and enjoying life, there is a better way. i am too living proof ,

  • Pamela

    this is actually incredibly false and I hope that people will take some time to do some research. Here is a list of all of the Komen research grants: you will notice that there are not pharm companies but cancer centers and Universities. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I really wish they would do some research first. Additionally, Komen operates with very low overhead with .84 of every dollar going directly to grants and mission programs. Locally, Komen provides grant funding for uninsured and underinsured women to receive screening, survivor programs, and breast health education. Also, your facts about survival rates not improving are completely wrong. In 1980, the 5 year survival rate for women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer (cancer that hasn’t left the breast) was about 74%, today that number is 98%. (check out the NCI website to confirm).

    • Chris Wark

      Nope, not false, you just don’t see the big picture Pamela.
      All university and cancer center drug research that yields a new patentable drug eventually goes to the highest bidder in the pharmaceutical industry. You have to follow the money all the way to the top.

      Breast cancer survival rates have not improved, the statistics have been grossly skewed by “early detection” and counting DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) also known as stage zero breast cancer, which has a 10 year survival rate of nearly 100%.

      This is why The National Cancer Institute recommended this year that DCIS no longer be classified as cancer.

  • Katie

    As a doctor and someone against Susan g Komen, I’m insulted at half of your comments. I’ve never seen so much doctor hating ever. Do you really think we make jack anything? Look at your doctors car. Chances are, like me, they drive a 2000 Honda. I dedicated 24 years of school to save lives, work long hours, am constantly on call, and get bashed as being “rich” and “cocky” by people like you all the time. I haven’t even been able to have children and I’m now 50. Too late for that. I have no family and no money, and this is the thanks I get for saving lives? Yes, Susan G Komen is a scam. Your doctors are hardworking people. I lost a doctor and a best friend to cancer. Dont you think he would have used treatments if he secretly knew about other ones? Think before filth and hatred comes out of your mouth.

  • David Chesney

    Took a lot of guts to do this Chris. The Terry Fox Foundation after years of raising millions for the Canadian Cancer Society, very quietly stopped dedicating the money they raised to Cancer Societies and now direct the money raised directly to doctors here in Canada that are making strides in the cure and treatment of this insidious disease.
    Dave Chesney
    White Rock BC

  • judy

    I agree totally with what you said. And I thank you. I was one who be came a victim on the conveyor belt, It did so much damage. And it makes me so mad that cancer cure has been “elusive”. My cancer was ovarian. It’s all about the breast though because of the money it addition, it puts cancer patients at odds with each other.
    People who are worried about you driving while filming have missed your entire point! Just don’t get why people don’t get it

  • Rita Brown

    Thank you

  • Rosslyn Bentley

    Totally agree – I attended the World Cancer Congress in Montreal last year and can tell you there was considerable evidence to show what does cause cancer – a western lifestyle (obesity for sure, smoking, and likely lots or environmental toxins). So for every dollar you spend on pink products just imagine if we spent it on smoking cessation or better yet lets ban tobacco instead now that really would have an impact.

  • Caroline

    Great video, love the message and glad it’s getting out there. I have to mention as a fantastic organization to support or just for people to visit for good information. They offer treatment counselling on a donation basis.

  • Shelly

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! for putting this information out there so clearly!! I lost my 20 year old daughter to brain cancer five years ago and during her treatments starting finding out about all the bureaucracy of cancer treatments and witnessed first hand of how ‘treatments’ were killing her faster and causing her such pain. I researched hard and fast about food and alternative therapies but it was too late. If I knew then when she was first diagnosed what I know now things would have been much different. Like you, I will not contribute to all these ‘fundraising’ initiatives to find the cure. Like you said, they haven’t found a cure in 50 years and they never will. If they did, big pharma would go broke over night. I agree with everything you said 100%. This information needs to get out there and I admire that you are doing this. I am a country singer and I am doing shows to help get awareness and raise funds to help families financially that have a child battling cancer. Funds go directly to the families to help pay bills and other expenses. It makes me sick that the pharmaceutical companies make BIG money through these so called fundraisers for the ‘cure’, through insurance companies and from the pockets of families who are barely keeping food on the table while at the same time trying to care and save their loved one. It’s time to start informing the public of the real truth!

  • Charlotte

    Agreed! And not just the things you mentioned, but when they refuse to look at actual evidence of things that have a hand in causing breast cancer (I.E. abortion), you again realize that there agenda has less to do with finding a cure, than it does with creating a political platform.

  • SEO Newark

    well said Chris

  • Amy

    I am happy to hear about your natural recovery from colon cancer.

    Thank you for spreading the message about what is happening “behind the scenes” with these huge corporations.

    I was at a store a while back and they were raising money for juvenile diabetes by selling cupcakes! I had to do a double take when I saw that. Unbelievable.

    Keep up the great work! Take care

  • Cecilia Nunez

    Totally agree with what Chris has to say; all this info was on Pink Ribbons Inc.

  • Donna

    Please look into Dr Burzynski he too has battled with the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies, ( ruthless people) they put him in jail and he has been fighting back for years…finally one of the head honchos within the FDA, sister in law, had terminal cancer and was cured!!! Hundreds of others as well. Anyway they had no choice and had to let Dr Burzynski into the clinical trials, he is at the last phase, and is in need of contributions, so bring the cure to the public. Other doctors went so far to try to “mimic” and put their names on Burzynski’s protocol and failed. They did not know the whole protocol. Read and go to his website, there is the full documentary Burzynski on Youtube.God Bless, and pass this message on once you do you your homework. Thank you.

  • Donna

    I forgot to mention the courts allows Burzynski to cure people in his office in Texas only for now. So if anyone needs him now, please contact his office, I believe it is in Dallas.

  • Cynthia

    I worked for both non profit and pharmaceutical and Chris is telling the truth. One thing though, there are things out there that have shown to stop cancer but you will never see them. If cancer is cured, pharmaceutical companies and non-profits will not make money. I wouldn’t give a penny to most non-profits. The don’t use your money for good things, just to line pockets. Give to St. Jude, they actually do help people with cancer!

  • Jennie Lobato

    Excellent message, thank you!
    And thanks so much for telling us your opinion ones you believe are worth supporting. I don’t believe in posing a problem without a solution so kudos!!

  • http://facebook Nancy

    Thank you finally someone speaking out about these scams that don’t do any good for “the cure” or the hundreds others that claim to help people god bless you

  • Nancy

    Plz search out Dr Leonard Coldwell and also bloodroot

  • Connie

    I had cancer and was homeless and had to fight it on my own without any help from Cancer Society They are pretty useless
    when it comes to actual help These disease charities should be a thing of the past

  • Crystal

    I just discovered your enlightening post and thought I could add this vid as a comment:

  • Mandy

    I noticed there was no mention of ovarian cancer in any of these posts. The survival rate for ovarian cancer is only 30%. In Canada we have “Ovarian Cancer Canada” and they contribute tons of funding to public awareness and patient support programs. These are the organizations we should be contributing too. Informed choices are key but we shouldn’t knock the pink campaign. It did a great job raising awareness and getting more women to do self exams and go for mamograms. It’s only now that it’s being taken advantage of.

    • IdahoLaura

      Really??!! I’m in my 60′s and have known to do self exams for 50+ yrs. Mammograms are a known cause of breast cancer….go research that. Thermography would be better, but it’s not readily available for most women.

  • Paul Lazenby

    THANK YOU!!! After watching my wife go through the medical meat grinder prior to her death in 2004, I did the homework on cancer fundraising/research and was sickened by what I found out. Since then, I have come to dread every Pink Ribbon October and Stupid Moustache November and the life-costing lies that they represent. It’s great to have someone like yourself actively disseminating the truth for the few people who will have the strength of character to acknowledge it.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you for sharing this Paul.

  • Axiom

    race for the cannabis cure !

  • Barry David Butler

    Check out my Pro Health Song.

    I was diagnosed last week with Marginal Non Hodgkin B-Cell Lymphoma. I have no symptoms and only some small nodes in my neck.

    I wrote this song a few years ago and wanted to share with you guys. I only went to a cool Surgeon so far and am getting a report from his tumor board and recommendations in a week.

    I’ve been totally Raw for 3 days and I noticed one rather large lump in my neck is much smaller. Had a C A T Scan of my neck also.

    SO….I’m NOT going to go to an Oncologist at least for about 3 months and see how I do. This amazing General Surgeon from the Far East told me to go on a raw diet as he’s seen many of his patients completely cure all kinds of cancer with out mainstream poisons.

    ANY…..maybe my song can get people to start petting cows instead of eating then…ugh

    Barry David Butler
    Sebring, Florida

  • lisa

    Hi Chris! I completely agree with you. My favorite product that “supports” the pink ribbon is five hour energy drink. That couldn’t be any worse! Good post!

  • Dianne

    Never, ever would I give to any of these run for the cure fund raising schemes reasons mentioned in video. I watched my daughter (42) receive Chemo and Radiation. (Against my wishes and advice.) Both Adrenal Glands and Lung. The largest tumor was on the one Adrenal. Her one Oncologist said NO to Vitamins but if any, take a “Flint Stone” “Don’t be on any of that “shit” when you come in here”. (I had bought individual vitamins re maximum dose) If I may, I would suggest for good advice/info, Dr Stan Burzynski video, The Cancer Tudor site, and keeping an open mind see “Run From The Cure” as well as learn about B17 on you-tube. Many good sites for natural healing. Take care of yourselves and be Blessed.

  • Dianne

    Oh, don’t get Mammograms, get some “Thermography” done instead. (works like night vision lenses, sees the heat of tumors. Please DO NOT fall for the line “Need an X-Ray to see how the tumor is shrinking” Please, Exercise, Eat proper food, get adequate sleep and clean water to keep hydrated.

  • Tamara

    Thank you Chris for posting this! There is great support growing for the choices you have made. Fantastic to see so so many cancer survivors speaking up on your page.

    I’d rather support groups who are making our planet healthier and growing our natural ability and confidence in following our “gut” on the decisions we make!

  • James Hutch

    Maybe Big Pharma won’t ever develop a cure. Why cure something that you make so much money treating people for? Unless of course, they make the cure more expensive for a dying person than years of chemo treatments. Then it’d be worth it because it’d be profitable for them.

    It’s pretty disgusting that major corporations see other human beings, people with families and lives, as a cash source that they can milk til death.

    This happens all the time, in almost any industry. Fast food and their quality, electronics companies outsourcing for cheap labor, the co-worker who throws you under the bus for a promotion.

    Unfortunately this is the world we live in, greed is human nature. People need to stop putting the dollar above all other things, including the wellbeing of others, if things are ever going to change.

  • brooke

    thank you! couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • lila

    Hi Cris!
    Congratuations on this great site and on your cure that have inspired so many over the years, and continue to do so!
    I have a simple question but a big one for me:
    my dad had 1cm of colon removed with a few polyps one was starting to get malignant…nothing major the doctor said. my dad was then over 70th. we then all had a colonoscopy and none of us had any cancer,tks God! It was over 10 yeras ago and dad had his regular check ups and never had any re-ocurrences.
    Is his cancer hereditary? should i worry and keep on checkinh regulary?
    My 1/2 sister had a small polyp at the age of 40,not malignant so did my 1/2 brother,but apart from them no one else had anything.
    what is your say on it?
    iam super health,almost vegetarian,no red meat,eat tons of vegies and fruits,drink 1litre of carrot juice per day( by choice as a prevention,take multi vitamines,exercice,dont smoke or drink,etc…dad was and still is a red meat eater( 3 times a day at least)
    so are my brothers and sisters in brazil. I just wanted to get my mind at easy. My doctor in NZ said that if I had more than 5 family members with same colon cancer at leanst 2 under 30 I should worry and take a genetical blood test. what is your say?

    God bless you Chris

  • Angel

    Hey.I totally like what you have to say. I was wondering about a charity. The Terry Fox run? I have ran and supported this charity for my whole life and I really hope that the are a good charity?

  • Stoned_Goddess

    Sad thing is, cures have already been found… but the powers that be will not allow them on the market. Those who have come up with cures have been ridiculed, silenced, had their labs and tests destroyed by the government… some even killed. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support this on the internet. But in order to believe it, you have to first open your mind to the truth that the government will harm it’s own people at any cost. If you cannot accept that one simple fact, then you’ll forever be living in a world of ignorance unfortunately. Thanks for the awesome, informative video, Chris! =)

    • Stoned_Goddess

      I do find it disturbing that this website pulled a photo of me from… god knows where. Can a moderator delete my photo please? I don’t want it on here.

      • Chris Wark

        That photo is somehow attached to your MSN email account. I cannot delete your photo unless I delete your comments. Just let me know

  • Laurie

    I enjoyed your video Chris and couldn’t agree more. I think until you watch someone you live die of chemo poisoning, it’s difficult to question the cultural norm of chemo/radiation poisoning in cancer care. I don’t buy, walk, run, or eat cake in the name of cancer research. What hurt is that my brother couldn’t work or earn money and the only available treatment for someone on state aid was chemo. People can’t always fund their treatments. So I created my own foundation in my brothers name. So far, I can only give away books, but I’m hoping at some point I can help support people and fund treatments.

  • Sharyn Shubert

    Dear Chris: I just watched you video and I have to say my heart sank. I have been raising money for susan g komen for four years, ever since I was diagnosed with three forms of breast cancer. I did have surgery and radiation. I am on a drug called Anastrozole ( which they say they are taking me off when I become a 5 year survivor) and became a Vegan and started doing yoga and meditation. I have started a bible study course, and have found great help doing so. This year I raised #315.00 and I feel like I did a very bad thing all these years. I have decided not to walk as I have for three years and no longer wear pink. I feel ashamed but I truly thought I was helping. Knowledge is power. Thank you. Your friend, Sharyn W. Shubert

  • King

    this is so misleading. Just as guilty as misleading as some of the charities.

    however you have half information.

    Although the cancer death rate may not have improved but early detection sure has and it has saved a lot of lives.

    Also, “promotions/advertising” etc that you mentioned fails to address that AWARENESS is a huge part of the goal of these campaigns. Which has lead to more early detections and saved more lives.

    Moreover, yes I have researched cancer charities, and yes Susan G Komen is the worst ran organization for their operations. I agree with you on that. But you mention LIVESTRONG, and MOVEMBER? Cmon. Livestrong has brought beating cancer and hope for millions that they can still be a champion (with blood doping) and that cant be measured. And Movember has one of the lowest admin costs out of any charity and the funds are also internationally pooled for research globally. Not just a BIG pharma in one country like others.

    You need to be more specific in your criticisms as they are close but you are influencing many by half truths just as guilty as the charities you are talking about

    • Chris Wark

      You said, “Although the cancer death rate may not have improved but early detection sure has and it has saved a lot of lives.”

      I think you need to check your math. Early detection has NOT saved a lot of lives, the fact that the death rate has not improved actually proves that.

  • Robin

    Great message, Chris! If we only spent the money now funneled to the pharmaceutical co’s on teaching folks about proper nutrition, we might have a chance at better cancer survival rates. In addition, much of the money that goes to “cancer research” is being spent torturing animals in a futile attempt to create a magic drug. Plant-based diets are a great start! Keep speaking up.

  • Tammy

    I just want to add that there is a very good cancer charity in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. It is run by volunteers, and I believe 90% of all money raised goes to cancer patients. This would be gas money, meds, supplies, necessities, etc. The other 10% would go towards advertising costs, etc. I feel other communities should look into this charity, and to set one up in their areas. I do agree with you, as to the other charities, that our money does not go to where we think it would.

  • Rob

    Go to the documentary run from the cure. As well as the cancer conspiracy. You will see doctors who know the truth but they get chastised for their views. Its all about money. They drug companies pay off the politicians. In the 1930 there was a female Dr who had a 98% cure rate of all cancers..and they shut her down. Radiation kills all cells..good and bad. Infact your better of without it because its poison

  • Sam Moore

    Good for you Chris!!! Pretty much why I do not support most either… Check out this documentary: Burzynski on Netflix.. Quite revealing. Wished more people thought like us.

  • Laura

    How naive can you be? Without pharmaceuticals researching medications, how do you think we are controlling all of the disease states that are drastically affecting people all over the world like diabetes? Everything can’t be free. Life isn’t free. The pharmaceutical companies only make money for a short period of time before their product becomes generic and they will never make a significant amount of money off of that product again (even though it usually takes about 17 years for a product to get approved by the FDA.) So sorry, but you most likely have a job and like to get paid for what you are doing as well. Pharmaceutical companies are no different. At least they are trying to make a difference in the world.

    I actually take offense to this. So what if people support a cause they believe in? Why does it matter that you drove down the road and saw a pink trashcan with a ribbon on it? What harm is that doing?

    Great for you that you were able to beat your cancer without chemotherapy. Most people with the cancers you were listing i.e. pancreas and lung, chemotherapy is the only chance they have. No herbal or diet method has helped them. In fact, there are some vitamins that actually increase your chance for cancer. Before you try and state your opinion about something, make sure you do the research first.

    • marcell


      it seems you are pretty upset about this post.
      i invite you to be clear on your feelings and take ownership for them as opposed to just reacting to what is being said.

      each and every one of us has cancerous cells within our body. transitioning (death) is certain, nobody lives forever physically.

      if one takes responsibility for what he/she does to his/her body, then he/she will remain in choice. which live or die is dignified.

      to live your life a victim, is to have not have lived at all.

      every day, every way a choice.

      blessings to you on your journey.

  • Moe

    good point, I agree. When asked to give to a charity (any of them) we always ask “how much goes to (fill in the blank)?” If its some teeny tiny amount (usually is), we don’t give.

  • Tricia Sedgwick

    I LOVE this, thank you for posting. I always same the EXACT same thing. This is great :)

  • Maryanne Marsh

    I totally agree with this guy!
    Money should not be spent only on a cure for cancer once you have it !
    The money should be spent on getting rid of this horrible disease!
    I used to give a lot but since I found out we fund pharmaceutical companies I don’t any more!

  • Alexandra

    Thanks for the info Chris. It’s so important to critically evaluate what we support.

    What are your thoughts on the Terry Fox Foundation?

  • Gloria

    Yup hit the nail on the head! I hope you’ll redo this video when you’re OUT of the car -

  • Jodi

    Very well said, Chris! I have said the same thing for quite awhile. I lost a friend to breast cancer and had a difficult time trying to explain why I think the whole propaganda “Fight Like a Girl”, “Race For Hope” pink this , pink that are a bit of a scam….you stated it all perfectly!!!

  • Jasun Mark

    THANK YOU. I stopped going to Von’s when every time I passed the checkout, I was given a guilt trip for not “giving to prostate cancer.”

    When I explain “you’re just giving money to researchers who have no motivation to find a cure for anything and if they do come up with a new drug, they’re going to charge you millions for it,” I get a very odd look.

    People are so easy to fool.

  • PJ

    The best article about the pink-wash is

    An organization worth supporting, they are pro-active re researching causes and public education is The Breast Cancer Fund

    My story is one of mammograms as a causal factor to breast cancer. Nothing pink about it. Now 62, I began getting mammograms at 29 due to painful breasts, the mammograms gave a (false) reassurance. I did not know then about young, dense breast tissue preventing accurate readings or about the high doses of radiation in earlier mammograms. 15 years ago small calcifications found during a mammogram, resulted in a stereotactic biopsy & a diagnosis of DCIS. A lumpectomy followed, no more cancer cells found. I didn’t know then those few cancer cells would likely have been taken care of by my body, even with a compromised immune system. No follow-up tx was recommended (primarily because of other health ‘issues’ like FM). This yr. in the exact same spot, a small tumor was found, this time invasive. Another lumpectomy with radiation recommended, but the doctor said he didn’t want to do radiation due to other health ‘issues’. Not one doctor I’ve talked to has denied years of mammograms ‘may’ have been a factor in cancer cells in my body. And no one has argued with me that I want to discontinue annual mammograms, I’ve been offered MRIs & an ‘occasional’ mammogram. With no allopathic follow-up tx I’ll likely go with the plan. Wish 15 yrs. ago I’d opted out of mammograms. A friend who had invasive BC has been 18 yrs cancer free, no mammograms. A cousin, found her own tumor 1 month after a mammogram, died of aggressive BC.

  • Christine Leighton

    Have you looked into The Lustgarten Foundation for pancreatic cancer research? They are 100% underwritten and all money goes to research as far as I know. Could you let me know if this is correct or not ?

  • Leslie

    I agree for the most part of this video, with 1 exception. The Terry Fox Foundation! All the funds raised go straight to cancer research, that’s how the Terry Fox Foundation was set up. Diagnosed 29 years ago, my 3rd treatment was made available in the nic of time back in 1985/86. I was the 9th person in Vancouver, BC, Canada to receive that treatment for cancer. I am a proud 27 year survivor and I do take part as a Terry’s Team Member to help generate more $$$ for research! I am done with pharmaceuticals and big pharma and that greed giant… I refuse to be a part of that industry and do not subject myself to any invasive testing or procedures. I am all natural in shrinking any lumps and bumps that might come up. My prognosis 25 years post chemo is leukaemia, 2 years ago I had a massive breast lump, 2 lumps on my ovaries, and 2 liver nodules, presently with only 1 remaining. My body, my choice! For those that do not know… we all have an endocannibanoid system in our bodies, it is the system responsible for cellular health and life cycle. Every cell in the body dies every 7 days. Cancer cells are abnormal cells that grow at a really fast rate and takes over the host. Now if we reboot our endocannibanoid system with endocannibodials (which is found in cannibus roots and stalk or made into an oil using the entire plant) we theoretically kill the cancer. Google Rick Simpson, “Run From the Cure”. Just to let you know, it’s good for any health issue involving CELLS!!! Our bodies, our lives, our choice on what remedy we use for health!

  • Nadia

    There is so little emphasis on cancer prevention, healthy diets and lifestyles that work to eliminate the toxins that contribute to our poor health.

  • Michel Courcy

    You’re right PFC chicken is right up there with sugar and food additives as substances causing cancer. We need to address what we put in our body for prevention more than funding research to heal a sickness that has not been understood yet.

  • Holly

    My mom has also told me that the Susan g. Komen foundation as a whole supports womens rights such as abortion! Which may or may not be another deal breaker!

  • Dan


    Very interesting and sadly, it’s hard to disagree.

    I, fortunately, have not had to battle this disease (yet), but know many who have; some who beat it, some who did not. I am from North Carolina (basketball country) and after dating a girl who ended up beating cancer, I wanted to do something to help. I mention basketball and North Carolina because, as you may remmeber, years ago N.C. State coach Jim Valvano bravely fought but ultimately lost his battle to cancer. For us North Carolinians, it was deeply personal. The man was so loved by many. Anyway, with what little money I did make, I decided to align passions and begin donating to the Jimmy V Foundation to help find a cure for cancer.

    My question to you is: Do you have any opinion on this organization? Positive or negative? Any facts of interest you can share? I mean, I have what they distribute through mail and on line, and I would like to believe they are legitimate (and I do believe that). I would, however, welcome any insights you have on this organization (understanding it is an opinion and should not be subjected to any issues of liability).

    Thanks so much.



    • Chris Wark

      Hi Dan, I don’t know anything about the Jimmy V Foundation

  • Jeffrey Von Stetten

    I think its important it separate some of the group support activities from the fundraising. Both my Mom (who is a cancer survivor) and my sister run in the Newport moment run each year, and it’s a very positive very empowering uplifting experience for women to bond and be together who have had an isolating and traumatic experience, or the family members thereof. It’s very positive and empowering because some run for family members they’ve lost and it’s very therapeutic. I don’t think a lot of people put any merit it their statements of money toward research, it kind of speaks for itself and they are very much an alopathic group that is looking for a drug that is the magic bullet, which we know is bulls*** and they’re clear about that. But I do think its important not to throw the baby out with the bath water and show respect for the women who participate and gain spiritual, emotional, psychological and sense of community benefit from the walks and runs that they do. They’re very positive and we need to be respectful of that.

  • Jeffrey Von Stetten

    Typos: sorry. Should be “To separate” not “it”, and that should read “komen run” not moment. :)

  • Hans

    I’M surprised that there is not a single mention of the work done by Gaston Naessens and his 714X C treatment. I believe that his clinic is in Montreal, Canada. He has had more than his fair share of harassment by the ‘authorities’. Some while ago I saw a TV documentary about a young college student in her 20′s who, after the whole gamut of trad treatment for ovarian C was advised by her doctors to ‘go home and settle your affairs within the next month or so’ as there was nothing more they could do. Her parents immediately took her to Gaston Naessens. The doci ends with a shot of the girl, now a happily married woman, with hubby and two kids walking on the beach several years later….:-)

  • Jazzy girl

    As a cancer patient I concur wholeheartedly – give funds raised to local communities: to actually help people in need. Let the big corporations get their tax write off any which way they choose. I will no longer run, tug, drag or race for anything. I am disgusted by corporations taking advantage of the “pink”.

  • Danie

    I hear the message and I know I should be paying closer attention to it but that mouth, beautiful lips and perfect teeth have distracted me.

  • Melanie

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Chris. My mother when through 7 different Cancer operations and when a few family members found out they started giving money to charities. “To help find a cure”. My mom first found out she had cancer of the uterus before I was born in 1968. They told her she couldn’t have anymore children and she had to have a hysterectomy. My mother was a very strong stubborn woman and got pregnant, had me and didn’t go in for a hysterectomy till i was 16. She went through 6 different cancer operations after that on different parts of her body. She passed in 2004, cancer had worn her down, she had cancer in her hip which they found out after she passed, no mri’s could find it wile she was living. But you would think that all those years at some point they would have come up with some kind of a cure, the millions of dollars that are given to this charity and that charity. I can’t count the number of times my mother went through chemo or radiation treatments. Some of that money given to charities should be offered to the families to help pay for things they need. If you think the family won’t use the money properly buy them the what they need. My mother couldn’t make it up the stairs anymore from the pain in her hip, so I had to make a makeshift bathroom for her in our dining room, I had to go and buy her a air mattress for the living room. It would of been so nice to be able to turn our dining room into a bedroom, buy a hospital bed and build a proper bathroom for the last few years of her life. I hope you video goes viral and things do change so the people who need the money for things like what my mother needed could be done. Good luck Chris

  • Sandi

    Thanks so much for standing out and enlightening us on this. I have heard rumours of this but wasnt sure.

  • Donna Pinto

    Hi Chris and all the readers of this blog: I wanted to share an article I just wrote based on my personal experience and research on the Pinktober-race-for-the-cure topic: Please check out: “Less Pink — More GREEN: An Intelligent and Urgent Makeover for Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

    Thank you Chris for bringing more light and healing to the world through your amazing blog and for openly and honestly sharing your story and resources. I am following in your footsteps! I have just launched a new website — — to share all that I have learned on the path of natural health and healing after being diagnosed with DCIS (stage 0 breast cancer) in Jan 2010. I am one of 60,000+ women a year diagnosed with DCIS and although it is not even invasive cancer, the treatments are just as aggressive and harmful. The whole breast cancer industry is based on false information regarding mammograms and it has created an epidemic of women unnecessarily being over-treated with radical surgeries radiation and toxic drugs! Mammograms are at the root of the DCIS epidemic. I hope my article and all the research studies associated with it can help women make more informed decisions regarding breast health. Thanks for helping to spread this important message. It’s time for “less pink & more GREEN.”

  • Camille Mackoviak

    BRAVO! Practicing Meditation and proper nutrition; eating a raw and organic diet of homegrown foods, releasing anger and all negative thoughts, having faith, having mindfulness, forgiving those whom you perceive to have hurt you, opening your heart, and loving yourself! These are also other ways to a cure. Believe the cure is here and now in your own power! Not out there still being raced for…pharm drugs are not the answer. Thank you for your wisdom and revealing truths! I haven’t seen anyone else stand as you have,

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you Camille!

  • marcell

    well said, i totally agree with what you so finely articulated and commend you for your choices in a chemo free recovery. well done.

    love hearing from people who have realized the power of the mind – it is my passion to help people like yourself get in that clear mindset and from a place of integrity manifest goodness! Awesome!
    glad i stumbled upon you brother.

    speak on!

  • Stephanie

    Great video and so true. Way to go for your amazing self research and success with cancer!!

    I’d like to mention that places like The Creative Center that offers free art classes to people affected by cancer is also amazing and deserving of charitable funds as well. They are small, they provide a beautiful and supportive community and a place to express and grow without cost.. How healing can be found through community and expression and hope and fun is something not to be overlooked as well:)

  • SGR

    I am in complete agreement with you about whether or not to support foundations and organizations who promote finding a cure. I am just completing a course on plant-based nutrition through eCornell. It’s a course by T. Colin Campbell who wrote The China Study. A lot of the research and data presented in the course was about cancer. The statistics are compelling to adopt a whole-foods plant-based diet. A whole-foods plant-based diet does wonders. It is THE wonder drug!!

    I do not, however, support you driving while recording this video. I find it ridiculous that people still think they can drive and text or in your case make a video while driving!!! It’s my first time to your site so I have to admit that I’m not sure I’ll return. On one hand you encourage healthy living while on the other you clearly think it’s OK for you to drive while making a video! Now that is absolutely ridiculous!!! You’re not invincible, nor is anyone who chooses to text and drive. As someone who has spent the last three years recovering from a traumatic brain injury because of someone texting and driving, I find this behavior deplorable and completely unacceptable.

    Check out this short documentary by Werner Herzog. Hopefully it will change your habits and keep everyone safe, including yourself.

  • Sarah

    Does Komen Watch still exist?

    Domain seems to link to software…

  • Marina

    You sir, are correct, sir.

  • Deborah Gordon

    Wonderful post and video. Check out Breast Cancer Fund, you’ll like them, too!

    It’s reassuring this year to be seeing lots of attention to pink-washing; it’s that time of the year!

  • Ashley

    If you have not already seen it, check out the documentary “Burzynski” – it’s a 2 part doc that blew my mind.

  • markgil

    Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

    More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Disease

  • markgil

    “Kaiser Permanente Encourages Plant-Based Diets The healthcare company’s peer-reviewed medical science journal tells physicians to promote plant-based diets to patients. To address the rising cost of healthcare and skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, medical publication The Permanente Journal recently released an article encouraging physicians to advise patients to reduce meat, dairy, and processed food consumption and implement a plant-based diet. It points to research showing that consuming whole foods can reduce the need for medication for chronic illnesses and decrease risk of fatal ischemic heart disease, all while offering the most cost-effective prevention and low-risk medical intervention. “Healthy eating may be best achieved with a plant-based diet … Physicians should consider recommending a plant-based diet to all their patients,” the article states.”

  • Pattianna

    Very well said Chris. Thank you for sharing.

  • Kimberly

    Chris, i have to completely agree that poeple need to do some more research before they waste their money, and that “pink”has gotten out of hand. The only objection i have is as a mother, our health is one of our last concerns. However reminding women (through the pink campaign) that we need to get checked annually can and has proven to save womens lives. So in that “awareness” i try to over look the circus that breast cancer has become.

  • Kim

    Wow. I never even considered this. Thanks for shedding light on this issue. How would you suggest verifying the reputability of organizations? If they say on their website where their money is going to, should we believe that? What if they don’t say exactly where it’s going?

  • Jan Johnson

    Thank you for your truth. I wish more government agencies were like you. Glad you beat cancer and are healed. Peace be with you and blessings to you and yours.

  • http://n/a PaulaN

    Excellent! I have never supported cancer research (even after I lost my mom to breast cancer), and I will not be made to feel guilty when I say “no” at the checkstand, or where ever. Although I also agree with you about where the money goes, I’ve taken it one step further – Why, after all these years, even with the small percentage of donations that actually go toward research and drugs, etc. is there NOT a cure for cancer? I think, as you have apparently succeeded through natural solutions, etc., that cures do exist (i.e. why is prostate cancer, which is found mostly in older white males, so easily cured?). I think it’s a huge conspiracy no only from the drug companies, but also the government in their efforts toward population control, for which they man-make new diseases like HIV, etc.

  • Esther Switzer

    Outstanding way to inform the public. It shouldn’t always be about the money. Pharmacopeia in general equates to sorcery.

  • Linda

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I used to be one of those people fooled by the pink ribbon campaign and would happily buy items in support of the pink ribbon campaign. Then I wised up that most of these companies are only marketing to get people to buy their stuff in the guise of supporting charity. Meanwhile most of the crap you can buy (ie. pink M&Ms, beauty products) are actually bad for your health and can push you towards getting cancer.

  • Ward


    Check out our charity,

    We have bout a 2% overhead, and purchase treatment and detection equipment for hospital groups

    Thank you

  • Cancerkiller

    Thank you Chris, that is the very truth about “cancer research”, getting us nowhere…

    If everybody pays me, your money will not be wasted at all, for I got The Personal Cancer Killer – The Magic Silver Bullet against any cancers and infectious diseases on Earth – once we kill cancer, big pharma will not be spared – everybody will acquire his/her complete personal freedom by doing the Cancer Killer – the prevention and cure for kids and adults of any diseases – from the common cold to cancer – just an exercise for a minute a day for prevention and for 3 – 4 minutes aday for the cure – in the quiet of your home – away from vaccines, drugs, doctors, hospitals, clinics, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies, etc. The price of the Cancer Killer for the whole world is 2,25 Trillion US Dollars (much less than the 50 Trillion estimated by economists for the discovery of cancer cure). I also accept any checks of 50 or more Million US Dollars to describe or show the Cancer Killer personally and how one can stay absolutely healthy all the time, all life long.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the info and eye opener!
    I wonder if that is the same for the UK, as they are suppose to be ahead in the field of Cancer Research in the World!
    Worth looking into and probably true, that we to are being ripped off!

  • Mike

    I agree with this video %10000. The drug companies are letting people die when there is a cure out there and has been discovered. Tey cant make money from it is why they havent released the cure. Watch this video. And if after watching this video you actually believe there is no cure then something is wrong. I WILL NEVER PUT A DIME INTO CANCER CHARITIES SINCE IVE SEEN THIS VIDEO.And why havent the governments stepped in to do something. Heres the video link.

  • Catherine

    Marry me? :)

  • Lisa

    Why do we believe we know more than doctors who have gone through years and years of schooling, spent thousands and thousands of hours researching and studying the best methods for treating ailments of all types? Personally, I will believe my doctor who has dedicated his life to helping others overcome whatever ailments they suffer from. No matter how much “research” I do on the internet, I will never log as many hours, days, or years of study as my doctor.

    Also, don’t we believe that God gave us the medical breakthroughs of treatments and procedures that weren’t available in years past to help us?

    I see the conspiracy theories out there and I agree that there are people and companies driven by greed, but have we completely stopped believing that some people are good and want the best for us? The average physician and specialist truly wants to relieve people’s suffering. I don’t believe they would recommend therapies and treatments that are painful and harmful only because they get money from it. They believe, after their incalculable hours of study, that those treatments are the best things the world has to offer to treat the condition we have been diagnosed with, whatever it may be.

    Where do we go on thinking we know more than doctors and why do we continue to tell the world that there is no good in them, that they are only out to help themselves?

    There are still good people in this world and yes, some of those good people are doctors. Let’s trust them and trust that the treatments they recommend, the same treatments that God gave to man, are good and not put ourselves above everyone else…

    • Chris Wark

      Doctors, whether good or not, are not independent researchers studying all aspects of healing. They are trained by the pharmaceutical industry to prescribe patented pharmaceutical drugs and perform surgical procedures. They have no health, wellness or nutritional training whatsoever. Becoming a doctor does not make someone a good person. Nearly 600,000 Americans are dying of cancer every year because cancer treatments don’t heal people. Putting blind faith in a doctor who gets paid very well, regardless of whether or not you get well, is very naive.

  • MikeP

    Chris’ argument about funds being funneled to pharmaceutical companies is dead on. The only part I don’t agree with is the albeit small section of his argument that opposes charities spending money on marketing and fundraising. It is a very common, but also very fallacious and dangerous point of view, and one that severely represses the ability of charities to do good work.

    Activist Dan Pallotta is the undisputed thought leader in trying to change the unrealistic and damaging standards we hold charities to.

    Watch this TED talk if you’re interested in learning more:

  • Tanya Stansfield

    Wow I am so glad that there are people out there that tell the truth!!! What I mean by that is….thank you for bringing to my attention the truth about where the money really goes because the other day buying a pink breast cancer awareness shirt I didn’t know to question whether the money would be going to & if it would actually help any cancer patients NOW I will be more aware so thank you! There needs to be more honest people in the world and maybe the world would be a better place at least in a lot of ways it would be better!!!!

  • dave

    I’m completely with you Chris. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • Jesron

    Thanks for sharing this information!


  • Mark A Raymond

    Heres my take on the original post. After reading many of the comments, there were a few that absolutely refused to acknowledge the validity of this young mans story. Well ive researched many different medical charities and i can tell you this young man isnt far off on his assesment of charities. And certainly the medical profession is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies if your paying attention enough to notice. But people who make comments like conspiracy theorys etc. Are the very folk who dont research anything and only believe what the dr tells them. But as i stated earlier most dr as well as hospitals are in bed with the pharmaceutical companys recieving kickbacks for promoting their product. I found that out first hand this year when i had my first heart attack in my life.They tell me i had blockage and 2 other arterys that had blockage also. They gave me a drug called effient to redyuce the risk of any more blockages. Ive researched this and found several natural remedies that work and have great reviews. I mentioined it to the dr and he told me theres nothing that will unclog my clogged arterys. So i asked him Then why are you pushing a drug(effient) tghat by your own admission is designed to reduce blockage. When you claim theres nothing that will unblock my arteries. He promptly told me to leave and not schedule another appointment with him. That showed me that this dr , Which is suppose to be a world reknown dr, is nothing but a lying quack. Figures since here in southeastern Ky theres not a whole lot of medical intelligence or people willing to do natural remedies. Theyde rather take these pills so they can collect their ssi and welfare and not have to do anything other than pop pills and do drugs. And when you mention natural remedies to these folk they tell you they dont work. When in reality theyve never tried it and its because the insurance company wont pay for something that actually works. Theyll only pay for something that keeps you coming back for more and causes side effects. Do figure.

  • JimRadloff

    Chris has absolutley hit the nail on the head. Let me tell you my story, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer two years ago I had a stage three tumor my Dr removed and advised me that I would also need to have my bladder removed, he also informed me that should they find that it had spread outside my bladder I would probably need to go on chemo and radiation, let me add that the Dr. also said that while he was in there he would also remove my prostate ????? I searched out a good Naturopath who was familiar with working with cancer patients she helped me put together a diet that contained known cancer fighting elements along with natural herbs and remedies. I am cancer free for two years, my Dr was aware of what I was going to do and advised me that if I didn’t do what he recommended I would probably die, today he calls me his miricle patient, he just dosen’t get it. Any one who thinks that the pharmicuticle companies want to find a cure for cancer is living in a dream world, cancer is a multi million dollar industry and they will NEVER find a cure.

  • Tegan

    Since I was a kid, I have felt that they were not looking for a cure, only a treatment. As there is no money in a cure, but they make millions of treatments. In the past 2 years I have had three uncles die from Pancratic cancer..(I know spelling is off sorry for that.) But I fully agree and St. Jude is the only plase I donate money too.

  • Milan

    Thanks for the time and love you have poured in to this site Chris. I have found it very helpful indeed! :)

    It strikes me that there are thousands, perhaps millions of people across the globe who have realised these ‘fundamental truths’ that:

    A. cancer is preventable and curable through taking personal responsibility for our health, self-educating and making aware, informed choices about our bodies and minds.


    B. drug companies and most of the medical industry has nothing to gain from curing us and ensuring our health, so ultimately it is up to us.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get everyone together and organised in such a way that we could educate more people and children, and crowd-fund any research we needed to! :)


    Best of health to all who visit this site and beyond :)

  • Erin Tarn

    If only they could give us a total they needed to get to to come up with a cure. Then we could just throw money at it. The problem is that Cancer is a symptom. And you can only mask/reduce symptoms. Curing cancer involves removing the situation or conditions that caused it. Read that again. YOU CAN’T CURE CANCER. It’s not a disease. It’s a body response to a repetitous and inflammatory condition. There never has and never will be a cure. You can only avoid cancer by living healthy and even then you’re exposed to smog, EMR, chemicals in food/water, etc.

  • John Williams

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  • sonia

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