20 Questions For Your Oncologist

20 Questions For Your Oncologist

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  • IgnoreTheMedia_THINK

    Wonderful questions! If any of my loved ones had asked these questions of their oncologist, perhaps I wouldn’t have to wait until heaven to enjoy their company again!

  • Steve Green

    Some pretty amazing answers from my Urologist regarding these questions today! Chris is pretty much spot on with his comments regarding the answers he gave!

  • marie

    My daughter has been on palliative medicine for a month now and I want her out of it after reading about the real reason for that treatment. What should I do?

  • Christine Seggiani

    I was diagnosed with Secondary Breast Cancer 6 weeks ago. By 2 different Oncologists in 2 different countries ( Italy & UK ) after 13yrs,when I had a Lumpectomy,followed by 15 sessions of Radium,also 5 yrs of taking the Tablet Tamoxafen. I now have a 2cm Cancerous lump, and I do not want to lose my Breast. So I am following Chris’s diet,after Detox, also using cbd Oil the Black, strongest,which has been recommended to me by 2 friends,who also cured their Cancer. I live in hope ,as I must tell my Local GP,of my decision.