48-year stage IV survivor Dr. Robert Gorter on healing cancer with mistletoe, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, and cannabinoids

“The cause of cancer is always rooted in a malfunctioning immune system.” -Dr. Robert Gorter

Dr. Robert Gorter earned his medical degree at the University of Amsterdam Medical School in 1973 and completed his postdoctoral training at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF) Medical School in 1986.

Dr. Gorter served as a UCSF faculty member from 1986 to 2008. He also earned a Ph.D. from the University of Witten in Germany in 1993, where he continues to serve as a faculty member.

Although his training was primarily in conventional Western medicine, he also completed special training in anthroposophical medicine in 1973 in Switzerland, with an emphasis on oncology. Dr. Gorter has written numerous articles and abstracts, contributed to many books, and been featured on ABC, CNN, and numerous television programs in the EU and the Middle East.

Early in his career, in 1975, Dr. Gorter was diagnosed with stage 4 germ cell carcinoma and healed himself with mistletoe therapy.

Dr. Robert Gorter is a brilliant and passionate pioneer who has helped many patients recover with integrative cancer therapies. In our conversation, we discuss his remarkable 48-year survival and his ongoing research and experience using mistletoe, dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, and cannabinoids to help patients heal.

Enjoy this informative interview!

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Dr. Gorter has a thick German accent. I suggest clicking the gear icon in the video to turn on subtitles.

Download the unedited interview transcript here

Show Notes
-Healing his cancer with mistletoe [2:22]
-Dr. Gorter’s work in the development of dendritic cell therapy [6:06]
-The function of dendritic cells [7:38]
-Combining dendritic cell therapy with hyperthermia [10:32]
-How to induce total body hyperthermia [14:25]
-The process of creating dendritic cells [17:02]
-How cancer cells respond to local hyperthermia [21:07]
-How Dr. Gorter discovered mistletoe [24:52]
-The root cause of cancer [25:37]
-Why dendritic cells are not used in the U.S. [27:47]
-Mistletoe’s function in the body [31:05]
-Dr. Gorter’s success rate with stage IV patients [36:30]
-Using mistletoe and vitamin D for cancer prevention [41:27]
-CBD reduces chronic inflammation as a COX-2 inhibitor [49:00]
-Why cannabis has a bad rap in America [50:45]
-CBD outperforms THC [54:35]
The Gorter Model: a nontoxic approach to healing [57:15]

Connect with Dr. Gorter
Website: www.gorter-model.org
Email: in**@Go**********.org
Facebook: The Gorter Model
Book: Fighting Cancer: A Nontoxic Approach to Healing by Dr. Robert Gorter & Erik Peper Ph.D.

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