Adam Sud on overcoming addiction, obesity, heart disease and diabetes with a plant-based diet

“Suicide is never someone wanting to end their life, it’s always someone wanting to end their pain.” -Adam Sud

Adam Sud is a behavioral wellness & nutrition expert, international speaker, and the founder and CEO of Plant Based for Positive Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing research and understanding of how nutrition impacts mental health and addiction. In 2020, he ran the first controlled research trial to investigate the effects of plant-based nutrition intervention on early addiction recovery outcomes.

He currently coaches individuals using nutrition, the science of behavior change, and evolutionary psychology to help them understand and achieve their personal mental health and wellness goals. His curriculum also aims to help people better understand the mechanisms of compulsions and behavior change.

Adam’s life nearly came to an end when he attempted suicide by drug overdose. With the help of treatment and the implementation of a plant-based diet, he was able to reverse multiple chronic diseases, get off all medications, and lose 175 pounds!

Today Adam is 10 years sober and thriving with a renewed sense of purpose. He not only conquered his own addictions and health adversities but he’s also committed and passionate about helping others.

I think most folks don’t realize how much food affects your brain and body chemistry, for better or worse. The good news is that eating a diet rich in whole plant food can not only improve your physical health but your mental health as well. I love Adam’s incredible inspirational story and I’m confident you will too. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
-Unraveling the roots of Adam’s addiction [3:33]
-Defining Substance Use Disorder [9:52]
-How substance abuse can sever healthy relationships [10:42]
-How self-abuse can look like self-care [12:34]
-The tragic consequences of addiction [14:36]
-Adam’s turning point [16:29]
-Checking into rehab [20:49]
-Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable [25:21]
-How diet can reset dopamine receptors [27:40]
-Using food to numb pain [32:47]
-What Adam eats in a day [37:03]
-What discipline looks like [40:30]
-Finding a new social circle [42:42]
-The gateway drug to radical life change [47:04]
-It’s not about luck [53:04]
-The requirement for success [55:49]
-Solving the inner pain problem [1:02:49]
-The difference between success and failure [1:09:35]

“Discipline is sometimes doing what you hate to do, but doing it as if you love it.” -Mike Tyson

Connect with Adam:
Facebook: adam.sud.5
Instagram: @plantbasedaddict

Resources mentioned in this interview:
Pilot Research Exploring Plant-Based Nutrition in Treatment for Substance Use Disorders
Book: The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Dr. Doug Lisle
Book: Lost Connections by Johann Hari

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