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"Alkalize It" or Why your body’s pH matters

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You may or may not remember from high school chemistry class that pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of any substance;  also known as an “acid” or “base”.

What many people don’t know is that your body’s internal pH, caused by the food you eat, affects your health.

This can be a bit confusing, so I’ll try to explain it simply.

Food can be classified as either acidic or alkaline in one of two ways.

The first way is before you eat it, like an orange sitting on the counter, which is acidic.

The second way is the residue or ash it leaves in your body after you eat it.

This residue left behind by food is basically minerals that are either acidic or alkaline.

So the effect that food has on your internal pH is what matters.

A general rule of thumb is:  Alkaline is good for you.  Acid is bad. (with some exceptions)

Oranges are acidic, but they leave alkalizing minerals in your body; so they’re good.

Milk is an alkaline base, but it’s actually acid-forming in your body.

Confused yet?  Don’t worry, keep reading.

Why your body’s pH matters:

A host of illnesses like cancer and heart disease thrive in an acidic environment.  Bacteria loves acidity as well.

If your diet consists of mostly animal products, cooked and processed food; then your internal pH is likely to be slightly acidic, as these are all acid forming foods.

Your body is constantly trying to maintain a normal pH balance as part of homeostasis, and one of the ways it does this is by leaching calcium from your bones and teeth to neutralize high acidity.  People drink processed milk for protein and calcium to build “strong bones”, but milk is acid-forming.  So the body ends up taking calcium from bones and teeth to balance out the acidity caused by milk.  Kinda screwy right?  

The optimal pH level for your body is 7.35-7.45, which is slightly more alkaline than acidic.

The solution is to eat more alkaline forming foods.

The Raw Vegan Diet is an all Alkaline Foods Diet.  Many researchers have reported that cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment, which is why I adopted the raw vegan diet for 90 days as phase one of my anti-cancer strategy.  But you don’t have to completely convert to raw veganism to be healthy.

Here’s what you need to know:

Acid-Forming Foods:
All Animal Products, Grains, Cooked food, and Processed food.
The worst acid forming foods are sugars, saturated fats, alcohol, and refined flour products like bread and pasta, and of course candy and junk food.  Basically most of the stuff we all eat.
Take this healthy-sounding meal plan for example:

Eggs, bacon, toast, and cereal for breakfast:  Acid.

Turkey Sandwich on wheat bread with yogurt for lunch:  Acid

Chicken breast with pasta and cooked vegetables for dinner:  Acid.

Alkaline Forming Foods:
Most Raw Organic Produce.  I’m talking about fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, as well as some beans and legumes.  Cooking veggies kill enzymes, destroys some nutrients, and increases acidity.

Alkaline Super Foods:
Tangerines, Pineapple, Raspberries, Watermelon, Limes, Lentils, Sweet Potatoes, Chlorophyll-rich dark green veggies like Broccoli, Asparagus and Kale,  Green Powders made up of Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Chlorella, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt, and more! (chart link below)

Some mildly acid-forming foods like certain fruits, veggies, clean meats and raw dairy, as well as fermented foods like yogurt and kefir are not necessarily bad, but a diet made up of mostly acidic can be for some people.

Some super easy ways to add alkaline foods to your diet are:
-Squeeze a little lemon or lime juice in your water
-Drink a green powder supplement like Perfect Food
every day

A good balance is 80% Alkaline Foods and 20% Acid-forming foods.  Basically the 80/20 rule.

One way to look at it is if you eat 21 meals per week, 15 of them should ideally be vegetarian or vegan.  Another idea along those lines that’s gaining in popularity is to be a Weekday Vegetarian.  That’s where you eat super healthy all week and eat whatever you want on the weekend.  Check out a great four minute video on this idea HERE.

There’s a printable reference chart of acid and alkaline forming foods HERE.

Some folks recommend pH Test Strips but I don’t, because I think they can be confusing and not an accurate reflection of what’s going on in your body.

 The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide is a good resource you should check out.

Final Note: Depending on your cancer you may need an acidic diet instead. There are several resources online where you can learn more about how highly acidic diets can heal certain types of cancer.

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  • Lysle

    I once read about this in the book “The Chemistry of Success” and I wasn’t really sure what to think about it.

    The difference is this book suggested a supplement of baking soda to help with your pH. Weird, but true. They also pointed out in the book that some people are naturally alkaline have more energy even though they eat badly.

    All in all, I found the book to be too strange to follow and eventually got rid of figuring it was wrong, but it did make me think more about pH.

    Your article gives a much better view point on the subject and makes it easier to approach. Thanks.

    • Hey Lysle thanks for the comment! I haven’t read that one, but baking soda is definitely an alkalizer. I’ve never taken it as a supplement.
      Perhaps they’re on to something…

      • Audra

        There is a doctor who uses baking soda to treat cancers Dr Simoncini.He uses a direct irrigation method if they are not in the digestive system. I think I saw him in a video on the Dr Mercola site

  • Great article! My body is definatly way more alkaline than it was 5 years ago, such an important process.

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  • Otto

    Hey, I don’t know if I’m going blind or not, but when I checked the alkaline – acid food list, I couldn’t find one common vegetable (or non-sweet fruit as in your “the giant cancer fighting salad” post), tomato. So if it really wasn’t there, do you know where it stands in this alkaline – acid matter? Tomatoes are such a varied thing. Home grown tomatoes tend to have a sweet, rich and strong taste, whereas basic grocery store tomatoes taste like acidic muddy water. I tend to use quite a lot of tomatoes. Canned ones too often (I suppose the metal taste, probably diluted from the can, doesn’t count for beneficial trace minerals). So info on tomatoes would be welcome.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Otto
      Tomatoes are definitely alkaline, but are best eaten alone or with non-starchy vegetables.
      They tend to react with a lot of foods in your stomach causing excess stomach acid and indigestion.
      Tomatoes and cucumber are great juice combo!

  • Jeremy

    Lemon’s ph is around 2.3. Why would it be on the aklaline side of the chart?

    • Food can be classified as either acidic or alkaline in one of two ways.
      The first way is before you eat it, like an orange sitting on the counter, which is acidic.
      The second way is the residue (or ash) it leaves in your body after you eat it.
      This ash residue left behind by food is basically minerals that are either acidic or alkaline.
      The effect food has on your internal pH is what matters.
      Lemon is an acidic fruit that has an alkalizing effect in your body.

  • Mark

    Hey Chris, my wife has ovarian cancer and has decided to go this route as well, and I agree with it. However, as you know, this is a very unpopular decision with many familt members. On the subject of ph, my bro-in-law, sent me this:The pH issue is pure nonsense and pseudoscience. Not only does it have ZERO scientific support, there is plenty to show that it is not effective and CANNOT be effective. All of the test “they” do measures the pH of the URINE or SALIVA, which is NOT the same thing as changing the pH of the BLOOD.

    Here is a good primer that has tons of extra info at the bottom:…kalinediet.html

    Another good informal write up:…dy-ph-quackery/

    Those are long, so here is a quick overview. The pH of the body is maintained RIGOROUSLY at 7.35-7.45 … Thats a very, very narrow window. Any number that varies significantly from these is a serious, life threatening medical condition. In the ER its one of the very first things we look for when someone’s heart has stopped… If we do happen to find that the person is acidic/basic, we do NOT order raw kale and asparagus STAT, it requires large doses of IV medications.

    Are certain foods acidic/basic? Sure. But by the time they hit the stomach its a moot point because the stomach acid’s pH is around 3, and being that its a logarithmic scale thats about 100,000 times more acidic than any food you would eat.

    I do not have an educated response to this other than, no it isn’t! Can you shed some light on this?

  • Lisa

    During the news interview I saw that you had read many different books on this topic. Which books would you recommend to read regarding brain tumors? Or if you remember anything that would be beneficial for brain tumors would be great. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Lisa
      I don’t have any specific book recommendations about brain tumors, but I do recommend several books in my Resources section.
      There’s a link in the top menu bar

  • fresh87

    Just wondering,but can you alkalize tap water, with apple cider vinegar? I just bought the braggs brand.

  • Christin

    I’m confused about the acid/alkaline thing also. Some say it doesn’t matter because it all goes thru your stomach anyway, others say it does matter. Certainly you can get increased stomach acid when eating certain things. So what you put in does affect your stomach at least. But beyond that? The blood? I don’t know.

    What you say Chris? To the man whose wife has ovarian cancer?

  • Alex

    Hi Chris it is said that cancer cant survive in Alkalize envioroment but how about Alkaline water?
    There is this brand which is quite famous its called
    AOX water and its in Singapore do help me out thanks
    By the way how do I send u an email asking questions? Do I pay the 100 first?

    • Hi Alex, alkaline water may offer some benefit, but the machines are very expensive. A simple and very inexpensive way to alkalize your body is to add aluminum-free baking soda to water.
      If you would like to become a coaching client follow the instructions here

  • Alex

    Hi Chris Would you be so kind to answer a few questions that have been bothering me for sometimes. I am 22 this year I have abdominal pain which are on and off I went to many docs all said its just pain no need xRay so I was thinking if I do need to pay for coaching
    Is it possible that after I pay you can use Skype or Viber on smartphones because if I were to use land line it will cost a lot
    God Bless.and I will pay for coaching in 2 weeks time

  • rodney vester

    wife has renal cell carcinoma, we are having removed however i am very concerned with getting her body to a healthier state through diet and supplements. did you watch your ph levels turing your protocol? or was your ph levels really important?

    • Hi Rodney I monitored my pH for a awhile but it never really changed.
      I just focused on getting as many raw nutrients into my body every day as I could.

  • David Knopfer

    Hi Chris, I am very grateful for your blog and your testimony. As I mentioned I am fighting two cancers and by Gods grace I know everything will work out for his glory. My question is do you have a list of raw foods I can eat that are alkaline? I have been questioning things like citrus, apples, jalapenos, and some other foods. Do you eat any breads now? I miss my avocado sandwich. Thanks

  • Brandon E.(florida)

    this is so True.. DR. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in the 30’s! for discovering that Cancer cant survive in a PH of 8.0 or above.

    Chris you rock man.. Trying to beat testicular cancer myself right now.. Modern Death-dicine can kiss it! haha

  • Gayle Lammie

    Hi Chris, thanks for all the information you have provided. What is your take on juice fasting? Was this a part of your recovery protocol? Thank you.

    • Yes I did many juice fasts along the way

  • Dan

    Oh, as in “Legalize it.”….now I get it.

  • Mike Davey

    Hi everyone, as a newly diagnosed Multiple Myeloma patient this will be the first of many posts. Jan 14 2014 diagnosis, started immediate juice fasting & detox, gone full on organic, our acerage is now 100% organic as we were heading that way after all.
    Keeping diary of all supplements & treatments for MM.
    Unfortunately for me a single plasmacytoma mastised at the intersection of rib & vertabrae, huge disolving most of the rib & threatining my spinal column, millimeteres from my spinal fluid. Emergency radium & Dexmethasone over the the last 6 weeks to keep me out of a wheel chair, i never want to take either again, Dex is being weaned now, radium finished 2 weeks ago, tumour shrinking big time, i put this down to my strict juicing & Typed Metabolic Typing Diet, the diet is specific to me i am a FAST OXIDATION DOMINANT, my GP who practices Complimentary & administers IV vit c for me was impressed i discovered this on my lonesome then he & i fine tuned the diet through his sources, i must have high source protein , vegan would have made me very ill, killed me or made my cancer rocket.
    This is only relative to me, my metabolism & my cancer, be very aware that there are 3 cancers that thrive on an ALKALINE environment, Lymphoma, Leukeamia & Multiple Myeloma. On finding this info 4 to 5 weeks ago i immediately contacted Gerson Clinic, they contacted immediately & confirmed by email, do not use our diet for MM, & said get onto Gonzales which i have done.
    I juice gallons daily, bean curries dally, big salad with local fish, no dairy yet which i am allowed, coconut oil only, no other meat yet, not for a long time, fish is a big enough leap.
    My supplement list is enormous, with all the usual suspects, will post what i am taking & successes or failures in the future

  • Cathy Schaaf

    I don’t have cancer..but have a dear friend that has breast cancer reoccurring. I am only member of my family left as all my siblings and mother gone early…cancer. I have been looking into fungus and ph for a while now. Been taking ACV for few years…checking into my teeth but…having serious eye problem. Lost left eye to retinal vein occlusion so I have only one eye left and that eye has wet macular degeneration. I am receiving LUCINTUS shots once a month into eye. This is used on cancer. It is also 11,000.00 for 3 shots. I believe in you and what you’ve come to know. I have hunted many blogs for help. I have so much suffering after each shot and my inner voice telling me this whole thing is wrong. Where can I find help to reverse my macular degeneration without meds used for chemo injected into my eye. August 29 is my next procedure……thinking of asking for sleeping pills or stronger to help me check out of reactions my eye goes through each time. I am not old I am 61 and pretty healthy. Please can you direct me to some help and I would love to hear your opinion on eyes and diet. Thanks for all you do here. Sent much of your sites to friend with cancer..she can’t take the chemo..had one treatment and stopped. Cathy