Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer with Carrot Juice, Nothing Else


My name is Ann Cameron.
On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 I had a follow up CT scan for malignant tumors in my lungs.
Two days later I got the results:
 “No evidence of cancer.”

I believe, from personal experience, that carrots can cure cancer rapidly – without chemotherapy, radiation, or other dietary changes. I think carrots are worth a try for nearly everyone diagnosed with cancer because the results show up very fast.

Here’s the history of my experience:


On June 6th, I had surgery for a newly diagnosed Stage 3 colon cancer. I declined the recommended chemotherapy and felt better and better from that date. But six months later, on November 6th,  I had a CT scan follow-up that showed probable cancer in my lungs. 

The oncologist said I had Stage 4 colon cancer metastasized to the lungs. Later, I learned that the colon cancer surgeon believed the cancer in the lungs was unrelated to the colon cancer – an independent development. His reasoning was that colon cancer, even metastasized, grows very slowly, and the two lung tumors were growing fast.

The oncologist also said radiation wouldn’t help me. She recommended chemotherapy to retard my demise, but said chemotherapy wouldn’t cure the cancer. I asked the surgeon about my life expectancy. He told me that without chemo I probably had only two to three years to live – and not much more with chemo.

I was very distraught. I read everything I could find on the Internet about alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation. I already had a list of 20 or so recommended substances that didn’t work, that my husband had tried for six months before dying of lung cancer in 2005.

I hit upon a letter on the internet by a Californian man named Ralph Cole, saying that drinking the juice of five pounds of carrots, daily, had eliminated small squamous cell cancers on his neck. It also said that a few others had told him the juice had helped with a variety of cancers. Ralph was very detailed in describing his own experience, and wasn’t selling anything or engaging in self-aggrandizement. On November 17th, I started drinking the juice in the quantity Ralph recommended.

I juiced 5 lbs of carrots, per day

On November 27th, a PET scan confirmed the findings of the CT scan: the presence of “spots,” swollen lymph nodules, and two small tumors in enlarged lymph nodes between the lungs – each about 1 inch long by 1/4 inch in diameter. According to the radiologist’s report, these tumors were “avid for sugar” and “rapidly growing.”

Drinking carrot juice, unlike some supplements that oncologists prohibit during conventional treatment, is perfectly compatible with simultaneous radiation or chemo; but I didn’t want the recommended chemo because I had researched and dreaded its side effects.  

So, I had no chemo, no radiation, no other treatments, and no dietary changes beyond the carrot consumption, and continuing eating meat and ice cream and indulging in other dietary vices. I don’t recommend ice cream for cancer, but only want to emphasize that drinking carrot juice was the only change I made in my life, besides gratefully accepting prayers and “good energy” from friends and asking for wisdom and help from Whoever is up there in the Beyond. 


On January 7th,  after eight weeks on the carrot juice (one quart to one and one-third quart daily) I had my first follow-up CT scan. It showed no growth of the cancer, some shrinkage of the tumors, and fewer swollen lymph nodes. In just eight weeks, the growth of the tumors had stopped.

It’s interesting that eight weeks is the same amount of time on carrot juice that it took Ralph Cole to eliminate his squamous cell tumors.

For the next six months, until the end of July 2013, I continued drinking the juice faithfully every day, except when I was traveling. I used an Omega Juicer at first, which made about one quart of juice from the five pounds of carrots. Because of moving, I switched to a Champion Juicer, which made about one and one-third quart from the same amount of carrots. Both juicers were effective. I made all the juice for the day in the morning, drank part of it, and kept the remainder in the refrigerator to drink throughout the day. Every month or so, when I traveled, I would go three or four consecutive days without juice.

A CT scan at the end of March 2013 showed no growth of the cancer, no new cancer, no swollen lymph nodes, and further shrinkage of the tumors.

A CT scan on July 30, 2013 showed no evidence of cancer!

The swollen cancerous lymph nodes had returned to normal size and were stable.  I told my oncologist, for the first time, about my carrot juice treatment, saying I hadn’t told her because I thought she would be skeptical.  She said that she was sure that many natural substances are effective against cancer, but that she can’t recommend them because of the lack of formal studies and statistical support. 

My understanding is that MD’s must rigidly conform to recommending chemotherapy or radiation, and nothing else, lest they fly in the face of proven published research and cause a patient’s injury or death with unorthodox advice – which could get them a big medical negligence lawsuit.  So, you can bring up carrots, or cabbage, or curcumin with your doctor, but even if they are interested, they are not free to to recommend these substances to you.

My oncologist recommended a new scan in six months, but in six months I’ll likely be in Guatemala where a scan involves drinking a lot of a very nasty-tasting contrast medium. So, I’ve decided to wait a year to have the next scan. In the meantime, I will keep on with occasional carrot juice, and aim for less meat and ice cream, and more salads.

To reprise my progress: 

-Two weeks after starting the carrots, there was no improvement.
-Eight weeks after starting the carrots, the tumors had stopped growing and were shrinking.
-Four months after starting the carrots, all the lymph nodes in my lungs had returned to normal.
-Eight months after starting, there was no sign of cancer anywhere in my body.

I believe that a newly diagnosed person, like me, still in generally good health, could safely put off  chemotherapy for eight weeks to see if five pounds of carrots daily, as juice, will halt the growth of cancer. If the carrots work, one might continue postponing chemo as long as the carrots continue to arrest the cancer and, one hopes, eventually eliminate it entirely. My latest CT scan  (July 30, 2013) proves that this has happened for me.

The carrot cure also worked for Ralph Cole’s squamous cell cancers. I think they probably will work against a wide range of cancers. The effective ingredient in the carrots is falcarinol, which has been proven effective against cancer in lab experiments with rats and mice, done in Denmark and the UK. Using carrots or falcarinol, Dr. Kirsten Brandt and colleagues in the UK have retarded the growth of tumors in lab rats injected with a carcinogen, by a third. They have fed the rats and mice what proportionately in humans would be a pound and a half of carrots. Drinking the juice from five pounds of carrots daily, as Ralph and I have done, is a human equivalent dose more than triple what Dr. Brandt gave the rats.  I hope that many people and organizations will help fund her work which, so far, has struggled to find strong financial backing.

Best wishes to all for health and happiness,
Ann Cameron

Comments from Chris:

I love this! Way to go, Ann! Some health and healing cancer experts would probably view what Ann did as incredibly risky – only juicing carrots and not even changing her diet. But it worked! And hey, it’s hard to argue with results.

Readers of this blog know that I recommend taking massive action and radically changing your diet and lifestyle to heal cancer, like I did. But Ann’s experience is encouraging evidence that sometimes small significant changes can produce big results.

This also could be a good approach if you are trying to help someone with cancer who is stubborn and resistant to change. Drinking 40 oz of fresh carrot juice every day is really not asking much. If they aren’t even willing to do that, I would seriously question whether or not they really want to get well. And just to be clear, I am in no way implying that Ann is broke or stubborn. :)

Read my post on how I juiced carrots to heal stage IIIc colon cancer after surgery here.
Read how Ralph Cole juiced carrots to heal his squamous cell carcinoma here.

In 2015, Ann wrote a book about her experience called Curing Cancer with Carrots

Ann’s website is




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  1. Kimberly T.

    What you do and have done Chris is AMAZING! I have always believed in self healing for most things. I appreciate the information, confirmation and YOU!

  2. Bee

    Do you think it is better to spread the 5 lbs over the day or juice it all at once and drink throughout the day?

    1. Chris Wark

      I juiced everything in the morning and drank throughout the day.

    2. Ann Cameron

      Either way works. All at once worked for Chris. Too much juice at one time would give me diarrhea, so I usually split the servings up.

      1. Ann Cameron

        error – drinking juiceall at once not for Chris, but for Ralph Cole of

        1. Daniel

          Any particular Carrot ( organic)? did you take the skin off first?
          What about the ready made carrot juice, do you recommend?

          1. Danae

            Daniel on Ralph’s blog he recommends any carrot and claims that even non-organic will work. He describes to wash them and not to take the peel off.

            Personally, I am looking for organic but I am relieved to know that anything works. Where I would definitely draw the line is GMO. Life is amazing the simple things are the most effective.

  3. KVogue

    Ann, congratulations to you!! I am so happy your story found it’s way to this site.

    As many of us come to this site to learn about what does and doesn’t work, can you please list the things your husband tried while fighting his cancer? Words can’t express my sympathy for what you both went through. I am so sorry for your loss.

    My brother died of metastasized lung cancer using conventional treatment. I tried for months to try to get him to use alternative treatments, but he kept saying, “they are the experts” – meaning conventional doctors. He is gone now, but I try to spread what I have learned to help others. Thank you and I wish you all the best.

    Thank you, Chris, for spreading the word that others can heal themselves naturally without suffering the side effects of chemo and radiation.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Dear K.

      What didn’t work, for me and my husband: a very long (and expensive!) list.

      Before going on to Bill–Two supplements that failed me were IP6 taken for years–I got colon cancer, which it supposedly helps prevent; and concentrated beet powder, which I used in amount equal to 5 pounds of beets daily, between June 2012 and November 2012 (when I got the metastasis diagnosis).

      The list below is everything my husband used for seven months starting right after his lung cancer diagnosis in January and continuing to mid-June before his death in July (as long as he could swallow. I have left in the list the super-optimistic research-based support for using these supplemtns.

      When I showed Bill the first list in January 2008, he, my poor dear, protested and didn’t want to take all that, and I cried and said he HAD TO! So he did, maybe more to please me than out of conviction. The things we do for love. He was a very strong, lively and intelligent man. He really wanted to live and I believe if we’d known about carrots, he would be alive today.

      Bill’s Supplements daily – January – June 2008
      *Most important for stopping cancer

      3 Low-carb Basic Multivitamin
      3 MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) anti-inflammatory, builds cartilage
      *2 100 mg. B6
      The body needs vitamin B6 to make hemoglobin. Vitamin B6 also helps increase the amount of oxygen carried by hemoglobin. Cancer cells prefer low oxygen environment.
      1 biotin 5 mg.
      *1 folic acid 5 mg
      ScienceDaily (Jun. 12, 2006) — Folic acid supplements may prevent cancer progression and promote regression of disease, according to a new study. Published in the July 15, 2006 issue of CANCER, a peer reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the small study found that 31 of 43 patients with the precancerous laryngeal lesion called leucoplakia demonstrated 50 percent or greater reduction in the lesion size after six months of taking 5 mg. of folic acid 3 times daily. In 12 of 31 responders, there was no evidence of the original lesion.
      1 1 mg sublingual B12 methylcobalamin for memory, free radical control
      *5-6 grams Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Cancer killing and immune system support.
      1 2000 IU Vitamin D 2000 IU.
      In a five-year study of 400 women in Nebraska, those who supplemented with? Or had? the most Vitamin D in their blood had a 70 percent reduction in all cancers.
      1 200 IU Vitamin E Gamma 2 400 mg. Vitamin E alpha w/ selenium 100 mcg.
      Research shows selenium, especially when used in conjunction with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene, works to block chemical reactions that create free radicals in the body (which can damage DNA and cause degenerative change in cells, leading to cancer).
      *Selenium also helps stop damaged DNA molecules from reproducing. In other words, selenium acts to prevent tumors from developing. “It contributes towards the death of cancerous and pre cancer cells. Their death appears to occur before they replicate, thus helping stop cancer before it gets started,” says Dr. James Howenstine in A Physician’s Guide to Natural Health Products That Work.
      1 gram Squalene
      Tumor inhibition, angiogenesis inhibition.
      1 – Centrophenoxine (lucidril) 1 500 mg. capsule
      removes debris from cell membranes

      1 500 mg. Carnosine
      prevents glycosylation of proteins

      *3 CoQ10 (ubiquinol) 100 mg.
      Antioxidant, necessary to mitochondria, in 3 cases has caused disappearance of women’s breast tumors

      3 Curcumin 900 mg with 15mg. Bioperine (double it to 6 starting Feb 11 08)
      Curcumin [turmeric] inhibits VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor). Bioperine, a black pepper extract increases absorption of some oral vitamins by about 20 percent. Suppresses nuclear factor kappa-beta, NFKB. * Cancer. Curcumin has been found to suppress, retard, and even reverse cancer development at each stage of the disease.50 By inhibiting NFkB, curcumin reduced expression of proteins needed by cancer cells for proliferation (the promotion stage) and for invasion and metastasis (the progression stage).51 Curcumin also reduces cancer progression by increasing cell death in cancer cells, thereby depriving them of the “immortality” they need to survive and invade other tissues.52,53 This has allowed curcumin to be effective in highly chemotherapy resistant cancers;54 it has also been shown to increase the effect of chemotherapy in animal models of advanced human cancer
      3 Essential Fatty Acids, 740 mg., Omega 3 EPA 400 mg & DHA 120 mg.
      Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant
      3 Glucosamine Chondroitin, Chondroitin Sulfate + MSM arthritis prevention
      Green Tea extract
      tumor inhibition. Causes apoptosis in cancer cells, protects the P53 gene from mutation.
      Liu Wei Di Huang Wan herbal supplement
      for improving kidney function (This really worked for my husband’s kidney function; it went from a high creatinine level to almost normal before he died)

      NAC N-acetyl cisteine
      9/13/2007 article
      Cancer: Vitamin C and N Acetyl Cysteine: A new Johns Hopkins study suggested that vitamin C and NAC significantly inhibited the spread of lymphoma or prostate cancer cells that were implanted in mice. This new research suggests that antioxidants ability to protect DNA from damage is just part of the cancer picture the antioxidants vitamin C and NAC also prevented cancer cells from replicating in this study.
      It has long been known that vitamin C and NAC fuel the production of cellular glutathione, the primary antioxidant in a cell that protects it from damage. It has also been known that cellular glutathione powers immune cells and the ability of natural killer cells to knock out cancer.

      Niacinamide to total 3 grams in divided doses
      Niacinamide is the active form of vitamin B3 and a component of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). Niacinamide acts as a chemo and radio sensitizing agent by enhancing tumor blood flow, thereby reducing tumor hypoxia. This agent also inhibits poly(ADP ribose) polymerases, enzymes involved in the rejoining of DNA strand breaks induced by radiation or chemotherapy.

      Quercetin 500mg with Bromelain 375 GDU -discontinue, get from fruit
      Quercetin inhibits the mutation of tumor suppressor gene P53. U.S. and French research shows oral bromelain can reduce cancer in animals. Some documented cases show cancerous tumors regressing as a result of bromelain.
      3 R-alpha lipoic acid 100mg.
      Renews antioxidants Vitamins C and E; boosts glutathione production in body.Researchers at UC Berkeley have found that cells bathed in ALA inhibit the growth of a protein linked with the growth of cancerous tumors.
      Red and Blue berries & vegetables
      blueberries help w/ neural transmission & balance in elderly; support blood flow and regeneration of connective tissue. Blueberries are blue, raspberries are red, and eggplant is purple, all thanks to polyphenol pigments called anthocyanins: a family of potent antioxidants also found in red cabbage, eggplants, prunes, plums, grapes, cocoa, and other blue red purple fruits and vegetables. The most effective parts are the most pignented–the skin. A new study from the University of Illinois that tested the effects of blueberries on prostate and liver cancer cells, showed that various compounds in wild blueberries—including anthocyanins—possess the power to help prevent cancer in all three phases: initiation, promotion and proliferation. Sterol compounds in blueberries inhibit cancer in the first, or initiation stage, while their anthocyanin pigments can halt cancer in the critical promotion and proliferation stages.
      2 grams Resveratrol from red wine. ( Vitacost’s has 500 mg. per capsule: 75 mg. Japanese Knotweed Extract (Polygonum cuspidatum)(root)(standardized to 50% resveratrol 37 mg); 25 mg Red Wine Extract (standardized to 30% polyphenols)(skin and seed);
      50 mg. Grape Seed Extract (ActiVin®) (standardized to 85% phenolic and 75% oligomer polyphenol) (seed)
      Resveratrol blocks EGFR (epithelial growth factor receptor), which is over-expressed in cancer cells.

      Powdered Medicinal Mushrooms. 1 teaspoon 2 to 3 times a day, dissolved in hot water as a tea. Use one mushroom varitey for a month, then rotate to a different mushroom for a month this change off on types stimulates the immune system better than a mix. Preferred mushrooms are: Reishi (ganoderma lucidum), cordyceps; and maitake.

      Haroaki Nanba reported the findings of the following study in “Maitake D fraction: healing and preventing potentials for cancer,” published in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Feb/Mar 1996; In a non randomized clinical study, 165 individuals with advanced cancer used maitake D fraction. Patients received either maitake D fraction alone or with chemotherapy. Maitake mushroom was found effective against leukemia and stomach and bone cancers. Responses were further improved when maitake D fraction and chemotherapy were used together. Individuals receiving maitake D fraction also experienced relief from the side effects of chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, hair loss, and deficiency of white blood cells.
      What is Reishi Mushroom Extract?
      Simply, it is the extract of the mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, also called “reishi” in Japan, or “ling zhi” in china. Ling zhi means “spirit plant”, and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this mushroom is considered to be of the highest class of tonics. In the Orient this mushroom has a 4,000 year history for use in an unusually wide range of ailments, but is particularly renowned for its use in hepatitis and other diseases of the liver and for promoting longevity. Triterpene rich reishi mushroom is also reputed to reduce hypertension.

      In recent years the focus of research with Reishi is its apparent immuno enhancing and anti tumor activities. While the exact mechanism is still unknown, a large numbers of studies have shown that reishi may modulate many components of the immune system such as the antigen presenting cells, NK cells, T and B lymphocytesm, which are pivotal to initiating a primary immune response. It is believed that it may be through this immune modulation that reishi’s apparent anti tumor effect may be achieved. To that end a 2005 study found that reishi polysaccharides “effectively promote the activation and maturation of immature dendritic cells” which interact with and stimulate T and B cells, yielding further evidence that Reishi’s value comes from it’s ability to enhance immunity response.7,8,
      Cordyceps has been an important Chinese herb for thousands of years and is just now being discovered in Western countries. In ancient China, Cordyceps was highly sought after as one of the most effective herbal cure alls. This valuable herb has been used historically as a daily tonic to help the body build strength, improve breathing and lung functioning, strengthen the immune system, heighten sexual energy and enhance longevity. Due to its anti aging and immunity enhancing properties, it has been compared favorably to Red Ginseng and Reishi.

      Cordyceps is a Chinese mushroom fungus that can be found in isolated places in southwestern China. Although it was originally discovered as a parasitic organism growing on a rare Tibetan caterpillar (hence its nickname, Chinese Caterpillar Fungus!), most modern Cordyceps is grown on soybeans or other nutrient sources.

      Cordyceps popularity among herbalists is due to its beneficial effects on reproductive invigoration, lung “protection” and qi/energy enhancement. In fact, Cordyceps has been called “the next Ginseng” due to its overall effects on energy levels, sex drive and athletic performance. Although the pharmacologically active components of Cordyceps remain unknown, at least two chemical constituents, cordycepin (deoxyadenosine) and cordycepic acid (mannitol), have been identified and suggested as being the active compounds in improving lung function and increasing energy levels and sex drive.

      1 squalene
      Tumor inhibition, anti-angiogenesis

      Whey protein powder with lacto ferrin and lactoglobulin. 25-50 grams mixed into juice or water.

      from Life Extension Foundation: …Studies have been done on animals regarding cancer causing chemicals to see what effects whey protein concentrate would have on cancer prevention or treatment. Scientists fed rats various proteins and then subjected them to the powerful carcinogen dimethylhydrazine.

      As with the previous research, the rats fed whey protein concentrate showed fewer tumors and a reduced pooled area of tumors (tumor mass index). The researchers found whey protein offered “considerable protection to the host” over that of other proteins, including soy.
      (McIntosh G.H., et al., Journal of Nutrition, 1995)

      Even more exciting, in vivo research on cancer and whey showed whey protein concentrate inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells at low concentrations (Baruchel S. and Vaiu G., Anti Cancer Research, 1996). Finally, and most importantly, a fairly recent clinical study with cancer patients showed a regression in some patient’s tumors when fed whey protein concentrate at 30 grams per day.
      (Kennedy R.S., Konok G.P., Bounous G., Baruchel S., Lee T.D., Anti Cancer Research, 1995)
      Whey and Glutathione

      This new research using whey protein concentrate led researchers to an amazing discovery regarding the relationship between cancerous cells, glutathione (GSH) and whey protein concentrate. It was found that whey protein concentrate selectively depletes cancer cells of their glutathione, thus making them more susceptible to cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

      It has been found that cancer cells and normal cells will respond differently to nutrients and drugs that affect glutathione status. What is most interesting to note is the fact that the concentration of glutathione in tumor cells is higher than that of the normal cells that surround it. This difference in glutathione status between normal cells and cancer cells is believed to be an important factor in cancer cells’ resistance to chemotherapy.

      As the researchers put it, “Tumor cell GSH concentration may be among the determinants of the cytotoxicity [poisonous to cells] of many chemotherapeutic agents and of radiation, and an increase in GSH concentration appears to be at least one of the mechanisms of acquired drug resistance to chemotherapy.”

      They further state, “It is well known that rapid GSH synthesis in tumor cells is associated with high rates of cellular proliferation. Depletion of tumor GSH in vivo decreases the rate of cellular proliferation and inhibits cancer growth.”

      The problem is, it’s difficult to reduce glutathione sufficiently in tumor cells without placing healthy tissue at risk and putting the cancer patient in a worse condition. What is needed is a compound that can selectively deplete the cancer cells of their glutathione, while increasing, or at least maintaining, the levels of glutathione in healthy cells.

      This is exactly what whey protein appears to do. In this new research it was found that cancer cells subjected to whey proteins were depleted of their glutathione, and their growth was inhibited, while normal cells had an increase in GSH and increased cellular growth.

      These effects were not seen with other proteins. Not surprisingly, the researchers concluded, “Selective depletion of tumor GSH may in fact render cancer cells more vulnerable to the action of chemotherapy and eventually protect normal tissue against the deleterious effects of chemotherapy.” The exact mechanism by which whey protein achieves this is not fully understood, but it appears that it interferes with the normal feedback mechanism and regulation of glutathione in cancer cells.

      It is known that glutathione production is negatively inhibited by its own synthesis. Being that baseline glutathione levels in cancer cells are higher than that of normal cells, it is probably easier to reach the level of negative feedback inhibition in the cancer cells’ glutathione levels than in the normal cells’ glutathione levels.

      This website explains how whey protein raises glutathione levels and how high glutathione in normal cells helps to make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy and more likely to die. See: and for “whey”

      1 Zinc 30 mg. (L-methionine)
      Anti-oxidant. When the blood is high in zinc, it’s low in copper. Copper is necessary to form new blood vessels in cancer cells, thus it’s important to keep copper low.

      Bill’s Supplements Daily June 2008
      Added to above:
      Night 1 1 A.M. ArteMin Pro 125 (60 125 mg caps artemisinin) $30.
      Night 1 1 A.M. artesunate 50 mg. capsules Hepasunate $50
      L 1 silypide 120 mg. silybin (milk thistle extract) Enzymatic Therapy 12.69
      B D IP6 powder 4 grams 2x day Cell Forte powder 414 gram jar $49

      1. Peggy

        My husband has liver cancer. We are doing many things, too. We found a doctor who is an Integrative MD who is very interested in treating cancers. He wants my husband on the ketogenic diet, a very strict one. When we tried this, Michael lost all interest in food and preferred to sleep most of the time. The doctor even said to limit carrots because of the sugar. After my husband lost about 50 pounds and a good deal of muscle tone, we decided to add some foods back. I was worried he was simply going to die of malnutrition.

        Now we are juicing some carrots with green apple. He doesn’t like any dark green leafy vegetables so I add a few in the juice and tell him the juice is green because of the apple. I wouldn’t say he really loves the juice, but he is trying to like it and is drinking a small glass a day. I know he should be drinking more, and we’re working on it.

        We added some carbs back into his diet: Ezekiel wraps with vegetable mixes in them now and then. He loves cooked legumes, so I give him beans occasionally, and found that black/wild rice is technically a seed so his doctor has no problem with that.

        This doctor recommends up to 6 eggs a day for the weight loss and I am concerned that this is too much animal protein. I fix a smoothie with whey powder, almond milk and fruits and we call it a milkshake.

        His b/p had dropped to 88/48 on the ketogenic diet. When we added the few carbs back, the b/p came back up to about 110/68, closer to his normal range. Although his pulse is still at about 48 even though he’s walking at least a mile a day.

        Sometimes it seems to difficult to know what to do. There’s a lot of conflicting information and what works for one person does not work for another. Apparently there is no “one size fits all” solution to any of this.

        So we simply do the best we can. Try to get the live uncooked enzymes into him and still give him foods that will keep him interested in eating. I’ve heard that liver cancer really messes with appetite, can cause depression, etc. so I want his state of mind to be as positive as possible.

        I’m so glad the carrot juice worked for you. Thank you for sharing what did not work for your husband, that’s helpful for those of us fighting cancer. I’m so sorry for your loss.

        1. almond

          Try Rick Simpson oil. It seems to be the best cure there is.
          There is also a testimony of a woman who used it to heal from cancer on Chris website.
          Lot of health

          1. cpmt

            Yes, I agree with you. I know two people who told me they got cure with it. but where can you get it? how? I am not sure I can trust anyone … if they sell me the wrong thing? just to get money from me? I know someone toll me to give them ‘something’…but, what is something? how do I know they are the real thing?

        2. cpmt

          I hope your husband is doing better. it is very important to follow a good diet with no GMO’S PESTICIDES AND TOXIC CHEMICALS …in FOODS OR WATER. THEN CONCENTRATE IN GET HIS IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKING. with different veggies/plants, mushrooms (in soups if he doesn’t like them) etc… carrots are ok but NOT the only thing. cancer cells are complex and very diversified and you need more that one treatment to work all around fighting it. GOOD LUCK, i hope he is doing better, if not well.

        3. cpmt

          ALSO… VERY IMPORTANT chlorophyl…

  4. Beate Moore

    This also shows besides doing all we can, there is also a factor like using our own intuition and trusting if we give it our best that some grace will follow. Ed and i use many different health restoring modalities, juicing a major part of it. Our whole family is getting healthier. Great to hear about u sucess.

  5. terri

    This is very exciting news and I do believe that juicing is probably one of the best things you can do to fight cancer. I have one question though. If cancer likes sugar, why do the carrots work to stop cancer? Doesn’t carrot juice have a lot of sugar in it?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Terri, the relationship between cancer and sugar is largely misunderstood. I wouldn’t worry about the sugar in carrot juice. :)

      1. terri

        Thank you for answering so quickly Chris. I am glad to hear there is nothing to worry about with sugar and cancer. I also want to thank you for telling your story and letting everyone know how we can beat cancer without chemo, radiation, and surgery!

        1. almond

          It is not correct that there is nothing to worry about with sugar.
          Sugar intake should be limited for a person with cancer.
          With the carrot juice it is probably different but most sugars should be consumed minimally or not at all especially refined sugars.

    2. Ann Cameron

      I have read that the “cancer likes sugar” story is a myth–in that ALL our cells get their energy from sugar. There’s no way around that. The carrots have chemicals that interfere with the growth factors that support the cancer growth, so the cancer cells can’t grow despite the sugar. Imagine a war in which two countries attack each other’s armies, versus one where one of the countries instead attacks the supply lines (food and equipment supplies) instead of directly attacking the army. That’s how I think carrots stop the cancer–not by direct attack but by cutting off growth to it. Chemo causes cancer cells to protect themselves.

  6. Jan

    Chris, I am retired with a limited income. I am dealing with breast cancer. I have started drinking carrot juice, but all I have is a VitaMix (whole food) “blender”, not a juicer. The carrots are drinkable, but the whole carrot, including the pulp, is eaten. Do you know if this is less effective or just as effective? Thank you.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Jan. It will be difficult to drink that much blended carrot juice with all the pulp and fiber. Look for a used juicer at a yard sale, swap meet, or on ebay or craigslist. In the meantime you can liquify the carrots in the Vitamix then squeeze the juice through a nut milk bag or a silk paint strainer.

    2. Ann Cameron

      The English researcher Kirsten Brandt told me her lab rats get more falcarinol, the effective agent in the carrots, by having the whole carrot, and more than a human would get by drinking juice and not eating the pulp. So what you are doing works, but it’s not necessary for the cure, and I’d think you’d get very tired of getting down that enormous quantity of pulp.

  7. Carrie

    I’m so glad there is testimony from someone who doesn’t do everything perfectly. Being single and having to work full-time for a living has made it such a challenge to deal with my stage 4 bc, especially now that I am dealing with near-debilitating bone met pain. I’ve been berated by married women who have gone through non-toxic treatment perfectly…with their spouse by their side and with him bringing home the bacon (I mean carrots). It has stressed me out and some nights I get only 5 hours of sleep trying to accomplish everything including the house work. I have never seen a testimony from someone single and having a serious lack of funds and time. It’s been discouraging that perhaps they just don’t make it and die. I’ve been introduced to a few single ladies with cancer but they are doing 100% conventional and are so sickly. I’ve asked “Why not non-toxic?” and their response is always the same: insurance pays for conventional and they can’t afford non-toxic. I am happy to tears that I can just simplify my self healthcare with my hope in Jesus for healing. I’ll be picking up one of those huge bags of carrots today! Please post more of these kinds of stories. I seriously need the encouragement through someone I can actually relate to. (P.S. I don’t allow the ice cream etc. into my diet though.) :)

    1. heidi

      carrie-know i will be praying for you! yes lean on Jesus. seek his will, so you can rest that you are on his path

      1. Carrie

        Thanks, Heidi!

    2. Ann Cameron

      Just doing carrots alone really works. See more details about it on the site Good luck!

      1. CHART Natural Cancer Healing

        Hi Ann! Would you consider helping us with our community research project? Google “Cancer Healing And Research Trust” and you’ll find us (this blog doesn’t allow me to link you to it). Thanks!

    3. paulop

      Hi Carrie, how are you doing? Praying for you…

  8. Vanja

    Another fantastic survivor story!!! Thanks Chris!

    I have been juicing beet root, carrot, spinach & apples for my breast cancer. Should I be just juicing carrots?

    1. Ann Cameron

      All I can say is, carrots alone worked for me and others. See the site I used the equivalent of five pounds of beets daily from June 2012 to November 2021–when the new cancer was discovered. Beets did nothing for me. I had lots of kale a year before the colon cancer was diagnosed. No help apparently.

    2. Ann Cameron

      I sometimes added an apple or a little ginger, for flavor, but rarely. Carrots alone worked.

      1. Danae

        Thanks, Ann, for the clarification – that is exactly what I needed to know. I just juiced beets – I like the taste better but – will focus on carrots now. What a fantastic find this place is!

  9. Denisa

    How fantastic!! I love reading stories like this! I’ve already read both of them twice today for an inspiration:-)….thank you Chris for doing this! Educating & giving hope. God bless you!

  10. Graham

    Is this true? Because I need to help my wife. If I can’t find some way to help, I’ll just drive over a cliff.

  11. Renee

    I was wondering if Terry added anything into the carrot juice or was it straight carrots?

    1. Ann Cameron

      I always used the 5 pounds of carrots and very occasionally added a little ginger or an apple or a pear.

  12. Laurence Wright

    Hi Chris, love your work/website. I can’t afford a juicer. Will blending yield the same results ?

  13. Deanna Gardner

    I tried it for Multiple Myeloma and my cancer increased. I called the Gerson Therapy Institute and they said their diet doesn’t help MM.
    I do still juice but juice greens, beets, garlic.
    I would love to know if any one has healed Multiple Myeloma with diet alone.
    I do a strict diet with no sugar or flours but I am taking a low dose target drug. My cancer is now decreasing by my tumor marker.
    Anyways, just juicing carrots is not going to cure MM.

    1. Kennedy DeSousa

      Hi Deanna,

      I’m not a doctor so don’t hold me to it. BUT, since my father died over 10 years ago of cancer I’ve been reading a lot on the latest cancer studies.

      Try adding to your regiment FRESH organic turmeric not the powder but the actual root. You can find it at any Wholefoods market. Make sure you add fresh ground black peppercorn to it. This allows the curcumin in the turmeric root more bio available.

      Below are the links for further research.

      Google turmeric’s affect on cancer cells… You’ll find more detailed information on that! I wish you the best of luck and I would love to know about your progression.






      1. Danae

        Deanna, I do not have MM but I truely belief that nutrition is the key in healing anything. Once the system cleanses the healing will take place.

        Perhaps, Ann Wigmore’s famouse wheatgrass will do it? Stay with an organic nutrious approach and read some of Louise Hay’s affirmations. Take out everything chemical in your flat – from cosmetics to cleaning products and change for natural items.

        Karyn Calabres’s approach has helped a lot. She has a lot of youtube information out there. I think cucumin what Kennedy mentions is as well fantastic. Really make your way with this… Kris Karr has healed as well a cancer which was ‘uncurable’ so check it as well. Perhaps carrots will not resolve you type of cancer but it protects the liver (organ for regeneration) and wheatgrass cleanses the blood – check colon cleansing as well. Blessings!

  14. Catherine

    Jan, you can also strain the blended carrot juice from your vitamix through a nut milk bag to extract the pulp.

    We’re only organic carrots used?

    1. Ann Cameron

      Ralph Cole of told me it wasn’t important to use organic carrots. So I used only ordinary carrots and cut the cost of the treatment in half. I was totally healthy during the entire treatment with the ordinary carrots. They cured the cancer.

  15. John

    Cant you just buy canned carrot juice?

    1. Chris Wark

      No. It must be fresh. Canned and bottled juices have lost many beneficial nutrients.

  16. Mary Jean

    This is a wonderful and inspiring story and I had a very similar experience. Last December, at 46 yrs old, I had emergency surgery for stage 3 colon cancer. I had no idea anything was wrong with me and found out from a routine blood test that I had dangerously low blood volume and hemoglobin levels. They did various tests and found the cancer. After the surgery I too felt guided to refuse the chemo against the advise of all the doctors and pressure from my family. During recovery I changed my diet and cut out all red meat, sugary snacks, processed food and junk food. I ate only chicken, turkey, fish, shell fish, vegetables, potatoes, brown rice, yogurt, cheese, fruits, granola, beans, nuts, whole grain bread items and started walking 30 minutes twice a day. In addition I’ve been juicing a large glass of carrot juice and am drinking Chris’s healthy shake. I am eating apricot seeds and taking vitamins and suppliments including mushrooms, curcumin and selenium. Also lots of prayers and meditations for healing. This seems to have worked for me as my blood tests and scans have come out cancer free! I haven’t posted my story here because it hasn’t been a whole year yet – it will December 19, 2013 but I wanted to share what is working for me for others who are here looking for guidance in similar situations.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Great! Thank you for posting. You nudge or inspire me toward improving my diet. I think to cure using carrots alone, it takes the juice of 5 pounds of carrots daily.

    2. Brian

      Hi Mary Jean,

      I’m glad to see someone is using apricot seeds in the fight against and prevent of cancer. This carrot juice method is very inspiring and I wonder when combined with vitamin B17 (the simple name of the active ingredient in apricot seeds – apple seeds, cherry pits, bitter almonds and others) if it will be an even more effective treatment and/or prevention.

      I will do more research into falcarinol. Ann, thank you very much for the detailed list you provided in your stream. I really appreciate the fact you took the time to put it all in there. It is a tremendous help and inspiration.

      Many blessings to you all…

  17. Farrah

    Hi Ann. Your post on glutathione was super over my head. I wasn’t 100% sure what you were saying. What I mean is, in your research is glutathione good or bad? Do we want more or less?

  18. Clara

    thanks so much for sharing this story! I have lyme disease and Interstitial Cystitis as well as Environmental Sensitivities so hoping it will help for this condition as well. anyone have any suggestions about this? also how soon do you turn orange? I guess you just live with this until the treatments are done, or does it go away eventually?

  19. Sarah

    Thank you so much Ann for sharing your story. My mom is on the Budwig Protocol but vegetable juice is certainly compliant if I recall correctly. I’m hoping having her add some carrot juice daily will boost her energy and help out even more as she’s currently working full-time.

    And thank you Chris for keeping this site going! It gives people hope, something you can’t really get from a conventional doctor. I think having hope is a necessary part of getting well. God bless :)

    1. Ann Cameron

      All I know is that the juice of five pounds of carrots cured me and Ralph Cole, and seems to be curing others who are trying it. Maybe the Budwig diet cures people, too. One day I tried a little quark and hated it, so that ruled it out for me. It also is an extremely high fat diet.

      1. Gina

        Thank you & Chris for sharing your story . Silly question you say 5lbs a day , so how many ounces that actually give you throughout the day ? am currently battling stage 4 breast cancer. Doing chemo but also have implanted alternative methods as well , like juicing.

      2. cathieg

        Hi Ann
        yes the Budwig diet works too and the fats are actually good fats that we need and are deficient in. Like you I much prefer the carrot juicing!
        I have found that many people will use different approaches and they will work for them. Their intuition seems to guide them towards what they need to do once they make the important decision to live without fear.
        Taking charge of your life is a crucial aspect of getting well too. Well done to you and please keep letting people know the wonders of fresh carrot juice.

        1. Ann Cameron

          A cup has 8 ounces. Five cups in a day = 40 ounces daily.

  20. Clara

    I have environmental sensitivities and lyme disease. I am starting the carrot juicing and hoping this will also help with my conditions. any comments or suggestions?

  21. Kit

    All she did was drink carrot juice? She didn’t eat anythinng or drink water?

    1. Ann Cameron

      I followed my ordinary diet and added the juice of the 5 pounds of carrots as juice, to that diet. Drinking the carrot juice was the only thing I did to cure the cancer–no chemo, no radiation.

  22. Manny

    Hi Ann and Chris

    What a wonderful and truly insperational story. Unfortunately I only found your story about carrot juice 4 weeks ago but I have started to juice every day without fail. I am concerned about your chemo note because I started a chemo regime 6 weeks ago. Am I still doing good juicing the 5lbs of carrots every day AND continuining (now started) the chemo cycles? God bless you both.

    1. Ann Cameron

      If you feel that the chemo is making you sick, you can decide to discontinue it. It shouldn’t stop the good effect of carrot juice, but if your tumors shrink, you won’t know the cause for sure–carrots or chemo? Not that important if you are getting better!

  23. Ann Cameron

    That’s a very individual decision. Chemo helps some people and is very debilitating for others. From my and Ralph’s experience, chemo isn’t necessary to a cure. But that’s only two of us so far who have reported being cured by carrots alone. (I hope there will soon be many more!) Carrot juicing is compatible with chemotherapy. As long as the chemo doesn’t make you feel terrible, and you believe in it, you should probably do it. If you change your mind later, you can quit.

  24. Ann Cameron

    To add to my post above, I think getting cured of cancer takes some deep searching within to find what one’s own inner voice advises. I think that’s much more important than all the noise from family, friends, strangers, and doctors. I sensed an inner voice telling me not to do chemotherapy. Another person might not feel such a thing but might be getting different inner advice. I think this cancer adventure can provide a chance to hear one’s own truest voice, maybe for the first time.
    On a more superficial note, once one decides to have radiation or chemotherapy, one has gone on the assembly line of hospital’s and oncologist’s “best practices” based on statistics–not tremendously encouraging statistics at that. Once you’ve signed on, it’s like going into the army, or buying a house. It’s very difficult to un-buy.

  25. Tami-Lynn Matheson are like a cancer surviving rockstar in my mind…and Ann…congratulations on your wonderful healing and for sharing your story!:) I am sad that your husband lost his battle(in gods hands now). Keep sharing so that others might live.

    much love

    1. Ann Cameron

      Thanks, Tami-Lynn. I’m very excited that others are trying the carrot cure. I hope those who try it will inform Chris, and also Ralph Cole at his website In 2006, Ralph used carrot juice and cured squamous cell (skin cancer) tumors on his neck in eight weeks. He stopped juicing two months later. As I write this it’s September 2013. Ralph’s tumors haven’t come back. Ralph wants to hear of both successes and failures of those who use the fresh juice of 5 pounds of carrots daily to post the results on his website. You could call this “crowd research”– a way to find out if carrots really work. If they do, they could save the lives of millions from both cancer and the standard treatments. Remember that the same profession that has brought us chemotherapy and radiation once brought us leeches and bloodletting, with equal certainty that they were helping people.

  26. Claire

    How do you know when it is time to slow down with the juicing? once your skin turns orange?

    1. Ann Cameron

      Slow down a few months after you are CURED and have NO MORE CANCER. I turned only slightly orange. It was hardly noticeable and the color disappeared after a couple of months. Other people I guess stay orange-ish quite a while, but it’s worth it and will do you no harm.

  27. cathieg

    Hello from Scotland! So glad to read Anne’s story as I have had a very similar experience with my own cancer 15 years ago. I had non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the tumours were all over my abdomen, some quite enormous.
    Unlike Anne, I made some other changes to my life, because basically life was not working for me.My connection to my own self and my purpose in this life was non existent.
    I wrote a book about this but am not writing this to plug it. I am so happy that someone else is singing the praises of this wonderful life elixir that is carrot juice, especially from organic carrots (saves peeling them!)
    I became extremely orange, but that is a harmless reaction…Claire, only stop juicing when you have reached your goal and then keep some in daily, because carrots are your friends!!;+)

  28. Crystal

    I am a single mother with 3 beautiful children i now face for a second time a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer with bone,lung mets. I dont want to die im only 36 years old help please !!! What do i do i am currently on chemo taxol carboplatinum and a bone treatment zometa i know at some point the chemo will kill me ive already done 22 treatments please help what do i do !!!

    1. Dee

      Crystal, I don’t think the juice could hurt. No one can tell you what you should do, but again, could it hurt to do the juice? It makes sense to give your body what it needs to repair itself and the conventional treatments don’t seem to help with that at all. I think you could add to the effectiveness by eliminating sugar and adding foods that fight cancer as well (Google those). Best wishes and prayers for you. Fight.

    2. Ann Cameron

      Crystal, I hope you will try juicing. Ask your doctors what positive more chemo can do for you. Can more chemo cure you? If it can’t, is there any point in doing more?

      When I was diagnosed with the lung cancer, the oncologist said chemo would not cure me; it would only retard the cancer by 20 months. The surgeon, when I asked, said I only had two to three more years to live. I decided against the chemo because of the possibilities it would make me sick. Apart from the diagnosis I was feeling great. I think the carrots were more effective because my body just had to attack the cancer and wasn’t trying to repair the assault of the chemo as well. I hope you fight the cancer with your mind, too. Tell it you are not afraid and you are going to defeat it. Tell it that every day. Tell it to leave!!

  29. Mary Moh

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! It’s really encouraging to read of how you and Ann recovered from drinking lots of carrot juice. It’s simply amazing! So wonderful that you are completely cured, and also Ann. I do hope more people will start juicing. Thanks very much for sharing!

    1. Ann Cameron

      You’re welcome. We need to spread the word!

  30. Steve Bowers

    For Chris or Ann Just wondered in your 5 cups a day, how much juice you got in each cup from 5 lbs of carrots and did you spread them out through out the day? Trying to find out if my juicer is getting enough or not, although I realise now 1Kg is a lot larger the 1lb.

    1. Ann Cameron

      With a Champion juicer I got about five or maybe six eight ounce cups from 5 lbs. carrots. With the Omega, I got a little over four eight-ounce cups from the five lbs. of carrots. I spread them out over the day. Ralph Cole drank all his juice at once. We both successfully cured our cancers. It is probably better to drink the juice on an empty stomach several times a day to get maximum absorption–but really, it makes no difference! You’ll get enough either way. I kept the juice I hadn’t drunk at once in a closed jar in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation degrading the juice.

  31. Angela Pounder

    Hi my mum is 85 and has just been diagnosed with cervical cancer but im getting conflicting answers about what stage it is. The dr says stage 4b but it is only in her chest lymph nodes and hasnt gone to other major organs is there still a chance for her with the carrot juice.. I cant lose my mum she was fit and healthy before this with no other medical problems.. They suggest radiotherapy to shrink the tumor but are giving up on the rest.. Why cant they help the lymph nodes.. Please help

    1. Ann Cameron

      I don’t know why they can’t help the lymph nodes. I think there’s still a good chance for her with the carrot juice. It’s worked perfectly for Ralph Cole and me, and it’s now working for some others who are improving. Even though she is still fit and healthy, I think that radiation might be very hard at her age. (Or maybe not.) I think it’s good to ask doctors to state what are the statistics on success with radiation for curing the cancer and what side effects she can expect–particularly at her age. She is already four years beyond the average US life span. Carrots might not save her, but they won’t destroy her health. What will radiation do to her quality of life? Do they feel it will extend her life? Ask about “all-cause mortality.” The way statistics are cited is to say for instance, is to discard from cancer success statistics those who die of other of other causes before treatment is done. This makes the treatments seem more successful than they are. Say your mom does the radiation successfully on the cervix, but gets pneumonia because the radiation has damaged her immune system, and dies of pneumonia. Statistics won’t explain that she got the pneumonia because of the treatment. Also, in her case, given that she has the cancerous lymph nodes to deal with, too, what lengthening of life can she expect from the radiation treatments. There’s a kind of discouraging but excellent book, Malignant Medical Myths, by Joel Kaufman, which explains a lot actual success of radiation and chemo and how statistics have been manipulated, and what questions to ask her doctors. We all tend to forget or repress the knowledge that every life has an end. I think, if I were her, I’d decline the radiation, do the carrots, and live the rest of my life without illness induced by treatment. Of course it’s a very individual decision. I wish her and you the best.

  32. Betsey

    Chris, do you know of any women who have ovarian cancer who have healed using diet and eating vegan? Thanks for all your help and inspiration.

  33. Angela Pounder

    The drs said they are sure they can get rid of the tumor in the pelvic area but wont treat the lymph nodes in her chest even though it has not spread to other organs. They say she has a year to live so does that mean it will spread quickly to other organs now.. She has no other medical problems and is very healthy with good genes.. I dont want to lose her she has so much more life to live

    1. Ann Cameron

      It sounds like the doctors think it will spread rapidly. They thought mine would spread rapidly and instead, thanks to the carrots, it disappeared. I think the less your mother’s immune system is attacked with conventional treatments, the better chance she has for carrots to cure the cancer. When a body has to work to repair damage from treatment as well as to attack the cancer, it has double the work to do and I believe that would make it harder for your mother to recover. I think if someone has metastasized cancer that is causing a lot of pain, there’s a reason to risk chemo or radiation to lessen suffering. But both also cause suffering. If your mother feels good, that’s an excellent sign that carrots alone might cure her. I would advise a short trial of carrots for six weeks or so, and then a new scan to see if they have worked some improvement. There’s no guarantee they will, but I think there’s a good chance. Once the doctors say chemo and radiation won’t cure and prolong life more than a few months, I wouldn’t trade present good health for a possible only slightly longer life span with less quality of life. You might ask if they had an 85-year-old mother with the prospect of only a year to live, would they would subject her to the treatments they’re suggesting for your mother. The oncologist I saw in Guatemala said that if he had cancer, he would decline chemotherapy and radiation because of the suffering and damage they cause. Also, if they think she will die in a year, what is the benefit of “getting rid of the tumor?” Will that make her more comfortable or extend her life? –My dentist in Guatemala told me about his father, who was told he had only four months to live. His father (with prostate cancer) responded, “You’ve got that wrong!” It’s 16 years later, and after a long struggle with the cancer, he won–he’s alive, healthy and going to the gymn every day. When he had the cancer, he used to stare at the bad spots on his X-rays for up to an hour a day, telling his brain to register where they were, and telling his body, “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

  34. Angela Pounder

    I have decided to try my mum on the carrot juice what have we got to lose and was wondering if 3 cups a day would be enough as my mum is short and only weighs 56kgs. Also i would like to send an email to ralph cole but his email wont work.. Would you know of another email i could get in touch with him.. Thanks

    1. Ann Cameron

      Probably 3 cups a day would work, but I think 4 cups would be more prudent. If her cancer is visible, you could see if it shrinks with only three cups. Good luck to you.
      iRalph’s e-mail is Ra********@ya***.com

  35. Angela Pounder

    Thanks for your comments and advice Ann. I was told by the oncologist that if they dont treat the pelvic tumor now she will die a horrible painful death and they refuse to
    give her chemo because of her age. I gave mum a glass of fresh carrot juice today but she doesn’t like the bitter taste much so we may have to put something in to sweeten it.. Any suggestions? I am a bit worried about whether she will be able to tolerate the juice and not cause her stomach or bowel upset. She was ok when we left over an hour and a half after she drank the juice.. Do you know how long it may take to react to the juice if its going to happen. Did you get any adverse affects. I really hope this works. Thanks again.

  36. Angela Pounder

    It seems my mum is not having any adverse effects from the carrot juice so i will up her amount.. Want to take it slow so she doesnt get sick from it as i really want this to work. Problem is now she is losing her appetite and im very worried.. Maybe she is drinking too much fluid.. Does carrot juice count towards fluid intake?

    1. Ann Cameron

      Yes, the carrot juice counts toward fluid intake. I think it’s more important for her to get the carrot juice first and not force other fluids on her. (Unless you and she sees that she’s dehydrated–a dry mouth, for instance.)

  37. thloh


    My dad has colon cancer, surgically removed and now it metastasized to bladder and liver. I’m now juicing about 3 lbs of carrot everyday for him. Does it NEED to be 5 lbs a day? Do you peel carrot before juicing them?

    Thanks, appreciate your advice.

    1. Ann Cameron

      It depends on his weight. Ralph Cole thinks 3% of one’s body weight is necessary. But five pounds is better. No, don’t peel the carrots, just wash them off. Falcarindiol, one of the anti-cancer compounds in carrots is in the peel. The other ever stronger compound is falcarinol, in the core of the carrots. You can use ordinary carrots, you don’t need to use organic, though organic taste sweeter. I often added fresh ginger, a small amount, and one apple to the juice of the 5 lbs. of carrots. Sometimes I added melon. You could add some fresh orange juice–but ALWAYS you need the right amount of carrots. Probably you could add orange For me the sugar in the carrots or add-ons, plus sugar in my normal diet (chocolate) didn’t interfere with the cure. I also ate meat, dairy food, had a glass of wine, pizza, whatever I felt like. Only no Cokes or other sodas, just because I don’t like them.

      1. thloh

        Do you juice them all at once in the morning and store them in the fridge and consume throughout the day? Does it needs to be freshly juiced?

        Sorry for having so many questions.

        1. Nick

          How is it going for you?

    2. Ann Cameron

      After my colon surgery I had no appetite at all for about three weeks. I took a probiotic and that helped my appetite return to normal.

  38. Angela

    Im so worried about my mum as she has lost her appetite and i think the radiotherapy is having a bad effect on her ans because she isnt eating im afraid she wont want to drink the carrot juice and she is really down.. I just wish there was something i could give her to help her appetite.. I hate what this radiotherapy is doing to her and its only been a week.. What do i do… :(

  39. Angela

    Do you think it would make much of a difference if one day a week you didnt drink the juice as i cant get it over to my mum every day.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Ralph Cole skipped one day a week and got cured. I wouldn’t skip more than that, but I wouldn’t worry about one day skipped.

  40. Angela

    Thanks Ann for your replies i really appreciate it. My mum is trying to drink 2 cups of juice a day but its getting hard as i feel like im forcing her. I wish she could drink more but the radiation is making her sick and not wanting to eat. Im so worried. :(

  41. Ann Cameron

    Hi Angela,

    Recent research on breast cancer shows radiation creating more aggressive tumor cells. Is more or any radiation actually going to help your mother? 80 percent of cancer patients getting radiation or chemo are malnourished because they have no appetite or can hardly eat. Is this the way to health? Here is article about radiation and breast cancer. I think radiation would affect other kinds of cancer the same.


    Radiation therapy can convert breast cancer cells into dangerous stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy
    Robin Wulffson, MD
    Robin Wulffson, M.D.LA Women’s Health Examiner

    February 13, 2012

    Most are aware that a common treatment for breast cancer is radiation therapy; however, a new UCLA study has reported the disturbing finding that radiation therapy can convert breast cancer cells into dangerous stem cells that are resistant to chemotherapy. The study was published online on February 13 in the peer-reviewed journal Stem Cells. The research was conducted by scientists affiliated with the UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

    According to UCLA Health System, breast cancer stem cells are considered to be the sole source of tumor recurrence; these cells are not only resistant to radiation therapy but also relatively unresponsive to chemotherapy. The researchers have reported for the first time that radiation treatment kills about 50% of all the malignant cells during each treatment; however, it transforms the remaining cancer cells into treatment-resistant breast cancer stem cells. Thus, the development of these cells offsets the otherwise highly effective radiation treatment. Senior author and radiation oncologist Dr. Frank Pajonk noted that if researchers could discover the mechanisms for this transformation, they might be able to prevent it from occurring. This accomplishment would lead to more effective radiation therapy for the dread disease.

    Dr. Pajonk noted, “We found that these induced breast cancer stem cells (iBCSC) were generated by radiation-induced activation of the same cellular pathways used to reprogram normal cells into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) in regenerative medicine. He added, “It was remarkable that these breast cancers used the same reprogramming pathways to fight back against the radiation treatment.”

    The study authors wrote: “Controlling the radiation resistance of breast cancer stem cells and the generation of new iBCSC during radiation treatment may ultimately improve curability and may allow for de-escalation of the total radiation doses currently given to breast cancer patients, thereby reducing acute and long-term adverse effects.”

    Among breast cancer cells, only a very few are breast cancer stem cells. In the study, the researchers eliminated this small pool of breast cancer stem cells and then irradiated the remaining breast cancer cells. Subsequently, these cells were placed in mice. Using a unique imaging system, which the researchers developed to visualize cancer stem cells, they were able to observe their initial generation into iBCSC in response to the radiation treatment. Dr. Pajonk noted that the newly generated iBCSC were remarkably similar to breast cancer stem cells found in tumors that had not been irradiated. In addition, the researchers discovered that the iBCSC had a more than 30-fold increased ability to form tumors compared to the non-irradiated breast cancer cells from which they originated.

    “What is really exciting about this study is that it gives us a much more complex understanding of the interaction of radiation with cancer cells that goes far beyond DNA damage and cell killing,” noted Dr. Pajonk. He added, “The study may carry enormous potential to make radiation even better.” He stressed that breast cancer patients should not be alarmed by the study findings and should continue to undergo radiation if recommended by their oncologists. He explained, “Radiation is an extremely powerful tool in the fight against breast cancer. If we can uncover the mechanism driving this transformation, we may be able to stop it and make the therapy even more powerful.”

    This study was funded by the National Cancer Institute, the California Breast Cancer Research Program and the Department of Defense.

  42. Ann Cameron

    Angela, if you are concerned aboutdangers from radiation therapy, read “Radiation 101” right here on Chris’s site. I found it by Googling “ChrisBeatCancer” and “Radiation” together. Read it and see if you still think radiation is helping your mom.

  43. Angela

    I would love to get my mum off radiation as i have read alot of bad stuff about it but the dr said if they dont get rid of the pelvic tumor now she will die an agonising horrible death and they also said that the tumor has done alot of damage even though ive read about women who have larger tumors than my mum. I still dont understand why they are saying its stage 4b when its not in any other major organs as i read that 4b is when it spreads to lung or liver.. Im so confused…

    1. Ann Cameron

      Ask the doctors for evidence. What damage has the tumor already done that they can show you on a scan. Why do they say it’s 4B rather than 4A? Can they show you evidence for patients like your mother, around her age and level of health, that radiation actually cured? It could be that if the tumor can’t be reduced it would outgrow anything carrots could do to contain and fight, and that you would be better to have radiation simultaneously with carrots. Getting evidence from the doctors is the key to making an informed decision.

  44. Angela

    They say its 4b because it has spread to lymph nodes in her chest. Maybe it is too late to help her.. Maybe im wasting my time with the carrot juice. My mum is now having severe diahorrea and cant go for her treatment today. Im also wondering what damage the drs are talking about that is too extensive. Ok if it was in her lungs or brain it would be a problem but damage to the pelvic area.. What could be so bad down there that it will kill her. I feel like giving up at times and im losing hope. :(

    1. Ann Cameron

      I hope you can continue with the carrots. I think the radiation is worse than the cancer, but that’s just my guess. My husband died of cancer and pain medications made his death not painful and he didn’t endure all these treatments. I don’t know why cancer death with radiation is worse than without. I doubt it is worse without radiation.

    2. Ann Cameron

      Can your mother be in hospice care? Is that appropriate? Can you consult someone or the internet about cancer in the pelvis and death from it alone, versus death from it and radiation? Do the doctors believe they can save her with radiation? What does your mother herself want? Terrible diarrhea is no quality of life.

  45. Angela

    My mum is drinking 2 cups of carrot juice a day now and her appetite has improved a bit which is great. The diahorrea settled down and she hasnt had any this week which is awesome. She always feels worse just after treatment and if she has a bad nights sleep but apart from that she is doing ok. She also has a bit more strength in her legs and has stopped losing weight. This gives me hope. Doesnt a hospice mean she goes there to die.. She is far from that at the moment. I just hope things keep improving. She doesn’t have much pain at the moment so im still hoping once the tumor has shrunk the carrot juice may do the rest like get rid of the cancer cells in her lymph nodes.

    The drs say they cant cure her only give her more time with radiation otherwise she would go much quicker.

  46. Ann Cameron

    Carrots alone can shrink tumors. A man who has just been using carrots for eight weeks in that time shrunk a lung tumor the size of a walnut to nothing–no more cancer–as reported to Ralph Cole at
    As for hospice, it isn’t “a place you go to die” anymore. It’s a service for those who are believed to be within six months of dying, for which a doctor can recommend a patient. If the person gets better, she leaves hospice. The nurses and social workers serving patients in hospice visit them at their homes, give prompt help to relieve pain, answer questions, urgent questions from patients. They work to prevent suffering. When my husband entered hospice he was still active and alert. He enjoyed the hospice nurse and social worker, who were very sympathetic, appreciative of him. Hospice workers always answered our phone calls within a half an hour with solutions for immediate problems. I didn’t believe my husband was going to die when he entered hospice. I’m sorry I was wrong, but glad he got love, attention and help from the hospice nurse and the social worker.
    I think that carrots alone could stop her cancer, and that radiation may make her much less healthy and interfere with her eating and her immune system.

  47. Angela

    Thanks Ann for answering my messages all the time. I have hope that the juice will work but i still need mum to be drinking at least 3 cups a day and im not sure if she will. I am going to add wheatgrass juice to her diet to as ive read some good things about its properties especially to do with detox and immune system help. Im also going to get some protandim tabs as these are very good for people doing radiation therapy to help the immune system with antioxidants.. Its a heral product not a drug so im sure it will be fine. She had diahorrea again today and couldnt do treatment but once she knew she wasnt going to have the treatment the diahorrea stopped! I think she stresses when going there and i dont blame her. I just hope when the treatment finishes the carrot juice will heal the rest and hopefully get rid of the rest of the cancer. Heres hoping.

    1. Ann Cameron

      I hope so too. All the best to her and you.


  48. Ik

    My brother was diagnosed in March2013 with NSCLC,non small cell lung cancer.Surgery was not the option, he had 4 cycles of chemo and two maintenance doses of chemo,I was against chemo but obviously in panicking situation every one accepted drs words, he has almost 60 percent shrinkage in tumour and some shrinkage in lymph nodes, we were juicing as well and still juicing like carrot juice 5 glass with wheat grass and barley grass and lot of supplements, he went to Budwig centre and following Budwig protocol, we all are praying for him and he is doing well,we haven’t done scan yet but his tumour markers from156 to go down to 12 which is great. He is exercising and his energy level is good he is drinking lot of fluid, inc juice. No sugar, no oil, just vegetables and ( chicken and fish once in a month).turmeric, folic acid,paw paw, LDN , and a long list of supplements. Wish him and all patients to be cancer free. Chris you are truly blessing for all the patients of are inspiration and all the cancer survivor on your website are true inspiration, I am always waiting for your new videos and once it comes out, I watch that video may be 10 times a day and show it to my family.keep doing the great work. Thank you for every thing.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Great news, I have some LDN that I won’t use, that I got in January this year. Do you want them? The LDN made me dizzy, so I gave it up. Tell me your brother’s addess and I can mail it to him.

  49. Laura

    Mary Jean,
    Hi, Where do you get the apricot seeds from? do you buy them as seeds or kernels?


  50. Angela

    An update on my mum. She is doing better and her appetite has picked up which is good. She is still drinking only 2 cups of carrot juice a day but im hoping to up that once radiation therapy is finished which is next monday. She didnt get too many side effects so im hoping they did the treatment properly and not skimped on her because of her age. I know some drs dont care about the elderly. Now the hard task begins to try and get rid of what cancer is left and hope that it hasnt spread. I really hooe the carrot juice has done something and i will vet mum onto the wheatgrass juice to try and build her immune system back up again. Also going to take mum to see a alternative therapies dr who sends tests away to europe to a specialist who then lets us know what natural treatments will be best for mum. Also need to get her body more alkaline as cancer cant survive in an alkaline rich environment. Hope this is all good. Im trying my best to heal my mum.

  51. Ik

    Hi Ann Cameron,
    Thank you for your concern, I am happy for you and I have sent you an email on your website but I assume that email is not working because I haven’t received any reply, my brother is abroad and it will be costly to post but I m in Uk if you can drop me a text I will call you and if possible can we speak over the phone? My number is 07966696112 Thank you

    1. Ann Cameron

      Hi Angela, I’m so glad you’re mother is feeling
      better! I hope she can increase the carrots and that the radiation isn’t too hard on her. I am skeptical about the tests that can be sent to Europe to let you know what natural substances are best for your mother. What are the tests? Why does somebody in Europe know better than someone here? Who are the tests being sent to? What are their credentials? Look up the names of the European and the doctor here and see if there are any complaints about either of them being scammers. They may not be, but I’d had for you to spend your hard-earned money without being sure you’re getting something of value.

      About alkanizing the body, that also is unnecessary. Your body perfectly adjusts its Ph. If you toss baking soda or anything else into your stomach, you won’t change the alkalinity of the body anyway, but you will neurtalize the stomach acid you need to digest your food. This is hazardous. Below is what Dr. Andrew Weil says about alkalynizing your body.

      Does Alkaline Water Promote Health?

      Manufacturers of water ionizers state that their products produce more alkaline water, which allows your body to better absorb minerals and antioxidants from water. Are these health claims real? Do you recommend ionizers?
      Answer (Published 9/4/2002)

      Updated 5/13/2005

      Home water ionizers, which I’ve seen offered for sale on the internet, are just the latest twist in the ongoing effort to promote the notion that alkaline water is somehow protective of your health. The underlying idea is that you can prevent disease by balancing your body’s pH. Promoters claim that alkaline water is energizing, hydrates the body more effectively than regular water, improves the taste of food when used in cooking, promotes “regularity,” helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively, and on and on. I’ve even seen claims that it can cure everything from obesity and high blood pressure to breast cancer.

      None of these claims are true. Furthermore, your body needs absolutely no help in adjusting its pH. Normally, the pH of blood and most body fluids is near seven, which is close to neutral. This is under very tight biological control because all of the chemical reactions that maintain life depend on it. Unless you have serious respiratory or kidney problems, body pH will remain in balance no matter what you eat or drink. As for water, you should consider the fact that alkaline water is common throughout the western states but to my knowledge it has not protected anyone from the diseases and disorders that occur elsewhere in the U.S.

      The health claims for water ionizers and for alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.

      Andrew Weil, M.D.

      1. Ann Cameron

        Hi Ik, I never got your e-mail. Other e-mails come to my website. Try my regular e-mail, an************@ho*****.com.

        It sounds like your brother is doing well.
        I’m glad!

    2. Ann Cameron

      As far as I know the website e-mail is working. Try again, and I’ll respond. I am getting a bit overwhelmed by carrot related correspondence, so right now I’m not in the mood to call. It is very interesting, distressing, and heart warming to hear from people but I’m neglecting long-time friends for strangers. I know a phone call can be reassuring, though! So we’ll see. Personally I think he should have fish more than once a month–preferably several times a week, because especially oily fish is anti-inflammatory. Here is what Dr. Andrew Weil says about the Budwig diet–but whatever your brother feels helps him I wouldn’t want to discourage.
      Answer (Published 4/8/2011)

      Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. (1908 – 2003) was not a physician, but a well-known German biochemist. In 1951 she proposed her cottage cheese and flaxseed oil diet and supposedly demonstrated that a daily helping of this mixture plus other dietary restrictions (no animal fats, no salad oils of any kind, no meats, no butter or margarine, no sugar) would not only prevent cancer but could cure it. Her thesis was that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients is deficient in lipoproteins and substances called phosphatides (or phospholipids), both special types of fats. She believed that deficiencies of these fats allowed cancer cells to grow and multiply.

      Dr. Budwig reported that when she looked at blood samples from cancer patients with this deficiency of fats, instead of hemoglobin to carry oxygen around the body, she saw a strange greenish-yellow substance that she believed to be the cause of weakness and anemia in cancer. She then claimed to have found that when patients ate a blenderized mixture of organic flaxseed oil and cottage cheese, this discolored substance disappeared along with the malignant tumors.

      This sounds completely fanciful to me. For the record, I found only four studies by Dr. Budwig in a medical literature search. None of them supported her “cancer cure.”

      I often recommend freshly ground flaxseeds to patients as part of an anti-inflammatory eating plan, and I see no harm in mixing ground seeds – as opposed to oil – with cottage cheese. Flaxseeds provide alpha-linolenic acid, which the body converts to the essential, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, sardines, and mackerel. Flaxseeds also provide fiber and are one of the richest dietary sources of lignans, a class of plant estrogens thought to help protect against breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Whether you are sick or well, I recommend adding a tablespoon or two of ground flaxseeds daily to cereals, soups, salads, or rice.

      However, I don’t recommend flaxseed oil because it goes rancid too quickly and is devoid of fiber and lignans. And I certainly would not rely on a combination of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese as a treatment for any form of cancer or as a diet to promote overall health.
      Andrew Weil, M.D.

      Incidentally, I’ve seen repeated references to Dr. Budwig’s several (six or seven) nominations for the Nobel Prize. This isn’t a prestigious distinction, since anyone can self-nominate or have others submit his or her name. The Nobel committee does not disclose the names of nominees for 50 years.

  52. Ben

    Chris or Ann, do you think adding a couple apples to the 5 lbs. of carrot juice decreases the benefits of the juice, or is fine? What about adding other vegetables or fruits?


  53. Richard Tang

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the sharing (as well as Chris and Ralph experience of cos)

    Recently my dad got pancreatic caner – Stage 4, we knew that it is a quite challenging one.
    I came across with your story and currently start juicing 5 pound for him per day.

    During intake of massive carrot juice, do you have any feeling or experience besides turning orange.?

    For example, urine color change / sweating. After taking carrot juice, my father goes to washroom more frequently to deliver some black substance (but he say the feeling is good after that), and we think it is a good sign.

    Sometimes he will take more than 5 pounds if his situation is good.

  54. Angela

    Hi Ann
    Just an update on my mum. She has finished treatment and it looks like the tumor may have shrunk as she is having symptoms to suggest this. Her appetite is almost back to normal and she is feeling a bit stronger. She is still only drinking 2 cups of carrot juice a day and she is worried that it is staining her teeth so she may have to give it up :( anyone else had problems with their teeth staining from drinking carrot juice? I hope its not the juice.

    1. Chris Wark

      Glad to hear that Anglea. She should drink more and stop worrying about staining her teeth. Carrot juice did not stain my teeth, but even if it is staining hers, they can be whitened. Healing cancer is way more important than yellow teeth!

      1. Ann Cameron

        Dear Richard,

        I had an orange skin to my skin. The carrots had a laxative effectusually an hour after I had the juice. Also my feces looked orange and had carrot pulp in them. The carrots are anti-inflammatory and very good for the colon. The color of unrine didn’t change. Otherwise I felt better than usual.

        1. Richard Tang

          Thanks for the reply Ann. My dad also reported that feces looked orange. Right now his skin has no color change.

          As the dose needed is 5 pounds, we are finding a pace that is comfortable for him as drink too much (e.g. 2 cups a time) will make him vomit due to the by-pass made in his stomach.

          1. thloh

            Same here. My dad shows me his feces, and its orange. Skin color isn’t changed in any way. He currently juices 5 pounds everyday.

    2. Ann Cameron

      I agree wit Chris–ending the cancer is much more important than tooth color! Carrots didn’t stain my teeth. Coffee stains my teeth. I use Aquafresh Esxtreme Clean toothpaste and it keeps my teeth white.

      I am glad your mother is feeling better.

      1. Richard Tang

        Thanks thloh, it’s glad to know who is also trying carrot juice so I had more stories to encourage my dad. Juicing carrots is uncommon in Hong Kong but after looking into the story in here. It give us some hope!

        Right now my dad has started around 2 weeks, he is becoming more tired but still able to keep the 5 pounds. Hope things will get better when time moves on (as two weeks has no effect). But one problem is that sometimes he vomit as part of his digestion system is blocked (a by-pass is created in his stomach to deal with that earlier). All all know that pancreatic stage 4 cancer is not easy but saw success case in Chris blog, my dad has refused chemo and maybe it’s good after reading success case here.

        How’s your dad now around around 1 – 2 months of juicing?

        1. thloh

          There’s not really a lot of data I can share, but generally he felt better. He used to get stomach bloat almost every other day, and now it is less, about 1-2 times a week, sometimes less.
          Also, he used to keep having blood in urine, and now it is much less.
          Unless I have a very solid data (like CAT scan or MRI), I can’t tell if the cancer is really under control. However, if it is not affecting my dad’s life negatively, and there are success stories, I don’t see a reason why my dad should stop juicing.
          I’ll definitely keep everyone posted here. (as I’m now a “regular customer” to this website)

          1. thloh

            Also, a note. My dad juice 3 times a day for the 5 lbs. after breakfast, after lunch and before/after dinner. He didn’t drink all 5 lbs at once

          2. Richard Tang

            Thanks Thloh.
            My dad also have similar situation – vomit almost every other day, usually the day if he go outside by transportation. (No blood in urine.

            One of the challenge we had is that his mind is not very strong, and sometimes thinks the encouragement / carrot / other treatment is something that we use to cheer him up (since doctor said there is not much she could do), but luckily he still able to continue on 5 pounds separated into 2 to 4 times per day (together with Chinese Medicine offered by another doctor)

            Your “interim” results definitely give us more hope as the situation improvies. Almost three weeks passed since he first drank carrot juice, seems the weight drop has become steady, but vomit sometimes continue. Will also keep everyone posted in here.

          3. thloh

            Not too pleasant news. My dad urine contains quite some amount of blood,hematuria today. Probably caused by the cancer in his bladder.
            However stomach bloat does seems to be significantly less. (could be a symptom of improving liver cancer?)
            I’ll be bringing him for a CEA blood test today, will probably get the result next week. All I can do now is hope for the best.
            Hope dad’s progress posts here might help people out.

  55. Ben

    Chris or Ann, do you think adding a couple apples to the 5 lbs. of carrot juice decreases the benefits of the juice, or is fine? What about adding other vegetables or fruits?

    Thanks, Ben.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Hi Ben,

      I usually added an apple and some ginger to the juice, and I got cured. The additions were fine for me. Sometimes I used melon, or parsely, or celery. The necessary thing is not to lower the amount of daily carrot juice. Good luck!

  56. Ann Cameron


    Hi Thioh and Richard and everybody. More reson to hope. Ralph Cole of website CancerIsOver.og sent me this encouraging e-mail from a young man about his girlfrien’s progress after two weeks juicing the 5 pounds of carrot He says:

    “My girlfriend was recently diagnosed with a return of cancerous tumors in her throat/lymph nodes area. She had them removed through surgery and radiation two years ago. This time they were wanting to do the same thing. She has been really nervous with thoughts of having to go through it all over again. I found your story and Ann’s through a natural health website and a couple of weeks ago we started her juicing 5lbs. a day and I am happy to say that when she went to the surgeon for a consultation about surgery he said from the time of her ultrasound to the recent scan, which was a couple of weeks, the tumors have been “aggressively shrinking”. I know between the juice and constant prayers from family and friends she is healing.” Also I have good news from a Mayan woman in Guatemala who is 67, has lost 50 pounds over the past few years and coughs continually and is very weak (she cooked in a kitchen with an open fire for many years) that she is feeling better and stronger and coughing less after two weeks on carrots. She is a midwife, but hadn’t had the strength to attend a patient, but she managed to attend a birth last Sunday. Since she hasn’t been diagnosed yet, I can’t say for sure she has cancer, but it certainly sounds as if she does. Another man, a smoker with a tumor in a lung told Ralph that after eight weeks on carrots, he eliminated the tumor–he had no radiation or chemo. A woman in Holland who had lung cancer metastazided into her spine used the carrots for eight weeks (along with a green smoothie two or three times daily. Her doctor said the tumors had shrunk and he didn’t urge her to use Tarceva, which he had wanted a monthy earlier. Probably carrots can’t cure all cancers, but I think the news we are getting about their effectiveness is very hopeful.

    1. thloh


      Thanks for the news. This is really encouraging, and I hope this helps others to give carrot a try even though I can’t say for sure if it works.

    2. Richard Tang

      Thanks Ann and Ralph for giving us such a lot of encouraging examples. Previously I often worried about the food that was taken, but Ann’s story give us a case that cure is definitely possible while eating ice-cream (although we are still doing prevention for sugary food for my dad). My dad sometimes demanding for tasty food with high sugar value like chocolate / sweetened soya milk, saying that he need it (guess because he want to try on that), this had been some challenge for us.

      My father will get a blood test next month, will keep everyone posted.

  57. Pete


    My wife recently started on carrot/apple juice for her metastatic breast cancer in her liver. I would make a 32 oz batch with a cold-press juicer using about 12 to 18 carrots (depending on their size) and 3 apples. I’d make the juice three times a week, storing (in the refrigerator) 64 ounces the first and second times and 96 ounces the third time, which was enough for two, two, and three days, respectively, in a given week. (Cold-pressed juice can apparently be stored for 48 to 72 hours.) Amazingly, her swollen abdomen (caused by the cancer in her liver) started to shrink after about four weeks of about 28 (2 x 14) ounces per day! The shrinking was measureable. Unfortunately she had to stop because she got diarrhea, apparently from the juice. Since it was made with a cold-press juicer and had a fair amount of pulp, we’re thinking the pulp was the culprit. What’s confusing is that if you were to look on the internet, you’d find claims that carrot juice is OK to drink when you have diarrhea. We’re going to start again after the diarrhea calms down, with little or no pulp in the juice, and less apple. Did you ever experience any problems with diarrhea when you drank your carrot juice? If so, how did you deal with them? Did your juice have much pulp? Should we expect a certain amount of diarrhea when doing the carrot juice? Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Richard Tang

      Hi Pete,

      It’s great to hear on the news of swollen abdomen.

      Not sure if it was due to the cold temperature. My dad also experience vomit a lot more when he’s having juice made from cold carrots. Thus we will usually
      – make the carrots at room temperature first a few hours before juicing
      – or if time is not enough, put the juice in a jar and sink that in water at room / warm temperature

      So I guess if you think juicing when needed is demanding, maybe you can consider to place the juice jar in room temperature water for some time before drinking.

      After warming the juice, he feel better on that. But as you are juicing with apple, not sure if placing that for a few hours maybe not so good as the apple juice color will change.

      For my Dad’s case, for diarrhea, my dad do go to toilet from frequently after juicing with orange (but the amount he vomit is smaller).

      1. mary

        Hi, I was told on two several occasions not to have anything cold while healing. when i asked why? the answer was cancer loves cold. One of the persons that suggested this was a girl who did the Gerson diet and was told this by them. Hope this helps with your dad.

  58. Ann Cameron

    Hi Richard, I think you should let your dad have whatever sugar treats he wants (assuming he also eats healthy food. It’s probably important for him to feel he is in control of his life–could be a problem to feel returned to childhood with the family the boss. Dark chocolate not milk chocolate, has benefits for people with cancer. See this story: “Researchers Find That Chocolate Compound Stops Cancer Cell Cycle In Lab Experiments” from Science Daily
    Best to you and your dad–

    1. Richard Tang

      Thanks Ann.

      Thanks for the information and the encouragement :)

      It is very good that you trust carrot juice from your heart (I also does the same thing). I also share your case with my dad, he need sometime to get use to the amount but luckily is most days he is able to consume 5 cups :)

      At first we will let him have some sugar treats. But after he tried some (e.g. soya milk), he would then drink 1 litre at a time (hard to stop stop) and think he will become ok. And he will say to us it should be ok to drink much less carrot juice since he feel much better for soya milk (or other sweet drinks). Eventually on those days only 2 – 3 cups throughout the day with some vomit. We need to reduce the amount of sugary drink nearby otherwise he will drink them all once aware in midnight and refuse carrot juice the next day :(

      Now we are using sugarless soya milk and dried grapes for “snacks”.

      We will keep on encouraging him and when his control ability is improved, we will feed him with more tasty food.

      For dark chocolate, I have studied but seems the side effect is that it will lower blood pressure (same time my dad blood pressure will be as low as 80 – 90 and he has one fallen down when he is awake for toliet). Thus after trying some we now preventing it until blood pressure becomes higher.

  59. thloh

    Not a good news. My dad’s blood test came out with CEA tripled of the previous month’s level (before he started juicing carrot). I’m not blaming this on carrots, however, I think in my dad’s case, carrot may not be able to cure or slow the progress of his cancer. I guess cancer differs from people to people.

    If you ever had CEA test before and after juicing (Since you had colon cancer as well), could you share them?


    1. thloh

      Another thing to wonder : I’ve seen people who says CEA may increase during chemo, caused by dead cancer cells, causing CEA to be released into bloodstream.

      Could this be the case for my dad?

  60. Ann Cameron

    Hi, Thloh, I just read this Journal of Clilnical Oncology study confirming a CEA surge in some patients getting chemo although their tumors were shrinking: The surge sounds hopeful. My presurgery CEA was 5 and it was never checked after that. I think I’d pay more attention to how your dad feels than the numbers.
    Pete, The carrots have a very strong laxative effect for me, usually about an hour after I drink the juice. I needed to have a bathroom very near. But I wouldn’t call it diarrhea, since the rest of the day I was fine, all calm, except again for an hour after next doses. I think it’s a reaction to the pulp, I read that the rapid expulsion of the feces and pulp is good for the colon, gets out toxins and the carrots are anti-inflammatory for the colon. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in September. At surgery in June 2012 the colon was inflammed; there wasn’t any inflammation September 2013, so I think the laxative effect is good, though inconvenient. Great news about her stomach shrinking!
    Hi Richard, Wow! YOur dad really does for that soy milk, doesn’t he? I take back my advice about letting him have sweet snacks. I forget I don’t know people for whom I make recommendations. It’s very important to keep the carrot juice intake high. Does he eat other food? Did he have chemo or radiation? Very interesting what you say about chocolate lowering blood pressure. I didn’t know that.
    Best to everyone and happy holidays and a better 2014! Ann

    1. Richard Tang

      Merry Christmas Ann, Thloh, Pete and all.

      Hi Ann,

      These two weeks my dad start losing interest on “food” like Chicken, mushrooms as he will vomit soon after eating. I guess it is quite hard for him to digest.

      A good news is he slow down on drinking sugary food since he experience bad feeling on the tumor after drinking one night. We will keep up with the carrot juice with him. His mental spirit has been weakened and we need to encourage him often.
      He refuse to take chemo and radiation and was optimistic at that time. But at times flies, recently he started talking negatively but luckily he is still able to drink carrot juice. He is relatively energetic in the morning and at midnight but is very tired after the noon. Hope he will get through that soon.

      Carrot juice seems good for him as he refuse lots of other drinks like water, powdered milk, etc.
      Now his drinks are: Soup, Chinese Medicine, Soya Milk and Carrot Juice throughout the day.

      1. thloh


        Sorry to hear that.

        I’m letting my dad have “whatever people says it is good for him” – namely -> 5 lbs carrot juice daily, 10 fresh noni fruit daily, uturn grass (aka sabah snake grass) 200 leaves daily. The list is getting a little crazy, but there’s nothing much to lose at this point.

        Food wise, he is still consuming normal food (including pork), just no chicken, stingray, other food that is considered “toxic” by chinese in general. However we do reduce his high fat food intake such as fried food.

    2. thloh

      Thanks for the reply Ann, I really appreciate it.

  61. Ann Cameron

    Pete, I hope your wife can go to a slightly higher level of juicing, up to the 5 8 oz cups per day. It’s so great the cancer is shrinking! I hope she can figure out a schedule for juicing so the laxative effect doesn’t cause problems. –Ann

  62. Ann Cameron

    Thank you, Richard and Thloh, for the details on your fathers.
    I think I mentioned earlier the Mayan woman who had a very bad cough, had lost 50 pounds over several years,wasn’t eating, was very weak and could only take two steps before having to rest, and who had a very fast heart rate with heart pains so bad that when she had them she’d say she thought she was dying. She hasn’t had any diagnosis, but I thought there was a very strong possibility she has lung cancer. Now she has drunk carrot juice for five weeks. And–her daughter says she was able to walk a kilometer at a brisk pace last Sunday, and she is eating three meals a day, and she’s not coughing and the fast heart rate doesn’t happen often. So carrots are working for her, and her family is overjoyed.
    Wishing everyone a good New Year with better health for loved ones and much to enjoy.

  63. Linda Justice

    I have been so touched and amazed as I have read everyone’s stories! Such hope and strength in each one! I have a basal cell carcinoma on the back of my thigh which I am treating with a cream called Curaderm. It is a painful treatment, but I think it’s working as it “eats” away the lesion. I am wondering if the carrot juice could work for this. I have been eating a strict paleo diet for the past year and have been avoiding carrots because of their high sugar. But, from reading your stories, I will be juicing carrots!

  64. Brigitte Schulte

    Dear All,
    I am a stage 4 colon cancer sufferer. Have had twice chemo and started again on a new chemo. unfortunately since then I have been so ill that I had to stay in hospital.
    I have always been a very carefull eater and had good healthy fodd.
    I used to make for the last month fresh juice from carrots apples celery and beet root.
    Now I want to start on a nearly only carrot juice diaat, as doctors have given me only a short time to live. But I will not give up so easily.
    The only problem I have is that my husband is so worried if I do not eat all the
    the normal food he thinks I need.
    I eat a lot of vegetables and drink
    porridge in the morning with flax seed and green tea fruits etc.
    AS my cancer has spread into my abdomen, I sometimes to take morphine as the pain is killing me.
    Feel o.k. today and got a lot of comfort from this site today.
    love brigitte
    love brigitte

  65. Ann Cameron

    I have read that the betacaroene in carrots helps to regulate blood sugar.
    My husband had basal cell carinomas that his dermatologist would burn off with liquid nitrogen. Treated that way they were gone and didn’t return. I just read negative account of Curadem on the American Cancer Society website: “There have been numerous reports of severe scarring and burns from the use of cancer salves. Some have been severe enough to require reconstructive surgery. One report involving Curaderm states that, while the cream appeared to make a basal cell carcinoma go away, a later biopsy revealed that there were cancer cells left underneath the surface of the skin. In another case of salve treatment, the cancer initially appeared to have “healed” but later recurred in tissues underneath the original tumor, presumably because the cancer was never completely cured. As a result, the cancer had to be removed by a much more extensive operation than would have been required if standard treatment had been used right away.”
    Good luck with carrots or usual medical treatment for this. Happy New Year, Ann

  66. Linda Justice

    Thank you for your reply, Ann! I had also read that same article about Curaderm, as well as other testimonies on various cancer message boards. The main reason I chose Curaderm is because of financial reasons. I have no medical insurance and can’t afford conventional treatment at this time. As with anything, I have heard both positive and negative stories with both conventional and alternative treatments.
    I am wondering if you have heard of anyone with skin cancer being helped by carrot juice?
    Thank you and I hope you have a Happy New Year with continued good health! ~ Linda

    1. Ann Cameron

      Yes, Ralph Cole cured his ten small squamous cell tumors on his chest with carrots. They disappeared 8 weeks after he started drinking the five cups of carrot juice daily. He has a survivor statement on Chris’s site. His website is You can go to it and write or call him. Best of luck!


  67. Lisa

    Hello there, roughly how many carrots is this a day? I’ve been having 13 a day which I estimated was roughly 5lb. I split this into 2 glasses a day. Is this sufficient?

    Thank you.

  68. Richard Tang

    Some Updates on My Father.
    After around 5 weeks of juicing with at least 5 pounds per day. (Starting in late early Dec)
    The case my father is pancreatic cancer Stage 4 and no operation can be done, in his case even chemo doctor mention not much use (kind of worse of the worse)
    – His weight drop from original 140+ to 130+. Then he start carrot juice but weight will continue to decrease around 110 pounds. At that time weight lost stop (At 4th week)
    – During the 4 weeks he become much tired. But he does not have bad feeling after drink carrot juice. But cannot intake much solid food and vomit occur once every 1 – 2 days.
    – At around 4 weeks, my father report quite painful feeling (actually can saw from his face). And the Chinese Medicine doctor add anti-pain medicine, but effect is not good. The amount of vomit each time decrease.
    – From 4th week, his weight start to drop again to around 102.
    – Yesterday 3th Jan 2014, my dad excrete one very black leave shape item (not sure if that is tissue / tumor) in toilet. Seems that the pain stop after excreting that thing.
    – Today seems his pain is lessen and he feels much better. More importantly, his mind is becoming more clear. He is asking for different kinds of tasty food again and resume his play on Candy Crush in Facebook which is very rare in the 3rd to 4th week. It’s a good sign and we are looking for more positive news.

    Thanks Ann for helping all over the way and I hope I can deliver more good news soon. He will go for regular medical check (at hospital but no CT / PET scan).

    Will keep everyone posted.

    1. thloh

      Keep us posted. My dad’s situation isn’t a lot better (at least his CEA spike made him think so) after 8 weeks of juicing and he decided to stop juicing and try other alternative treatment (snake grass as of now). I’m trying to evaluate which alternative treatment is best for him as well.
      We’re all very confused about how to beat cancer, and any information shared would be very valuable.

  69. Ann Cameron

    Lisa, No, you’re not getting enough. You need 5 cups a day–a quart plus one additional cup. Good luck increasing!

    Thloh, I’m sorry your dad quit juicing. But maybe he’s right to do it. Ralph and I just news of another man, In India, cured today. If your dad finds he doesn’t feel as good without carrots, maybe he’ll go back to them.

    That’s good news about your father, Richard. We’re hoping for more!

  70. Rena

    Hi Ann,

    My husband has just been diagnosed with stage 4 rectim cancer with mets to lymph nodes above tumor and one near sternum and one near left collar bone. This is what the PET scan showed. He is 51 is relative good health. We were told 2 options – palliative or go the full hog with chemo/radiation – if well enough surgery and then chemo again. He hasn’t made up his mind and is trying not to think about it at all. As soon as we found out his diagnosis – i have been on the net researching as i am really not sure about chemo and have been following what Chris has been saying re diet etc. My husband has been losing alot of weight wth raw vegan and hates it, now it is vegan and we buy an organic chicken which he has with salad. We started juicing 5lbs of carrot daily 2 dyas ago. I add some turmeric in and he has it daily. If he can consume more, i make more. Is it ok to have more than 5lbs???? Anyways, last night he was up all night with acute pelvic pain and pain in the buttock area, he started to think his cancers were eating his stomache inside out … finally when dawn broke, he had breakfast and 3 neorofins and has been fine. Just wanted to check if there is massive abdominal cramping, pain in tumour area when just starting the juice. I will keep on juicing and keep you updated. Faith in Jesus and carrots!!! Its been three days and hope he believes in carrots as much i do.

  71. Ninik

    Say HI..From Indonesia

    Im Ninik, i had breast cancer on Oct 2009. I did mastectomy, Chemo and radiation..
    After 4 year, there small node ().5-0.8mm) in my lungs on March 2013 and i didnt do any treatment. But starting last September i had progresive pleura efusion and had two times for punctie. last December, I did CT-scan, node remain unchanged but there’s atelectasys that cause me little bit difficult to take a breath.

    Doctor suggested me to do 2nd line chemotherapy and radiation again with the medicine stronger than 1st line chemotheraphy.
    But at this moment, im not ready yet since side effect.

    So, my friend suggested me to drink pure carrot juice for 1 ltr per day from 2.5kg of carrot (i make twice per day-morning time and afternoon time). My friend gave me your website also.
    Since 7th january 2014, i have been drinking carrot juice.
    Fyi, Im feeling more fresh
    Besides that I also drink Nutrilite as supplement for protein.

    Hope, my tumor marker CA 15-3 can be reduced and back to normal level next month.

    To Ann and Ralp tks for sharing your story..
    Hope it works to me too…#praying all the time#


  72. Ik

    @Richard gr8 to hear that your father is doing gr8.My brother has NSCLC diagnosed in Mar 2013 not operable, he had pericardial effusion, drained out and had 4 rounds of chemo with Cisplatin and Alimta and then couple of Alimta maintenance doses his tumour at all places shrunk almost 60 to 65 per, he is having many kind of supplements, had been to Budwig for couple of weeks and following Budwig diet plus from last six months he is having carrot juice 5 to 8 glasses but last scan in December 2013 showed increase in nodules and lymph nodes and plus his cough and mucus coming back, health wise he has no issue no pain, and he has gain weight, I m not in favour of chemo at all, but only thing I can not understand that when he stopped chemo then his tumour started increasing and cough came back, I don’t know where we gone wrong even though he is having 5 to 8 glass carrot juice and couple of wheat grass juice, Alkaline water, Melatonin, LDN, Vit D, Trican from Budwig, paw paw, infrared blanket, some times coffee enemas, long list of vitamins, curcumin, raw veg and salads, no sugar no meat except fish couple of times in month, unfortunately he is again thinking about chemo and I m not in favour of chemo but when I see him coughing obviously I think for chemo too even though I m against chemo, overall he is doing gr8 on juices and supplements, exercising, no doubt juicing and supplements giving him energy and I thing saving him from pain but only worry why his tumour started increasing again? Any suggestions from Ann or Chris or anyone else?

  73. Ik

    His tumour marker result was in March CEA 157 and August during chemo and vitamins and diet it came to CEA 11 and now 7th of jan 2014 CEA 77

  74. Rena

    Hi Chris, Ann,

    Just an update, it has been almost a week since we started juicing 5lbs of carrots and my husband is eating as healthy as he can possibly can … lots of veges and at times a slice of organic chicken (organic as it organic – the chicken wasnt fat antibiotics, hormones at all) – I must admit for someone diagnosed with Stage 4 rectum cancer – he feels quite OK – he gets grippy pains everynow and then – he just takes a couple of panadols … i am looking forward to seeing what happens in 8 weeks and the future. Prayers – Carrots – Green Juices – seems good. Just need to get him to put on some weight. Do you have any suggestions for this. will continue to keep you guys updated with the progress. Rena x

  75. Ann Cameron

    Hi Rena, Carrots had a laxative effect on me about an hour or two after drinking two cups of juice at a time–but no bloating or cramping. Chris used 8 lbs. carrots as juice in his regimentm Ralph and I both used 5 lbs. As you read, I didn’t change my diet (pizza, wine occasional ice crean, lots of fruit a little meat, tortillas, black beans)and I was cured. If it appeals to him, I suggest your husband add in fatty fish like salmon or sardines, maybe some yogurt, or maybe the Budwig combo of cottage cheese and grapes; and nuts–cashews are supposed to be particularly good against cancer. How about a carrot soup with olive oil in it, or more oil on salads. Maybe baba ganoush or humus with some added olive oil on top? Here’s a supposedly healthy recipe for cashews stacked on thin chocolate wafers. “Eddy Van Damme, Chocolate Dipped cashews. Good luck! It sounds like your husband’s doing well!

  76. Ann Cameron

    Hi Ninik, I really hope carrots work for you. I don’t know what’s in Nutrilite. One caution for everyone with cancer–don’t use NAC (N acetyl-cisteine). It is good for the lungs, but Because it is an antioxidant,it works it against the free radical stress that attacks tumors, either through carrots or chemo. Keep in touch! Ann

  77. Ann Cameron

    Dear Ik, I am very sorry the tumors aren’t responding better to the carrots. From what I read, chemo and radiation both created super tumors by killing the most vulnerable cells in the tumor, but leaving the most resistant to grow more. And after each chemo treatment the next becomes less effective. If NAC is one of the vitamins you use, you should drop it. Probably also drop anything else that is antioxidant, because Oxidants– not anti oxidants– are needed to put stress on the cancer. Apple peel is supposed to be effective against cancer and you can buy it on internet. I wish your brother well. I hope others will have good ideas for him. Chris’s site has many alternatives. –Ann

  78. Ann Cameron

    Dear Ik, This is a reference to the article “Survival among non-small cell lung cancer patients with poor performance status after first line chemotherapy.” Lung Cancer, September 2012. “Performance status” means ability to handle the normal activities of life–walking, bathing, eating, etc.) Those who had no further chemotherapy lived 2.4 months on average; those who had “second-line” chemotherapy lived 4.8 months. You can look the article up. Second line and third line chemo usually don’t help much. The question is, Are the worth the sufferings that come with them.

  79. Rena

    Dear Ann, Chris,

    Many thanks for your reply. So far so good. I really do not think he is going to go ahead with chemo – he keeps saying he is feeling fine and wants to fight this off. He rather drink the carrot juice then go through all the side effects of chemo – he is going to tell oncologist to give him about 7 weeks to get his affairs in order (that would be 8 weeks with carrot juice) and then make a decision. will update week to week his progress. Thank you for you tips re food !!! everynow and then we have vegan indian which he loves loves loves!!!!

  80. Anel

    Dear Ann and Chris
    My mother, 49, has been diagnosed with lung cancer that has metasised to her brain. According to them she has a brain tumor and they said she is incureable. She had radiation on her brain, about 7 treatments and nothing on her lungs yet. I read about the carrot juice a few months ago and started her on it about four weeks ago. But now she does not like the taste and cannot really eat anything after the radiation it is now about a week and a half that she stopped juicing. She has been drinking beet, apple and carrot in the mornings but thats about it. Will carrots really help her situation and do you have any other testimonies that I can show her and convince her once again? I have thought of tube feeding lol!
    This whole situation is difficult for us. I believe God has made everything so perfect and not lacking anything in that we would need humans to make the ” cure”.
    Please any advice!
    Thank you

  81. Ann Cameron

    Dear Annelle, Are there still more radiation treatments to come? Since your mother is incurable, I don’t see the benefit. There are many reports about treatment being continued and causing suffering and no benefit, almost to the end of life. The bad taste of food can go away if your mother stops radiation. 80 percent of cancer patients have malnutrition and the treatments and loss of appetite are one of the reasons. Without good nutrition, one can’t beat the cancer, I believe. A Mayan woman in Guatemala (where I live) who wasn’ eating because of bad taste of food, because of cancer I am almost certain, (she had no CT scan).after two weeks of juicing had the bad taste sensation go away and she’s now eating 3 meals a day and has plenty of energy. I think she was a very advanced case. More details on some of those cured below. My hopes for your mother–Ann
    Ralph Cole and I have heard from two people with lung cancer one man who is cured by carrots in 8 weeks, and a woman in Holland whose cancer which had metastasized into a vertebra, but now the bone is healing and she is feeling better. She gets a scan in ten days. Additionally here in Guatemala carrots have had an extraordinary effect for a Mayan woman who less than two months ago could hardly walk, couldn’t bend over, had a fast heart rate and heart pain, was coughing blood, and had lost fifty pounds over a couple of years and wasn’t eating and had no appetite. I think she had or has lung cancer but she had no CT scan. After two weeks she felt better, after four weeks she could walk a kilometer briskly and took up her work as a midwife again, began eating three meals a day, going back to church, her heart no longer hurts. She is very much better very rapidly. I think improvement is more rapid if one has not had chemo or radiation. The man whose tumor was cured in eight weeks had no chemo or radiation.

  82. Richard Tang

    Hi All,

    Not a good news. My dad just went to hospital due to very low blood pressure. In his blood test, the doctor said his toxicity is very high (900+ which normal should be somewhat below 100) and there is no urine. Also there is a lack of minerals in his blood like Potassium. The doctor said the kidney failure can be due to liver or other reasons. The doctor is not quite optimistic in his situation.

    Hope situation will improves these days after they deliver the supplements. In x-ray, there is no sign of spreading to lungs. But now the problem is the very high toxicity in his blood due to kidney failure.

  83. Angela

    Hi Ann

    Thought I would give an update on how my mum is going. She is doing great.. her appetite is good probably better than in a long time and she is getting out into the garden again which she thought she would never be able to do again.. the dr removed her nephrostomy the other day and she is peeing normally again. She had a Pet scan the other day (most patients don’t get an early scan unless they are doing well which my mum is) and it showed that the pelvic tumour is gone but there is some more swollen lymph nodes in her abdomen and a small cancer in her pelvic bone but the dr doesn’t seem too worried about.. He said if it gets worse he will give my mum one round of radiation. At this stage I don’t know if the carrot juice is doing anything. My mum is on only 2 cups a day.. Do you think if she went to 3 cups a day it might get rid of the cancer in her lymph nodes? She is looking so good and has so much more energy.. No more walking stick. Even the dr is surprised at how well she is doing.. Its almost like he is trying to find something lol

  84. Rena

    Hi Richard, Carrots seem to have quite a bit of potassium. My husband has decided to proceed and give chemo a try !!! he has been drinking 5lbs of carrots for 2 weeks and was feeling great but somehow he thought he would give chemo a go (pressure from family and the surgeons) he said if he does not like it he will stop. Today was the first day of the 5 hour chemo and he drank 5lbs of carrot juice, beet root juice with ginger, had vege curry and has gone to bed. so far feeling ok – tomorrow he has to start taking tablets – will see how we go and will update everyone. Richard – I will pray for your dad – do not give up hope !!! angela great it hear about your mum!!! talk soon guys !!

  85. Ann Cameron

    Dear Richard, My husband had damaged kidneys that were restored to normal by a naturopath’s prescription of the traditional Chinese medicine herbal combination Liu Wei Di Huang Wan. There’s some information on this on wikipedia.

    My husband took 8 small pills of this with meals 3 times a day. It didn’t upset his digestion or have any noticeable effect, except his kidneys kept steadily improving. $5.50 I believe for 200 pills. I hope you can find those and that they’ll help.


    1. Richard Tang

      Thanks Rena and Ann.

      A sad news to share, my father passed away peacefully last month. The doctor said that it is mainly due to Kidney failure and spread of tumor to abdomen. The reason may be due to spread to kidney / heavy dose of substance requiring the Kidney to detoxify like Chinese medicine. At the time he was diagnosis, the tumor has already spread to liver and small intestine. We will spend more time with mum so that we all can overcome this soon.

      Rene, wish your husband will have a good scanning results next time. I agree sometimes eating favorite food will make your husband more happy with carrot juice and stronger will to fight against the cancer.

      1. Tien Hock Loh

        Appreciate you take the time to comment. My condolences.

      2. Ann Cameron

        Richard, I’m very sorry about your father’s death. You did all you coud for him.

      3. Rena Sharma

        Dear Richard, so so sorry to hear about your Dad. I pray that God’s peace and love envelope the entire family. My husband just had an MRI and it shows that the tumour (primary cancer) has significantly reduced and this is 2 month of juicing carrots. I count my blessings everyday and not take any day for granted. My thoughts are with your family!! xx

  86. Ann Cameron

    Angela, So good to know how much better your mother is! Thanks for sharing. Remember how sick your mother was? Normally people with cancer just keep getting worse. What has helped her? I believe carrots are working, and definitely get her up to 3 cups and maybe they will eliminate the cancer in the lymph nodes. The important thing is how much better she is feeling. Don’t stop with the carrots! Keep in touch! Ann

    Rena, I hope all goes well with your husband and that he doesn’t give up the carrots–and does stop chemo if he feels bad.

    1. Rena Sharma

      Hi Ann,
      So far so good! He is surviving the chemo – has not stop juicing. The chemo made him really tired day 1 and 2 but i belive with the carrot and good diet he seems to be on the road of recovery. Infact, prior to chemo, he seemed to be improving with the carrots alone. It is almost a week of chemo .. so will give you an update in a couple of weeks. So fat so good!! Thank you God.

    2. Angela

      Thanks Ann for your comments. My mum is improving every day and has put on 5kgs since finishing treatment. Her Dr said that they can get rid of he cancer in the pelvic bone with one treatment of radiation and he is even saying he can treat the lymph nodes now where as before he said no. Maybe she did so well with the other treatments that she can handle more. He was also please that this was. achieved with no chemicals or beach treatments. What I don’t understand is why they want to wait until she starts showing symptoms before they do anything why not do it now and nip it in the bud. Weird. Mum is also drinking 3 cups of carrot juice a day. now so I’m hoping this will eradicate the remaining cancer. Keeping my hopes up.

      1. Ann Cameron

        I am really glad your mother is doing so well, Angela! And excellent that she’s upped the carrot juice to three glasses daily. Maybe her doctor is thinking she might eliminate the cancer without more radiation and so is waiting. You might ask him or her why.

        Dear Everybody, I am writing an e-book I will put up online soon called Curing Cancer With Carrots To write the book I’ve been doing a lot of research. What I observe is that those who just do carrots have more success than those who also use many supplements. The effect of foods is better . Carrots can be anti-oxidant or have an oxidant effect. Oxidants create free radicals, which is generally bad, but in cancer, the oxidants can stress the tumor cells and destroy them. It seems as if the carrots become an “inner doctor” which knows which way to affect the cancer. The effect of compounds on cancer is very complicated, and the way one works may canceL out the good effect of another. Ralph Cole cured his cancer using carrots only, and so did I (lthough I added a slice of ginger and an apple to the juice for flavor.) A man in L.A. tells us he cured a lung tumor the size of a walnut in eight weeks only drinking carrot juice. So that’s evidence from three. It is interesting and important that authors in the Journal of Nutrition is against supplements because they don’t have the synergy of foods used together. Here’s a quote from the article:

        Potential Synergy of Phytochemicals in Cancer Prevention: Mechanism of Action. Journal of Nutrition, December, 2004.

        We proposed that the additive and synergistic effects of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables are responsible for these potent antioxidant and anticancer activities and that the benefit of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is attributed to the complex mixture of phytochemicals present in whole foods. This explains why no single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural
        phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables to achieve the health benefits. The evidence suggests that antioxidants or bioactive compounds are best acquired through whole-food consumption, not from expensive dietary supplements.

        1. Rena Sharma

          Hi Ann, it’s been 2 weeks. He has dine his first sesh if chemo and whilst on it has been juicing 5 pounds of carrot or close to a day. So far he feels great. He has put on 3 kilos in three weeks. Tomorrow he starts his second chemo session – judging from the shape of the poo (it was curved as that was where the tumour was in the rectum … He says it’s no longer curved … Almost back to normal ) , he also says that he hasn’t got the grippy pain nor the ache in the buttock area anymore. This would make 5 weeks on carrots … We have introduced some white meats to the diet and he has a cheat snack every now and then like Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice cream which I know is BAD … But it’s only like once in a while. I seriously believe with my hear that the carrots are doing something …. 2 more weeks will be exactly 8 weeks on the carrot juice … That is when we will do a dr scan or something to assess if tumour has shrunk or disappeared. So it’s definitely prayers .. Thank you Jesus and Carrot Juice!!!! I will thee a pic next tine he is at the hospital … We have this massive bottle of Carrot Juice … And he is now officially ORANGE!!!!

          1. Ann Cameron

            Hi, Rena, Thanks for the good news! I ate ice cream & cured cancer, too. Not that I’m advising more Ben & Jerry’s.
            Keep in touch!

    3. Rena Sharma

      Hi Ann, 2 week update. After my husband’s 2nd chemo session at the hospital and a scare at night (massive chest pains) following his chemo, he stopped taking the chemo tablets. He is still on 5 lbs of carrot juice a day – feels great, cant feel the tumour, more energetic than ever. I tell ya it is the carrots!! going for MRI in two weeks – shall keep ya updated!

      1. Ann Cameron

        Rena, That’s great that he quit the chemo! And that he feels so good. I’d like to quote you in my book Curing Cancer With Carrots, which should be out in a week or so as an e-book ($50). May I?
        What kind of cancer does he have and when diagnosed?

        1. Rena Sharma

          Hi Ann, of course you can, He was diagnosed with stage 4 rectum cancer. This was in Dec 13, doctors told him 8% can survive up to two years and 92% die within the first years. So far and eversince on carrot juice, he just feels GREAT.

        2. Rena Sharma

          Hi Ann, as mentioned before Nigel had an MRI scheduled on the 20th of March – this would have been 2 months of drinking 5lbs of carrot juice. He has only completed one full course of chemo – the second and third chemo was never completed due to side effects – all he had was the drips but never took any of the xeloda tablets he was suppose to for 14 days etc etc … well well well .. so what did the results tell us … massive regression of primary cancer … so there has definitely been significant shrinkage!!! Praising God almighty … he had decided NO CHEMO !!! I always remembered what you said and I am not to sure who you were replying to .. but you mentioned that what is more important than the results is how does one feel today .. and that is what i asked him everyday .. and he said ‘Great’ !!! I love carrots!!! My recipe : Christ and Carrots!!! xx

      2. Ann Cameron

        Oh yes I remember–rectal cancer. Did he have surgery or radiation? How long ago diagnosed?

  87. ramana reddy

    Chris I want to know did you consume anything other than carrot juice or relied on carrot juice fasting itself?

    1. Ann Cameron

      As well as carrot juice, I ate a healthy diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, little meatm an occasionaly glass of wine.

  88. amy

    Hi Chris and Ann, I had ovarian cancer back in 2012 and I have a reoccurrence on 12/2013. I’ve tried the flaxseed oil & cottage cheese, but I cannot tolerate these 2 products. After reading your stories, I’ve started the 5lb carrot juicing on a daily basis. I have tumors in my colon and around my stomach area. Do you think the carrot juicing will work on me? Any feed back will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Hi Amy, I didn’t see your post earlier. I think carrot juicing might cure you, and it certainly won’t do you harm. Have you tried carrots, and how is it going? I wish you the best.

  89. Nicki

    Thank you SOO MUCH for sharing this information! six months ago there is a spot in his xray, followed by CT scan they found 4 spots, the biggest one measuring 1.9 cm and it is reported as suspicious of primary bronchogenic carcinoma, in short they believe it was lung cancer. My husband never smoked. We were shocked, but then we decided not to go further with treatment. I found Ann’s post about her lung tumors and first thing I did was bought a juicer, and I started juicing 5 lbs of carrots every morning. We did not miss any day! His skin turned just slightly orange but no one said anything. in addition, I made him Chinese white fungus and pear soup daily and he takes reishi supplement. Now, six months later, just before Good Friday, on his second xray after 6 months was reported that his lungs is completely CLEAR, no spots whatso ever. PRAISE THE LORD! we are very grateful that we found this very valuable information. We are So happy and relieved. THANK YOU!!

    1. Rena Sharma

      that is just awesome!!!

      1. Ann Cameron

        Dear Nicki, I hope your husband is still cancer free. I am doing a second edition of Curing Cancer with Carrots. I would love to include his cure in the book. Would you please let me know. It looks like I never responded to you last April. I must have overlooked your wonderful e-mail back then. I am sorry. It wasn’t intentional.

        wishing you both the best,


  90. cpmt

    I know three people who sure they got cure with turkey tail mushrooms… very important the immune system is 100% working to get cure. get away from toxic people, bad, mean stressful, too exciting or violent situations and people, news, tv and movies. AND NO SUGAR OR CARBS (only good carbs like beans, garbanzo, lentils, and sweet potatoes and roots veggies. minimize meats (only white if you need to eat some) no milk products. try to bring down inflammation in your body: anti inflammatory spices, low sugar fruits, and veggies. cancer don’t like alkaline body, make your food a balance between acid vs alkaline, but more towards alkaline foods and water. Cancer doesn’t likes heat… get (or go to gym or spa with one) a infrared sauna. VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Some people (and I only know two people who told me) they ‘got cured’ with hemp black oil – no smoking and not eating it -… only with the oil and it doesn’t have the ‘bad stuff’ MUSHROOMS (SOME OF THEM) HELP WITH IMMUNE SYSTEM: maitake, shiitake, turkey tail and others.
    I attended in 2011 a clinic in FLA. called HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE… . THEY DO NOT CURE CANCER, they only work to improve your immune system, with a very restricted diet. … chlorophyl, sea algae, veggies, organic, natural supplements etc. I love the place, its is paradise, and very tranquil i love when i went there. AT LEAST 50% of the people there were woman with cancer… many of them had lumpectomy with recurrent cancer (metastasis… they believe that the dr. do not know that (specially) cancer cells are not just in the area of the tumor but in the blood and drainage of lymph ndlo

  91. Rena Sharma

    Dear Ann,

    Just wanted to give you an update of my husband’s progress. To recap, he was diagnosed after having a PET scan on Jan 2 2014 as having advanced stage rectum cancer with mets to local lymph nodes and one near the left sternum. We were told it was stage 4. Prognosis 92% of patients with this stage of cancer die within the first year and the 8% make it to two years. The choices we were given was a) palliative b) go the full hog with chemo radiation to all areas affected and hope for the best. When I asked the radiation oncologist then what the curative prognosis would be – he said 2 years. On the 2nd week of Jan, we started with 5lbs of carrot juice a day, due to pressure from famaily etc, he decided to give chemo a go, he did the full course whilst still being on the carrot juice. The second chemo was no completed, all he had for the avastin and oxyplatin through a drip and he was suppose to take his xeloda tablets which he did not as he started getting heart/chest pain. All this while he was still on 5lbs of carrot juice a day. Anyways he decided no more chemo – did not want to feel miserable. One of the doctors that I worked with told me before making such decisions to at least get an MRI and see where things are at. Nigel had his MRI on March 20 and the results were excellent – it showed significant regression of tumor and resolution of lymph nodes. With that we made an appointment to see our Oncologist who was not very happy with the 3 chemos we missed. We showed him the scan and he looked and looked and compared it with the original scans and said he could not see anything. He said we should go back to Sydney to see the radiation oncologist who first diagnosed Nigel and suggested we get chemo radiation and try the curative approach. I asked him how much of the cancer was gone – he said can’t tell. He also said it could be 100% gone, 90% gone or 70% gone. Anyways, we made an appointment to see the radiation oncologist. We met him yesterday – talk about a depressing day. He said although nothing showing on the MRI – he said the cancer is going to come back – requested a PET scan and said even if nothing shows on the PET scan, we should have chemo radiation as there will be hidden cancer cells that cannot be picked up – I asked can we not not get the cancer surgically removed – he said – oh if you go down that road, you are not trying to cure it, i said ok, say we go down the road he is talking about which is six months of hight dose radiation and chemo, would the cancer come back – he said he does not know , it may. I looked at Nigel – looked healthy as ever, no pain, no nothing just orange – I told the radiation oncologist about m carot juice protocol and he just dismissed me. I asked him what caused the cancer – he said he does not know. How can you cure something when you don’t know what caused it. Anyways, we left. He said to have a PET scan next week. Nigel says he will have it – just to see how clear it is :) and i think we have had it with Doctors. Oh oh – he even said that the chemo nigel had does not get rid of the cancer, he said it was to stop growth and delay spread – so i said isnt it amazing that this has regressed and you cant even see it – DISMISSED again. Aarrrrgh – whilst I type this – Nigel is drinking his carrot juice. I am asking everyone I know to drink freshly squeezed carrot juice weather they have cancer or not!!! My mum and my younger sister has started. My brother in law as well :) To me regression of tumour and resolution of lymph nodes is a good result. Everyday he feels good … i guess if we keep the good cells in excellent condition, they can fight the baddy cells ….. :)

  92. Rena Sharma

    Hi Ann, 5 days later from my last post. Husband had PET scan today, infact twice and guess what??? They found nothing. The radiation oncologist was bemused, surprised. I m so thrilled. Carrot juices works – one chemo was all he had – carrots carrots carrots – he is still carrot juicing daily. Primary tumour cannot be seen, and mets to distant and local lymph nodes clear. :) :) if you need reports etc for your book, let me know and will email it to you. I will keep updating his progress periodically. For everyone else – faith -(no doubt) and carrot juice worked for us. M over the moon!!

  93. Sergio

    My wife just started a vegetables juice (mainly carrot but including other anticancer fruit and veg) and I’m terrified!!!! Wake up in the middle of the night thinking: what are we doing? This is crazy. That is why I’m researching and trying to find positive testimonials.

    1. Rena Sharma

      it worked for my husband. 5lbs of carrot juice day. He is still Juicing. Pet scan was clear as crystal !! ;) The doctors were baffled, they said must have been the one chemo we had .. unlikely .. … !! I am so happy. everynow and then we added ginger for flavour, but we made sure that he has at least 8 glasses of freshly squeezed carrot juice a day – he is still juicing!! alive and well!!

      1. Chris Wark

        AWESOME RENA!!!

        1. Rena Sharma

          Thank you Chris, I sent you an email a week or two ago
          . If you get a chance to speak with Ann, please do let her know that I am happy to send all our medical reports for her book . My husband is orange – looks nice with tan though. I try and try and tell the doctors what we have been doing, they just dismiss me. They gave all credit to the one chemo he had :P ah well .. we know the truth, Nutrition is key and faith in God is a must!

      2. Hi Rena, would you and your husband consider creating a CHART Medical Log? We’re conducting online community-based medical research into natural cancer therapies.

        1. Rena Sharma

          ok will do!

          1. Great Rena! Please let me know if you need help with the Medical Log. Most people work it out first go, but I’m here to help if you need me. enquiries [at ]

      3. Ann Cameron

        Dear Sergio, Is your wife OK? I wish you the best.


  94. Rena Sharma

    Dear Chris and Ann,

    Latest update. So after we had the Pet Scan which showed no signs of cancer and we told the surgeon we would just wiat observe and not proceed with any treatment. He suggested that Nigel undergo a colonoscopy so he can see whats left in the rectum. As I sat with Nigel in the recovery room – he walked in and said – ‘this is a miracle’ – the photo of the rectum is so clear and in his words he could not find anything. We just stopped by a cafe and had guess what ?? “Carrot Juice ” – God is great!! Through Christ all things are possible!

    1. paulop

      Hi Rena, there was no surgery as a first step?

      1. Rena Sharma

        No surgery, inoperable .. we were told. There was distant mets so surgery was no an option. Jucing works !!!

    2. Neha Singh

      Does carrot juice really cures stage 4 cancer?

      1. Rena Sharma

        Hi Neha, At stage 4 rectum cancer with distant mets, surgery was even an option. We were told from the doctors that all they could do was palliative treatment ie 6 cycles of chemo and if the tumour shrunk, they will do the surgery. After juicing and juicing carrots and being extremely religious about it combined with a good diet .. Nigel had a pet scan, colonoscopy and they could not find the cancer and the distant mets. there was nothing to remove. He goes for another colonoscopy in a month for a routine check.

        1. Neha Singh

          Hi Rena..thank you for many months nigel
          took the carrot juice to get the positive results? I want to
          Suggest this carrot juice cure to my friend , she is suffering
          From sarcoma and the tumour has spread to her lungs.

          1. Rena Sharma

            he is still jucing .. he did the 5lbs from Jan to June 14 … not it is probably about 2lbs. I hope all goes well with your friend. She has absolutely nothing to lose.

          2. Neha Singh

            Its been a month my friend has started drinking carrot juice.
            On 16 september she is going to have a PET Scan after
            completing 3 rounds of chemo. We are hoping for the best.

    3. Steve

      Hi Rena, your husband use organic or regular carrots? Thank you.

    4. Alice

      Hi Rena, your husband drank a lot of carrots juice everyday . Did he have any problem about blood sugar ?. Thank you .

  95. Ann Cameron

    What great and amazing news! It will give hope to many people! All the best to you both. Ann

    1. Rena Sharma

      Thank you Ann – will update in 3 months again ;) who would have thought Carrot Juice … ;) ;)

      1. Ann Cameron

        I will keep fingers crossed, but I look forward to continued good news! With such a dramatic victory so far, I think Nigel will continue well.

        1. angela

          hi Anne just wanted to give an update on my mum.. she is still going strong and still drinking 3 cups of carrot juice a day. she has put on more weight and alot of her clothes are getting too tight now!! she is still doing more gardening and is going out on her own now in the car.. She is looking so well and it’s hard to believe that 9 months ago she was told she woukdnt be here now. I do believe she will see Xmas this year and I’m pretty sure that the carrot juice is doing its job very well. It’s funny how the drs are still trying to find something else wrong with her and still telling her that she is incurable and because of her age they still don’t care. It’s a sad affair when the elderly are treated so bad because the shouldn’t have much time left to live… it’s so wrong… everyone has a right to be treated equally regardless of age…

          1. Ann Cameron

            Hi Angela, As I said, I’m so glad your mom’s so much better now. To be fair to the doctors, sometimes they don’t recommend chemotherapy or radiation to a person past 75 because the treatments are very toxic and they know an older person may not have the strength to recover from treatment.

            From Guatemala where I’m taking care of my garden, I’m picturing your mother in hers. Keep up the carrots!

          2. Judith

            Hey Ann, Thanks so much for this. My mum was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix in September 2013, surgery was done followed by radiation. We thought she was fine until last month (June, 2014) when she started complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting. CT scan revealed swollen abdominal lymph nodes and the oncologist recommended we start chemotherapy.

            Just before she could start chemo, she was rushed in the OR for surgery for intestinal obstruction (resulting from adhesion from the radiotherapy), 26/6/2014. The surgeon reported that while relieving the obstruction, there was a big mass covering the intestines suggestive of cancer. A biopsy was taken and it came out positive for Squamous Cell carcinoma (same as the initial diagnosis). She starts chemotherapy tomorrow (24th July 2014).

            After reading all these, I regret why we didn’t start her on a rigorous carrot juice meal although we have tried to make her meals as healthy as possible.
            She will go ahead with the chemo…she is also convinced she needs it, but we will surely make sure she doesn’t go a day without carrot juice as long as she is able to take it and hold (am thinking of the side effects of chemo here).

            Any opinions would be helpful.


  96. Ann Cameron

    Angela, I’m very happy for you and your mom. Give her my best wishes and congratulations.

    1. Ann Cameron

      Dear Judith, I am very very sorry I missed seeing your e-mail months ago and never answered! How is your mother doing?

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  99. SHANTY

    Are you suffering from any kind of diseases or even cancer? Rick Simpson Cannabis oil is the answer.Contact Dr.Rick on:ri*******************@ou*****.Your hopeless and helpless situation will never remain the same.

  100. Julio

    Hello. I am Julio. (My first language is Spanish, so sorry for any wrong written word) We knew my wife has breast cancer Friday June 27th. As you should know, that day was a funeral day for us. After being busy at church on saturday, early Sunday morning I googled about cancer. I found Ann testimony in Spanish and read it. That was good enough for me. Then I read the Ralp testimony, shared with my wife what I had found and Monday june 30 we started juicing 5 lbs of carrots. We have been juicing since then – today is day 10 – We had an appoinment with a surgeon and that was a stressful moment. I was translatin for my wife and because of my personality, was hard for me to face the moment when she told him she wanted to wait 3 months to work with an “alternative medicine” to see what happen. The face of the doctor was confused and surprised. He gave some suggestions and then, I honk, he was frustrated. Anyways, the doctor has scheduled an appoinment to have a MRI to check that her other breast is not contaminated with cancer and a Genetic Test to see if her body-cells could let this cancer-cells to mutate and keep growing under a different core cells. (I have tried to explaining in my words, not in technical language).
    I was reading a blog where was a lady called “Ariel” that had breast cancer, but the emails stopped on December or January. What was the result of that case? Do you know
    Well, I am so happy to read Rena testimony and become stronger in our convictions that this is the way. I will keep you updated. My only concern is that I realized everyone getting better has had influence of chemo before or during the process. I hope that is not neccesary. We do not want neither surgery or chemo-radiation. I hope it works. Thanks for sharing your testimonies. You do not know how helpful has been to us. Blessing

    1. Ann Cameron

      Hola, Julio, I am glad your wife is juicing carrots. Please let me know how it’s going for her. I never had chemotherapy and radiation and just cured myself with carrots. Jose Aguilar in Los Angeles wrote me to say that was diagnosed with lung cancer, one tumor about the size of a walnut. He had no chemo or radiation , no surgery either. After six weeks of juicing carrots, the tumor was gone. His report of a cure and others’ are published in my e-book, Curing Cancer with Carrots, which has a lot more information about why carrots work.

      So far the book is only in English, but in a few months a friend from Argentinca will translate the book to Spanish. “Ariel” got discouraged about carrots after a brief time and quit juicing them. Ralph and I haven’t heard from her since then.
      Please keep in touch!

      1. Julio

        Hi Ann: thanks for your answer. My wife have been drinking carrot juice for all these days since she started on June 30th and only have missed one day. Some few days she have drunk less than 5 pounds, but never less than 3 cups. For the last 3 days she drank carrot juice bought at Walmart because we were out of house and could not juice ourselves. We went to a MRI last week to have a scan to see if her other breast was contaminated with cancer. Yesterday, July 30 she had an doctor appoinment and we saw those tumors in a screen. There are one around 11.5 mm and two around 4.0 mm. We cannot be sure if they have shrunken or not because we did not have accurate information about sizes previously, however the results until now in my wife has been positive.
        I can resume what I have seen in this way:
        Two weeks after she started drinking the result of 5 pounds of carrots her strenght improved and she do not feel now that tiredness. Before she was tired, sleepy, needed take naps before do anything (cook and others house things).
        After four weeks, she looks radiant, motivated, healthier. Her period is less bloody. Her hands are getting orange.
        She will have an appoinment on second week of October. I hope that will be enough time to see a difference between now and then.

        1. Ann Cameron

          Dear Julio, Thanks for sharing your very encouraging news. Others who started feeling dramatically better on carrots after a couple of weeks were cured after a very few months. I hope that will be true too for your wife. I look forward to hearing from you in October.

          1. Rena Sharma

            we just got back from Italy … it was awesome .. not many juice bars there though ;( but oh Genoa and Sestri Levante and Portofino .. how gorgeous. I thought of you when i was there .. i was like.. i am so happy i discovered the carrots through you and of course as a result .. what a holiday!!! (it was looking like we werent going to have one back in Jan) THANK YOU ANN xx

          2. Ann Cameron

            Hi Rena, Thanks for thinking of me during your and Nigel’s wonderful vacation. The only good thing I can think of about having had cancer is how much more deeply it leads us to appreciate Life. Here’s to Italy! I will be off to Spain and Greece. with my beloved, next month.

          3. Ann Cameron

            Julio, How is your wife doing? I hope all the good changes have continued.

            Happy New Year to you both,


    2. Rena Sharma

      Hi Julio, My husband Nigel is doing great thus far. We just has a lovely holiday in Italy. He is back at work and still drinks his carrots juice a day. Not quite 5lbs but at least 2 big glasses. Everyday your wife feels better that is a good sign. Nigel only has one chemo cycle (2 WEEKS) nothing else and of course carrot juice throughout. The carrots are the best thing ever. Do not lose faith. It is not a death sentence. xx

  101. Ann Cameron

    My book Curing Cancer with Carrots, in which I explain about carrot juice and reasons it cures cancer, got a great personal comment from the managing editor of an oncology journal: “I just finished reading ‘Curing Cancer with Carrots’. Wow, what a book. It’s now my favourite anti-cancer book, it’s so powerful and practical, I will recommend it to anyone I know who is diagnosed with cancer. Your story is amazing and I’m so glad you shared it through your magnificent book.”

  102. Aldo B.

    Hi Ann

    I just emailed you to your website. On this next Monday 11 I’m going to have a colonoscopy to confirm that I have colon cancer (let’s hope not), for all the symtomps that I had, and that I have already told you, in my personal message to you.

    Either way, I started to juice carrots like almost two weeks, and every time I drink them I feel SO MUCH BETTER, and I don’t even have diarrhea, neither my bowel sounds much, like when I wasn’t drinking it.

    Even my seeing has improve, because I was using a 0.25 glasses for tired eyes, and since I’m drinking carrot juice, I don’t feel like I need those anymore. That just make me think along with your testimony, and all the information on this page, that doctors ususally don’t recommend or prescibed fruits or vegetables to help people’s diseases or little troubles, like the one I had with my tired eyes.

    My ophthalmologist straightly prescribed me multivitamin drops for my eyes, instead of recommending me to eat or drink carrots, that just have help me a lot more than his drops.

    I’m truly convinced that mother nature has all we need to cure. And that the current system based on making benefits, instead of helping people with easier and cheaper natural treatments it’s not the right path for medicine, and it’s actually pretty evil, because for example with cancer, it costs people’s life, and destroys them with their poisoning treatments.

    I will keep you, and all the people that is reading this updated with my situation. But IF I have cancer, I would like to ask you three questions:

    1) Did you make your carrot juice from a juicer or a blender? It’s the same both ways or not?

    2) Didn’t you have Hypervitaminosis A by consuming a lot of carrot juice every day? (That’s my principal worry right now with this treatment)

    3) Do you suggest me to do only juicing, and not surgery? (Regardless of the state of my POSSIBLE colon cancer)

    Thank you very much. I’ll wait anxiously for your awnser.

  103. Rena Sharma

    I used both but mainly organic. Ralph Cole who also cured his cancer said it really does not make a difference. Make sure you give them a good rince :)

    1. Ann Cameron

      Hi Rena, I hope you and Nigel are enjoying life and the best of health.
      I’m getting the next version of my e-book Curing with Cancer ready to publish, both as an e-book and as a print book in English and Spanish. Every day now the first version has sales.
      I’m including Nigel’s wonderful cure and your e-mails about it. I just would like to clarify one thing. Many times you mention having had “five pounds of carrots.” Am I correct that you juiced five pounds of carrots and Nigel drank five cups of juice a day–rather than he drank five pounds of juice–which would be nearly a gallon?
      Thank you for the offer of including his medical records, but we have decided not to include those.
      with best wishes, Ann

  104. Arthur Mike

    I am unable to post this in the Success Stories for whatever reason, so I posted here. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer on October 18, 2013. I was advised by my doctor that my only options were to get a prostatectomy or have radiation seeds implanted in my prostate or receive regular external beam radiation. I declined. I knew there had to be other options.
    I scoured the Internet and discovered a wealth of information about cannabis oil curing cancer. I was able to obtain some medical marijuana oil through Dr Palmer (Rick Simpson Oil) from it and consumed the recommended dosage by mid January. On January 26th I had a cancer reassessment which consisted of an MRI with a state of the art Tesla 3 MRI machine. Results – NO SIGN OF CANCER! CANCER FREE!One of the things that helped me while going through all this was reading the testimonials and the success stories of those who have used the oil and were cured And with good food diet. Now that this wonderful oil has cured me, I feel I need to let others know as well. Please feel free to contact me, ask anything
    should you like more information or directly contact Dr Palmer at: dr**************************@li**.com were i purchased from. Thank you, Arthur Mike ~

  105. angela

    hi Ann and everyone thought I would do an update on my mum. well she is still here after being given 12 months to live back in October last year and drs said she wouldn’t make it to Xmas this year they said to make last Xmas a good one else. well things were going good and then mum started having lower back pain which we thought may have been all the gardening mum was doing but Dr sent her off for a bone scan as he thought the cancer had spread to her bones and sure enough it has :( the scan picked up three areas of nets in the pelvic region I think one was there and now iI’m angry that the Dr didn’t tell her to get that one small area treated would have been one treatment. I don’t think it has spread anywhere else so maybe it can be treated I hope it’s not too bad. I guess maybe the carrot juice stopped working and I think k mum is ready to give up. she is in alot of pain and has lost her appetite again. maybe this is the beginning nine of the end for my mum :( I’m so scared. I was sohoping the juice would cure her… guess it ddoesn’t work for every one.. sorry I’m just so devastated and depressed that I tried so hard and failed my mum

    1. Ann Cameron

      Dear Angela, I didn’t see your December 2014 on your mom until today. I am sorry the cancer has returned. I still think carrot juicecan help even if it doesn’t cure. Please keep in touch.

  106. Ann Cameron

    Angela, you have done your very best for your mother. Thanks to you, she gained a year of healthy life able to enjoy her garden. Without carrots and your care, I don’t think she would have had this. I know that if you lose her, it will be very hard for you. But you are not to blame and all your work to help her live well hasn’t been wasted. Death has come to everyone who has ever lived…

  107. angela

    hi Ann thank you for your kind words. Im not giving up on mum I will keep trying to help her and there are other things I can try… I still think that mum has alot of living to do yet even if the useless drs have given up on her cause they think she is too old… hate that.. will keep you posted

  108. Rena

    Hi Guys, just want to give you all an update re my husband’s progress…. He is still Alive. Everyone and then if he has any aches and pains, we just up his carrot juice intake. So far so good and so far no cancer !! Praise The Lord.

    Sorry I have not been here much .. But i m definitely a carrot juice ambassador!!

    Nigel has an appointment next Thursday with his colon surgeon, I m sure all will be good and will keep you all updated!

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