Curing disease with a 9-volt battery? The Bob Beck Protocol

Ladies and Gentlemen, this might be the most important post I’ve ever written…

In 1991, two researchers (William Lyman and Steven Kaali) at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine discovered a way to disable viruses, bacteria, and pathogens–including the AIDS virus–with electricity.

And as far as I know, their findings only appeared in three small articles. Here are the excerpts:

Zapping the AIDS virus with low-voltage electric current can nearly eliminate its ability to infect human white blood cells cultured in the laboratory… William D. Lyman and his colleagues found that exposure to 50-100 microamperes of electricity – comparable to that produced by a cardiac pacemaker – reduced the infectivity of the AIDs virus by 50-95%. Their experiments, described March 14 in Washington, D.C., at the First International Symposium on Combination Therapies, showed that the shocked viruses lost the ability to make an enzyme crucial to their reproduction, and could no longer cause the white cells to clump together –  two key signs of virus infection.

The finding could lead to tests of implantable electrical devices or dialysis-like blood treatments in HIV-infected patients, Lyman says. In addition, he suggests that blood banks might use electricity to zap HIV, and vaccine developers might use electrically incapacitated viruses as the basis for an AIDS vaccine…the new study also hints at a lifesaving side effect: protection against HIV.

(Science News, Biomedicine, pg. 207, March 30, 1991)

What we have done is expose the AIDS virus in laboratory circumstances to electrical current and then incubated the virus with white blood cells susceptible to the virus.  We found the virus became much more ineffective.” -Steven G. Kaali, MD

(The Houston Post, pg. A-10, March 20, 1991)

The following year Kaali affirms again in another article that their discovery was valid.

Most viruses in a blood sample lose their infectious capability after being zapped by a very low level current. Repeated exposure appears to leave blood virtually free of HIV, as well as hepatitis – without harming blood cells.

(Longevity, pg. 14, December 1992)

It’s worth noting that these researchers were working toward developing devices and/or a vaccine that could be PATENTED. And it’s also interesting that in that same Longevity article, which was a year and a half after his initial announcement, Kaali appears to backpedal, stating that “it will take years of testing before a virus-electrocuting device is ready for use.”

It’s been over 25 years.

So what happened after this astounding achievement, arguably the most remarkable discovery in medicine in the last 100 years?


This discovery, potentially a cure for HIV and every other virus, had the potential to transform modern medicine. It would render many vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and profit-generating treatments obsolete. So, it’s no surprise that it was never implemented. The naive have a hard time believing that any effective medical treatment would be ignored. But you have to follow the money.

The average cancer patient generates over $300,000 in profit for the medical industry: surgery, chemo, radiology, drugs for side effects, hospital stays, office visits, etc.

“A patient cured is a customer lost.” -Bob Beck

So, we can speculate that this discovery was either ignored or quickly suppressed by the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps the inventors sold the patent and the patent was shelved. That’s exactly what happened to an invention of my father’s, many years ago.

My dad invented a novel lawn mower bagging system that was purchased by TORO who promised to market it. Instead, they shelved it. Competition eliminated. But I digress…

Here’s what we do know:
Since 2001, the US government has spent billions of tax dollars funding research on cures for AIDS, and the medical/pharmaceutical industry has made billions treating (not curing) AIDS patients.

That was almost the end of the story…

Enter one retired 66-year-old physicist, the inventor of Xenon strobe flash technology:

Dr. Robert C. Beck  D.Sc.—————————–>
(aka Bob Beck)                    

Beck happened upon the Science News article (quoted above) in 1991. Intrigued, he wrote to the college requesting a copy of the research paper which was included in the Conference of Combination Therapies publication. He was told that it did not exist and discovered that it had been removed from the copy of the journal they sent him.

Beck was not deterred. He hired a private investigator to track down some of the attendees of the conference with the hopes of finding a copy of the original research paper. And he found it.

After examining the research, which involved blood electrification via surgical implants and dialysis-type blood treatments, Beck designed and built a small device powered by three 9-volt batteries that could electrify the blood from outside the body. He funded his own research to verify the accuracy of the claims of Kaali and Lyman, and to test the effectiveness of his device.

Beck conducted hundreds of PCR blood tests on AIDS patients at hospitals all over the US, all showing AIDS cured by his method. One case described by Beck was a patient who had 418,478 particles of HIV in his blood on Sept 5, 1995. After using the device for two months, the patient’s PCR dropped to less than 100 and he had no evidence of disease.

Beck found that the real-world results of blood electrification were even better than those reported by the laboratory researchers. After several years of testing and seeing miraculous results, Beck had no qualms about stating that this method, “can cure all known infectious diseases including HIV, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Epstein Barr, Herpes, E Bola, Botulism, Anthrax, and all man-made biological warfare viruses.” It is completely safe, does not harm healthy cells or tissues, and has no side effects.

When viewed under a dark-field microscope, the blood of a normal, healthy human being usually has a lot of parasitic worms, viruses, fungi, germs, and pathogens swimming around.  After three weeks of blood electrification, the blood is clean and the blood cells are plump and healthy. Beck liked to call this “Immortal Blood.”

What’s even more amazing is that Beck never attempted to profit from his discovery, or sell his device. Instead, he published a lengthy (and now legendary) report entitled, “Take Back Your Power,” which included comprehensive details on his protocol, and complete instructions on how to build his blood electrification device with less than $50 in parts from Radio Shack (at the time). Beck conducted many free seminars teaching about his discovery and only charged $5 for his report, to cover the cost of printing.

Here’s how Beck’s blood electrification device works:
Proper application of 50-100 micro-amperes (a tiny amount) of current apparently alters the outer protein layer of any pathogen, so that they can no longer attach to human cells and reproduce. Eventually, they die and the body flushes them out through the kidneys, liver, lymph, etc. This minuscule amount of current does not harm the blood or normal cells in any way.

The best location to electrify your blood is at your wrists, by placing two electrodes over your Radial and Ulner Arteries.

A 150 lb person has 8 pints of blood that circulate through the body every 8-9 seconds. As the blood passes by the electrodes at the wrist site, it is electrified with micro-current.

According to Beck, “When the proper micro-current is correctly applied into the blood, it neutralizes ALL viruses, pathogens, microbes, parasites, fungi, mycotoxins, coexisting foreign lifeforms, alien invaders and their byproducts.”

Electrotherapy actually mimics the body’s own immune system

“Jacques Schrenzel and Karl Heinz Kraus at University Hospital in Geneva discovered that white blood cells (leucocytes) kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocuting them.  This means of defense is triggered as soon as the receptors of the white cell detect the presence of a microbe. This signal activates an enzymatic system located in the membrane of the leucocyte composed of a ‘sleeping enzyme’ (NADPH oxydase) and co-enzyme (NADPH). The reaction begins by the enzyme ‘waking up’, receiving enzymes from it’s co-enzyme, and transporting them through the membrane. Ejected out of the white cell, this electronic flux is focused towards the bacterium via oxygen molecules, and the bacterium dies.”

Extracted from: “Leucocytes kill bacteria and pathogenic fungi by electrocution.” Science & Vie, Issue #972, September 1998, pg. 44.

Pretty cool, right? The Beck protocol is basically an amped-up version of the body’s own defense system.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, get this:

Feb 23, 1993: Steven Kaali and Peter Schwolsky are granted a US patent on blood electrification which they describe as “a method and system for treatment of blood and/or other bodily fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric forces.” Patent #5,188,738

In the patent, their invention is described in detail:

The present invention has been devised to attenuate any bacteria, virus (including the AIDS HIV virus) parasites and/or fungus contained in blood contributed by a donor to the point that any such contaminant is rendered ineffective for infecting a normally healthy human cell, but does not make the blood biologically unfit for use in humans…

The treatment can be accomplished in a treatment system external of the body, or by implant devices for purging contaminants using a novel electrically conductive vessel for direct electric treatment of blood or other body fluids, such as amniotic fluids, with alternating current electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to attenuate such contaminants to the extent that bacteria, virus, fungus, and/or parasites contained in the blood or other body fluids are rendered ineffective to infect and/or affect normally healthy human cells.” (emphasis added)

Beck’s blood electrification protocol has also been reported to have a dramatic effect on cancer patients. Beck’s hypothesis is that, “by eliminating parasites, it supercharges the immune system to deal with the cancer.”

Note: This was not a part of my anti-cancer protocol because I didn’t discover it until 2011. Would I do it if I had cancer now? Yes.

Although Beck never sold products and gave his research away for free, he realized that not everyone would be able to build their own devices. He eventually endorsed a company that began manufacturing products to his specifications.

The Story of SOTA Instruments.
(State Of The Art)

Russ Torlage, the founder of SOTA, attended one of Beck’s lectures, built his blood electrification device, and cured his wife’s crippling chronic fatigue. He then improved the design of Beck’s unit to run on a single 9-volt battery, instead of three. Beck was pleased with the improved design and gave Russ his blessing to manufacture the units for sale commercially. Thus, SOTA Instruments was born. Bob and Russ became very close friends, researching, traveling, and conducting demonstrations and interviews together. SOTA Instruments is the only company Bob Beck ever endorsed.

Sadly, Bob Beck died in 2002, at age 77, as a result of a head injury from a fall. Russ Torlage was the MC at Bob Beck’s memorial. Man, I really wish I could have met Bob Beck!

From 2000-2004, SOTA was persecuted and nearly shut down by The FTC and Health Canada for selling medical devices. They prevailed, but can no longer make any health or medical claims, or give advice on treatment protocols. They can’t even use Bob Beck’s name on their website and simply refer to him in their bio as “The Physicist.” And their devices come with very limited instructions. Fortunately, all the information you need is available elsewhere. (More on that later.)

The Devices

The Bob Beck Protocol consists of three devices that do four things: blood electrification, magnetic pulsing, colloidal silver, and ozonated water. I own all of them.

SOTA’s blood electrification device is called the Silver Pulser.  This is a two-in-one device that electrifies the blood and produces ionic/colloidal silver, which is another key component is Beck’s protocol.

Blood electrification with the SOTA Silver Pulser does not hurt. You can adjust the intensity to a comfortable setting, which feels like a pulsing tingle. If you turn it up, it will cause the muscles in your hand to contract with the pulse. It’s weird, but no big deal. This device is really incredible. I’m actually using it right now as I put the finishing touches on this post!

Ionic/Colloidal Silver
Colloidal Silver is the most powerful, natural, disease-killing bactericide known to man – with zero side effects. Before 1938, it was the antibiotic choice for the world. That is, until pharmaceutical companies introduced their patented, targeted, and (less effective) antibiotics. Pure silver is a micro-nutrient and nature’s antibiotic. It will sterilize any bacteria. In fact, silver is still used in medicine today especially in wound dressing for burn victims, because of it’s anti-bacterial and healing properties. Beck found that drinking Ionic/Colloidal Silver protected against secondary and opportunistic infections when detoxing from blood electrification. I personally drink 2-4 ounces every day, made with my Silver Pulser.

The Silver Pulser is a 2-in-1 device; it can be used for blood electrification and making colloidal silver (but not at the same time).

Note: Ionic/Colloidal Silver made from 99.9999% pure silver with SOTA’s Silver Pulser in distilled water will not turn your skin blue with Argyria like Paul Karason.  —————————->

Karason drank massive amounts of colloidal silver chloride every day for years thinking it was pure colloidal silver.  That’s why his skin is blue.


Beck designed two other devices to support the blood electrification protocol:

The SOTA Magnetic Pulser
This is a device that creates a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field). This is a moving magnetic field which causes 50-100 micro-amperes to be generated deep within tissues to neutralize the parasites, viruses, and pathogens that are latent in tissues and not circulating in the blood. The magnetic pulser is designed for specifically targeting lymph nodes, organs, and tumor sites, and should be used in conjunction with the Silver Pulser blood electrification device.

SOTA Water Ozonator
Ozone (O3) is one of the greatest detoxifying agents known to man, as it oxidizes and kills bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. Our planet uses ozone to detoxify, and so does our body. Hospitals use airborne ozone to sterilize operating rooms, and some cities in Germany use ozone to clean their water instead of chlorine–a much better system. Neutralizing billions of pathogens in the body with blood electrification can produce a severe detoxification reaction. Drinking ozonated water significantly increases your blood oxygen level (this can be verified with a Pulse Oximeter) and, as a result, produces rapid, safe, totally natural cell oxygenation. In addition, ozone carries a negative electrical charge that specifically counteracts free radical damage and recharges depleted cells. The ozone oxidizes the toxins and waste products in your body, turning them into H2O and CO2, which are easily eliminated by the body. Beck’s Water Ozonator is extremely simple to use. You just bubble the ozone into 8 ounces of water for five minutes, then drink it immediately.

Beck stated that the supplementation of ozonated water to patients he studied reduced their disease recovery time, on average, from 21 days down to 5 days. He recommended drinking three glasses per day, even when well. That’s my unit in the picture.

Here’s a guide to the Beck Protocol.

Also, check out and to watch video interviews with Beck and testimonials from patients who have cured themselves with his protocol.

If you plan on buying the Silver Pulser, Magnetic Pulser, and Water Ozonator at the same time, sells all three devices in a discounted package.

*Before you ask me questions in the comments section, please download and read the Bob Beck Handbook. Also, due to legal reasons, I cannot give specific protocol or treatment advice.


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