Carolyn Marin on Ann Wigmore’s legacy and raw food for healing

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” -Ann Wigmore

Carolyn Marin is the Executive Director of the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute and serves as a diet and lifestyle instructor and therapist. She has a master’s degree in community psychology and family counseling. Carolyn also holds certifications in colon hydrotherapy and reiki. She has inspired thousands of students on campus, online, and traveling while teaching the power of Ann Wigmore’s Living Foods Lifestyle™.

Carolyn’s previous experience includes working for a non-profit organization supporting women with HIV/AIDS through nutrition and natural healing modalities. She has held apprenticeships with vegan chefs in New York. In 1998, Carolyn became certified as a raw food chef trained by Aris LaTham of Sun Fire Foods in Brooklyn, NY.

Carolyn is a compassionate patient advocate committed to helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to thrive and overcome chronic health conditions. Enjoy!

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Download the unedited interview transcript here

Show Notes
-The story of Ann Wigmore [1:40]
-Ann opens her first institute [6:19]
-Ann’s principles of health and healing [9:23]
-The importance of doing the mental, emotional and spiritual work [12:49]
-Reexamine every part of your life [17:52]
-The raw food diet is the gateway to radical life change [20:54]
-Loving yourself by taking care of yourself [22:44]
-Your thoughts impact your health [26:16]
-You’re not a victim of disease [27:55]
-Unlocking your inner healer [31:03]
-Don’t force others to change with you [34:05]
-Healing happens at home [40:09]
-Healing the gut with fermented foods [41:29]
-The benefits of Energy Soup [42:59]
-It takes time to build a healthy gut microbiome [49:09]
-Reasons to keep dosing throughout the day [52:59]

Connect with Carolyn:
Facebook: The Ann Wigmore Institute

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