She healed cancer with raw food then ran 366 marathons in a row!

Janette Murray-Wakelin is one of the most remarkable cancer survivors I have interviewed to date. In 2001, she refused conventional treatment and healed aggressive breast cancer with a raw food diet.

Then in 2013, she and her husband Alan (both in their 60s) ran around the entire continent of Australia. This involved running a marathon every single day for 366 consecutive days. In the process they broke and set a new world record. And they were exclusively fueled by raw fruits and veggies.

These grandparents put my level of fitness to shame.


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The Best Exercise For Your Immune System:

Back in 2004 when I first started to research natural therapies I read every natural cancer survival testimony I could find. I found many common threads and one of them was jumping on a mini trampoline, aka Rebounding. I figured since so many natural survivors and health practitioners were doing it there must be something to it…

Here’s a video I made about rebounding along with a detailed blog post about the science behind rebounding.

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Interview with Raw Vegan Bodybuilder
Wade Lightheart!

In what I think is a perfect follow up to my Orthorexia post…

Here’s a video interview I did with raw vegan bodybuilder Wade Lightheart.
Wade is an excellent example of how some people can thrive on a raw diet.
We talk about diet, training, fasting, enzymes, and more.
He’s an incredible resource of health knowledge so get your notepad ready!


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What Is CrossFit?

Exercise is a critical component to getting healthy and staying healthy.  
Everyone knows this.  Moving your body gets your all juices flowing.  
Mostly importantly it increases blood and lymphatic circulation,
both of which are imperative in the healing process.

I exercised a lot in the first few years of my cancer diagnosis.
Especially short runs and rebounding. But I didn’t do much weight training…
And I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I had a local gym membership
that I’ve barely used in the last 10 years.

CrossFit got me excited about working out again.

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