The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest (Watch it Free Online This Weekend! April 23-24)

14 Comments 01 October 2015

The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest is an incredible docu-series featuring 131 doctors, scientists, and survivors from 27 countries who have united to show the world how to prevent and heal cancer. And I'm one of them! Watch the Replay Marathon free online April 23-24, 2016

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How to grow huge produce fast with a Tower Garden

18 Comments 08 April 2015

Check out my monster kale harvest!!! Since 2013, I've been growing produce in an aeroponic Tower Garden. In this post I'll show you exactly how it works.

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Ask Me Anything – October 2, 2014

14 Comments 11 October 2014

You asked. I answer!

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Low-carb diet beats low-fat diet in weight loss and heart health? Not so fast

22 Comments 04 September 2014

How to sweep the headlines with sloppy science: A comparison of the best low-carb diet to the worst low-fat diet they could come up with.

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Survivor Stories, Videos

Joyce Healed Stage IV Lymphoma With Gerson Therapy

11 Comments 03 June 2014

Joyce refused chemotherapy and healed stage IV non-Hodgins lymphoma with Gerson Therapy in 2005!

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Curing cancer with rebounding?

30 Comments 16 May 2014

Live 5 News in Charleston, South Carolina did a story on how I used rebounding as part of my cancer healing protocol. Check it out!

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Cancer surgery video of me from 2003

36 Comments 01 January 2014

Today is New Years Day, 2014. On this day ten years ago, I was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery with a 4-inch vertical incision straight through my belly button, and a third of my large intestine removed. That was the lowest point of my life... A few months ago, while rummaging through some old stuff, I found a video clip of me in the hospital, shot immediately after I came out of surgery. I was in recovery, barely conscious, waiting to be taken to a room. But somehow I managed to film myself for a few moments. I'm glad I did.

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Watch my talk from the 2013 Hungry 4 Health Festival

13 Comments 01 December 2013

Here are four video clips of my talk at the 2013 Hungry 4 Health Organic Festival in Branson, MO.

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Natural Therapies, Survivor Stories, Videos

Healing pancreatic cancer naturally after treatment failed

37 Comments 24 October 2013

Kay's courageous story of how chemo nearly killed her and how she used nutrition to heal stage 4 pancreatic cancer! (Updated January 2017!)

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Natural Therapies, Survivor Stories, Videos

Teenager Megan Sherow heals brain cancer with raw food

43 Comments 18 October 2013

17 year old Megan Sherow and her mother Maria share the amazing and inspiring story of how she healed brain cancer in three months by converting to a raw food diet instead of undergoing treatment at St. Jude. Megan is smart, funny and bursting with life. And as you will see, she and her mom are quite the pair. This was such a fun interview. You. will. love. it.

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Natural Therapies, Survivor Stories, Videos

David refused chemo and healed leukemia naturally

24 Comments 08 October 2013

Terrific video interview and post by David Lingle in which he explains how he used nutrition to heal his CLL leukemia with an 80% raw plant-based diet.

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Interviews, Natural Therapies, Videos

Ann Healed Pancreatic Cancer with Nutrition & Enzymes in 2001!

32 Comments 29 September 2013

In 2000, Ann Cooper refused surgery, chemo & radiation and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal her pancreatic cancer. This video interview is AWESOME.

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Watch The Cause is the Cure on October 5th

22 Comments 26 September 2013

So the folks at Maximized Living have asked me to help spread the word about a new film called "The Cause is the Cure" premiering on Saturday October 5th. It tells the stories of five people who have successfully overcome cancer without chemo or radiation. My kind of people!

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Natural Therapies, Survivor Stories, Videos

How to heal Hodgkins lymphoma with nutrition: 5 year follow up with Kevin & Cortney Campbell

7 Comments 17 September 2013

Cortney Campbell is a chemo-free Hodgkins lymphoma survivor since 2008. Long time readers may remember that hers was the first natural survivor story I shared back in 2010. So I thought it would be fun to shoot a follow up video with her and her husband Kevin at the Healing Strong Conference in Atlanta this past weekend.

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Detox Your Life, Videos

Do you know where your food comes from?

65 Comments 15 August 2013

Back in like '97 or '98 my friend Brad Stanfill showed me one of the most beautiful and powerful documentaries I've ever seen. It contained no words, and words really cannot describe it. Earlier this year a 6 minute clip from that film started circulating around social media and I was reminded of its brilliance. This clip will change you.

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