Curing Cancer Pain with Nasal Spray?
Dr. Emanuel Revici, Capsaicin, and Sinus Buster.
My Interview with Natural Survivor/Author Kelly Eidem

Today’s post is a video interview I did this week with Kelley Eidem, author of

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: The Story of Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD .

Kelley and I discuss:

-Dr Revici’s relatively unknown work and natural cancer treatment approach
-How to determine whether your body is in an anabolic or catabolic state
-What that means and how it should determine your specific anti-cancer diet
-What types of foods relieve cancer pain naturally
-How Kelly used what he learned from Dr. Revici to heal his own cancer naturally

And the strange and remarkable pain relief some cancer patients are getting from an all natural homeopathic nasal spray.

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Watch this movie: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

This movie has been out for awhile and it just occurred to me that I have’t said anything about it on the blog. So today I am!

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a documentary about Joe Cross, an overweight pill-popping Australian man with a rare chronic disease who decides to go on a 60-day juice fast while road-tripping across the U.S.

There some really amazing serendipitous events that happen along the way which I won’t divulge, but I will tell you that his health transformation is incredible…

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