2012 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Here it is! My third annual Healthy Holidays Gift Guide for 2012!

I’m really proud of myself because the last two years I didn’t publish this until about two weeks before Christmas. But this year I am on the ball!

So if you’re looking for some great gift ideas, here are some health products we love and most of which we use EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Some of them are new discoveries for 2012 and some are old favorites that have stood the test of time. Add them to your wish list or give them to someone you care about.

Note: These products may extend the life of the recipient, like your Mother-in-Law, so keep that in mind. ;)

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The Best Exercise For Your Immune System:

Back in 2004 when I first started to research natural therapies I read every natural cancer survival testimony I could find. I found many common threads and one of them was jumping on a mini trampoline, aka Rebounding. I figured since so many natural survivors and health practitioners were doing it there must be something to it…

Here’s a video I made about rebounding along with a detailed blog post about the science behind rebounding.

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2011 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Well it’s that time of year again. And I’m excited to unveil my second annual Healthy Holidays Gift Guide for 2011.

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas, here are seven phenomenal health products ranging from $15-$399. Some of them are new discoveries and some are old favorites.

Add them to your wish list or give them to someone you love.

Note: Giving these products to someone you don’t like may result in them living longer,
so keep that in mind. ;)

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The Waterwise Countertop Water Distiller

We’ve used our Waterwise 8800 Countertop Water Distiller since 2004 because steam distillation removes more contaminants than any other method.
Only steam distillation and select reverse-osmosis filters remove fluoride, a known carcinogen, from your drinking water.  

We fill up our distiller every night before bed and the next morning we have a gallon of pure, clean H20 ready to drink. It’s especially gratifying to look in the boiler and see all the crud it has removed from our drinking water like fluoride, chorine, lead, and bacteria.

The 8800 distills a gallon of water every 4 hours. If you have a large family, you should order an extra carafe. That way you can always have one in the fridge and one filling up in the distiller. They have several different size models and even one that distills without electricity!

Check out Waterwise Distillers here


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The Champion Juicer

Juicing is the best way to quickly extract massive amounts of vital nutrients from vegetables and fruit and get them into your body. I drank eight glasses of veggie juice every day for several years as part of my anti-cancer diet, but you don’t have to drink that much!  
Just 1-2 glasses per day will do you a ton of good.

I’ve used all kinds of juicers over the years and the Champion Juicer is still my juicer of choice.  Why?  Because it extracts a lot of juice; it’s super easy to clean up; and it’s built to last.  Our Champion has been in our kitchen working like a “champ” since 2004.

I recommend spending the extra $30 for the one with the commercial motor.

Price Champion Juicers Here

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Quercetin: The Most Powerful Flavonoid in the Galaxy!

I first heard of this flavonoid from one of my heroes, Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Blaylock is a recently retired board-certified neurosurgeon and one of the rare M.D.’s out there that has also devoted his time to become an expert on natural therapies despite criticism from the medical community at large.

He’s an expert on the specific nutrients within food that strengthen your immune system, help your body fight cancer, and minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Alright, enough about Blaylock, the super flavonoid is…

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The Vitamix 5200 Blender

This blender is legendary.
And it’s the number one investment you should make in your kitchen.

The Vita-mix 5200 is the commercial grade blender most smoothie bars use
and its 2HP motor will make your blender at home look like a toy.

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2010 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

The Holiday season is upon us!
And I’m excited to unveil my my 2010 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide.
If you’re looking for some great gift ideas, here are ten of my most favorite health products ranging from $11-$400.
Add them to your wish list or give them to someone you love.

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Tea Up! My Favorite Healthy Teas

Another key component in my cancer fight was drinking copious amounts of herbal teas. Specifically the ones with high anti-oxidant and immune boosting properties. Most days I would have a hot cup in the morning, iced herbal tea with meals, and a hot cup before bed. I highly recommend you get these super healthy teas into your body, pronto!

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