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How Dr. Dale Figtree Healed Healed Her Lymphatic Cancer in 1977

Please tell us your name, what type of cancer you had, and when you were diagnosed:
My name is Dale Figtree and I had lymphatic cancer at age 27.

Describe your experience with conventional doctors and treatments:
It was 1977, in New York Hospital, before CAT scans. After many other inconclusive tests, I underwent exploratory thoracic surgery to find out more about the shadow covering my left lung on my x-ray. During surgery a large cancerous tumor was discovered. It was in an advanced stage, pushing my heart towards the other side of my chest and pressing closed my left lung. The tumor was considered inoperable due to its attachment, not only to my lung, but also to my heart and major arteries. A biopsy was taken and I was closed up.

I was told I had a malignant lymphatic tumor and was started on chemo and radiation. My doctor said that the chemo could not entirely cure this type of cancer but it would help reduce it and make it easier for the radiation to work. It never occurred to me that any other approach to healing existed.

After the third month of treatment, my oncologist called me into his office to discuss my latest X-ray. He informed me of a newly discovered smaller mass, a few inches below the original tumor. His whole staff was in agreement that it was a second tumor, that the cancer had metastasized, and that radiation should begin on that new area the very next day.
I went home panic-stricken and immediately called my yoga teacher, who was also my spiritual mentor. She suggested that I sit down right then, and meditate. I decided to use my imagination and visualize the destruction of each and every cancer cell in an elaborate war type scenario until all the cancer cells were gone, leaving only healthy pink cells. As I slowly opened my eyes I found myself in a state of serenity. My fear had mysteriously vanished!
At the hospital the next morning, another X-ray was taken to calculate the exact measurements for the new area of radiation. A few minutes later, my oncologist entered the room looking baffled. He announced that the second lump was gone—vanished—a spontaneous unexplained phenomena —even though the original tumor was still there. This was the first time I had participated in the healing process other than just placing my body on the table and letting the machines do the work.

After six months, I had reached the limit of radiation I could have in that area and those treatments were stopped. My doctor told me the tumor had been reduced by about 90 percent but was still not entirely gone and there was nothing more they could do.

This was a terrifying moment yet also a magnificent moment, for it was then that I was shaken awake to the desperate need to save my own life.

What alternative therapies did you do and which ones helped you the most?
I went home and put out a prayer for help – for guidance, for healing, for support – and the very next day, my life became filled with many other holistic possibilities. I changed my lifestyle and devoted my entire life to working with healing on several levels. Visualization was a part of it, and nutrition was the major piece. I went to see a master nutritionist who put me on a food program of all high nutrient easy to digest foods – with quantities that were huge. It took a few weeks for my stomach to be able to hold that much food, but once it did, I was like a sponge slurping food up. Fresh vegetable juices were a part of the program, which was about 80% raw, 20% cooked.

Very quickly my body began to clean out old unwanted material – perhaps carcinogens, perhaps the left over debris from chemo and radiation. The cleansing and detoxing happened in cycles – every few weeks some other area of my body, some new symptom, from pains to phlegm to loose stools.

After 6 months I went back for an x-ray and my oncologist was shocked that my tumor apparently remained exactly the same. Since I had had a very fast growing malignant tumor, he thought it would grow quickly.

After three years, still on my program, I went through my major cleansing and detox – fever and varied bodily symptoms for four months. When I recovered I felt like I had grown new body. Finally I went for a cat scan and to my oncologist’s surprise, I appeared to be cancer free. That was over 35 year ago.

What books, products, and supplements do you recommend?
I recommend, first of all, my own book where I go into detail about the exact food program I was put on, plus other relevant information about the various healing work I engaged.
My book is called
Beyond Cancer Treatment – Clearing and Healing the Underlying Causes

Other books are:

Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking about, Thinking about, and Treating Cancer by Leigh Fortson. An excellent book – filled with miraculous healing stories from several different healing directions.

Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny, by Michael Erin-Tosh, about healing Multiple Myeloma.

Any links you would like to share?:
I would like to share my website
It tells a little more about my journey and the work that I do. After I healed, I became besieged with people wanting to know what I did to survive. Feeling the great need for this information to be available, (especially since my own Nutritionist was old and had retired) I went back to school and got my Ph.D. in Nutrition and became a Nutritionist, so that I can pass on to others want so profoundly saved, not only my life, but also, the lives of many others.
Powerful Nutrition supports healing of most degenerative diseases.

I have a private Nutritional Counseling practice in Santa Barbara, and also work on the telephone and skype with people around the world.

Also I can be contacted at:  Dafigtree (at) AOL (dot) com.

Chris’s Comments
Thank you Dale! Yet another amazing story! I never get tired of sharing these.
I’ve read Dale’s book Beyond Cancer Treatment and recommend it. Her healing journey was much more difficult than mine and her tenacity, will power, and determination to heal is incredible. It’s a quick read with some valuable insights. It’s highly motivational and will encourage anyone in the midst of a healing journey.

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