Dr. John Kelly – Stop Feeding your Cancer

Dr. John Kelly MD is a recently retired GP from Dublin, Ireland with 40+ years of experience in the medical profession, working in the US, Africa and Ireland. Over a decade ago, he became interested in nutritional science and the link between animal protein and cancer growth and began a field trial, recommending that all of his patients with cancer adopt a plant-based diet.

The results of his trial were remarkable. All of his patients who strictly adhered to an animal protein-free diet found that their cancer stopped growing and spreading.

In December 2014, Dr. Kelly published a book entitled Stop Feeding Your Cancer and he was dubbed “The Dublin doctor who is beating cancer” in several large online media outlets.

I read the book, loved it and attempted to look him up to request an interview, but he had just retired and I couldn’t figure out how to get in touch. He didn’t have a website or any social media pages… I couldn’t even find any interviews he’d done. I had to find this guy!

My persistence paid off. It took two years, but I eventually made the connection and got the interview. And it turned out even better than I had hoped. This is definitely a “trophy interview” for me.

My podcast is back! Sort of…

As long time followers may remember, I launched the Chris Beat Cancer Podcast in August 2015 and it quickly shot up to #1 in iTunes Health. Obviously that was a great start, but I invariably created a lot more non-paying work for myself, and without a team in place to help me, I just couldn’t keep up the momentum. So the podcast slipped down the priority list and eventually into extended periods of hibernation…

Until today!

Due to A/V challenges, Dr. Kelly and I decided to do an audio-only interview, which is not only a perfect opportunity to “relaunch” the podcast, but also further adds to his mystique, don’t you think? ;)

Listen to our interview on iTunes or online here (non-iTunes).

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Special note
Dr. Kelly is enjoying retired life and asked me not share his contact info. Please don’t ask me for it or attempt to contact him. As he said to me, “Everything I would tell them is in my book”. Get it on amazon here.

Click one of the links above to enjoy this rare and fascinating interview with Dr. John Kelly! :)

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell PhD was a huge influence on Dr. Kelly. He recommends you read it and I do too!

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  1. Mrs Beardsley

    I was vegan for four years and got really, really ill which I believe set me up for risk of cancer. I would try it short term, but definitely not long term. Ah. He just mentioned fish. Thumbs up.

    1. Lyn Gray

      I am on this diet for cancer I’m feeling well. I eat fish twice a week, plenty of thick homemade vegetable soups, smoothies. A little imagination and your diet will be fulfilling. I need to hope this works as I’m in the fight of my life

  2. Roy Eaton (Kid Vinie)

    I believe that animal protein feeds cancer but only because it creates an acidic environment of which promotes disease. If meat (or animal protein) created an alkaline environment then I don’t believe there would be an issue (other than the chemicals that are in it). That being said, my focus would be to stay away from acid forming foods regardless of what they are. It just so happens that a plant based diet is alkalizing to the body so it make sense for this to be the foundation towards allowing the body to heal.

    1. Lyn Gray

      You’re right an alkaline environment is the way to go.

  3. Sylvie Jeff Pajot

    Also, regarding the whole meat versus no meat debate, I think it might be a bit simplistic to say that avoiding meat is the only factor in eliminating cancer (from this interview, it sounds like this would be the main take away from the China Study). The poor populations don’t only avoid meat, they would also lack sugar and processed flours, right? Plus, they would fast more, which has a tremendous positive impact on reducing inflammation.

  4. Nature Lover

    So many red flags.
    He is very vague and unable to say anything of substance. He mentions humans did not evolve eating meat… ummm, no hunter-gatherers? He says early humans just wandered near rivers/water ways eating shellfish and such. I find that odd.
    He says, “The people that complied, none of them died of cancer.” I call BullS*it. I’ve been practicing in oncology, specifically nutrition and herbs for nearly 20 years. Vegans die of cancer too. I find him outrageous in his implication that people are responsible for their own death because they were less than perfect vegans.

    btw-I don’t eat meat myself. Will I get cancer? Probably, someday, if I live long enough. I’m normal weight, I exercise, I sleep well, I have great relationships… I do what I can to live healthy, but please no one think that you created your cancer yourself or that veganism will “save you.” Sure, it may be good for you, but it is not curative. Cancer happens. You can reduce risk but you cannot control it. Buckle up… but no guarantees you’ll get to your destination.

    Vegan = no Cancer is an Oversimplification. Drives me nuts.

    1. Guest

      You can be a vegan but other ingredients like sugar and refined flour also produce cancer. Read the China Study, pal.

    2. ISA41:10

      You are one of the reasons why I do not see doctors anymore. The medical profession has failed when it comes to treating disease. As a cancer survivor I refuse to see doctors anymore and have taken my health into my own hands with nutrition and other natural avenues.

      To remove a tumor and then poison the body with radiation and chemo is one of the stupidest concepts on the plant. And you brainwashed Oncologists have bought this lie, hook, line and sinker. And as a result, are killing millions of people with this quackery!!!!

  5. rae faille

    I enjoyed your interview with Dr. Kelly and also purchased his book. He mentions that one can consume fish but didn’t specify if seafood (shrimp etc.) was also included in the diet. Would you comment please Chris?
    P.S. Love your website and thank you for sharing your healing journey that was Christ centered and abundant in His healing bounty. God Bless!

  6. Theresa Crockett

    After much research on going vegan, I became super inspired to go the whole route. Living alone, I could afford the best organic foods. Ate healthy salads everyday. Juiced, and made sure I took the correct b-12 supplements and other nutrients. I felt absolutely great at the beginning. Much to my disappointment, my health started to fail and my energy went downhill. A naturopathic physician advised me to eat organic eggs, some grass fed beef and fish. The thought was disgusting to me, however, I felt so horrible I gave it a try. Within a week I felt as if life came back into my body. My head was no longer foggy and my energy slowly returned. My vegan journey lasted only 1 year..sadly, going vegan , did not work for me.

  7. Think a little further

    I have lived plant based for a long time, 17 years now. never had any problems with feeling ill. almost everybody around me are veg or vegan, and never have any of them ever felt that it has made them feel weaker or ill. I always wonder what those that that went plat based and feel ill has been eating? As I have never ever experienced that in my surroundings.

  8. Jeanine Coleman

    Hello. Thanks so much for all of your healthy info. This probably is obvious but I keep reading how healthy bone broth is but since it is from animal bones, does that mean dont consume it if you have cancer?

    1. reader

      Jeanine, yes that’s right. Bone broth is actually the worst parts of the animal. Adrenaline, etc.

  9. Jon-Magnus Restad

    Great interview Chris. Keep up the good work Brother.

  10. Guest

    Very informative interview. Everything makes sense until the point when Dr. Kelly says that eating meat will not produce cancer. That contradicts the China Study.
    And yes, what about seafood?

  11. Nicole Ellingson

    I disagree that there is a one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. I consider myself a person who needs to eat meat. I don’t like a lot of grains, grains make me sick, bloated, gassy, and fatigued. I do love vegetables and fruits of all kinds, and eat a lot of them, but a big bowl of quinoa will knock me out and make me feel sick and bloated. I crave meat. I’m also a woman who still gets her period, and I especially crave meat around that time of the month. I also know there are populations of people, due to their history, that thrive very well eating meat and do not have high rates of cancer, either. I think we need to look more at what works well for the individual, and not adhere to blanket methodologies that don’t take individual dispositions into account.

  12. Sergey Romanenko

    chaga mushroom against cancer

  13. Cathy Minniear

    Chris, I want to thank you for the 20 questions to ask my doctor. I sincerely wish I’d had them 7 months ago when the pathologist “declared – serious breast cancer”. I tried their way for 8 weeks with a chemo pill that made me sick and unable to function; wasn’t going the others. Within 3 days of stopping the pill, i could sleep again, was hungry, felt like me. When I, thankfully, used the questions yesterday at the doctor appointment, (no lecture, just questions), he blew me off. So, I will continue eating natures foods and living life as I choose. I can’t thank you enough. Sincerely Cathy

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