Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD – Food Allergy Detective and Alternative Therapy Watchdog

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD is a world renowned expert on food allergies, Chinese medicine, homotoxicology (“complex” homeopathy), alternative cancer therapies, and more.

He started the first successful Food and Environmental Allergy Clinic in the UK in 1979 which spread to Harley St (London), Glasgow, Dublin and Stockholm, and made medico-legal history in 1986, when a UK Crown Court accepted his evidence that a food allergy was making a young man murderously violent.

The young man was released on one condition: that he stick to Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s diet!.

Dr. Scott-Mumby’s pioneering work in reversing disease by identifying and eliminating food allergies attracted the “quack” label from some of his peers early in his career, but by 1990, the press were calling him “Britain’s Number One Allergy Detective”.

Dr. Scott-Mumby has authored many books including Cancer Research Secrets, in which he examines which alternative therapies are backed by scientific evidence and have real value and which ones don’t.

I know you’ll enjoy this fun and fascinating interview with Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby.

Show Notes:
– The ah-ha moment that shaped his life and career [2:00]
– Fascinating stories from the Allergy Detective [4:22]
– The most common allergic reactive foods [5:50]
– There is no average person [7:10]
– The best food allergy diagnostic methods [7:45]
– The problem with IgE food sensitivity tests [11:47]
– Finding your hidden food allergies [14:30]
– How he became interested in treating cancer [17:06]
– Is the cancer industry more about racketeering income than cures? [22:00]
– Medical freedom and the hypocrisy of “evidence-based medicine” [22:55]
– Why treatment should be the patient’s choice [29:05]
– Dr. Mumby’s 3 pillars of healing [36:39]
– Oxygen therapy [40:45]
– Avemar [42:29]
– Homeopathy [43:00]
– Iscador Mistletoe [46:55]
– Alternative therapies he doesn’t support (like Protocel) [49:55]
– The “alkalize everything” nonsense [52:23]
– DCA [55:02]
– Why there isn’t a magic bullet formula [55:00]
– Dr. Hamer: Emotional trauma and cancer triggers [57:30]
– How saying “No” impacts cancer survival [1:03:12]
– The value of anecdotal evidence [1:05:26]
– The increasing distrust in scientific studies [1:07]
– Thoughts on the Big Bang Theory [1:08:28]
– Cancer epiphanies and valuable life lessons [1:10:25]

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumbys books referenced in interview:
Cancer Research Secrets: Therapies which work and those which don’t 
Diet Wise: Let your body choose the food that’s right for you
The Psychology of Cancer: Why we get cancer. How to fight It. What it can teach us.

Selected links fro the interview
The Politics of Cancer by Samuel Epstein
Study: 22% of breast cancers spontaneously regress
Ivelisse Page – Mistletoe clinical trial
Emanuel Revici MD
Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer – German New Medicine
The Holmes and Rahe Life Events Stress Calculator

Connect with Keith Scott-Mumby MD:
His website –
His Facebook –


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  • Sara Chudleigh

    My husband never had any food allergies until after the 1976 flu vaccine and a tetanus/diptheria shot. Also he had some exposures to pesticides. He developed painful joint inflammation. Norman Childers taught him what foods to avoid to cure this. It’s very weird when food you loved all your life suddenly turns on you.

    • Christian Elkjær

      Both interesting and sad to read. I have developed an autoimmune disease + food and mold allergies in my late 20s and in my 30s. Not until recently did I start questioning if the vaccines I had prior to this could have caused or initiated it (e.g. by overstimulating the immune system). Since then I have learned of other people worldwide with a similar story.

  • Betsy

    Thanks Chris for another wonderful interview. I love this doctor and his book.
    He has been a real blessing in my life. Wish everyone would listen.

  • Jackie L’Hirondelle

    Hello Chris my name is Jackie and I’m in Edmonton Alberta Canada and when I got diagnosed in October 2016 with breast cancer I immediately started searching the Internet for people who had fought their own and you were the very first one I came across and there are some things in this video that you stated and I truly truly believe because I said the same thing myself this cancer is here because I did something to myself I did this to myself and I can clean it up and I love this video with Dr. Kevin Mumby I’m so happy you did this it just reassure the fact that all I needed to do was change my mindset my life my bad habits eat good clean food clean water I take vitamins and I am so grateful to you I’m so grateful to you and all that you do in the words that you spread and I think you I think you so much .

  • Селин

    It is most stupid to punish yourself for someone’s sins. Let them be punished (judged) by their conscience (World, God) for their wrongdoings. There are many quotes on conscience.

    You have a finite time here (in this body). Do not let any second of it be poisoned by other’s bad.

    Just try to be good, that’s all is needed.

  • Селин

    And you may want to try salt + soda bath, by the way. 1 kg each, for 2 hours, once a week. You may add herbs and iodine etc.

  • So enjoyed this. Great stuff. I wish everyone would listen to your videos and be willing to embrace the healing message of CHANGE for their good health. You can’t expect to to the same things and get different results! That’s the definition of insanity. <3 Kudos Chris! Keep up the good work. – 1yr. Survivor, Colon stage 3, Jesus-lover & health nut, Heather aka Sprittibee

  • Karen Lesley Rowe

    Loved this interview. The day of my mastectomy, August last year, the 2nd round of breast cancer, I broke and accepted I had caused it by carrying resentment from my marriage break up 20 years earlier. I had done lots of work over the years on myself but hadn’t really dealt with the emotions buried deep down. I was a mum of 2 and had to pick myself up and get on. It’s been the best thing that happened to me, I’m in such a different place now. Smaller boobs too now, which I actually prefer :-)

    • Vickie

      Yes! I’m happy that you are getting on well. I had a heart attack at the age of 49…two years after my husband decided he didn’t want me around anymore. I was listening to a program and the speaker said that when he hears of someone who’s had a heart attack, he always asks them “Who broke your heart?” I never thought that I held grudges against anyone. Turns out that I was and it was a long process to forgiveness, but I got there. I still love him and we talk regularly. He even takes me out to lunch for my birthday every year. I’m 62 now and never wanted to get into another relationship. I’m perfectly happy being by myself. I come and go as I please, if I please.

  • מרים בן ישי

    As usual you are amazing Chris Thank you for this interview G-ds blessings on you

  • Christine Knapp

    Hello….would anyone know this: on the subject of food allergies/sensitivities….Dr. Mummy recommends that the best way to tell if there is an “offending” substance you are ingesting is to let your body “inform” you. My question is this: I have absolutely zero “symptoms” of anything distressing my body, yet I took an IGe/IGg test which revealed a lot of foods that I am supposedly allergic to. Since I have no symptoms, and feel great, how would eliminating them cause me to know if they are valid offenders? If anyone has any information that pertains to this, I would be most appreciative. Thank you.

    • Vickie

      Hello, Christine. I believe that the Dr. said that some of the testing is not always 100% correct. I also was told by a Naturopath that I had allergies. I did the elimination diet and then reintroduced them, one at a time, I had a violent reaction to a couple of foods. Of course, they were the ones that I had craved and ate regularly for years! Consider the story of the boiling frog. The frog didn’t realize he was in trouble until it was too late because it was a gradual change. The same with us. We may not realize that something isn’t right until the body says “I can’t take this anymore!!” That’s when you will realize it. Many of the foods/toxins don’t show any symptoms or irritations at all, but it is still aggravating to your system. Every time you eat that food, it’s like opening up the wound all over again. Eventually it will negatively affect you in ways that you won’t be able to ignore.

      Take heart, though, once you totally eliminate the offending foods or toxins for a period of time he tells you how you may be able to add them back into your life. I think it was like 6 months. Many times you can tolerate well after the irritation has healed and sometimes, not. The book is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. It is truly amazing what food allergies can do to a person. Blessings to you as you go along.

  • Holly Burgin

    I listened with interest to Dr Mumby today. I found the discussion important and very interesting and thank Chris for another excellent presentation. I have purchased Dr Mumby’s book Cancer Research Secrets and look forward to receiving it.

    I would like to caution that painting all science and scientists with the same brush as Big Pharma and the AMA is really in poor form. There are thousands of dedicated scientists who are diligently pursuing research without financial motivation and are doing very important work. We would not have the data and other critical information about the climate crisis, space, botany, marine biology, zoology, and, and, and without people who are curious and dedicated to their area of study. Even the work that Dr Mumby does is “scientific.” I find blanket condemnation of “science” to be beyond stupid, and more to the point alienating, when you are attempting to overcome many predisposed biases against alternative medicine.

    Thanks again for a good interview.

    • Jim

      I agee, blanket accusations are dangerous to research. One of those

  • disqus_vyQQ21JTpO

    Loved this. Thank you! I would like to know what foods he/you do advocate to eat? I understand the elimination diet but what does what eat while doing this? You mentioned good nutrition,so are you speaking of just fruits and vegetables? ( gerson therapy type foods) Any meat, fish, grains, dairy, etc ? Or all plant based diet. Thank you
    I was unaware of all homeopathic medicine/products off the shelves, is this everywhere? No place to get it anywhere?
    Good work thanks

  • Christian Elkjær

    Thank you for this interview, Chris! I thought the first part about food allergies was particularly interesting and I ordered Dr. Mumby’s book “Diet Wise” right away.

  • JJ

    The study that is mentioned above (Study: 22% of breast cancers spontaneously regress) —
    I read the article at the link provided below the video. Spontaneous regression is wonderful, but the article made me wonder if the study could be instead interpreted to indicate that mammograms cause cancer. I mean, the women who had more mammograms had more cancer. I did not see that possibility even mentioned int he article.

  • Prem Chhatwani

    I would like to know has anybody going thru cancer treatments has researched non invasive use of powerful small permanent magnets over tumors. I understand that when a North Pole of a powerful magnet is placed over tumor (as in breast tumors)for some time, all day or at least overnight or can be worn under clothing, all day, it tends to reduce tumor size. The theory is that the magnet attracts iron and brings blood to the area and in turn hemoglobin in the blood supplies oxygen to affected area. Research shows cancer can not survive in oxygen rich blood. Hopefully some one will dig into it.

  • Mary Agius

    Thank you Chris for sharing all your insight. What a miracle God has brought you through and in turn, He has now given you a ministry! I heard about you through Ocean Robbins and have been interested in eating better for better health for a long time. Although I don’t have cancer, I still desire to have the quality of life that is best to be of service to God. I have read most of your website and shared it with a few friends, and have begun eating the majority of the diet you recommend. I suspect it will be a learning process for me to figure out what is good and what is not. Thank you again for all the good info! Blessings~

  • Jim

    I thought Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby was overall informative though somewhat arrogant in his delivery, particularly when he dismissed B-17 out of hand. I was hoping Chris would counter him on that point with the research that is known to have been done at Sloan Kettering back in the 50’s. And also alkalinity’s importance to good health. For those who are not eating vegetarian diet, a small amount 1/2 tsp. of baking soda every day is not a bad thing and could not affect the kidneys morbidity. The Dr. I felt, didn’t consider the overall picture particularly people eating the SAD, or standard American diet every day.

  • Thanks for the interview I appreciate your work. Growing up I’ve always had allergies and in recent years they’ve went away.

    What changed? I started caring about the food I put into my body and I stopped getting vaccinated.

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