Dr. Michael Donaldson on healing with juicing, raw food and The Hallelujah Diet

Michael Donaldson, Ph.D., studied biochemical engineering at Cornell University intending to enter into the biotechnology industry to develop pharmaceuticals for patients with heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments. He soon realized that drug development was not the solution to health and not the career path he wanted. Michael began reading nutritional science journals and eventually discovered George Malkmus’ book God’s Way to Ultimate Health and The Hallelujah Diet. (This was the first book I read after my cancer diagnosis and was instrumental in my healing journey.)

Michael connected with Malkmus and became the research director for his organization Hallelujah Acres. Michael has spent the last 24 years studying the health benefits of a primarily raw plant-based diet and has published his research on the benefits of this diet for fibromyalgia, cancer, diabetes, and other ailments.

In our interview, we discuss the incredible healing power of raw food and juicing, key supplementation, the dangers of dietary dogma, and more. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
-How Dr. Donaldson got into the raw food movement  [0:56]
-Testing B12 levels in the plant-based diet [5:56]
-Difference between raw food vs cooked food [7:28]
-The truth about juicers [8:50]
-Raw food diet for weight loss [14:19]
-The research that changed his mind on fish oil [16:10]
-The orthorexia phenomenon [19:45]
-Difference between juicing and blending [24:45]
-“Massive action produces massive results” [32:00]
-Dr. Donaldson’s health heroes [36:50]
-The Nama J2 is a game-changer [38:00]
-The best juicer is the one that you will use [42:40]
-How to jumpstart a plant-based diet [44:10]
-Hallelujah Acres [50:58]

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Resources mentioned in this interview:
The Hallelujah Diet
Juicing for Health by Dr. Joel Robbins
God’s Way To Ultimate Health by George Malkmus
Could It Be B12? by Sally M. Pacholok and Jeffrey J. Stuart
Pharmax Fish Oil
Nama J2 Juicer (10% off discount code: CHRIS10)
Pure Juicer

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