Dr. Vickers explains coffee enemas for healing cancer

So why in the world would you put coffee where the sun don’t shine?

Enter Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Gerson Center.

In this short video Dr. Vickers does an excellent job explaining what coffee enemas do in the body and why they are critical for advanced cancer patients on the Gerson therapy.


Here’s a coffee enema kit like we have at our house

PureLife Coffee Enema Kit with 1 LB Organic “Gold” Air Roasted Enema Coffee

Have fun!


Northern Baja Gerson Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute will not endorse/certify any Gerson practitioner who incorporates additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

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  1. julie

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve recently been diagnosed with lyme disease (not cancer). I’ve seen several mentions of coffee enemas for detox, but I had no clue how they worked or how they fit into the big picture.

    1. jim

      I am currently going through alternative protocol to rid my body of tick born “bugs” (not going to take any ownership of disease). I have found Coffee Enemas to move the pain along nicely. Sometimes was in so much pain that it took all I had just to prepare and administer the Enema. As I worked to process the bugs out of my system the pain would increase. That is when the Coffee Enema really gave me relief. With so much pain I started doing them every 4 hours(as does Gerson). I just finished my third C.E. today. Since adding C.E. I have not had pain for more than 3 days in any one part of my body. The swelling and pain moves quickly and gets less server each day. What seems to be working for me is C.E., Vit. C in mega dose, Infared sauna, Hot baths, and breathing meditations are allowing me to function for longer parts of the day. C.E. for Pain Releif!!

  2. michele

    yay!!!! So happy this video has been made finally! Thank you for all the info, Dr. Vickers. I have more questions, I will email you. I am an IACT certified colon hydrotherapist and I have a couple of clients who want me to give them coffee enemas. I have enema equipment at my job from a previous therapist who used to do them, but her enema equipment is designed to hook up with the colonic machine. I have been experimenting on myself, the only way I can figure out to do them is to do a straight colonic first for about 30 minutes, then once I have cleaned out my colon I turn off the machine and fill myself up with the coffee for 15 minutes, then I put the machine back on after 15 minutes and let the rest of the waste come out. I have only done this on myself 3 times over the last month. I will be emailing you soon to get more input from you. I want to do this on myself effectively and then be able to pass the knowledge on to my clients. Thank you so much!

    1. anita mitchell

      I also am an IACT Colon Hydrotherapist. I have practiced this method on myself and a family member that was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I also have practiced almost exactly this same method of a 1/2 hr colonic 15-20 minute enema, another 15 min colonic to empty. I have been following this with an implant of a strong Graviola tea & noni combo. Graviola leaf tea is a natural chemotherapy with NO side effects. I feel its important to cleanse as much debris as possible before the implant so the coffee enema can fully do its job. I would be happy to share info with you. Be well Anita

      1. michele

        oh great! Yes I would def love to speak with you and share more information. Is there a way to send private messages to each other on here?

        1. michele

          are you on facebook, anita? Maybe I can look you up and contact you that way. where do you live?

  3. Helder Luis

    Hi Chris, just wondering if you have given a thought about the fact that people normally use roasted coffee in the enemas and since we know that anything slightly roasted is carcinogenic… why use roasted coffee on enemas? Would it be a better to use green coffee… would it work the same way?


    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      we use green coffee or slightly roasted coffee….we have been using both successfully for decades….it is a non-issue

      1. Helder Luis

        Hi Dr. Patrick Vickers, thank you very much for taking the time to reply…

        So you’re saying that there ins’t a big impact in using roasted coffee. Is it because the positive results overcome the possible negative effect of the roasted coffee or is it because there aren’t really any side effects?

        Just curious, this has been a healthy discussion between me (i was defending Gerson) and a friend of mine who is a naturopath (who is horrified with the idea of using roasted coffee).

        1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

          Tell your horrified naturopath friend that we have been curing advanced cancer with roasted coffee for decades….there are no side effects…lots of theory out there….little clinical experience….

          1. Helder Luis

            Thank you Dr. Patrick Vickers :)

  4. Valentina

    Would it be ok for a stage IV colon cancer patient (27 years old) undergoing chemotherapy treatment to try this coffee enema treatment in parallel? Many thanks

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      not without juicing….you MUST juice or you can throw out the electrolyte balance and deplete the body more. With that said, you must be careful juicing during and after chemo as juices will suck chemo stored up in cells right back into the bloodstream and you could have some serious reactions…I would not juice more than 3 juices per day and one enema

      1. Lucky Scrunchy

        What foods do you recommend for juicing and how much a day?

  5. Kari

    Hi Chris,

    I am a huge fan of coffee enemas. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I followed traditional treatment. My cancer returned in 2012 in my lungs. I have chosen to fight using food as my medicine. I take 3 coffee enemas per day down 2 from 5 per day the first 3 months the diagnosis.

    I have to thank people like yourself who first believe in God and share this powerful information with the masses. Thank you for sharing!!! Oh and I live in Atlanta so I hope to see you at Healing Strong.

    PS feel free to refer anyone who would like to talk with me about the experience of coffee enemas.

    Thanks a million!!

    1. skribe


      Just read your post.

      I am proud that you chose a more proactive measure to heal yourself.

      My mother was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and she has taken the conventional route.

      I do not know how to convince her into considering another method. Immediately after her first chemo session her white blood count dropped significantly.

      I hope all is well with you.

      Any suggestions.


  6. Debbie

    I am very interested in the coffee enema, but I am wondering on whether or not I am a viable candidate for this procedure due to previously have bariatric surgery and having to be careful of my minerals and taking my vitamins. I had breast cancer and it metastisized to my left femur – bone cancer – which means automatically I have Stage 4 cancer. Could you please let me know what you think?

  7. Cindy

    Dr Vickers,
    I have been doing Gerson Thepy two months. In that time my iron has gone down from 8.8 to 8.1. Had a rough weekend recently and ended up in ER. Upshot is I got two units of blood. Feeling much better. Is there something I am doing wrong that my iron doesn’t come up? I’ve not been using the green/ roasted coffee.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      cindy what are you using for coffee enemas then? How many green juices are you taking? It is impossible to say what is wrong not knowing exactly what you are doing…did you go to the Gerson Clinic?…Green juices naturally bring up iron status…usually that is….

  8. Patricia Quillacq

    I would like to know if it can be of any help in the case of ulcerative colitis. If there is any connection between the health of colon and the liver functioning -when I was 9I had hepatitis A. I’m vegetarian, don’ eat processed food and was lucky to have parents who cookeed fresh food every single day…. Probably too much sugar, that I can see it. I’m mostly on vegan now since I was diagnosed, and I am trying to control everything with the diet until the colonoscopy, because I don’t want to take all those anti-inflamatory pills that they sell me as unavoidable. It went very well for the first 2 months, but for the last weeks, my intestine is not happy again.

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      the enemas without the gerson therapy will cause you more harm…you must do the gerson therapy to reverse your ulcerative colitis and it is totally reversible

  9. Sienna Matthews

    Hi, I do not have cancer but have used coffee enemas while doing juice fasts. I just buy organic ground roasted coffee from the supermarket. Is this ok?

    Or do I need to look for a particular type?

    1. Dr. Patrick Vickers

      you want a more lightly roasted, low acidic bean…. royal blue organics and SA Wilson roast it for us…

  10. Renee

    Why is it better to use coffee enemas than to drink coffee in this case?

  11. Susanelizabeth

    I did coffee enema’s at home,4-5 and 13 juices daily, per doing Gerson at home. I didn’t have cancer but sarcodosis throughout my body, eyes, liver, lungs, etc. I felt better and healed well. However, after changing and reducing them to 2 daily and also my juices, through the disorder was gone, my mineral levels had dropped horribly, all of them would barely register and I could not have a BM on my own,and struggled with holding the enema’s, even doing the things Gerson recommends in his book. Releasing them was hit and miss and then my bowels would not move, so I had to stop as the toxics were bldg in my body from this. I’d doing much better now with using some fiber from my ND and also blending alot of greens in smoothies(I have damage to my jaws and don’t chew well) but would love to do an enema at least daily but am concerned about it causing my bowels to shut down again and my minerals bottom out. I have bad digestion and am a Type 1 Diab. Thanks so much for your post. I am still a firm believer in coffee enemas and can tell a difference in my pain levels since stopping. I miss them.

  12. Shelly

    Dr. Vickers, You mentioned that you do two enemas a day. I’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and leaky gut. I eat extremely healthy and juice. I have done coffee enemas in the past, but apparently with regular organic coffee which doesn’t sound correct. For people without cancer like yourself who want to be proactive, could you recommend how many times a week/month/year they should do coffee enema’s and how much juice should they drink to not deplete their mineral reserves? Thank you for an amazing interview!

  13. lori

    can i add some cinnamon and dark chocolate..?

  14. Marina Tamaray

    Dr. Vicker, how could i undergo coffee enema if i am presently having a colostomy bag?

  15. Colleen

    Dr. Vickers,
    What is your opinion on coffee enemas versus taking activated charcoal orally for detoxing? Is one better than another? Thanks for your time.

  16. Rupali Krishna

    Dr Vickers

    How many coffee enemas and what quantity of liquid should be taken for an advanced stage colon cancer patient with mets to the liver and a colostomy bag.

  17. Cheryl Tyler

    I do not have cancer. I did suffer from severe acne at age 45. Had it for several years until around age 47 i decided to start the coffee enema’s. Did so one time daily, for about three to four days per week, for about 4 to 5 months; severe acne went away. Now, i still do coffee enemas twice per week. i can hold up to about 30 minutes most times. I also colonic about two to three times per week as well. I know the coffee enema helped because I coloniced regularly prior to starting the coffee enemas with no acne reducing results. When i break out now (usually one or two acnes when i eat sugar), I simply coffee enema about twice (colonic as well) as the acne goes away. I firmly believe in the coffee enemas and its properties but I can’t get others to believe in it.

    1. cpmt

      YOU NEED to change your diet drastically… something you eat is making you sick. (inside)

  18. Beryl

    Thanks so much for sharing. We have just interviewed an amazing young woman, Fiona Shakeela Burns who survived cancer – greatly due to the Gerson therapy. Great to get this info out there.

  19. shannon

    Dr. Vickers,
    My 78 year old mother was diagnosed 3 mos ago with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver and type 2 diabetic. She is super active (still), has no pain (has been slightly lethargic at times) and honestly, it has been life as normal. She is juicing, eating clean and organic for 3 mos now and is on several immune boosting supplements (fermented wheat germ, a couple using mushrooms…) We have received so much information it’s overwhelming. We are attending the Healing Strong conf in Sept, but should she begin the coffee enemas immediately?

    1. cpmt

      If you mom was diabetic, check what kind of medication she was taking. many new diabetic medicines are causing pancreatic and other kind of ancers… you should check to see if you are entitle to something to cover cost of medicine and treatments.

  20. Bob Moncayo

    Hi I have stage four renal cell and have been doing enemas for helping my stomach problems it has not helped shrink tumors but having said that ,I have trouble keeping it in for fifteen minutes. It usually only allows me to keep it for 7-8 minutes. If I keep repeating process two or three times is it helping? And what do you suggest to help keep it down for fifteen minutes?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Bob, coffee enemas don’t heal cancer, they only help the liver detoxify. They are only a small part of an intensive nutritional protocol. I don’t think keeping it in longer is going to make much difference. It’s hard to help without knowing what else you are doing.

    2. cpmt

      you need several different alternative protocols… not just one or two. check youtube and select the ones that look more secure and serious. cancer cells are very ‘iffy’ and you need more than one type of treatment. herbs, supplements, mushrooms, spices, hemp oil, etc etc..

  21. Allen A

    Hi Chris,

    I am interested in finding out about binders used with enemas. On Gerson’s website they mention Montmorillonite Clay which I purchased. But I also have Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) which is dirt cheap. As they seem to work almost similarly by attracting positively charged toxins, do you know if it is an effective enema binder? I cannot find concrete information on it being used as a binder for enemas but it is always promoted as a toxin remover/binder in general terms among other things. One major reason for the question is because clay is very expensive compared to DE.

    Do you know if Dr. Vickers only uses the clay for binding?

    An additional question of mine is if you have any information regarding DE in general as a GI cleanser even without the use of enemas as its supporters claim great cleansing benefits.

    Finally, do you know if it is used by any alternative cancer treatments? I never see it discussed with regards to alternative cancer treatments. Why not? Is there something else that they do that already provides the same benefits? Since it is so cheap, I would have expected them to use it or is there something that I am missing?


  22. Rachel

    Hi Chris, I read on your blog that you have a Berkey water filter… did you use the filtered Berkey water for enemas? Or did you use distilled or reverse osmosis water? I would like to start doing the coffee enemas, but I am concerned about water quality. Thank you.

    1. Michael

      Hi Chris,
      Do you use Berkey water for your coffee enemas?

  23. Fred George


    Will a coffee enema work for me. I am wearing a poop (colostomy) bag. Since my bowels is redirected what happens to coffee when it goes in?


    1. Chris Wark

      I don’t think it will…

  24. Mujig

    Hi Dr Patrick Vickers
    I am not cancer patient . I diagnosed Raynoids Scleroderma at 2006. And September 2012 diagnosed Lupus(SLE) . Now going on under the medications. Three month ago stopped steroids . I was searching about healing natural way and found gerson therapy . But I really don’t understand all those medical explanation things. I just wonna be healthy again. Can you explain to me very easy way ? Can I do that coffee enema? Do I need to be vegetarian ? This method can help for me?

  25. kathleen kennedy

    I had pancreatic cancer ,I had a whipple operation July 2010.Now the has spread to the lymph node.What procedure would you recommend to follow. At the moment I have problems with my bowels,as I also have diverticulitis. Please help me. Thank you Kathleen

  26. Angela

    Can I use organic decaf coffee?

    1. Luccim

      No, supposed to use caffinated

    2. Michele

      it has to be caffinated. the caffeine is what is opening the bile ducts of the liver

  27. JohnOK

    Thank you for posting this, but I have to say it was very unprofessional. With the background noise, t-shirts, guitar on the wall, etc. How could I possibly share this with people over 40?

  28. Michele

    Hi I started a cleanse last sunday and decided to do 1 coffee enema per day along with other cleansing methods. Last night I did my 4th coffee enema in a row. This morning I felt a slight urge to evacuate my bowels, I immediately went to the bathroom and came to find that some of the stool had already come out before I got there, even though I did not feel it. It was extremely soft, like baby poop consistency. Went more of the same in the toilet. Wanted to know if this is a normal result from the coffee enema? During my cleanse I am only eating 3 small meals a day, 1 meal always being a green smoothie. The other two meals I had yesterday was homemade lentil soup for lunch and for dinner I had quinoa with sauteed broccoli and asparagus. I am also staying away mostly from eating meat and dairy. I havent eaten any dairy since last saturday and I only ate meat once this last week, I had a piece of organic chicken tuesday night. I am drinking only water, powered green drinks, green tea and detox tea but primarily just water. If anyone can answer my question if this is normal, I would appreciate it. I think I am going to lay off the coffee enemas for the next two or three days. I do have the gerson coffee enema kit with the gerson coffee

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