Giant Cancer-Fighting Salad Video

I whipped up this little video to show you how I make my salad and salad dressing.

Shot on the iPhone 4 in 2010, in one take, with bad lighting.


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  1. Jeanne

    I’m visual so that really helps. I’ll give it a try. The greens looked like arugula. Does it really matter? I don’t even consider iceberg lettuce as greens btw. Thanks again!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      I think those greens were baby romaine. We alternate between that and spinach, kale, arugula, mache, etc.
      And no it doesn’t matter much what greens you use as long as they’re organic and dark green.

  2. jenna Goode

    they need to sell Sprinkle in bulk, 1 of my favorite ways to do it is on bread with olive oil and parm cheese toasted which i’m sure is not the healthiest but you could prob substitute with a sprouted non- dairy adaptation of it…

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hey Jenna! Yep we’re totally fiends for the Sprinkle and it’s all your fault.
      You should try the Organic Valley Raw Mild Cheddar if you haven’t already. Whole Foods has it and
      we buy it every week. Super yum.

  3. jp moses

    Dude…you rock…love the video…will be trying the salad out at some point soon. Thanks! And post more videos!


  4. Amelia

    What about adding some beetroot? Yum!
    Just discovered your site & love it! Will be returning thank you! :)

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Thanks so much and yeah definitely toss some beetroot on there!

  5. john

    love your site try to eat healthy wife just diagnosed witth endometrial cancer not sure extent scan tommorow trying to get her to change diet my question; a lot of sites talk about ph malking sure u r alkaline how important is it to focus on this- eating lots o raw foods this s not a problem but what if u dont thanks john

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi John
      So sorry to hear about your wife’s condition. I believe raw foods are critical to healing.
      Because they are alkaline forming, but also because you are feeding your body the raw, useable
      nutrients it needs to detox and heal itself.

  6. liz

    I liked your sald mixture. Can’t wait to get the ingredients.

    But I would like for you to explain how you sprout the seeds. Can you email me how to do that.

    I have been just diagnosied wioth cancer and
    am begining to try to understand the food
    part of the care of cancer. Or, how tp care for cancer and build up my immune system.

    Thank you.

  7. Jeri Arbuckle

    Just found your website yesterday. I am presently fighting breast cancer, heart disease and gallbladder disease!!! So..your site was inspirational. I have been eating ‘raw’ since August 1st. Yes, I LOVE my twice daily salads already….and added the tumeric, caynenne and curry spices to my salad as your demo inspired me. Very tasty. I change up my salads daily with a variety of cancer fighting vegies and as I am drinking my carrot juices/barley green drink 8 to 10 times a day my body has already begun it’s awesome healing. Your site seems to meet my needs and hope this lifestyle will be a life-long endeavor as my hubby and I both are doing it together! God Bless you and your family for sharing such encouraging words and examples!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Jeri!
      That is fantastic, not the cancer of course, but that you have taken control of your health.
      You are doing exactly what I did. Stay focused on the strict diet and make sure you
      exercise a lot to keep your lymphatic system moving.
      Please keep me posted on your progress, I am looking forward to your good reports!


  8. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    Dear Chris Beat Cancer,

    That is one rainbow color nutrient dense cancer fighting salad ,and delicious as well. I like your presentation of it Chris. I would like to add that using imagination of Natures whole raw foods will give so many varieties so be creative. I like to pour my green smoothie over top some times. Organic cold pressed apple cider vinegar will help assist your stomachs production of hydrochloric Acid. Some times I put some seed like Pumpkin, sesame,dry onion and garlic with chili pepper in my small milling machine that came with my blender. Sprinkle on top for a nutty savory taste. The list of options are endless, again nice salad and great raw food presentation. Thanks

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  9. Lynda Hungerford

    Hey Chris, I since I discovered you I never get tired of your posts. recommendations and stories. Just watched your salad video. You know I am confused about oils, did you read the China Study and Forks over Knives. They seem to stress that we need to stay low fat, but I’m wondering what that actually means, I of course don’t eat fat except a little olive oil but who knows how much. How do you feel?
    xxoo Lynda

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Lynda Thanks!
      The China Study and Forks Over Knives are both biased toward vegetarian/veganism.
      I agree with some but not all of it. Many people need animal protein.
      Raw milk and eggs are amazing foods, as is honey!
      Of course 100% clean sources of animal products are critical.
      At some point I’ll write a big post about The China Study/F.O.N. flaws…
      Some of the best fats on the planet are raw butter, coconuts, avocados, olive and flax seed oil.
      I eat a ton of fats (mostly coconut everyday) and I feel great!

      There’s also book I recommend called “Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill” by Udo Erasmus,
      if you really want to dig into it.


  10. alii scott

    Hello Chris,
    26 years ago they diagnosed a melanoma in my right eye which the doctors advised me to have removed immediately. My spiritual teacher advised me instead to go onto a raw diet, which I did for almost a year. I was 30 years old at the time. The tumour remained in my eye but did not spread or change for those 26 years.
    Unfortunately in January this year the eye really deteriorated and had to be taken out and my eyesight, left, not the best. I did not stay raw through all those years at all…I was beginning after a year on raw to feel strung out…and 26 years ago I was fairly much on my own – I think support through all these things is so necessary, and guidance when practising still controversial holistic health.
    Anyway – once again I am undertaking raw health, and wondered if you could advise me on how best to start to kick start the process…I’ve been reading a bit about green juices????
    Am off to buy a blender and rebounder today!
    Very good work – and many many thanks for your site

  11. Sfrank

    Hi Chris! Been following For a long time and have been meaning to thank you for your support and tips! I truly admired you even more since your positive attitude and involvement to your trip to new York, when the big weekend seminar had its big political mess up–and also watched you jump on rebounder mini trampoline last week and NOw this delicious salad!!! My partner refused chemo after her double mastectomy in feb. of 2011 and as her biggest supporter and cheerleader I eat healthier ( and feel better and lost weight). I love the suggestions on your site– which I always print or send her way. LOVE THE SALAD! I make the exact same dressing. I also use a tiny bit of organic Dijon mustard diced organic garlic and onion and some celery seed– can’t wait to try the braggs seasonings and curry you use! I may take the challenge and eat two salads a day too!! Do you miss protein? Or do the nuts work out for that?

  12. Christin

    that is given to get the free recipe to cure cancer and maybe order his book, does not exist. :-(

    Snips are typically deleted because they are often SPAM? This makes me skeptical.

  13. Tim

    Hello Chris,

    I had an endoscopy performed and will more than likely have a colonoscopy done soon as i am bleeding when i use the restroom and my rectum is painful. the doctor said that i have inflamed stomach lining and acid is flowing freely in and out of my duodenum. The flap is not closing properly. I also had a tumor removed 11 years ago along with a portion of my colon. Now i have to balance in high fibrous or harder foods such as meat along with softer foods in my diet. i can’t eat only raw veggies and i can’t eat only seeds and nuts. I am going to try your delicious looking cancer fighting salad you make in your website video. it does look tasty but i will be able to take in a few bites at a single meal since they are all raw foods. Have you any advice you can give me. I would be so grateful as i’m in great pain from my GERD and bowel movements.

    1. Tim

      All your posts and videos provide information that assist people to live a longer life.

    2. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Tim, those are definitely complicated symptoms…
      If I was having those issues I would water fast and juice fast to give my digestive system a break and the opportunity to heal.
      If you have a lot of body fat you can fast for a long time,
      Your body will burn through all your fat first before it breaks down vital tissue like muscles and organs.
      Many have water fasted for 40 days and/or juice fasted for up to 90 days.
      Watch the movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead”.

      Probiotics and fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut promote good bacteria in your intestines
      which is essential for normal digestive function.
      Also if you can’t eat veggies raw, eat them cooked. Just eat them.
      Cooking may destroy some nutrients and enzymes, but it makes other nutrients more absorbable.

  14. Arunava

    Hi Chris,
    I read your posts everyday and salute you for all the good work you’re doing for the community. God Bless!
    We have switched to the raw diet and complete change in lifestyle. My wife is noticing that there is a lot of gas build up as a result of raw veges. (probably)As a result there is pressure upwards causing chest pain. How do you think this can be controlled? She is doing yoga and taking ‘divya gashar churna’.

    1. Chris Wark

      It can take some time for the body to acclimate to raw foods. He should not be constipated though… Eating lots of plant food should have the opposite effect because of all the fiber. Make sure she is drinking lots of water and vegetable juice to stay hydrated. Also taking digestive enzymes with meals should help.

  15. Colleen

    I love what I have read I am a salad person but of course
    Used bottled dressings and lots of other toxic stuff (sugar)
    Can you tell me can your salads be combined with the budwig diet?
    Seems like it wouldnt hurt
    If you can advise other diets So much information i dont want to od on vitamins minerals and good food
    Oh I have stage 4 colon

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Colleen yes I believe the Budwig diet with salads is fine.

  16. Ik

    Hi chris, thank you for a great work I was interested in getting Arunava’s question to be addressed because my brother is diagnosed with lung cancer adinocarcinoma stage 4 and he has started vegetable diet but started having constipations and building up gas if you can help

    1. Chris Wark

      It can take some time for the body to acclimate to raw foods. He should not be constipated though… Eating lots of plant food should have the opposite effect because of all the fiber. Make sure he is drinking lots of water and vegetable juice.

  17. David Knopfer

    I am a 32 year old man.Jan 2013 I was diagnosed with Teste Cancer( Embryonal Germ cell) and Thyroid cancer(Papillary) I had 3 surgeries. The docs removed a testicle, my Thyroid with 4 lymph nodes, and 25 lymph nodes from my right side abdomen. They are now saying I have thyroid tissue and / or thyroid cancer left behind but they cant see where. I am now supposed to get a PET scan, Bone scan, and another CT. Possibly another surgery. Then Radio Iodine treatment to kill what ever is left behind. I am tired of being cut up. I feel like the doctors are practicing their skills on me. When they did the surgery on my abdomen they took 25 lymph nodes and all where cancer free. I just found out about your blog and watched your story. I am adopting the salads, smoothies and I am about 75 percent raw diet. I am Juicing as well. I am going to do a liver detox before I go 100 percent. I understand that when a person goes on a raw diet the liver releases a lot of the stored up toxins. I don’t want to be a lab rat for the doctors anymore. Any advice, thoughts, or trusted studies on beating thyroid cancer without Radio Iodine? Sorry so long of a post

  18. David Knopfer

    I am trying the salads and juices and smoothies as your recipe is listed. Do I need to do a detox?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi David. A raw food fast for a week or more will help detox your body

      1. David Knopfer

        I am going to continue raw foods and juicing for up to 90 days

        1. narendra

          Do you see any improvement in your health after starting juicing fast?

  19. paulette

    Hi Chris,

    would it be as affected if the raw veggies
    were put into a blender ? also, consume the antioxidant fruits the same day.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Paulette, yes blending veggies is totally fine. That’s what we call green smoothies!

      1. Phil

        Hi Chris: can you recommend some green smoothie vegetable recipes? Love your work and testimony. Keep up the good work.

  20. Ren

    Where do I obtain tender coconuts? I am in London, UK.

  21. Hazel

    This looks amazing!!! I will definitely be making this. Thanks for posting.

  22. Yvonne

    I am so glad you were on Rickie Lake Show and your website address was published there! Love your website! Have subscribed to your news. Will be publishing what you say on my FB. I am mostly raw, with some cooked vegan foods (beans, lentils). I am grateful for everything you say! I was diagnosed with beast cancer 14 years ago, had chemo and radiation b/c back then I hadn’t heard of Gerson Institute or Hippocrates Institute. The chemo was killing me so my oncologist had to stop it. I got only 6 treatments, instead of 10. I have a new primary doctor and she doesn’t understand chemo is worthless and food can heal. She sent me to have a mammogram done which showed a new “something” which they were not sure if it was cancer. She insisted on me meeting a surgeon! So I had a thermography breast cancer screening (thermography detects cancer six years befor mammogram does, and according to doctor Mercola mammogram can cause cancer). I had to pay the thermography myself b/c insurance doesn’t cover it, but it was worth it. It showed I am healthy, no breast cancer! My doc pushed the thermography result to the side, saying: this is not our protocol. She sent me to the surgeon. I never went. The whole thing was so stressful to me that I got irregular heart beat and ended up in a hospital! Now I have to take heart medicine! What an insanity! I say I am grateful for everything you say b/c I know what you say is the truth! I will let my doctor know about your website! Thank you for everything you do to help others with their health problems!

  23. Luciana

    Hello Chris!! I’m from Brazil. Thank God I do not have cancer, but I get angry of the industry of food and medicine (and also cosmetics) because they are selling poison every day to us.
    I’m trying to eliminate as much all processed foods.
    Let me ask you something: do you eat raw broccoli? If I cook them they will not be healthy anymore?
    God bless you Chris!!

  24. Sarathi

    Hi Chris,
    I just had a small tumor removed from my leg and it is classified as a high grade sarcoma. So I am juicing and eating raw salads. A number of questions have come up. If you have time…….how about a little Celtic salt on the salads? Also I have ben wonder about, a small glass of wine, a decaf cup of coffee, Stevia, and what about Wheat Grass…..seems popular in some circles.

    Thanks for your generous work Chris.

  25. Adam

    I noticed small lumps in my 8yr olds neck, before I bring him to the doctors is there any advice u can give me. I’ve given him almost only salad and smoothies for about a week with spelina, chia, raw honey and a few other things.I started him on apple cider vinger but their not gettin smaller. Any ideas?

  26. Eve

    I haven’t been diagnosed with cancer but I absolutely love your website! Chris, is that a microwave oven I see behind you on the video?

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes it was a built in over the stove at our old house. We never used that thing.

  27. Becky

    Hi Chris, your salad looks delicious!! I was wondering, do you use the olive oil for flavor or does the olive oil help as a cancer fighter? I am trying to follow a whole foods/plant based diet that does not include oil. Can I get the same health benefits from this salad by leaving off the olive oil and just go with the vinegar? Also, you said no fruit so I guess that means using lemon juice would be out as well, yes? Thanks!

    1. Chris Wark

      I used olive oil for flavor and its health benefits. Flax oil is another great substitute. Lemon juice is fine. :)

  28. Joyce

    My husband had surgery on 8/21/13 for colon cancer. No need for chemo. From what I have been reading he cannot have nuts, whole grains, very few fresh veggies and fruits, they prefer canned. Doesn’t sound healthy. In 2011 I was in the hospital for asthma. Due to a combination of antibiotics and prednisone I came home with extreme joint pain and double achielles tendonitis. In April 2011 I had a temp colostomy for diverticulitist. Told not to eat nuts, popcorn, veggies or fruits with seeds. Read and talked to another doctor who said they don’t limit you anymore since they removed the bad colon. In Jan of 2012 I still could barely walk and need a walker or cane but FINALLY was diagnosed with RA. It was so out of control that in August I was put on methotrexate and Remicade infusions. In Feb 2013 I had quit the metho to prepare for abdominal hernia surgery. Had 3 hernias and now a large piece of mesh in my stomach. Ended up with a staph infection then from all the antibiotics I got c diff colitis. I spent almost a month and a half in the hospital very sick. Now I am back on metho but my surgeon said he would never be comfortable with me going back on any infusions. Now I have to be really careful about ever needing antibiotics. My c diff was so bad they were about to do a fecal transplant when it turned around. I was back in the hospital in July for a bowel obstruction and told it would probably happen again due to scar tissue and adhesions. Being immune compromised and not able to take antibiotics is super scary. My husband is 66 and I am 59 and we are in terrible health. He also had prostate cancer surgery in 2007. With low T (144 and low heart rate but high blood pressure) he is too tired to get off of the couch. Now that I have bored you with a little of our back ground, my questions is what kind of diet should we be on. Your healthy diet or the low fiber low residue? Everything I read is conflicting. Some do one thing and others another thing. Dr. didn’t place any restrictions on my husband’s diet but I don’t want to rush into anything. Sorry this is so confusing and I know your not a doctor but maybe you can point me to some solid info. You have done a fantastic job for yourself and for so many others. I just found this site and did subscribe. One more question is if we need to be on separate diets?
    Thank you!

  29. Davis

    Chris: At first I thought you mised the black peper, but it was in the Bragg spices. You might want it capped up with green tea and turmeric on the side.

    Black pepper dramatically increases the absorbability of all of the important phytochemicals in vegtables, herbs and spices and for that reason it is a key element in the war on Cancer.

    With a 00 Capsule Machine in hand anyone can buy the Cancer fighting herbs and spices in bulk and begin turning the tide on Cancer.

    When I stopped eating carbohydrates and sugar I saw a dramatic change in the ability of the Cancer to spread.

    Then later, I began feeding the starved out begger sugars like molasses and black licorice laced with Red Mill baking soda. I also ate dried cranberies and chased them with baking soda. To get to zero carbs I mostly ate eggs with red onions and green pepers.

  30. Alicia

    Hi – why the sauerkraut. Is that something that is important. Thanks

  31. gailina

    I just wanted to mention tha sometimes it is wise to steam broccoli and cauliflower type foods for just a good minute to kill any possible parasites or soil bacteria

  32. Kyle

    I’m going to do this just because it looks really good! I’ll add Spirulina and Turmeric powder to this recipe! Thanks for sharing friend!

  33. Genaida

    Hi Chris: Congratulations on beating cancer! My dad is fighting stage 4 liver cancer. This salad looks really good. Thanks for sharing! Any other information that you can share would be helpful…

  34. Bobbie

    I must say, I was really worried about the sauerkraut element, but I just made the salad and wow! It’s delicious! I didn’t think I liked sauerkraut, but maybe I just didn’t grab the right kind before!

  35. Batcha

    Hay Christ am in the hospital found out got cancer in the small intestine. So I had surgery on my small intestine because the food was not going down there was a blockage an also got alcer to. The doctor said they can’t remove the cancer because they can’t get to it and it spread so he said chemo is the best way but I know better. So what do you think I should do can I use your raw salad and raw green juice please let me no.

  36. Batcha

    I also forget something els he said its stage 4 cancer

  37. Erin

    Hi Chris! Congrats on beating cancer. I loved your video on the salad. My mom just got diagnosed with breast cancer and as a certified health coach I am finding ways to help her beat it. I am not wanting her to have chemo and saw that you beat your cancer chemo free. That’s awesome! Thanks again for all your posts! :O)

  38. Al Bass

    Do you have a list of ingredients in the salad?

  39. lgcamp

    What’s wrong with vinegar in the sauerkraut?

  40. lgcamp

    If you want complete protein with this salad, add either some cooked quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, or hemp seed. This will give you the protein you need without resorting to meat, or a meat/grain mixture. Good stuff! I eat my salad often with cooked quinoa sprinkled on top and never have to supplement the salad with any protein on the side.

  41. TJ

    Where is the video?

    1. Chris Wark

      Little glitch. It’s back now. Thanks for the heads up TJ!

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