Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw: Her Inspirational Healing Story, Cancer Industry Corruption, Alternative Clinics, and more












My guest on the podcast today is the Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw!

Robyn has a been a leader in the whole food nutrition movement since she founded her site ( in 2007, and has impacted millions of people around the world.

When Robyn was a teenager, two of her family members were diagnosed with cancer, one chose nutrition and natural therapies, the other chose chemo… I won’t spoil the ending. I’ll let you hear it from Robyn.

Fast forward a decade, when Robyn was in her twenties, she was 70 lbs overweight, suffering from multiple chronic diseases and had a newborn son who was failing to thrive. Nutrition saved them both.

“If you are an oncologist, you are in a very real sense, a salesman. You are selling the idea that eating some chemicals, or shooting some chemical in your veins, and burning your tissues with carcinogenic rays is going to cure cancer.” -Robyn Openshaw

Robyn does not mince words when it comes to her opinion of the cancer industry. We also talk about her three year research project traveling the world visiting alternative cancer clinics, her personal experience treating her skin cancer with black salve, and more.

You’re gonna love this conversation. :)

Show Notes
-Watching her family members treat cancer in different ways
-Healing her sick body and her sick baby with nutrition
-Why she started a web site
-Being on the TV show Wife Swap
-Is it “God’s will” if a cancer patient dies from cancer treatments?
-How overdaignosis has made the cancer industry look better
-A fascinating story about stuffing emotions and throat cancer

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.


Gerson Therapy
Apricot Kernels
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (healed breast cancer with black salve)
Bill Trucks (healed pancreatic cancer with black salve)
More on black salve here
Get black salve here
Books mentioned in the interview:
Cancer: Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger
The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda Clark
Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce
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  1. jon49

    For those of us that just like to download the mp3 and listen? Where is the download button. I can’t stand itunes and don’t want to pick up Stitcher. I usually prefer to download, do my own post processing on it and then sync it with my mp3 player. Will it be put on youtube? I could just download it and convert it to mp3 from there.

    1. Rebecca Cody

      I guess I’m a Luddite. I like listening on my Chromebook and have no idea if Stitcher will work there. I like the old way – not listening on my phone.

  2. tami lindsey

    My 9 year old son was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia B strain on August 5th. I have been a follower of this blog for a couple of years.. I’m a personal trainer, and try to live as naturally as possible. I feel forced to treat my son with chemotherapy because of all of the news reports of parents who have been taken to court when they refused treatment. He’s just finishing his induction period at St. Jude. His cancer should be in remission within the next week, but the protocol requires chemo for 2 1/2 years. They also have him on 3 different antibiotics. He has never had any antibiotics or vaccinations in his life. Any suggestions you have would be extremely helpful.

    1. Immanuel Christian

      You should take him underground and treat him with 2g/day potassium iodide crystals (ebay), 2000mcg/day sodium selenite (Life Extension), 20g/day ascorbate and 1.5g/day niacin. These are pediatric doses. Allowing the witches to poison him is tantamount to killing him. Did he receive a vitamin K shot at birth?

      1. Momofboys

        I honestly do not remember.

        1. Immanuel Christian

          If you gave birth in hospital, then, they will sneak the baby away for a couple of minutes to inject him. Vitamin K injections cause leukemia. Be brave because this treatment will turn it around in six weeks. The alternative is watching the evil witch doctors – with their polished “caring doctor” act and elite bed-side manner- milk, torture and kill.

  3. Judy

    Hi Chris, I was looking forward to Robin answering the best clinic she saw and what she may recommend. Did she speak to you about where she would go if ever diagnosed with cancer?

  4. Mackenzie Williams

    Hi Chris,

    I discovered your site earlier this year after seeing one of your short videos someone shared on Facebook, and I now reference it frequently in my quest to live a healthy life.

    I listened to your Podcast featuring Robyn Openshaw, and one particular part stood out to me. I have been a Christian all my life and even attended a Christian university in Nashville, Tennessee. Over the past two years, I have really been examining faith and my faith in particular. I still firmly believe in God, but a lot of concepts have changed. One of these is the concept that “everything happens for a reason.” I have said that phrase before in the past, but it never felt completely right to me. It never felt right because it completely contradicts the free will we supposedly have. I will not make this drawn out, but in the last year after a lot of internal thought on the subject I do not believe everything happens for a reason. I have brought this up with a few close people in my life and none of them have understood where I was coming from, and a couple were shocked I would even say such a thing. It was not until this podcast that I heard anyone else voice the exact same thing I have been thinking when you were speaking about “everything happens for a reason” and free will. I would just like to say thank you because your comment made me feel a little less lost in this world of faith and has given me some validation that my thoughts aren’t crazy.

    Thank you for everything you do!


    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Mackenzie! I’m so glad this resonated with you. And no you aren’t crazy. :) The idea that “everything happens for a reason” is fatalism and a cop out on personal responsibility. People use it flippantly to deflect from difficult introspection, and potentially uncomfortable conviction.

      Even though sometimes we don’t understand the reason things happen, especially bad things, as believers we can be confident that God will use it for good. “He works all things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

      1. MT295

        Another thing this comment brings to my mind is how some people say God is in control, but really we are and God gets the blame for far too much. Searching out for wisdom for our health brings people to this life saving site full of wisdom and is giving me hope for my health. I dont believe things happen for a reason or is God’s will either. Wisdom is power.

  5. Pam Williams

    Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for the site. I am constantly exploring the internet for Breast Cancer info and I find it depressing on most every site except yours. So, this is my new home. Thank you.
    My question is one that I have been trying to find an answer to for awhile. I read that people who who have had their thyroid radiated can no longer turn beta carotene into Vitamin A. Therefore, would it do any good to drink massive carrot juice?
    Maybe you would know someone that has knowledge about this.
    Thank you .

  6. MT295

    Loved the green smoothie girl interview. I just introduced one green pepper a day in my diet after the Truth 9 night video series and after two weeks if i miss a day I actually crave one. That was shocking to me too as i never craved a vegetable before!

  7. Sam

    Hi Chris, do you know of anyone who has beaten a fairly advanced form of Spinal Ewing’s Sarcoma using nutrition or any other “alternative” treatment? I know a young man of 18 who has tried just about everything. Thanks – your website and podcasts are a ray of sunshine – God bless you! Sam

    1. Darla

      Hi Sam, my fiancé was diagnosed in sept 2015 with stage lll fibro soft-tissue sarcoma. We went the conventional way with chemotherapy per recommended by oncologist, the only way. He had 4 cycles of chemo 2 of which were double doses of chemo every 12 hrs. His tumor was not shrinking that’s why the double doses were recommended. Not every patient can take double doses, since he was quite healthy except for the cancer he was able to withstand the new protocol. New protocol was not successful so surgery was recommended. We had to see a vascular surgeon along with an orthopedic surgeon. His tumor was wrapped around blood vessels and nerves. We were told he was going to have blood vessel reconstruction plus nerve damage to get the tumor out. We were also told he would have a leg that he would not be able to use because of the nerve being cut however, with therapy and several more surgeries he will gain the use of his leg, eventually. He has a 6 hr surgery on the 24 of Feb 2016. Surgeon comes out and tells me with eyes as big as saucers his tumor was the size of a football. It started out the size of a small avocado. Having said all this, doing my own research I have come to find out chemo can actually make cancer resistant to treatment and cancer comes back more aggressive. Radiation everyday for 6 wks and 2 more cycles of chemo is recommended since surgery. Are you kidding! I have seen first hand what conventional medicine has done to my fiancé, no thank you! I am researching other alternatives in the mean time. Sam, if you hear of any other alternatives please email me at da*********@be*******.net. My prayers are with you and your friend! Darla

    2. Darla

      Hi Sam. Just read black salve was used on someone having Ewing’s sarcoma. Check it out on Amazon and the stories following the use of black salve. Good luck, Darla

  8. Sandra Coiny

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    I appreciate all the support my families and friends gave to me during this trying time of my life and to the Rick Simpson team, I am forever indebted to you all and would always support your organization in all ways of my life.

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    11 Years of Sorrow has turn into 5 months of total healing with the Rick Simpson cannabis oil, and am so grateful to God almighty for his mercy over my life as am now a dignified victory against stomach cancer. This is to let everyone out there know that they should never give up on God or themselves, no matter the situation in life, there is always a way out of it. Rick Simpson is a true Canadian Hero that deserve the Medal of honor…

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