Hayley Mills quit chemo, used nutrition and alternative therapies to heal breast cancer in 2009


Decemeber 26, 2012

Hayley Mills, 66, star of two of my daughters favorite movies Pollyanna and
The Parent Trap secretly battled breast cancer for 3 years before going public in January 2012.

This week she announced that she had surgery, but refused radiation, and quit chemo after three sessions. Now four years after her diagnosis, she explains how she is happy, healthy and cancer-free.

“It made me feel awful,” she sighs. “I was more frightened of the chemo than the cancer.”

After having surgery, Hayley says that she just could not face going on with her chemotherapy regime.

“I thought how can I fight something if I feel so ghastly?”

“I could feel it draining me and killing me. I felt I was dying.”

“I want to be able to take charge and be involved in this battle. It was about the quality of my life.”

Hayley, 66, credits her survival to the alternative treatments she used to heal her body.

“I always say a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands.”

“What you can do to boost your immune system, and what you can do to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and positive is important.”

She changed her diet, and cut out foods that might “feed cancer” including sugar, dairy and acid-creating foods.

Then she embarked on a serious course of exercise and meditation.

Hayley says: “It’s a big decision. Most other routes are not endorsed – they offer surgery and chemo and radiotherapy and that’s it. When you step off that, you’re on your own because all those other things, they’d just say were a waste of time. So you have to decide what route you’re going to take and be prepared to find something you can believe in 100%.”

Hayley Mills currently stars on the tv show Wild at Heart about a vet who runs a game reserve in South Africa.


She has not revealed exactly what alternative therapies she did yet, but hopefully we’ll find out more…

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  1. Judy Seeger

    Yeah! Another celeb finally comes out and admits the truth about healing. Nice!

    This is the most powerful truth she said:
    “I want to be able to take charge and be involved in this battle. It was about the quality of my life.”

  2. Suzanne

    Love your comment, Jude! I totally agree with you.

  3. Nancy Russell


  4. LeAnn Weaver

    Chris – thanks for a great story and getting the word out. Conventional med should be on it’s way out.

  5. Mona Karel

    If only people could read this with an open mind instead of automatically assuming she was able to do something no one else could afford. When in fact our health is in our own hands. And it’s not just big pharma. It’s also GM foods and the huge commercial food industry.

  6. Jonathan Drake

    This is more of the kinds of stories you’ll only see from those who are truly open to the undeniable facts and truth. Mainstream zionist controlled medias will never show this fact. So sad for the many who are deceived and lied to daily and lose their battle for healing with natural means as God always intended. Thanks for sharing Chris. Your an ongoing inspiration.

    1. Barbara

      Zionist controlled media? It seems most media in the UK is controlled by Rupert. What kind of cuel and anti-semitic remark is this? Cancer is not always controlled in this way. As my cousin, the head of a Cancer Unit in Canada, would confirm, some chemo actually works. In fact, it worked on my father. Of course one must seek the best solution. But to insert your unadulterated hatred towards an ethnic group, which happens to have a huge proportion of people in the media who entertain you and in hospitals and dental clinics, where you will run to (possibly the surgery was done by a Jewish doctor for Hayley) is ghastly. You need to have mental surgery.

  7. Marten The Canadian Libertarian

    Real health does not come in Magic Bullets and Absolutes. It comes by dealing with the body as a whole and by improving your Emotional…By the way to cure cancer you have to adress the Emotional, period…Truth gets you unstock

  8. Annie Appleseed

    I was lucky enough to avoid chemo altogether when I made my choices to refuse it (actually due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), no radiation, nor hormones.
    Lots of surgery ending with mastectomies a year apart (after 3 lumpectomies and a biopsy of the other side).

    STILL HERE – about to celebrate 20th Cancerversary and founded (all-volunteer) Annie Appleseed Project to share all the alternative and complementary treatments I discovered in my long journey to healing.
    Info is shared daily on Facebook/Twitter.
    So many options, so many paths to wellness.
    If you go the conventional route, add complementary therapies to reduce toxicity, keep blood counts normalized and possibly enhance the ability to get and stay well.

  9. Cindy Sullivan

    Haley, I admire your tenacity! I went through all of the treatments and you are right, they do make you feel awful.

    Have you heard about the breast cancer prevention vaccine that Dr. Vincent Tuohy of the Cleveland Clinic has developed? I am thrilled that women in the future may never need to endure the current ‘cures’ for breast cancer.

    More here: https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form&JServSessionIdr004=y53y4a6on8.app331b

    And here: http://thepinkvaccine.wordpress.com/blog/

    Wishing you all the best, Haley.

    1. Snyds

      Breast cancer prevention vaccine? Did you read back what you wrote? Put more toxicity in the form of a vaccine back in your body and it’s supposed to “prevent” cancer which is an overload of toxins??? There is no magic bullet. God gave us everything we need to sustain ourselves and I’m certain that didn’t include a syringe full of toxins! I think the idea was that she healed her cancer naturally…..

  10. Mike

    It’s always great to read a story like this one. An inspiration to many.

  11. warriorbynature

    Thank you for your courageous spirit to stand where many others have fallen. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (triple negative) and have undertaken wide research into the surgery, radiation and chemotherapy options. My cancer has been removed and I have chosen to use alternative methods to heal my body.
    I cannot with any conscience or intelligence condemn myself to treatment that will destroy my lymphatic system. I have been blessed that none of my lymph nodes were affected and while the standard options were provided as a way to increase my chance of survival, the software program, did not include the removal of my breasts.
    I too, will stand and like Hayley find myself, without support and arm myself with nature and remain in harmony with my spirit and body.
    Thank you Chris for this site. God Bless.

  12. Margaret

    I too was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. I had a lumpectomy, removal of sentinal nodes and surrounding tissue followed by 35 sessions of radiotherapy. I was told to take Arimadex which I didn’t fancy taking because of the side effects and the fact that I already had arthritis and diabetis Type II. I have now been cancer free for four years and never once have I regretted not taking the medication. My oncologist told me that with medication there was a 5% chance of the cancer returning and without medication there was a 10% chance of it returning. I would rather take my chances than suffer the side effects of the medication.

    1. Michelle

      Margaret that is wonderful that you are cancer free for 4 years now. What did you do? My friend has had a recurrence of her cancer not even a year after her full mastectomy (last June). She was originally diagnosed in 2007 with Stage 3, estrogen-receptor positive and had a lumpectomy, removal of lymph nodes, chemo and radiation. She then took Tamoxifen for 5 years and was okay (minus the side effects). She’s already had surgery to remove the tumor that came back and now they are going to do another surgery because they don’t feel they “got it all” and can’t do anymore radiation (too harmful they said).

  13. Linda

    Oh Please, its stories like these that do most harm to those of us out there fighting this damm desease, note hayley had surgery followed by 3 chemo sessions, Surgery alone infact cures most cancers followed by radiotherpy 2nd with chemo and other targeted therapies falling behind, the treatment hayley has already had will be what has kept her cancer free so far NOT the Mumbo Jumbo in this artical! Didnt CRUK recently write to the daily mirror for printing simular rubbish about misleading and harmfull information to cancer patients re ALT.??? Oh and just as a footnote there is no such thing as ALT ,when something is proven to work it is no longer called Alternative it is called called MEDICINE!!!! Please lets have some responsible reporting people. If ALT realy works (which it doesnt)then why not conduct clinical trials to prove it works (and please dont tell me they dont have the money to conduct trials,) THEY DO ,ALT makes as much money in a yr as cancer research!!! wise up people. ( a 2 time BC Patient.

    1. Jay

      Why do you have to sound so hateful? If you don’t want to believe that’s on you but don’t trash other people’s methods just because they refuse conventional methods. BigPharma and the medical industry has people brainwashed.

      Those who hold onto anger, hate and resentment tend to have poor health, a weakened immune system and are more prone to chronic illness such as cancer. This is due to a rise in the level of the stress hormone cortisol that suppresses the immune system. Cancer is, in most cases, a state of chronic unforgiveness – a holding onto anger, hate and resentment. This internal state of chronic stress depletes important adrenaline reserves and breaks the all important oxygen krebs cycle of the body’s cells, leading to cancer cell mutation

  14. Patricia

    Glad to read it I am tho king of going the same route don’t wand radiation and hormone suppression –placing me T risk for osteoprosis

  15. Jessica

    I could not find this in my issue of Good Housekeeping. (I am subscribed). Or was this article only shared in the UK?

  16. Joyce

    I also looked for this article in my copy of Good Housekeeping, and it was not there.

  17. Joyce

    Any more word on where I might be able to view this Good Housekeeping article?

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