Henning Saupe, MD – The Naturopathic Integrative Approach to Oncology

You cannot heal as long as you carry a grudge, judgmental thoughts about things that happened in your life that you cannot forgive, or deep feelings of guilt and shame. – Dr. Henning Saupe

Dr. Henning Saupe, founder of the Arcadia Clinic in Bad Emstal Germany, has spent the last 25 years treating cancer patients with holistic, naturopathic, and integrative therapies.

Dr. Saupe is an expert in insulin potentiation therapy, hyperthermia, botanical and low-dose chemo infusions, PEMF therapy, oxygen and ozone therapies, detox and orthomolecular medicine, meditation, yoga, and psycho-oncology.

We cover many of those therapies in detail as well as the lack of medical freedom in countries like the US and the UK, the paradox of chemo, the mental/spiritual/emotional connection to health and disease, and so much more.

Watch our interview with accidentally perfect symmetrical composition below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Special thanks to SQUARE ONE Member Kathryn Doherty for the introduction. Enjoy!

Download interview transcript here.

Show Notes
-Dr. Saupe’s fascination with the phenomenon of life [01:19]
-Medical freedom in Germany [04:08]
-How naturopathic oncology “picked” Dr. Saupe [08:03]
-Mistletoe therapy [11:00]
-The major contributing factors to metastatic cancer [13:20]
-Hyperthermia explained [15:02]
-Localized hyperthermia [21:00]
-IV Chinese Wormwood (Artesunate) and IV Turmeric [21:57]
-Are high fevers dangerous? [23:22]
-IPT Insulin Potentiation Therapy with botanicals or low dose chemo [27:00]
-Additional therapies [30:55]
-Why blood testing for heavy metals is better than hair testing [33:00]
-The value of live blood analysis (Dark Field Microscopy) [34:13]
-Chemotherapy often paralyzes white blood cells (!!!) [36:23]
-Leaky gut and bacteria in the blood [38:20]
-Emotional healing and physical healing [40:47]
-“Make peace with fear. Fear must not own us.” [46:13]
-How cancer becomes a disease [48:30]
-Why most common cancers cannot be cured with chemotherapy [52:52]
-The chemotherapy paradox [55:40]
-The ‘new strategy’ of treating advanced cancer gently [56:26]

Dr. Henning Saupe links:
Arcadia Clinic
Dr. Saupe’s Cancer Field Theory video

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