How Abigail Holt-Jennings was miraculously healed of stage IV breast cancer

Abigail Holt-Jennings was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer in June 2016. After a full mastectomy, the cancer came back in her lymph nodes and lungs and she was diagnosed stage IV.

Then she had a miraculous healing experience and all of her cancer disappeared, which was confirmed by two PET scans!

Abigail has an amazing, faith-filled, miraculous healing story. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
-Abigail’s healing vision [02:27]
-“This is going to be a great line in my book one day” [07:18]
-Can God be glorified in sickness? [09:34]
-Seeking God through healing prayer [13:12]
-An Indiana Jones type discovery [19:29]
-Finding support groups full of hope, not hopelessness [25:06]
-What are you believing? [27:21]
-Faith has its finest hour in the midst of fear [33:28]
-The importance of staying in the now [38:01]
-Being delivered to be a deliverer [41:37]
-How fear tries to abort our destiny [46:23]

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