How Annie healed terminal breast cancer naturally

Annie Brandt was diagnosed with ER+ PR+ terminal breast cancer in 2001, with metastases to her brain and lungs. She was told she had 3 months to live if she did nothing or 5 months if she did treatment.

Annie made the choice to forgo conventional therapy, since it wouldn’t cure her, and instead of doing “nothing”, she did EVERYTHING.

And guess what happened… She reversed her cancer with hardcore nutrition and integrative therapies.

Like me, Annie has been in the trenches helping people for many years.

She is the founder and President Emeritus of Best Answer for Cancer Foundation, which provides information and resources for integrative cancer care, and sponsors two integrative conferences annually in April, one for patients and one for physicians.

I know you’ll enjoy this wise and wonderful interview with Annie Brandt from the “survivor couch” at The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2017…

Annie’s Website:

Annie’s Book: The Healing Platform: Build Your Own Cure!

Key supplements she took and mentioned in the interview:
DIM (Diindolylmethane) – found in cruciferous vegetables
Blue Moon Herbs Essiac Tea

One of Annie’s powerful daily affirmations (that I LOVE!)…

“Thank you tumors, you can go. I got the message.”

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  1. Theresa Crockett

    your interview with Annie was so powerful! She is such an inspiration. After listening to her I felt so encouraged with a great sense of hope and well-being. Thank you Annie and thank you Chris, not only for all the invaluable information, but also for the love and sincere caring I personally felt from the both of you.

  2. Jennifer S

    The social media toolbar that now floats ALL OVER your web pages blocks enough of the print to make your articles IMPOSSIBLE to read!!

    1. Jessica Doolittle

      Jennifer if you’re using an iPhone hit the lines (4 of them) in the search bar at the top. It’ll take That away.

  3. Martha Yoder

    Chris, your interview with Annie was a great inspiration and words of wisdom! I am so encouraged!! I am so encouraged!! thank you Annie and Chris–Annie , your face showed the joy of the Lord to be your strength…you both are amazing!

  4. Miranda

    If with your first immune disease diagnosis you de-toxed, went on a good diet etc. why did you get four or five recovering diseases after that? Did you go back to your old ways of eating?

  5. Cathy Speronis

    Love this interview! Chris you are so awesome for doing what you do and Annie is an absolute doll! She is so positive and so uplifting. God Bless! <3

  6. Chris Pedersen

    I love you, Annie! Loved hearing you two talking about “the” journey. Hope to see you again soon, Annie.

  7. Jayci Windsperger

    Wonderful interview, Chris! Thanks for all the work you do to get the word out. Love all your practical information on diet and supplements and the fact that you focus time on spiritual healing as well. People need Jesus EVEN more than dark leafy greens! :)

  8. Golda

    Fantastic! Thank you both!!

  9. Terry Burke Hopkinson Jackson

    Thank you so much Chris and Annie. Awesome interview. I needed that. My journey has been a roller coaster. I needed to hear that I am not fighting cancer I am healing it. Sweet inspiration. Love you guys

  10. MaryLiz Williamson

    Wonderful interview and EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! Thank you! You are both AMAZING! <3 XOXOXO

  11. Lamia

    Amazing interview! Thank you so much Chris for all what you do. Love from Saudi Arabia. I wish one day I can translate your videos.

  12. sharon bailey

    So nice to meet you too Annie. You’re a courageous sweet lady and it’s so nice knowing about your website and book available now to me. And I am a Chris fan now for maybe a year. I spread your name around as much as possible. Especially the crispy cancer story. lol. I have a heavy cancer family history but so far I’ve only had skin cancer, a minor incident. God has given me an assignment later in life of raising my granddaughter – my pride and joy so I believe that’s part of the reason I’ve been protected physically. And the daily affirmations too ‘ Thank You God for great health, great friends and great family, etc.” And No weapon formed against me shall prosper! I just wanted to say love you guys and some day in heaven we shall all meet. God bless you both – sharon

  13. Scottish Ang

    As stated on her website, Annie did low dose chemotherapy in the form of IPT. This is not mentioned in the discussion above.

    1. kimmetz

      could you show us where you read that, please? appreciate it!

  14. Rashke

    I think you’re both so Beautiful!! Greetings from the heart from the Netherlands

  15. Jess

    Thank you for the great interview! So inspiring! Something Annie said struck a chord with me (well many things she said did!) – that her first sign something was wrong was an enlarged lymph node in her armpit/side breast area. That is exactly where I have an enlarged lymph node, and it has been there for over a year. I had an ultrasound on it last year which said it was NOT cancerous, just an enlarged lymph node. I also had a full upper body thermogram which showed no signs of cancer, but did show quite a bit of inflammation. I know thermograms are not 100% (neither are mammograms), but I’m struggling with whether I should get a mammogram just to further rule anything out. I’ve never had a mammogram, as I believe they are dangerous and can actually cause cancer. My mind is still not at ease, though, with this enlarged lymph node that has not gone away after a year. What do you think? Should I take a risk and get the mammogram just for further answers?

    1. Elaine

      I think you should try to make your own decision and do what you think is best for you. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and see if it makes changes in your situation. Research and learn and do what feels right in your heart and head. Try to let go of fear (that’s what I am working on!) God Bless.

    2. arabella

      The latest from the woman who does my thermagrams is that the occasional mammogram is not bad and that to have a mammogram as backup is not a bad idea. None of these procedures is 100%. I am impressed that the thermogram folks admit that their test will not always catch every indication of possible breast cancer.

    3. kimmetz

      thermography showed nothing in my breast. had two done withing 2 years, and less than three years later I was diagnosed with a 2 cm very aggressively growing tumor.

  16. Zsuzsanna

    Chris, this interview was the best you’ve done in my opinion . Annie and her story is unbelievable, I could just feel the synergy between the two of you . You are so on the same page I suspect your personalities must be very similar too. You should figure out a way to collaborate with her on as many level as possible. Thank you so much for bringing her story to the public .

  17. Marianne Lanting

    Thank You Chris & Annie!
    I am 4 years post DCIS ER/PR + Breast Cancer… I had the lumpectomy and then rejected all conventional therapies offered. I have enjoyed Square One so much – now watching Sacred Plant. I just wanted to say the thing that resonated with me about this video the most were these 3 things that did not hit me til now: Negativity speaks to every cell, switch up your regimen (supplement & food) often & not to be in such a rush. My Diagnosis made me feel like I was running while the rest of the world was walking very slow. Cancer feels like a death sentence from the day of diagnosis & on. It is easy to focus on the worst outcome, there is always such a sense of urgency that forces us all into making uninformed decisions. So thank you for giving us all the confidence to heal our own bodies with what God has made and stay ahead of disease.

    1. Daisy

      I am four years post breast cancer, and I refused all treatment.
      I take lots of Ginger and apple cider vinegar with 2,000 units of Vitamin C daily.

      1. Kim Hill

        Hi Daisy, I am 8 months into my diagnosis +2 HER aggressive. I have refused all treatments so far, green juicing, vit C2000 liposomal, oregano, Hoxie, Vit D, astragalus, apricot seeds, ginger/turneric. May measurement 2.5 – October measurement 3.5. Now January, still no shrinking. Can you comment on length of time it took to shrink the tumor?

        1. adrianne

          HI Kim sorry for what you are going through; one thing that’s I have heard of happening is sometimes tumors grow worse before they get better; maybe try sweating and working out as well helps get rid of toxins; garlic and ginger is very powerful

  18. Cindy

    Amazing, best one….

  19. Michele West Ceron

    Hi Chris! I am an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist (I-ACT stands for International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) and we have a convention every June and we invite guest speakers. I had nominated you for the board to contact and invite for the 2018 convention. Dont know if they invited you or not but I hope so! Would love to have you there! I have a colonic client who has healed her stage 4 lung cancer, she had multiple tumors. I would love for you to interview her! Contact me if you are interested in talking with her!

  20. Judy Turcotte

    Thank you Chris for such a wonderful interview. I take something new home everytime. It strengthens my resolve that I am in charge and I have the ability to change my course in life. Thanks again. You are appreciated!

  21. Linda Darnell

    Awesome to hear there is hope for so many people out there!!! Thank you Chris!!

  22. judy ulmschneider

    hi there…Love this interview…I forwarded it to a friend who’s mother has cancer. I just have one comment that I learned from Anita Moorjani ( she wrote “Dying to be Me.” she had cancer and a near death experience that was powerful). That it is important to be Positive, but we must let ourselves FEEL ALL our emotions, the Mad sad, scared…must be loved and allowed to come to the surface, It is easy to get down on oneself for “Not always being “positive” . I know from my own healing work on my self, that I was repressing the so called negative emotions…they are part of being human, and I did co concounseling to feel , cry get angry and “discharge “or clear these. Anita says she was being way to hard on herself…to eat the perfect diet, to always think positive etc…so I am glad you all talk about NOT being hard on oneself or blaming oneself for having cancer. This is KEY

  23. Eddah M

    What are the best non-invasive tests one can do for breast cancer to make sure one is doing something right as they progress on their treatment?

  24. Eddah M

    Thank you so much Chris and Annie for the interview. The information is so encouraging.

  25. bachcole

    Not everyone is worthy of “love”. The question of “worthy” is irrelevant. Unconditional love is the real love, and it is never earned and cannot be earned. It is unconditional love that heals.

  26. Donna Korchinski

    Chris, thank you for introducing us to Annie. She is a true inspiration and a brave tenacious soul. In spite of this, the interview left me wanting. I wanted more information from her and not as much from you. I’m not sure of the purpose of your interview – it really wasn’t an interview – it was more of a discussion. And if you intended it that way, that’s ok. But if you intend it as a true interview, you need to get yourself out of the way and let her talk. You were not listening to her in order to follow up on her statements and elicit more detail from her. Instead you inserted your own stuff. Well, if I’m going to spend 40 minutes listening to an ‘interview’ with a specific person, I want more of that person, and much less of the interviewer. I realize you are well-meaning, but you truly need to take some lessons in proper interviewing techniques.

  27. Aroha Rota

    What an awesome video everything said in this video is an amazing path to naturally treating cancel. Im a believer of this way to heal this condition, Im living it now and enjoyng the journey because it positive and the feel of being in control of this is amazing. I had an ice healing today and it released so much emotion which was held in my body for a very long time the healing was amazing, thank you so much for this im going to keep on re-watching this. Regards Aroha

  28. Olga

    Thank you for a very interesting interview! Annie gave me a great tip about DIM. Is it possible to ask her how many DIM pills a day does she take and for how long?Does she has any side effect from them.
    Appreciate your response.

  29. Ellen Spenser

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  30. DeeDee Lavell

    Did not see a link to Elens Club vitamins.

  31. Robin Bair

    I ordered a book back in September, paid 156.97 for it and never received it. Tried to call the number on the credit card statement and it’s been disconnected…can someone please contact me. I actually paid 97.00 for the e book then the 156.97 for the hard back and I can’t access the e book and never got the hard back…

  32. Kathy Jones Campbell

    I was recently diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer that is not aggressive and not in lymph nodes. I chose to have a lumpectomy done and radiation. I do not want to take the aromotase inhibitors but I’m very interested in the DIM that she mentioned. I would also like to know a general idea of how much juicing I would need to do to prevent a return of cancer not necessarily shrink a tumor. Since the tumor has been removed and was not in my lymph system I’m mainly interested in preventing the return of the cancer. I have added exercise and and I’m considering DIM and juicing. I’m just not sure I can drink 8 glasses of carrot juice a day and I wonder what a good protocol would be to prevent cancer at this point.

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