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How Candice-Marie Fox healed advanced thyroid cancer with fruit

“Former model with cancer who turned down chemo claims she cured herself by eating three pineapples a day…”

“Woman ditches ‘toxic’ husband and beats cancer”

Candice-Marie Fox was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2011 at age 28. After surgery and radiation, it spread. Then she adopted a radical diet (mostly fruit), changed her life, and her body healed. But the internet got her story wrong and posted a bunch of dumb headlines like the ones you see above.

So I thought I would give Candice-Marie the opportunity to tell you her story.

We did two interviews for you. The first one is a quick 8-minute version of her story for all you busy bees. Bzzzz.

The second interview is over an hour long, and she talks in more detail about her crazy experience with conventional treatments, what was happening in her personal life, her super fruity anti-cancer diet, the NORI protocol, and lot more (see the show notes below).

If you have time to watch the full version, do it. It’s fantastic.

The short version was an afterthought, and we taped these on two different days.
She wore the same shirt. I didn’t. :)

p.s. Candice-Marie sent me copies of her medical records confirming her diagnosis, and that the cancer spread after treatment, and that she is now cancer free (her thyroglobulin is 0.1).


Full Version

Full Version Show Notes

The circumstances surrounding her diagnosis [1:10]

How she was scared into conventional treatment  [11:20]

Her nightmare hospital experience as a conventional cancer patient [13:07]

The moment in the hospital when her perspective changed [15:35]

The surgical error that caused more problems  [17:57]

Her bizarre experience with radiation treatment [20:48]

Her unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits before cancer [23:36]

She discovers that surgery and radiation made it worse [25:20]

What it was like to watch her best friend and her cousin both die from cancer treatment [28:09]

Why alternative/holistic cancer therapies get a bad rap [35:40]

Her mindset after conventional treatment failed [36:30]

What she decided to do instead of more radiation and chemo [38:17]

Her daily anti-cancer diet and protocol  [44:57]

The powerful anti-cancer enzymes in pineapple and papaya 46:11

Candice-Marie rants “Why are we called quacks?” [50:56]

Her healing timeline and test results [53:00]

Candice-Marie boldly confronts her oncologist and gets her to admit that the radiation treatment didn’t eliminate her cancer [57:21]

Her daily alkalizing routine [1:01:39]

Focus on the people that want your help [1:05:34]

Stress, and dealing with internet trolls [1:07:54]

Advice from me for anyone who has gone public with their healing journey [1:09:25]

Her dietary protocol

Days 1-7 All fruit diet with a beet root, carrot, celery juice

Days 8-10 Same diet but no juice.
Took vitamin K and selenium as sodium selenite

Days 11-14 Vegetables, soaked almonds, avocados, etc.

Then repeat the cycle.

Selected Links from the Interview

NORI Nutritional Oncology Research Institute

Water fasting

Cell Food

Sodium Bicarbonate

Don Tolman

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers Ph.D.

The China Study by T Colin Campbell Ph.D.


Her facebook page

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  • carylee kilgrow

    would like a list of foods she ate, as i tried to click on it, but it didnt come up. thanks

    • lucy

      You’ll probably have to pay for that.

  • Listened to the whole thing, while waiting for my daughter at dance class:)! I was wondering if you were going to talk about Jess Ainscough at all. Love all these interviews-thank you!

  • Elizabeth

    Chris. God bless you & her for going out there and sharing the science fact based information. I will be praying for both of you and donating.

  • Worrisome

    “p.s. Candice-Marie sent me copies of her medical records confirming her diagnosis, and that the cancer spread after treatment, and that her Thyroglobulin is 0.1 as of 3/13/15.” There are people chasing these reports, as they would quickly and easily dispel the doubts surrounding her claims if they were made available.

  • Penny

    It took a lot of courage for her to speak out!!! Thank you, Candice-Marie for not allowing fear to dominate your thoughts or actions! You are being heard! You are being listened to! You are making a difference in the health of many! Bless You!!!!
    Don’t let the haters near you! Keep them at a long distance away! They are not worth your time, not one of them! They are not wanting to learn anything, but be toxic! Your healing is proof and so are others I know personally that cancer can be healed! END OF STORY!
    You are here for the living, Candice, not the dead. As Jesus said, “Let the dead bury themselves!
    We love you and support you!!! Keep going! Don’t look back or respond to anyone who voices hate! Their hate is destroying themselves. Stay clear of them!
    Chris, would you please repeat the protocol Candice-Marie used in the evenings?

  • Bibijoux

    Thank you so much for listing the links from the interview Chris. That is extremely
    helpful, besides of course listening to the interviews. Best to you!

  • Aranyani

    Wonderful advice Chris, “don’t feed the trolls”. Thank you for everything you do. You ARE a legend :))

  • Dr.Sridevi Gundi

    Dear Chris, Thank you very much for sharing wonderful information. Yes…Absolutely true…Nature can heal us from all types of cancers and ailments….In fact, Nature is has given and continue to give the leads for the design of new drugs and their development. Definitely the will power, support from best friends and family members…natural diet…pleasant mind….satisfied soul….can contribute a lot for the recovery….Wish you all the best in your efforts to reach and educate as many people as possible….which can bring smiles on cancer patients and their family.

  • Mitch Roberson

    Awesome interview. Real and raw. Thank you Candice. Your story needs to be told — so glad you are telling it. Chris you are sooooo right! We want to know what Candice did. Simple. With such knowledge, we have power. The power to take control. Candice is living proof we have it in us. Thanks for sharing!! Chris you rocked the Quest or the Cures! God Bless

  • Not so ignorant

    Chris, deleting comments kills the dialogue, and generally affirms whatever the person said. There’s a lot of questions Candice needs to answer, and they’re not going to go away through ignorance.

  • MaryAnn1978

    Do not cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

  • MaryAnn1978

    Chris, Thank you for all the inspiration and hope. You are a true blessing from God. Candice, seriously, stop reading a post if it is negative. They are vampires and hate anything good in this world. So happy for you and your story. It has motivated me in my search. Great Job in fighting and thank you for sharing.

  • Louise

    Hi Chris and Candice! Genuine question: if radiation continues working over the longterm, how do you know it wasn’t that that cured the cancer?

  • Hi Chris and Candice, THANK YOU for the interview!!!

  • Hi Chris, what a fantastic interview! I’m a nutritional therapist specialising in cancer support in London, UK and it was great to hear a fellow Brit telling her amazing story. I loved Candice’s passion and it’s such a shame that she’s being hounded by those who are on a mission to undermine anyone using natural methods to support their cancer recovery. Like you said she MUST block those negative people in her life and not engage with them in any way. After 15 years of working with people with cancer it is clear to me that stress is the number ONE factor that will undermine health (yes even above diet) and so detoxing these negative people is crucial!

    Keep up the amazing work Chris – I always share your videos with my community here in the UK.

  • Dan

    Nature sure can heal many things. I believe for every sickness we have,a cure is on this planet because everything we need to heal our bodies is here. I know many of us today rely so much on the medical industry and certainly we do need them. They are a great help to us in many things and should be given an applause because they really are life saviors. Though if anyone should ever be attacked with the ugly word cancer then I say you throw everything this world has to offer at it. I am currently experimenting with Curcumin and Moringa which have been known to show true promise. I am though not recommending to anyone to just use this approach because I am still in the process. But if anyone is looking for an answer or wants to try something, then I would recommend you try curcumin with a special pepper called bioperine for better absorption. And use Moringa Oleifera the organic kind. This will give your body a huge boost in power. Once again though please stick with your doctors advice, but if they have given up on you then try this because these two are some of the strongest plants in this world. You should feel much more alive just by taking Moringa. Goodluck and if anyone notice a difference plz do so here on a comment. Goodluck I will get back to you once I am done.

    • Janes Chiarelli

      Hello. My husband of almost 7 years, cheated on me and left me for her and is living with her now. He said he hasn’t been happy in years but never told/showed me he was unhappy. We have a 4 year old son that missed his daddy so much and cries for him to just come home. Our son even crawled all over his car crying “daddy stay home with me.” And he still left. He just keeps saying “he’s never coming back, no matter what.” I didn’t know what to anymore..he left me 5/7/15, tdhe weekend before mothers day this year and it broke my heart and I keep praying to God and he keeps telling me “be patient” I was still trying my best but it was hard when this was hurting my son so badly. I have told my sister about this and she gave me some advice to contact a very good and powerful prophet who can help me pray for my husband to come back and be happy with us again which i did and i contacted the prophet. he prayed for me and my husband cam home begging me to take him back and now we ar happily living together and a family. all thanks to the prophet and his email is (prayerstosaverelationship@yahoo.com). May God bless you abundantly!

  • Great story Chris. Thank you so much for sharing. That is right. People NEED to educate themselves so much more regarding natural healing and NOT depend on their “medical” doctors so much. There is so much information out there on the net like your site (which is EXCELLENT) and so many more. Good for her for taking control of her situation.

  • meredith

    This woman is so beautiful. I am so inspired. So are you Chris!

  • Paige

    I thought a lot about how Candice-Marie was stressing about the nay-sayers. Then I saw this picture – couldn’t have said it better! I agree with you Chris, there will always be detractors and you’ll never satisfy them. You’ll just drive yourself crazy trying to fight them. But you can concentrate on the people who do appreciate what you have to say and just help them.

  • Janice Huffman

    I throughly enjoyed this and it opened my eyes about enzymes. Having them in whole foods surpasses supplements. This is another great interview. Anyone who challenges this is not really interested in self-help or a healthy lifestyle. They are here just to tear down but negativity often opens doors to something other than the medical profession that is not helping as many as they claim. That’s why people come here. Play this interview over again.

  • Cindy

    As a 2 time cancer survivor (traditional means), I’ve grown more and more convinced that the natural approaches can work, and I also believe that what we eat strongly affects our health, so I have followed all of your subjects with interest, and file away information should I ever need it again. However, as someone who recently went through thyroid cancer, I’m really puzzled by her account. I, too, had papillary thyroid cancer, and was immediately told that “no one dies of this.” (I should note, though, I didn’t have multiple tumors). I did opt for surgical thyroid removal, which was quick and relatively painless, and what pain I had was easily managed with tylenol. I also opted for radioactive iodine, with reservations, and while the treatment itself wasn’t bad, I’m not sure it was the necessary choice, and I wish I’d given myself more time to consider the alternatives, frankly. I’m evolving in this regard! I intend to adopt many of the approaches she used, and I’m delighted that she has had such a wonderful result, but I felt I needed to comment as this type of cancer is very common and my experience was very different.

  • sonu

    my mom is suffering from advanced ovarian cancer. now we have started her to give bud-wig protocol diet, after watching this video, NORI protocol seems effective. can the bud-wig protocol and NORI protocol be mixed???

  • concerned

    Candice still hasn’t released any medical data supporting her story. She claimed to have sent you the information, so can you confirm it exists and, thus, she’s been withholding it?

  • Mystique

    Beautiful interview, thank you Chris for sharing this wonderful information with us. While I do not have cancer myself, I happen to have one of the systemic, chronic ailments, that I could cure naturally via herbal therapies and an alkalizing diet. This was possible by ONLY watching your story and others who healed themselves similarly. I wish more people, with chronic ailments watch your wonderful videos and go through this lovely blog to get started on healing. Most stubborn systemic ailments, benign or malignant are similar in some ways and the natural treatment protocol works like a charm! By the way, just curious if you’ve interviewed or met Evita Ramparte who healed herself from ovarian cancer naturally – I bought her book too, and I find her story quite inspiring as well – and both of you being such inherently charismatic individuals are sure making a big difference in this world of healing and nutrition.. keep up your lovely work!

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