How Dr. Dale Figtree Healed Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Naturally

In 1977, at the age of 27, Dale Figtree PhD was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Her tumor was inoperable and she immediately began chemo and radiation. After six months of treatment and enduring the maximum allowable lifetime dose of radiation (yikes), her tumor was reduced but not gone. Surgery was not an option and she was told that there was nothing more they could do.

It was at that terrifying yet magnificent moment that Dale decided to take control of her situation. Instead of giving up and preparing to die, she took Massive Action and decided to radically transform her life and her body.

Her healing journey was incredibly difficult, and she came very close to death, but she persevered and prevailed!

Three years later her cancer was gone and she is now a 45 year survivor!

This is an interview you do not want to miss. You’re going to love hearing the inspiring story and wisdom of Dr. Dale Figtree. Enjoy!

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Show Notes
-Diagnosed with NHL at 27 [01:31]
-Dale’s wake up call after treatment fails to cure her [04:36]
-Her intense visualization practice [07:21]
-Her natural hygiene approach to healing [12:04]
-“It takes time for your body to adapt to a healthy diet” [17:28]
-“Weight loss is shedding junk tissue. Trust the process” [21:36]
-Her pressure cooker analogy and the warrior mentality [25:00]
-Her crazy detox and healing crisis [29:01]
-The doctors told her she was out of her mind [36:53]
-Passing her gift to others [39:43]
-Using fear to your advantage [43:21]
-Educating and empowering others [50:01]

Here’s a brand new update and interview with Dr. Dale Figtree for 2022!

Note: Zoom had a major glitch with a recent software update, which affected several of my recent interviews before my team caught it. As a result, my side is audio-only.

-Dale’s grim non-Hodgkin’s diagnosis [1:15]
-The benefits of intuitive healing [8:40]
-Dale’s extreme detox symptoms [14:15]
-Dale’s new life in California [17:55]
-Increase nutrient density [22:25]
-Decrease empty calories [26:25]
-Why Dale adheres to a plant-based diet [29:30]
-What causes sugar cravings [32:53]
-Supplements can’t replace a bad diet [34:05]
-What to do during a healing crisis [38:38]
-The importance of conserving energy [46:40]
-Dale’s concern with the keto diet [48:25]
-Nutrition is the ammunition for your immune system [49:50]
-The deep cleansing of running a fever [54:00]
-Be willing to increase the intensity [57:15]

Books/DVDs by Dr. Dale Figtree
Beyond Cancer Treatment
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Dr. Dale Figtree, Ph.D. is in Santa Barbara, California, and does Skype consultations as well.
Connect with her at

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