How Julie Healed Stage IV Ovarian Cancer

In 2014, Julie was diagnosed with Stage IIc ovarian cancer. After using conventional treatment and making changes to her diet and lifestyle, she was doing okay – until her car was hit by a semi truck. After a difficult year of  rehab and recovery from the accident, she discovered that her ovarian cancer had metastasized to her colon… Stage IV.

After thoughtful research and consideration, and despite the pressure from her oncologist, Julie chose a different path. She chose to use integrative and natural therapies support her body’s ability to heal and she restored her health.

I know Julie’s perseverance and commitment to healing ovarian cancer will inspire you! Enjoy!

Show Notes
-Her cancer diagnosis and horrific treatment side effects [01:00]
-A life changing encounter with a semi truck [04:23]
-How a recurrence gave Julie a second chance at healing [07:03]
-Building the perfect modality of therapies and diets [10:11]
-Salicinium and mistletoe IV therapy [11:00]
-Why it’s important to listen to your instincts & intuition [15:20]
-Doxorubicin aka “Red Death” or “Red Devil” [16:11]
-How Julie reached her ultimate goal [18:18]
-Making fact-based decisions, not fear-based decisions [21:15]
-Getting bullied by her doctors to do treatment [23:00]
-How to look for the little clues from your doctor [25:48]
-Balancing oxidative and anti-oxidative therapies [28:23]
-Julie’s results: “nothing remarkable” [32:05]
-Advise for the newly-diagnosed cancer patient [34:06]

If you or someone you care about has cancer, make sure you download my free guide: 20 Questions For Your Oncologist. This is the guide that Julie used to get the answers she needed to make an informed decision about her treatment.

Selected links from the interview:
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Cancer Center For Healing in Irvine, CA
Radical Remission by Dr. Kelly Turner
The Autoimmune Solution Diet br Dr. Amy Myers

Therapies/tests mentioned in the interview:
-Hyperbaric Oxygen
-Localized Hyperthermia
PEMF Therapy
-Sauna therapy
-Epsom Salt Baking Soda Baths
-RGCC Test
-Insulin Potentiated Therapy Low Dose Chemo
-Dendritic Cell Vaccine

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