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How Kathy Mydlach Bero Survived Stage IV Breast Cancer and Head & Neck Cancer

Kathy Bero was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma) in 2005. After surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer, she was diagnosed with head and neck cancer!

Drug and radiation therapy ravaged her body and she eventually made a decision to walk away from conventional treatment, take control of her situation, and make radical changes to her diet and lifestyle, including eating anti-angiogenic foods, to support her body’s ability to heal.

During this time Kathy lost six friends and her father to cancer, but her commitment to hardcore anticancer nutrition and healing is the reason she defied the odds and got well!

Kathy has a phenomenal healing story and a lot of expertise on anti-cancer nutrition. I saw a local news story about her last year and I was like, “Yes! I’ve got to interview her!”

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Show Notes
-How a horse led Kathy to her cancer diagnosis [01:19]
-Maintaining a sense of humor amidst difficulty [05:29]
-Preemptively defending against inevitable recurrence [11:45]
-Anti-angiogeneis: How food fights cancer [13:00]
-Kathy’s cancer-fighting garden [16:16]
-Doctors’ irrational fears of vegetables [24:47]
-Kathy’s book writing journey [29:40]
-Her daughters healing experience at Outward Bound [32:19]
-Reiki therapy [36:47]
-Kathy’s non-diet diet [42:15]
-Working to reduce environmental pollution [52:12]
-Changing the world through education [57:13]
-On her friend Larry Mullen, Jr. [1:02:31]
-You are your own best advocate [1:11:17]

Connect with Kathy Bero:
E.A.T. – An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient by Kathy Mydlach Bero

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